Joey Barton: “I will tell all when the time is right.”

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Joey Barton with the good luck 'stache
Joey Barton with the good luck 'stache
Joey Barton recently heeded Danny Simpson’s advise and decided to join Twitter. Joey has been known to be quite forward and somewhat outspoken and of course wasted no time pondering whether or not his biggest fans Robbie Savage and Piers Morgan would be as vicious in a logged and public manner. Of course they were and I assure you, it’s great fun bullying Mr. Morgan but after being bombarded with tweets from fans requesting he sign a new contract, Joey broke his relative silence.

Now I’m not in the habit of reporting the usual waste you hear on Twitter but, as they say, this is from the horses mouth.

I tend to be fairly positive and patient in regards to this club primarily because I understand knee jerk reactions don’t help us in the slightest. I like to wait for all the facts before I make a solid judgement and until then try to remain as calm as I can and stay as level headed as is humanly possible… but then something like this happens and that Zen-like state goes out of the window.

The interesting thing about these tweets, or comments, is that it doesn’t actually seem to be in response to any one comment in specific. There is no “conversation” button but a quick check for his name in the Twitter database reveals people asking, practically begging, him to sign a new contract. (In under 140 characters, of course.) Fortunately the context is quite easy to gather.

His responses were simple, blunt and to the point – everything we’ve grown to love about Joey Barton.

I cant sign a contract if am not offered one?

Up until now the general assumption was either his agent Willie McKay was looking for a larger pay day, or Joey was unhappy with the contract offered. It might be worth noting that the talk of a 2 year contract with a 1 year extension may be genuine and he did in fact turn it down to which the club withdrew from discussions but given the statements, I doubt that’s even close to the truth.

Joey also made a promise to the fans and, perhaps inadvertently, put some closure to the Andy Carroll situation.

I will tell all when the time is right, basically they want a younger, better, cheaper player…………cant blame Mike and Derek can you? …….slight problem is, they dont want to spend any money or pay any wages. Its genius really ha ha

Shortly after that, he said “I am an employee so have to be careful here” which I find kind of funny given his openness.

Anyway! None of that is new information by any stretch of the imagination, it’s well known that after relegation Mike tied up his purse strings and put a lot of emphasis on the youth policy. Can’t help but admire the honesty of the man.

He also put to rest any fears that Alan Pardew has lost the dressing room, claiming that he gets along with him and that he loves the dressing room, the fans and he will do his utmost to try and bring silverware to Newcastle.

In all honesty, I’m not sure what to make of this. We all know it’s a running commentary that Ashley likes to play fantasy football with Newcastle (in fact I believe it was Kevin Keegan who coined that phrase) but surely this is a joke? I’m completely for focusing on youth and young players who can make an impact on the first team but anybody with a few braincells spare should understand that you still need experience to balance the youth and plant their feet firmly on terra firma.

Even Manchester United had experienced players at the height of their success in the 90s – why should we be any different?

Of course amongst coal there’s always a chance of a diamond and it seems Joey Barton has dismissed the possibility of returning home to Everton by verbally committing to seeing his contract out.

This may also answer a question or two about Enrique’s refusal to sign a contract and potentially the problems (albeit less publicised) surrounding Kevin Nolan’s contract. Why should the players sign a long term contract at the club when players of Joey’s calibre isn’t getting an extension? One day those players may very well be in that position fighting for a contract they will never get, simply because they’re 28.

We can only hope that the board come to their senses and realise that Joey Barton can be an important player for us for the next few years – he’s at the top of his development and ability right now. Yes, he may not be the fastest but he can place passes and killer balls with the best of them but perhaps most importantly he truly cares for our club and the famous Geordie fans.

You can follow Joey on Twitter here – you can then proudly tell all of your friends, as I do, that you’re “following Joey Barton”.

Mind you, be careful where you announce that.

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24 Responses

  1. Well i would say Joey’s kicked his last ball for the Toon after all his twitter talk , one question , is it the truth he is telling or has his agent told Joey to come out with this ?

  2. I had the same thought, Axel.

    The “ITK” users who seem to know everything we aren’t doing claim that JB was slagging off Ashley at talk ins, charity dos and all that sort of stuff, it got back to Ashley and he’s basically spitting the dummy out and refusing to give him a contract.

    Thing is though, how many people are employed by Newcastle United (directly or otherwise) who openly admit to having problems with MA?

    Bet Keegan is in creases at this if it’s true. “How do you like it now, you fat tw*t?”

  3. It’s beginning to sound like there’s no way back for Joey.

    My memory isn’t was it was but was JB definitely offered a contract in January (2 years I believe)? If so then his relationship with Fatty must have deteriorated a lot since then.

  4. Thump many people slag their employers off and i don’t doubt some staff at the club do also , the thing is as a player you are always in the public limelight and always have media attention Barton more than most .Could you really blame Ashley for wanting rid of Barton if the guy is slagging him off outside of the dressing rooms , after all Barton is picking up 60k a week out of Ashleys pocket , i for one would get rid of someone slagging me off if i was paying him that sort of money . These things should be kept behind the scenes and not brought out .

  5. “We can only hope that the board come to their senses and realise that Joey Barton can be an important player for us for the next few years”

    When, in any point of the past four years, have you ever felt that the Board could come to their senses ?

    Mort had me thinking there was a refreshing change of direction at the very top but after he went it was downhill al the way :)

    NUFC is an organisation based upon the whims of one singularly unqualified and unsuitable individual. It’s not unlike Chelski but with a lot less money. It wont change until someone, somewhere tells the Fatman to get out and leave the running of the club to professional football people or………………….. he fecks off.

  6. Nothings changed. It’s as many said it would be. He is on high wages and will be forced out. Simple.

    I’m not happy with how this is all happening, but respect Barton for his words. They are clearly HIS words and not waffle fed by his agent.

    There is no room for sentiment at NUFC, but can’t help but feel this is seriously damaging the moral at the club, which was a massive part of our survival.

    I just hope these guys know what they’re doing and replace him with a better player…

  7. Better player el toro than barton in his position please tell me who that would be lmao

    May 29, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    “Better player el toro than barton in his position please tell me who that would be lmao”

    Ronaldo? :-)

  9. Cant blame them for wanting a cheaper, younger, better player. Who doesn’t want that for their tea,. I do think you are right in regards to the big danger being players not wanting to commit to the club because they know they might be pushed out the door. That being said Joey has earnt a lot of money from NUFC and considering he would not take a pay cut when he went to jail and basically likes to shove the owners face in it whenever he can… I think we can expect to see him go. Well be alright.

  10. If Joey Barton really cared about the club or the fans, or had any respect for the manager or the dressing room he wouldn’t be turning his personal contract negotiations into a public ‘drag nufc through the mud’ campaign – ESPECIALLY at a time when he knows the club is in sensitive negotiations to try and sign new players.

    I think he’s a great player. Or was last season. But a) he owes the club a lot more for standing by him (paying his MCFC loyalty bonus; paying him full wage whilst in prison) and b) he is smart enough to know that he’s damaging the club and the fans by spewing out a load of damaging PR at this time of the year.

    His agent has always struck me as a disgusting character, and it seems clear the two of them have decided to operate a selfish, spoiled policy of: ‘give us what we want, or we’ll kick up a stink and f**k things up for the club by using the press’. At least I can respect Jose for keeping his mouth shut – even though he’s made it clear for weeks he wants to leave he has had the decency to keep this a personal matter between him and the club (although admittedly his performances dipped more than jbs have).

    Overall, I would love it if JB could have stayed. But if this is the way he conducts himself, like a spoilt kid how can he? I dont know about anyone else but the one thing I’ve loved most about the post-relegation, Chris Hughton/AP era is the lack of constant press leaks and damaging ‘insider’ jobs. How can we move beyond being a national laughing stock/press punching bag if one of our supposed leaders is all too happy to do this kind of thing? Reluctantly, sorry but would rather see him go.

  11. Its fine wanting a cheaper younger better player, but how do these players learn there trade? from having experienced quality players around them to learn from!!!!!! Another outrageous decision by the board, hes 28 for christ sake!! not quite ready for pipe and slippers yet, absolute joke. If pardew had a back bone he would make the board understand how disruptive this whole facade is to the dressing room and how this will discourage potential new signings!! Just get the deal done!!! Hes a proven premiership player who has just been voted player of the season. I really cant fathom what goes on in these dickheads heads!!

  12. Could you really blame Ashley for wanting rid of Barton if the guy is slagging him off outside of the dressing rooms

    I can actually, Axel. If I was Ashley I’d say “Okay, you’re right, people think I’m a bit of a tw*t but here’s what I’m going to do…” and then offer him a contract. There’s a right way and a wrong way about doing things and an owner stomping his foot because one of his employees – regardless of how public it is – was a bit nasty on a few occasions is pathetic. He’s the top man and he is the one who has something to prove – not just to us but to the banks. NUFC is his investment, after all.

    We’ve supposedly signed Cabaye (according to Joey anyway) so that’s a step in the right direction and even Joey agrees it’s a good move.

  13. When, in any point of the past four years, have you ever felt that the Board could come to their senses ?

    I know man Andy but I live in hope every day :(

  14. I’m pretty sure stuff like this & worse has always happened at every football club, constantly (just read a few Autobiog’s), the only difference is we can hear about it ‘as it happens’ on tw@er now.

  15. Thump,
    I’m sure it is mate.
    I’m just commenting on how people think the inner machinations of clubs has changed, when it’s just the access to the info that’s changed.

  16. Joey has either by purpose or otherwise taken the situation through twitter, into the public domain, bad choice.
    This will end ugly, but looks as if Joeys replacement is a done deal, which also indicates it was preplanned.
    We don`t know for sure but rumor indicates all was not copasetic between wor Joey and wor Mike, which will result in either he takes a walk or insists on seeing out his contract, hate to lose a good player like him.

    Some of the recent goings on seem to indicate a different direction at the club.
    If we are to believe we are actually going after some big name players (no not Ronaldo league but for NUFC big) and not just one or two, but a major rebuilding job.
    I have my doubts about the amounts of money to be spent, but the with a possible ten million for Enrique added to the AC money a few quid for Joey and a major increase in income from EPL membership, why not!
    It has also been mentioned there`s a possibility L`Pool may be interested in Jonas, could in fact there be a general clear out of our highly compensated players, with even Nolan possibly sold.
    Hold onto your hats boys this summer could be a season of major changes at the club

  17. Yes Clint you are absolutely right there and not only in regard to football but politics and other fields.
    A dumb-ass idea that people would be interested in letting others know how long it took to brush their teeth has during its shot spell in operation, resulted in army generals being fired and any number of people getting into deep shit.
    Apparently there are a number of football clubs who have banned their players from using it, fearful of not being able to keep stuff “in house” I`m sure Fergie must hate it!
    But he has bigger problems than twitter, after that hammering by Barca, end of an era, perhaps he`s past it ?

  18. If you slag your boss off in public whoever you are in whatever capacity in whatever organisation don’t expect any favours from your boss when you want promotion and/or a pay rise. It’s human nature. And in this case it’s a new contract and the circumstances are no different.

  19. Chuck I think you are spot on mate. This is shaping up to become one of our most memorable transfer windows certainly over the last four years, putting aside the AC deal, of course. Just hope it’s memorable for all the right reasons!

  20. Since when has it EVER been a good thing to have a major clean out of key players?
    Fuggin load of tosh. What happens to continuity, team spirit and leadership?
    Its no good just moving players out and in, we need extra players ONTOP of that which we have already.
    We should be looking to keep our current stars, and build a stronger squad around them. Making competition for every place in the team.
    This could be a recipe for disaster.

  21. There is only going to be 1 winner. My prediction is that JB will be earning 65k a week without kicking a ball next season. I say what is wrong with wanting a younger,BETTER, cheaper player in. Lets not turn JB in to a Mother Therese, he is a professional footballer who like them all want to look afetr themselves.