Ben Arfa in action – Check him out!

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Now that we officially have Hatem Ben Arfa at Newcastle I will allow myself to get a bit carried away, just a bit mind. Here are two videos of our new lad in action, and the boy certainly looks to have some skills.

Now I know it is only a YouTube video, but if he can produce some of those bits of magic at Newcastle then he will quickly become a crowd favourite at St James’ Park.

If Chris Hughton can get the best out of Ben Arfa he could prove to be a very invaluable player for us. I’ll hold my hands up admit that I never expected us to be acquiring a player of Ben Arfa’s calibre, which means I am obviously suitably impressed that we have managed it.

He is the kind of player that will put bums on seats at St James’ Park, and on the back of our last home game – the 6-0 win against Villa- I would expect that the ground will be close to sell out against Blackpool.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this kid can do. I thought he was a little lightweight myself, but he seems to ride the challenges easy enough, a little bit like Pedro used to. If he can do even half the stuff that Pedro used to do then we will have a cracking player on our hands, a cracking player who wants to play for us, and for Chris Hughton, on our hands, no less.

I am very enthused!

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293 Responses

  1. Hells bells! I was 1st, I never come first….well thats not stictly true but I was under a lot of stress.

  2. Great signing – we haven’t had a proper dribbler since Pedro and Tino. What close control the lad’s got. Amazing that he came here!

  3. Looks pretty sweeeeeeeeeet :D, gona get the blue change kit with BEN ARFA #37 cos the home top looks cheap and washes off :(. Toon Till Death !

  4. no disrespect to the twitter dude but JDH is a hotel, im sure ther will be arrivals, dusnt necessaly mean h theyl sign for newcastle, if hes basing his transfer knowledge on hu checks inta a hotel then we cud be possibly trying to sign, mrs philbertheklenberg

  5. Looks like he might win us a few free-kicks and penalties – I can see him being taken down by exasperated defenders!

  6. Well he looks like a BadMoFo, can’t wait to see him settled in & bringing some of that to the Toon ranks.
    If he plays half that well, he’ll be a legend by the end of the season.
    At least 5 mph quicker than Ginola, with more skills.
    He can have an ego the size of SJP if he brings that shit to bear on teams.
    Should win a few pens & free kicks in good positions too.

  7. TOONSY as you say only u-tube,very pleased we got him,didnt we once see one on that turkish lad turan,what ever happened to that lad ?

  8. Great skill no doubt. Classier than Jonas. But no doubt will be far more effective down the middle.
    Only thing that worries me is that neither he or Jonas seem to look up very much.
    Even in the highlights reel. He’ll often beat three men but then his final ball amounts to little.

    Hughton will have to teach him to not overuse the dribble and play a team game, like Ferguson did with Ronaldo.

  9. Think he looks even better out on the right! Routledge may find himself sitting on the bench a bit because cant see Hughton breaking up the Jose/Jonas show, or benching captain fantastic.

    Ben Afra—Barton————Jonas

    Just hope Benny will swop when Perch gets up. Coz Robert was notorious for letting others do his defensive duties.

  10. @7, would be some coincidence if a player just happened to arrive at the hotel we use the day before transfer deadline day….but I’m sure you right, who ever it is must just be up for the bank holiday…..doesn’t say who it is tho.

  11. JJ says:
    August 30, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    “Only thing that worries me is that neither he or Jonas seem to look up very much.
    Even in the highlights reel. He’ll often beat three men but then his final ball amounts to little”
    He does seem to have a much better shot though… I could see him beating a defender or two then giving it a good rip from just outside the box

  12. Georgio apart from Laurent Robert lol Know what you mean first time I have been this excited about a signing in a while. Hope he can do this in the Premier.

  13. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    August 30, 2010 at 4:22 pm
    “Should win a few pens & free kicks in good positions too.”

    Add to the equation our height in the box and what does that equal?

    MOFO goals! telling ya, CH seems to know what he is doing with this transfer lark, some boy like I reckon he is turning out to be.

  14. I hope people do realise that the French league is a lot more open than ours, so he’ll not get as much time or space while playing…. but if he can do half of that, then we’re in for a real treat!!!!

    If I remember rightly, he’s pretty much similar to how Terry Henry use to be when he first arrived at the Arsenil & look how he turned out, lets just hope he doesn’t just use us as a stepping stone for one of the bigger club to get a hold of in Jan or next summer, I hope he’s true to his word & that we’re his No1 choice :)

  15. Well I guess that second video puts an end to the “not seeing a final ball” comment ;)

  16. It’d be a crime to stick him on the wing.
    Let him do what he wants.
    He’s gonna get us way more down the middle like.
    Sure, he can play on the wing, but not exclusively, please.

  17. To be fair the web can be very flattering, but his close control looks awesome, I don’t think it matters which league it is, he’s obviously very talented and an exciting player.

  18. Cant wait to see him in action. hopefully newcastle vs blackpool will be shown live

  19. toonsy says:
    August 30, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    “Well I guess that second video puts an end to the “not seeing a final ball” comment”

    I’ve even seen him playing at twelve now. He’s a bit good.

  20. Clint-Genuinly agree with you, give him the role Messi has at Barcelona, eg

    “when we’re on the attack, get involved, I dont care where across the field we are, if we’re on the edge of the box, get involved”

  21. loved the part of the first video wher he tortured liverpool like hopefully we’l be seeing that this season =]

  22. Just watched the Ben Arfa video and impressed. Only concern is if rest of team can keep up with him or if he’ll need to give them a head start

  23. sorry noir neva ment tah swnd like a wer takin the piss am just sayin it cud be ani1 yana wat a mean, just coz ther ina hotel it duznt mean were signen them, a mean i cud get a room there but al neva get a contract, thats all hes got to bak it up lol

  24. Two years ago he was the hottest prospect in france now he is none as the biggest waste much like gazza. So all of france will be supporting the toon this year.

  25. @26 – He doesn’t mention a name but he has been accurate with signings in the past. I’m sure if its true, a name will come out. Same chap has a follower who claims to be Staylor & says he wants to stay….now I know it could be crap…but as long as you treat it with a big pinch of salt there’s no harm done.

  26. Looks to have plenty of flair.
    Wait till Wolves tactics are employed to kick him out of the game as tried on Mr Barton at the weekend. Hope he is not injury prone and can contol his temper.
    Great signing !!

  27. CLiNT FLiCK

    Well if it is true that Hughton has told him he will build a team around him, he will probably play where he wants mate. ;)

  28. Toonie-There could be a slight issue with the whole “controlling his temper” bit..he is known for fighting with members of the same team, lol. It’s fine, he strolls around the training ground like he’s billy big bollocks and Wor Andy will put him firmly in place im sure.

  29. Toonie – They’ll have to get near him first. I’m pretty certain he will have had some of that kind of treatment in France aswell mind ;)

  30. I’m not one for rumours, as most of you know, but I hear we have bid for van Aanholt? £1.5 million? Probably shite like, but it’s what I heard…

  31. It’s the first time in years that I’ve been happy with our signings going into the last day of the window, anything before it closes tomorrow will be a bonus.

    I’ve heard Van Wolfswinkel hasn’t been at training today but I doubt he ends up here.

  32. I think he’s come here because he knows he will be worshiped like a god. I we keep signing players like him and Tiote I don’t think we will be a stepping stone, I think we will be back in the big time.

  33. Whether we sign Rip Van Winkle or not I think its time people layed off Ashley a bit because the club have played a blinder in this window.

  34. ILM-The way Wigan have looked bar the spurs game I’m pretty sure they’ll have begged for Cleverly and at least old red nose he’ll be starting week in week out. If they have any sense he’ll become an immediate part of their first team because they’ve looked horrendous.

    On the subject of them, I’d have loved to try and nick Rodallega, but nevermind.

  35. Broomhaugh says:
    August 30, 2010 at 4:39 pm
    Rip van winkle rumours wont go away

    I bet he’s fckin quick – Only ‘Sea the Stars’ was quicker last year!

    As for this guy, you could say ‘I’m enthused’.

  36. So if you could sign one realistic player before tomorrow’s deadline that would cost no more that £7 million, who would it be?

  37. n ana its of topic but ricky=richard=dick so ricky van wolfwinkel = dick van wolfdick,, a hope that made sence but omg imagine the jokes and songs, we shud sigh him just for that imo

  38. I remember seeing video’s like this when we signed luque….. hope it doesn’t turn out the same way…..

  39. Not much happening today for us but we have made some good signings anyway. If we were to get in a good striker and a LB for cover then we would of completed a very good transfer window. For the left back i would like to see Van Aanholt and for a striker R.Keane which now looks unlikely. I have never seen this dutch kid play so i cannot comment on him.

  40. Can someone ring jdh and ask to speak to Von winkeln – if they put you through ask if he’s had his medical yet

  41. Batty I look forward to you changing your opinion on Ben Arfa – Like I said before he will be the best player we have ever signed! Just watch and admire mate!

  42. Toonsy-It was only last season that I started to think he looked a really canny player. He’s fast, strong on the ball and has a decent strike on him. He’s near enough the only decent thing Wigan have going for them at the moment I reckon.

  43. a dunno if anyone knows anything else or have read the comment on .com but someone has a rumour tht weve bid 1.5million for van aanholt

  44. a rekon wigan will be near enough down by jan so we can get victor moses on the cheap =]

  45. Surely 1.5 wouldn’t be enough for van aanholt??? i thought he showed the makings of real class last season.

  46. oh yes wooopss..toonsy it was ur comment a was meaning its identical to the one a was on about so a obv read it on here haha sorry mate

  47. Do I sense expectations starting to rise a wee tad. :)

    Actually if we look at teams that have been in the prem a few years now. Wolves, Stoke, Wigan, Bolton ect they only stay in the league by bullying teams at home. And sometimes kicking the cr#p out of better footballing sides, like at Wolves on Sat. I think we’ll be much better than that this year. We haven’t even seen any of our signings yet either apart from Perch, who I think has already condemned Simpson to the bench.

  48. To be fair, what has Moses done since going to Wigan? Is he injured? because he’s only played 13 times scoring 3 times in the process

  49. Ross.

    Moses is one to steer clear of IMO. Has had the ood flash, but very much part of the over-rated brigade. I think he would be no better than Ranger, who struggles to get a game at the toon.

  50. DJG,
    aye mate,
    but we still have to be wary of those teams cos they can still turn teams over.

  51. Geordie69 says:
    August 30, 2010 at 5:29 pm
    Batty I look forward to you changing your opinion on Ben Arfa – Like I said before he will be the best player we have ever signed! Just watch and admire mate!<<<< i honestly hope your right geordie but i can also honestly say i dont think he will be the best player ever too ware a toon top like u sed if he has half the skill of ginola i will be happy

  52. a think ranger would be good working in and around a team like newcastle cos weve got the players he can learn off and quite clearly a set of coaches capable of getting the best out of players so i think he would be a good signing he hasnt really had many chances to start at wigan with these injuries..a think instead of getting keane and wolfboy we should jus get a 5mil bid in for Connor Wickham he is going to be a great player he’s already class and he has got such a long though similar to delap would giv us extra advantage with carrolls head lol and im sure he’s only 17 so plenty time for improvement and he has alot of sell on value if we needed to sell in 10 years time

  53. DJG says:
    August 30, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    “Do I sense expectations starting to rise a wee tad.”

    My expectations of Hughton have always been high since I saw how his mind worked.

  54. geordie 69 i would have too say from what ive seen in my life time its between beardo and ginola for skill and they will take some beating but beardo edges it

  55. just got my tickets for ireland v andorra in new aviva stadium… what do ye think lads??

  56. Aye batty,
    Pedro is the best i’ve seen too.
    He’s gonna take some beating for all round skill, drive, assists, goals, tackles, even playing in friggen goal.
    Geordie Legend of the highest order.

  57. alanmc says:
    August 30, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    “just got my tickets for ireland v andorra in new aviva stadium… what do ye think lads??”

    I think Ireland might just scrape that one, alanmc.

  58. DJG says:
    August 30, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    “Do I sense expectations starting to rise a wee tad.”
    Yes, and supporters are in a positive mood. And 2 signs of apocolypse that prove it to be true:

    1) people defending Barton against Shearer, and
    2) SJT posted a positive comment the other day.

  59. Youtube god bless it, There really is no other credible way of judging football ability in 2010

    Check out that Nacho Gonzalez 22 caps for uruguay and playing for Valencia must be good… :roll:

  60. toonsy,
    aye it’s all stuff that’s actually happened after all, is it not?
    Yes, it’s a show reel ‘n all that, but what else are we gonna base stuff on?
    If you watched the french league regularly & saw those games, you’d probably have the same view on a player, wouldn’t ya’?

  61. All the 2010/11 Newcastle United shirts bought through this site are £5 cheaper now, despite what they say on the adverts. Just thought I’d let you know as we need the money!

  62. CC – On that basis then most of our signings would actually be from The Championship as that is what most of us have been watching most in the past year.

    I mean it isn’t like we are signing him on the back of these vids is it? These are just snippets of what he has done in real life against top teams – We already have him.

  63. toonsy/worky,
    get a scouting team set up & get yerselves off round the world, howay y’lazy bazza’s.

  64. at the end of the day its c.h.judgement that counts,he hasnt done bad up to now like,sure it wasnt y-tube that caught his eye lol

  65. I’d love to get Van Aanholt back £1.5m seems a bit cheap but I did read Blackpool had bid that much for him so maybe figure is right!!……doubt it tho.

  66. I’m flagging a bit now like. Gone through the hangover stage. Now just feel knackered :(

  67. CC – On that basis, most people haven’t seen Messi play in real life, so that must mean he is a clogger?

  68. Sorry i cant remember saying real life but anything to make your point i guess

    Ive seen him playing in ligue 1 matches numerous times, Champions league a fair few times and now for france and he is very impressive, Im looking forward to the blackpool match and finally seeing him in the flesh, I just think cips of any given players best bits can decieve like that Luque vid ive just posted…

  69. He looks amazing. I guess we can assess his attitude over this season. If he is a cock then we simply don’t buy him. Andy Carroll excites me more. Hughton appears to have grown into a great manager too. It has been a long time since I have had faith or trust in a manager at our beloved club. I just pray that Ashley comes good to. A year in the fizzy pop has been exactly what we needed.

  70. Been watching a bit of Van Wolfswinkel on the tube… He dosnt look that fast tbh, anyone know more about him?

  71. I already get too carried away by ‘youtube’

    can’t wait to see him show that for us on the pitch

    Go toony Ben Atfa !!!

  72. CC – And the point I am trying to make is that this is the best way to give fans who haven’t seen him an indication of what a player is capable of.

    If I said that this is how he plays all of the time then perhaps you have point, but I’ve never said that. I said this;

    “Now I know it is only a YouTube video, but if he can produce some of those bits of magic at Newcastle then he will quickly become a crowd favourite at St James’ Park.”

  73. CC says:
    August 30, 2010 at 6:38 pm


    So despite two months of people constantly saying what a great signing Ben Arfa would be they havent actually seen him play??”

    I have, CC.

  74. btw wher allowed 4 players on loan at 1 time 2 from english clubs and 2 from foreign clubs, i read earlier on someone was asking and i think toonsy thought we wer allowed 4 all season 2 at a time sorry if im wrong toonsy pal

  75. Didn’t diddy dennis wise just tell kk to ‘check him out on utube’ as a piss take?
    Least that was my understanding of the situation.

  76. It’s 2 loanees at one time.
    4 over the season.

    Aye, Luque didn’t cut it at the Toon.
    But in that ‘goal reel’ you’d never know why.
    Although he didn’t get much of a run out, did he?
    Ben Arfa’s show reel is more about his football skills.

  77. CLiNT FLiCK

    That was my point, I was just trying to say that youtube can decieve, If you watched that before we signed luque then we would be rubbing our hands…

    Ben Arfa is wonderful like i said i am looking forward to the blackpool match to see the lad in the flesh

  78. its not clint mate, look at mackems they’ve got 4 atm.. Onuoho Mensah Mhammuadi welbeck

  79. Robert was just a guy with a good left peg. Not a patch on this kid by the looks of it. Benny is like a Guttierez who can finish and cross.

  80. GeordieToon,
    ok mate, maybe they’re just taking pity on the unwashed.
    Or brucie’s in with the warders like?
    I stand corrected.

  81. CC,
    aye, i knaa mate.
    It’s all a question of temprement, the boss, or new boss in our case. Didn’t ffs just foist him onto rodent?

  82. CLINT must be m8 he took bramble and zog ect off us to give us a break now hes rubbing it into the dark-side with bamble zog might be next lol

  83. Ice

    I though Zog was one of our best players apart from his attitude.

    Not a patch on Benny though. :)

  84. Ice- you see the MOTD commentator mentioned how the scum were groaning every single time Titus touched the ball/failed to clear it properly. Keep going agent Bruce! :D

  85. ad go with the pity part like clint ha :)
    and also i cant wait to see ben arfa torture blackpools backline a bet motd picks up something negative about him though with him being ours, but if he was at one of the top 6 they’ll all be like wow this kid is a genius..just wait i bet im right ha :)

  86. DJG aye m8 to a degree but nee good if it gets on other players tits which it did,c.h. is slowly getting it right imo,just hope we can handle benny in that respect,as he has got something

  87. GT89,
    totally mate.
    The pundits will find something wrong.
    Or not even mention him, even if he scores.
    Anyway, manusa, liverpool & chelsea make way better hats.

  88. ice,
    CH has a way better way of dealing with players than some of our managers had.
    He knows how to kick ass, stroke a worthy ego or ignore bullsh.

  89. the village of the damned will never let bramble settle.
    But anyhoo, he’s too good for them.

  90. I still can’t believe their jammy win against Man City.

    What a shame, coz I think the boo boys where about to dust off the bedsheets.

  91. DJG-Jammy isn’t the word, city should have had it won inside 45 mins. Luck like that will evade them though, quickly.

  92. slow on ground today with rumours ime pleased to say,dont think the cup is full yet like

  93. Dont need anyone else. Maybe cover at van Aanholt left back/wing. Maybe a sneaky bid for Kieran Gibbs.

    Then in Jan we can move Shola on and Best and bring in an extra striker. We’d be covered pretty much all over the park.

  94. ice,
    it’ll all go a bit mad tomoz, hey?
    You still think we’ll get a couple more in?

  95. if big andy goes down the dancers we’d be – cattle trucked – another decent foward is a must.

  96. anything can happend on the last day of the market. I just hope for a good goal scorer and well be ready to go!

  97. DJG says:
    August 30, 2010 at 8:00 pm
    Having said that, I’d be perfectly happy with what we’ve got.

    Surely we need another striker? We cannot rely on Carroll on his own. He does pick up his fair share of injuries and he will obviously have a dip in form too.

  98. Im so pleased that we still appear to have more pulling power than any other club up here. Of course it was never in doubt. ;)

  99. Evening all ;) Roy I seen you there getting to drive a choo choo train all the best mate you’s make a lovely couple, and take it easy with Hayley babes;)
    Talking a but lovely couples Where is that arse kisser batty :) I seen he’s been chatting Worky up :lol:

    Ice hows you this fine day mate

  100. CLINT aye m8 i think 2 too come 1 has to be a striker 1 cover at l/b although c.h. said perch can play there if required,and i think 3 will go out maybe on loan

  101. robbie keane will solve any potential problems & CH would like him at the club – come on fatty get your little fat fingers into your deep pockets & pull a few quid out.

  102. Keane finished man, wouldn’t want to pay anywhere near £6M for his pension. Now that would be repeating the mistakes of the past.

  103. BIG DAVE aye grand m8,richietoon woke for about 5min then nodded back off,toonsy well he always nodds off,wee one enjoy his day oot?

  104. DJG says:
    August 30, 2010 at 8:06 pm
    Isnt that what Ameobi, Ranger and Lovenkrands are for Stu?

    You happy to put our future in their hands? Ameobi has had more chances than John Terry, Ranger’s a bairn who couldn’t get a start in the Fizzy and Lovenkrands hasn’t played that much.

  105. ice if he’s finished then we dont want him anyways – will someone tell CH please

  106. ice
    aye 2nd striker (little ‘un).
    I’d be happy with that.

    ‘the dancers’ ain’t heard that in a while.
    Classic :)

  107. sorry have never been or will ever be a shola lover dont care how many stats you throw at me,hes had 10yrs of good money,just move on son imo

  108. What your all skirting around is the fact that he doesnt want to come! I know its the press but if he doest want to come I don’t want him.

  109. Roy-pretty sure Keane wants to stay in London, he’s already dismissed talk of us. I think we need a nippy, proven striker like, but you lads really think something will happen themoro?

  110. I heard its not he dosent to come, think its he dosent want to go anywere on loan again not sure if id want us to pay 6mill for keane if we cud get djalo or wolfswinkel, id personnally like that erdling from psg, its quite which means something is happenin, scum gettin gyan

  111. Keane is too much of a billy big bollicks to be honest. I would rather have this young promising dutch youngin. Plus Keane had more clubs than a baby seal.

  112. If its true bout nassim boukhelfi n gai assulin they don’t need to happen tomorro as both free transfers so cud happen after tomorro

  113. I could be wrong but keane strikes me as a i love me who do you love type like,would not be shocked to see taylor go in a swap job somewhere

  114. djg – it’s a shame if he dont want to come like..

    a.carrol/r.keane = wow factor – scaring the shit out of the majority of prem defences

    – pitty.

  115. Am very pleased with what we hav wud of like lb cover in like more than owt else now if we got that id feel wed b strong in every position

  116. STUART maybe some think they can “fix”it,to long in the tooth to change,they couldnt even “stick” him at inter/milan

  117. I dont think we really need Keane and im not sure he would fit in well, I dont know if we will get anyone else, but im happy with what we have and a bit surprised at some of the players we got, but I wont say no to anymore

  118. Brought in five players so we have to be happy. I don’t think many expected us to sign that many.

  119. I think it’s more about why teams keep getting shot like.
    Now he’s in an untenable position. Age ain’t on his side, would cost too much, both transfer & wages, tainted by no. of moves.
    Still a decent player, but no sell on value & may just want one last pay day. He’d have to go somewhere for nowt, a new challenge may bring the best outta him or else he might not give a f*** & just pick up his wages.
    Tough call really.

  120. Ice > wee one enjoy his day oot?
    Tomorrow mate ;)
    I hope S Taylor stays and not just because my wee lad has his name and No on his away top :(

  121. BIG DAVE on keane i know he is/was good goal score record,but look at the clubs he has had if hes so good,he only played 6 games for inter and they moved him on along with a lot of clubs,and the big fight he had with E.DAVIDS,i smell a rat somewhere

  122. The lovechild of Kieron Dyer and Laurent Robert – looks-wise AND on the pitch? Anyone see it…?

  123. Well if he is going that Fat fuk Controller may give me my money back for the shirt :lol: but atlest he has Carroll on the home shirt ;)
    Batts I would be surprised if they took him while he is injured

  124. OMG LADS! we’ve got the next Messi on our hands!!!
    Okay okay, maybe he’s not quite there yet :) But seriously can’t wait to see us on the counter now, be nice to be exciting again..whether he does come in for Routledge or not, or does come on in CM we’ve got ourselves some lads who should be able to dismantle the defences of most of the teams we’ll be aiming to beat, this year at least anyway.

  125. SpencerTheToon I have spent enough on them he will have to make do with Taylor anyway the away top is complete sh1t and isnt even worth a tenner :(

  126. I’d like to see Van the man come in for cover at LB and a striker but I cant see it happening like. As others have already said though, I didnt expect 5 players in and I didnt expect them to be of the quality we’ve purchased. The likes of Benny will be seen as a major coup, Tiote could be the same.

    Not bad for a sh!te, small time club with a fake manager is it? ;)

  127. This video clip of Ben Arfa looks great. Wish him all the best for the new season, the fans are gonna love him !

  128. Jay Jay I would like to see him in the roll that Nolan plays just behind Carroll, but that leaves the problem where does Nolan go :twisted:

  129. Stuart79 says:
    August 30, 2010 at 9:44 pm
    Nice to see your spelling’s back to normal, mongo..<<<< nice too see ur stil a mongo ya dirty little leaky arse manc

  130. When’s the squad need to be finalised? If anymore come in they will need to be declared in this squad

  131. HBA will demolish s#itty blackpool and Harewood. Im suprised West Ham dont want him back, their gonna be a champ team soon. :)

  132. Jay Jay I do know what he has done for us, and he helped out in a big way to get promoted, and I think he is good at looking out for the kids etc etc and I will allways appreciate what he has done and while he wears the blk + wht I will support him 100%. but I just cant take to him imo he is undroppable and has to much power considering all the lenght of time he has been here

  133. Dave – You think he has too much power, but the fact is we really don’t know. The guy is club captain at the end of the day, so he will have that little bit more importance with regards to talking to people/press etc

  134. He doesnt have a negetive effect on other players by the looks of things, the players seem to be happy enough so he must be doing some good.

  135. Just seen the news that Gyan is going to be S*****lands marquee signing. Well, if I were a fan of the Scum i would be pretty underwhelmed seeing as not even Ghana fans rate the guy. He had a decent World Cup, but that’s because he was their only proper striker. He has no composure in front of goal and will miss more than he scores me thinks.

  136. El Toro – Gyan is a 1 in 5 striker, and that is in the Frendh and Italian leagues. That amount of money for him is silly.

  137. Big Dave

    Nolan will be favoured away from home as he works hard and can always nick you a goal. Even if he isn’t playing particularly well. Hughton will likely rotate Hatem with the wingers in order to keep him happy and keep things fresh.

    However, at home I can see Hatem starting most games in Nolans role as he is the player more likely to unlock stubborn defences. Something we will be seeing quite a lot of now everyone has seen what happened to Villa.

  138. Toonsy Thats why I said > imo he is undroppable and has to much power considering all the lenght of time he has been here ;) My imo is like your ??s :)
    And I wasn’t meaning in the past 3 weeks when he was made Captain ;) .
    did you get me email mate

  139. 247 Big Dave says:
    ‘August 30, 2010 at 10:41 pm
    I will support him 100%. but I just cant take to him imo he is undroppable and has to much power considering all the lenght of time he has been here.’

    I would agree with that like. Toonsy what has he done to deserve being in an undroppable Shearer like position, scored a few tap-ins, been here 1 1/2 years. Fair enough Shearer got managers the sack ect, but this guy ISNT Shearer, not by a long stretch, sorry if ive pi##ed on anybodies chips, but im just laying down the law.

  140. Toonsy

    I didn’t even check his stats as I know for a fact he has awful composure in front of goal. It’s all I heard in the build up and during the World Cup from my Ghanaian friends. They are desperate for a quality striker to emerge for their national team.

  141. Amazing talent…amazing signing…bit of a pretty boy and a little bit of a head case but if Hughton can control him and get the best out of him, I think WE COULD DO SOME SERIOUS DAMAGE this season!!!!

  142. Nolan deserves his spot because he is one of those players who can go missing for 89minutes, but score 2 goals in the other 3 or 4 minutes.

    I never used to rate him, but his goal tally at the club simply doesn’t lie.

  143. I kno no one deserves to b dropped but against backpool the team will b
    perch colo campbell jose
    routledge nolan barton jonas
    Arfa carroll
    harsh on smith n williamson but think houghton will go with that team with tiote gettin 20mins

  144. El Toro IMO if Lovens was played in Nolan position he would score more and wouldn’t go missing as much.
    Batts he has played 3 games the 1st game he was missing for 70 odd mins until he was took off for Strolla IMO we were playing with 10 men for the 70mins ;)

  145. Davy-You think Williamson will get dropped? I think he’ll take a look at Campbell the night, start with Williamson against Blackpool and bring Campbell on for 15-20. I also think he’ll do the same with Tiote, start with Smith and maybe give Tiote 20/30 mins.

  146. I’d go with that team as well davy. Although I would usually consider introducing Ben Arfa off the bench, it seems like the perfect fixture. Blackpool are very open, not physical and its at home after a long break and fans will be desperate to see him.

  147. dave well iam thinking hes a decent player m8 and cannit ya help spew oot and throw 1 up his missus hes gettin on now and still hasent got any kids ,they dont call u big d for nowt :lol:

  148. Oh actually, keep Williamson in there for sure. I don’t expect a change to a settled backline – hope not anyway.

  149. Williamson is a better player than S.Taylor. He completely deserves his place in the team for time being imo.

  150. Ben Arfa is clearly unhinged (I mean he signed for us…). The documentary from his days as a kid when he was going to fight Diaby was just the start of loads of reported incidents, including the one where he was battling with a team mate in the warm up for Christ’s sake. THAT is radged.

    But he’s obviously an exciting player and also likes a ‘meg’. As undisputed King of megs round these parts, I love him already.

  151. WhoTheVuckicHaris

    I very much doubt Blackpool will play an open, expansive game when they come to SJP. I get the impression from Holloways recent interviews that he is going to tighten up his side and play more physical, defensive game away from home.

    This will probably start at SJP as he will be wary of our attacking threat. Anyone else getting the feeling that the 6-0 to Villa was a gift and a curse? Looking back on it I would probably have preferred to win 1 or 2-0 and avoid the whole media circus that followed. Holloway will no doubt keep it tight, play two banks of four and slow the game by maintaining possession. It’s a proven technique at SJP and as we are all expecting 3 points it won’t take long for the grumbles to start.

    We really need to fly out the traps as soon as the whistle blows as an early goal is clearly going to be crucial.

  152. I hear Liverpool want Van Wolfy. Think that would well and truly ruin my week =( Even if we can’t get him…please not Liverpool!

  153. Carroll as a “paintbrush striker”, who applies the finishing touches to attacking moves. Buffon also hailed Carroll’s awareness and ability to find player

    Never seen this before….

  154. Hmm.. I hope he has a final ball to go with those awesome skills. He sure looks like someone who would be either lovely to watch, or frustrating to have. I hope its the former.

  155. With Joey Barton Form,He will get the ball he wants. Ben Afra and Joey Barton will be key for us in attack,Good passers of the football,A good eye for chances and opening up play.

    Dont you worry Mark :)

  156. The former Lyon midfielder added: “Newcastle has a long history and a very strong identity. I watched the match against Aston Villa on TV and the match against Wolverhampton in the stands and there were a lot of positive things.

    “I could have great fun in that team. I am feeling like starting again from scratch. I have a whole country to conquer. It is a beautiful challenge. When I saw the atmosphere in Wolverhampton’s stands, I had shivers at kick-off.”

    Some great words from HBA~~~ :lol:

  157. If HBA show the superb performance against Blackpool and we get 3 points, I will be more than happy but it will be dangerous for him too in term of his ego. Hughton has to make sure he can make HBA keep feet on the ground as he did with Carroll.

    Another effect is our rival will check and try to kick him out of the game since then. Long way to go and I hope he can adapt himself and develop to be better player here. HWTL !

  158. I think the Cup tie with chelsea might be an ideal time to throw HBA and Tiote in with some of the youngsters and see if we can’t overturn Chelsea’s youngsters….

    Will be good chance for them to get up to speed on their fitness etc also.

  159. I really like what Arfa said about liking the way we actually played football. The last two matches have shown us to do more with the ball on the ground and Hughton seems to be building a proper footballing side. I mean, we won’t be confused with the Entertainers anytime soon, but we should be fun to watch this year. Really looking forward to Arfa, Routledge, and Jonas flying down the pitch in a counter attack. Both Perch and Enrique coming forward, with Barton and Guthrie providing through balls… Carrol to control the middle…

  160. lol ‘in excess of £13M’

    For a striker completely untested in the prem. Good bit of business there like.

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