Everton v Newcastle – Match banter.

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Sticky Toffee time?
Sticky Toffee time?
Game number five of the season takes us to Everton where we will be looking to bounce from a disappointing result against Blackpool last weekend.

Goodison Park is not an easy place to get points from and to be fair I think most fans realise that and aren’t expecting too much from the match other than it being a tough, physical game.

A draw would be a good result for us, any away point is a bonus in my opinion, although I won’t deny that it would be fantastic if we could sneak all three.

As ever, this is that place to come together and piss and moan about all that is going on within the match. The game itself is being broadcast by a number of overseas companies so if anyone knows of any links and would like to share them then please feel free to post them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

For a more in depth look at the match and any team news for either side you can check out my match preview or if you are a bit of a statto and like your fact and stats you can check out Paul Reece’s Tope ten facts and stats about Everton here.

No doubt the end of the world will be nigh in the eyes of some fans should the worst happen and we lose away to a consolidated top eight team, so lets hope the lads can get something out of the game to keep the naysayers quiet, for a short while at least eh?

Howay the lads!

EvertonTim Howard, Tony Hibbert, John Heitinga, Sylvain Diston, Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines, Mikel Arteta, Leon Osman, Marouane Fellaini, Stephen Pienaar, Jermaine Beckford.

SubsJan Mucha, Phil Neville, Seamus Coleman, Magaye Gueye, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Yakubu, Barklay.

NewcastleSteve Harper, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Cheick Tiote, Joey Barton, Hatem Ben Arfa, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

SubsTim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Sol Campbell, Alan Smith, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands.

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453 Responses

  1. Dropped the right player in Jonas for Ben Arfa.

    Jonas is overrated if you ask me. Flatters to deceive. Great dribbler but no great football brain.

  2. Happy with that team. Also with Jonas and Loverman on the bench, will still have some options if the game isn’t going our way. I’m not expected too much today and thats when the lads seem to play better! Fingers crossed.

  3. Wonder how Jonas will react to being benched. I think its the first time at NUFC. Good ides though because he sometimes is anonomous away from home and Evertons defence looks vunerable to crosses, which Jonas doesn’t provide enough of.

  4. Think Guthrie should be back training next week. I think the Chelsea game may be too early for him tho, which is a shame. Good footballer, who is improving all the time.

  5. DJG – It’s always true mate. If I write the team it’s because I have got if one of the two clubs official websites :)

  6. Fair play to CH he said he wasnt affraid to make the changes and he’s backed it up. Great to see Beny & Tiote start but its defo throwin the later in at the deepend!

    With our line up and Cahill being out my initial negativity with regards to gettin a good result has turned to slight optimism!!

    Come on boys!!!

  7. Toontastico – Agreed. Hopefully it will put an end to the Hughton is just a puppet brigade.

    Also agree about Cahill. He is a big big player for them.

  8. Good team, that – although (unlike many, who seem to judge by YouTube more than sense… Wise?) I think Tiote in for SMith from the start is a mistake. A total Prem newbie in against an established top team who’ve not lost here for 9 months??

    Still, CH knows best. I trust whatever he puts out there to be the best combination under the circumstances that we don’t see.

  9. Afternoon chaps

    Anyone got any good streaming links?

    (match is on BBC Radio 5 live as well if steams not up to much)


  10. Bowden1980 – Agree about Guthrie, I’m a big fan of his think he’s a clever player with a good delivery, good workrate and not affraid to get stuck in – he was our top assister last year wasnt he?

  11. Bowden1980-cheers mate.
    i agree, he was an unsung hero last season. cant wait to have him back.
    wouldnt suprise me if jonas spat the dummy out but what jj says is right. when i watch him on the ball it doesnt fill me with confidence, its almost like i expect him to get tackled.

  12. DJG says:

    “Great if its true that Tiote is in for the incompetent Smith”.

    Can just see CH telling Smudger he’s really quite incompetent and Smudger replying “Thanks Boss thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me” :)

  13. They’re going to struggle for goals, as long as we don’t fall asleep like Manure did last week. Basically a load of midfielders on there. Not a bad bench though!

    We could nick summat here. :)

  14. Toonsy – “Hughton is just a puppet, brigade” – them shower o coonts really wreck my head!!!

  15. Shame about Guthrie – he’d have been perfect for this match and I’d actually prefer him to Barton given the circumstances. But then, I hear Benny’s getting fairly good at this footie lark ;)

    Anyone a bit nervous of Barton’s ability to keep cool given where he is? Must admit, he was amazingly controlled against Wolves; credit to him.

  16. Good enough player Guthrie is.
    Where in that midfield is he going to fit in.
    Useless when played out wide means he is competing against Barton, Smith, Triote, Nolan
    No chance of making starting eleven. we would be better developing Donaldson and Vuckic

  17. Hate to say it but……… I worry about Beckford. He is the kind of nippy mobile striker our defence seems to struggle against.

    I guess we’ll see forst hand what we missed out on eh :)

    Mark – Sobered up yet you raging beer monster? :)

  18. Toontastico @18 – if he is a puppet, that’s paying Ashley a huge compliment. He must be a footballing genius after all to have pulled those strings!

  19. si- last night was messy mate, but yes i have sobered up just about. still have not recieved my new membership… not impressed, i want my keyring!!!

  20. Mark – I wouldn’t panic – It’s shite anyway. Plus I have already got one exactly the same :lol:

  21. toonsy

    Im not that bothered about Beckford tbh, touch wood. He’s a very overhyped player imo and the Leeds fans didn’t think much of him.

  22. i have got a keyring on me keys, but its the principle dude ;)
    1-1 today and id happily take that there

  23. Bit pissed off that Jonas is missing out. Is that wise against a team that uses the wings a lot? I mean I’ll give people that fact that Jonas’ final ball isn’t the best but when he is teamed with Enrique there isn’t an awful lot that gets conceeded down our left.

    I just worry that if HBA gans walkies it will leave Jose exposed. Plus it leaves tugboat Nolan chundering along up top with Carroll.

    On a more positive note, it appears we have options on the bench for the forst time in ages :)

  24. Beckford will not be a problem…IF we don’t play a high line. Why, oh why does Hughton keep playing such a high line!? Our CB’s are slow and easily beaten for pace.

  25. TOONSY think jonas has been off the mark a little since w.c.imo,would like to have seen ben in nolan place,but guess c.h.has gone for ex

  26. yeah our bench does look strong, strenght in depth at last and guthrie due back soon, were looking like we have a squad

  27. Can’t wait to see Ben Arfa and Tiote getting at it from the start…

    Hughton proved that he is ready to make bold moves…brilliant start so far :D

  28. I see Mackie is playing well for QPR. I remember saying he would be a good squad player for us around Christmas. They got him for a measly £100,000!!!!!

  29. Yes, Beautiful optomism about to be pissed on but much happier with the team selection now Smith aint in.

    One of the grusome twosome i can live with just aboot

    Any links??

  30. So he is playing Ben Arfa eh? Nice one, canny brave of CH, going to try and get a link, really want to see what Tiote is like, love those type of players!

  31. Budalovesa

    Not sure i agree with your comments about Guthrie. The formation we play is almost suited to him playing centrally. Good vision/passing/technique, although at times slightly inconsistant. He isn’t the finished article yet but he could be our next “Rob Lee” style all action midfielder. For now, he is at least cover for Barton, who through injury/disciplinary issues will be missing for probs 20% of season.

  32. ‘Plus it leaves tugboat Nolan chundering along up top with Carroll.’

    Are you trying to imply that Nolan isn’t one of our most mobile players there toonsy. ;)

  33. 30 Toonsie

    agree entirely, would like to play 4-3-3 with Barton – Tiote – Jonas as the three in the middle, with HBA & Lover supporting AC

  34. I applaud CH for the selctions today. Really should be our most talented squad possible. Let’s seem te prduce now.

    Any other Americans on here stuck with Comcast Cable? I believe it is now the only provider in the country that doesn’t carry Fox Soccer Plus. Looks like internet viewing for me. Not sure why FSC feels the need to show Wolves-Tottenham as if there is anyone over here who gives a flying f—.

    Howa the lads!!!

  35. Toonsy – yeah but with the wrong commentry and stopping for 5 seconds every 20 seconds!!! painfull it was!!

    That veetle programme only took about a min to download

  36. toonsy – I have no worries with Williamson against a big forward but he does seem to struggle against smaller quicker players.

  37. At the moment obviously. I just worry that we will get hit with a sucker-punch after playing so well :(

  38. Whumpie – Where have I said owt about Nolan, other then he isn’t the fastest? Will YOU admit that Smith has been rightly dropped on the basis of the performance so far?

  39. Yep, very happy with wor Tiote right now. Pretty happy with everyone, really!

    Still think Smith gets unfair stick, though.

    Right now, having trouble giving a stuff. This is crackin footie!

  40. Whumpie says:
    September 18, 2010 at 3:33 pm
    Come on Toonsy – admit Nolan’s playing a great match here. Much like the whole team, really.
    I think it was Ed (Speed)

  41. Krul to get his chance now by the looks of things. Like Krul, great shot stopper and best distribution from gk for us for a long long time.

  42. I f*cking hate it when the commentators say that about blocking a clearance, saying he has every right to go for it, aye, he has every right to block the clearance, but not to go into the player!

    If people want to block a clearance, do it a foot away from the player, you know, where the ball is, not the man!

  43. Forster won’t want to come back if he is first choice at Celtic, more likely to see soderburg on the bench I think

  44. CC – try the french/belgian feed. Better picture, and you can’t understand a bloody word anyway!

  45. Raffo – What Forster wants and what his emplyer wants are two different things. Remember, he would have a sniff of the No1 at St James’ if he does come back.

  46. Impressed with the performance so far. Nolan’s looking sharp, some nice touches from Perch and Ben Arfa is just quality.

  47. Benny’s just not in it at the moment; not sure if he’s being played out of it by their RB; hard to tell on TV.

  48. Well thank god ben arfa and tiote are in the side, quality. Toonsy – yeah your right but the fact that it was him and not krul that went out on loan would suggest kruls number 2. I actually think Forster could get a sniff of a chance but he will have a job shifting krul

  49. Hey Batty, I remember not to long ago when you said I was on drugs for my opinion on Ben Arfa! You will be agreeing with me soon! He is classssssssssssssss!

  50. shame we couldnt beat blackpool though. hope we dont keep dropping points to crap teams and beating good ones – less good teams than there are bad heh – cmon toon!!!!

  51. Now this is what i like…we’re defending great…breaking dangerously and when we get possession we create chances.

    PS: We all know Ben Arfa but i must say i’m loving Tiote…big, strong, composed..he will get a few goals on breaks….2 great signings

    HOWAY!!!! Let’s win this, Everton got nothing else to throw at us, except maybe Yakubu.

  52. Get in Benny. :) :) :)

    Tiote will be the end of Smith aswell.

    We completely outplayed them I can’t believe it whats gannin on. 8O

  53. these commentators are getting on my FU@KING NERVES! They are so biased its a JOKE! Really irritating…

    Tiote is absolutely CLASS in the center of the pitch and Arfa needs time to get used to the play but with moments like that he won’t be far off…


  54. Ah lets not split hairs Geordie 33!! Wouldnt mind seein him take 1 or 2 set pieces although in fairness theyve all been from the left side so far so right foot of Joey more suited.

    Likes the looks of Tiote so far and we really are playin well however I hope they dont start targetin Perch in the second!

  55. Hopefully Hughton has realised that Ben Arfa and Tiote should be a part of the starting XI from now on. Hope Benny scores a few more today. ;)

  56. What a beaut. Really think HBA should be played in a free role off of Carrol as he beds into the Prem a bit more. Seems a bit wasted on the wing. Reckon he could be a nightmare in the free role, like Dyer but with a shot by the looks of things.

    Still think we need some wingers with a good cross but otherwise I’m really pleased with the new look of the team. Tiote looks just what we have needed for a while, pacey, tenacious midfielder and a calm simple use of the ball.

  57. yep commentator a knob end – even when harper went down he was trying to blame harper for falling wrong lol – like he would have fallen at all unchallenged

  58. I woke my daughter up cheering that HBA strike…what a beauty.

    Thanks to the couple of people who sent the veetle link…it’s a gem.

  59. elliot please dont compare him to dyer ;) dont want to jinx him, yeah he looks similar player but dyer never won 5 titles by same age ;)

    i agree he should have free role though , guti left him more central.we have too many midfeilders though, guthrie still due to come back, smith has no chance now.

    simpson due back ? would like to see him back in side – what about vukic and ranger also , not going to get games

  60. We’ve played great 1st half, but Everton have been really, really off. Moyes is no fool and he will smack them silly in the team talk. They may come out and snap out of it…

    Still, we’ve looked really good…

  61. Barton – I can play for england, im as good as anyone.

    Nolan – These player will need time. Blah blah blah.

    Benny – I will do my talking on the pitch.

    You got that right. :)

  62. Thought Barton and Enrique were especially outstanding but the whole team playing well. So sorry for Harper, looked nasty, broken collar bone maybe? Great goal from Benny Boy! Everton’s Faillini, Arteta and Howard looking good for them.

  63. 2 quick questions~~~

    1) shouldn’t we be wearing Away Jersey??? I thought is a must/tradition to wear away jersey when we playing as away team?

    2) Did anyone saw roy Hodgson in the stand?? I got a strange feeling he is looking at andy carroll~~

  64. I really should at the age of 40 stop dancing around the room when we score, going daft shouting “Its Benny, Its Benny” in front of the famiy ……but I never will !! Come on !!!!!

    STAY TIGHT FOR FIRST 10 – 15 please

  65. AOD – Maybe he is looking at Everton ahead of the derby?

    Edit – Just looked at the dates. Maybe not :lol:

    Carroll won’t go anyway, ie, HE, THE PLAYER won’t want to go….

  66. This was our forte last season, Getting a goal up and killing the game lets see if it works in the top flight

  67. krul

    simpson/perch williamson collo/campbell enrique

    routledge vukic/barton/tiote/guthrie guti


    carrol ranger/loven

    lots options but not sure on best setup tbh

  68. Ha ha good man Reading Mag!! bang right about the first 10-15 taboot

    AOD – I taught we only wore away when jerseys slightly similar?

  69. Sime says:
    September 18, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    we’ve tiotelly dominated this game so far!

    Cue tumbleweed :lol:

  70. just hope arfa doesnt jump ship at end of season to man city or chelsea etc, would be fking typical

  71. Coleman on. Good attacker, but this should free up Ben Arfa a bit as he isn’t as good defensively as Hibbert

  72. DJG

    Does the talking on the pitch because doesnt speak English haha but thats where id like him to do it as well

  73. @Toontastico: Ohhhhh~~Might be that.

    Anyway,Kick off…score another…Park an aeroplane…3points.


  74. Just toonin’ in like.

    Hadaway!! Ben Arfa scored a stunner, did he?? SO happy that this lad really looks the part. And apparently Tiote is a dominant force out there too? And this is his first game! HWTL

  75. MDS-

    Thanks mate! I can’t even begin to explain how happy that makes me. Then again, I don’t need to cos I know that you lot are feelin’ the same way!! hehehe

  76. I always liked Jose and Jonas together but stick Arfa on the left and its one of the strongest wings in the league

  77. Best debut goal by a Mag ? Discuss………..

    Without stating the bleeding obvious this is what we’ve needed for some time i.e. more than just one goal scoring threat. If we could augment the front three with a decent right sided attacking mf (with goals in him) then we’d be a much more potent force and would give the opposition food for thought.

    Or alternatively get Jonas and WR to buck their ideas up 9by becoming more direct) and let HBA pull the strings just behind them.

  78. Who are these commentators man? Bias or what! complete nobs!
    Nightmare for Perch, thought he had been doing well

  79. How is that booking ‘harsh’ on Fellaini? By any interpretation of the rules, that should have been a red.

  80. I hope Sky beep out all of Horne’s fckin commentary tonight. The man is a fckin idiot!

    Told you it would be like the Alimo!

  81. Williamson getting away with a few blatant sketchy fouls in the box? But by the sounds of things, Fellaini should be off!

  82. Willo is pushing it, though – he’ll give a pen next time he tries to mate with Fellaini like that.

  83. We need to take the pressure off here. Campbell on for Williamson before he gets sent off Ditto Perch

  84. I don’t think we can hold on all this half. We need to start pushing out and look to go forward.

  85. Pretty sure that, according to the rules:
    1. If you try to elbow a bloke in the face, yer off.
    2. If you retaliate in any way against a player, yer off.

  86. We’re really under it at the mo. Not sure whether it’ll be a goal or a sending off, but summat’s gonna happen very soon…

  87. Great tackle. Shurrup Nolan.

    Do these players not realise that we all get to see the replay?? Just makes things worse when they cheat and don’tget away with it.

    Hate cheating.

  88. The commentators reaction to Nolan’s pen appeal
    “a well times tackle”
    F*ck me these guys are idiots

  89. Whumpie-Was just about to say both the commentary team and Paul Merson have said that’s a penalty, would expect it to be stonewall if they’re siding with us,lol

  90. Yep, they did have a legitimate shout in the 1st half. Can’t remember who or why, but it was there.

  91. we lost last week and according to some we were relegation fodder … :(

    IF we win today … does that mean that we are champions league material … ;)

  92. Ha! I think the director just had a word with that commentator. STill couldn’t bring himself to admit we deserve to win, though.

  93. Tiote is a true DM. Smart, athletic player that doesn’t take chances or mess about. Disrupts play then makes the smart pass

  94. Tiote’s definately more than a battler. With Barton on form and Ben Arfa looking magic I think we are shaping up very well.

  95. funny how they draw to man utd and we win them yet we get destroyed by man utd, wish we had tiote and arfa at start of season – lol phewwwwww close

  96. Get in. Get in. GET IIIINNNNNN!!!!!

    Was really worried about today’s game, but we played well and gor the result.

  97. HOWAY THE LADS. Good win today. Hard tough gritty second half, and CH and the lads come off the day with a deserved (and quite fantastic) win.

    Sure as sh!t hope Ben Arfa is ok…

  98. Jesus christ, that was close!

    What a win though. No doubt the media will say Everton deserved a draw because they created two chances at the end. In reality we deserved the points.

    Well done lads!

  99. Christ that’s a massive 3 points. Our unbeaten home record is broken last week and we break theirs a week later with a Benny screamer! Happy days!

  100. Just like us to lose our own record-breaking unbeaten home run, only to go and end someone else’s a week later.

    Brilliant, brilliant job. Go have much beer, lads!

  101. Can’t believe that, equaliser looked certain. V good performance this week and luck. Now gonna watch the monkeys get thumped off arsenal. Perfect sat! :)

  102. Still playing at Everton – it looks like Marouane Fellaini has just entered the miss of the season competition, but it’s a brilliant deflection from Fabricio Coloccini. A brilliant move ends with Leighton Baines’ cross and Fellaini seems certain to score, only for the Argentine to thrown himself at the ball. Top stuff.

  103. 3 great points – well pleased.
    Tiote looks like an awesome athlete, strong and moves the ball quickly.
    HTM reminds me of my

  104. Yeah, what a game. I’m gonna have to set my DVR to record Sky Sports News, for sure. What a game! The defense played an absolute stormer!!

  105. Why can’t people give us credit? Sky Sports website is saying Everton were poor not that we were good. Just perhaps we made them look poor, anyone think of that? Bunch of muppets.


  107. On Arfa’s performance today I would pay £10m for him, let alone £6m. Just hope we keep him next season.

    Tiote looked a real good player too, athletic, quick and a good passer.

  108. Thanks for the canal + link. Two amazing signings there. It has been years since I have seen Newcastle playing good football. Other than the Blackpool blip we look pretty damned good. Ben Arfa cannot be stopped.

  109. Newcastle winning 1-0 at Goodison is a great result. That game also gave us the ludicrous statistic regarding James Perch’s five bookings in five games – a Premier League record.

    That’s one awful record he made. 8O

  110. Everton were poor, it’s true, but we looked superb in the 1st half.

    2nd half… man, Everton came out swinging and if we’re honest, it could have been a win for them with hitting the post and that Fellaini sitter… BUT IT DIDN’T AND WE RODE THE LUCK! hah!

    What’s the word on Harps, by the way?

  111. best player in the league bye the end of the season..ref what a joke he was shocking…people said give him time..your best player must play all the time..

  112. So i presume ryan taylor will start our next premier match then???

    Is Simpson fit already???

    And Krul will be starting in the next few matches i presume,judging harper injury seriousness.

  113. FSOTC-The radio said he went down with a groin injury but other’s are saying he’s broken his collar bone. Both reports massively different.

    Looking forward to MOTD tonight, gonna be a good’n. Sitting down to the unwashed hopefully taking a thumping from the gooners!

  114. Great result, great performance from the lads!
    Lets hope we don’t get a hiding at Chelsea so the confidence is carried into the Stoke game..
    BTW thanks for the Canal+ link!

  115. I think Carroll occupies a lot of the oppositions attention, so when they keep him out of the game it only lets others in.

    The club has a ridiculously good summer in the transfer market. They have barely spent anything but have improved the playing squad no end. I expected Ben Arfa to be good but feared Tiote would be cack.

    We have the power and the guile to punch or slice open any team. Just need a bit of luck and our season might not be so stressful. Been a long time since I looked forward to our next game like I am now.

    This proves that the Pool game was just a fluke.

  116. FSOTC-That’s someone on here who’s said they’ve heard he did his collar bone, not necessarily media sources.

    Anyone hear Bruce on ESPN there?- “We need to get close to them, pressure them, tackle them..fairly of course but that’s part and parcel of the game”
    ..Excuses already for his poor tackling Doylems before they’ve even kicked off!

  117. I got ridiculed at work when I said I fancy us to win a few away from home because of how defensively organised we are these days, and i’ve been vindicated.
    We’ve carried on from last season, shutting up shop, look at Rangers at Old Trafford, it doesn’t matter who you are or who you’re playing, if your organised and focused, you will defend a lead, as we have done today. That challenge by Collocini at the end, wowza!

    Does anyone else think we are a better team away from home because the better players we have suit a 4-5-1 formation?

  118. a 4-3-3 for the scum against Arsenal. I’m sure the likes of Fabregas and Arshavin will have plenty of trouble finding their way through a 3 man midfield…

  119. Our right hand side looks weak, need to look at that area in Jan. I think Routledge can still be ok but should not be our only/first choice. I’d be tempted to give Raylor a go there if HBA plays in the hole and Jonas on the right. We’d have enough pace up top to worry teams and at least Raylor can put a good ball in the box. Carrol had nothing to feed off today.

    Great game today though. CM and CB looked very strong. Enrique had a cracker. Everyone tracked back and got involved.

    Great response from the lads and also Hughton showed some balls with his team selection. Good stuff.

    Will Hughton have the balls to play HBA in Nolan’s role? Looks like it could be his best position, I’d stick him in there at Chelsea just to have a look.

  120. I Love Mike says:
    September 18, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    “I got ridiculed at work when I said I fancy us to win a few away from home because of how defensively organised we are these days, and i’ve been vindicated.”

    Divven’t worry about it I Love Mike, I’ve been pooh-poohed on here for virtually everything, but I’m always vindicated in the end. :-)

  121. “CC CC says:
    September 18, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    How biased are these fcuking commentators”

    Tell me about it, CC… I could picture those commentators sitting in their booths with Everton scarves and shirts on. It was pathetic!

    Great result, we were superb first half… Ben Arfa will only get better when he settles and learns how the others play. Tiote was superb.

    MAN OF THE MATCH! Joey Barton!!! Simply outstanding and Coloccini and Enrique played great too.

    I thought we might snatch a win and we did. Delighted.

    Although, I’d like to have seen, Campbell come on to shore up the defence in the last 10 minutes. Hughton could have used the subs to waste some time. Other than that. Great!!!

  122. workyticket workyticket says:
    September 18, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    “”I Love Mike says:
    September 18, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    “I got ridiculed at work when I said I fancy us to win a few away from home because of how defensively organised we are these days, and i’ve been vindicated.”

    Divven’t worry about it I Love Mike, I’ve been pooh-poohed on here for virtually everything, but I’m always vindicated in the end. :-)””

    Cry me a river Worky! ;)

  123. Result of the season and possibly goal of the season from what I’ve heard! I predicted 1-1 but to win at Goodison is a fantastic result…well done lads!!!

    These results make me 99% delighted but also there is 1% sadness. I love Newcastle United and the fact I can’t go to the games or have the facilities to watch them is bad.

    Still I went to support Gateshead today, jumping around like a loony when I heard the HBA goal go in!

    HWTL!!! =)

  124. seriously thats a crackin 3 points and one I for one definately didnt expect. Great performances from both newbies and virtually everytime we got the ball we tried to play it on the deck. Granted they had those two chances at the end but we had that stonewall peno. A deserved 3 points no doubts. Sorry for Harper but, and i don like t say it, id prob prefer to see Krul start anyhoo. Barton was quality today tried to be inventive whenever possible & wasnt affraid to run with it either. Rout worked his socks off and i can only seeing him growing as his confidence does. Jose looked every bit as good as last year.

    Couldnt have been arsed even leavin the gaf after last weeks dissapointment but im off t the pub noo to have a fun n’frolicks filled sat night!

    Have a fat weekend all and cheers for hostin Toonsy!


  125. Well Lads just back from seeing my new Granddaughter and and when I got into the car checked the radio to hear we were winning :) what a day So without reading through it all where did Benny Boy play ? and to think I said earlier that Toon could sneak the win and Benny score the Goal ;)

  126. Well I had us down for a draw, great result, shame I missed Ben Arfas goal, 5th in the league eh? Not too shabby, if it weren’t for Spurs late goals we’d be 4th. Champions league here we come, lol!

  127. Has Colo proved he just needed time to settle in the Prem? Been really good this year, and a couple runs forward for him today!

  128. “Has Colo proved he just needed time to settle in the Prem? Been really good this year, and a couple runs forward for him today!”

    He is a quality defender

  129. cornish -lol indeed! Last week we were relegation certs according to some, this week we’ll be top 6!
    Still, did not expect that – was daring to hope for a point, no more.
    One of my workmates is a true-blue Evertonian very upbeat after last week and he asked if we’d still be friends after they beat us. Have to find out how HE feels after the weekend!

  130. checked the board this morning,not many were giving us a chance.it was a walk in the park,apart from a few hairy moments near the end,right lets get pissed.

  131. Ben Arfa and Tiote looked great today and give us an extra dimension , i thought Krul looked good as well when he replaced Harper . I think todays game has sent out a message WE ARE BACK .

  132. Great performance. Arfa with a debut goal, Tiote calm and played simple balls not risking what were precarious times The defence held on under trying times.

  133. Here are my thoughts –

    Enrique, Ben arfa, barton, williamson, collocini ALL excellent.

    Tiote had a smashing first half – rarely gave the ball away and drove forwards from a deep midfield berth, but seemed to tire in the second half (understandably).

    The stunning goal aside, I was really encouraged by the close link up play in the centre today, really inteliigent passing.

    We should have had our second before the last nervy 15 mins – and Nolan, Carroll, routledge all missed gilt edged chances to grab the winner. (all set up by Arfa I think).

    As with the wolves clear goal scoring opening – it fell on Carroll’s right foot and he hashed it – he needs to sort that out quick smart.

    Overall – a fantastic 3 points – is ben arfa playing himself into the shop window for manure/ chelsea/ arsenal? probably but if hughton can get the team finishing the chances we are creating – we might not be THAT far behind them before too long.


  134. Ben Arfa looks like you could just slot him in anywhere and he’ll do a job. He was committed when defending and magical with the ball at his feet.

    Granted Jonas looked like a world beater in his first match at Old Trafford and has struggled at times since, but from the beginning he wasn’t providing much of an end product either. HBA seems to have an eye for goal and played a couple of clever passes in the final third.

  135. Ice – Nah man. He looked fine to me. He can have a week off now anyway. Rest him against Chelsea and unleash him against Stoke.

    One thing that does concern me is Sky. They were all over Hughton praising HBA. Get yer mits off you grubby kunts :lol:

  136. Shame Stoke couldn’t have won today, because a win by ManU tomorrow would mean Liverpool 4th from bottom. :D