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One year ago!
One year ago!
I’ve was just picking through some of the older articles on this site, and very good they were too, so credit where it is due. Then something struck me as I heard an advert on the TV in the background.

The new Championship season starts tonight. Remember that? You know, that thing we were in last season?

I remember the feeling back then, I think most if us do. Nobody knew what on earth was going to happen in a league which we hadn’t frequented for 16-years. It was a worrying time. I was there in our first game away at West Bromwich Albion, facing the unknown, well the relative unknown anyway as West Brom had been relegated with us.

We drew 1-1 that day, and it turned out to be the start of a very special season. We romped the league, despite the view from many indicating that we would be towards the bottom of the division come the end of the season. They were happy days in the end.

Now we are heading back into the Premier League, a place which could be described as home for us after so many seasons in the top flight. But to me, we will be returning to the Premier League feeling like strangers in our own house, so to speak.

I am getting that same feeling as I had last year, the unknown feeling. We may have only been away for one season, but what has changed since we left? We are now the outsiders looking in. Despite that, I happen to think we will be ok this season. I don’t think we will pull up any trees, I think we will suffer some hammerings throughout the season, but come May 2011 I believe we will survive.

The club has moved forward in the last twelve months. It hasn’t always been plain sailing, it hasn’t always been to some fans liking, but we have moved on. This is a different Newcastle United now, and whilst it may not have the star names included that previous Newcastle teams had, we do at least have the players that will work for the club.

That is a huge plus point in what is going to be a season of unkown quantities. We know the grounds, we know the opposition players, most of them anyway, we know the managers, we know a fair amount about the Premier League as a whole. What we don’t know is how Newcastle are going to stack up against them.

I believe we can cut it. Do you?

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131 Responses

  1. Yes I think we can cut it, but we may have a slightly blunt knife. But the never say die attitude thats developed is something that not many teams have as strong as us right now.

    But hey lets see what happens. Imagine what it’ll be like seeing our first goal, our first win… here’s to hoping!

  2. Fck me! They might finally be getting the hang of this ‘running a football club’ lark.

  3. when i was a nipper – they used to train at Hunters Moor – and any bugger could go. we used to go there every day – never had any bother – it fostered my love of the game. There were some real good characters who used to talk to us – my favourite was Tommy Robson – my marra Billy Bell got smacked in the face by a 12 yarder from Tommy Knox and it knocked him oot. Mind – they were proper baals in them days….. NURSE! – I NEED A PAN AND I’M DRIBBLING AGAIN!!!

  4. We’ll win the title! What we worried about?

    Seriously though, I agree that at various points of this coming season we will get the odd battering but a combination of our new-found togetherness combined with experiences from past Premiership season will see us through just fine.

    I predict we’ll finish somewhere between 12th and 15th but if we do better I’d be ova the moon!


  5. I have us to get 46 points this season. Last year I expected 95, so I won’t be too disappointed if I’ve underestimated the lads abilities.

  6. Sorry if already reported but seen this on L’Equipe, seems Benfica are now interested…

    The Future of Hatem Ben Arfa IS Still Unclear. If the player is fully determined to join the Premier League and more specifically Newcastle, other teams are still in the running. If the player IS Determined to join the Premier League and more specifically Newcastle, sauf teams are still in the running. Hoffenheim, who wants a dry transfer, but also including representatives Benfica are expected on Friday morning in Marseille to negotiate. Hoffenheim Who wants a dry transfer, goal Benfica Also Including Representatives are expected on Friday morning in Marseille to Negotiate. The Portuguese club, the defending champion, has significant financial resources (he just got 47 million euros for the transfer to Chelsea Ramires and Di Maria Real), which could convince the French international selected for the match friendly against Norway. The Portuguese club, the Defending Champion, Has Significant resources financier (he just got 47 million euros for the transfer to Chelsea and Di Maria Ramires Real), Which could “Convince the French selected for the International Friendly Match Against Norway. Last year, in the fourth round of the Europa League, Ben Arfa scored at the Stade de la Luz (see photo) before being expelled to return for a bad gesture. Last year, in the Fourth Round of the Europa League, Ben Arfa Scored at the Stade de la Luz (see photo) Before Being Expelled to return for a bad gesture.

    The salary of Ben Arfa is not afraid to Benfica The salary of Ben Arfa Is Not Afraid to Benfica
    These funds can enable Lisboners to align the salary of Ben Arfa (300,000 euros per month) and, why not pay the transfer fee (at least 7 million euros). These funds allow Benfica May to match the salary of Ben Arfa (300,000 euros month) and, why not pay the transfer fee (at least 7 million euros). However, while not looking simply for Benfica because the midfielder of OM, aged 23 years and under contract until 2012, wants to preserve its media exposure and does not flee in a Championship side less that the Premier League. Howeve, ‘everything Does not look easy Because Benfica midfielder of OM, aged 23 years and Under Contract Until 2012, wants to preserve ITS and Media Exposure Does not Flee in a Championship side less That the Premier League. Newcastle, with whom negotiations are progressing – an offer could arrive on the desks of executives from Olympians this Friday night – always has a good head start. Newcastle, with Whom are Progressing negotiations – an offer they could “come from the desks of executives Olympians this Friday night – Always Has a good head start.

  7. @8 – got to love Babelfish, eh?

    Best quote of the day for me: “Yes I think we can cut it, but we may have a slightly blunt knife”. Quality. Says it all.

    If you look at our squad, we have a lot of strength there now, and the overall feeling is so much better. Yes, there’s nerves at the unknown, but it’s tinged with optimism rather than fear this year.

    One or two more signings to come in yet; I’m guessing one bigun and one more ‘for the future’.

    Here’s a thought: last year we aimed for automatic promotion, and beat that target by (I think) 23 points. This year we’re aiming to survive. 23 points over last year’s 17th place in the Prem was 9th. Imagine if we did that…?

    Excited, me.

  8. Pull yourself together SJT, that’s not the attitude, things will be beautiful.

  9. @ bigbadbob says:
    August 6, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    That is a Google Translation of teh French site. I am sure you get the idea..

  10. Anyone else think we could repeat the result of our last visit to the Theatre of Prawn Sandwiches and come away with a point?

  11. Greetings from Italy, fee for Ben arfa changing by the day!
    Toon confident after talks with him.
    I can’t see it happening now tbh

  12. Is houghton not doing a press conference today? Can’t find anything or have I missed it?

  13. I was able to find a that article in normal english :)

    ‘Hatem Ben Arfa has been regularly linked with a move away from Olympique de Marseille over the course of the summer, and now Benfica are interested in the French winger, according to France Football.

    Didier Deschamps has not taken to Ben Arfa since arriving at Stade Velodrome in the summer of 2009. The wide player was relatively restricted in the number of times he appeared for les Phoceens last season, and despite a promising run of form early in 2010 found himself again out of the starting XI by the conclusion of the campaign.

    Newcastle United and Hoffenheim have both been linked with a swoop for the former Olympique Lyonnais prodigy, but now it seems that Portugal is also a potential destination for the 23-year-old.

    Benfica have received significant funds over the course of this transfer period and would have no problems matching either Marseille’s €7 million asking price for the player or Ben Arfa’s wage demands of €300,000 per month.

    The stumbling block appears to be Ben Arfa’s desire to play in one of Europe’s hallmark leagues. A player who relishes the spotlight, the Paris-born player has made clear his desire to ideally turn out in the English Premier League, making Newcastle favourites for his signature.’

    Hopefully something actually comes of this!!
    Told myself not to expect anything but can’t help it, this’d be a big capture…

  14. I don’t think we need Ben Arfa to survive – but if I was Ashley I’d consider him a good investment to build in a safety margin. Hope it happens, but if not, let’s not lose it, eh.

  15. I really do hope Ben Arfa AND his club are keen on a move to the Toon. He seems a crackin’ young player and fits the mold of what CH wants perfectly. God knows we need a good skillful winger!!

    Now if only we could sign another left back….

  16. Ohurley @ 21, There has got to be a good young LB somewhere that we could bring in as an understudy for jose.

    Oh god that georgi thomson on ssn is lovely!!!!

  17. We should not sign Ben Arfa.

    From the sounds of it, he’s the kind of player with tons of tricks who tries to take the whole defense on alone. We already have Jonas! Why not spend our money on a player who loves to play dangerous balls into the box?

    This dribbling around endlessly on the wing looking for a chance to cross bulls— that Milner always used to do while he was here drives me nuts. By the time they actually play a ball in, the strikers are in no position to attack the ball, not that Milner ever kept it in play anyway.

    I prefer Routledge, who might give the ball away cheaply on occasion but is at least trying to make a move quickly while the defence is still on its heals.

  18. This has got to be the quietest day for some time now on the transfer and rumour front, wheres Waddles, hes the man in the know

  19. I don’t think Ashley will spend any significant amount this summer, rather wait until January and assess the situation then.

  20. can’t see ben arfa deal coming off now – taken too long and now a bidding war is in offing so no chance
    reckon we’ve said how much we’re prepared to pay and agent has been using that to tout him to other clubs

  21. btw that 300k a month wages he’s supposed to be on is a load of bollocks – last year he was on €100,000 a month when man u were interested in him

  22. I just hope that both the team and the fans can maintain support this time even after a sequence of thrashings. So many people on here seem determined to jump on anything for a reason to proclaim the end of the world, and it helps nobody.

    PLEASE can we, for once, accept that we’ll probably lose as many as we win, some to poor opposition, and keep an eye on the 40-ish points we’ll need to survive?

  23. RICHIETOON,aye hes in italy m8
    should have known ashley would stuff things up,daft to build hopes up,but dont think we will get ben arfa or rios,he just wont stump up takeing chance he wont need to panic in jan

  24. Whumpie well said……..even last year there were some moaning and groaning and shouting abuse when passes went astray or wingers lost the ball.Sorry but if you want to see wingers get past people and show the odd flash of skill then you also have to accept that alot of times it won’t come off and they’ll lose the ball.HWTL

  25. I dunno – if the stuff about him preferring us is true, it’s in everyone’s interests to make it happen. He’ll know it’s down to a relatively small difference and that he holds all the cards.

    But it’s probably all bollocks anyway…

  26. icedog @ 31, is that your take on the situation or have you heard something?

    Anybody know if you can order just the rangers from espn without havin to subscibe or is there a way of getting it on line for free. First 4-3 Liverpool v Toon game about to start on espn classic……big sigh.

  27. WHUMPIE i think it goes without saying that fans will maintain support,football is not the end of the world,but is it wrong for fans to accept that ashley wont just help us a little along the road,to me he is not,one dip last jan and thats your lot apart for perch

  28. don’t give up yet ice,I know we all thought and hoped something would happen today(if indeed CH wants him)but it could happen next week or the week after.The Hoffenheim story that came out again today was all just the same quotes from a few days ago.As some have said it’s even quieter than usual so hopefully it’s a sign something may be going on……….or it’s all wishful thinking on my part and we’ve made all our signings already ;-)

  29. are you lads still on about ben arfa?is there anything in the rumours though?haven’t really heard much to back it up for twelve months, on nowt’s changed apart from getting promoted.

  30. Icedog – we know absolutely nowt, and you’re just picking the bits of press bollocks that suit your case to have a go at Ashley. I’m no fan of the man, but for chrissakes…

  31. what i’m saying is there’s nothing concrete on the bloody ben arfa story,as for sol,he only joined because he’s known hughton for years.

  32. Let’s remember how January went – slow, then a drip of new players, then a flurry at the end. The result? Beat target by miles. To me, it looks like we’re on track for the same kind of window, which is fine by me.

    Contrary to many doom-mongers (and the club’s own Public Revulsions department) Ashley is clearly spending, albeit on a scale appropriate to a club operating within its revenues. If we don’t get Ben Arfa or anyone like him, its because they couldn’t be got without over-stretching. Better to save the money for January if that’s the case.

  33. there’s nowt concrete on anything tho Trojan so we have to speculate on here or talk to wor lasses….viva speculation :lol:

  34. icedog,i know what your saying,as it does seem like groundhog day during the transfer window under jabba.
    i remember being on ed’s blog with the endless speculation,then never getting anyone,then another disappointing window coming to an the end of these windows,ashley’s normally in clover,all we can do is wait until the start of september,if he done f all by then,get the pitchforks sharpened.

  35. RICHIETOON its not a case of giveing up based on rag reports,ashley has always seemed to make quick and sometimes rash decisions in most cases,seems he is gragging his feet now hopeing it will go away imo,hope ime wrong like

  36.’ve got the right attitude where the fat one is concerned,dont expect anything and you wont be disappointed.

  37. ice…..I know what ya mean mate,like I’ve said before I’ll reserve judgement until the end of the window……but buy now Ashley,speculate to accumulate and all that.A couple of decent signings would go a long way to protecting his investment.

  38. NO WHUMPIE,ime not picking anything from rags,you said fans should support team,ime saying they always have,dont have go at the fans,they are buying shirts etc by the we no nowt neither do you,but like to put our views are you saying we shouldnt have one.

    ps.i have never bought a paper for 10yrs

  39. richie,we’ve had a few year of speculation under ashley,and he’s kicked us squarely in the plums everytime,i’m not holding my breath.

  40. Free Scoring Smudge says:
    August 6, 2010 at 3:39 pm
    We should not sign Ben Arfa.

    From the sounds of it, he’s the kind of player with tons of tricks who tries to take the whole defense on alone.

    What, you mean like George Best?

  41. Richie or we could wait till Jan then run round like headless chickens flapping about to get someone like Best to come in and save us. I think Fat Mike will take a gamble as usual

  42. West Brom closing in on Nicky Shorey, Should we not be looking at this kind of signing if we had £4m to bid for Ben Arfa then why not a million or two to solve a long standing problem like our lack of depth at left back??

    If we arent going to up the bid for Ben Arfa why not turn our attention elsewhere, The loan offer is embarrassing and Marseille should tell Ashley to feck off and stop wasting their time.

  43. Rich @ 53 – That is what bugs me. Ashley wants to buy players who he can develop and sell on for a higher prce, correct?

    So why doesn’t he stump up the £6 mill or whatever knowing full well that if Hughton can turn Ben Arfa around and stop him being a temperamental twat he could have a player that is worth three times his initial outlay?

    The bigger the gamble (£6 mill) the bigger the gain, but also the bigger the loss. So is his game to try and make money for the club or himself, or limit his potential losses?


  44. TROJAN m8 i just dont like it when guys have a go at the fans who have been loyal for many years,we have enough of that from other quarters imo

  45. thats the worst bit Dave,if it was me I’d gamble £10m on a couple of decent players now come January the standard of player isnt always there and you pay twice as much for players of a lesser standard.
    Early finish today then mate?

  46. icedog,i’ve always thought the fans have been right to hold ashley to account for his actions,infact i’ll go as far to say,i think he has got off lightly in some respects.

  47. To be fair ice I think he was having a go at the minority who boo our players for the slightest thing.I’ve got a t!t who sits behind me who has booed certain players when the team’s read over the tannoy before ko,I have threatened him with pain once or twice ;-)

  48. Aye Toonsy,if he came here and had a good season he’d double in value…..worth a punt imo

  49. Did he shit himself Rich?

    He would have if I got my guns out :twisted:

    Not real ones, I mean arm muscles ;)

    I was an arm wrestling champion once. I’ll await the quips :lol:

  50. Yeah mate I love to get away early Fri and I rarely work Fri nights, I would agree if it was me I would invest money now to almost guarantee that you will still be here next season rather than gamble that what we have will do.
    Icedog @ 62 well said mate its nearly allways the supporters that are being blamed for this or that and being asked to get behind their team FFS when was the last time we needed to be told to support our own team we may not be happy but we are allways behind them

  51. He’s a reet arse Toonsy,he shuts up for a few weeks then starts again.The worst thing is he has one of those voices that grate on you,so even when he says something sensible(which is rare) I still want to punch him.It keeps the 2 lads who sit to my right amused tho cos they know how much he winds me up.

  52. TROJAN i dont want to go into this ashley thing only to say i cannot trust a man who changes his mind as many times as eds puts blogs up in a day,i call him the 48hr man as he can change that quick

  53. ice dont have a go at whimper – he went to a game once & had a couple of half’s afterwards dont you know – so he’s well qaulified in giving us proper fans stick.

    and it’s allways on a friday when his boss has gone yem.

    whimper – stick to slagging joey barton off.


  54. Toonsy > I was an arm wrestling champion once.
    and now you are the pocket Billiard champ its a wonder you have the strenght left in your arms to type ;)

  55. Ice – Does Ashley really change his mind 29856982698269863843863498698643 times a day? :lol:

  56. ROY :) you booked up for next year yet m8
    or dare you not gan back lol
    will have a go at anyone who try to beat the fans with a stick ffs

  57. BIG DAVE,not really my saying (48hr)its what my contact in scotland calls him from last time we were in epl if you get my drift.
    pup likes that tat simpson has up his arm in yestaday photo.any luck with prints you were looking for yest

  58. Rich :lol:

    You got to hand it to them though (mackems), they evolved those extra fingers especially to deal with cheesy chips :lol:

  59. :lol: Has Bruce died his hair?? looks weird…..whey,he looks weird at the best of times but you know what I mean.

  60. Trojan @ 69

    I’d almost rather have Best than Beckford. Beckford is a total primmadonna. Reminds me of a certain “insomnia”

  61. OHurley….try the West Belfast Orange Hall,Shankhill Road you’ll have to supply your own Celtic top tho ;-)

  62. Ditto big dave/icedog/richietoon but it think its pretty unlikely, I think he’ll end up with sloppychops at Spurs.

  63. Bellamy?

    I’d have him back on loan like.

    Bit too injury prone to take a risk on him, especially on his salary.

  64. Stu and Ice true about the injuries,tho he did manage 40 apps last season which is canny.

  65. O’Hurley, Orange club and a Celtic top, explosive mix that, are you a masochist or what?

  66. Steady on throbbers. I’ve fallen out with nobody :lol:

    I had to nip out briefly.

    Dave, it depends what you are looking for in those pics?

  67. Toonsy just decent player pics that I can print out to A3 and he can stick them on his wall, he is all chuffed today after getting his home kit with Carroll No9 on the back and after paying 60 odd quid im not buying posters aswell :(

  68. see dave we said he was a good chap,he just been out to get some new briefs,must be that pocket/b game stuffs you undees up like

  69. Hmm, you might struggle to get pics that big to be honest, or pics that will look ok blown up that big. I’ll have a dig though :)

  70. I supose one way of doing it is saving those pics on your computer and getting them enlarged properly by someone online like

    It still costs mind, but it is cheaper than buying a poster

  71. You two want to hang around for a bit. Your going to get something you don’t often get off me ;)

  72. I looked at the table the other day, last season we:

    conceded the least goals
    scored the most goals
    won the most games
    lost the fewest

    what more could anybody want.