Check out on Absolute Radio!

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Check us out tomorrow!
Check us out tomorrow!
For those of you that are going to the match tomorrow, it may not be that useful for you to know this.

But for those who won’t be at St James’s Park tomorrow, and have access to radio, or the internet so you can listen online, or to Sky TV or any other number of ways of picking up a radio signal, then you could be in for a bit of a bonus tomorrow afternoon. has been approached by Absolute Radio to form a part of their coverage of the Newcastle United v Fulham match tomorrow, and with a little bit of gentle persuasion, I got forced into representing us by Workyticket. He can be a mean gadgie when he wants to be! I hope he knows that I am the shy and retiring type!

Anyway, I’ll be doing what I do best – Arguing, with a Fulham fan no less, which will hopefully make for some good listening. I’ll just have to remember not to swear, which can be a massive problem for me at times!

The feature is called ‘Blog Off’ and will be broadcast on Absolute Radio Extra during the ‘Rock & Roll Football Show’ which is presented by Russ Williams. The feature will be broadcast at around 2:30pm, and the aim of the game is for me and a Fulham fan to argue the toss over which club is better by debating a series of questions.

To find out where you can listen you follow this link, or have a dig around for yourself.

It should be good for a laugh, and I will give a shout out to all of my fellow ‘bloggers of course.

I just hope I win the argument for us!

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105 Responses

  1. f’kin sweet mate, just have a laugh, will good good crack!!

    Michael Jackson was in a boat crash a few weeks before he died.
    The coast guard found him clinging to a buoy….

    never hurts to start with a joke :D

  2. Play your cards reet and youll probably be famous enough to be considered for this pathetic “celebrity” jungle shit in time for next year… :lol:

  3. TOONSY just make sure its not the first argument you lose :) will have my ears glued good luck i know for sure you wont let the side doon

  4. Toonsy any way of asking them for a recording of it. Like Legends replay! Shouldn’t be that hard surely if most radio stations have a website these days and do it! Also shout out please. :)

  5. Will be interesting to listen what toonsy sounds like rather than just reading his dictator quotes!

  6. Ice – That’s when the programme starts. Our bit is on around 2:30pm according to the producer :)

    Jay Jay – Eric Bristow. You cheeky twat. Still, better than Japser Carrot :lol:

  7. :lol:

    You’ve gotta be thick skinned on here like. Its like working in a betting shop or summit. :)

  8. off topic, but has anyone got a link to the website with photos of sjp and fans from the70s-80s.

  9. CC – Just a one off I think. Not sure to be honest.

    They might have found themsekves some raw talent mind ;)

  10. Good luck, toonsy!
    Don’t do the “picture everyone naked if you’re nervous” thing. Could go horribly wrong on live radio! :D

  11. DJG says:
    November 12, 2010 at 8:21 pm
    Will be interesting to listen what toonsy sounds like<< he sounds like that bloke on the vodafone ad who hoys his phone in the canal :)

  12. Toonsy’s going to be our next Beefy only more famous,
    They have showed him on Sky now a few times jumping up and down with the top off and now he is gona be on the radio :)

  13. ‘The 21-year-old has found the back of the net in his last two outings and has a final chance to impress Fabio Capello and his staff when the Italian makes the trip to St James’ Park on Saturday.’

    Eh, Cappello is gonna be there tomorow?!

  14. Don’t be a soft cant and let the cockney twat get the better of you!

    If you need any help arguing give me a tinkle.

  15. jay jay….Eric Bristow :lol:

    whey Toonsy ya have got a face for radio like ;-)

    Say a dedication to me,DJG,Stuart and CC, we’ll be the ones singin :-)

  16. Munich… aye it was good, Hameln was a bit dead like since most of the army left.Goslar was really good, hotel was run by an ex squaddie.Loads of weissbier and some canny scoff too, bit nippy tho. :-)

  17. DJG… Gallowgate front for of the upper tier, about a dozen seats from Toonsy’s “special” friend :-). and you?

  18. East Stand towards the leazes again. Best I could get by the time I got it, all the goals tend to be at the gallowgate end though!

    Did they have those stien bier kellers in germany, basically a 2 pint glass?

  19. excellent man…has iverybody shipped oot now, no army lads left ? The weathers canny in Munich is canny at the moment, and 20 degrees here in Marseille. Would you believe it but in 10 weeks here I have not met ONE Marseille fan who has a good word to say about HBA…they are all a bit fickle like if you ask me. Now Drogba on the other hand, they all get teary eyed when they talk about him, though he only played one or two seasons for them…

  20. Break a leg toonsy!

    Just don’t drink too much before y’gan on mate.
    & if that’s not possible,
    just drink too much before y’gan on mate.


  21. I fancy a 1-1 draw tomorrow. To be honest, I’m a bit concerned about our home form, have a feeling it could cost us dear..

  22. I wonder how much I would have got on the multiplyer for the 10 bets over the weekend, 3 grand or sommit. :)

  23. DJG….they do but think its more common doon Munichs neck of the woods, the weissbeer I was drinking comes in the type of glass on me avatar.

    Munich, still one regt there but think the whole lot will be out of Germany by 2020. I don’t think the Germans realised how much it affects the local economy til it was too late.
    Enjoy Marseille was there and Nice for a few days when we played them in te UEFA semi final.Just one night in Marseille tho.

  24. Toonsy just remember you’re talking to one person in a normal conversation so forget about the millions listening. Be clear and concise and dont babble for the sake of it :)

    Having said that it may just be you talking to one person if Absolute Radio is as shlte as it looks :)

  25. Munich…Can’t really blame them, if Milner had gone on strike when the move to Villa fell thru you’d probably have been hard pushed to find a Toon fan with a good word.

  26. Im guessing Marseille and Nice is a bit warmer than Germany. Im I right in thinking Germany is actually colder than us because we get the warming Atlantic effect?

  27. AndyMac

    Nah, Absolute radio is on digital throughout the country mate so it will be more like 50,000-100,000 or something. At least considering it is national and the legends is North East and gets more than that. Getting butterfly’s Toonsy. :) You are live on Absolute this is Devina please do not swear. :) It’ll be funny if he swears by mistake like. :lol:

  28. Munich,
    i was talking to an OM fan on wednesday, he loved HBA.
    Y’always gonna get both types like, pro & anti.

    Who does milner play for now?

  29. Toonsy, this could be brilliant and hilarious all at once. Go radgie on him from the first question. Obviously you’ll have be semi serious should you want to be asked to participate again, (Which i imagine you will, it’ll be a laugh), but divvent back down!

    .Org’s debating team chairman, Toonsy, haha. Shout outs for all!

  30. Howay man Toonsy, tear the cottager apart! Alright…sounds a bit dodgy like, but you get my meaning. Looking forward to it ;) More so than the game…wish we were playing away.

  31. For those who wanna know the referee for the match against fulham,here.

    Ref: Lee Probert (Gloucestershire) – an unfamiliar face in first team games involving Newcastle, with a solitary SJP outing for a 3-0 win over Reading in April 2008 the sum of his experience.

    And toonsy,rmb to mentioned my nick. ;)

  32. get stuck in toonsy! Don’t hold back on the cockney bastard! You should bring a support group with you to sing after all your points and drown out any answer coming back ;) i’m stuck at work all day so if someone can record and send the show to me or just put it on youtube you’ll be a legend!

  33. Newkie – I did have the cottaging thing on the agenda ;)

    Not as a past-time I might add. I meant for the radio :lol:

  34. toonsy too be honest i can see u gettin bummed and batterd by this fulham fan and you wont be able too show your face on here agen ,prove me wrong :)

  35. no doubt toonsy will be shadow boxing in the mirror as i write :) he,s that daft he will knock himself oot

  36. Toonsy…take ya “special” friend to answer the harder questions for you…name, where ya from etc :lol:

  37. batty…he says he met him at the match but they looked like they’d known each other alot longer than that, I think they’ve shared a window or 2 ;-)

  38. Worky/Toonsy is this one of those dodgey ad’s?

    christian louboutin shoes: Great concept! Im in the middle of redesigning my blog so this came at great

    just popped up in the Feb article on Gazza

  39. Toonsy

    Good luck mate

    Be your eloquent best and reward your parents for all their money they spent on your education.

    No comments like Hoootin Oooot or Joee iz inisent

    Are you going to Fluid beforehand to lubricate your vocal chords

  40. I did indeed. It should have been a whitewash but there was some fixing going on! To be fair, I was up against someone who is actually employed by Fulham aswell!

  41. Mind you, they ballsed up the details. The producer asked what I did for the blog and where I was living now. I told her I wrote for it and was living in Rugby.

    That appeared lost on the presenter, but I’ll not say too much ;)

  42. right issues are denying to listen the big time…how can i listen to it from outside uk,its a matter of life & death…helpppppp

  43. Well played Toonsie, should have been 3-0 to us. How can The Craven cottage parochial church be compared to the St James Cathedral, no contest imo.

    3-0 today on the pitch today as well!!