Erding, Sow, Gomez? Just who is the mystery striker?

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Erding may be on Newcastle's wish list.
Erding - mystery striker maybe?
Newcastle United are allegedly planning a ‘mega-bid’ for some ‘mystery striker’, but who could it be?

That idea of ‘mega-bids’ and ‘mystery strikers’ does sound like The Sun is spicing up the story a bit. Having said that though, it’s probably true within reason. We certainly need a striker and there’s no denying that it’s currently a mystery as to who that might be, and ‘mega-bid’ is a woolly term that could mean anything. One man’s mega-bid is another man’s cheese sandwich as they say (although not often).

I would therefore suggest that The Sun’s story is completely true for once.

It’s up to us to try and guess who this mystery striker might be though.

About 10 days ago I picked up some rumblings in the foreign press about our potential interest in Melvut Erding (or Mevlüt Erdinç if you like) and I still think he’s a likely candidate.

The 24 year-old Turkish striker plays for Paris Saint-Germain and has 22 goals in 51 games for them. He has also played 10 games for Turkey, getting the ball in the net once.

Given that Kevin Gameiro has now been transferred to PSG, Erding could find himself pushed to the sidelines a bit, which might encourage him to think about a transfer. Erding has previously expressed an interest in playing in the Premier League and there were even whispers that Newcastle might be interested in him 12-18 months ago.

It’s thought he would be on the market for about €8m-€9m (£7m-£8m) which is not really what I’d call a ‘mega-bid’ in today’s football market but I suppose it’s all relative. Apparently Galatasary are ‘willing to pay’ €9m for Erding, although I’m not sure if they’ve actually put in a formal bid yet (although I think they have).

Other, more ambitious, targets doing the rounds of the forums and Twitty include Mario Gomez and Moussa Sow.

Gomez scored an astonishing 39 goals in 45 games for Bayern Munich last season, so you’d have to think that Bayern would be reluctant to let such a player go for anything less than about £15m (possibly more), which might just be in the range of what Newcastle would call a ‘mega-bid’ (indeed, it would be Ashley’s record transfer).

Newcastle have previously been linked with Moussa Sow by the press but since he was the top scorer in Ligue 1 last season I would imagine he’d command a fee of about £15m too, although I could be overestimating things I guess.

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see although I’d guess at Erding if someone forced me to make a guess under the threat of water-boarding or whatever.

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15 Responses

  1. if thy was 1 striker out of thos who i would get it would b Gomez hes players lyk drogba solo upfront and if we are going to play 4411 thts great becos tht it how bayern line up , bt we we do hav the money to burn atm and i hope this deal can be done

  2. LOOKING at your previous article and this all three mentioned here are out as well as benzema coz of financial reasons and his history with Ben Arfa.

    i hope we go for NILMAR or marko Ruben, either of LLORENTES would be nice.

    what do u think HUGH on the ones mentioned above.

  3. Who eats my words,

    i meant either of the LLORENTES

    and it came out either of LLORENTES

  4. IM, I see you’re looking at the Spanish league. Possible although, bar Gomez, I’ve mainly been looking at the French league because that’s where our scouts seem to have spent most of their time.

    No reason the ‘mystery striker’ shouldn’t be from elsewhere though of course.

  5. @1… jesus man… it took me ages to read your style of type ffs! lol lol its hardly even english.
    Anyway… this mega striker will be some 1-3 million quid dross from the championship.

  6. cc – the Championship? You’re unusually optimistic! I’d heard it was Atletico Neasden reserves striker Fred Gumby.

  7. Gomez will cost upwards of 35million. No chance of us getting anywhere near him.

    I personally think Gomis is one of the more likely candidates

  8. There is no chance of getting Gomez. Bayern want to spend big this summer and they have just let klose go to Rome. Gomez is on top of his game at the moment and can’t stop scoring. No way Bayern will let him go.

  9. wow!mario gomez to the toon!funny…
    we should keep our feet on the ground and look for someone who fits the bill for us.look to lech poznan.they have a great striker!single handedly helped them beat juventus in the europa league.we should look at europa league teams.maybe twente.they look ripe for the picking after losing their star man theo jansen.we could look in their squad.after all eredivisie player’s are technically sound.
    oh,and indian magpie,where exactly are you at?

  10. athletic bilbao have a fantastic strike force in fernando llorente and they have starlets like martinez and munaine.but they won’t be willing to let any of them go.neither will villareal let go of nilmar especially if rossi leaves as seems likely

  11. Rondon seems to fit all the criteria.

    Young, playing and scoring at a reasonably high level and available for the right price – 15m euros allegedly. Although an Arab now owns Malaga I’m not entirely sure he’s dripping with cash, bit like our stingy billionaire owner perhaps ?

    However we’d still need another one after that and I’d like to see Shaqiri in a black and white shirt next season doing this sort of thing !

  12. 5 – Morning Craig. Another week and the record has stuck. Your negativity shows no signs of let up.

    I totally agree however about post 1. I was starting to get really annoyed with it when I stepped back to think about the possibility that Mr Jackson1989 maybe didn’t enjoy the quality education that you and I had the pleasure of experiencing ……. and still here we are posting on a footie blog at 9 o’ clock on a Monday morning. :-)

  13. For the record TT I sympathise with Craig to a degree as there really hasnt been a time in Fatman’s short career here when I’ve thought “This bloke knows what he’s doing !”

    Yet as Rob says on the other thread this morning, two or three quality forwards/attacking midfielders would seriously up the ante.