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Moussa Sow allegedly linked to Newcastle United.
Sow: unlikely IMHO.
Newcastle United are allegedly ‘linked’ with three players at the moment if various press reports are to be believed, although it is perhaps our continued interest on Modibo Maiga that is the strongest rumour.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the transfer window is still open judging by the players the press have Newcastle United linked with.

The Daily Mail has a minimalist report about our interest in Leicester City’s Jeffrey Schlupp, who is an 18 year old German-Ghanaian striker/left winger/left back. Schlupp has been signed up to Leicester since his youth days and has only made 18 senior league appearances, 10 of which were while he was on loan to Brentford. But he has scored 11 goals in those 18 games, which is an impressive start.

The Mail reports this in it’s usual omniscient way so there’s no proof that we’re interested in Schlupp at all, although if we are I’d presume he’s one ‘for the future’ so to speak.

There’s also a rumble – or possibly more of a mild rattle – that we’re still interested in Moussa Sow and are on alert after the striker refused to commit his future fully to Lille in a recent comment where he said:

Only God knows what will happen in the future. I know that when I play for Lille I want to remain focused, but everything could change before the end of the season.

Surely that raises deep philosophical questions because if God knows what will happen in the future then our future must be predetermined, which means we have no free will and can thus not be blamed for any crimes we commit. I may spend the rest of my days in a barrel – hopefully one that’s regularly filled with ale – as a result of that revelation.

What’s possibly more pertinent though is that Moussa’s alleged market price is in the €15m-20m range and I tend to think it’s predetermined we won’t spend that on a striker.

All in all, I’d have to say the most likely rumour is about our continued interest in Sochaux’s Modibo Maiga. The Malian strike has had a cracking start to the season with 4 goals in 6 games and all that despite allegedly being booed by some of his own supporters in retribution for his ‘strike’ to try and force a move in the summer.

The Daily Mirror quotes Maiga as saying:

I have had enough of being booed by supporters right now, but anyway it does not stop me scoring goals for the club and making them happy.

I scored a double for them again (at the weekend). I had two chances on Saturday against Toulouse, two goals, just to thank them.

Newcastle? They are a very good club, I will not finish my career in Sochaux if I am scoring every week – that is the reality of football. I have not invented that!

At the moment I am here and scoring goals. I do not know when the transfer window opens what there will be. It depends also on the club, but in the near future I want to ply my trade in another top league. It is a genuine ambition, I will accept being booed for that!

The player is valued at about £8m and The Mirror speculates that we’ll attempt to push a deal through in January. He seems to find the goal often enough, although I’m a touch wary about the tactics he employed in the summer to try and force a move. Nevertheless, if there’s truth in any of these rumours I suspect it’s most likely to be in the one about Maiga.

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33 Responses

  1. Still not sure about Maige, really good player but Pardew will have to calm the lad down, we don’t him doing the same to us as he is already doing/done at his current club.

    Anyway onto last night… by all accounts Marveux was totally mint! I really hope Pards starts to give him some first team premier league action, he’s a really exciting player and we could use some decent balls coming in from the left!

  2. Nobby

    I would like to see Marveaux play instead of Obertan or Jonas. Obertan and Jonas are too similar in their style, all pace and little or no delivery or goals (except last week for Jonas and too early for Obertan).

    I think Marveaux, from the limited viewing of him so far, appears to have more skill, ability and general variety to his game than Jonas and Obertan and would probably link up better with Ben Arfa and Cabaye.

    Nice problem for Pardew.

    On the striker front, I’m sure we will get one in the next transfer window. It looks like it might be Maiga if his antics hasn’t put off Pardew / Llambias / Ashley although I suspect the French lads may have tipped him off that the club will ship out any players who transgress the rules. However, he will be heartened knowing that the club stuck with Ben Arfa when he had his tantrums.

  3. Marveaux would be better in a packed midfield game.
    He gets around the pitch & has a very good pass on him, a bit of trickery too.
    Don’t feel he’s an out & out winger, which is good imv.

  4. I’ve noticed Ba has scored 3 of his 4 goals with us with his head… if he connects with marveux’s crosses it COULD end up dreamy.

  5. Nobby says:

    “if he connects with marveux’s crosses it COULD end up dreamy”

    Not sayinganything but ……Nobby would you like to rephrase that last part ? :lol:

  6. Agreed on the Marveaux front although his two best performances have come against Championship/Reserve sides. Then again he hasnt had many other opportunities to shine since he arrived !

    Nothing wrong with gradually bringing players on but he played 120 minutes of a LC tie which shows he’s fit at least?

    Not sure if this is Pardwho’s inability to work and deal with talented players but HBA needs to start soon as well otherwise there’s a risk of toys being thrown.

    Marveaux HBA and Jonas just makes so much sense to me anyway :)

  7. Andy,
    aye, though i would say that easing HBA in, along with Marveaux seems like a good idea. Rather than ‘desperately’ throwing them in when the team has been doing well.
    It just gives them time to adjust & helps clear up any lingering injury doubts.
    They should be raring to go by now, it gives us more time to realign the team structure too.
    Makes a nice change, hey?

  8. There have been suggestions of playing players who’ve not fully recovered from horrendous injuries, this should abate some of that.
    same goes for Gosling.
    It’s also cool to see a proper reserve team playing & using the reserves in the correct way, edging players into full match fitness. It’s a long time since we saw that happen.
    The squad members get to play & show what they can do for the 1st team.

  9. we have a winning 11 at the min and apart from his subs towards the end of the wolves game pardew seems to be doing well hba marveraux and the rest of the squad not getting a game have to be patient and take there chances when the opportunity arises! plus along with santon we dont need to rush them back

    we also have abied vuckic ferguson whom im really excited about aswell so i think its a case of wait out for injury’s and suspensions to kick in and see if players will take there chance.

    with the international break we should have just about a fully fit squad for the next game (fingers crossed)

    my team for spurs would be krul santon (if fully fit) collo saylor and raylor at right back

    jonas tiote cabaye HBA (again only if 100% fit)

    best ba

    think we have to go for 2 upfront at home i was also toying with the idea of gosling in the barton role on the right to sure up the midfield against a strong spurs side?

  10. I normally would be anxious and everything would be tense when it comes to bringing players in, whether or not it’s going to be the right or the wrong player however; it’s early October and the market doesn’t open until January so whether we are linked with Maiga or Messi, I don’t follow these judgements until the market opens because they are likely to be untrue.

    Unless Pardew comes out and says that he is after a certain individual then I’m not going to bother listening to speculation that is highly likely to be rubbish.

  11. If these French revolutionaries who throw their toys out of the pram to join us do well, and prove themselves to be fit in the case of some, bigger clubs still will probably come in for them. Then, they may throw their toys all over the dressing room once again before Ashley gets the price he wants for them.

  12. Hmmm! Sow! probably being the better player(imo) of the three, it would be nice to see him in the black and white.
    However doubt it will happen, why ? obvious the asking price.

    Miaga ? for 8m. quid, possibly !

    Schlupp ? one for the future and a versatile young man, depends on the price.

    As for lineups, about time we introduced both Santon and Marveaux into the side.

    On Gosling going out on loan ? look i understand he needs to get some games, but as our only real supposed defensive midfielder, who’s going to fill in for the almost indispensable Tiote (Cabaye’s job is play-maker, Guthrie? eh! nah)so why cant he play in the reserves, aint that the idea of having a reserve side ?

    Line up’s?, an astute manager uses horses for courses, not the same side for every game, would it be prudent for instance to play the same side against both Arsenal and Stoke ?

    Seems Pardew is afraid (and imo many fans would agree with him)to change the present side.
    As for who i would play against Spurs,


    Why? believe Jonas will do a better job on the right, Marveaux and HBA (if fit) can interchange positions on the left.
    Yes only one real striker up front, but apart from Jonas all three Frenchmen can also score.
    With Obertan available on the bench, plus Raylor and Perch, we are going to need all the legs we have available for a speedy Spurs side.

  13. On Jonas, look the guy gives 100% every game, tracks back (which everyone playing the LB role must love)
    But, and i know i’m gonna get slaughtered for this, he can be the most frustrating player to watch, why ?
    After tracking back and gaining possession, we have become accustomed to seeing him head up field, taking on half of the opposition, then turn infield to get the ball onto his good foot and eventually waste possession through either a poor cross or by running into traffic.
    face it for him to score is a rarity.
    Imo he should be on the other wing, on the other hand seeing he is going to be here for the next four years (well maybe)if that does’nt work out perhaps he being a decent defender and has good pace, then try him out in the Tiote role, hey stranger things have happened!

  14. Chelski often go with only one recognised striker Chuck. Its not the amount of players in any one position that matters its the quality of those players that counts.

    HBA and Marveaux are a darn sight more skillful than Best and both are more than capable of putting the ball in the net.

    As I said earlier this feels just like Pardwho at WHU when he left Tevez and Mascherano on the bench claiming they werent fit enough. Yet when Pardwho got sacked Curbishley had no hesitation in using both of them.

  15. chuck,
    i tend to agree with all of that mate.
    Well said!

    The only thing i’d change is the idea that Gosling is a natural DM, he’s more attacking than that & he’s stated as much, though he’s said he’ll play anywhere he’s asked to.

  16. Andy,
    i reckon it’s more down to the unwillingness to change a winning formula in this case. When we lose i’d expect him to change things.
    Coaches are v superstitious!

  17. AndyMac

    Yeah, guess i been a bit heavy handed lately with the Pardew criticism, why i did’nt mention his name.
    But i agree with your analysis.
    Actually it,s more about playing an actual five or even six man midfield, with Tiote as the sweeper in front of the back four, the others, Cabeye in front of him as the playmaker, with perhaps Jonas and Obertan on the right interchanging and HBA and Marveaux doing the same on the left.
    Either that or use Ba as the lone striker, or even in certain circumstance use both Best and Ba up front.
    My point is horses for courses, we have at present a squad of good technical players who can with the right coaching and given the right direction adjust to the modern game as played by Europes best sides.
    Whether we have the right management to fulfill that role remains the question?

  18. Forgot Vuckic and also Fergie but sure as eggs are eggs we will need reserves during this season !

    I chose Perch over Williamson for his flexibility in various positions. Having said that if he’s no good in any of them then what’s the point :)

    I see Toonsy suggests that Colo/Saylor is the best central defensive partnership and Williamson struggles in third.

    I agree with Pardwho when he attempts to keep an unchanged side which helps with team understanding and player relationships etc etc but if there are other players who are clearly better than those who are currently playing then surely it’s his responsibility to select them ?

  19. AndyMac says:
    October 5, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    “I chose Perch over Williamson for his flexibility in various positions.”

    I’ve said that about girlfriends in the past Andy.

  20. Avatar workyticket says:

    “I chose Perch over Williamson for his flexibility in various positions.”

    I’ve said that about girlfriends in the past Andy.

    You did say GIRLFRIENDS WT ? I heard it was just any friend :lol:

  21. Perch is versatile, good call. I think he’s better at CB like.
    I’d say Colo/Willo is at least 2nd choice too.

    Consistency of team equals consistency.

  22. Hugh de Payen says:

    “It’s hard to argue with the current line up until it starts losing”

    I dont agree Hugh. This team has done OK and that’s a given. However is it the best team – player by player ?

    Best has done a good job and so has Ba but realistically would they both get into another BPL team ? Ba possibly – not sure about Best apart from Wigan maybe :)

    Yet this squad is overwhelmingly blessed with good, creative, talented midfielders who can score goals. So why select a player with lesser talent and ability to play a part in the team when you can put talented, skillful players who not only bring their own ability to the side but also lift the morale of the other team as well ?

    When Pardwho fielded his team at Forest he went with one recognised striker and the service was good enough for that one striker to get two goals even though it was Forest and Loven :)