Newcastle concerned over Carroll’s fitness.

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Carroll: At the heart of a club v country battle.
Carroll: At the heart of a club v country battle.
Newcastle have expressed their concerns to The FA about Andy Carroll making his senior England debut this evening at Wembley.

The club have e-mailed the FA today to voice their fears over the 21-year-old’s fitness. Manager Chris Hughton and co just don’t feel that Andy is fit enough to face France tonight.

Carroll will undergo further tests before a final decision is made, and although Fabio Capello has been full of praise for Andy and appears to be a fan, stating just yesterday that Carroll would start this evening, concerns over the player’s groin injury could very well put a dampener on the Gateshead lads international debut. Naturally Andy will want to play tonight. Representing your country is an honour and Andy will be looking to try and duplicate Alan Shearer’s success at international level I’m sure.

As Newcastle fans we should all be really proud of the lad for getting called up, and it’s been a couple of years since one of ours has earned an England call up.

With this said, Andy must put Newcastle first. If he isn’t 100% fit he must take it like a man and wait for his shot with England. I hope he doesn’t take the club’s concern for his well-being as a negative.

At the end of the day we need Andy more than England do. Especially with tonight being a friendly, it lacks any real significance. In truth, if Andy plays this evening I will be watching on nervously and hoping he doesn;t aggravate his injury further.

If he aggravates an injury in a FRIENDLY that keeps him out of action with us, to say I won’t be too chuffed would be an understatement.

This is a classic case of club vs country, although I don’t think what Newcastle wants is relevant to the England camp unfortunately. Andy wants to play tonight, of course he does. I would if I was in his shoes. But as a fan I want to ensure he stays fit for Newcastle first.

Capello will be left sweating over Carroll’s fitness prior to the game whilst Chris Hughton will no doubt be sweating for 90 minutes tonight if he gets the nod, as will all of us.

If you do play son, bang in a couple and for goodness sake don’t get hurt!

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148 Responses

  1. I said the other day that he shouldn’t be risked if there is any coubt, but I can also see why Carroll wants to play.

    If he plays then fair enough, but you can’t blame the club for wanting to protect one of their prize players. I just hope that he doesn’t get an injury that keeps him out for Saturday.

  2. With the current media strom surrounding his future, my worry is that he will, as you said, view this in a negative way!

    If he is getting told by england physios and doctors that he is fit too play, then surely he is fit! Were forgeting they are proffesional persons who have a duty of care and i don’t think they would risk their reputations over a friendly! Also we only ran tests on the day of the injury.

    Although i would rather he didn’t play – i think that the club could end up losing the respect of Andy himself!

    NUFC fan i am, i must add!

  3. He deserves this opportunity.

    I say good luck to him. Well done for showing such commitment, I hope Cappello remembers it. Not like one of these mugs that feign injury and don’t love their country. :)

  4. He won’t play if he’s not fit. Can’t get any more simple than that. If he is fit on the other hand, he will play, whether the club like it or not.

    The club don’t have a say in it. If their fit it’s up to the England manager. I think the club have to prove the players not fit before he joins the squad.

  5. I seem to recall that when I used to go out clubbing, then have drug fuelled sex marathons, I would often strain my groin. I never shouted “Ride me! Ride me!” though.

  6. I think Stuart has a point to be honest. Why let him travel if they knew that he was injured before he got called up?

  7. TOONSY i think it is always the case now they have to turn up and be checked out by the england staff,unless its a real bad injury backed up by hospital report

  8. toonsy says:
    November 17, 2010 at 3:34 pm
    I think Stuart has a point to be honest. Why let him travel if they knew that he was injured before he got called up?

    I can see the gritted teeth from here!

  9. Stuart79 says:
    November 17, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    “I can see the gritted teeth from here!”

    Why? Your fella giving it you large is he?

  10. Toonsy :lol:

    The club want to watch themselves if they get his back up, His performances will suffer and the club will suffer as a result…

  11. Gotta say, I think if he’s fit enough, he should play, but I WOULD like to see Capello only play him in the first half. Seems there are doubts, and if there are doubts, the risk should be minimized.

  12. Worky-

    What, ya mean ya stopped clubbin and the drug fuelled sex marathons? Sucks for you, lad! :lol:

  13. I think the problem here is that people are misunderstanding what has happened. NUFC simply emailed the FA stating that Carroll should definitely not play if not 100% fit. This made sure the FA completed one last check before declaring him fit. By doing this, it means that NUFC have now covered their a**e if Carroll were to get an injury to his groin. The FA would then almost definitely have to pay it large in compo

  14. workyticket says:
    November 17, 2010 at 3:31 pm
    I seem to recall that when I used to go out clubbing, then have drug fuelled sex marathons, I would often strain my groin. I never shouted “Ride me! Ride me!” though.<<<<< was it more keep quiet or ile hurt ya :lol: soz m8 couldnt resist

  15. Toonsy/Batty-

    Or if he was on an American vacation, “make a sound n I’ll shoot you”

    worky :D

  16. ‘If I let the cynic in me take over for a second, it smells like Newcastle want to keep their star striker fresh for the weekend game at Bolton.

    Well, I’m sorry, but if Carroll doesn’t play for England he should not be allowed to play for Newcastle on Saturday.

    Newcastle should just shut up and stay out of it. Do they think the England medical team don’t know what they’re doing?’

    Why is Adrian Durham so obsessed that Carroll starts against France, presumably because he is bought a ticket, so what? Also is he trying to suggest that this is the first international call-up we have ever had and don’t know what the craic is compared to clubs like Chelsea and Man U? These clubs encourage players to feign injury to avois international callups. newcastle haven’t done that they’ve ‘expressed concern’ but as usual it got blown out of proportion. I was agreeing with Durham last week but know he just sounds like an idiot knaa nowt.

  17. DJG,
    that guy is a pleb mate.
    Self obsessed pleb at that.
    As usual, a right can of worms where Newcastle is concerned.
    As long as they have something to pick on.

  18. Of course Newcastle are correct in mailing concerns that Carroll shouldn’t play if not 100% fit, physics will allow a player who’s 90% fit to play if the player says he feels great and wants to play – jeez how many players are given pain killing injections before games by their physios, shops for a start, John terry had em for for England and chelski – happens all the time
    I’ll watch England for as long as carrolls on the pitch, hope he scores and has an injury free game tho I fear the worst

  19. fourfouroneone- agree fully.
    I would love to see him bang one in and make a point, but like you i fear the worse…
    like pointing out in my article the only scenario in which i’ll be annoyed is if he pulls up and makes any potential injury worse.

  20. Ice-

    haha, no mate, but it happened inadvertently to a friend of mine. me and our other mate had to practically carry him back to his car like. the poor sod slept for 15 hours and totally missed his next day at work. Called me on the blower and was all like “dude, I can’t remember anything that happened last night… wtf?!”

    Good laugh at his condition, but seriously fukced up when ya think about it.

  21. Mark-

    Yeah mate, I’ll be gutted if he goes down like. If he misses the Chelsea game simply because he got hurt on Capello’s side, I’ll be absolutely gutted. On the other hand, he could bag a hat trick and we’ll all be ower the moon. Fingers crossed like.

  22. It won’t make any difference if he scores, it’s a friendly.
    CH might pull him from the bolton game too.

  23. It’s reasonable enough we have to make sure he’s ready for tonight. No need to risk his career for friendly match like this. I confident more to come for him.

  24. Yeah just like Chelsea, Liverpool, man u, arsenal who regulary pull out their players from freindlys on some imaginary injury usually a tweaked groin etc then have them play next club game – talkSPORT can suck dick – not mine like as I wouldn’t enjoy it

  25. 4411,
    they wouldn’t even know where to look mate, they don’t know their arse from their elbow.

  26. Why all the fuss surely there isn’t an international game comes around without one club or another expressing concerns over players. I think I played more friendlies for Wales than Ryan Giggs and I’m English and crap at football.Without being paranoid I think just because it’s Newcastle the media are over egging it.

  27. Adrian Durham was just throwing his toys out the pram because he read that Newcastle might try and stop Andy Carroll from playing. He said we were acting like a ‘small club with one big star to protect’. Well doesn’t Man U and Chelsea do exactly the same thing Mr Durham.

  28. read in the local rag toon coachs wanted to show A.C.the door when a young lad,but j.carver kept him and put him up-front as coach had been playing him as left-back,hope that couple of coachs are no longer there

  29. That happens everywhere though icedog. It’s difficult to tell who will be big and who will be a flop. Didn’t we have the chance to sign Zidane for £1 or something and we said he wasn’t good enough. Dammit.

  30. DJG that storey about zidane came through his agent,never belive the gets m8 aways blowing there gobs off,for there own ends “i know”always thought carver was a top coach as did wor bobby and K.K.loves the toon too

  31. DJG says:
    November 17, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    It’s hard to disagree with him to be honest. We are acting like a small club.

  32. Shola out injured, Carroll with an apparent slight knock, Tiote suspended, Barton suspended..of course we’re trying to protect our prize asset as to Newcastle, the league campaign is more important than an international friendly. If Carroll wants to play, he’ll play. Adrian Durham is a prize clown and mouths off purely to get a reaction and provide an opposing argument for his radio show. He’s been sucking Wor Andy off for weeks now going on about how brilliant he is and complimenting us, he’ll change his tune in a heartbeat to bring in callers!

  33. Well looks like Carroll will def be starting, hope he has a blinder but ultimately it’s good experience for him – as long as he’s fit for Saturday I’ll be happy otherwise we can hit the f.a with a bill for 30 million if he’s out for any length of time and we end up relegated – they can just pay me in cash and I’ll ensure it gets to the club ;)

  34. Hope Andy has a great night out on the hoy after the game down in the smoke, he’s deserved it.

  35. According to the BBC text, Carroll’s likely to be alone up top with Milner, Gerrard and Walcot behind him

  36. oops, for got to post…

    Foster; Jagielka, Ferdinand (c), Lescott, Gibbs; Henderson, Barry; Walcott, Gerrard, Milner; Carroll

  37. aye they wouldnt Dave, the only way would be if AC said he was 100% and wasnt.Howay big Andy.

  38. Richie I would like to keep him for ourselfs but it is a big chance and massive opportunity for him so I can fully understand even if he did fib a wee bit

  39. Nice to see him get the 9 aswell even if it is just a friendly. Alot of pressure on him like, he’s all the commentary team have spoken about since kick off. Going on about how the crowd are here to see a good old fashioned no9 English striker lead the team and stuff. It’s his debut for christ sake!

  40. Whatever anyone says on this blog or in the rest of the Media,


    Go on my son :)

  41. “2004: We are up and running at Wembley. Time for England’s new bright young things to show their mettle. England, by the way, haven’t beaten France for more than 13 years – the scorer that day? Alan Shearer. Andy Carroll, this is your moment…”

    Stuff like this, he’ll probably be buried in the press the moro if he doesn’t single handedly bury France.

  42. Great build up from France but that’s rubbish from Ben Foster. He hesitates and is beaten at his near post, poor.

  43. FFOO-Agreed mate, we’ve barely had the ball. He’s won it in the air when it’s been put up top but no one has ran onto it and he, much like the rest of the England team have been spectators for the first 20 mins or so.

  44. I am awaiting the headlines tomorrow. “Dearth of English talent”, “Carroll flatters to decieve” and so on….. :roll:

  45. need smeone like tiote in there to break there play up,makeing mugs oot of england at the mo imo

  46. Toonsy-To be fair Andy Townsend has just summed it up perfectly there. Strange considering he’s an awful pundit. If the ball is just hoofed up to him, all Carroll can do is flick it on and thats him doing his job. If they play it into feet he can work but if they’re going to play long ball stuff and no one is running onto it, not his fault is it.
    England have just looked terrible so far, its like training ground stuff for France.

  47. Ross – I know that and you know that, but the media don’t and neither to the feckin neandathols who lap up what the Fleet St crettins say mate…

  48. toonsy-True, but more fool them if they jump on him after campaigning to get him a start mate. The fact people listen to the rags at all, baffles me.
    He held the ball up excellently again there and keep it moving. Bar losing the ball once in the middle of the field, he hasnt actually put a foot wrong. Gerrards distribution has been terrible.

  49. Andy Townsend is full the yid version of andy gray, they both talk utter shite.

  50. batty-Top notch so far. Won everything in the air. Look at him asking for the ball into the box there, getting up and winning it with ease.

  51. Walcott flatters to deceive – for every decent run there are 20 crap ones – saying that Henderson and the other new boys have been crap – all in all car rolls doing ok

  52. are france that good or are we that shite,andy deeing alreet,that henderson is far to weak for this class of m/field

  53. Ice-Some of France’s passing has been lovely like. They look comfortable on the ball and their movement is good. In sayin that we’re making it easy for them, our midfield is just being ignored/useless when going forward and they’re not exactly pressuring France when they’re on the ball. Think we’re giving them a helping hand in looking as good as they are. Pleased with Andy’s first half performance, done all that can be asked of him so far given the lack of service, and done it well.

  54. Yup that was pretty much shite – Carroll off at half-time so at least can stop watching now

  55. Thought Carroll did as well as anyone in England team – Henderson, Gibbs look weak at this level tho saying that England have been generally shite Walcott and Milner should be embarrassed as seasoned England players

  56. Someone needs to inform our wingers what wingers are supposed to do, not a single cross in the first half, every time walcott gets the ball he tries to cut in, and when he doesnt have it, he’s trying to run into the box instead of to the space behind the full back. I dont think our LB/LW actually came out of the changing rooms for the 1st half.

    and England need a Tiote, someone who can drop deep, collect the ball, turn and pass. So we dont keep hoofing it all the time.

  57. hope there is never another nufc player in an england side ever again, coz then i wont have to watch this shyte

  58. Wor Andy and Rio the only ones to look as if they know what for, even Stevie G is not on the money tonight . . Dont know what Barry brings to the game |and Theo has done nought. Still Wor Andy doing what he can.despite no service except the usual Engerland hoof of the ball . No wonder the national team got Boos at Half time .Far too slow and v uncomfortable on the ball

  59. Is it ridiculous to say that Carroll looked like he’d been doing that for years and others looked like the debutants? lol..
    He did what he could given the service and I thought he did it well. Better than well considering the scraps he was feeding from.

    He’s starting the second half aswell.

  60. Gourcuff has made a meal of that. Thought Henderson had spent too much time watching Twattermole but there’s certainly a hint of a dive in there aswell.

  61. You wonder why people have ANY expectations regarding England when you watch this. You also wonder why the likes of Barry and Lescott are on the wages they are at a team like City. Barry does nothing, to break up play in the center of the field. Lescott just looks nervous every time he has the ball and isn’t that great defensively.

    There hasn’t been a single ball put into the box that Carroll could even try, to put his head on. Not one. A lad his size on the field and they’re only now even trying to use the flanks. It’s been hoof ball up until now.

    There you go, 2 nowt. All too easy, it’s been p!ss poor from England for 55 minutes. Terrible.

  62. “play the kids, we need some youth, we need a change”
    Anyone who says that about Newcastle should be made to watch this game tonight, torn apart…

  63. Lost count after about 15 minutes how many times we’ve given the ball away aimlessly out of defence. It genuinly looks like they’re all just trying to punt it up to Carroll whenever we have it. Was that the gameplan? Whack it in his direction and hope he performs miracles? lol

  64. oops, misconstrued what ilm was on about. but still, it doesnt stand up to comparison, this new look england is shoite, the old look england were shoite, and we’re still palying the same old shoite tactics.

  65. I would say something positive like “I hope Andy puts one in,” but the rest of these knobs would have to get it to him first. Sad. :(


  66. it takes 70 mins to work out to cross the ball in to try and get Carroll’s head on it and they sub him off? England are a travesty – but at least Newcastle will have a fresher Carroll (hopefully)

  67. ILM your talking oot your hat m8,when have the “old”guard done oot couldnt even beat the minnows,give kids a run oot how else do we find out its a NO game,it hasnt worked, “so”we have lost nowt,and the old “guard”would not have beat these

  68. Ashley Young should have started, he’s looked lively since coming on and would have been able to deliver to Andy regularly. Got a good round of applause when he went off though so the crowd seem to have appreciated his efforts up front by himself like.

  69. icedog, he’s saying that when people are on about us sticking on vuckic, kadar et al. we should point to this england match as a reason against playing our youngsters (i think). It threw me too when i first read it.

    It’s a bit harsh to compare Barton/Nolan/Ameobi to the likes of the England team though :D

  70. Whey this pile of crap isn’t even worthy of a comment, unfortunately I need to comment to say how unworthy of a comment it is… ;-)

  71. Fair play Crouch, unlucky Andy. You go off and they stick corners into the box with a bit of pace. Ah well, keep him fresh for Satda.

  72. Just as you think Crouchy’s waving goodbye to the England squad he scores with his 1st touch. Mind, Carroll would have just taken a step towards that ball and buried it with his head

  73. “Brave England hearts made a fight out of it”..Bugger off, we were horrendous. We got a late goal and woke up a bit, nowt to shout about like.

  74. yeah, if the midfield finally realise what they’re supposed to do after he’s gone off, i’d be less than happy too. If Boothroyd could head the ball instead of just letting the ball slap him in the forehead it could have been 2. Anyone know an England CF that could have put that chance away…

  75. what is it with crowds booing everytime things don’t go the way they want, turning the f’kin sport into a pantomime.

    They kicked our arse, why not applaud how good France were? Or the fact that even though we were outclassed, that we still tried?

    But no, boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    like f’king children

  76. I hope Carroll will be off to White Hart Lane come January. We need a good striker, and it seems you guys need the money. Fancy Robbie Keane in exchange?

  77. Well first of all, Gareth Southgate, what a little penalty missing, sour grapes barsteward he is! First of all he set his stall out today by saying in the press Carroll was good enough, but shouldn’t have been picked because of his behaviour. Then at half time he had another little dig, then afterwards he said there were too many new lads. Whoah whoah hang on a min sour grape heed. Wtf. The whole team were poor for starters and way off the quality of France. We are crap now and that is a fact anyway. How can he not blame Barry, Lesscost, jagelka they were all sh!t. Southgate what ‘an education’, I would say Carroll and Henderson were along with Gerrard the top 3 players, Crouch, the lanky streak off pi$$ was there again for his tap in. He did nowt and was on for 10 mins ffs. p!ss off Southgate you sack of sh!t.

  78. We could have done with the Maestro that is Emilianó Heskiño upfront. they wouldnt have stood a chance with his Brummy flair and his goalpoacher’s instinct

  79. HarryWright is spot on, Carroll will be off to WHL in Jan, he’s been angling for a move there all month. Why only yesterday he said;

    “I’ve signed a five-year contract and I’m delighted with that. This is the club[Newcastle United] and the city[newcastle] for me and always will be.”

    “If somebody told me I could stay here for my whole career then I would be delighted. I’ve always said I just want to keep working hard for Newcastle United and doing the No 9 shirt justice.”

    So we’d better resign ourselves to him leaving……….

    on a less sarcastic note, we dont need the money. Credit crunch+discount sportswear = money for mike.
    you’d better find youself someone else there spudsby.

  80. HarryWright69

    Your not getting Carroll so forget it kidda. Shearer wouldn’t even go to man U over the toon so your sh!tty club can forget it fella. We might snap up Krancjar in Jan for our RW if your lucky.

  81. Don’t be too generous there Batty. He might be keane but he’s not exactly the best (i’ll get me coat)

    Maybe Sammy Ameobi with a buyback clause

  82. That went exactly as expected. It doesn’t matter who the personnel, England are SCARED OF PASSING THE BALL IN MIDFIELD. As soon as France started showing their class in the middle of the park England went into their shells and started relying on Jags, Rio and Lescott to punt long diagnonals to Andy. Poor.

    Henderson – Have to feel sorry for the lad. Barry was playing alongside him and he should have led by example. Instead he stayed at the halfway line the whole game and hid for the whole time he was on the pitch.

    Why wasn’t Barry coming deep to get the ball when it was clear the defenders weren’t confident enough to do anything apart from boot it long? Why wasn’t Gerrard instructing the defenders to do different? Why wasn’t the manager instructing the defenders to do different?

    Nobody wants responsibility. This was a game for Wilshere. Someone who knows nothing but how to be confident, composed and attacking in midfield.

    Also, Capello is an idiot for putting Jags behind Walcott. Walcott: a cut inside winger/forward + Jags: a central defender that doesn’t overlap or cross = NO RIGHT SIDED ATTACK. Moron

  83. El Toro

    Your answer…

    Barry is sh!te, he is complete sh!te, he’s got nowt going forward, he’s slow, Man C are wondering why they paid a fortune for him. Tiote is x3 the player. ;)

  84. Man, people are prone to get wound up over our boy AC. One coy remark about liking to see him at WHL and everyone is jumping all over the guy. Robbie Keane in exchange? Clearly a joke.

  85. I haven’t followed the AC story close enough to make any comment – been working a bit. Can anybody point me to the initial sources of:

    1. Carroll has a groin problem
    2. Newcastle sent an email to the FA

    And if you can also point me to somewhere where a Newcastle source has confirmed either or both these things I’d be much appreciated.

    Until I’ve read these things I’ll treat the stories as more tabloid sh@t.

  86. Just watching the highlights now, standing ovation for Carroll as he left the field. Crowd look like they appreciated his efforts and understood he had little to work off. I personally thought he did really well the night, good lad.

  87. Ross

    Aye m8. Then Crouch gets one of his trademark England tap-ins after about 30 secs on the pitch. He played out of his skin for 10mins why? because his days are numbered and theres a new kid in town who is a better target man than him.

  88. Anyone else think England missed a trick with Simpson?

    I know he hasn’t proved anything yet, but on form he is certainly one of the best English RB’s at the moment. I reckon his attacking nature would have helped Walcott no end down the right.

    He couldn’t have been any worse than Jags back there. Sheesh!

  89. El Toro

    I thought that LB from arsenal Gibbs was poor. For all he was hyped up now for ages he was really poor. England missed A.Cole tonight.

  90. Simpson could have easily done a job for us tonight instead of Jagielka. Thats why we were tottaly clueless and crap in the first half. I honestly don’t think Cappello has a clue, he seems to pick who the papers recommend. We must have a better squad than he picked tonight, it was a mess.

  91. i have gotta say i think simpson has looked like a new player since coming back.
    i really wasnt sure if he’d be goodenough for this league , early days i know but he has looked excellent at times. i utterly agree, i think he deserved a crack, friendlies are experimental games.

  92. Well the main thing is Carroll did us proud. If anything he was let down by poor service.

    Im still far from convinced on Gibbs, Barry, Lescott, Foster, and Wallcott tbh.

  93. From what I can gather there is some evidence that AC may have some slight injury.

    The email stuff came out of Sky Sports. What the …? Since when have Sky had access to the FAs emails? I can’t find the exact story but piecing together the fragments I can find I notice that there is no quote from the email.

    Consequently, all this talk about Newcastle trying to stop Andy from playing – or, as this article suggests, Newcastle have voiced their concerns – is probably a fabrication and has been beat up to sell papers.

    More likely it is that Newcastle doctors emailed/faxed through a medical report to the FA’s doctors ahead of Carroll’s fitness assessment.

    I’m guessing MarkToon wrote this piece as it doesn’t have the signature words I associate with Toonsy – whilst, to be honest – so please, MarkToon, try not to be another Ed, who had a headline of ‘Newcastle Try To Stop Carroll Playing For England Tonight’. No evidence for that. Pure sensationalism.

    Of course, if you have another source that proves me wrong, love to see it and will apologise most deeply.

  94. If I was doing an ed maybe my headline would have been newcastle demand carroll doesnt play. I was touching on the concerns which probably were true. I wrote article based on stories I heard mate. Feedback taken and appriciated,but don’t worry its only my 3rd article,i’m sure i’ll learn

  95. DJG at 142 . Spot on mate. I cannot understand why Capello picks Barry too slow and gives the ball away . Mind you the defence was useless too except Rio .

    i think Capello has run out of ideas now as well . Time for a change . Hoots for England ???!!! or is it time for `arry ?

  96. toondog…I can’t stand ‘Arry but imo he’s the best shout for the England job,he’s a good man manager and likes to try to play good football.Capello should have gone after the World Cup :-(

  97. Richietoon,

    I agree , I suspect he would have cost the FA too much , now England is in Limbo . I doubt there is anything new for the Euros so we will qualify and then go out in the Quarters as usual . Too many othert teams technically better , fitter and faster .

    Leave the drinking to the Fans !!!!