Newcastle United vs Norwich City match banter!

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Newcastle United v Norwich City.
Chris Hughton returns to SJP..
Venue: St James’ Park, Newcastle.
Date: Sun, 23rd Sept.
Kick off: 3:00pm
Referee: Neil Swarbrick.
UK TV: None.

Hello, good afternoon and welcome to our “match banter” for today’s game against Norwich City at St James’ Park.

Of course, this one sees the return of an old face, Alan Pardew’s predecessor Chris Hughton, with whom we gained promotion from the Championship. Unfortunalely though, I do not have any time to dwell on that as I am running very late with this piece! I will only say that I hope he gets the welcome that he deserves this afternoon, but that the lads emerge victorious nonetheless!

On his return for the match, the man himself had this to say:

“It’s one that on a personal note I am looking forward to, but it’s about our performance. It’s a difficult place to get a result.

“I had a very good three years there. The supporters were excellent towards me in a period of time that wasn’t all good. During those three years we did get relegated and come up again. They were difficult times but the supporters were very good to me.

“I enjoyed the time I spent there and there are a lot of staff and players still there from my time. It’s one that on a personal note I am looking forward to, but it’s about our performance. It’s a difficult place to get a result.

“There are still a lot of staff and players there from my time, and I shall look forward to going back, but more so if we are able to give a good account of ourselves.”

Finally, in my haste, I will just get on with reminding you that this game will not be shown on UK TV, though I will be posting links for the game too in the comments section below, as well as highlights and also a full match video after the game if there’s one available.

Which only leaves it for me to say:

Howay the lads!

Team sheets

Newcastle United (4-4-2): Steve Harper (G), James Perch, Mike Williamson, Steven Taylor, Davide Santon, Hatem Ben Arfa, Vurnon Anita, Yohan Cabaye, Jonas Gutierrez (C), Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Gael Bigirimana, Cheick Tiote, Sammy Ameobi, Gabriel Obertan, Shola Ameobi.

Norwich CIty (4-5-1): John Ruddy; Russell Martin (c), Sebastien Bassong, Leon Barnett, Javier Garrido; Robert Snodgrass, Bradley Johnson, Jonny Howson, Andrew Surman, Wes Hoolahan; Steve Morison

Subs: Mark Bunn (G), Michael Turner, Ryan Bennett, Alexander Tettey, Anthony Pilkington, Grant Holt, Simeon Jackson.


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100 Responses

  1. we should get a result today strong squad lets hope harps performs without Tim I feel tense whenever a shot taken at him

  2. Phisix says:
    September 23, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    “A random guess that our formation will be 4-4-2?”

    I’ve just put the teams up Phisix. The club site say’s it’s 4-4-2, so there’s a good chance it won’t be if their previous record is anything to go by! :-)

  3. dokky says:
    September 23, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    “we should get a result today strong squad lets hope harps performs without Tim I feel tense whenever a shot taken at him”

    Why dokky? Harper’s a solid enough keeper. I’m more worried that we don’t seem to have one proper defender on the bench.

  4. Harper was a bit dodgy against Everton. He was slow to go to ground too. Elliot should have started as he did well on Thursday.

    @ Worky:

    We can hope, but I don’t see Ba wanting to play on the left. Lets hope Cisse finally gets his floodgates open today.

  5. on paper we should have enough to take the 3 points, but it seldom occurs that way.
    i expect norwich to park the proverbial bus, and the onus will be on the silver supremo’s boys, to come up with the ideas, to break them down.
    i just hope he can get a similar sort of response, as he did against everton, from the start, and not after falling behind, of after another lack lustre opening.

    it could come down to a battle of the set pieces, and this could give norwich a chance, in this game, as morison and holt, are a right handful, as was the case last season, at carrow road.

    i see us taking the 3 points, but it will be another tough game.

  6. TROJAN RECORDS 73 says:

    “i see us taking the 3 points, but it will be another tough game”

    But it shouldnt be TJ if we set up the way we all want him to.

  7. Can’t wait to see Jonas wasted on the left, Santon slow everything down by having to cut in and produce nothing, and Ba and Cisse get in each others way.

    Haha, we should win this however. Hope we have a good first half, it’s about time we did!

    And good to see Hughton back.

  8. Phisix says:
    September 23, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    “My Atdhenet link is better Worky.”

    I tried it but it was a bit stuttery for me Phisix, so I went back to my original one.

  9. Cheers for link Phisix.

    Those who can’t see the game… There’s one team playing and one team knocking it long. Guess which…

  10. Phisix says:
    September 23, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    “It was stuttery for me for a while but its smooth now. Good quality too.”

    I’ll give it another go then because this one isn’t brilliant.

  11. Liverpool are down to nine men and losing at home. Martin Kelly is injured and cannot continue, and Brendan Rodgers has used all three of his substitutes. Only seconds left at Anfield.

  12. We’re not very organised with our penalties so far with all these summit meetings before taking them. First it was Benny v Ba, now it’s Ba v Cisse. We should have it all worked out beforehand.

  13. Jimbob says:

    “Excellent penalty, shouldn’t be long before the Mars curiosity rover stumbles across the ball.”

    Droll JB very droll :)

  14. Doesnt Pardwho realise you need a performance on the pitch to get this crowd going ? Maybe that first half was it ?

  15. As for dominating teams we always seem to play with one or two “passengers” who contribute very little and we also fail to bring enough players into the box when we need them.

    Everton often had five or six supporting players in the box last Monday and yesterday at Swansea

  16. An under performing Obertan on for an under performing Cisse (bangs head several times against wall)

  17. I wouldn’t call this game a “classic” for either side. Norwich haven’t been too bad, but Hughton’s still tinkering around trying to find his way. Our lot just don’t seem to get very motivated for the first few minutes of each half.

  18. I now realise that its better to have the crap performance in the first half then at least he can tinker at half time :(

  19. WT says:

    “Hughton’s still tinkering around trying to find his way”

    If Holt and Jackson had started this game they could have won it.

  20. Where’s that web site where you can punch well known personalities ? Is Pardwho’s picture up there ?

  21. Harper & Benny played brilliantly! I’d say something along the lines of taking the occasional scrappy 1-0 but that’s our 5th game and they’ve all been fairly poor.

  22. AndyMac says:
    September 23, 2012 at 4:50 pm (Edit)

    “If Holt and Jackson had started this game they could have won it.”

    Although Holt has hardly been very prolific this season.

  23. If Pardwho says “Norwich made it difficult for us”, I’d respond by saying “No more difficult than you and your fecking team selection” :(

  24. WT ays:

    “Although Holt has hardly been very prolific this season”.

    I realise that WT but did you see how poorly we reacted to their aerial threat almost all game ?

  25. I’d like to think you can get more than 15 minutes into a game without having to change Perch and Anita from their starting positions.

    Also would have taken off Cisse at half time after all Ba got benched last week and he’s scoring.

  26. Obertan is so shite it’s becoming a joke now, don’t want to just single him out as Cabaye’s been bland and Cisse is all over the place.

    Team selections and formations are confusing, resulting in toe punts forward to nobody, zero movement and no ideas going forward.

    Ben Arfa has stuck out a mile so far, and Ba has been very good. Though Pardew believes he hadn’t been playing well…

    Harper was good again and distributes the ball well. Are the players happy, or pissed with the lack of ambition in the summer? I doubt the star players we have are chuffed with sitting on the bench for EL games while concentrating on finishing 8th in the league.

    If you’re honest, you have to admit we don’t look like a team at the moment. It’s a blessing we have the likes of HBA and Ba doing the business.

  27. pretty much went the way i thought it would, typical one paced lack of urgency, pardew performance.
    cannot really be a**ed to comment too much, but thought we would limp over the line, to an unconvincing win.
    comment 29, phisix, “just released guti’s hair”?
    what’s the score, are they selling wigs, in the club shop? lol.

  28. jimbob, ben arfa is always going to stand out against the backdrop, of an average head coach, who is coercing his squad, into playing a diabolical style of noball.

  29. Jimbob says:

    “Haha, we should win this however. Hope we have a good first half, it’s about time we did!”

    Not good but what we did get was at the expense of a plss poor second half.

    As previously stated that’s 5 games played in the BPL this season and not one good performance.

  30. Trojan, it’s so bland and dull I cannot even be arsed to watch anymore. Maybe I’m just having a crisis lol. It’s all over the f’kin shop, nobody looks happy. Yeah could be worse, but those players we have should be performing better, and our managers constant shite from the mouth is doing my head in, and I assume the players too.

    Mentioning Ba’s release clause was a joke, as were his Hughton comments. I’m worried as this is a man who can turn a winning team depressed and drop morale. He has done it before when he got too big headed. No idea how he gets so arrogant as he’s achieved nothing of note as a player or a manager really. He’s not Mourinho.

    Just hope he doesn’t undo the good work he did last season, where the players were running into the ground for him. They don’t look like they are so far.

    I hope this win can move us forward though. We’ll see.

  31. Did anyone read Llambias’ notes on Hughton? Such a slimy pr***! But thanks for not selling anyone Derek… You da man.

  32. Andy my Perch comment rang true, he swapped him with Anita after 15 mins which was a massive shock because usually it takes at least 45 or a goal conceded.

    Perch deserves a mention too, he’s doing really well again which is good to see.

  33. Jimbob says:
    September 23, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    “Kind of contradicts what he said in that pissed up rant last season, the one where he claimed Carroll was worth “fu*k all”.”

    He wrote that he was “popular with the fans” though Jimbob. He didn’t write that he was popular with Ashley and himself.

  34. I agree with JB this bears all the hallmarks of second (full) season syndrome with Pardwho in charge.

    I think he’s putting too much faith in those awards from last season and choosing players and formations that have no chance of working out.

    Ba’s demotion to the bench, Obertan’s contant selection over others, 4-4-2 when we havent the players to fit and not one decent performance in eitrher league or European football.

    Something has to change. Either its Pardwho’s “anti football” or the manager himself !

  35. Then if the fans are so important as they keep saying (in reality they are not to Ashley or Llambias, they just exploit them), then why sack him? Because he was unsure over the HBA transfer? Bullsh*t.

    Don’t want to hear that bell say anything about “the fans” etc, he has no clue.

  36. Jimbob says:
    September 23, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    “then why sack him?”

    Because he wasn’t their type, he wasn’t an ingratiating bollocksmith like Pardew. His leanings were more with the players than with Ashley and Llambias, so he kept things in the dressing room rather than relay everything to the gruesome twosome, hence Llambias’ criticisms about him being uncommunicative.

    Barton’s explaination about the bonus sheet saga was very plausible too.

  37. parvenu definately has an inflated view of himself, saw the prick at the final whistle, punching the air, then disappearing down the tunnel, he has a good right scurrying away, after getting away with that s***e, yet again.

    he’s a complete chancer, who has a core of good players, to pick from, and he hasn’t a modicum, of an idea, how to get the best out of them.

    that prick llambias will never speak for the fans up here, deluded cnut worse than “condem-nation”, for being out of touch.
    i’m suprised the cnut, takes the time to write programme notes, the contempt he has, for the fans,

    why bother?

  38. TROJAN RECORDS 73 says:
    September 23, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    “i’m suprised the cnut, takes the time to write programme notes, the contempt he has, for the fans,

    why bother?”

    Because he needs to get stuff across for Ashley which would normally be very unpopular with the fans so our opinion need to be manipulated through channels like programme notes and the nedia. Staff will probably tidy up most of boring stuff for him anyway.

  39. TROJAN RECORDS 73 says:
    September 23, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    “saw the prick at the final whistle, punching the air,”

    Aye, he does like a good fist pump Trojan. Don’t we all?

  40. If you look at the posts prior to the game but after the team sheets had been posted, there wasnt one person on this blog who said “Oh great 4-4-2 will do it for me”

    How the f@ck does Pardwho STILL pick the same side without question ? Does he think that sooner or later all of this will click into place and we’ll go zooming up the table ?

    Or does he have a clue ?