This is one reason why the England team really grinds my gears!

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Carroll 'touch and go' for debut.
Carroll 'touch and go' for debut.
There are many reason why the England team gets right on my nerves.

The World Cup shambles is one reason. The lack of passion is another, but those aren’t the only reasons why the England national side annoys me.

What we have witnessed over the last few days has been an awful torture for Newcastle fans as we await news on the extent of Andy Carroll’s groin injury. My gut instinct would be to not risk him in a friendly that has no real importance and serves only to make the FA some more money. The FA also annoy me!

I don’t want this article to be misconstrued as a rant against England. I am English myself and like to see the team win, but first and foremost I am a Newcastle United fan, and I don’t want one of our leading lights, who is carrying an inury, being risked in a meaningless friendly when there is no real need for him to play.

The gossip from the England camp is suggesting that Andy Carroll will train today after being assessed by the England medical staff last night. Fair enough, as they know what they are talking about much more than I do when it comes to injuries, but it doesn’t stop me worrying.

What Carroll could have done with is a rest to let his groin problem calm down. Perhaps he could have got one of those medicinal catsuit clad women on the go to ease the pain? I jest, of course, but a few days rest wouldn’t have done Carroll any harm at all in the grand scheme of things.

The pointless risk that England are taking with Andy Carroll is another thing that annoys me. I understand that Carroll wants to play for his country, but providing he keeps on playing as he has been, he would’ve got the call soon enough anyway. Perhaps even when he is actually fully fit!

I would hope that the England squad are not taking any risks with our No.9. And I also hope that Carroll will realise that he can’t risk playing if he doesn’t feel 100%. It’s club v country in my opinion.

And it will always be the club that comes first in my eyes!

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103 Responses

  1. I’ll just repeat what I said on the last thread…

    If it gets to a day or 2 before the game and he’s still a doubt then he shouldn’t play regardless of whether he’s passed fit or not, especially in a meaningless friendly.

  2. Is it just me or has the 0-3 points votes gone up on the poll since the Fulham game? are people really that daft, we have 4 in November already!! :-)

  3. Although I’ve been in Oz twice as long as I lived in England I always tend to support the poms against Australia – except in football. The one sport that is close to my heart and I’d like to see Australia thrash England. And, o yes, it did happen once.

    I guess England is my 2nd national team tho.

  4. Problem is that if Carroll ends up playing half fit and has a average game he’ll be slagged off in the tabloids as being thrown in to early, not good enough, dearth of english talent blah blah and possibly come back to toon injured for Bolton game as well as being demoralised

    I hate England but more importantly the F.A, bunch of toothless, money grabbing out of touch bunch of cronies stuck in a 60s mindset

  5. Australia’s FFA is the same, 4411. In my experience sports officials are the same all the way down to the local district level. Petty, bureaucratic, power hungry, and probably corrupt in a minor sort of way.

  6. we should assess the cost of losing him for a month, factor in the drop in places it would cause. integrate the likelyhood of relegation and pass Cappello a note with 45 million quid written on it as an insurance payment if he tweaks his groin…

    see if the FA will take the risk


  7. richietoon:
    November 16th, 2010 at 8:23 am
    Bollox to Wor Lass, Newcastle means much more to me

    An admirable attitude richietoon :)

  8. It’s a huge honour to play for your country and Carrol will be desperate to play. If he’s not fit, he won’t play. If he is, he will.

    Personally I’ll be very proud if he plays.

  9. Look, if ac doesn’t want to play then he won’t. No one can make him play. If he doesn’t feel fit enough then he will say so and he won’t be picked. However being center forward for your country must be a real draw for the lad. I’m happy he’s still with the squad as it gives him experience even if he doesn’t play. We could have the next shearer here, let’s not stifle his ambitions.

  10. Carroll will be desperate to play. I understand the club before country thing all of us are going on about. But if you were 21 and were 90% fit, and you were selected to play for your country, would you mind being injured for the next club game? I am not saying that Carroll doesn’t love NUFC because he bleeds black and white imo, but I would be incredibly tempted to say I am fit to play even if I am not quite ready……. He has a big big decision on his hands.

    Having said that I hope he is fit and can play for England and against Bolton on Saturday!

  11. England can,t be that desparate to play a maybe injured player for a totally unimportant friendly can they. The big lad has worn the shirt with the under 21s so he,s had a taster. He knows it,s only a matter of time before he gets to lead the line ,so I would prefer him just to warm the bench and soak up the athmosphere for now.Surely Newcast6les cause comes first.

  12. It’ll be great for him to play, my worry is he’ll be so desperate to play that he’ll say he’s 100% when he’s not…as a young lad I used to do that to play for my squadron never mind England…but if ya fit Andy,enjoy it and f*kn batter them. :-)

  13. Of course Carroll will be desperate to play, he needs to be saved from himself by the england medical staff – unfortunately the F.A actually are desperate as they need to find a “hero” in order fans will continue buying into the myth of England still being a world force.
    Alternatives are Crouch, Bent, C Cole who are all tried, tested and still sh!te followed by Rooney, Defoe both injured but different types of striker

  14. My worry is he will be so desperate to get his first cap he will cover up his discomfort and play…probably do longer term damage and miss more Toon games as a result. Hope he has his sensible hat on – doubt he owns one though :-)

  15. it seems all the time..the players who get injuries at this club..seem to be are top players..when is that going to change…carrol must not play..even if he is fit..or we could lose him for a long time..

  16. As an Englishman, Playing football for your country should be the pinnacle of your career.
    Fans like you Toonsy should keep your selfish views to yourself.
    Andy Carroll should not have any pressure not to play because it’s a friendly.
    You will be the first to complain when we play a competitive game and they throw in players on their debuts and you wonder why they don’t look comfortable or over whelmed with the situation.
    Stop complaining about it, let him achieve his reward by gaining a cap without criticism from you!
    If he’s injured during the game, then so be it.
    Your views in my opinion are a disgrace .

  17. just seen andy carrol on tv..he looks ok..but being ok doesnt mean he is fit…but he wouldnt be training if he wasnt fit..or am i being daft.

  18. I saw that as well asim….he looked fit – was taking part in the sprints and stretches…if he doesn’t get a reaction then I think he will play – either from the start or later in the game. just hope he is fit and stays fit for Saturday

  19. Bobby Shilon no 9

    Thats a bit harsh, Carroll will get his chance whether it is this game or the next. Why rush him if he is injured. I’m sure he can wait until the next England game to get his first cap if he is injured and if he makes the decision not to play.

    But I don’t think he is otherwise he would have pulled out by now

  20. You can train without being fully fit. I’ve been to footie training and not been able to play at the weekend.
    Bowburnmag is the expert on this him being constantly crocked, but he never gets on here anymore.

  21. @pearceet
    It’s not harsh. The lad will be assessed by the medical staff. He knew he was in line for a call up prior to him being named in the squad and declared his injury (twinge) at this time.
    If he’s fit he’ll play, if he’s not he won’t .
    Selfish reasons from Toonsy and that’s a disgrace.

  22. @ Bobby Shinton number 9

    I think your right andy has earned his chance for england, he should not get pressure from any fans to not play, better to get all the experince he can from friendles even if not 100% it will all help when england have to play in a competition.
    On the otherside i hope he comes back fit for castle great player !! obviously

  23. I meant your attack on Toonsy is harsh. What if Carroll does further his injury playing for England and is out for a long period of time? Then we will struggle as we will have 2 of our best players out. It maybe a selfish reason but it can benefit the club over the season. If anything Carroll playing would be selfish as he is putting part of his season in jeopardy if he plays tomorrow.

  24. MICKY TOON we have all played when not fit and said nowt,i once played with broken toe,didnt kna like,still played 2wks later strapped up,it depends on the game and ime sure a lot of players play when only 70%,A.S. said he often played with only one “good”leg

  25. sticking up for toonsy..sorry lads..we lost owen to a injury that finshed newcastle and owen..if carrol gets injuried and we then lose him for months..and we dont pick up any points..will u be saying the same..i dont think so..u would be saying way did he play for england..we cant be fu..king about with carrol as we need him..more then others need their players..

  26. @pearceet
    I know what you meant about being harsh. I was calling toonsy a disgrace and now I’m calling you it.
    Absolute selfish views.
    Let the medical team and Carroll make that decision. The England Physio is newcastles Physio.
    Anything could happen during an England game. His groin may hold out but might get a broken leg.
    That’s life, he shouldn’t feel guilty for that and no one else should.
    Suppose he plays and he shines and is not injured.
    Where does that leave you and Toonsy?
    Stop your selfish views and let them make am informed decision .

  27. TOONSY of course is right,if the game was a do or die near the end of season,ok tak a chance,but this is a no-game,sit this one oot andy your chance will come

  28. @BS no 9

    Hughton has today come out and say that if it was Newcastle playing on Wednesday Carroll would not be playing……. for me that is enough proof that he shouldnt be playing. I understand where you are coming from but I hope common sense prevails and Carroll isn’t risked. But if he is fit, which I dont think he is then of course it would be great to see him play but only if he is 100%.

    Yes it is selfish reasons, but it is one friendly game. He will play lots more of them for England I can assure you so why risk him? If he had already played 50 games for england would he be risked? I just think that it is selfish by England to try and get him to play if he isn’t fit. But again if he is 100% fit then by all means Fabio play him and let him score a hat trick vs the Frogs!

  29. well bobby u have just shot yourself in the foot..if are physio is englands as well..then he would get away with it..becasue he knows him well..he was the same physio and ch who said he woulnt be playing if we had a game mid week..

  30. tevez has the same injury..he played on unfit for weeks and it only makes it worse..then it needs u are being selfish not toonsy..wonting him to play..

  31. How many times do players past a fitness test only for them to pull up during the game with the same problem? If he has felt his groin on Sunday then there’s a risk it could go again for England. Carroll obviously wants to play which you can’t blame him for but it doesn’t stop NUFC fans wishing he waited until he was 100% fit.

  32. @asim
    Hughtons quote was nonsensical. England don’t play when the premiership is on.
    So that’s a different scenario with the one we are discussing.
    Please get back to the subject. I certainly haven’t heard hughton saying he should not play this Wednesday. Have you?

  33. As the hours pass more and more England players are getting “injured”. Are we the only mugs likely to lose our in form striker to a pointless friendly just before a big game on the weekend. Surely Carroll can see our squad is missing some big names and we need hi at 100% this weekend?

  34. carroll will probs play with the help of a pain killing injection into his groin.

    f-ck me! – if it was me they were coming at with a geet big pointy needle theyd have to fkin catch me forst

  35. Well it seems to me that their taking adavntage of the fact that Carroll is desperate for a cap, whereas players like Terry and Cole, if they had even a little damaged toenail or something they would be in theie Ranger Ronger’s home and not bothered about a friendly. This has the horrible feel to it that Carroll could have been rested and fit for Bolton but he probably won’t be now. Then again why should England care, they don’t have another match till March or something by which time they will probably ignore Carroll’s dedication and pick Defoe, Bent, Rooney, Crouch ect. Hope big Andy realises that.

    Still if this helps him improve his behaviour off the pitch because he knows whats at stake then it may just be worth it.

  36. I wouldn’t want Carroll to risk injury if not 100% fit for England or Newcastle, if he is not fully fit he should be patient and wait for the next chance to come along.

  37. What happened to one hit wonder K Davies. :)

    Doubt we’ll see him again, shows what Cappello thinks of Micky Owen, total to$$er and has-been.

  38. BS- No9 – you’re talking sh!te, am in total agreement with Toonsy, Newcastle first and foremost – England are generally rubbish, it’s a meaningless friendly only put together to fill the F.A coffers
    Quite frankly I don’t give a toss about England

  39. If he scores one of his trademark missiles though and then is fit for Bolton with pain killing injections then I doubt people will complain. Didn’t Ameobi play with pain killing injections on his hip for about half a season or something. :)

  40. good luck andy you long streak of piss – now go get stuck into them filthy frogs & show them no mercy.

  41. ROY CROPPER there you go being a mild mannered chap again,call them bast@rds cheating frogs m8 ime thinking aboot it :)

  42. Completely agree with Toonsy

    He could seriously aggrevate an injury in a meaningly nothing friendly. When Newcastle already have Ameobi missing.

    Certainly not wise to have him playing. Perhaps a sub appearance I could understand but not starting.

    It would be just typical of Newcastle to have Ben Arfa and Carroll (our biggest two players) injured for half the season.

  43. dog i couldn’t give a – tommy tit – aboot the england game but now it’s been confirmed he’s gonna start then i’d like te see him rough the stinkers up m8.

  44. How’s Toonsy a disgrace? he wrote an article with his view and then we can debate/talk/argue about it, isn’t that the whole point of a blog? so that being the case I’d say job well done.

    If he’s 100% fit then good luck to him and I hope AC rips em apart.Major tournament finals apart all international games are inconvenient to the parent clubs, we can’t complain about England showing a lack of heart and passion then condemn a player who wants to play so much and will display those qualities that we all say England are missing.So good luck Andy…. as long as you are 100% fit go for it lad.

  45. Guys, I think a lot on here are thinking from an emotional point of view. Many on here are ONLY thinking about NEWCASTLE UNITED and that is unfair. We have to put ourselves in his shoes. As a footballer playing for your country is still a great honour and that were us I’m sure we’d all love to make our debuts against France in a sell out Wembley stadium. Yes I’m a massive Newcastle United supporter but I do think that if Andy is fit then he should play. It will be a good reward for him and give him great confidence which he could use to our benefit anyways.

    As for injuries, they part and parcel of professional sport. Of course I wouldn’t want him to get an injury, but as we learned with Ben Arfa, injuries can happen at anytime, even when playing for Newcastle United, so we shouldn’t say things like he shouldn’t play for England because he could get an injury. That can happen anytime so give the lad what he deserves which is a first England cap.

  46. I think he will be just what we need up front and certainly better than Crouch, he gave Arsenal’s defense a horrid time and it was mainly the french international defense! Just hope that dirty tramp Henderson gives him quality service.

  47. rich aye roys a proper fitness freak normaly has a good work oot with his right arm and a pint :)

  48. Good point above about seeing it from AC’s viewpoint. We bark on about the lack of passion in the England camp, and here we have a lad who clearly appreciates what it means to pull on the three lions shirt. While I would also rather not take the risk, I am also very proud of the lad (watched him when he was all of 16 in the ressies – it was like watching a set of animated bagpipes) and hope he tears into the frogs tomorrow (and comes out unscathed.)

    Wuddun, wor Andy. Well earned. Just come back ready to bash Bolton.

  49. We have the same physio FFS he wouldnt be giving him the green light to play if he wasnt ready, If he gets injured then thats sods law it could happen in training the day before we play Bolton and lets not compare him to Owen who is pretty much made of lego and pritt stick…

    Good luck to him and the other young lads even the new grant ledbitter, Who are getting their shot at playing for the national team after that piss take in the summer.

  50. The fact that he’s been scanned, assessed, passed, trained and still hasn’t had a reaction has to back up Capello’s (and AC’s) decision. Nowt we can do now but support the lad (is it on free telly?) and hope he plays a blinder and comes back a better… unbroken… player with his confidence high for the weekend.

  51. If we stop moaning about his injury niggles for a min though. This is an excellent opportunity for the lad. Who would have thought we would have a Newcastle player leading the line for England so soon after Shearer, not just a Newcastle player but a gateshead lad aswell. I bet most Newcastle fans will watch the game now whereas maybe one third would have otherwise. When we joked Carroll for England last season non of us could have expected him to be actually starting for England seniors as soon as this, yes it has taken lots of injuries but even so it a massive achivement. We should just be supportive and pleased for the guy imo. If I was in his shoe’s I would have done exactly the same and probably so would Shearer at that age.

  52. Since the gate is a sell-out, there is no pressure on the FA to offer Carroll as a drawing card. If Carroll is on the pitch, he will play like Andy Carroll. He will just be doing it with a different squad. The senior players know this is a friendly, and will pace themselves accordingly. We can hope some of that rubs off on the Avatar. We should also hope that the French squad treats this as a friendly and there are no bone-breaking tackle artists doing their damage.
    But AC could trip on the stairs, or be yet another victim of the horrid Wembley turf. Keep your fingers crossed!

  53. if Cappello had as much to lose as Newcastle should Andy aggrovate his injury he wouldnt play him, its as simple as that. toonsy is spot on, it is once again England showing little care for the clubs who supply their players and also the players themselves. i just hope he gets through ok and im confident ( delluded? ) enough he will be fine


  54. This club represents our country-Geordieland.
    Therefore IS OUR COUNTRY.

    CH does not want AC to play, that’s obvious.
    AC maybe does.
    mingland is desperate.
    Every other team pulls their players out with fake injuries.
    Grow a f***ing brain AC & get the hell outta dodge kidda.

    Bollox to pissani ‘friendlies’, bag of shite, waste of space.
    AC will get his chance later, when fully fit or when his boss feels it’s the right time. Grow up lad.
    He’s done well to get to this point so soon, but he ain’t the finished article & needs to learn how to be humble & bide his time.
    capello has got him there, he can now see if he’s ready, he doesn’t NEED to play.
    All the usual clubs don’t f*** about with their players, they just pull ’em, end of.

  55. I’m with DJG on this. I think it’s unrealistic to expect AC to ask to be left out. Yes, other clubs have withdrawn players (we’ve just done it with Krul) but AC’s case is different because it’s his debut and because he’s stepping into the biggest pair of boots out there: Shearer’s England Boots.

    It’s a great story; we should be supportive and proud of wor lad and our club for bringing him to this point.

    And if he gets crocked, we can all moan like bastids then. ;)

  56. People are talking like AC is gonna be the be all and end all of the Bolton game. Tbh the strikers they’ve got, the way they play (Blackburn) and the form their in I can’t see AC making much difference for us. A pacy striker hitting them on the break might be our best bet.

  57. Good point, DJG. Ranger and Lover are probably better-suited. I’d rather pair either of them with AC than each-other to be honest, but if that’s not possible, so be it. Not sure what our bench will look like if AC’s crocked, mind…

  58. Howay lads,
    AC is obviously going against his managers better judgement here. AC’s normal behavior me thinks.
    He’s obviously got ego problems, & he’s in no rush to learn, is he?
    Whilst some of us, inc. AC may be proud of england, plenty of us don’t share that feeling, for whatever reason/s.
    The lad himself needs to get his priorities right, club before cuntry.

  59. Its great for Carrol to make his debut , but if he comes back injured its going to be a massive blow. From a newcastle point of view id rather him not play but I can understand his desire to play

  60. Come on then prize for who gets Carroll’s squad no. right Toonsy!

    Im gonna go with 21. Don’t think he’ll get 9. :)

  61. Have you’s seen the squad. No Hart so Forster or Green in goal. No A.Cole so Gibbs at LB, Henderson on the wing, C.Cole. Anyone think a pasting might be on the cards?, their playing france not Torquey Utd.

  62. To be honest that squad looks sh!te

    Robert Green, Ben Foster – both crap
    Rio Ferdinand – crap,
    Kieran Gibbs – who?
    Joleon Lescott – benchwarmer – crap
    John Terry – eh he’s injured
    Micah Richards – thought he was dead, in nick or had given up football,
    Chris Smalling – who????
    Gareth Barry – mr slow

    Jordan Henderson – i aint actually seen hi mother than toon game and we were all over him

    Ashley Young – complete diving headless chicken
    Jay Bothroyd – he’s 29 so to old for next world cup, Capellos a dick
    Peter Crouch – should stick to dancing
    Gabriel Agbonlahor – Ashley Youngs twin chicken

  63. 2 News.

    1st: Aston Villa have confirmed that former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires will sign for the club on a free transfer later this week.8O

    2nd: Andy Carroll starts and i predict he gets the No.21 shirt. :lol:

  64. If he is fit then fair enough, Knock yerself out Carroll. If he isn’t, and says he is just to get his first cap, then that would be foolish and would be a massive risk.

    Add to that th fact that I don;t have a lot of time for the England football team……

    However, Carroll will be starting by the looks of it so I’ll watch it and support HIM alone…

  65. AoD

    Exactly the sort of signing im pleased we’ve learned to avoid. And by the way Villa are sh!t, 2-0 lead to protect against Man U with 10mins to play, could they do it, could they sh!te. :)

  66. Oh and by the way, who plays at RB when Richards gets injured, as he usually does, Smalling? Ferdinand? Warnock?

    I would have actually prefered to see Simpson on the bench and that says a lot.

    Scary squad that like Mr. Cappello!

    However, Carroll will be starting by the looks of it so I’ll watch it and support HIM alone…

    i agree m8,by the way y/days thread your “headline”on carroll was used by another blog,copy-right thiefing that like :)m8

  68. @DJG: How abt this news. ;)

    Manchester City winger Adam Johnson has hinted that he may be forced to leave Eastlands in order to find regular first-team football after revealing his frustration at being consistently overlooked by Roberto Mancini.

  69. Oh and Gerrard, Lampard, Barry will be too old for next world cup/ possibly Euro’s.

    Their too old and slow now. ;)

  70. Adam Johnson is a toon fan!! he would be brilliant here, young, pacey, tricky, can score!!
    exactly wat we are looking for down the right!!
    He would be a dream buy

  71. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 16, 2010 at 1:45

    You have the biggest sack of King Edwards on your shoulder regarding the so called big clubs it’s unbelievable!

  72. Stu,
    you saying it doesn’t happen mate?
    Just pointing out reality.
    Boring i know, but reality nevertheless.

  73. I would have taken Robert Pires on a short term contract until HBA came back. Adam Johnson all day long!

  74. Thing is nobody is saying AC shouldn’t play for England if he isn’t fit. What they are saying is if he already has a groin strain he shouldn’t play because it would more than likely get worse if he hasn’t recovered. I think that is a fair point and is not selfish at all.