Will Capello give Carroll the nod?

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Psst... Carroll. He wants you!
Psst... Carroll. He wants you!
The man of the moment, for many reasons, seems to be Andy Carroll. For every negative headline that has circulated around the Gateshead lad, a positive one has closely followed.

And things could get even more positive for the seven-goal hitman later on today when the England squad for the friendly match against France is announced, as it is widely believed that Carroll will be called up to the senior squad for the first time in his fledgling career.

It’s been a meteoric rise to fame for the local lad as only twelve months ago he was struggling to find the net, and was looking rather ungainly in the process. The all-round improvement in his game since last Christmas has been truly staggering to be honest.

Carroll has been an absolute beast for us on the field so far this season and his contributions, both offensively and defensively, have been pretty staggering, and he is now our joint top-scorer to boot!

It is perhaps inevitable that whenever Andy Carroll is mentioned, his off-field troubles won’t be too far behind. There had been rumours that Capello may not pick Carroll because of his misdemeanours, but it would be harsh on the lad as he is arguably the form English player at the moment, aswell as the fact that it would be hypocritical on the basis of what some England players have been up to in their private lives.

Andy Carroll isn’t the only Newcastle player that has attracted the interest of the national team boss though. Rumours are suggesting that Danny Simpson has caught the eye of Capello and that he could be in line for a call up to the squad aswell.

I’d like to see both of them get into the national side to be honest. I know people will say about what if either of them get injured, but to be fair that can happen at any time, as we witnessed with Hatem Ben Arfa.

Whatever happens, come this evening the debating will be over and we will know whether or not we have a Newcastle player in the England squad for the first time since that risibile little runt Michael Owen was included back in 2008.

We could even have two!

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39 Responses

  1. Andy will be in it, Simpson…I’d be shocked but stranger things have happened.
    Whey I’m off to the match, enjoy it lads :-) HWTL

  2. Carroll definitely deserves a call-up. You can’t really name one English striker that is playing better than him at the moment.

    With Simpson, even though he’s only played four games this season, he has definitely put in the performances to call him a top 5 English right-back. Thinking about it, there’s Glen Johnson and errr Wes Brown? Gary Neville? Micah Richards? Phil Neville? Phil Neville is the only one who has actually played especially well this season (particularly against Bale) but he’s in the back end of his career and a friendly against France isn’t the sort of game to be playing Phil Neville.

    Watch Simpson v Arsenal again and it’ll be obvious why he is being considered by Capello.

  3. yeah course he’ll get picked, suppose we’ll have to get used to all the attention.

    I reckon CH will go for 4-5-1 today, try and get some confidence back into the side by packing out the midfield.

  4. Toonsy > It’s been a meteoric rise to fame for the local lad as only twelve months ago he was struggling to find the net, and was looking rather ungainly in the process.

    Toonsy thats why I think we should give a couple of the younguns a run in the team, like Ranger, Vuckic and maybe Ferguson as I think thats what they need. But until that happens we wont really know ;)

  5. Dave – Aye, it’s only music at the minute. The progarm starts at 1:30, but I’m not on until 2:15 ish :)

  6. BIG DAVE off topic saw a couple of cage/av sept ones sure there was some birds you were wanting in there.
    is TOONSY the big bird now :)

  7. Toonsy i tried that link again,but apparently still can’t.

    Oh well.

    Anyway, is there a definite timing when capello announced his squad personnel??

  8. Toonsy – it looks like the absoluteradio link won’t work for any of the overseas guys. I’ve just tried it and got this message –
    ‘You appear to be from outside the UK
    Due to rights issues, we are unable to deliver this stream to you.’

  9. Chris_G – I had a suspicion that it would, which is why I’ll put it up for everyone a bit later :)

  10. They edited my bit out when I said he was “name-dropping poncey posh food to try and sway the vote” :lol:

  11. You should have had it 3-0 the tanker fell for the harrods shite mate but you still done us proud and I think you might have brought us a bit of luck for today ;)

  12. toonsy says:
    November 13, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “They edited my bit out when I said he was “name-dropping poncey posh food to try and sway the vote”

    You’re just too controversial for radio, Toonsy!

  13. Harrrry….missed the Arsenal game cos I was out the country, I just meant shocked for him to be called up with so few games ;-)