Carroll can hold his head up high after England debut.

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Andy Carroll in action against France.
Andy Carroll in action against France.
As football matches go, last night was pretty forgettable for England, but you just try telling Andy Carroll that.

After the media frenzy concerning the players’ fitness that dominated the build up to the match, Carroll was finally deemed fit enough to play and made his internatonal debut in front of 86,000 fans at Wembley Stadium.

Whilst I would imagine that Carroll would have wanted his debut to be a winning affair and would probably have preferred it if England hadn’t have lost 2-1 to France, he can at least hold his head up high knowing that he tried his best, and recieved a standing ovation from the Wembley crowd for his efforts when he was withdrawn from action on 70 minutes.

England were awful last night, and as a result they failed to get any service into Carroll at all. He was left isloated up front on his own against some seasoned international defenders, but he just got on with it and did what he does best.

Carroll was strong in the air and held the ball up well. His link up play was also good, when the rest of the England attack finally decided to join in and support our man. In fact it was Carroll who set up one of England’s only real chances of the match when he headed the ball down to the edge of the penalty only for Steven Gerrard to blast his shot wildly over the bar.

His debut was neat and tidy but he can only do so much on his own, and the rest of the England team didn’t exactly lead by example either. And people wonder why I dislike the England national team at the minute….

It’s a case of well done Carroll, who acquited himself well last night. I appreciate that it was only a friendly, but it certainly seems that Carroll could be getting another look-in at international level. Based on the performace last night, he deserves it more than most!

Now to Bolton Wanderers…..

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22 Responses

  1. Well done, that man. Good debut but spoiled by the ineptitude of some of his teammates last night.

  2. Of course he should and can hold his head up high but let’s hope he keeps his feet firmly on the ground when back in the dressing room…. and in his own time too!

  3. I can’t believe that it took 68 mins for the rest of the england team to realise that putting a decent cross in the box could lead to a chance! Well you know, seen as we had one of, if not the, strongest player in the air in europe at the minute, on the pitch!

    What was Walcott playing at? Every chance he had to run at his man and get a cross in, he tried to come inside!

  4. I thought he did well. At risk of upsetting people – there are limitations to his game still, he struggles to get the ball out of his feet quickly and doesn’t pose a threat shooting from distance.

    In order to get the best out of him, his team needs to press high up the pitch, and be comfortable on the ball in the midfield.. I actually think the toon is better equipped to do this than england were last night, with the awful barry – and wingers: milner and walcott – neither of whom can cross.

    If the team lumps balls forward to him – we will struggle, at club or international level. Thankfully the toon haven’t done this so far, set pieces aside. Credit to the man Hughton.

  5. I dont like the guy and I’m no fan of Talkshite but this is an interesting comment from Adrian Durham on last nights performance.

    “Andy Carroll 7 – A very good debut, all action, caused problems, his knockdowns actually went to England players.”

    “Peter Crouch 10 – man of the match of course. Great goal. But go back and look at everything else he did. He needs to learn from Carroll”

  6. I only saw until half time as my housemates all wanted to watch the apprentice. Did he keep playing well throughout?

    Interesting point from boater there. I agree that a big man comes into his own when his team press. So bearing in mind Henderson/Barry/Milner/Walcott et al weren’t up to it in terms of service he did very well from what I saw.

    It would be nice to see him with Rooney. Carroll forcing the defence to push up and Rooney forcing them to drop back.

  7. Agree he’d be an excellent foil for Shrek, but they need wingers who actually get past full-backs for it to work. Also, the rest of the team need to be within a cab ride of Avatar if his hold-up play is to be of any use. Last night he repeatedly had to just pass the ball back towards our goal just to get to the nearest white shirt – usually Gerrard.
    Really chuffed for the lad. Even Brian Sewell thinks he was the stand-out player:

  8. Cracking goal from Giraffe Boy tho. Cameras straight onto Avatar in the stands, and he managed to look pleased despite, surely, thinking “so – you wait until 1 minute after I’m off to finally deliver a cross within half a milt of the goal..”
    But who cares? Everyone – but everyone – seems to be giving Carroll the credit he’s due. Nice change.

  9. Whumpie says:
    November 18, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    “Really chuffed for the lad. Even Brian Sewell thinks he was the stand-out player:”

    Many thanks for the link, Whumpie. I’m thinking of buying a copy of ‘Stylish Masturbator’ for Toonsy.

  10. Whumpie – there seems to be a bit of a national media obssession with him, the new saviour etc, which even toby jug Childs referred to in the build up. Worry is that he will be torn apart by them too, when he doesn’t perform as well.

  11. i noted they took there c/h off hope andy didnt rough him up to much,maybe it was a injury ;) or would have been if he stayed on :)

  12. Toonsy, how the hell r u built if you needa frame to wank? must make it a bit awkward if u wanna knock one out in the girlfriends bathroom?

  13. Rumour has it that hughton is sounding out 17-year-old striker Romelu Lukaku, who scored 19 goals in his first full season with the Belgian club.

    Fits ashleys bill but may cost a few bob. lovernkrans is on his way out of st james park in january as he is too inconsistant

  14. Staffstoon says:
    November 18, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    “Toonsy, how the hell r u built if you needa frame to wank?”

    He needs more than a frame, Staffs, he needs a team of assistants!

  15. Does this make Andy the next messiah who will carry England to the promised land of international football glory on his broad shoulders? You know, the usual calm and realistic depictions from the home press.


  16. Toonsy, as long as you carry out a risk-assessment and have the appropriate protective equipment before getting down to it, then you’ll have done as much as is reasonably practicable!

    What fun!!!!