Beckford link and St James’ smokescreens?

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Jermain Beckford once again linked with Newcastle United
Smokescreens or lack of information?
Everton striker Jermaine Beckford is now the latest striker to be linked with a move to Newcastle United, if you are to believe the latest edition of the ‘Sunday Sun’.

The same paper is reporting that Newcastle have not reached any agreement over PSG striker Mevlüt Erdinç, in fact, a PSG ‘spokesman’ had this to say:

“The fax machine is on, the door is open, but no-one has made a bid.”

If the above quote is true, it kind of contradicts the noises coming from Pardew, unless of course he has been talking about someone else this past week…

So, using the favourite word of this seasons transfer window ‘allegedly’, United are allegedly looking at once former target Beckford. Newcastle tried to sign Beckford in the January of their Championship winning season, when Chris Hughton was at the helm, but couldn’t reach an agreement with his former club Leeds United. Beckford eventually did get a move in the summer of that season though, as Everton snapped him up on a free transfer.

Beckford had a slow start to life in the Premier League, but eventually towards the later months of the season, started to show his talent, and finished the season with 8 goals to his name. One of his 8 goals came on the last day of that season, in a home tie against Chelsea, where he demonstrated his pace and skill, by running over half the length of the pitch to score for the Toffee’s in a 1-0 win.

Now, I see this story as total and utter rubbish to be honest, and it’s not going to happen. I really can’t see Everton parting with their striker, though this story is slightly more believable than the more recent stories linking Peter Crouch and Jermaine Defoe.

There seems to be a lot of names being linked to the club, the only name that seems to have any truth behind it is Mevlüt Erdinç, but one minute we hear a bid has been accepted, and a deadline has been set, and the next minute we hear no bid has even been made!

Of course, the reasoning behind some of these ‘non-starter’ stories could just be due to the press having no idea what’s going on and printing any old rubbish they believe will sell a newspaper. I would like to think papers such as the ‘Chronicle’ and ‘Sunday Sun’, should have some inkling as to what is going on at St James’ Park, but in my opinion they haven’t got a clue. Even with internal matters involving the club, and when Derek Llambias does decide on the rare occasion to share his wisdom with the World, he conducts his interviews with the ‘Telegraph’ instead. I thought the local rags were to have more communication from board room to fans after we got relegated in 2009?

Anyway, moving on to transfer matters, it seems when the club do actually sign someone, the rags know nothing about it. So, maybe we should just ignore what’s being written and see who turns up between now and September 1st (if indeed anyone does).

Hopefully, none of these potential targets are just smokescreens to try and make the club look like it’s busy in the last few weeks of the transfer window. If we have another situation where we lose a player near the end of the window, and get the excuse “we didn’t have time to get a replacement”, I will go literally insane (that is if this transfer window hasn’t already made me slightly insane).

One final thought, on the last day of the January transfer window, after ‘you know who’ departed, we made a £12 million bid for Charles N’Zogbia. Whether or not that was true or not, the noises were that it was indeed a true story. So, you would assume Newcastle would follow up their interest in the summer? I’m not so sure that they did, even when Pardew stated N’Zogbia had a move to Villa sorted last week, there was still 2 months before to get him (if they wanted him), but N’Zogbia eventually went to Aston Villa for £9.5 million (cheaper than we allegedly bid in January). Maybe because we got Sylvain Marveaux, we didn’t go for N’Zogbia?

Remember the January of our relegation season and an £8 million bid for Sunderland’s Kieron Richardson, and £8 million bid for Michael Johnson from Manchester City?

Like I’ve said above, maybe it’s just the rags not knowing what’s going on, reporting false information. If the rags don’t know what’s going on, and their job is to obviously let us fans know the story, it means none of us have a clue, which leads to speculation and hear say.

So with that said, lets just see what happens between now and September 1st, but don’t get too excited by what the papers are saying, in all likely hood, IF someone else does sign for Newcastle, we won’t know about it until the last minute!

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29 Responses

  1. all this crap about we’re going to sign this player and we;re going to sign that player is keeping me totally amused!! because believe me im just waiting for the headlines ! SHOLA WILL BE OUR HERO THIS SEASON!!!
    how long as the erdinc saga been going on now !!! and now PSG have confirmed that no-one has put any bid in for him! contrary to the news coming from the club! and in the meantime the days and weeks of the transfer window are flying by!! NO, SORRY, NO ONE WILL BE BROUGHT IN UNLESS ITS ON A FREE!!! IM sure AP was told that he would have to sell in order to buy! well if thats the case was carroll and nolan not classed as sales!!!

  2. Barton`s most recent tweet is interesting. If only the players could tell us the supporters the way it is without been hammered by Lambsarse and the fat man. read into this any way you will but I think when judgement day comes to pass you pro ashley supporters will hang your heads in shame. And I don`t think judgement day will be long in coming!

  3. Freddie shepherd says:
    July 31, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    “And I don`t think judgement day will be long in coming!”

    We need a John Connor. :-)

  4. I actually do believe we’ve made a bid for Erdinç. I think the Sunday Sun is wrong. I’m sure there was something from PSG confirming it in the French press (although I’m damned if I can find it now!).

    I could be wrong of course.

  5. No one interested in Routledge going to Swansea or have I missed the banter?

    Hugh, I’m not so sure myself. Has anyone in the club actually said we are interested in Erdinc or is it just blog and paper talk?

  6. Micky, Pardew has certainly said he’s interested in Erdinç, although I’m not sure it’s up to him anyway.

    As to Routledge and Swansea, I last posted a few days ago about it.

    I think he’d make a good squad player to be honest, although I admit our quota of midfielders is fairly large.

  7. From my recollection, Pardew has confirmed that the club are interested in Erding, but when it comes to the question of an actual bid, he says “a striker”. He’s also said about him:

    “It’s quite easy for me, if the boy wants to stay at his club and be third choice and doesn’t want to come to Newcastle, then I don’t want him because Newcastle, for me, are a bigger club.

    “I’m not being disrespectful and I know that Paris St-Germain are in the Champions League, but with our stadium, our support and the squad we have got, we are the bigger club.

    “I’m not being disrespectful and I know that Paris St-Germain are in the Champions League, but with our stadium, our support and the squad we have got, we are the bigger club.”

    “We have to be careful. Some of the things being quoted are not from him and we have got to cut through it. It’s difficult to criticise the player because sometimes it’s the agent or someone else not getting what he wants.

    “But we won’t bring him to the club if he doesn’t want to be here. We are certainly not going to force his hand.”

  8. i’m tired of this. yes we need a striker, but just forget about erding this is getting ridiculous. obviously he just doesnt want to play for us and i dont want players like that

  9. Worky, anybody on the match report/Barton comments? I don’t mind covering Joey, but it seems he still hasn’t finished running his mouth yet…

    Erding wont come here, he doesn’t want to.

  10. Jimbob says:
    July 31, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    “Worky, anybody on the match report/Barton comments? I don’t mind covering Joey, but it seems he still hasn’t finished running his mouth yet…”

    I was having a go at a match report Jimbob, and I have something else to edit too. Have a go at Joey if you don’t mind.

  11. NO Enrique and Colo at Leeds demonstrates why the front office needs to keep one or both through the season. Colo has the poise to settle Saylor or Willo, Enrique mostly manages his side and can start an attack. While NUFC can get top dollar for those two, there is too much a risk of getting into a relegation battle having no back line. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you will not get a selling on fee when a man plays out his contract, this would be one of those times, as the cost of relegation is steep and no good defenders seem to be available as repalacements.

  12. jimbob,that photo in your article,is that the stife from ashley’s chip pan?.are we even in for erdinic?i’ve never seen anything in any papers apart from the “chronic”.all i have to go on is what that knobhead lee ryder spouts,and he’s about as reliable as british rail.
    thomas foreman,is there any chance of your fatha,putting the gloves back on.

  13. has anyone seen pardew’s latest on ssn?,i haven’t seen it myself.apperently he’s saying one more player to come in,f**kin’ last week it was two more to come in.does this bloke even keep an eye on his own bull?,if you want to be a good liar,attention to details is a must.

  14. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 31, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    “are we even in for erdinic?”

    Pardew has certainly tried to make it seem that way several times Trojan.

  15. worky,that’s the thing though,ashley and co are probably lying to him aswell,to stop him from knocking on the door,asking for a few bob.

  16. Trojan, I think it may have something to do with Ashley frying something up. :-)

    I don’t think Pardew is always lying, sometimes I think he is told something and something else happens.

    If he had a spine he would tell them to f-off, but he knows this is the best job he will ever likely have. So it must be a hard situation for him, but he knew the score when he walked through the St James’ Park doors.

  17. Was 2 players last week today he says one next week it will be none.
    Then they will start the spin saying Jose and Barton offers came in but we had no time to replace them so we stuck in a massive bid to Wigan for N!Zogbia but we forgot he was sold a couple of weeks ago to Villa :lol:

  18. Jimbob says:
    July 31, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    “I don’t think Pardew is always lying, sometimes I think he is told something and something else happens.”

    Jimbob, Pardew was brought into the club for a reason. “Experience” can have several meanings.

  19. workyticket says:
    July 31, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    “Jimbob, Pardew was brought into the club for a reason. “Experience” can have several meanings.”

    So, it had nothing to do with him winning the St Johnstone Paint trophy?…

    Anyway, Barton’s done check your email. Busy day from me (article wise anyway). :-)

  20. Jimbob says:
    July 31, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    “Busy day from me (article wise anyway).”

    Aye Jimbob, you’re playing a blinder ATM. Well done!

  21. A couple of things about Beckford.

    1. He’s not ‘unproven’. He scored 10 goals last season, which is the same number that Ameobi scored for you.

    2. No idea where #25 Willo’s ‘He’s reckless’ comment comes from; he wasn’t sent off last season and was barely booked. He missed quite a few chances, but he worked very hard every game.

    3. There’s very little chance of him being sold, so this story is likely complete bullshit. Everton have very little money, but any money from any sales will be used to buy a striker or two to support Beckford and Saha. The idea that Beckford would be sold to finance spending on a striker is completely ludicrous and nonsensical.

  22. Anyone still want Forster as no.1?
    A strong ‘keeper marshals, & breeds confidence in, the defense.
    leeds ‘petit cup final’, well done to them for caring.
    Good little run out against a team that really wanted to do well.
    One game to go.

  23. I’m beginning to get fed up with pardew and utter nonsense that leaves his mouth, he’s a puppet, nothing more. He knows he’s hit the jackpot and has a job he could only dream of, fair play, we have signed some talented players, but we have paid sweet FA for them. All the nonsense about agent fees and what not is ludicrous, were being taken for a ride again. I genuinely though the money from AC sale would go on transfers but I must say I’m very disappointed with the way things have occured up until now. Why not go and spend £15-20m on a striker? There are plenty available apart from Erding. Bellamy, Santa cruz and adebayor are all available from city, there are others on the continent that would move to us, rodallega is another who would jump at the chance, truth be known, we probably haven’t bud for erding, noone will come in but I won’t be shocked to see Enrique or Barton gone come 31st August. Sad times, just hope the lads can pull together and block out what’s going on. On a brighter note, great to see Vuckic over his injuries and getting playing time, think he could be a great player for us this year, Abeid aswell. Howay the lads!

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