Top Ten facts and stats to know about Montenegro

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The Montenegro flag.
The Montenegro flag.
The international break has, unfortunately, meant that there has been no club football for us over the last week or so, but at least it gives us a chance to look at some different football – International football.

For this article I am going to take a look at England’s opponents tonight, Montenegro, a rare chance to involve some European opposition on this website!

Before you start thinking that an England piece on this website is useless and unnecessary, I have tried my best it make it is as relevant if not more relevent to NUFC then anything else. Hopefully you will all enjoy reading about the latest addition to the FIFA football family.

1. The first point which needs to be made is that Montenegro are officially the newest FIFA recognised football nation and the first competiton the country attempted to qualify for was the 2010 World Cup.

Formerly competing as Serbia and Montenegro, and before that as part of the Yugoslavia, means that I may have to bend the rules a little and include our history with Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro to make this piece work. Entering the FIFA rankings placed at rock bottom, Montenegro have shot up from 208th to 40th in the world rankings this month.

2. Newcastle’s last meeting with opposition from Serbia and Montenegro was not a happy one as Bobby Robson’s side crashed out of the Champions League on penalties at home to Partizan Belgrade. If you really wish to remind yourself of those penalties, well, here you go;

The side on that night was Shay Given, Aaron Hughes, Andy O’Brien, Jonathan Woodgate, Olivier Bernard, Gary Speed, Kieron Dyer, Nolberto Solano, Hugo Viana, Shola Ameobi and Alan Shearer. Shola Ameobi is the only survivor who started the game back in 2003 whilst Steve Harper had to make do with his usual place on the bench back then.

3. Among the Montenegro side that will face England will be Simon Vukcevic, an attacking midfielder who currently plays for Sporting Lisbon.

A popular figure during his time at Partizan, he was awarded the No.1 shirt during his spell in recognition of his popularity. Although he was on the books at Partizan when they dumped us out the Champions League the skillfull midfielder didnt feature in either game. Another ex-Partizan player who did feature that night at St James’ Park, and who could feature tonight, is Andrija Delibasic who started both games upfront again us and currenttly plays for Rayo Vallecano in Spain.

4. The Montenegro football league, or First League as it’s called, is currently ranked at 47th in the UEFA Rankings. That means that the league is sandwiched between the Welsh league in 46th and the Faroe Islands in 47th. In the four years since its creation the league has had four champions FK Zeta, FK Buducnost, FK Mogren and most recently FK Rudar.

4. Damir Cakar was named among the subsitutes in our first leg victory over Partizan, and although he left the club soon after he currently sits in second the Montengero First League all time goal scoring charts with a net busting 16 goals between 2006-2008. Alan Shearer has a slightly better record!

5. Goalkeeper Vukasin Poleksic is Montenegro’s most capped player with an astonishing 22 caps! In comparison Peter Shilton is our record cap holder for England with a mere 125 appearances. The current head coach is the father of Tottenham midfielder, and rumoured Newcaste target, Niko Kranjcar and has managed no fewer then 22 sides since his first job in 1991.

6. If there are any readers who like to travel and wish to add Montenegro to their list of places they have visited, then why not follow England there on October 7th 2011. I would book your seats early though as the national stadium only has a capacity of 17,000 but this may be increased to a whopping 20,000 in the near future. Quiz-time – There are seven stadiums in League Two which are bigger, can you name them?

7. England have met Yugoslavia only once before, in the 1968 European Championships in Italy. The competition was only contested by four teams as we joined Yugslovia, hosts Italy and the Soviet Union in the finals. Newcastle’s only link to this meeting, which we lost 1-0 was the inclusion of Ashington born brothers Bobby and Jackie Charlton, both of whom never played for United of course, but Jackie did manage us as I am sure those of you old enough to remember will testify to.

8. Playing in red and gold to reflect the country’s flag and nicknamed ‘The Brave Eagles’, they definately have players who could do some damage to England. Roma forward Mirko Vucinic has netted 10 goals in 19 appearances for the national side, including the winner last month at home to a Wales side which included ex-mag Craig Bellamy.

9. The Brave Eagles have also played both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, drawing with the Republic of Ireland 0-0 this time last year with another ex-mag, Shay Given, keeping them at bay. They beat Northern Ireland 2-0 back in August although there was no room for ex-mag Aaron Hughes in the Northern Ireland line-up for that match.

10.  Finally let’s take a look at the Ladbrokes odds for the game tonight.

England are hot favourites to win the match at Wembley, and the odds of 1/5 reflect that. The draw is priced at 5/1 whilst a shock Montenegro win is priced at 14/1.

As for first goal-scorer, Wayne Rooney is the favourite at 3/1 with Peter Croucn next at 4/1. Steven Gerrard is priced at 5/1 but if you fancy an outside bet you can back either Rio Ferdinand or Joleon Lescott to score first at 33/1. Mirko Vucinic is favourite to score first for Montenegro with odds of 11/1.

I hope you enjoyed this piece. Come on England!?

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82 Responses

  1. Worky/toonsy.
    Donation made via PayPal, keep up the good work and don’t be shy to ask again.
    You both do a great job!!!

  2. Big Dave says:
    October 12, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    “Another good read from our very own Motty”

    Aye, agreed. But what happened with the big interview, Paul? ;-)

  3. Big Dave says:
    October 12, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    “Another good read from our very own Motty just wondered was Nolberton Solano a brother of Nobby’s”

    I’ve corrected it now, Dave. I may not be deein’ as many blogs as I used to, but I’m still having to do all the bloody proofreading with the other two slack gets! :-)

  4. TonyGreenSupreme says:
    October 12, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Donation made via PayPal, keep up the good work and don’t be shy to ask again.
    You both do a great job!!!”

    Thanks alot, er, “Tony” I won’t forget it.

  5. Thanks for reminding us of that match, Times a great healer fcuk off…

    I can live with relatives dying or relationships going down the pan but losing to partizan belgrade in the champion league and the beginning of the end of the club as a force…

    Painful aint the word :(

  6. Another little known fact about Montenegro, they had a number 1 hit with the theme tune from the good,the bad and the ugly.

  7. enjoyed the read paul cheers,dave didnt kna you can tak money onto the field of “play” like :)

  8. Glen Johnson is rubbish man. Said for ages he’s one of the most over rated players in the prem. Canny going forward but can be terrible at the back. Doesn’t help he has one of the best left back’s in the world on the other side of the pitch like, but he’s the only real RB choice we have.
    As for the game, is been painfully boring. Granted Montenegro just have 10 men behind the ball but we should be able to break them down. Thing is, we don’t have the technical abilities of other teams and it shows here. They look comfortable with us needlessly giving the ball away and struggling for a plan B.

  9. Nae drink since Sunda Ice….not too much all weekend cos was driving round the lakes :-)

  10. RICHIETOON :),ganning to switch this shite off same old same old.
    hope there was nee rain richietoon

  11. Ice..aye same old boring England.

    Weather was great Ice, T-shirt weather about 18-19c…really lucky with it.

  12. DAVE what i dont get is they agree with what murphy has said,then say he should not say owt,have people not got a right to there own views,say what you think in life always been my way if they dont like it f@@k em

  13. RICHIE you always been a lucky sod like,
    i always got soaked when i went,well wor lass did when she got out of car for food ect :)

  14. Dave….I was oot last winter in my t-shirt @ -4c…wor lass wasn’t owa happy.

    Ya jokin Ice, if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

  15. This Montenegro team cant tackle for toffee like. To be fair to England every time they get something going, Montenegro are happy to just take the foul and stop the game, makes it an even more boring a game than it already was, lol.

  16. Everybody starts out with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before the luck runs out ;-)

  17. Capello out!

    Why do we continue to play 4-4-2 when nobody else in world football play it anymore?

    Stubborn as fck!

  18. Divvent worry Stu, we’re calling on Kevin “superman” Davies in our time of need. Watch him have a blinder now, lol.

  19. richie-Mad decision that like. It’s a sad state of the game, you wont see a more blatant hand ball and not even the linesman who is standing metres away, watching from the side that he commits the offence is able to give the penalty.

  20. Well, we need a get out of jail card and fast because this has been embarrassing enough like. Said after the WC performances I wasn’t going to bother with International football but I still find myself watching and cheering us on. Have to wonder why with display’s like this, been canny pathetic.
    At least people might realise we’re miles behind the better teams in the world though.

  21. Ross… I’m sick of hearing that the standard of ref’s is better and it’s just because of the various camera angles that their decisions are coming under so much scrutiny…..absolute bollox, most of the crap decisions I’v seen this year I’ve noticed in real time and from further away than the officials, so either the standard is worse or they’re on the take or both imo.

  22. Another win for spiolers thugs and useless refs
    I do suppose the FA thought it was a good game its there type of football apparantly.

  23. Diabolical – England are as poor as townsends commentary – why is he even there, isn’t he Irish

  24. Richie-There’s literally no answer for it mate. Alot of the decisions across the Premier League so far this season, have been standard. Easy to spot, easy to deal with. Simple decisions. German officials tonight and a few blatant decisions haven’t been given so it’s not just the British ref’s, it’s just a lack of officials who can spot the basics apparently.

  25. No surprise everyone is running over and hugging that defender like, he caught the ball in the box, put it down on the floor and nee one noticed!

  26. Thank god Spain got a late winner or my day at work tomorrow would have been bloody awful like.

  27. pleased i switched it over at h/time by the sounds of things,thought we were ganning owr to the young players,must have meant young of a.vlla silly me :(

  28. I’ve no time for England, bunch of prima donnas who have very poor first touch and a complete lack of ideas how to break a team down – no doubt they’ll come out and say there are no easy games, 10 men behind the ball blah blah
    I’ll get me kit i could do better meself

  29. Ross……I think the linesmen need to be level 1 ref’s the same as the match ref because they seem to be reluctant to overule/disagree with a more senior offical(I believe linesman are usually level 2 but maybe wrong)

  30. fourfouroneone-Dont get me started on kit like, lol. Bought the home shirt for the WC thinking i’ll show my support regardless. Was useful for about a fortnight and then I see they have a new one a matter of weeks later. Money grabbing buggers.

  31. Richie-I’ve no idea if im honest mate but if that’s true then it’s a good suggestion. Make sure they’re all on the same page, same level of experience etc. It’s not rocket science is it.

  32. Forget the bloody linesman! England were shocking! Complete embarrassment. Why are England still playing 4-4-f*****g-2!

  33. Toro-Aye, there’s that too, lol. Again, like many others have said that 4-4-2 is long gone. None of the top Prem/Int teams play it. Completly clueless as to why Capello persists with it like. Obviously not going to start calling for a managerial change but christ, everyone can see that we need to try something different. None of our “top players” play in a 4-4-2 at club level really, it’s baffling.

  34. I don’t believe I blamed the linesman for England not winning,I’m talking about match officials in general through out the season ;-)

  35. thanks for posting piece!
    and for proof reading dread to think would they would look lik if u didnt!
    Also interview still lined up just getting some other stuff out of the way and trying to make sure it is defintly him I am interviewing and not a fake lol don’t think we want sued do we lol

  36. Right,
    is that the fake, lazy ass, guile & skill lacking, hoofy, lazy, dreary, outmoded, slow, mid field bereft, lazy, zero movement, 3/4 touch, uninspiring, tepid, pale imitation of football done with for a while?
    Did i mention lazy?

    Back to the real stuff.

    Maybe Raylor should get a game v his old club on satda?
    Players haunting old teams n’all that.

  37. Reading in between the lines Clint, I’m getting the vibe that you didn’t enjoy the match ;-)

    That’s me, neet lads

  38. Correctamundo richie.
    Be real hard to find a positive in that ‘performance’, actually, more a palarver, technically speaking.
    Night mate.

  39. Whoa,i didn’t know england plays such style… Getting “better” from WC exit. 8O

    At least italy Match though abandoned,the crazy fans saga are more worth to watch.

  40. I’m sorry for you guys but I’m really satisfied to myself ‘cuz I’m not British and know that the game somehow was caused by referee’s decision so I guess FA will know what it like when I’m a Newcastle fan watch the game that my beloved club cost by referee time after time. :P

    Do you guy reckon that Joey Baton will ever get a nod from England !? like, if he play like this in another next 6-7 games.

    I mean he must not be worst than all midfield stars in the squad right now, right !? but it seem to me that players must come from the famous team ,Big 4, or the team that own by millionaire ,otherwise don’t be bother.

    It’s bloody annoying !!!

  41. …on the plus side we are 2 points better off after 7 games than we were in our relegation season :-)

  42. Funny reading the comments slagging off 4-4-2. I look forward to reading the comments asking why ch doesn’t play 4-4-2 at the weekend.

  43. 433 is the way to go, particularly at home.
    451 & 433 can be totally interchangeable too, but 442 is way too rigid. Sticking with 2 out & out wingers is on the wane now, i’m sure there’d be the odd occasion when it would work.
    Basically, don’t rule out anything, totally, but a fluid MF & attack is imperative now.

    hey you may have a point about Barton for england, at least he occupies the centre of the pitch. There were massive 40 yard diameter gaps in the middle last night. No MF at all, comedic, at that level.

  44. Also last night,
    it was obvious that no one in that team was a playmaker or a header of the ball.
    Nice double footed ‘tackle’ by terdinand early on though, classy.

  45. I think it’s a case of players living off past glories, apart from Kevin Davies that is. WTF??
    I can’t remember the last time Rooney had a good game, full stop, never mind for England. I would normally put Gerrard in there too, but he actually had a decent game going forward for a change.

    Why do I bother supporting England? Same reason as why I support NUFC. I just can’t help it. I was born and brought up in Newcastle and Newcastle happens to be in England. It’s not through choice that I support these teams. :-)

  46. How Micky,
    gerrard seemed scared to be in the middle & just seemed happy with trying to find
    that ‘killer’ diagonal or cross field ball, he didn’t play a very thrustin game, although it’s actually only occasional that he does, even for liverpool. The pundits do like to talk him up a lot though, as they do with rooney.
    rooney doesn’t gamble at the front post, lacks pace, doesn’t charge the
    ‘keeper down & force a mistake. Why they ‘pump’ the ball to crouch is beyond me, he can’t head for gumdrops, good on the floor, but scared to head.
    No MF dynamo. No movement off the ball.
    No one ‘finding’ space. Too many balls played to feet with the player with his back to goal & not enough guile to do owt with it when that happens.
    Hart looked up for it like. :)
    england just needs a midfield, badly, cos they just seem to bypass it, have done for years.
    All this adds up to why i can’t support them, they’re undesreving of the great support that they do get.
    But, at least it’s interesting to watch from the point of view of not being a supporter, as i don’t get caught up in the emotions of it & can look at them dispassionately. It doesn’t make for go watching though.
    To be fair though, i’m not really a fan of international football per se. Bit dull, slow & soulless. Square pegs/round holes.
    I guess it’s something to look at while there’s no football on.

  47. nothing wrong with 442 if it has shape, manure use it to good effect, we just dont have that good a squad. i would say 442, or if lamps and gerard are in the same team than the interchangeable 433/451.
    johnson(by lack of choice) ferd terry a.cole
    theo gerard lampard a.johnson

    wings and dm positions depending on form as i dont see any dm or wingers that are head and shoulders above anyone else, perhaps johnson though he looked the only decent england player last night

  48. I’ll take the wrap for ‘Nolberton’ :)

    Tell ye what, work are getting their pound of flesh from me this week. Which reminds me, after five hoirs off I’m on my way back there now :(

    Laters :(

  49. Just finished watching the match now, what a load of rubbish. Been down to London for work but came home yetserday and stopped of at the Dun Cow in Rugby for a meal wih friends on the way home, do you get in there much Toonsy? Didn’t get back until 3am, hate those roadworks and watched the match this morning. Was going to watch as I got home, so pleased I didn’t