Now is the time to roll our sleeves up!

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The Premier League has landed.
The Premier League has landed.
Well the new season is upon us, and despite the prophecies of doom and predictions of safety there are still 38 games to go, as obvious as it sounds.

I had my little moan earlier, something I have tried to refrain from, but that caused me to think about a few things. This season is very important for Newcastle United.

Another relegation could have dire consequences as I don’t believe it will be as straight forward trying to gain promotion again should the worst happen. A lot of those players that stopped to help last time around will be off and our squad will be a lot weaker compared to last season. One thing will remain constant though – Our support.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when I wrote that article earlier. Down in the dumps, uninspired, but then I realised that whatever happens, I am still Newcastle United, and moaning about things isn’t the Geordie way, not the way I remember it anyway.

The Premier League consists of 38 games, and we have yet to play one of them. I’m not denying things are going to be tough, I’m not reassuring anyone that we will be fine as, quite honestly, nobody knows whether or not we will be.

We face adversity, but we should handle it the way we have always dealt with adversity. Let it slap us in the face, and come back harder from it. It’s the Geordie way, and by Geordie I mean being a fan of Newcastle United.

Quibbling about money and allsorts is understandable, it was bound to happen. But when has anything like that ever got us down before? Mark my words, we have been in far far worse positions than we are in currently. Other clubs had far far worse happen to them than we have, althoughadmittedly it doesn’t feel like it at times.

This isn’t some form of political broadcast, it’s not about trying to stir up that heinous ‘Geordie Nation’ malarkey that makes me cringe everytime I hear it. It’s about not letting circumstances beyond our control get us down. We have no money, or at least very little money, to spend. We can’t change that, all we can do is support the team.

I guess my point is to not let things that can’t be changed get you down. Things are far from over yet and anything can happen over the course of a season. It’s going to take some luck, guts and determination, but we are far from finished yet, so why are some people prepared to throw in the towel already? Haddaway man.

We are back in the Premier League, a place where a lot of people expected us not to be. Lets try to enjoy it!

You never know, you might like it!

P.S – I forgot to mention this earlier, but I reckon a poll for each game of the season would be a decent idea. Something to gauge opinions of how we wil fare in each game. I’ll put them up a couple of days before each match, so keep an eye out for them. Here is the first one.

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190 Responses

  1. A Geordie is not a fan of Newcastle sorry.
    I can’t roll with that one in the slightest.
    A Geordie is someone born in newcastle and surrounds not a follower of NUFC.

  2. for the two people who think we are going to catch man utd cold not a chance , sorry :) as fot the artical thanks for writing it, the one you wrote earlier made me feel like we had already been religated , then i watch sky sports and none of them have us to be relegated then i read this and im sure of it. However now i am thinking we are going to be pushing for europa again :D

  3. Big Dave says:
    August 13, 2010 at 7:19 pm
    Toonsy have you been on the cooking sherry again

    Him and Delia. Its a friday. ;)

  4. Have some faith u losers it’s people like u hu shouldn’t follow football watch cricket instead u muppets. Wot if the players look at these forums and see how confident u r of them. If u got nothin to say shut up and don’t comment TOON TOON BLACK AND WHITE ARMY. Toon till I die support through thick and thin u r my team

  5. According to our information, the Marseille midfielder is currently in England. The International has taken a plane in the day to meet with British leaders.

    We told you earlier, Hatem Ben Arfa is trying by all means to go to Newcastle, as indicated by his agent: “Ben Arfa will go to Newcastle.”

  6. man you – make sure you have the samaritans on speed-dial before you start watching this one.

    go to hell fatty & take all your confederates with you.

  7. WEBBO/SJT come on lads shake and make up,lets keep it friendly we all want the same end,and thats the toon

  8. Toonsy

    I like this approach by predicting something and changing your opinion soon after

    Ben Arfa wont happen, Oh shit it will but just as you know i called it first, No see i told you it wouldnt happen didnt i…

    Ashley needs to spent or were relegated or are we…

    Textbook Sky sports punditry ;)

  9. Arrivals & luggage conveyor downstairs, departures upstairs. Doesn’t look like arrival at Newcastle to me.

  10. my mate plays for acadamy and ben arfa is staying in the pent house in st james park could be newcastle player by sunday

  11. SJT – Are we not all in it together then? I mean I would call any Newcaste at least an honorary Geordie in fairness.

    CC – My tactics worked :lol:

  12. @ 21 – side effects when you stop taking the prozac = believing any old tommy tit.

    now change your nic’s & go see your doc for a repeat prescription bonnie lad..

  13. i hope that pic is real.
    and have a read of this too
    use google translator if u cant read french,( not that accurate though)
    but i can sum it up,

    +the representative/agent of Ben arfa, said that, i was l’OM that urged him to find a new club. He was told so in the end of last season,and they still still didn’t want him days ago.

    +newcastle had agreed with all the requirements of OM and accepted the all the conditions. Both parties had reached the deal before OM pulled it off. and arfa , now he feels no respect

    +and the main point of the article —
    quote from his agent “Je me réfère simplement à ce que Hatem a dit hier très clairement : il ne reviendrait plus”

    “I refer simply to what Hatem said yesterday very clearly: he would never return”

  14. I don’t understand why so many people think we will relegate for sure if we don’t spend more. i think with our squad now if we’re get some lucky with injuries,we will be fine.

    What the promotion team have Argentina international, A lot of rising English star, proved PRM players and France international (may be) in squad. We’re not good enough but we’re not one of the worst team for sure.

  15. My mate says HBA is in Peggy Sues at Byker quaffing a pint of Fozzies!!!!
    Seriously everyone, get a grip an

  16. @nobody-absolutely awesome information.and i guess coming from nobody,its got to be true.

    pardon the sarcasm,I would love for it to be true but u sure about what you said or just having a wonderful time winding everyone up?

  17. There’s enough evidence to make this Ben Arfa photo credible. French reports of him coming to Newcastle and the tip off from the lad on Ed’s blog who knew about Routledge, Williamson, Perch and Gosling signings.

    Huhgton also today said he was very,very confident of strengthening the squad. I thought we might have one close from what he said.

  18. dave – haley is joining me – hd tv has got her life taken showing up her 5 o’clock shadow every monday thursday & twice on friday.

    see you in another life my friend.

  19. ide love it to be resolved by monday……. so he can rip man u apart ;) nah what happens if he does what he did to OM to us when he wants to play for chelsea?

  20. Would be so cool if he told OM and Dechamps to f off and caught the first plane to Newcastle. Might be Newcastle airport but not sure and im local, they all look very similar.

  21. I think it would lift the team having him just in the squad after he just scored for france in 3 mins. Anyone got a link to that?

  22. The series takes a new turn on Friday. According to our information, the player flew in the day and went to England to negotiate directly with the leaders of the club Newcastle.

    Absent from these two training days and the group chosen for the match OM-VA this Saturday, Ben Arfa will appear there after his approach after declaring he would not set foot in the Commandery .

    Its representatives had indicated earlier that Newcastle had made a serious offer to OM despite statements by President Jean-Claude Dassier Olympian

  23. hate to pour oil on the fire but;GOAL.COM report he is going to it could man airport,hey dont shoot the mesenger shoot GOAL

  24. ok 47 – your grub is far more important so consider – my end – postponed until further notice.

    so is that really benny boy waiting for his suitcases on the conveyor – hahahahahhahhhhhhhhaaaaaahahahah – mad mad fcking well mad

    2 sausages richard ?

  25. “I am still Newcastle United, and moaning about things isn’t the Geordie way, not the way I remember it anyway.”

    It is now, Toonsy. Most Geordies today are like big, spoiled bairns, unfortunately.

  26. spotlight………when you walk out the exit appears that you are at ground level but the front entrance of the airport actually has the ground raised thats why tyou have to go down to the car parks, but the back where baggage reclaim is,is actually not at ground level(Ithink…hope that makes sense)

  27. Even if Arfa is in Newcastle, he won’t be able to play on Monday will he, am I right in thinking a player had to have been registered with his club by 12 midday on a Friday to play in that weekends game?

  28. here’s boring. go .com
    the person that revealed the transfers of gosling, perch, Routledge , is back! 2 names were mentioned, and they’re the representatives of Arfa! comon!

  29. thought benny might have just had an overnight bag !!! – but then again he could have left france for ever & packed all his belongings into lots of posh suitcases.

    fingers crossed lads x

    dippy egg ?

  30. WTVH cheers m8 didnt look at date (dick)

    richietoon i know what mean,thing that i see could be right is the toilet sign,ime always busting when i get off,so thats right,but is the pic ture right?

  31. Thats deffo him like. Expensive footballer type jacket and look at photos of him, got distinctive looking eyebrows. I hope this is true like. I didn’t have any faith in our club being able to pull anymore but looks like she’s splashed on the old spice ha. This is getting painful now how long this has rumbled on for. I couldnt give a toss about Gosling and Perch but if this lad signed it would represent some excitement.

  32. roy, divvent care how posh his suitcases are aslong as he aint to travel weary for monday. :)

  33. always dippy egg Roy

    Don’t know if its genuine Ice and dont care,if it’s not announced on the official site I’m not bothered.sick of reading about it mate

  34. There is not a chance that fergie would take a chance on afra, he doesn’t need too & if he was interested afra would have been signed seal & deliverd to old trafford before anybody had a sniff of it.

    Actualy feel sorry for hooters, he’s trying hard to do things the right way & not raise hopes until somethings concrete & he gets slaughterd for it.I certainly don’t want our manager listing players on ssn he’s interested in & telling people we’re not shopping at harrods rather than netto’s.

    Hope this does come off & I hope if it does people give him & the club the credit due…..please cut the guy some slack… the circumstances I don’t think there are many that could do a better job.

    Personaly think this could all some sort of put-up job so that OM can save face with their supporters.

  35. Have you seen who the guardian have put as our probable starters.


    Shows how clueless they are R.Taylor not Perch? Lovenkrands left wing? Jonas right wing? no Routledge? Alan Smith not Guthrie?

  36. Aye noir9, I will give Hughton the respect he deserves if he signs this guy but until now its been nobodies and hasbeen Im afraid, no offence if any footballers read this but I doubt that aswell.

  37. Can’t really be sceptical of Hughton’s signings so far on such a restricting budget and financial pull so to speak. Gosling a young English talent. Sol a veteran defender for cover. Perch – untried or tested i’ll give you that, but I want to syupport Hughton and give him the benefit of the doubt, believe in Hughton to bring out the best of him!

    Seriously though, how much could this Ben Arfa deal change people’s opinions on Ashley and us as a club?

  38. I’m convinced that’s him and even more sure that’s Newcastle Airport. Hopefully a deal will happen really quickly so long as he’s ready to go for the Villa game at home. If we get him, could turn out to be one of the best signings in ages.

  39. Watch, tomorrow it’ll be announced that Arfa’s coming for an 8M tranfer fee and everyone will get on CH and Ashley for overspending.

  40. Seriously though, how much could this Ben Arfa deal change people’s opinions on Ashley and us as a club?

    It would definately cheer me up. Proper international. Some pace and creativity.

  41. signing one player like this will stop any new faces coming in and this lad alone wont keep us up!

  42. DJG,
    As much as I would love this deal to go through, I will wait until he is photographed at Benton training ground.
    When it comes to NUFC and rumours I am very sceptical….

  43. DJG – I think it would give us all a lift & I don’t think many people would argue that we don’t deserve a bit of good news. Not getting my hopes up, but that lad from the hotel posting on ed’s blog is usually spot-on.
    However if this is a wind-up, I’m going to make it my personal mission to track down those responsable & kill them very very slowly.

  44. Talking about rumours etc.
    Are any of you old enough to recall the story doing the rounds after the 1982 World Cup that the Brazilian player Socrates was about to sign for NUFC.
    The reason being that he was looking to finish a doctorite in medicine and thought Newcastle University would be an ideal place as he could also play for the Toon. At the time he was plying his trade at Roma and we were in the old 2nd division……Things never change.

  45. Ive got that feeling tho. When I get the feeling something bads gonna happen it usually does. This time I ive got the feeling, combined with relentless reporting, that this is gonna happen.

  46. Moaning is definitely something Newcastle fans have always done. Just when Keegan and Robson were here, we didn’t have a lot to moan about it.

    I wouldn’t say we’re unique among supporters though. We all do it.

  47. I just hope that this is not a smokescreen and we end with with someone like Jason Roberts.

  48. Look at the pic, you would have to be working for steven spielburg to photoshop like that, taking into account the fact that the subject is in the correct focus change to the background. It says toilets on the sign, it aint france so what other airport in england would it be considering he’s only been linked to NUFC.

  49. TGS aye that brings it back a bit m8,thing is now its put about more now we have these blogs,even the rags back then told us shite eh

  50. BBM,
    Agreed, however the various owners have all royally screwed us over the years.

  51. DJG……….I don’t know how real the photo is but it’s defo Newcastle Airport….well 99%.

  52. Ice,
    You were posh, we had to rely on me grandas carrier pigeons for news. Lol.

  53. Don’t know how to post a link, but go & have a look at the photoshop job slimfella has done on the nu mad board.The threads “ben afra here” absolute class

  54. TGS lol well lived near sjp,one lad keep keep the chro seller busy,while the other nicked one lol,could never understand what he was shouting

  55. DJG – I noticed he had that scaggy beard on wednesday night…thought he’d fit perfectly with the toons dirty dozen.

  56. Ice,
    He used to shout RONNIE GILL…………
    I remember going to a match in 1974 where we travelled in me dads car (we lived in Heaton. The little urchins who operated near the old Labour Club offered to look after me dads car whilst he parked it up (at a cost of a shilling). He told them where to go………..after the match he couldn’t start the engine and discovered that they had removed the petrol cap and filled it with pebbles and stones. The Hilman Imp died on that day. lol

  57. TGS……they still ask for money to look after ya car on the streets up from the brewery.

  58. TGS

    the old sugar in the gas tank eh.

    Mind cars had a job starting in them days without that sort of hijinx anyway I should inagine. :)

  59. My dad used to work at ford dagenham. (moved to London for about 10 years). He brought home a BRAND NEW ford escort. Me mam got in and she couldnt start it. :)


    GO TOON GO!!!!
    Ps. I’m totally expecting to lose badly but I’m still excited… Would rather watch a losing Toon team that a winning anything else :-)

  61. jj i agree, shame ive got to watch match in my living room in sheffield by myself! wish i could be with agroupe of fellow magpies cheering them on!

  62. JJ,
    On Monday I will take a 2 – 0 defeat along as we put up resistance and spirit.

  63. JJ well you would have to travel out of the north east to see a winning team thats for sure. ;)

  64. Big Dave.

    See a G reg mini on the A1 yesterday was class. Had a tiger in the back window and flames on the side, and a pee shooter exhaust of course.

  65. BIG DAVE kna m8 hes changed richietoon put the link up with him driveing a wagon dint you see it,its a scream

  66. TGS – exactly, Sheperd et al gave us little snippets to satiate our needs.

    Cracking anecdotes. The Hillman Imp took me back!!

    That was almost me and my dad about 10 years later, except my dad paid!!!!

  67. Surely if HBA was in Newcastle sky sports would know something, arnt players usually taken from a plane and put straight into a car, not going through terminals and waiting at carosels for luggage, I’m very sceptical about that pic.

  68. tom mo where dose it say we are rufusing to speak to him mabey he as just done a runner to newcastle to piss of OM?

  69. Why would he be taken from a plane and put in a car, he aint the french president.

    Have you not seen Shearer on spn walking through newcastle airport with a camera in his face.

  70. BBM,
    After the Hilman Imp we fortunately upgraded to a Vauxhall Viva with a radio…..

  71. DJG because these things are ment to be kept quiet, shearer wasn’t going to sign for another club after doing a runner SFB

  72. I would also love to know aswell tom mo! Are are you a SMB that needs to mind his own buisness?

  73. DJG,
    i once had the misfortune as a bairn to be in the back of a viva estate, driving up Sutton Bank.
    Scarey memory.

  74. Tom Mo i am sorry for that two minutes of inconveiniance just this story is dragging on and im getting fed up ! :(

  75. DJG,
    Pootle…………Howay man they purred.
    When you got into the car on a sunny day, you received 2nd degree burns due to the placky seats. I still have the scars.

  76. CLiNT FLiCK

    I remember being in this cavalier estate and it wouldnt start one morning and me mam called my grandad and he came and had a look at it. Got morning off school. Seen the thing years later it was a taxi. :)

  77. ive just put ssn on nah ill keep you all updated :) can he not buy out his OM contract then newcastle pay him the money for that?

  78. FFS! Any other club in the world would be putting him in a nice hotel, paying all his expenses and offering him a dam good contract – All on the sly of course. But us, no. We turn the poor fcker away and tell him to fck off!

    How to win friends and influence people.

    This is when the total and utter lack of football experience of our executives are shown up!

  79. Dont get me wrong tho Cavalier’s were belter cars. Im a Vaxhall hater aswell I think they’re the only good cars they ever made.

  80. The pic is real, he’s in newcastle however we can’t talk to him because Marseille haven’t agree’d so yet :lol: You can’t say this lad isn’t keen to join us :lol: :lol:

  81. dont know why they done away with running boards on cars like,had great fun as kids getting free rides

  82. Stu,
    What are you talking about?
    Where is the proof that he is here and we have sent him back?
    Please elaborate.

  83. DJG,
    y’right man.
    a) to hate vauxhall & b) to think the cavalier is their best motor.

  84. Lets just bare in mind that if he does sign for us, has a fcking great season and Man Utd want to sign him, what will he do to move to them? Walk down the M1?

  85. We haven’t sent him back, he’s in a hotel in Newcastle. We’ll have to see if he just turns up at training tomorrow morning :lol:

  86. well tom mo i am truly sorry :) just they do seem to get a bit jelous by us magpies ;) fell sorry for him flys to england with his hearts content and cant do sweet FA. lets hope OM allow us to talk to him soon when they relise they arnt going to get a better deal!

  87. Officially we are not allowed to talk to him without the consent of his parent club.
    It would be folly to allow him to be photographed in Newcastle Airport. I do not believe for one minute that he has arrived in the Toon without permission of Marseille.
    He would have arrived in a private jet and allowed to bypass arrivals that you and I have to endure. This story is CRAP.
    Would love it to be true though.

  88. @TonyGreenSupreme – He did the same thing when he left Lyon for Marseille. Just walked out & the next morning started training with OM :lol:

  89. well if hes done it before f*ck him like some one said earlier what happens when he wants to move away from us?

  90. Vauxhall in the 70’s and 80’s made some all time classics! Chevette, Cavalier, Firenza. Opel too Manta, Kadett, Ascona :D

  91. Yep just heard it on SSN hes arravied but newcastle wont talk to him until we have permisson. a soon as we get permission i will belive we will get him

  92. ice,
    sorry mate, hope i didn’t offend.
    Most motors are pretty much of a muchness.

    Was just on ssn that ‘Newcastle won’t talk to HBA ’til they’re given permission’.
    so that bit seems kosher.

  93. Ice….had one as a courtesy car, 2 miles on the clock, after 5-6 days huge crack appeared in windscreen. Had to swap it. I don’t like vauxhalls and they don’t like me. Accept cavaliers. :)

  94. ime fed up with the whole show,but IF its true, toon cant speak to him but in saying that they dont have to theres no rule to say his agents cannot talk to them which is hows its done now anyway, the player is the last stage,but do we really think he would fly over if his agents hadnt already talked to someone at toon,think about it,
    this is if anybody belives it

  95. This is hilarious. So OM won’t loan him so he just flies to Newcastle? Too funny. Come one come all I say…

  96. ‘Dassier also rubbed salt in United’s wounds by saying the club is a shadow of its former self and the club would not be a “secure” choice for the 23-year-old.’

    WTF. Where is this frence ponce lol.

  97. ice,
    me too.
    Not a fan of speculation, but others are, & that’s cool by me.
    Be good when it’s all over, regardless of the outcome.
    What a f***ing palarva!

  98. agents do all the shite stiring how many times have we heard ch say ; i quote i have many agents ring me offering players.un-quote

  99. DJG,
    that quote is from days ago. The press are just regurgitating that one to have a dig.
    They love doing that.

  100. CLINT nee offence m8 everyone to there own.
    got 800mls on clock havent broke windscreen yet lol

  101. I dont know what to believe to be honest. The whole thing is a scripted panto. With OM maybe trying to appease their fans that ‘they didnt want him to go’ ect. I dont know anymore. Hughton certainly has no ‘poker face’ then bang a player is signed, I will personally go and quiz him about ‘no contact’ if we sign this player. :)

  102. This is all getting a bit nuts now, but hope we can secure him finally. At the end of the day we desperately need a player with his creativity for THIS season, even if he gives us grief down the line to move elsewhere – our French history isn’t great!

    Wish people would just chill out a bit & pass judgment at end of window. I know we’re all on edge and desperately need new talent but the 3 in so far are not jokes as some say, they were just the easiest kind of transfers to get through the door by this stage. The pacey attackers were always gonna be tougher. Much the same kind of freaking out was spouted in Jan but most were impressed by the close. We need to hold our nerve as much as the club does in trying to land players & things always escalate towards the end of windows these days. Some of the comments in the last few days on the blogs and chron have just been infantile & embarrassing. We are in the mix and making moves & let’s give Hughton (if not Ashley) the benefit of the doubt for now – for me he has shown real credibility in targeting value players so far.

  103. Make no mistake about it Hughton needs the benifit of the doubt and a whole season in charge to show his worth. (I for one dont think he is the caretaker of Joking Here after last season in full charge) he is all we’ve got in the current price range. He has the trust of the players and make no mistaking if he go’s we will be in deep composte. Bring on Villa u sad b###tards.

  104. DJG,
    aye mate, all we can do is see what happens.
    Out of our hands, which is probably for the best. Imagine if we all ran the club.
    Doesn’t bare thinking about, too many differing agendas/opinions.

  105. DJG,
    well if we don’t stick with a manager for a few years we’re f***ed.
    At least he got his first proper season as a manager last season in the champ.
    Couldn’t have been a better first test really, which he passed with flying colors.
    It could be the making of the guy as a proper, respected manager.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy like.

  106. Does anyone know anyone who works in travel or at the Airport. get them to check flight listings for yesterday and see if Ben Afra was listed

    I work in travel in Australia but cant access those flights. Even a travel agent might know, Get ur feelers out people

  107. Reet,
    am away to kip.
    Weighing up the opposition day the morra.
    Ding ding, round one.

  108. CLiNT FLiCK

    I hope so mate, there has been times where he’s made decisions and ive thought yeah he maybe knows the inner workings, but sometimes he defies belief, and you think what do we as idiot fans see that you as a lifelong professional cant pick up. We will see mate he has my full belief for this reason (and some respect if he gets BA) nite lads.

  109. howay_james….i’m shagging a couple of sheila’s that work on the duty free cosmetics at the airport..

    ..i’ll give one of them a bell & see if she knows owt mate.

    …hooroo for noo.

  110. This rumour about not having permission to speak with Arfa sounds like rubbish to me. Why would he and his agents fly out here if we couldnt speak with them?

  111. I think we are getting closer to agreeing a deal with marseille so they’ve told him to fly to england as he may have to do a medical and contract tmorro and we obv want him b4 we play man utd and tht could happen if he signs by end of tomorrow,
    He will be an immense signing providing he keeps his head down and stays out of trouble and concentrates on playing for the mighty toon and helping to fire us up the table.!!

  112. This Ben Arfa stuff is top drawer :lol:

    By the way Stu, if HBA wants to walk to OT the he would be advised to avoid the M1. He should the A1(M) and cut across the M62 :lol:

  113. @Toonsy – Oh it’s good to be back in the premiership :lol: This is certainly the transfer saga of the year :lol:

  114. I saw some comments saying we will be in deep shit again,if CH is being fired/walked out/resigned.

    Nah,i got 99% confirmed our next manager will be Colin Calderwood for sure.

    Remember our promoting within?? :lol:

  115. we have limited resources and that is why ch is refusing to sign this fella,thats why the loan….so he can use the rest of money for someone else ……..