Newcastle v Fulham – Match banter!

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No cottaging today please!
No cottaging today please!
Newcastle face Fulham this afternoon where they will be looking to bounce back from yet another home defeat.

Our home form is indeed worrying, and it is something that will need addressing sooner rather than later, much like Fulham’s away form, which in itself should have Newcastle worried.

You see, Fulham have not won an away game in the last 24 attempts, and it really wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was written in the stars for that run to end today. As I said in my match preview, whenever a team comes up against us carrying a run of form like Fulham are away from home, you can almost bet your bottom dollar that it is Newcastle that ends that run!

As an added bonus, and only if you happen to be reading this at around 2:15pm, you can catch me battling it out with a Fulham fan in a contest to see just which club is the best. All you need to do is click this link. Unfortunately, the link won’t work outside of the UK, but I will sort something out and post it up later on today so everyone can have a laugh at me sounding like a drip!

Anyway, back on to the big game. For a more detailed look at team selections, possible injury news, formations, tactics aswell as some interesting facts and stats you can read my match preview here.

The game is scheduled for overseas TV coverage, although I personally haven’t seen many links knocking around, so if you know of one and would like to share it with your fellow Newcastle fans then please feel free to leave a link in the comments section.

Hopefully it’s a case of onwards and upwards today, and hopefully Newcastle will be celebrating three points come 5:00pm this evening.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle – Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Danny Guthrie, Kevin Nolan, Checik Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, Steven Taylor, Sol Campbell, Alan Smith, Xisco, Wayne Routledge, Nile Ranger.

Fulham – Mark Schwarzer, Stephen Kelly, Brade Hangeland, Aaron Hughes, Zoltan Gera, Danny Murphy, Damien Duff, Simon Davies, Clint Dempsey, Andy Johnson, Moussa Dembele.

Subs – David Stockdale, John Pantsil, Diomansy Kamara, Dickson Etuhu, Eddie Johnson, Jonathan Greening, Matthew Briggs.

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193 Responses

  1. Guthrie and Lovenkrands…Not my choice. I would have gone with Ranger and Routledge, but ah well. Let’s hope it pays off…

  2. i love guthrie, but starting him on the right? hmmm.. not happy, id of played a 4-5-1 todasy with nolan in the hole… bringing guthrie in the middle with tiote and routledge out wide!

  3. is it 442 with guthrie on the right flank or will he go 451 with Lovenkrands out wide and Guthrie central ?

  4. think it would work if they lined up:
    simpson- willo – colo -bull
    guthrie – mr. t
    jonas -king kev- loven
    big andy
    with jonas and loven switching flanks at times. Ch needs to find a way to get jonas going. He seems to be struggling lately.

  5. The only reason Chris H have pick Guthrie is because of his set piece.. There was nobody else to whip in those crosses to Andy Carroll.. And I think thats a big mistake because Guthrie is useless on the right

  6. AOD why wouldnt we ? the lad has made 1 mistake since he joined us apart from that he has been classs

  7. i see xisco kid made the bench, and still no sign of raylor.
    I’d rather start loven over ranger magpie. Ranger looks promising but still wastes too many chances whilst loven doesn’t create many chances but surely will finish if he gets one. The club have to get some special boots for ranger as well. He seems to lose his footing far to often for me…

  8. AOD – why not tiote? He’s been brilliant. One mistake in a season doesn’t change that.

    I’m still hoping guthrie is in the middle with lover right. Probably not the case tho.

  9. IMO i rather reserve tiote for Chelsea Match,no regards to the mistake he made.

    tactical reasons.

    I am afraid he will get another yellow,and eventually ban.

    Who knows,we might really need Him for Bolton game.

    And in home games,imo…DM is not needed to start.

  10. I was so sorry to find out I can’t hear Toonsy’s radio broadcast. Only works in UK according to the web site. :(

  11. toonsy says:
    November 13, 2010 at 2:47 pm
    For anyone outside the UK, I have a recording that I will put up a bit later on<<<< big heed :)

  12. Well played Toonsie, should have been 3-0 to us. How can The Craven cottage parochial church be compared to the St James Cathedral, no contest imo.

    3-0 today on the pitch today as well!!


  13. Thanks peeps for all the match links. Nice barfy green kit Fulham.



  14. FSOTC – The links at 44 and 45 work on my mac, but are really jerky. Not sure if it’s my connection, but they load.

  15. The word predictable comes to mind, very predictable.

    Will we ever score a goal created through the middle of the park.

    Crowd trying to do their bit too.

  16. pressure building on us here.

    I think Guthrie is good in the center–I like the way he looked working with Barton through the middle, but on the wing, I’m not sure. He’s had one really good cross today… let’s see.

    How old is Danny boy?

  17. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    November 13, 2010 at 3:42 pm
    My stream is getting wobbly here.

    What’s the red badge on the shirt today?

    Red poppy, symbol of Remembrance Day/Week in the UK and some other commonwealth nations.


  18. Spurs are blistering Blackburn 2-0. Could have been 3-0 but they missed a penalty kick.


  19. FSOTC – So did the majority of people over here, but the shirts get used for charity afterwards, and there wasnl’t a game on Thursday.

  20. How has the first half gone? Couldn’t get down to the game the day and havent even managed to get a stream, bloody annoying.
    Bloke on the radio said it was a terrible game, must have been 35/40 minutes in and he said there hadn’t been a single shot on target?

  21. Bloody hell, I hate Spain (Gran Canaria) sometimes, everywhere has the game advertised & I’ve just taxi’d all over to find it but none showing… one bar said they defo had it & then hadn’t a clue how to work the satellite system… shoulda just stayed here and checked links off you lot… ahhhh calm the rage, don’t do a Joey!

    BTW the realsport link does go full screen but the wee button ain’t working, just right click the vid and click toggle fullscreen.

  22. Ross – The bloke on the radi talks shit ;)

    Nah, it’s been pretty even to be fair. Fulham have had their spells. We have had two cleared off the line, one straight after the other.

  23. Toonsy-fair play mate, that’s canny encouraging at least? Was Avatar involved with either effort being cleared off the line? Wouldn’t surprise me if he was like!

    I expected today to be tight, they’re a canny team but as you say they haven’t won away in 24 attempts. Wont jinx it though as we all know how good we are at breaking records for teams!

  24. Its time for Jonas to stop flattering to deceive and start crossing and passing the ball properly . He is just not doing anything after beating his man time and time again .

  25. I reckon they have had the best of play. Hopefully we will come out seconf half with some fight in us.

  26. Started well second half, we’re knocking it down quite nicely. Was Danny Murphy booked for that blatant pro foul on Jonas?

  27. Amazing effort from Carroll. Smashed it from about 20 yards on the volley and forced a brilliant save.

  28. Why the bloody hell was the game stopped for the ball hitting Danny Murphy in the face? Head the thing for god sake.

  29. Another brilliant knock down from Carroll. Ive only seen the second half but he’s been class again.

  30. AHH come on Loven!..should have put that either side of Schwarzer. Fantastic work from Jonas and Guthrie though.

  31. Willo times his tackles in the box excellently. That must be at least the 3rd time he’s made a tackle from behind in the box and timed it brilliantly, this season. Dembele belts the bar there.

  32. dont say this very often, but fair play ref, done alright there.

    Lucky not to have been sent off there like Tiote.

    Howay Chris, in need of a freshen up

  33. ILM-I thought he won the ball if im honest, there’s a tustle between the two of them and I think when he goes to ground he gets a touch of the ball

  34. Toro-that was my take it on it, trying to buy a second yellow for Tiote. He should have been booked for his reaction.

  35. That’s ridiculous! Hangelaand’s head is foot height and a free kick given against Carroll for a high foot.

  36. Performance was about right, but we just weren’t clinical against a pathetically negative Fulham side. Mark Hughes should be ashamed of how he has this team playing week in week out.

  37. Ice your right they are they teams we should be taking points from. we can make all the excuses in the world but we should be taking points of these teams

  38. El Toro,
    hughes has always been like that, pug ugly football.
    Sick of seeing us ‘pump it up to the big lad’, very 1D.
    fulham were shit, we shoulda won.
    Hey, but we didn’t lose at hyem for a change, so mercies/small/thankful.

  39. Not good enough. No creativity .no plan B Shows our limitation .Lucky to be 7th . V tight league this time round .What result against Bolton next ?
    Need playmaker in Jan and another striker and another winger
    MC loven probably not good enough at this level

  40. We passed the ball very well today. Probably the best since the 5under1and game. Just a shame we couldn’t get that vital goal.

  41. The result is not bad and I am fairly pleased particularly with the defensive display. Steady we go and wee need clean sheets. Lovenkrands had a few descent chances. Carroll also was rather reticent by his standards but I cannot help but think if Shola was there the game might have been different.

  42. We had a play maker/striker/winger in HBA, ’til that qunt de mong snapped his leg in half.

  43. Toro , shows we need some one who can open up the door . no good passing the ball around like a bag of sweets . How many points have we dropped at home now . Simply not good enough

  44. Teams like Blackburn, Fulham, Wigan, Stoke, come to SJP to draw not to win and sometimes get lucky and snatch an unluckily win… I’ve got a feeling that we are going to get points against top10 sides this season, at home, than from relegation candidates…

  45. We didn’t lose, played well for large periods of the game and Fulham were happy to sit back and defend. We were slightly unlucky with a few chances being cleared off the line, Enrique and Carroll were both, again, outstanding. We havent lost, there are positives to take from this without a doubt. No need for all the negativity.

  46. We should keep the ball on the ground more often
    Not playing mindless long balls, eg for the last 20 min
    Literally giving possession back to Fulham 9/10 times
    Frustrating to watch

  47. There are no teams in this league that should be a certain win. This year is a fantastic year for the premier league. You just don’t know who is going to beat who andv its making it the most exciting premier league in years.
    Fulham did what they had to do. Most teams will do that at our place. We need to find out how to counter it.
    We are 7th an people are moaning. The table doesn’t lie. There’s Nowt lucky about our position.
    Is rather we won today, but I called a draw so no surprises

  48. Clint , aye you are right ,but Benny is out for some time and probably wont be up to speed until next season . January will be interesting ,I think we need some shufling of the pack . some out and some in

  49. Groans from stands really doesn’t help to get the “deluded fan” label away… we just got back into premier league, we are not a top4 team that is supposed to win every game. I can’t stand it, it will only get a negative publicity and new rumors about CH getting sacked.

  50. Once again totally and utterly clueless! Totally inept in attack.

    We’re running out of winnable home games. All the top teams still got to come here.

    Question is, can we continue to win away?

    If something happens to Carrol we’d not win another game.

    Everything we do is aimed at him, its so fckin predictable, its untrue.

    Teams are working us out imo.

  51. toondog,
    aye mate, you are too.
    Just bemoaning the fact that we coulda been using the lads great skill, if that qunt hadn’t robbed us of his services.

    We need to distribute the ball forward quicker than we are, in front of the player, not to his feet, so that he doesn’t have to check back.
    Ah well.
    A point is a point.

  52. we miss shola BIG TIME make no bones about it. Just lacked that bit of velvet you need in the final 3rd at this level. Having said that, people moaning about tactics are idiots. That was a blow to our Champion’s league aspirations, but we are aiming for survival, so we take it on the chin. Wish we had harewood, even for 1 season.

  53. I dont think we are deluded as fans.Clint is right there has to be change of tactics during a game if teams have worked us out . However overall we are doing better than I thought so far . But there is a long way to go and I think we will end up mid table . But It is the Toon way that we suffer as we do with away wins at the Arse and loads apoints dropped at home against so called poor er teams . Thats why we love NUFC so much , never a dull moment. Great blog gives us all an opportunity to vent our feelings HWTL black and white for ever

  54. Come on whats with all the negativity? We did not lose and scoring points is always important if you cannot win then better we draw. Fulham have conceded just 13 goals this season which is testimony to their defence, Chelsea only managed 1 goal against them in mid week again suggesting defensively they are robust. We can all agree here we are not as good as Chelsea. We are in a good position right now we are not out of touch yet.

    This was NOT a must win game for us, so get a grip with reality!

  55. Michael12 > This was NOT a must win game for us, so get a grip with reality!

    Your right mate this was only a should win game, the must win games come after all the should win games are gone.

  56. Just got back, dissapointing performance but at least we got a point I s’pose.Whey cup of tea, shower and oot on the lash :-)

  57. Just back from the match and while the result was disappointing I don’t think the performance was the worst by a long way. Much better than Wigan, Stoke or Blackburn games and we had the better chances. Timmy made 2 good saves and they hit the bar once. However, we had a number of goalmouth scrambles, a double save from Carroll and someone point-blank in the first half, a good save from a Carroll cracker, an excellent move finding Lover with a free header which unfortunately swerved inwards to make the save possible etc.
    Now Stoke 2nd half and Blackburn- that was clueless!

  58. I wish Dave,wor lass has been on the longterm sick and gans on to halfpay this month :-( ….so I better get it spent before she finds oot ;-) :lol:

  59. Dave…cheers Dave, nowt we can do really but another reason to move to Spain cos the climate will be better for her.