Joey Barton’s final riposte?

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Joey Barton's Twitter escapades continue.
Time for certain individuals to keep quiet
Soon after Newcastle United’s 3-2 defeat to Leeds United at Elland Road, Midfielder Joey Barton decided to once again share his opinion on the politics at St James’ Park, via his soon to be world famous ‘Twitter’ account.

Not content with sharing his knowledge on actual government politics, how clever he actually is, his GCSE results, or how rubbish American immigration are, Joey had this to say:

If only we as players could tell the fans exactly how it is, without them above fining us lots of money. There will be a time and a place.

If it wouldn’t effect team morale and cause unrest within the dressing room, am certain Jose’s comments would be the tip of the iceberg…..

And again it would be left to those magnificent fans to pick up the remnants of their once great football club.

If I wanted to leave, I’d just come out and say ‘I want to leave’. Things need addressing as am not prepared to go through a relegation again.

This seems to be in relation to what our former captain Kevin Nolan has had to say today in regards to a certain member of Newcastle’s board, as well as what Jose Enrique has stated (also via Twitter), in this past week.

Now, I like Joey Barton, I think he is an excellent player, and was a massive reason United did well last season. I will not however jump on the band wagon of some people calling him a Newcastle ‘legend’, as one good season doesn’t qualify anyone to that level. One thing he is though, is important to Newcastle next season on and off the pitch. This latest outburst against the board, doesn’t help matters at all, and in fact, seems to give out the signal that all is not well within the United camp.

This, remember, is our former vice-captain talking. In an ideal World, he probably would have been named club-captain, had it not been for his recent contract problems. In my opinion, there is no need to say the things he just has, and it gives out all the wrong signals, as the new league season approaches in two weeks time.

I agree with what he is saying to a degree, I dislike Ashley and Llambias as much as I dislike peanut butter (a lot), but I don’t want to see one of our players venting this out in public, like the way in which he has just chosen to. He must conduct himself in a professional manner at all times, no matter what the circumstances are. I assume most of us know what a weasel Derek Llambias is, and in relation to football clubs, he couldn’t run a bath.

What I don’t agree with, is joey’s statement of “And again it would be left to those magnificent fans to pick up the remnants of their once great football club”.

Newcastle United is, and always will be, a great football club. It doesn’t matter what clowns are in charge, nothing will ever change who we are, and the feeling we get when 52,000+ scream their team on. The shivers I get down my spine as Local Hero blasts from the P.A system is something that cannot be described through text, you have to be there and witness it for yourselves. It’s special, and no-one, even an idiot like Llambias will ever be able to take that away (unless the club decide to play some sort of Sports Direct anthem at the start of our home matches!).

Joey’s comments don’t particularly help matters with our new signings either, they must be thinking “what have I got myself into hear?”, if indeed everything is as bad as Barton is making out. I want to see Joey lead the team by example on and off the pitch, the way he did last season, winding the players up before games, installing the importance of playing for Newcastle United.

Sadly, what Joey and Jose have recently stated, is something I have feared, and I’m sure many of us have too. I want the players to just get on with the job in hand, and make sure they put in 100% effort in each game. There is nothing that we can do as fans, to change the politics of what goes on inside St James’ Park without there being an adverse effect on the team. We can chant, and parade miss-spelt banners all day long, it wont make a bit of difference. The players too, can sulk and whine, but again, they will not accomplish anything other than wind themselves and the fans up

Time for Newcastle United, to be United, and show everyone that we are ready for this new season. Time for certain players to keep quiet, and let their football do the talking. We have been in worse situations than this before.

Lets begin by getting stuck into Arsenal in two weeks time!

Howay The Lads.

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46 Responses

  1. All of what you write here is bang on the money. If I lambast my employer I would be fired. Sadly players are more than employees to a club, they are assets. Barton should be sold regardless of his worth on the pitch as these musings cannot be tolerated

  2. I’m afraid it’s just the start – the cracks are beginning to show.

    Whatever your misgivings about players making unhelpful comments like this, the root cause is the same (Ashley)and at some point, some thing is gonna give.

    Personally, I’d prefer the fans to take some positive action and leave Ashley with a big hole in his pocket, but our biggest asset (the fans) is also our biggest weakness as we blindly put our hands in our pockets regardless of how much our owner takes the mick (a lot).

    Ashley knows that the worst case scenario is relegation with gates around 40,000 and much increased parachute payments. This gives him the cushion that allows him to risk relegation this season and line his pockets.

  3. sounds to me like he is very passionate about a club that gave him a second chance and he is looking from the inside at a club that is in potential peril! Relegation is a serious concern for us this season as we have brought in unproven premier league players! Guivarch, ‘Farce’lino, and Boumsong have proved this isn’t always a good tactic.

    I personally think him and Jose showed some balls to say what they did and will give everything they have to the club until they are sold!

  4. Sick of hearing this passive aggressive crap. Jose and Joey should put in a transfer request or shut up. It’s within their rights to do so but neither will do it because it might cost them some of the precious dollars. Whilst they are kissing the fans butts they are destroying the team spirit as they both know they wont be here next year. They both want to go to clubs playing CL but no one has come in for them. It’s all sour grapes.

  5. A know exactly what you mean about the local hero tune – its me ring tone. However, when I hear it, it just reminds me of better times.
    They might as well spurt out Chas and bliddy Dave right now though.

  6. Divn’t think they’re that worried aboot the money Charlie, probably more frustrated about working for a total bunch of (enter your favourite c word here).

  7. Dudestate says:
    July 31, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    “I personally think him and Jose showed some balls to say what they did and will give everything they have to the club until they are sold!”

    I have no doubt Barton in particular will give his all until he is sold, but there really is no-need for him to keep saying these things in public.

    Once again the press will have a field day ‘crisis at Newcastle’, ‘player revolt’ etc, etc.

    Why is it every season, this crap happens? Even before Ashley this occurred. We know Ashley and Llambias are a problem, and now players are starting to complain in public, it makes us look a complete shambles. Nolan may be correct in what he has said recently, but why say it? What does he want to prove, that he always loved Newcastle?

    It just isn’t giving out the right signals at the moment, and for Barton to start talking about relegation is stupid. Even teams who are likely to go down this season don’t have there players comment on possible relegation!

  8. As soon as Pardew was appointed it was clear to all that a programme of assett stripping would follow. Carrol went, not replaced, Enrique is being forced out as is Barton, whilst Nolan has already been sold. Pardew will not protest because he is too grateful at having been parachuted from nowhere back to premier league prominence.

    Ashley is turning NUFC into West Ham. Perrenial relegation strugglers who make a net transfer profit by bringing through home grown superstar players.

  9. @7 but thats my point! If they dont want to work for a bunch of c&^%s they can should have the confidence in their own ability to say they want out and let the chips fall where they may.

  10. joey barton and jose have come out and said exactly what we all know. so why every1 act suprised? it is plain to see ashleys ambitions or lack of them, hence unrest with players and recruiting freebies and spending nowt, a bit like the milner scenario he likes transfer windows to come and go! it time people stopped making excuses and make him accountable for lack of funding (even tho there is funds) and lack of ambition, he has spent more on a golfing irishman with a golf club this summere than our football club. time to move on ashley u have had ur chances, u are only gona dice with our club and a relegation and we dont want that do we , id thought u would have learnt from last time

  11. Not to mention Barton pretty much says he cant say what he wants incase he gets fined. Let me guess the time and place will be the second they cant fine him his precious wages.

  12. Barton saying now because time left in transfer zone to buy some sausages! How many players need to say this before you move your stall? You are just selling your one type of sausages and putting your fingers in ears going lalalalalala. .I don’t trust this way look on world! Why you do?

    You like player on titanic when sink saying ‘hello people, nice day,, wanna buy my sausages?” In china people say about Rice how can so many people be wrong?

    Well you Mr. need to take 10 breaths and see this is small peanut in whole plantation now… you cannot run from truth mr. ostrich …. time for action.. be brave and take a sausage in your mouth! :-)

    Mr. Sausages!

  13. things need saying why should players be scarred to voice an opinion which they know we realise anyway??? nobody needs 2 keep schtum because this is wat ashley and llambsass rely on! we was here long before them and wil be long after theyre gone and our opinion is paramount to the club, because as sir bobby said,we are the adoring public !!!

  14. Aye, it doesn’t bode well but mebbees. just mebbees – Barton’s bang on the button, eh? I respect him for that.

    I know that Joey doesn’t want to go and Jose’s had enough of waiting to see what’s happening but I sometimes get a funny feeling that Ashley doesn’t really have a clue how to run a football club and that Llambias doesn’t always tell the truth.


  15. Had enough of the twat Barton now. Before it was booze and violence, now it’s illustions of self-importance as some truth-speaking messiah to the fans. But it’s just self-serving idiocy and he deserves to be fined and shipped out to the first club daft enough to have him.

    I’m sick of our own players bringing the club into disrepute just because the club didn’t give into their daft demands. We know Joey turned down offers in the past. Since then, things changed and he’s less important so the next offer was lower and he can’t deal with it. Same with Nolan. Jose’s even worse because the offer’s the same and he’s still pissing us about.

    Bloody amateur. We’d all be fired for this kind of thing – and most of us think no better of our bosses – why should he be any different?

    Give the shirts to the likes of Ferguson, Vukic and Sami Ameobi and tell the primadonnas to sling it.

  16. …and before anyone thinks I’m sticking up for Llambias, I’m not – I think the guy is a waste of carbon, bloody useless outside of a casino, and an utter crook.

    What I don’t need is some self-appointed sage telling me about it and feeding laughing fodder to the tabloids at the expense of the club.

  17. oh yea let the kids pull us out the mire, just like ur fat messiah wants, get a grip we should be spending some of the money not putting weights on young shoulders too soon and wrecking their heeds

  18. “Jose’s had enough of waiting to see what’s happening”??


    The club’s been totally straight with the lad. It’s US who’s had enough waiting to see what HE will do, not the other way around! If I was the club I’d have transfer listed the twat by now. He knows exactly what the situation is and it’s not changed in three months. He’s just hoping a CL club comes in for him. Which they won’t. He’s damaging the club for his own interests and knows it.

  19. This blog site is nearly always well written, credit where’s it’s due. This article is bordering on jaundiced. It reminds me of one of the Vietnam vets still in the jungle refusing to accept the war is over. I think it’s safe to assumer there is a problem.

    To keep things short: there are signs from a growing number of key personnel now that something is amiss, players are unhappy; being strongarmed out of the club – purely as an exercise in radical financial streamlining – nothing to do with the footballing aspect, of which we all have an opinion. There should have been £35mil available for squad rebuilding this summer – not a single funking penny has gone on players,,, I mean you can cite Owen and Luque and all the other flops all day, but NOT A SINGLE PENNY? If a number of players are saying this – maybe, just maybe there really is a problem that can’t be glossed over with the kind of bravado ‘get on with it moaners’ sentiment above?

  20. jam – spending it on who, exactly?

    Name one thing the club could actually do to make things go better right now.

  21. boater: I think you’re right and a lot of the more established players are deeply unhappy. That’s because the club is probably pursuing their strategy without understanding the importance of continuity in the squad. The usual cockup on the footie side to balance out the good being done on the business side.

    What I can’t stand is fekking Barton deciding to whine about it in public. What exactly is he achieving? Does anyone actually think we will finish higher in the league because of it?

    What I think is that no other club will touch him with a bargepole (most wouldn’t have anyway) because he’s clearly and unhinged trouble-maker who can’t be trusted to be professional and discreet.

    What I think is that our chances of landing a decent striker and LB are diminishing with every f*cking tweet he types.

    Some bloody club legend, eh. Doing his best to ensure we don’t progress so he can say “told you so”. Genius.

  22. maybe the fat lad mite spend some of the money he recieved from a certain transfer instead of letting press make his rumour mill keep some people happy just to read of links to players, we sold players in past but rplaced them but under this guy we just dont do it unless its a lower quality or much cheaper, im afraid sometimes u have 2 speculate 2 accumulate and if hes gona dice with a relegation battle again id rather he spend now and not get robbed in jan

  23. Enough of this ranting. I’m off to bed. Joey needs to ship out to play in the MLS where everyone’s as much of a loud-mouthed arse as he is.

  24. whumpie.. I’m staggered at your comments mate. If Barton was some rogue voice you may have a point. But he’s not.. Keegan, Shearer, Routledge, Nolan, Enrique… I’m sure you could go through one by one and discredit their opinion,, but there comes a time when you have to take a step back, take a breath and see the bigger picture. I would suggest NOW is that time for you to do that mate.

    He is merely saying what most sane supporters are thinking… why are we selling important players and not reinvesting that money? Why are senior players and personnel being strong armed out of the club and replaced with cheap, unproven options?

    Well I can tell you. Ashley tried to buddy up to 52,000 new pals when he bought the club. They fell out with him and he is paving the way to recoup his losses – hopefully to sell on. He is dismantling mate from within, Barton has the cajones to say it,, and you are turning on HIM? It beggars belief.

  25. whumpie do u agree with barton that there seems to be unrest and a lack of quality in the squad? ashley seems happy to let any1 he wishes leave because he mite get get a replacement at half price? maybe his signings have donnay marked on there shirts

  26. By the way I’ve honestly never heard Barton referred to as a ‘legend’. I thought he was our best player last season. The real driving force, that’s just my opinion. I think most recognise this was his first consistently good season for the club.

    Whether or not he’s right to speak out.. he’s a smart bloke, and understands the ramifications, and he must honestly feel it needs to be said.. as did the others.

  27. Sadly the comments are spot on, but also let’s not forget Alan Pinnochio in the blame game. But now I would like evryone to get behind our team, and only focus on each 90 minutes we play and not the fat shopkeeper and others

  28. @Whumpie “Totally straight” – eeeh ya bugger ma! Owlheed wouldn’t know the truth if I punched him in the face with it.

    The Toon’s deeing smashing as a business, Ashley’s fkin rolling in it. All the players and us want to see now is for the fcb to show some effing ambition. Too much for a deluded toon player to wish for though, eh?

    Spot on Joey.

  29. I am glad he has come out with these comments and maybes everyone can now realise there are problems at the club. Totally agree with Boaters comments.

  30. Any club is run like a business, and when you have employees who don’t tow the party line , it effects morale of the whole business floor 1 and 2 , and the shop floor . It also affects the likes of Beckford, Defoe, and this turkish fella from PSG, they will have seconds , thinking about a move when they hear mutinous activity in the ranks .

    We all know there is mucky business that goes on but quite frankly Joey , divv I kneed to hear it via Twitter from you , nae thanks play ya footy and shut it theres a good fella…

    Not great this week for signing strikers, if Pardew cant control the likes of these twits I mean twitters then he’s a crap manager , look fine Joey, or SACK HIM, and whoever’s commenting on these sites, and move on to bigger things Alan , or you may face the chop tooo….

  31. Joey learns to read and write and shares it with us huzzah!.All clubs are like this even ManU, its not perfect but with the detrius of Fat Fred to shift times are hard. Where arr Ocean finance whej you need them!.

  32. Iv’e just gone thru the whole of this thread and have to say that I am 100% behind Whumpie. nO MORE TO BE SAID.

  33. What does he expect NUFC or its fans gain from this?, its not like we dont know how the dots are connected, and sprouting stuff like that online does nothing but further harm… The boy does have heart, but he lacks in brains and he sure as hell dont think before he speaks.

  34. If Mr B spent less time formulating Twitter tweets and more time doing his job – I believe that is “Professional Footballer”, though the boundaries are now being blurred – we might have beaten Leeds. When are we going to start talking about football and not club “Bollockticks”.

  35. Shhhhhh…. don’t say anything Joey, it might just make us look as if we don’t care and we are robbing you blind just to re-coop all our money before we sell at a huge profit (the five year plan) but we don’t want people to think like that, now do we…

  36. After reading through the reaction to this thread, I’ve got to say it’s nice to see the majority realising that no-matter if Joey is correct, he cannot voice his opinions via the public whenever it suits him. All it does is draw negative attention toward the club (again).

    Most of us know Ashley and co are useless shites, but we do not need our former vice captain continually attracting bad press again. His comments don’t help.

    Boater, sorry you didn’t like the article mate, perhaps if more of the first-team squad sign up to Twitter and bitch a bit more about life at our football club, we will all get the point eh?

  37. valle says:
    August 1, 2011 at 9:14 am

    “When are we going to start talking about football and not club “Bollockticks”.”

    Agreed mate, I miss the days of just chatting about teams or formations. Who should play where etc. Now it’s all about wages, politics and transfer fees. Things we would never discuss if Ashley wasn’t around.

  38. Jimbob says:
    August 1, 2011 at 11:13 am

    “After reading through the reaction to this thread, I’ve got to say it’s nice to see the majority realising that no-matter if Joey is correct, he cannot voice his opinions via the public whenever it suits him. All it does is draw negative attention toward the club (again).”

    Yes Jimbob, you have a point, but what about Alan Pardew’s indiscreet and sometimes misleading bloviations on contract negotiations and other stuff which should have been kept behind closed doors? His criticisms of players who are “not good enough for the club” etc? His own foot in mouth disorder sets a bad example, creating a climate of indiscpline and recriminations, just as it did at his other clubs where he lost the dressing room and was fired. Going on his previous management ventures, it was almost inevitable that the unity that was carefully built up within the squad under the previous manager would be corroded under Pardew.

  39. Pardew is a twat Worky, and a liar. But Barton’s comments are not helping, it’s not going to solve anything is it? It just makes us look in crisis again.

    Most know the score at the club, we don’t need our players making it worse do we. What will it solve tomorrow, if Joey ‘tweets’ that Mike and Derek have no ambition, hate the club, blah blah blah. Most of us know this, all it does run our good name through the mud (again). ‘player indiscipline’ etc.

    Nothing will get better till that w***er Ashley leaves in my opinion, I made my decision on that 3 years ago!

  40. Iagree with the person who pointed out that Joey Barton is not in a minority of one in critising Ashley and the other shit,but thats not my point I would like to ask those who seem to be apologists for Ashley and use so say
    “business”arguments to defend him does that make John Henry a stupid businessman for spending big at Liverpool.
    Iam starting to worry about next season!

  41. bang on worky,pardew has been a total prick where ever he’s managed.looks like some of the squad are starting to see the a**ehole for what he is.

  42. I will be making an announcement regarding my future, on here (twitter) at 4pm today……..