Top ten facts and stats to know about Everton.

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Sticky Toffee time?
Sticky Toffee time?
Following on from last week’s facts on Blackpool I have decided to take a slightly different approach to this week’s preview of the trip to Goodison Park.

I am now going to try to incorporate more facts relating to this history between the two clubs as well as facts which relate to the big game along with the trivial facts of The Toffee’s to cast your eyes over. I hope you enjoy!

1. The record between the two clubs over the years is incredibly close. Out of 158 games, United have won 62 and Everton have won.. 62, with the the clubs drawing 34 times. The two clubs are even neck and neck for goals scored with United just edging it with 239 compared to 238 for The Toffees.

2. The bad news for United fans travelling down to Goodison Park however is that United have managed just five wins from the last 16 league visits to Merseyside in the Premier League, failing to win in the last 7 trips. United’s last win came in  the 2001/02 season with messers Bellamy, Solano and Acuna netting the goals in a 3-1 win. Take some comfort from the fact United battled to a 2-2 in their last visit to Goodison Park in Joe Kinnears first game in the Newcastle hot seat.

3. There have been a huge number of notable players who have played for both United and Everton in recent years. The biggest names have been Everton legend John Bailey, Paul Gascoigne, Peter Beardsley, Marc Hottiger,  David Ginola, Gary Speed, Steve Watson, Duncan Ferguson, Sylvain Distin, Alessandro Pistone, Paul Bracewell, Louis Saha and most recently and controversially of course, Dan Gosling.

In 2004 United fans perhaps never quite believed that Wayne Rooney would join the list as The Toon entered a bidding war with Manchester United – a war The Red Devils eventually won although Rooney did admit that if he didn’t join the Red Devils then he would have come to St James’.

4. David Moyes switched from Preston to Goodison Park in March 2002 replacing Walter Smith and in that time he has took the club to Champions League (albeit it just the qualification round) and FA Cup final, but with a couple of seaons of relegation worries in the middle of his spell at the club. He is perhaps a shining example that managers need to be given time to build a side. His managerial record at Everton stands at 382 games, 162 wins, 93 draws and 127 defeats giving him a win percentage of 42%. With his record vs Newcastle being 5 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses.

5. Moyes win Percentage is 3% better then the record of ex mag and Everton boss Gordon Lee’s record which was 39% at Everton with 92 wins, 72 draws and 70 defeats from 234 games. Lee spent two years on Tyneside arriving from Blackburn Rovers in 1975 and lead United to League Cup final in 1976. However Lee will always be remebered as the man who sold Super Mac. A bust up with the prolific forward saw Macdonald leave for Arsenal in 1976 for the bizarre fee of £333,333.33. Lee didn’t last much longer as he headed to The Toffee’s who Lee finished League Cup Runner up with for the second year in a row.

6. Toon hater Andy Gray ranks among the legends of Goodison Park despite making only 68 appearances. During his brief spell at the club he helped the Toffees to League and Cup success and the European Cup winners Cup with an inspiring performance in what has since been called ‘Goodison’s greatest night’ as they overcame the mighty Bayern Munich in the semi-final. 

Other legends include record scorer Dixie Dean who netted 383 goals in 433 appearances including an incredible 60 goals in a single season, culminating in 9 goals in his final 3 games. Welsh goalkeeper Neville Southall holds the record for most appearances with 750 starts (216 more then second placed Brian Labone) between 1981 and 1997.

7. The 18th of September will be remembered for Everton as being the date of  Goodison parks record attedance was achieved in 1948 as the blue side of merseyside hosted the red side infront of 78,299. The Toffees also made their European Cup debut on this day in 1963 as they played out goalless draw at home to Inter Milan.

8. The 2010/11 season is Everton’s 108th season in the top flight, an English record, and they have been ever present in the top flight since 1954 playing more top flight games then any other team as well as lifting the title no fewer then 9 times, putting them 4th on the overall list. They have also won the FA Cup five times, with the last time being in a 1-0 win over Manchester United under Joe Royle.

9. Howard Kendall was the last manager to lead Everton to the League Championship as well as winning the FA Cup and Kendall is the last manager English manager to lift a European trophy whilst managing an English side after the Toffee’s defeated Rapid Vienna to lift the Cup Winners Cup back when the two Merseyside clubs dominated English football. Interestingly, Kendall’s uncle Harry Taylor played for Newcastle United.

10. Finally I would again like to finish by looking at the Ladbrokes match odds ahead of Saturdays game. The home side are 4/6 favorites to win with United 9/2 and a draw priced 5/2. The odds for United getting another 2-2 on Merseyside are 14/1.

Tim Cahill is favourite for first goal at 9/2 with Andy Carroll priced 7/1. Whilst Ben Arfa scoring his first goal for United is priced at 12/1 and Check Tiote 25/1. Ex-pompey partners Distin and Campbell are both priced at 33/1.

Howay the lads!

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113 Responses

  1. Only need to know one fact about Everton – It’s full of Scousers and for that fact, it’s a shit hole!

  2. Good point Stuart, but even if you took them away and stuck geordies there, it would still be a shithole.

  3. Whilst Stuart is obviously correct I’ve always found them to be a better bunch than the Kop. Not expecting anything from the match-just want a decent performance from the lads, and maybe a decent run out for the new boys, especially Tiote.

    On a side note..shame we got Owen instead of Rooney eh?

  4. I think Liverpool is alright, usually stay there for the weekend when i’m there for the match, can have it’s nice places and it’s not so nice places, but so can everywhere.

    However Goodison! Now that place IS a shit hole!!

  5. AS ILM says, it’s a place that has his nice places and it’s shite places, much like everywhere else to be honest.

    Don’t mind Evertonians to be fair. My two best men at my wedding are Evertonians in fact. They are more similar to Geordies that you would like to think!

  6. Don’t get the hatred towards the toffees. I like the way they act as a team and they have a manager that I would love to see at nufc. Got no beef with the fans either. Better than the red lot.

  7. Oh apart from during the gane. For 90 minutes they are my worst enemy.:-)

    Why do people think that calling themself raul moat winds us up?
    Do the same people go on Leeds utd sites and call themselves peter sutcliffe?

  8. micky toon scouser are sick in the head ,let face it in the last 10 years 2 of theres been 2 poor bairns killed by kids , what are there teaching there kids

  9. Batty. Forgot about that. Sick. Plus that venables lad has just been done for being a kiddie fiddler

  10. batty says:
    September 17, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    “micky toon scouser are sick in the head ,let face it in the last 10 years 2 of theres been 2 poor bairns killed by kids , what are there teaching there kids”

    batty, divven’t gan on aboot that like, divven’t ye remember Mary Bell? ;-)

  11. Jay Jay – Keyring is fine and dandy. No doubt the mrs will be placing it on the car keys later just to make my life a little bit less bearable.

  12. On topic, where the hell does Paul get all of these stats from? If he keeps this up I may have to silence him :twisted: :lol:

  13. Might seem like a daft question but are there any teams/places we (the collective royal version rather than the individual person) actually like. :)

    And as child abuse is being mentioned. I happened to catch the Popes hand shaking session and was amazed to see my local MP seemingly being singled out for special attention by both the Pope and the Queen. He is a real wet looking tw&t but I never realised he must be a Bilderburger! Funny thing is although I have never complained about the proposed local airport expansion plans, he constantly sends me letters (from his office I assume rather than from him in person)keeping me up to date about it. Although I did write about the proposed Heathrow third runway and signed up for one of the plots of land to stop it.
    And whilst I am drivelling on pointlessly, I watched the 100 years of the Tyne thingy on Telly and at times was almost expecting to see myself in some of the footage, not the really early stuff though. :) Really interesting and nostalgic>

  14. The royal we ;)

    Just read that there are plans to bring back deposits for bottles and cans? Excellent :lol:

    I say that is a start, but they should really contemplate briniging back the Corona pop man :)

  15. Off-topic.

    Kevin Keegan has joined the ESPNsoccernet team, and he starts his weekly column by lauding Cesc Fabregas and giving his views on Arsenal’s trip to Sunderland.


  16. LoL, did I really just see a post from someone callin’ themselves Raul Moat? And he was trying to wind us up? LoL I’m havin’ a laugh at him, no doubt. Hwtl and howay ben arfa! Get the lad in and get him a goal!

  17. Big Willy – Cubs. I remember them. I remembe going on camp with them and having to build a boat/raft type thing. Mine sank half way across.

    I didn’t even get one badge in my time with them :(

  18. toonsy says:
    September 17, 2010 at 4:01 pm
    The royal we

    “Just read that there are plans to bring back deposits for bottles and cans? Excellent

    I say that is a start, but they should really contemplate briniging back the Corona pop man”

    It all used to be ‘Villa’ Mackem muck when I was a bairn.

  19. Big Willy says:
    September 17, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    “Might seem like a daft question but are there any teams/places we (the collective royal version rather than the individual person) actually like.”

    Divven’t think so, Willy. I was watching a documentary on Jack Rebney, the cult legend dubbed “the angriest man on the planet” last night and he was no different to the average Magpie.

  20. Right, game time. Guess who said this :lol:

    “I’m not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter Milan or Real Madrid.

    “It wouldn’t be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time.

    “Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem.

    “It’s not where I’m suited to, it’s just where I’ve been for most of the time.

    “It’s not a problem to take me into the higher reaches of the Champions League or Premier League and would make my job a lot easier in winning it.”

  21. batty says:
    September 17, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    “when a was a kid a used too rob crates full of emptys from oot the back of pubs”

    batty, I used to have a racket gannin’ on with Embassy cigarette coupons when I was a bairn. That’s where the serious money was back in the good old days. I used to take carrier bags full into the old factory to cash in, but it was the worst smell I’ve ever known in there. I can still remember it.

  22. Batty – Correct. So now Big Sam believes his rightful place is at a club like Inter or Real? And Newcastle fans get called deluded? :lol:

    The guy needs to face up. He had a team that on paper was the best he has ever worked with. He had money of the like he never had before, yet he blew it when he was with us.

  23. Batty – It wasn’t really a quiz mate. I was more pointing out what the gobshite Allardyce has been spewing again :)

  24. toonsy says:
    September 17, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    “Right, game time. Guess who said this”

    He also said somthing about how he’d be revered as a truly great manager if his surname was “Allardici” instead of Allardyce. :lol:

  25. Allardyce’s clearly not been taking his medication – bless. Definite delusions of grandeur. He’s barking.

  26. batty says:
    September 17, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    ” the good old days worky”

    Aye, my first ‘job’ was in my parent’s prize bingos, it was 25 tabs for a win so I’d split them up and get paid in the coupons. If any parents let their bairns do that now, they’d probably be taken into care. One of the bingos, on Deckham Bank, was in the film “Get Carter”.

  27. Worky 43 – you’re right there. But looking back it didn’t do you any harm did it? Kids today are too mollycoddled

  28. What about Chomps? Are they still 10p? Also Tranform-a-snacks. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I next buy a pack of them now they are 15p and not 10p :mad:

  29. geordie deb says:
    September 17, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    “Worky 43 – you’re right there. But looking back it didn’t do you any harm did it?”

    It made me a feckin’ fortune, Deb! :-)

    You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face with all the smoke in those bingos like. All the auld grandmuthas used to smoke about 120 tabs a day back in those days!

  30. Batty – I’m mollycoddled now because I have put myself in a position to do it myself. When I was growing up I was far from it ;)

  31. toonsy says:
    September 17, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    “Speaking of mollycoddled, I’m trying to blag a Porsche out of work”

    Have they not given you one of those LFAs yet, Toonsy? They look quite nippy like.

  32. Worky – Nah. I can have a Prius though :lol:

    Believe it or not, Prsche have approached us to work with them on the logistics (my domain) side of things, which is why I am trying to blag a Porsche! I don’t think it will work mind. Fiat also approached us but the imperial Japanese paymasters said no as they don’t want to help someone who is operating in the same niche of the market as we are.

    Fair enough I guess. I have give them a date of November 29th to get the Porsche side up and running.

  33. On the reminiscing thing still and the 100 years on the Tyne I was amazed to see The Little Waster himself still ganning strong. He used to be one of my dads favourites turns on Workers playtime on the radio in the fifties. Apparently he is still outselling most of the modern or near modern stars on DVD etc. in the NE.
    My mother was never without a fag in her hand although she just packed it in when she was in her late sixties saying she didn’t want to die young after her doctor told her off about it!!

  34. @batty….

    -“when a was a kid a used too rob crates full of emptys from oot the back of pubs…”

    -“pickled onion me fav deb”

    It’s always enlightening to read your thoughtful reflections on the cultural, psychological and anthropological issues surrounding the modern competitive football landscape. Have you ever thought about turning that herculean intellect of yours towards debates of the spiritual, philosophical and meta-physical nature? And they say we no longer live in an era of ‘great thinkers’.. well, let me tell you Mr. Batty, ‘they’ are wrong.

  35. Geordie Deb-

    Good to see ya back on here! It’s been a minute, like:)

    Can’t believe Fat Sam thinks he should be at a club like Inter. That’s the joke of the day right there!!

  36. Big Willy The Little Waster – my dad used to love listening to him. One of my friends down here in the midlands used to find him hilarious as well, I couldn’t believe that he could understand him. Remember living in the smoke years ago and Bobby Thompson appeared at Wimbledon theatre I think it was. We went along and the place was packed to the rafters – all exiled geordies, what a laugh.

  37. mary bell fancied herself as a serial killing rembrandt,carving her name into the chest of young’uns,the sick twisted bitch.
    what do you call a scouser with no arms?honest.
    what do you call a scouser with a 4 bedroom house?a burglar.
    what do you call a scouse lass in a white shellsuit?the bride.

  38. Big Willy says:
    September 17, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    “On the reminiscing thing still and the 100 years on the Tyne I was amazed to see The Little Waster himself still ganning strong.”

    The Mackem’s answer to Noel Coward.

  39. Boater, whats wrong with pickled onion crisps, I love them and I have it on good information the Jean Paul Sartre does (did) as well. So leave our batty alone mate.

  40. TROJAN 69 says:
    September 17, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    “mary bell fancied herself as a serial killing rembrandt,carving her name into the chest of young’uns,the sick twisted bitch.”

    She also mutilated the genitals of one of her victims, Brian Howe, who was three.

  41. Worky, he wasn’t a mackem was he? Well I’ll gan to the top of our stairs, as me dad used to say.

    Also on the 100 years thing my missus said “was there really a Blaydon races”, Duhh!

  42. workyticket says:
    September 17, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    “She also mutilated the genitals of one of her victims, Brian Howe, who was three.”


  43. Thanks O’Hurley – mind you I’ve never left. I always get on here most days at least once a day to catch up with the news. Haven’t commented as much but always enjoy the vibe. Was laughing last week with Batty/Dog/Richie’s roof exploits. You can’t beat the geordie humour. Still miss it despite living away from Newcastle longer than I ever lived there. Anyway taking daughter up for Newcastle Uni open day in a few weeks time.She loves Newcastle but just hope she loves the course and keep fingers crossed she gets an offer from there. I’m trying not to influence her too much – but think the snorts of derision when she mentions anywhere other than newcastle give it away! If she gets accepted I’ve told her me and her will get a season ticket then I can visit her every few weeks and kill two birds with one stone – see her and see the match – simple. Anyway how are you doing O’Hurley? How’s life in Nashville?

  44. Big Willy says:
    September 17, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    “Worky, he wasn’t a mackem was he?”

    Aye Willy, he was from Penshaw / Fatfield originally, and he had that whingy Mackem tone in his voice. He was funny like!

  45. Oh well, he was and is still a NE icon loved by all from that neck of the woods. I suppose we all have some sort of skeleton in our closet. :)

    Going back to the Popes hand shaking session, I was waiting to see some sort of Pagan representation, perhaps a witch or Druid or, a Jeddai knight as they were one of the biggest minority religions mentioned on the last census form. ;)

  46. batty – your posts reek of weapon dogs, grey tracksuit bottoms and happy meals. Are you a chav? You can’t spell; can barely fashion a sequential sentence, nay logical thought.

    You will no doubt respond in’attack/swearing mode’, because that’s how you’re hard wired mate, or surprise me with a little bit more thought or class!?!

    Anyway – half expecting Raylor to get a start in place of Perch; Arfa for Jonas/routledge; Tiote for smith; and MAYBE Sol for Willimason.

  47. Batty, looks liked boater has shafted himself unless we really have a player called “Willmason”. Talk about throwing stones in glass houses. ;)

  48. Batty. You could always refrain from offensive language?!

    * It’s “I know your game” not “a know your game” – “I’ll” not “ile”.

    You start a thread about child molestation on a pre-match football page!?! and then follow up it with vile language and general cretinous illiteracy.

    In the words of JB Jovi – You give blogs a BAD name.

  49. Big Willy – sorry to rain on the parade, but there is a distinct, clear and massive difference between making typos – which hey, we all do; and being an unschooled, odious, illiterate chav. If you don’t acknowledge that difference, then that’s your look out.

  50. Boater, dunno why you have it in for batty but if you don’t like his comments then just ignore them, not everyone is an intellectual giant like yourself.

    But as you have mentioned football why would you want to drop Willimason, sorry Williamson. He has been one of our best players. I agree with Tiote for Smith although from what I have read he is just as likely to get redcarded. And HBA really has to start imo and I suppose Routledge is the likely loser although I would prefer to see Nolan as the one out.
    My head says we will lose this one although I’m prepared to be pleasantly surprised, it’ll be tight either way I reckon.

  51. toonsy says:
    September 17, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    What about Chomps? Are they still 10p? Also Tranform-a-snacks. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I next buy a pack of them now they are 15p and not 10p

    Transform-a-snacks were crap random shapes that tasted feck all like spicy tomato, Now pickled onion Space Raiders were 10p well spent IMHO ;)

  52. Big Willy – I wouldn’t want to drop Williamson, I think he’s been excellent – I just think Hughton may want to give sol a start, Williamson will have been told he is the long-term choice so he’ll know to take it on the chin.

  53. I really hope we take 6 points off Newcastle this year and knock them out of the cup….and that they get relegated …and that the little mercenary Gosling never gets better. Having said that, the fans are ace and deserve better than the tripe they are forced to watch. Even though they have obviously eaten all the pies and insist on standing on the terraces with their big bloaty bellies and mis-spelt toon tattoos I kinda love them. 3-0 to the blues…Thank you very much.

  54. Boater, it’s going to be even more interesting when Stevie comes back and is fully fit again, on paper we should have an iron clad defence. Although he may even be vieing for the RB spot. I was gobsmacked with Raylor’s throw-ins in the CC game, he was as effective as the Stoke gadgie and is probably worth playing just for that. Could be our long term RB now he is actually fully fit.

  55. Yeah, to be fair watching some of Tiote’s tackles I imagine he’ll be shown plenty of colour while he’s with us..but still, if he has pace then at least he has something on Smith. I’d be tempted to push Barton back into Smith’s usual position and whack Arfa in the centre, Barton can push up and get us another 30yard screamer if he wants, and take our free kicks :) but otherwise I’m not so sure about his finishing…maybe he should sit back and pass onto the rest of our midfield?

  56. Got to go out now, my missus wants to eat out in an expensive restaraunt, beans on toast for rest of week. :)

  57. on the nostalgia front
    can you still get cremola foam?
    if you had that at school you had freeloaders hanging off you

  58. I know what boaters beef with batty is all about. He is the vicar of the church where batty robbed all that lead from last week. :-)

  59. Cheers Micky Toon, Hope you get a consolation goal for the sake of all your travelling, pastie murdering hordes of fans. You lot are okay but you all talk like you have a severe speech impediment. Get rid of that accent so we can all understand what you are trying to say when you are crying after the match…. I forgot to mention before that I also hope that Barton pulls down his shorts again at us ‘cos I reckon if he does that big gay lanky centre forward of yours will score for the first and only time at Goodison.

  60. The irony of a scouser talking about accents. Eh la? It’s just as well that you can’t type in scouse because I can never understand anything you lot ever say. It’s just high pitch whining and spit. I’ll look out for you Moyesboyz and buy you a pint if I see you. I already know what you look like. Kappa shell suit and a tache. Might be hard to tell you apart from the crowd though.
    I’d mention something about one of your team being the one looking at Bartons arse, but I can’t think of anyone good who plays for you.
    All the best.

  61. Cheer Fella…. I will buy you a pint back and we can both have a laugh as you try and swig it back to keep your lovely Geordie body in shape. Beer-Barrel shape that is. Anyway don’t talk about ‘taches after that Barton abomination I saw last week. Just when you thought you have run out of material you put a 70’s porn star out in midfield with a caterpillar under his nose. Glad to see you lot are keeping up with all the latest fashion trends. 3-1 to the blues Thank you very much.

  62. @ 94 stick to what your good at – day dreaming about a romantic weekend with shola xxxx

    in the words of le sulk – go f@ck yourself.

  63. A CHOKER OF A RESULT FOR US…..I AM GUTTED, But I came on here to have a poke at you lot but you did a job on us and the better team on the day won, no arguements here. I still hope you get relegated though.