Yoan Gouffran’s message on leaving Bordeaux, and joining Newcastle United

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Yoan Gouffran.
Gouffran: "Tomorrow I will be a Newcastle player."
Many of you out there will know by about the signing of versatile 23 year old Montpellier defender, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, confirmed this evening on the Newcastle United’s official website. You have probably heard about the allegedly imminent arrival of 20 year old Nancy full back Massadio Haïdara too.

The other one which has been slightly more “under the radar” has been that of 26 year old forward Yoan Gouffran, who played against the Magpies in the first (home) leg of our Europa League tie against Bordeaux.

Well anyway, though there has been no official confirmation by either of the clubs involved at the time of writing, Gouffran confirmed on his Twitter site that he will be joining Newcastle United, subject presumably to a medical of course. So here’s a full translation of what he wrote below:

“Soon the news…:)

“A big thankyou to all those that supported me in the good times and the bad ones. I thank the board and the staff for having me.

“I needed a new tournament to grow, therefore I hope you will respect my choice… I will follow the results of the Girondins (de Bordeaux).”

“Tomorrow I will be a new player of Newcastle and I am proud. Thankyou all… kisses” (OK, enough of all that sloppy French stuff Yoan!)”

* Please bear in mind that my French is very rusty now, and auto translating Twitter text messages often outputs complete garbage too.

So there you go!

Although the player is estimated to be worth around £6.6 million on the football transfer website “Transfermarkt,” due to his contract ending at the end of June this year, a fee has allegedly been agreed that is something like a seventh of that sum.

Gouffran has played for Girondins de Bordeaux since 2008, and in 169 appearences he has scored a total of 40 goals, or a goal every 281 minutes, which is around the same as Shola Ameobi’s average at Newcastle (275). Primarily a centre forward, he can also play on either side of a front three.

The original Tweets


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44 Responses

  1. buzzing with these signings n sissoko if it happens.hopefully if there used properly by bungalow heed, settle quickly we shud be alreet..lets just hope if pards upsets 1frenchy the other 12or13 speaking french dont take sides n lose intrest.would like to see a french manger in for next season coz like 95% ov toon fans i’ve had more than enough off broken brain n his constent BS.

  2. Geordiedan @1
    i sent that video to pile ranger after i watched it..hope he takes the time to watch it..thats how atleast 99% ov us feel about the waste ov space anyway..bet his fatha wished he’d ov had a wank the nyt he was conceived and that his mutha never opened her legs again after the ugly cnut popped out :-)

  3. sounds like we bought three defenders and possibly another french striker who is pretty unknown !and thats it not sure its enuff tho , sound like damming up the leaking mass with anythin we can get hold of ….

    call me stoopid but we need a striker to replace Ba we have cisse who has scored 4 or 5 , we need a bloke like malcolm mac !!!

  4. This is all good news, I think haidara will be one for the future and Europe this season, all of the others including sissoko will be straight into battle.It is a big acheivement to get MYM through the door he is a class player, if we can land sissoko today I for one will be happy with this transfer window.We also must tell colo to stay or san lorenzo cough up 10 mil to get a replacement.

  5. i would urge on the side of caution, with these new signings.
    are we strengthening?, of is this just another,”ashley cabinet reshuffle”?

    if colloicini leaves, then mbiwa will just be a replacement, and we’re no better off.
    same could be said about the haidara transfer, if simpson leaves, it’s the same scenario.
    i would have to say gouffran is definately not a replacement for ba, so i would still want a proper striker brought in.

    i dont want to sound negative, but any money spent by ashley, will be recouped quickly, you can bet your house on that.
    if no one left the squad, then i would say it was a good window.
    all signings are a risk, but do we want to lose players who have been mainstays of the team, to bring in untested french players, for a relegation fight?
    the ones we already have dont seem up for the fight, i hope it works out, but it is one big spin of that roulette wheel.

    at the end of the day, we still have a bloke in charge of the first team, who is as mad as the march hare, and shouldn’t be allowed out on his own.

  6. Chuffed as I am with these signings, I can’t help but wonder, if we get sissoko, who’s going to drop out? Probably the strongest area of our team is in the engine room with Cabaye, Mr T and Little Vurn. With everyone fit, one of them is missing out anyway, but what if we get sissoko as well? We’ve got 4 good players for 2 positions. Pleased with the signings, just hope we haven’t promised them all first team games or dummy’s will be spat

  7. “Newcastle attracts many French players. It is due to their style of play and because of the great team they have at Newcastle.” – Mapou M’Biwa

    Due to their style of play? FFS. He either hasn’t watched us this season and has just listened to BS from Pardew, or he’s as big a bullshitter as the Silver Supremo himself if he has. :-)

  8. Pardew’s really done a job on him:

    “In the long term people talk about the top four in the Premier League and I think with the players we have got on board and the manager and his ideas, we can definitely close the gap, get in the top six and, in the long term, why not challenge for the title?” – M’Biwa again.

  9. There’s always a catch with Ashley the huckster. If we buy three players there’s gannin’ to be a quid pro quo somewhere eventually, possibly sacriligeous and absolutely hideous.

  10. worky, he’ll be looking to max out one of the assets, to rake back this 17 million, or even take a bit of profit.
    tim krul and tiote could go the distance, near the end of the window.
    where ashley is concerned, you have to look beyond the illusion.

  11. The Jackie Milburn Stand will be renamed the Robert Mugabe Stand in return for Sports Direct factories in Zimbabwe, or all season ticket holders will have to have Sports Direct logos tattooed on their foreheads or something like that.

  12. Top 4 of the championship would be a struggle for the silver haired 5hit bag.
    He could make Barca play like Accrington Stanley.

  13. sirjasontoon says:
    January 23, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    “Top 4 of the championship would be a struggle for the silver haired 5hit bag.”

    To be fair, he has managed to struggle into a few Championship playoffs in the past SJT.

  14. Seen the latest from Coloccini’s dad?

    “Fabricio is very anxious, he wants a resolution. I think that its the moment for him to return to San Lorenzo. We want him to come back.

    In the last few hours, Newcastle bought a defender but that means nothing because they were looking for an option in that position anyway.

    At Newcastle they are telling him to wait until May but the thing is that I don’t know if San Lorenzo are going to be wait until then.”

    Regarding that last little bit, am I alone in thinking so fecking what? How exactly is that Newcastle’s problem?

    This seems to be a bloke and a club who have targeted a player they openly admit they have no means of affording, and seem to think for some reason that not only should Newcastle just give up one of their star men, but that they should help him pack his bags and deliver him in a pretty little bow at a time of their choosing.

    Shit, I’d love to sign Messi and Ronaldo! We can’t afford them at all, but so what? Their clubs should just give us whoever we want for nothing just cos we asked!

  15. If Coloccini needed to leave that urgently, he could buy himself out of his contract for a few million. He might lose most of the earnings he’s made in football so far, but if it’s really that important to him…

  16. I agree worky, though with them money he’s had just from us, I dunno if it’d cost him most of his earnings so far. Also, I daresay he’s probably gotsome mansion in darras hall to sell as well! But as you said, if he was that desperate, there’s nowt stopping him. Typical footballer man; wants to be able to have his cake and eat it. Its almost as if the attitude is “Yeah I want to break my contract and leave, but no way am I paying for it! The club should just let me off!”

  17. Worky: do you have any inside information of Coloccini? The whole thing just doesn’t make any sense to me. If it is an illness then why doesn’t somebody just say what it is (or did they, and I just missed it)?

  18. And I know nowt about these new Frenchies. As I have said before, I could youtube them but after Luque I don’t trust those clips.

    Maybe a local paper could clue us in with some background information or links. Oh no Lee, that would involve some actual f*cking journalism and work.

  19. can anyone clarify if davide santon is leaving?, i just caught the last bit of the news on sky sports?, his name was in the leaving column.

  20. worky-wor Mapou’s just on the charm offensive. Also talking about getting to the top 6 (I think he means THIS season!) and challenging for the title. He does realize we’re not Juventus, that we just have similar kits, right?

    As I’ve said before: best not to put any stock by what players say about current clubs/new clubs/potential new clubs during the transfer window.

    Agree with those saying we have to wait to see who’s sold to call this window. Haidara, for example, looks very suspicious to me with the talk about Santon that’s gone around.

    Hopes that I have (I know, I know) are that maybe we’ll play 4-3-3, maybe we’ll push Cabaye further up the pitch and just maybe we’ll try to attract a real manager…

  21. Is it just me, or does anyone else think FIFA should be looking into San Lorenzo’s conduct on this one? Isn’t the senior Coloccini an employee of that club?

  22. scott @ 25: at the mean of his rumored wages, the amount to be bought is roughly 8-9M. That’s a lot cheese-gotta remember, footballers like to spend. If I understand correctly, NUFC would have to agree as he hasn’t completed two years of his contract.

    Look, I’m not callous. If he has a serious problem that could gain public sympathy he should spill it. If the other rumor is true and he wants NUFC to help take responsibility for his indiscretions, to the tune of many millions of pounds, well that’s another story.

  23. tunyc says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    “Is it just me, or does anyone else think FIFA should be looking into San Lorenzo’s conduct on this one?”

    I’m just reading San Lorenzo’s website and Twitta right now tunyc. Cheeky bastads!

  24. This weekends game against Villa, could be the final nail in Padews coffin.
    If he losses it, he’s gone.
    By now even Ashley must realise the man is a lability, both as a manager, besides it would be good for his public image, to dump him.
    Especially as he has gained a bitta positivity from his recent buys, as things dont look quite so dismal.
    We can use Carver (the new Chris Hughton ? and a local lad, with managerial experience)to fill in , until we find a decent French speaking Manager, right ?
    With a goal of a top four finish next season.
    Alez, Nouveaux Chateau !
    Alez, alez alez alez!

  25. So you seriously think there was any chance Colo would go to San Lorenzo, noway Jose!
    Theres too much scratch involved, besides where is Colo gonna get the money to buy his way out, aint gonna happen.
    You think Ashley is gonna lose money on the deal, by being a nice guy, you gotta be joking.
    Look it’s probably gonna be his last big deal in the game (his retirement dosh) looks like he got a decent contract, you think he’s gonn screw that up ?
    The best he can hope for is a transfer, which gets him outta NUFC, but then he’s got to deal with whichever club he lands at and that aint gonna be any Argentine club.
    Least not this year.

  26. Worky
    What are you talking about, indiscretions ?
    I dont suppose you are referring to the article about his apparent affair/s ?

  27. chuck says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    What are you talking about, indiscretions ?
    I dont suppose you are referring to the article about his apparent affair/s ?”

    Haven’t got a clue what you’re on about Chuck.

    chuck says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    “We can use Carver (the new Chris Hughton ?”


  28. chuck says:
    January 23, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    Erm ! no Carver is it?
    Then who ?”

    Definitely not Graham Carr either. As I’ve mentioned before, he was one of the worst managers in the Football League, when his teams were in the Football League that is! He did steer Northampton to the Fourth Division title once, but they were relegated the season after and he was sacked.

    Chuck, you do know that Di Matteo and Silver Supremo II are free. Poor Pardew if Adkins took his job again! Of course, I’m not writing who you want me to write. ;-)