Everton v Newcastle – Match preview.

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Goodison Park - Home of Everton FC.
Goodison Park - Home of Everton FC.
Newcastle are back on the road again this weekend and will be looking to bounce back following the disappointing home defeat at the hands of Blackpool last weekend.

Goodison Park is the destination as Newcastle visit yet another ground that has been less than profitable in terms of points gained for The Toon over the years.

Newcastle battled back from two goals down to earn a 2-2 draw in our last Premier League match at Goodison Park with goals from Steven Taylor and Damien Duff cancelling out a penalty from Mikel Arteta and a neat finish from Marouane Fellaini in what was Joe Kinnear’s first match in charge for us after his shock appointment into the role in the first place.

Newcastle manager Chris Hughton has made differing hints over what starting line-up will be named. Some interviews have hinted that he may stick with the same starting XI for the fifth game in a row whilst other interviews hint towards the fact that changes could be made after the Blackpool debacle.

I suppose it keeps people guessing but it really doesn’t help me whilst trying to predict a team. On a plus point, there are no new injury worries for Newcastle and Sol Campbell is just about match fit after his excursions in the reserve game against Chelsea in midweek. Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheick Tiote are also pushing for a place in the starting line-up tomorrow. I would personally like to see a team of.

NewcastleHarper, Perch, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique, Routledge, Barton, Nolan, Gutierrez, Ben Arfa, Carroll.

As I said, that is the team I would like to see. Cheick Tiote may well be ready for a debut but given the fact that not many of us know an awful lot about him I would expect him to come off the bench for his debut.

Everton are carrying a few injuries in their squad at the moment, particularly in the striker department. Toffee’s boss David Moyes was forced to play two midfielders up front for last weeks 3-3 draw against Manchester United, but ultimately it worked and they got a point from the game. Jack Rodwell, Louis Saha and Victor Anichebe all remain on the sidelines whilst Tim Cahill faces a late fitness test on a knee injury ahead of of the game. Phil Neville returns to action after recovering from a foot injury. This how they lined up against Manchester United;

EvertonTim Howard, Tony Hibbert, Phil Jagielka, Silvain Distin, Leighton Baines, Leon Osman, John Heitinga, Mikel Arteta, Steven Pienaar, Marouane Fellaini, Tim Cahill.

For more stats and facts relating to the game tomorrow, check out Paul Reece’s ‘Top ten facts and stats to know about Everton’ here.

As for the game, I personally don’t hold out much hope of us getting a result at Goodison Park tomorrow afternoon and feel that if we could sneak a draw then it would be a fantastic result for us. It isn’t an easy place to go to and I expect another tough and physical match to be played out on Merseyside.

My prediction: Everton 2-0 Newcastle, unfortunately, although I hope I am wrong!

Howay the lads!

Date – Saturday, 18th September, 2010.

Time – 15:00.

Venue – Goodison Park, Liverpool.

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56 Responses

  1. Tiote = not the sort of player, in my opinion, who comes off the bench and ‘makes an impact’, Ben Arfa is however. My team would be the same as Blackpool but Tiote for Smith and bring Ben Arfa on on the hour.

    Reet, beer time, HWTL

  2. ILM agree on the tiote bit,but would like ben on from the start if only to change tact,dont want team to be easy read as hollaway found out imo

  3. TOONSY well said (boater) m8,anyway who could not like batty,one mans meat and all that,one thing i really dis-like is personal digs,no need imo

  4. There would be no pressure on us if we has secured 3 points last week!
    I will be delighted if we get a point.
    Can’t see HBA starting tomorrow as CH will go with a
    4-5-1 formation.
    Tiote for Smith appears to be a realistic option.
    Wine o’clock now……..

  5. I’d love it if the Senior squad played as wild and crazy as the Reseerves last night-except for the last second penalty.

  6. I don’t understand why so many people are suggesting Tiote may, or even should, start ahead of Smith tomorrow.

    He hasn’t played 1 second of first team football where as Smith has started every game and in all honesty whatever people’s opinions of him are, I like him and think he’s a good character to have at the club.

    Yeah, maybe we all want the big name international signings playing more, but as a club and as a manager it would be completely wrong for Hughton to start alienating people like Smith, Nolan, Perch and so on because fans want to see something else. These players are good attitude, hard working figures and represent on the pitch as well as in the dressing room. Definitely I would agree we need to give everybody a chance and get the new guys up to premier league speed, but the performance against Blackpool should not lead to kneee jerk changes in unfavoured personnel. Let the new guys Tiote and Ben Arfa have a good half hour at least tomorrow – but I don’t see why they should be starting.

  7. Will be a fighting loss for us tomorrow! 1-0 toffee’s. Hope to be wrong!!! And hope to see Tiote get a start in for Smith.

  8. Stuart79 says:
    September 17, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    “Be happy with a draw but Everton are a good side and are due a win.”

    Aye Stuart, but it’s not unusual for them to be a bit below par, or unlucky early on in the season, then show their true style playing catch up later on. Could be wishful thinking there though.

  9. Peter Loverhands-agree with you on some points mate, whilst I don’t think Smith is that great a player, I can’t help but like him..for some reason, anyway for whatever reasons we are stuck with him-however, I don’t think he carries out his role too effectively..after all he’s a converted striker, whereas Tiote is apparently supposed to have pace and a physical presence, and here’s hoping he can tackle well-however we’ll only know once he plays 90mins for us IMO-we need to know how long he can go, and see if his concentration or determination wane through a game, no point just chucking him on for 20mins or even a half hour. Plus we have nothing to lose-its Everton away, and I think no matter how slow starters they are, even expecting a point is asking a hell of a lot, for an established side like Everton. As for alienating Perch? Well to be honest perhaps R.Taylor should feel alienated? He is a utility player but I think both have their strengths, not too fussed out of which one starts tbh, but at the same time if Perch gets another yellow and suspension I think he can do a job for us.
    As for Arfa… I think he could replace anyone of our starters in Nolan/Barton/Rout/Jonas, but Barton and Nolan will be staying..and Jonas has looked a little dodgy this season, so maybe Arfa should get the nod ahead of him. Plus, obviously we don’t want personalities dictating anything and its all up to CH, but at the same time I don’t think we should alienate our new squad members, or they will become discontented quickly, especially Arfa, and he does seem like a tw@t once riled :) Give the new boys a whirl, we’ve got nowt to lose.

  10. batty,
    How much have you got riding on the Toon winning?

    Draw for me will be a good result.

    (can’t do a smiley..)

  11. jay jay says:
    September 17, 2010 at 10:37 pm
    Maybe ben arfa can work a bit of magic tomorrow.
    >>>Maybe we should have signed Paul Daniels or David Copperfield lol. (no offence intended

  12. Ringa pakia
    Uma tiraha
    Turi whatia
    Hope whai ake
    Waewae takahia kia kino

    Ka Mate! Ka Mate!
    Ka Ora! Ka Ora!
    Tenei te ta ngata puhuru huru
    Nana nei i tiki mai
    Whakawhiti te ra
    A upane ka upane!
    A upane kaupane whiti te ra!

  13. So we don’t want to start alienating Smith an co? So when’s a good time to make a change to the starting eleven? If it’s the same team again today then it’s 4 in a row. Then you’ll be saying Stoke isn’t the best team to have your first start against, then it becomes 5. Play your best team always. In a perfect world if we want Ben Arfa playing Nolans role, then Nolan would have to drop back into Smiths, and he’s rubbish there. The best we can hope for is Tiote in for Smith and possibly Arfa on a wing. But then again I said we wouldnt have enough firepower upfront to beat Villa and we put 6 in so who knows.

  14. Highly likely that Smith will start over Tiote,Smith is a proven Premier league player.We cant drop him after one bad performance,The main thing Smith needs to is improve every week so he can keep his place in the team.

  15. So when does Tiote, an international and a League winner in Holland get to become a ‘proven player’? Never, or at another club? Cauz he’s waiting in the wings of someone who, whilst may be great in the dressing room certainly wouldnt strike fear into any opposing side apart from perhaps their medical staff.

  16. The Holland League is nothing to compare to The English Premier league,Playing for your country doesn’t make you a proven premier league player.If we put him into the deep end of the pool and let him drown,Us fans will get on to his back.We need to look into the bigger picture,He need time to understand the league and how fast it is.I would start him against Chelsea in the Carling cup.

    Thats just my view on this,
    Howay the Lads.
    Send them Everton scum back they bins !

  17. Surely Tiote is ideal for this game – against a combative midfield away from home? I’d like to see him in for Smith, with HBA coming off the bench with time to go once the pattern is established – he looks like the sort of player who’d force Everton to change their approach

  18. ————————Harper————————–
    —Routledge———–Ben Arfa————-Gutierrez—

    Wont happen but in the words of Martin Luther King:

    I have a dream that one day Smith and Nolan will not dictate team selection and allow little Ivorian and Tunisian boys to hold hands with little Scouse and not so little Geordie boys as brothers, I have a dream today… :(

  19. Such utter rubbish on here about Smith. Everyone remembers how he gives away a penalty (find me a DM who doesn’t) but conveniently forgets when he’s the crux of a fantastic performance (e.g. 6-0 Villa) or the one who refuses to let heads droop when we’re behind (like Wolves).

    Thank gawd people on here aren’t in charge of selection. They’d happily play a total Premiership newbie against a team who’ve not lost at home in 9 months, on the basis of YouTube clips and internet gossip.


    Yep, you sound just like him.