Have you heard the latest rumour about Steven Taylor?

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Taylor: No to new deal?
Taylor: No to new deal?
Apparently Steven Taylor has turned down the latest improved offer of a new contract from Newcastle United prompting speculation that he could be off in January.

I say apparently as the source is the rather questionable Sunday Sun and they will generally print anything to get a reaction out of the fans.

There are no quotes, no inside sources or anything to back this rumour up, yet it appears that some ‘blogs and forums are starting to run with it and print it as fact without knowing the full story. Now I’m not Steven Taylor’s biggest fan, and I’m even less of a fan of his agent, Paul Stretford, who is also the agent of Wayne Rooney, but I’m questioning this report and the legitimacy of it.

I understand that those who wrote the story, and those that are running with it, may be desperate for coverage in the face of much larger competition, but surely that should mean that less credibility should be given to the rumour?

I’m not denying that Taylor could have turned down his latest deal but, aside from the Sunday Sun, who really knows anything? The clue is in the name. I mean it is Sunday after all!

I’m urging people not to put too much credit in this report, and to not listen to any amount of regurgitation on the subject as, quite frankly, I can see bugger all to back this latest claim up.

It’s becoming weekly rhetoric of mine just lately, slating the Sunday Sun and pointing out that it needs to create stories to make any sort of impact on the Sunday newspaper market, and people should remember that. I’ve been hammered on this site before for printing something with no quotes to back it up, yet the Sunday Sun has done just that, and people are believing it!

So in short, believe that Taylor has turned down a new deal if you like, but I will refrain from doing that until there is something to back it up. Just look at it objectively rather than passing every printed word off as fact. I know some of you guys and gals already do, but those that don’t should have a think about it. I mean is there really anything to back up this rumour?

The answer to that is no.

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90 Responses

  1. fu..k all these players who wont more money…ashley is right on 1 thing..only pay them what they should get..look at ben arfa 30 grades better then most players..didnt come here for the money but for the luv of football and the fans..if s.taylor says all that crap..then he is a fu.king cheap lier.

  2. Asim – You kind of make my point. What proof is there in todays Sunday Sun that backs up anything? Nothing. It’s just them stirring shit.

  3. I have heard from sources in Chelsea they are confident they will get their man, and he has also been touted to Liverpool and Spurs, but Chelsea apprear to be winning after offering him and NUFC what is considered by his agent and club as the right amount.

  4. I thought Tayls looked canny chunky yesterday like, think he’s been hammering the chicken balti’s a bit too much whilst he’s been crocked!

    The money being touted for his signature seems a bit on the low side for all his (albeit unproven) potential. Friggin’ Bosman rule only serves to screw clubs in these situations – as if the players don’t have loads of power as it is. Also Sol looked a liability yesterday and if Tayls goes we’ll be at least 1 man short in CB cover, realistically 2.

    Not gonna think too much on this story though ’til there’s some firm basis to it.

  5. My last statement is exactly the sort of crap published in the Sunday Sun. They know exactly as much as you or I.
    The only people who really know is ST and his agent.

  6. Totally agree Toonsy, none of these crap-loids have any idea what is happening behind the ‘closed’ doors at SJP so they’ll write anything they can toget a rise from us fans & it wouldn’t matter but we always get sucked into these things, even though we already know that the crap-loids are doing it…

    Btw, I prefer HP to any other sauces.. :)

  7. Doug – True. Just makes you wonder why all of these journalists go to university and such when there is really no need to.

  8. Lets just wait and see , one thing i will say is if he wants out then let him go , its seems these rumors appear every transfer window about the lad and to be honest i don’t see any improvement in his play compared to a couple of seasons ago . He is a decent player but in williamson we have a player that is just as good if not better . Moving him out will free up a place for Kadar who imo is a real talent that now needs brought on .

  9. I’m still not that fussed one way or the other. Either he stays and develops his full potential, or he goes and becomes a money grabbing bench warmer. One of those will be the outcome, whatever the red tops decide to print when there’s no news available. I, for one, am still enjoying a victory over a team that we’ve rarely had the better of in the days of the EPL. The king is dead, long live Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Andrew Carroll, Cheike Tiote and anyone else that made me jump out of my seat yesterday (none of whom were Steven Taylor, by the way).

  10. Would be a shame to see an academy product go but as you say Axel, Williamson is proving himself now. Also a pity we would get peanuts for him.

    If he were to go I would like another brought in on loan perhaps as cover (to do a similar job as One-Size did last year).

    Again though, all speculation.

  11. Wouldn’t blame Taylor to be honest. What future can he possible see at this club under this regime? The same as the supporters I assume – Just agony and a shambles?

  12. If he left on a free it would make an absolute mockery of Ashley’s plan for the club. He thinks that just because they are brought through the academy they will stay and go through the shite and be paid peanuts.

  13. Would like Wheater brought in from boro if he does go , we would get him fairly cheap and he would have no problem having to make a big move and adapt to the north east . Playing in a smog free zone could improve the lad as a player no end :)

  14. Stuart

    “be paid peanuts”

    You cannot be serious!? If Taylor leaves it’s because he has a dirtbag agent whose only concern is £££. If he goes I would like to see Wheater brought in. He has become disillusioned at Boro, but he is a good defender.

  15. STUART we all know the rags will print anything mostly crap,but at times there is no smoke without fire,ie with hoots circus,imo taylor has pulled the wool over a lot of eyes,let him go good player or not,he has dragged this on saying i want to stay what a load of sh@t

  16. what ever people say..we are not bottom of the prem..and are first 11 players can beat any1..so we are not a shambles as people make out..ever1 blames owners if things go wrong..but they are the 1s who run the club..if u play well u deserve higher pay..s.taylor doesnt deseve fu..k all..

  17. RICHIE reggae reggae like my lad just aboot drinks it,swear he will be playing the bongo drums soon :)

  18. icedog says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Let him go? Have you seen the back up? He’s quite obviously the best centre back we have at the club. Thought we were supposed to be building a team/club here…

  19. We cant lost our best central defender:(! We should sell Coloccini and use some of the money to give him a new contract! Coloccini dont deserve all the money he earns!

  20. As for sauces it’s all about the Nando’s line like. Get it on anything. Don’t mind a bit of reggae reggae though so fair play to you Toonsy, haha.

    As for Taylor, we’ve seen his agent at work with the whole Rooney saga. If he wants to stay he’ll stay, if he wants to go he’ll go and hopefully we get a decent amount on him. If he buggers off for free, Ashley looks an idiot again. I can’t see that happening though. IF money was on offer Ashley would do everything needed to get his hands on it.

  21. Stuart

    You keep saying he is the best centre back at the club, but it’s based upon nothing. He has hardly played, yet he is the best centre back at the club. Ridiculous.

  22. How does MA look an idiot if Taylor leaves? Do you guys realise how silly that sounds!? This guy could be demanding much more than what he is worth, but we should give in because “we want to keep the young, local players in the team for the future”. Pull the other one. If he is too greedy he can f**k off!

  23. Agree with icedog Taylor keeps banging on about wanting to stay and how he loves the club but unlike Carroll , Williamson , Ranger and Krul he still has not put pen to paper . Lets face it when that lot sign then the money cant be that crap can it .

  24. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    I’ve seen enough of the other centre backs to know that Taylor is the best we have.

  25. ben arfa is the 1 i wont..not s.taylor..sell him and pay up the money for the best player in the league..

  26. STUART you cannot build nowt if the “bits”dont want to stay,and you cannot over pay one guy,ime sure he wouldnt have been offered less than willo/ranger ect who have signed 5yr deals,hes a canny player,but he thinks he is better than he is imo

  27. El Toro ~ says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Firstly, you don’t know if he’s being greedy, you’re going off rumour. How do you not know it’s because the way the club is ran or that he see’s no future at the club under Ashley? It could be any of them reasons, but it doesn’t suit your agenda does it?

    Secondly, Ashley’s whole business plan is to bring young players through the ranks, so they have a sell on value. He’s forgot that they do actually need to be under contract to have that sell on value.

  28. Stuart

    No, Stuart. You have seen enough to BELIEVE he is the best centre back at the club, and I wholeheartedly disagree.

  29. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Ok, if you say so.

    He’s played in every season for the last five seasons. If he wasn’t that good he’d be playing Championship.

    I’ve only seen Colo play consistantly well in the Championship and Williamson has been very inconsistant.

  30. Stuart

    read my comment again. When did I say he was being greedy?

    I said “This guy COULD be demanding more than he is worth…” Read carefully.

    Point being that if he leaves it COULD be because his demands simply don’t match his level of ability.

    However, that won’t stop people blaming it on Ashley. I can’t stand the fat man but this is far too much of an ambiguous situation to start apportioning blame.

    With regards to your point about placing young players under contract in order to boost their sell-on value, are you suggesting that we give these young players whatever they want just for the sake of getting them tied down? If so, that is ludicrous. The phrase, “within reason” comes to mind.

  31. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Pull the other one. If he is too greedy he can f**k off!

  32. “He’s played in every season for the last five seasons. If he wasn’t that good he’d be playing Championship.

    I’ve only seen Colo play consistantly well in the Championship and Williamson has been very inconsistant.”

    Notice how you didn’t describe Taylor’s level of play, but instead only mentioned Colo and Williamson. So, if those two have been inconsistent and Taylor is superior, are you suggesting Taylor has been a figure of consistency? If so, that just makes your point even more laughable.

  33. Contracts shouldn’t be offered to players when their in their last year of a contract. It appears only us and Middlesbrough leave it so late.

    Carroll and Ranger have just signed new contracts, maybe they have learnt their lesson. We shall see, because Enrique has only two years left, so too Barton and Jonas.

  34. Try reading a book on football to help you understand the game.

    If you think Williamson and Coloccini Who’s alledged to be on treble what Taylor is on) are better than Taylor you are deluded mate.

  35. Stuart

    I have said numerous times that the high earners at this club will really have to make themselves indispensable at the club because MA is looking to lower the wages. I have not changed my opinion on that. However, even the ones that do prove their worth won’t start renegotiating their contracts until safety is guaranteed. It’s basic business sense.

  36. Asim – as Toonsy said, you are proving the point about rising to the bait.

    A speculative article, in a dubious publication on a re-hashed player/contract piece with no substantive sources named, and the no.1 comment is a shouting, radgie supporter with a pitchfork bashing around like bull in a china shop.

    Also – I’m a bit sick of the Ben Arfa idolising. He started three game FFS… in one he looked a bit lack-lustre and was substituted. Asim – you referring to him as just ‘coming for the love of the fans and football’ is verging on the hilarious. He is a well known mercenary with a cut-throat agent, my marseille supporting mate says ‘good player,,, unbelievable cnut of an individual,, 10 times worse than Belles. Unmanageable.’ But we heard all that in the summer.

    I still liked what I saw, and would welcome him coming back to impress the new manager and working towardstying down a permanent contract, but the way he’s talked about on here you’d think he was the second coming of JC,, honestly.

  37. “Try reading a book on football to help you understand the game.

    If you think Williamson and Coloccini Who’s alledged to be on treble what Taylor is on) are better than Taylor you are deluded mate.”

    Ahhh, there it is. The comment of a man dying a slow death in an argument he has lost. My work is done and I am off to watch some Super Sunday action. Have fun.

  38. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Good grief, man. While you’re in the book shop, see if they sell lives and get one.

  39. Can’t beleive what I’ve been reading,. Absolute hysterical bull shitee!!! All apart from Stuart.
    El toro are you here just to wind people up,. Williamson is better than Taylor?! MY GOD have a word with yourself, and go and watch some football!
    When you grow up, you’ll see that Steven Taylor is by far the best centre half at the club, and one of the top five or six in the premier league,. Which is exactly why he is linked with Chelsea, Liverpool, arsenal etc,. Jesus you know nothing about football,…!
    Please don’t reply to this, you bore me.

  40. Stuart79 says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:53 pm
    boater says:
    December 12, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Second coming of JC? John Carew?

    I meant John Candy, and yee knaa it.

  41. Rejoice fellow mags! Pardew has unveiled his vision for the club, asserting that in just 6 – yes 6 -short years we will be challenging for 7th place!

    Wow an entire 1 place higher up the league than where we are now. And how does he plan to pull of this seismic, jaw dropping, revolution of club fortunes in such a fleetingly short period of time!?

  42. Toonsy you dirty dog im not falling for it :lol: ;)
    Jay hows it going young Fella can you not buy a monthly ticket that is unlimited ? No
    Stuart I agree Taylor is one of the best CB we have I think him and Colo will make a good pairing, I have been a fan of Willo from the day he came here but he isn’t as good as Taylor.
    But I know a few people that dont really like him so it fits their agenda to bash him ;)

  43. Everyone, just been looking on Jose enriques Twitter, josenufc3, and he says he wants to stay here for a lot of years, but isn’t sure thanks to Ashley :/

  44. I’m fine thanks big dave, not aware of any monthly pass, would be handy though. How’s yourself? Or should that be “what about ye?”

  45. I have said this in a previous post and I,ll say it again, Saylor is only keen on getting his place back cos it puts him in the shop window again. This is all his numbskull agents idea and for me I would shift him as soon as is practicable before he can disrupt the rest of the squad. What do you reckon.

  46. dog heres me thinking you were too old too beleive what shite the papers write , well a must of been wrong :)

  47. Jay alls fine mate ;)
    Ice aye was reading it there
    Lads I see alot of articles with Nolan telling us we have to move on and after listening to a view of the players interviews etc, They say they had a clear the air meeting with Lame arse about the CH sacking and they seem to be happy to move on now.
    Oh how I would love to know why, but something tells me that things wernt right, I know worky will disagree about Tiote not being one of CH’s choices but it is flying about that he and Benny where down to Carr as it is his job. But Best and Perch im sure were CH’s picks, and there is no way you can compare them to Benny and Tiote :)

  48. BATTY i dont mate never bought one for more than 10yr,but helps to wind a few up like :)costs fortune in toilet paper noo :(

  49. If Taylor wont sign a contract then as soon as we have cover sell him, he can become a nobody at another team (see Nsomnia, Owen, Duff, Martins etc), with no loyalty he will soon be forgotten, and only remembered as another soft southern shandy drinker. If he does sign then he becomes a Geordie hero, his choice but time and patience is running out.

  50. Boater – What’s wrong with Europe in six years? It sounds a reasonable assumption to me? We maybe 8th NOW, but will we finish there? Hmmm…. I’m not so sure.

    Also, there was nothing said to suggest that we can’t get there sooner.

  51. @toonsy: Like what my massive football fans told me, if newcastle keeps on having surprise wins and consistent form,they might sneak into europa spot this season.

  52. Went out and got smashed last night in celebration for our victory (and a mate’s birthday) so I’ll just say brilliant performance by the lads. The quality of Nolan and Barton showed in that match, and despite being a big fan of Shola I think Ranger has earned a start..but then again he does make a good impact when he’s brought on so maybe he should still only have the second half? Shola is clearly not 100% amd I know most people don’t like him or rate him anyway but I still think he can do a job. Was absolutely fuming Ranger fluffed his first chance, can’t help but think Shola would have scored it but he probably wouldn’t have found himself there in the first place… Fairplay to Ranger though he definitely made up for it with the rest of his game. So happy we won! :)

    As far as staylor goes, I really would like him to renew his contract-he is a bit of a dodgey character but I definitely rate him, he’s given some solid performances and I don’t really blame him for the goal, it was very unlucky for it to hit Sol on the head and then everything else. Still its not a massive loss for us, still unsure whether I’d pick him over collo/willo, those three are certainly above Sol anyway.

  53. Just 4 the record, wolves beat brum 1-0
    Brum rubbish.
    Zero shots on goal.
    Sebb larson woeful. We dont want him
    Howay the Lads, lets have another 3 points next week
    Toon Toon.

  54. Ice I know what you mean about CC but would CH let his reputation be tarnished if he didn’t think they were good enough ?
    NewkieBrown Strolla would have fell over before he got on the end of that :lol:

  55. Fat sam loses 2-1 to 10 men Bolton
    next manager 4 real madrid. pft
    Bolton 5th in lge :!

  56. Dave

    Im here m8. Just got back from sunday dins. Checked the ol’ newnow not much happenin just usual sunday rumours. Wouldn’t mind Landon Donivan but just seems like a rumour.

  57. i dont care, taylor is pants anyway. if he leaves he will be nothing more than a reliable sub at chelski. of course it is true he has turned down the offer ffs toonsy… if not, he would have signed by now.. baring in mind he can sign for free in 19 days time for anyone. bye stevie. ffs its sooooo obvious that if we could not sign the lad up in last 19 months what chance do we have in 19 days… er… none. like i say though , who cares, besides, i they say we have his replacement lined up already in curtis davies.

  58. Sauces?

    C’mon Toon69, toonsy et al…. on of the best ever was Hammonds Lucknow sauce – made in Low Fell and ever so spicy/ fruity. Yum yum yum.

    Sadly, Hammonds and its dressings have gawn!