Slow news day: Erdinç, Routledge and non sequitur logic

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No decision from Mevlüt Erdinç yet.
Will he or won't he?
Newcastle United were allegedly expecting a decision from Mevlüt Erdinç yesterday but no word of any decision has yet come out. Meanwhile, Swansea step up Routledge interest.

It’s Saturday, which as all people of a certain age know is Tiswas day and I think everyone in the football world is out flinging flans at people because there’s absolutely no news at all.

Elements of the press yesterday suggested that we wanted – nay, demanded – that Mevlüt Erdinç make up his mind about whether or not he wants to become a Toon player by the end of the day. For all I know we might have dispatched Graham Carr to attack electrodes to his nether regions and already have his decision, but any decision by Erdinç isn’t public knowledge if it has been made.

If we did get Erdinç or some striker of similar stature, do you think he’d get the number 9 shirt? I don’t. I think Pardew will most likely follow Hughton’s lead and ensure that the shirt earned by a player’s efforts on the pitch for us rather than bestowed automatically to someone who merely looks like he might knock a few goals in for us. I suppose it’s conceivable that someone like David Villa might be handed the shirt on entry if we were to sign him but, let’s face it, that’s somewhat unlikely!

As for Erdinç, my guess is that he won’t come to the Toon and we’ll have to turn our attentions elsewhere in the hunt for a new striker. I can’t see the club paying Reading’s £8m asking price for Shane Long either and I doubt Reading will drop the price to a level that Newcastle would consider, so we could be looking at strikers who have not yet been mentioned in relation to Newcastle.

Other news – Wayne Routledge is reportedly a ‘step closer’ to signing for Swansea after the Welshies secured the services of Leroy Lita for £1.75m from Liverpool. Swans boss Brendon Rodgers said:

I have spoken to the chairman and the bottom line is we need a good squad. The two players will help us stay in the league. They have both played in the Premier League and are hungry to push on. They also both have pace.

Rodgers is apparently keen to secure the services of Routledge before Swansea’s pre-season friendly against Celtic on Wednesday.

Just to backtrack a minute, but I like the way the press report that player B is a ‘step closer’ to signing for a club simply because player A has signed for it. A classic example of the ‘Non Sequitur’ logical fallacy.

And that really is that in terms of news for the moment. I could regale you with quotes from my up-coming thriller ‘Death By Toaster’ but perhaps it’s just better if I shut up with the rambling and clear off. So, I will.

Have a good weekend Geordies.

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20 Responses

  1. hugh,i remember tizwas,it was brilliant,never forget one of my heroes on there.good owld buster blood vessel,eating his pickled onions.

  2. The phantom Flan Flinger although who’s identity was never divulged, could have been played by either Lenny Henry or Chris Tarrant, but I think you’ll find it was neither.
    My very reliable soursce informs me that it was one of, Helen Piddock, Benny Mills or Jim Davidson.

  3. stingee ashley wont sign the toon a striker he has no interest in the club or fans, if u want ashley out and the club to move forward, stay away and stop buying, because he has!!!! he spent more this summer on golf and it is common knowledge that we were not in race for nzogbia as he was out of our price range??????? what the hell is that, we just got alot from selling over the past 3 years and hardly spent on replacementes from viduka , owen , martins, caroll etc some on too much money agreed so with the off the wage bill, its another plus but he hasnt replaced none the less

  4. jam,
    we need a striker man, not another midfielder, don’t we?

    we’re sorted for mids aren’t we?
    & we should be able to play a muc more fluid game because of it.
    Whey hey!

  5. SHADES!

    hahahah, forgot about him. He would’ve been great as our mnanager.


  6. Anyway, still a few weeks left, I doubt transfer activity will really start picking up until the last few days of the window though. It never does!

  7. Lads where going to end up with some bloody DONKEY that no one else wants as per usual lets hope someone half decent become,s avalable for one of the free but expensive transfers thats the only way anyone else will be signed (prove me wrong ashley PLEASE)

  8. i reckon we’ll end up with cameron jerome,he’s being hawked around for 4 million.ashley will be foaming at the gash.