Controversial advertising boards given the go ahead.

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The Gallowgate - Soon be sporting three new signs.
The Gallowgate - Soon be sporting three new signs.
There has been a bit of a storm brewing at St James’ Park over the last few weeks, and it is six advertising boards that have been the in the eye of it.

Controversial plans to stick some advertising signs to the side of the St James’ Park were given the go ahead yesterday despite the plans attracting more that 23,700 objections, including objections from as far a field as Malaysia.

But now Newcastle City Council have agreed the planning application submitted bby the club which will see three new signs attached to the Milburn Stand and another three signs attached to St James’ Park on the outside of the Gallowgate End with the long term aim being to increase commercial revenue coming into the club.

Yes that is right, the long term plan is to increase revenue into the club, and if these signs can do that then I don’t have an issue with it. I understand that people may not like them, but at the end of the day the plans have been given the go ahead after the council has heard any objections that people have against the proposal.

Two signs measuring 8m x 4m plus another sign measuring 22m x 2.5m will be attached the outside of the Milburn Stand whilst the Gallowgate will now display another two 8m x 4m signs and another measuring in at 9.2m x 16.5m.

The club has maintained all along that there is no intention for the ground to have it’s name changed from St James’ Park, and to be honest, the last time it was changed nobody that didn’t support Newcastle United battered an eyelid to it. There were a few wind-ups from opposing fans but, well, so what. Sticks and stones and that, and they soon died down.

“We are not changing the name of St James’ Park,” Steve Burn said on behalf of the club. “We are trying to attract new commercial partners. There are many stadiums throughout the country which do this sort of thing.”

As I said earlier this move willl make some people unhappy, even though it has now gone through the proper channels. Planning applications such as this are usually dealt with behind closed doors at the council but due to the large number of objections it was thought that it would be better to buck the trend and hear this particular application in public.

Bill Cochrane, a committee member of the Newcastle United Supporters Association, had this to say at the meeting according to The Journal;

“These signs can not have a positive impact on conservation of the area. St James’ Park has been described as sitting on the top of a hill overlooking a city in the same way as the Parthenon. They don’t allow advertising on the side of the Parthenon and it shouldn’t be allowed on the side of St James’ Park.”

“Those signs make it look like some sort of sports store inside a shopping mall. People are going to come here and mock us. This thing destroys the credibility of the city.”

The Parthenon? Really? Anyway, now the move has been given the green light it will be interesting to see what becomes of these new signs. If we sell them to a company that isn’t SportsDirect quickly enough then I reckon a lot of those rejections to these proposals will just drift away anyway.

Time will tell!

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72 Responses

  1. F*ck em, it’s match day all we want now is footy banter! The lad I went traveling with is a diehard toffee, his prediction is 4-1 Everton with at least 1 pen. I’m going 1-3 toon, Fellaini to get the first from an Arteta assist, carrol to equalise and Ben arfa to get to superb second half goals.
    Howay The Lads!

  2. How does advertising a company owned by the same bloke who owns the football club raise revenue??

    Although i agree that parthenon statement is ridiculous and gives people bullets to fire.

  3. CC – Depends if he pays for the privelage of it. Remember he doesn’t own SportsDirect completely, in fact he isn’t even manager or whatever of it anymore. He is just their number one shareholder who sits on the board.

    I see you missed the words ‘long term’, ie, if this package gets sold on ;)

  4. Toonsy, When the club gets sold i imagine the investor would pull all this sports direct shit down (Good PR with the fans) including that logo above the gallowgate end and replacing it with the club crest again.

    If the fat man cannot sell up and this package was to be sold on again then i would hope the purchasing company would have slightly more respect for the club and do their advertising without changing the stadium name to a piss poor website attempt.

  5. interesting… this is the formation and team the Guardian say we’re most likely to play today.

    –NOLAN———-BEN ARFA—-

  6. I stopped reading at Guardian….. :lol:

    Can’t wait to see tugboat Nolan and his turn of pace in that right sided support striker role :lol:

  7. No i wouldnt be as bothered if the club were getting something out of it but as i said before its free advertising for Sports direct, Ashley is already undercutting the club on merchandise.

    The money brought in by nike would be going on superior quality players we need or paying off the fat mans loan and pushing him one step closer to scedaddling once and for all…

    P.S Ive never heard of something whose kits do the supply ;)

  8. Yeah, but to be fair toonsy Louise Taylor had nothing to do with this prediction. Replace Nolan with Routledge/Jonas and you have a very favourable team in my eyes. Shouldn’t let the only non-fascist newspaper in the country be TOTALLY marred by one retarded bint mate!

  9. I imagine Barton would be shunted out wide if that was the team Smith and Nolan select for todays match :roll:

  10. I told a hippy on the train to newcastle once that I liked the guardian, she rode me like a donkey, don’t knock it toonsy ;)

  11. I might be a Romantic left-wing student mate but pray tell me, what’s wrong with the guardian? We all know Louise Taylor’s an awful mackem hag but it’s still the only real non-fascist newspaper around! Actually, f*ck it. We’re not here to talk politics! What are you predictions for today’s result mate? I think I read 0-2 on the previous thread but are you sticking with it? I fancy Ben Arfa to get at least one as he looks really hungry at the mo…

  12. And have you got any ideas on whether Cahill will play? I can’t find conformation anywhere… maybe they haven’t given him the late fitness test yet. Would make sense I suppose

  13. Aye 2-0, and as for Cahill, I don’t think that will be known until closer to KO. I reckon he will still play though.

    As for The Guardian, it’s not about politics for me. Taylor aside, there has been more than just her that have been quick to jump on the slag Newcastle bandwagon.

    You must understand I only buy newspapers for the Sport section and take no notice of anything else. Some of the best journalism I find nowadays is on the net from people who do it as hobbies, like this place and others, compared to people who do it to satisfy their own particular agenda whilst being placed under pressure to dig stories/non-stories from anywhere.

  14. Looks like every newspaper pundit is tipping us to lose. On this basis I reckon we will win as we are being seen as the underdogs and I reckon they will come on expecting to win. Think that makes some sort of sense or not? Our performances have been good enough so far just little end result, still I’d be happy if we were cr*p and nicked a 1-0 win, happened enough times to us.

  15. Ah fair enough man, if it’s a sport-orientated thing then for me The Times have been the only really reliably non-biased reporters concerning NUFC. George Caulkin is a first-class journo!

    I really hope it’s no 0-2. Heads could start to drop if we’re on 4 points after 5 games.

  16. Big Willy – Aye. We usually play our best stuff when we are the underdogs, but ultimately get feck all out of the game.

    Then when we get a team where we are favourites against we generally don’t turn up :lol:

  17. toonsy says:
    September 18, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Some of the best journalism I find nowadays is on the net from people who do it as hobbies, like this place.

    Is someone fishing for compliments.. ;)

  18. CC – Not at all. I mean it easy enough to copy things and such, but when someone takes their own time to look at things and write about them without it being of no actual benefit to them other than wanting to do it then it tends to lead to better results.

    Like a man who restores an old car, he will take care because he takes pride in it because he wants to do it, not because he feels he has to..

  19. Batty that could be a good thing, cos when I feel uneasy like that we often come out defying expectations and win. :)

  20. As for the hoardings, how much will they produce, can’t see it being millions no matter whose pocket it goes into.

  21. Big Willy says:
    September 18, 2010 at 12:05 pm
    As for the hoardings, how much will they produce, can’t see it being millions no matter whose pocket it goes into.
    <<<< well if its 2 mill we could buy 4 or 5 players :lol:

  22. Like a man who restores an old car, he will take care because he takes pride in it because he wants to do it, not because he feels he has to…

    Very poignant :lol:

    But Aye i agree, Gives us a base to debate something we all care very passionately and these lads give a valid opinion after watching their clubs home and away unlike people on the box who feel they have the right to judge a side on 90 minutes despite seeing them once in a blue moon.

    Although some of the sites like football fan cast spout irrelevent tripe.

  23. Batty are you saying MA is suddenly after the bigger players. ;)
    I see Kieron could be up for sale, could be worth 1/2 million if he stayed fit.

  24. Big Willy – He also costs 1/2 million if he is unfit. Hoying the toys again he is I see :lol:

    Serioulsy though, given all of his injuries you would think that he would be glad to be playing football anywhere, in any position, rather than giving it the billy big bollocks “I have been out for years but want to play here or nowhere”

  25. CC – Indeed. That is just absolute bollocks if ever i’ve read it :lol:

    Bu the thing is, I bet it rises to the top of newsnow pretty shit sharpish.

  26. CC I reckon there as much chance of MA forking out 15m on a single player as there is a chance of seeing the Blue Pigs formation team doing a flyover of St James Park the next home game.
    Anyone doing the Gt North run. I’ve always had it on my to do list but sadly have developed a wonky knee curtailing my running days. :(

  27. RE the signs;
    Get over it I say!
    The argument goes round and round and the best people who disagree with it is its sports direct, it looks ugly or its something to do with Ashley, yawn! The guy who likened St James’ to the Pantheon (I assume that’s what was meant) sounds like a right drama queen who just needs to be told to shut up!

    Simply read over the rules regarding funding of teams for 2012 and the advertising is just plain and simple common sense and, wait for it, the best thing for the future of the club!

    Please, lets not descend the argument into one of ‘haters’ and ‘lovers’, this is about what’s best for the club, and you know what, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t have the signs anywhere near the ground, I think they are vulgar. However, since I can see that it is for the club’s benefit, I’m all for them!

    money money money money, moneeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!

  28. Nearly there, already had 3 lads start on the train. Batty you should be my back up, and you toonsy you big bollox of a man :)

  29. ILM @ 43 there is a lot more lovers than haters nowadays :lol:
    Jay Jay 3 should be no sweat to you Lad.
    As for today I would be over the Moon with a draw but I expect we will suffer a small defeat, but maybe with no pressure the Lads will get all 3 pts with Benny scoring the winner.

  30. Bout time they started looking at increasing revenue instead of reducing expenditure.

    Some idiots still think Sports Direct will be the long term sponsors of the stadium and get it for nothing.

    Get a life!

  31. So Stuart what happens then if no other decent company wants to be involved with MA and so-called controversial advertising banners ? would that mean that the so-called Idiots would then be right that Sports Direct would be the one and only company that would want to be involved. ?

  32. Well the Parthenon is part of the former Temple complex hosting the Pantheon of the Greek gods, hate to sound picky but surely it don’t have any advertising any where on it. It would be a bit like having advertising boards in Wesminster Abbey.

  33. I could give a sh*t about the signs. They can change the name of the park to “Microsoft-SportsDirect-Puma-Pepsi Park” if they want- so long as it raises appropriate revenue. Supporters will always call it St. James so it really doesn’t matter.

    Anyway there is a mtch today…2-1 the toon

  34. Big Dave – if Sports Direct do happen to be the sponsor they will pay for it like any other company. It’s beyond me how anyone can say for sure that SD aren’t paying a penny in sponsorship at the minute.

    It’s obvious their using SD as an example to other companies. If no one else wants to take it up they will pay.

  35. Anyway, as mds says what happens on the pitch is more important so long as MA don’t start to follow the RyanAir mode of operation, if you ken what I mean. ;)

    I fancy us for a 1-0 steal.

  36. Icedog, yeah it was good and not as pricy as expected so I might even be able to have sausage and beans. Kept her indoors happy so I should be happy, for a few days at least. :)

  37. Someone made a good point earlier: “Would you still object to the ads if it was Nike?”

    Good test, I think. If it’s just bitterness and you’d rather see the name of one of the world’s most ruthless, sweat-shop-supplied amoral corporations on SJP than that of a company owned by the guy who’s kept us afloat for the past couple of years, you need to get some anger management therapy! I’m no Ashley lover, but get a grip, people!

  38. Anyway, I’m going to have to log off soon as my grandaughter is arriving shortly and she expends as much energy as a Peter Beardsly on amphetimines and I am usually the main entertainment, taxing but fun. Gonna have to catch up on MOTD. So smoke me a kipper I’ll be back then. Probably got about another 20 minutes.

  39. Ok, people: need some advice: Managed to get out of going to a 70th Birthday party 200 miles away by (genuinely) being ill. Now feeling better, and at home, sans wife and sprog.

    Given that I’m 350 miles from SJP (well, unless you count Exeter FC, in which case call it 4) do I:

    a) Stay at home and hope to get a decent video stream for the match.
    b) Get on the train and watch Exeter Chiefs vs Newcastle Falcons, then wait for MOTD for the footie highlights?

    A will clearly avoid massive losses of brownie points when missus gets home, tired and peopled-out tonight.

    Come on, people – your recommendations (real and taking the piss) are needed!

  40. NEWCASTLE UNITED: Harper; Perch, Coloccini Williamson, Enrique; Routledge, Tiote, Barton, Ben Arfa; Nolan; Carroll.

    I truly believe CH has this starting lineup spot on.

    Jonas Guiterrez for me has been largely disappointing since his arrival. He really hasn’t learned to play a decent final ball and he never looks up when running, often missing out on good opportunities to put a quick through ball in, because he always takes the man on and then loses it with a disappointing pass/cross.

    This could just be the wake up call he needs. Fantastic dribbler/fantastic workrate, yet overall, Routeledge has supplied more goals, yet he gets the criticism Jonas seems to avoid. Glad Routeledge wasn’t dropped.

    I’d like to see Guthrie playing too though.

  41. Match banter up guys :)

    I’m waiting to find out the Everton team though yet so at the moment it is just blank before some sarcy twat says owt :)

  42. my friend is at game and informs me the team is……


    ..rout….tiote…barton…ben arfa



  43. Whumpie, it’s a no brainer m8, A. if you want to avoid weeks of angst. Or B. if you are a masochist. :)

  44. Cheers, DJG. Alas, just checked the trains, and I can’t get there until well past kick-off anyway. I think I’ll keep my brownie points and spend a couple of hours swearing at Sky for their shite broadband service…

  45. Big Willy. I must be getting old. I agree with you.

    Got to say, though: the rugby was the only decent bit of sport last weekend. Everything else sucked salty ones.

  46. All this doesn’t make much sense to me…but hey, why do the signs need an approval before they can be put up? and how the hell can Malaysia complain about something that happens in the UK? XD

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