The loan stars?

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Smoggie Ranger?
Smoggie Ranger?
News emerged yesterday suggesting that Middlesbrough could be looking to take Nile Ranger to The Riverside on loan.

Now apart from all the jokes about empty seats at their ground and the less than glamorous surroundings of Middlesbrough, I actually think that this would be a good move.

I don’t know about you guys and gals, but I’m getting increasingly fed up with what is looking to be some of the best youth talent we have had on our books for some considerable time not getting as much as a sniff of the first-team. Highly coveted youngsters like Ranger and Haris Vuckic will just stagnate if they aren’t given the opportunity to flourish.

First-team football should be part of any young players development. No amount of Under-18 games or reserve matches will beat the cut and thrust of playing in the first team. A case in point being Kazenga Lua Lua who is currently plying his trade at Brighton, and is earning numerous pladits for his performances by all accounts.

Now Lua Lua will never make a Premier league player for as long as I have a hole in my arse, but that is just my opinion of course. It can’t be denied that exposure to first-team action, albeit League One first-team action, is actually helping his game develop.

The same thing will happen with the rest of the youngsters we have on our books, if they get first-team games. They may yet get another run out in the Carling Cup later this month, but if we get knocked out against Arsenal, when will they get their next chance?

The ideal scenario would be for them to be learning their trade in our first-team. That just isn’t going to happen though barring a serious spate of injuries to the more senior players. The next best thing would be to allow our youngsters to go out on loan, but for god’s sake can the club please learn to insert a recall clause into the deal?

Currently we have Fraser Forster, Kazenga Lua Lua and Ben Tozer out on loan. Now personally I would suggest that those three players wouldn’t have been expected to be anywhere near the first-team (apart from Forster) so I guess we aren’t really missing them. Other players, like Nile Ranger and Haris Vuckic, have higher potential so Hughton may be keeping them around ‘just in case’.

Who knows, but I would prefer it if our lads started getting some game time somewhere, anywhere…..

Even Middlesbrough!

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195 Responses

  1. “Now Lua Lua will never make a Premier league player for as long as I have a hole in my arse, but that is just my opinion of course.”

    I remember comments like that when Carroll flopped on his loan at Preston…

  2. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Vukic go on loan to somewhere like Blackpool until January.

    People have been raving about him for some time now but the 2 full games I’ve seen him play for us this year in the League Cup he has been very disappointing.

    Compare that to the young lad who came on in the second half for Chelsea (McEachran??) and practically ran the show.

  3. disagree on ranger, think he still has a part to play for nufc this season, but anyway i don’t think hughton should let him out of his sights, he needs careful nurturing, all to do with attitude.

  4. agree with that toonsy. Good experience for the youngsters to have 1st team football in the lower leagues.

    But as you say it has to the the subject of a recall clause in case things go horibly wrong.

    Noticed that Forster wants to stay with Celtic till the end of the season. I cannot blame the lad, he’s getting 1st team football … full 90 mins … and enjoying it. That’s got to be better than keeping the bench warm for us (although I would be tempted to play him as 1st choice for us … :) )

  5. TC – would you let him go to a prem rival … who will probably be battling for relegation survival (possibly with us :( )

    What happens if he scores a shed full of goals and keeps them up … at our expense ? Not saying that this is a prophecy but funnier things have happened :(

  6. Think with people like Forster and Lua Lua is making sure they don’t get too comfortable with things at their loan club.

    Forster is banging on about how happy he is and Lua Lua was kissing the Brighton badge at the weekend. Regardless of the fact that I don’t believe Lua Lua will cut it at a higher level, it doesn’t change the fact that it could be construed as being disrespectful to his ultimate onwers – Newcastle United.

  7. shrews – yes I would – only until January tho.

    I doubt Vukic is good enough to keep Blackpool up on his own. If he is then great – it means we’ll have one of the greatest talents in world football on our books who we can recall in the new year to help us qualify for the Champions League. :lol: ;)

  8. “My own sister got Bukkaked by dogs” :lol:

    The best thing to come out of that Liverpool fans vid is the reawakening of this song…

  9. Lua Lua seems to be enjoying playing & getting a few goals, nowt wrong with that like, i’d be worried if it was the opposite.
    Forster, doing well in another shit league, but it’s still good practice for the lad.
    I’m sure anything he ‘may’ have said to the press has been squeezed to sound anti-NUFC, why wouldn’t it?
    It’s in/from a rag. What you’d expect really.
    Ranger to smogsville, poor lad.
    At least he could get hyem at the end of the day & not have to stay there at night.

  10. That Sky HD is good and just like being there, watched the Liverpool game last weekend and somebody pinched me wallet.

  11. Bloke walks into a packed bar dressed in a black shirt, black shorts and socks with a whistle in his mouth, barman says, “Hes going to kick off shortly!”

  12. Patrick O’Rodriguez, one of the trapped Chilean miners is inconsolable after being informed that he failed to clock on at the start of his shift.

  13. Sorry, Toonsy – but I disagree on Kaz too. I am a bit biased; watched him as a sprog when he was just getting into the starting 11 with the reserves, and the talent was obvious. Just not sure whether he’s got the grey matter to make it count at the top level – but I’d not bet my house against it. (Or the hole in my bum.)

    We also have to think what CH will do without Benny. Is Ranger a part of the work-around; perhaps Haris too?

    Totally agree that the loans serve the kids and club better in general (Forster being a perfect example), but survival comes first, so if CH wants to hold on to a couple just in case, it makes sense.

  14. Jock is telling his mate that he is wearing a Kilt for his wedding day, Archie says whats the Tartan? Jock replies” I imagine she will be in white”.

  15. i think with carrols impeding trial the reasons for keeping ranger are obvious, we may very well see him go out on loan in jan but i would personally rather him stay, we only have strolla and lova on the books as ‘proven’ strikers, best to be honest is an unknown entity so the more depth the better, and he will also develop more at newcastle playing with higher quality players. I say that with the assumption that ranger would go to a lower league side, if a prem club wanted to loan him though i would be all for it as he would be playing with and against top quality opposition which would help his development (same goes for vukcic)

  16. Great news, im on Dragons den next week and ive invented a land mine that looks like a prayer mat, i reckon prophets will go through the roof!

  17. And some bad news, the bloke who owns the Odeon cinema chain has died, his funeral is on Friday @ 2:10, 4:20, 5:50, 6:40,and 7:30.

  18. A terrorist incident in Manchester was averted yesterday when a huge Bomb was found outside a Mosque in Salford and the Police managed to roll it back inside.

  19. Toonsy you might be right about Lua lua but I think Ranger is different. For my money he was very good for us this time last season and what I’ve seen so far especially v Chelsea he’s improved a lot. Attitude seems better too, lots of tracking back, tackling. I think he’s 20/30% better now and is a better bet than Xisco, Best and on some days Carrol and Shola.

  20. bigbadbob get off this blogg with your crap shit..sorry u need to be fu..ked off..this shit should be taken off..

  21. georgio been are best forward with carrol..scoring for fun..never getting a game..with all the players fit..he cant even get on the bench..and ch always plays him on the wing..then plays his pals in his postion…they will all leave..they only get games if players get injuried…i said nearly 2 years ago that are 3 best players were harris ranger and ferguson..most have got something right..these players have been talked about..harris seems to have gone backwards..ferguson forward..ranger should be playing first team football and cant even get on the bench..

  22. Do muslims not have a sense of humour then? Can they not poke fun at themselves?

    What about all the Pope jokes that were going around at the time of his visit – should they be banned for fear of offending Catholics?

  23. Do muslims not have a sense of humour then? Can they not poke fun at themselves?

    TC you think bbb is a muslim then?

  24. Of course they have a sense of humour, especially when it comes to taking the piss out of, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews.

  25. Anyway – time to leave it alone. I can’t be getting into this kind of tit for tat PC argument. Just think sometimes jokes can offend and cause trouble.

    Never mind the smoggies, I think Ranger should be starting against Wigan.

  26. georgio says:
    October 11, 2010 at 11:58 am

    There is a butt of every joke. If we didn’t want to offend anyone, ever we’d never tell a joke.

    toonsy never gets narked when anyone tells ugly, fat jokes does he?

  27. “isn’t referring to people from Middlesborough as “Smoggies” offensive?”

    no they actually quite like it.

  28. Asim and Georgio, i dont get offended when the piss is ripped out of Geordies and i have had the full remit of ginger abuse hurled at me over the years,but i take the point and will refrain from posting such jokes in future.
    I realise the whole muslim/terrorist issue is sensitive but its there and having a laugh about it is quite different to telling it like it really is.

  29. I had some belter George Michael jokes but better not post them in case someone bursts into tears.

  30. having seen LuaLua first hand at Brighton a few times I have to agree he’ll not make the first toon team at the mo, the standard in league 1 is very poor although the Bournemouth right back was able to pretty much have LuaLua in his back pocket the whole game ( he scored from a free kick ) – he flits in and out of games to often at this level for my liking
    Agree Ranger / Vuckic and the other youngsters should be loaned out pref to championship clubs – how else will they develop? at worst it could at least give us a resale value on them

  31. Do y’get back pockets in football shorts?
    It’s gotta hinder y’game, that like.
    & does any defender ever have a winger in their front pocket or shirt pocket?

    Has the goal actually got a face?
    Can you ’round a ‘keeper?
    Answers on a postcard.

  32. bbb – take your point mate. I think I was quick off the mark because I like asim’s point of view and wouldn’t want him to stop commenting. As you say there’s always a butt. Nothing to do with George Michael by the way . . .

  33. AoD,
    typical lma, fa etc. Close ranks!
    D Murphy has it bang on, for me.
    Well said Danny.

    The lma sighting ‘those teams haven’t had a red card yet’, is no excuse & doesn’t address why, the fact being that the players/clubs on the receiving end of such ‘challenges’ were not ‘protected’ by the match day ref or the fa, retrospectively.
    Twisted argument.

  34. AoD yes read it. Talk about closing ranks. Fools.

    I say well done Danny he has rattled a fair few cages hasn’t he?

  35. Aye mags,
    always nice when someone ‘unrelated’ throws their 10p in.
    It’s NOT just us, players/coaches across england & europe are sick of it & want something done.
    About time.

  36. Agree CF, I am trying to do my bit. Another missive sent to the FA & EPL today! :D

    Still ignoring me though despite me asking point blank are you stonewalling me? :D

    If they think I will give up, wronggggggg :D

  37. haha i’m thinking about how funny four lions was now.

    “i’m the most jihad here, i’m like the invisible jihadi, they seek him here they seek him there, but he’s not there, he’s blowing up your slag sister”

  38. Like any big organisation, the NHS, Police, FA and now LMA, they all close rank when there’s a major complaint agaisnt them. The reason? Because they know ‘but for the grace of god’ it would be them and probably will be next time.

    Utter disgrace and absolutely corrupt!

  39. Well in Mags,
    good lad.
    They just want to keep shtumm & hope it all just goes away, don’t they?
    They haven’t had the good grace to even put out one bit on this, to my knowledge.
    Vomit inducing toerags!

  40. Oh gosh,i miss leon best and Xisco. ;)

    Where are these two potentially great strikers…

    I hope Xisco does get start in future games,cause i can see glimpse of his potential.

  41. The lma are just another union and they do what unions do best. Back their members no matter what they’ve done or whether it is for the greater good.
    They can’t really be expected to come out and say yeah we know big sam has the tactical nous of a wet fart and mcarthy has a team with less skill than blind darts player.

  42. Micky,
    let’s hope they go on strike soon, & give us a rest from their pathetic, anti-change agenda.

  43. is anyone else slightly worried we could have a s.taylor situation with enrique coming up with him entering the last year of his contract :|

  44. Daan4tooN says:
    October 11, 2010 at 4:26 pm
    is anyone else slightly worried we could have a s.taylor situation with enrique coming up with him entering the last year of his contract

    Now there’s a player who will be in demand! Hope he doesn’t get his head turned and run down his contract.

  45. LuaLua – Don’t underestimate the lad, he is starting to emulate his brother just a tad with the rocket goals and backflips. Still has a lot to learn and games to play but getting first team action at a side top of their league is a start. Was MoM at accrington, in a squad that included a fair few seniors. Could turn out to be a cracker given time, don’t right him off yet.

    Forster seems already a very reliable act and has become a favorite at Norwich and Celtic.

    Tozer has failed to live up to his billing having struggled to get anywhere near the first team and actually dropping down the pecking order for the stiffs, think he will need to drop down a level or two and don’t see him having a future at NUFC although good luck to the guy.

    LuaLua and Forster would be on the bench by now but Im glad their getting experience rather than bench warming next to Smudger and Stroller.

  46. woohoo! getting hatems match worn shirt at the weekend,signed it too!! will be the most sought after and rare nufc shirt in my match worn collection,especially if,god forbid,he doesnt play for us again.fingers crossed he does though

  47. Mags,
    so sorry mate, please excuse my assumption that all fans are male.
    Der! :)

    I’ll remember that, for future reference.
    Again, humblest apologies.

  48. No problems no need to apologise, I am not offended but it seems very strange being called fella! :D

  49. Clint……ya usually get it the other way around,ya’ll be flashing back to a bar in Bangkok now ;-) :lol:

  50. Well Folks I see Colo will be in contention for Wigan and Guthrie aswell, I think Colo should take his starting position, as for Guthrie I think he should get 20mins at the end.
    Would love to see Lovens getting a start or even Shola for that matter, I just think we need to start with 2 upfront and take the game to them rather than set up to try to get a draw.

  51. evening lads,dave cannot see c.h. changeing owt mores the pity,he says they were unlucky against b/pool and stoke think thats says it all.
    CLINT alreet m8,richietoon seems pissed again as normal :)

  52. Ice hows it going mate ;) haven’t seen ye in ages I tought Batts had left you up a roof or the bizzies caught you :lol:
    Batty do you have the copyright for the name Clueless Chris :)
    As for the wigan game I dont really see any changes being made :(

  53. DAVE nay m8 you know BATTY doesnt drink now,just milk thought he would be off the breast by now :)

  54. CLINT ganning ok m8 wor lass owt of fettle with cold like,funny isnt it when ever yor lass is bad never get nowt wrong with there gobs like,nearly got house-maid knee here :)

  55. nay c.h.will shock me if he changes owt,so we will end up with a bore draw,hope ime wrong like

  56. What a f***ing surprize!
    “The basic premise of the laws of the game is that a referee makes a decision and there is no retrospective action permitted.
    “The referee saw the incident, dealt with it at the time and we can not take retrospective action.”

    He did not deal with it, he did nothing.

    Utter DISGRACE!

  57. Ice its not like we expected owt else like. I guess it will go all quiet for a while until another poor player gets a broken leg or ankle then we will hear about it for another while. But I cant see the FA doing anything other than what their name sugest they do Fuk All

  58. batty says:
    October 11, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    “dog clueless chris would suprise me if he changed his socks”

    Leave him alone batty, he knaas what he’s deein’ man!

  59. worky ya right ive heard hes gonna take a leaf oot of the jock managers book but hes gonna play 2 6 4 with rush goalie :)

  60. batty says:
    October 11, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    “worky ya right ive heard hes gonna take a leaf oot of the jock managers book”

    Batty, it was four at the back and six in the middle for Levein (the Scotland manager). Can you remember which formation we played against Man City?

  61. Ice I think yer right mate, I couldn’t believe that he was subbed late on in the Citeh game but maybe he was knackered and wanted a rest :) .
    I am hoping that young Guthrie can start getting a run out over the next few games as I think we need him more now after losing Benny :(

  62. DAVE we will get 100% from guthrie as he wants that spot,but has he played enough he might be off the pace a bit i would give him 60min like,lets see what P.R.nolan has to say

  63. Lads,

    I’m in a bit of trouble with my finances at the moment and this site has lost around £200 so far in hosting fees, domain fees etc, despite the advertising, which I keep to a minimum. I didn’t mind funding this site (and a few other projects too) before, but I just can’t at the moment, so I was wondering if any of the regulars on here would mind making a few small donations to keep things running? I will only ever ask when I really need to, and I really need it now I’m afraid as I’ve just had to pay another year’s hosting fees and I’m knacked!

    I’ve put a donations button on the side if anyone is generous enough to help the site oot a bit.

  64. aye I think it will take a few games to get him back up to speed, I think he is getting a run out with the ressies on wed night. did you see Colo is back again so I hope he starts against wigan

  65. WORKY i will give a tenner m8 no problem,i think most of the lads will give something after all we all enjoy it,and you get nowt for nowt in this life,i also think it must have been hard for you to ask.
    come on lads lets help out,we have toonsy as a extra but dont let that put you off lol

  66. worky,
    is there a way to donate something without going through a bank?
    I don’t DO banks mate.

  67. worky ile sort ya oot with 50 tomoz m8 ile stick it in the bank and sort it i just dont keep my money in the bank ,i put it in when i have too :) so ile sort it tomoz m8 unles how could i talk too paddy dave and the old c unt dog :)

  68. Why the f*** do sites keep saying: de mong escapes any ‘further’ action?
    There hasn’t been ANY action or sanction against him or his club.
    We didn’t even get a f***ing free kick.

  69. Ice @ 127 I agree 100% mate ;) Worky would it not be better and easier to send all the regs an email mate, to explain what you just said as otherwise you will need to keep asking when others are on. I’m not trying to teach you to suck eggs mate just an idea ;)

  70. now worky has had too ask for cash we wont see stu for a month :) and clint i only stick cash in the bank when i have too ,i dont like people knowing what i have :)

  71. Big Dave says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    “Ice @ 127 I agree 100% mate Worky would it not be better and easier to send all the regs an email mate, to explain what you just said as otherwise you will need to keep asking when others are on.”

    That’s a good idea, Dave. I’m shite at this sort of thing even though I used to be a major fundraiser. I’ve never had to do it for myself before so I feel a bit shy.

    Dave, I haven’t received a message yet if that’s what you meant in 128.

  72. workyticket says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    “Dave, I haven’t received a message yet if that’s what you meant in 128.”

    Oh aye! I have now, Dave. Just gannin’ to read it…

  73. Big D,
    always a good trick, although she’ll know what you’ve got.
    Might be worse than the banks.

  74. Banks keep going out of their way to give me credit. …And for that, I’m deeply indebted :-)

  75. Clint I give her all the dosh I have anyway mate otherwise I would blow the lot mate im sh1te with money I used to change my car and bike every few months when I got bored with them. The car I have now for the last 3 yrs is the longest I have ever had one for :) but I am thinking of changing it at the mo

  76. richietoon says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:19 pm
    Banks keep going out of their way to give me credit. …And for that, I’m deeply indebted<<<< done all that rich thats why i dont like them too kna what i have now ,they might ask for it back :lol:

  77. BATTY its worth a few quid,just for a laugh from you.

    ime not scratting with you on tues,got to rob a bank

  78. I hate em, quite happy making money of me when I’m in credit but if ya go slightly over drawn cos ya skint they hit ya with bank charges……..I’ve got no money so charge me for having none wtf.

  79. batty…ya still owe me a fiver for turning me into a gambler and having a go on goals galore ;-)

  80. richietoon says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:27 pm
    I hate em, quite happy making money of me when I’m in credit but if ya go slightly over drawn cos ya skint they hit ya with bank charges……..I’ve got no money so charge me for having none wtf.<< aye rich well fuk em i owe tens of thousands and they cant get me house because its not in my name but me missus dusent owe a penny too any 1 :)

  81. Worky I went to Donate there but noticed that it was paypal do you not get charged fee’s from them as I know my Lass gets charged as she use’s paypal for her Ebay ? or will I just go ahead ;)

  82. ice/Big D,
    old school & she is crap with cash, i’m the bank, she’d be the first to admit it works just fine this way.
    She asks, she gets.

  83. Big Dave says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    “Worky it was through the Contact at the bottom of the page mate ?”


    I’ve just sent you a reply. I’ve said it in the message but I’ll say it here too. Thanks for the support!

  84. batty says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    “worky i promise ile sort you tomoz m8”

    Thanks batty, and thanks to everyone for the support, it really means alot to me.

  85. worky,
    don’t know if you got my email, but if you’ve replied, i’ll pick it up the morra, not at hyem atm.

  86. Big Dave says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    “Worky I went to Donate there but noticed that it was paypal do you not get charged fee’s from them as I know my Lass gets charged as she use’s paypal for her Ebay ? or will I just go ahead”


    When sending a payment to someone, there should be a “Personal” tab. Click that, then click on the “gift” radio button. There shouldn’t be any fees that way.

  87. Lads, I’ve gotta go now as I’m not at home. Once again though, thanks to all who are donating. I’ll get back to you all personally tomorrow. I really am touched!

  88. Big Dave says:
    October 11, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    “Worky it’s done allready mate I know it went through but am not sure about the Personal tabs or gift bit”

    Thanks Dave, and Richie I think? too.

    It went through but they took a small fee.

    If you ever have to send money via Paypal to someone again, it’s the “Send Money” tab at the top, then the “Personal” tab, then the “gift” button. That way, paypal doesn;t charge fees.

  89. nae botha worky…we’ve been sayin for a long time ya touched :lol:
    reet off to bed…neet lads.

  90. Worky – ya cheeky get, you some sort of beggar man wtf…….. Only joshing, will sort something out this morning, after all the only alternative is Eds newsnow BOS

  91. Fvck me it’s quiet on here this morning – thought people were joking when they said nowt would be seen of stu now you had asked for donations – funny as fvck

  92. well thats me sorted sent off to worky this morning,why have things gone quiet,get them stirr ed up batty m8

  93. I’m here Ice, just put a new article up now buddy. It’s gan to be hard for me this week as I don’t have much time at all.

    In work at 6:30 tonight, 2:00pm tomorrow, 7am Thursday and 6:30pm Friday.

    Not much time but I’ll do my best :)

    Only 8 days and I can have two days off (which is why I’m having to work like a beast at the moment to get in front so I can have them :( )

  94. I thought Stardust said Worky makes a packet from the blog and toonsy is just his ‘un hired’ help?

  95. And….. why did the chicken cross the road softly?

    Coz it cuddn’t waak hardly!

    PS.. Whether real or imagined, there’s no offence intended, to anybody or anything!