Three points this weekend would lift us all!

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Hughton - Can he cut? Maybe he can...
Hughton - Can he cut? Maybe he can...
I think it’s fair to say that the feeling of a fair few Newcastle fans would be lifted by us claiming three points against Wigan at the weekend.

It’s a must win game in the eyes of many, a feeling that I tend to agree with. After disappointing home defeats to Blakpool and Stoke, Hughton will need to ensure the team bounce back against Wigan.

In fairness we have been playing well, really well at points, and we have deserved more than we have got out of some games. Some poor luck, like against Blackpool, and some awful decision-making from certain match officials have transpired to work against us at times this season, and I feel that is contributing to the sombre (ish) mood amongst fans at the moment.

The reality is that depsite the bad luck and despite the fact we have been playing fairly well, it doesn’t change the fact that we have just the seven points to show for our efforts so far this season. It’s about time that changed!

I don’t want to be sitting here at the end of the season bemoaning refreree decisions or proclaiming that we have played too well to go down whilst preparing for another season in The Championship. The excuses have to stop and the players have to rise above it and not let it get to them, which I understand will be hard.

Something has to change for the Wigan game. Whether that be our luck, our team, our formation or whatever, we simply have to get the three points.

Perhaps a change to our team or formation would unsettle Wigan? By that I mean that perhaps playing two strikers would give them a shock, an unexpected change given our increasing reliance on the 4-5-1 kind of thing we are playing at the moment.

Chris Hughton has done a fabulous job so far, but he shouldn’t be immune to criticism. I’m not saying ‘Hughton out’, not at all, but I do feel that perhaps he needs to show that he has the arrogance and ability to leave players out of the team who simply aren’t adding too much to the performance.

Hughton needs to get ruthless!

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106 Responses

  1. Aye,
    it’s ‘must win’ alright, doesn’t mean it’s ‘will win’ though.
    Although i’m anticipating a level playing field with regard to the ‘officials’ from here on in.
    Shit it’s boring without any football for a week or so.

  2. So 7 games in and people are already asking questions of Hughton. :roll:

    I see Batty has even coined a new nickname for him.

    Wasn’t he being put forward for Geordie knighthood a few weeks ago???

  3. It’s do or die for us on Saturday. Although I think we can win it but after Blackpool and Stoke game, i can’t expect too much. Wigan is good team and I don’t think it will be easy.

    Home game lose again? Maybe but hopefully we can do it right.

  4. toonsy – change the team by all means, but not the fcuking manager.

    we need stability, chris needs time – its not rocket surgery!!!

  5. TC – So where did I say we should change the manager then? Please, enlighten…. Or did I say he shouldn’t be immune to criticism?

    CC – To help keep the site running basically as there have been some financial issues…..

  6. Toonsy

    I was assuming you were refusing to have your gastric band done by the NHS… ;)

    442 this weekend, feel it in me waters

  7. Stu – As in not having enough cash to run the site, without going too far into it.

    Ask Worky for more details, or read on the last thread..

  8. Didn’t say you did toonsy, but I can see thats where this article is going.

    People (not just you) are already asking questions of him. Its ridiculous, but not at all surprising.

    We’re our own worst enemy sometimes and it does me nut in so soz if I’m coming across a bit narky.

    I mean ‘clueless chris’ FFS!

    Anyway – moustache! Laters

  9. CC – No gastric band needed. I only have enough spare time to either eat or sleep at the moment – not both.

    As a result I have lost nearly a stone in two weeks…..

  10. TC – I understand your point, but something has to change. We need to get the points on the board, and we aint going to do that when our best striker is shackled with two or three defenders and is getting marked out of the game.

    We also aren;t going to do that with Captain Tugboat chugging around being the support striker, when in reality he is too slow too support.

  11. Can everybody just calm the f*ck down! It’s early October. It’s not a must win game. CH is the reason this club is not at the bottom of the Championship. Give the man time.
    I think we have largely been playing pretty well so far this season. We need a bit of luck and a bit of honesty from referees and I still believe we will comfortable enough come the end of the season.

  12. yea i wouldnt mind a bit of a fresh approach to this match. 442 for me. get barton and tiote in the middle, jonas and wayne out wide and andy and shola up top. bang their back line around a bit!

  13. Yep definately need 3 points this weekend,yep home tally has been disapointing but let’s no forget only one team has outplayed us this season and that was Man Utd away.I know points get you up the league not performances but lets not get too down yet.
    Always look on the bright side…pre season would we have settled for being 4 points of a Champions league spot after 7 games? ;-) :lol:

  14. I forsee the start of the ‘clampdown’ by refs this weekend.
    With at least 2 of our players being sent off, to set an example like.

  15. Good to see Krul is captaining the dutch u-21 side. He looks better with every game and I for one am glad he is getting some gametime and experience. I think by the time Harper is fit he will struggle to displace an in form Tim Krul and nor should he.

  16. apart from 1 game (stoke) i think we’ve played pretty well. poor chris, deserves better than this…

  17. CLiNT – I reckon there could be a few reds this weekend now. I bet we will end up with them :lol:

  18. Toonsy…I was going to say that, Barton red with his first mistimed tackle followed by Tiote!!

  19. I really can’t get over the amount of people who are taking this article as a pop at Chris :roll:

    It’s not! Get a grip!

    It’s more an indication that things need to change. West Brom played well the last two times they came up, but they went back down. It’s time we started getting points, and playing one up top at home is not going to do it in my opinion…..

  20. toonsy,
    it would be heavily ironic, & cause a f***ing riot all at once.
    But it would not surprise me in the slightest mate.
    Seem to remember Shearer’s ‘goal’ over the line v wigan & didn’t they ‘score’ a handball goal?

  21. Don’t worry toonsy,
    i know what y’mean.
    We do need to play 2 up top at home, if not 3.
    Worry the oppo, put ’em under pressure early on, make ’em spend all their time defending.

  22. I know they were weaker teams.. but last year at home our main man was Guthrie. Playing the Stevie G role in the middle, spraying the ball around and shooting when possible. I think we are missing him at SJP this season.

  23. I think people underestimate what a good player Guthrie is through the middle. Last season a lot of the champ teams just didn’t have an answer to his distrubution and playmaking.

  24. Toonsy….I think its probably more to do with comments on other threads having a go at CH……disagree about WBA playing well, a complete and utter myth imo….yes they tried to play passing football but they failed,didn’t score many,conceded lots and got what they deserved in the vast majority of games imo, same as us.

  25. DJG,
    it’d be interesting to see what DG can do in the prem this season like.
    Who’d y’leave out?

  26. DJG……unfortunately I just can’t see Guthrie getting a start in the team……Tiote is a must for me and I can’t see CH dropping either Barton or Nolan to fit Danny in….that would only leave him as an option on the wing where he can’t and won’t do himself justice.Too many central midfielders on the books for me,I think we’ll see one or 2 leave in Jan.

  27. DJG says:
    October 12, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    “I think people underestimate what a good player Guthrie is through the middle.”

    Aye, I agree He must of created about 75% of our goals from last season.

    Im not a huge fan of him on the right but he would start there for his set pieces and final ball which Carroll is crying out for and if we get a fit Steven Taylor at Right back we wouldnt be as open as we are with Hughtons lower league journey man brigade of supposed right backs…

  28. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 12, 2010 at 4:19 pm
    it’d be interesting to see what DG can do in the prem this season like.
    Who’d y’leave out?



    Although I’d like to see lovenkrands and Ranger a bit more at home.

  29. Players are under real pressure on Saturday. We’ll find out what their made of.

    The good thing is, Wigan won’t sit back and stry to defend for 90 minutes.

  30. Stuart….I think(hope) it will be a good game,like you say Wigan aren’t a team of cloggers and will try and play.I’m looking forward to it.

  31. If Barton is having one of his stinkers then a direct swap, away from homw I think a compact midfield of Barton, Guthrie and Tiote would be class. I would also drop Nolan and play either Ranger or Lovenkrands. Nolan atm is neither a striker or a midfielder just a sitting duck.

  32. DJG,
    that’s a good blend mate, what i was thinking too.
    Also in relation to getting PL & NR on too.

  33. If we can get amongst wigan early, they could crumble, a la blackpool 1st game.
    They can be demoralized.
    That’s why we need at least 2 up top.

  34. ‘if we get a fit Steven Taylor at Right back we wouldnt be as open as we are with Hughtons lower league journey man brigade of supposed right backs…’


    I certainly don’t rate Danny Simpson, at RB anyway, to close down well enough. I am still supporting Perch though and I can see him improving (own goal aside) he has all the raw ingredients and a touch of A.Cole about him at least in looks. He’s been played as a utility man a lot at Notts Forest, which I think can destroy a players positional sense. RB is a very specialised role and it can take a player months to perfect it. I would give him more time.

  35. Aye I’d like to see 2 up front……… not having ago at anyone as we can all change our minds,but just out of curiosity are any of those asking for 2 strikers to play those that were saying 442 is dead post world cup? ;-)

  36. Rich – :lol:

    The 4-5-1 would work, if it was done effectively. If the two wide men got forward and supported Carroll more, making it a front three when attacking I guess, then it could work and would still retain some of the defensive rigidness that Hughton seems to like.

    It would also help having someone who is faster than Nolan, or if Nolan stopped dropping back into the midfield so much.

  37. Toonsy… ;-)
    The system imo is just a basic template,and with good intelligent players should change constantly depending on the game situation,when your winger’s beating defenders and firing in a cross you should have 3 or 4 up front…pace, movement and flexibility when in possesion, then get ya arse back when possesion is lost that’s football for me :-)

  38. @DJG: At home games,i don’t see a need for a defensive mid-fielder starting. Cause only when we are leading..and towards ending game,then bring on a DM to close the game well.

    So at home games,i would prefer a very strong attacking formation like a 4-3-3 or maybe if seriously wants a DM can employ 4-4-2(diamond).

    Below is taking accounting all players we have are fit.

    (4-3-3 formation)




    Sub/bench: Nolan,Tiote,Krul,Leon Best,Ryan,Smith,Sol.

    4-4-2(diamond) next post.

  39. Lets stop fannying around! If people want to have a go at a player or the manager, then do it!

    Don’t be worried about people slagging you off for it. Have an opinion…

    I don’t rate certain players, the jury’s still out for me on Hughton, and before you all start think about it.

    We won promotion out of a shite league with the best players, most expensive players and best paid players. This is the big test.

    It’s been a poor start when you look at the fixture list, but that’s all it is. It could well improve.

    Lets wait until Christmas, we’ll have a better idea then on how good p;layers and managers are ect…

  40. Richie I do think 442 is dead post but i do think we should start 442 :)

    For the simple fact i dont think we have the players yet for 451 system as of yet

    I would have



  41. ——-Harper———-



    –Ryan taylor——-Jonas—–

    ——-ben arfa——


    Sub/bench: Nolan,Xisco,Krul,Leon Best,Wayne,Smith,Sol.

  42. DJG

    I cant stand Simpson, He IMHO was the reason Guthrie didnt play as well on the right because he never overlaps, If we still had Beye bombing on, Guthrie could have kept on cutting inside as much as he wanted as we would still have loads of width.

    Look at Jonas he comes inside on his right foot all the time but it hardly hurts the team because Enrique is virtually always running past him right by the touchline.

    Saylor when he plays at right back is attacking, He is much better than the others defensively and is a threat on set pieces.

    I dont hate Perch, He has been thrown in at the deep end because of injuries and i dont see where Ryan Taylor fits in…

  43. @worky – put a donaters page up, i.e. what it costs to run the site and how near you are to target.
    some people seem to think you’re making a ton of cash from this !

    anyway have sent you a tenner via paypal
    come on everyone – we must keep this site running

  44. If Worky is making a ton of cash then I want some :lol:

    I know that this has been going on for some months now, and I know it wasn’t easy for Worky to ask. It’s hard for me to talk about as I feel the same as he does…

  45. Stuart79 says:
    October 12, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    “We won promotion out of a shite league with the best players, most expensive players and best paid players. This is the big test.”

    Wee Jimmy Krankie and The Smoggies were just about the same as us in terms of an expensive squad in the Championship. Where are they now, Stuart?

    You do have a point in saying that this season will be the real test though.

  46. Forgot to add. i’ll put some cash in on Thurs/Fri/whenever my imperial Japanese paymasters decide to pay me….

  47. Alreet lads, can someone e-mail me Workys e-mail address?

    Want to speak to him about sorting out some donations for the site. Cheers.

  48. I’ll bundle a few quid in when my new card arrives, Me bollocks would be hanging over the door like a wind chime if she found out like but its either that or have to read EDs jokes again… :cry:

  49. Daverism – I’ve taken your e-mail addy out mate as you’ll end up getting unscrupulous people like me leaving pervy messages.

    Use the contact us bar at the top as that is a direct line to Worky :)

  50. Toonsy cant believe how much stick yer getting mate But then your big enough to take it :). I have to say I find it refreshing to hear some of yer comments mate, I near fell of the chair when I seen you admit that Captain Tugboat is to slow ;)

  51. I’ve got a good feeling about the weekend. Do I usually have a good feeling about Newcastle, no. Will I be shot down by finally having one? Probably.

  52. Dave – :lol:

    Aye, not been on as much as I would like to. Work is putting a stop to that at the moment, plus I have a few personal problems that are causing problems at the minute.

    Ah well…. ;)

  53. Toonsy > I do feel that perhaps he needs to show that he has the arrogance and ability to leave players out of the team who simply aren’t adding too much to the performance.
    one question mate when you wrote this who all were you thinking off ???

  54. Dave – In general really, but there have been a couple. Routledge for one, Nolan is another in the past couple of weeks.

    Nowt against the pair of them, but if someone else is more effective for a particular game then they should step down. Nobody is bigger than the team…..

    Having said that, Carroll was dropped, so was Routledge before the HBA injury soooooooooooo I guess that only leaves one :lol:

  55. Anyway, I’m backing us to win at the weekend. I have to get one prediction right eventually ;)

  56. Toonsy..that’s the worrying thing…ya don’t have to get one prediction right ;-) :lol:

  57. fourfouroneone says:
    October 12, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    “@worky – put a donaters page up, i.e. what it costs to run the site and how near you are to target.”

    Aye, that a good idea.

    To keep everyone informed, there’s been £67.82 donated so far, which is £70 minus Paypal fees from people who haven’t used the “gift” option. One or two people have promised some in the form of cheques etc too.

    The site has cost around £200 pounds in hosting and domain fees so far once the small amount from advertising has been taken out. There have been a few other things as well but I haven’t counted those. It could do with better hosting though as the traffic has been causing problems with the server since they started “choking” it (the bastrds!) I was going to do this, but due to illness, the bottom has fallen out of my work and I can no longer afford it, it has been a struggle to keep up all the free stuff I do as it is, hence the ‘appeal’.

    Many, many thanks to all who have donated so far, I won’t forget any pf the people who have!

  58. Daverism says:
    October 12, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    “Alreet lads, can someone e-mail me Workys e-mail address?”

    I’ll sort it out for you, Dave. If you put any online, they’ll probably get harvested by spambots and you’ll get spammed to death!

  59. Fuk Toonsy dont back us to win mate please :lol: . I know you allready know I have a problem with Tugboat but it doesn’t mean I dont support him and I do thank him for what he has done for us in the CCC, but imo take away his goals and I cant really see what else he brings to the game. I just think that there is others that can offer us much more and given the chances he has had would have scored as many too. I guess at the end of the day I just think he has made himself out to be so important and I believe that he has convinced CH the same

  60. workyticket says:
    October 12, 2010 at 6:05 pm (Edit)
    Daverism says:
    October 12, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    “Alreet lads, can someone e-mail me Workys e-mail address?”

    “I’ll sort it out for you, Dave.”

    Dave, You don’t seem to be on the list of registered users. If you send a message via the “Contact” page on here, that will go straight to my e.mail and I’ll get it to you that way.

  61. Big Dave says:
    October 12, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    “Worky I might get shot down for this but have you not thought of a smallish yearly fee for the members ??”

    I always wanted it to be free, Dave, as I didn’t want to exclude anyone who couldn’t afford it.

  62. To anyone sending donations via Paypal,

    On the “Send Money” page, there is a tab called “Personal”. Click that, then click on “Gift”. That way, Paypal won’t charge any fees. ;-)

  63. I don’t think a fee is the way to go,some can’t afford it and may put new bloggers off.I’m sure we can get enough voluntarily between us :-)

  64. Most of us ask for certain NUFC squad members to “Step up”, do their job, or bleed for the shirt, etc… Now is a chance for all of us who appreciate this page to do the same. Seeing hundreds of responses to some articles, and we all added to the pot, the books will balance and the quality will keep coming. I’m donating today. What about you?

  65. See, I’m back already & ready to spew my vile.

    CH & CC know the squad & what it can do. Let therm sort it out. Even if there is another loss Saturday, there are return fixtures with each team played so far. So points are still to be had.
    BTW, I’m starting to think 40 will not be enough to stay up.

  66. BeeGuy says:
    October 12, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    “CH & CC know the squad & what it can do.”

    I agree, and sometimes it takes perseverence to make things work when it may seem that there are easier and quicker options. All the criticisms being levelled at Hughton ATM were also levelled at Alex Ferguson in his early days at Manchester United.

    Oh! and man thanks for the donation, Bee Guy, and to everyone else who has donated. I know who you are and I won’t forget it!

  67. @Big Dave: he can be our very own berbatov u know? ;)

    he do quite well in pre-season.

    i seriously want to see Xisco and best playing in EPL rather than keep sending out to loan.

    At least can judge are they really that bad….

  68. AOD I seriously cant see them both getting a run, I could see Best getting an odd go but I dont think Xisco fits in with our team but I cant help think that he must be a half decent player after the fee we paid

  69. Come on Worky, we’ve already had the conversation about squad values between us and Boro and it was established they had nowhere near as expensive a squad as us. Let alone their wage bill.

    Onto other matters, I will make a donation in due course. What’s your target?

  70. Boro’s squad should have been good enough to go up but then they got Strachan in, who in my opinion is one of the most clueless managers around….I hope he’s there for years :-)

  71. Ice…nah..f*ck the smoggy tw@t :lol: ….I’m nae Southgate fan but the timing of his sacking was mad so he deserves everything he gets :-)

  72. i it was bad timeing, but he gave managers more time than most chairman did at that time imo

  73. aye but I think they were only 1 or 2 points of the promotion places when he sacked him…madness, you deserve owt that follows after that imo.

  74. I don’t think it’s unfair to state that CH in the Championship might not necessarily be the same as in the EPL. The decision-making required is clearly not the same and demands a certain scrutiny that he may or may not have. That’s not to say he deserves the boot but a “we’ll see” approach is alright.

  75. Acroos’…yep,CH and the players all have to prove they’re good enough for the premier league.

  76. Anyone else been wanting more for Routledge? He seems afraid to go down the line and get round the back, and instead cuts inside and runs into trouble. We need delivery from the right areas for Carroll to attack. If he can’t do it the EPL (which has always been the question) then we would be better off trying something else. R Taylor, Barton, Guthrie, Xisco, McLoven could all be tried at RM.