This transfer window is shaping up quite nicely.

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Signing number 5 - Hatem Ben Arfa.
Signing number 5 - Hatem Ben Arfa.
The transfer window is nearly at an end, and I think it is safe to say that it has probably gone better than most Newcastle fans had expected.

It could get better still should Newcastle pull off a rumoured deal for Robbie Keane, although at the moment that is all that particular deal is – a rumour.

The capture of Hatem Ben Arfa yesterday is a signing that most have wanted to come off. The guy looks like he has some skills and will be a player that can get the crowd up and excite them. Then there is Cheick Tiote, who has earned rave reports in Holland, who is also now a Newcastle player. Add those to the signings of Sol Campbell, Dan Gosling and James Perch and you can see that this window is taking shape rather nicely. Another signing on top of those would be excellent.

So we have five confirmed signings, and not many would have guessed that at the start of the summer after the “no capital outlay” statement was released. I reckon our total spend is around the £6 million mark so far, so my, and others, prediction of what ‘no captal outlay’ means appear to have come true. I said all along we would spend, just not too much.

If the money is tight, which it apparently is, then Newcastle need to make sure they get the most value from the limited amount of cash available. I would say they have done that pretty well so far this window, and the players that we have signed have been in positions where a lot of people have said we needed to strengthen.

I think the squad we have now should be pretty much nailed on for survival, at least I hope they will be anyway. I am much more confident with what we have going forward in terms of playing staff and feel that we have enough to cover all but the most severe of injury problems.

One of the most important things is to try and make sure Steven Taylor signs a new deal at the club. Of course that deal would have be suitable for both parties and by no means should the club be held to ransom, but it would be nice if that could be worked out quickly so everyone knows where they stand.

Overall, I am enthused with this transfer window.

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342 Responses

  1. here here
    options is the name of the game today in the Premiership, options. If we get Keane, we would have the players to play quite a few different formations.

    You reckon ‘no new capital outlay’ was meant about the clubs self generated income? And that money that has been parted with is from Ashley’s pocket?

  2. ILM – I don’t know where the cash has come from, but all I said at the time was that no capital outley meant not spending on fees over x years.

    I do think that it will have come from self generated funds from the club though.

  3. Add Robbie K and we will be fine for survival-seems like MA has finally woken up and give CH some backing.

  4. i know transfer window as been good for us well done to chris hughton and his team theyve mde some shrwed signings that other clubs havent been able to do and i remember after the no capital outlay statement people ranting and raving on here saying we werent going to sign anybody! these people must feel a tad embarrassed now if hughton adds robbie keane were laughing a top ten finish isnt looking a million miles away and im really looking forward to playing the makems i reckon we can do them with this team

  5. Still think we need a left back as cover for Jose as playin perch/Taylor/Simpson there leaves u’s unbalanced and kadar is a centre half. Either a loan or even an experienced back up would do – van aanholt or yes, even Samuel would do the job

  6. Still not sure about Robbie Keane. Get the impression he is playing on past glories every time I’ve watched him. Seems he plays to the crowd for self adulation – not for the team…definitely skilled, but something is just not right.

  7. this team can play anyway..we can play long or on the floor with are 2 wingers or rough it up.and i cant say that about many apart from chelsea who can play that way..we have got plan a and b if we need it..lets not get carried away like i am..we got to be the best team in the air bar non..said that from the start of the season if we get enough of the ball we will score for fun with balls into the box..with the prem league having mostly donkeys at the back..that includes the 4 top clubs..i think colly and willamson have improved becasue they are marking carrol in training and the other off are good headers of the we are looking very good in the air when we have to defend man u never won anything in the we looking good in that area which is the most important thing..said people will change the way they play against us becasue of andy carrol and wolves did that..the way they tryed to stop the supply to him..never going to work..

  8. I think Keane is just desperate for first team football. Scored a bagload for Celtic given the chance and although the SPL isn’t quite the Premiership shall we say, I still think he’d be good alongside Carroll. I’ve always said I wouldn’t want him here but if he arrived on a loan deal I definitly wouldn’t complain.

  9. Clinath have to disagree with you about not working for the team , when Keane plays for Ireland nobody works harder than himself , he is constantly chasing the ball and works hard for the team. Some of it is playing up to the crowd but he does work hard

  10. Keane on loan would be a great move for the club, but we should not sign him permanently. I reckon the Irish connection will do the trick, and he will come. To be honest he should be proud to come to a club like Newcastle, and will be loved by the fans for his wholehearted effort…plus the lad can score goals, just watch him go, it would be a like a breath of fresh air for the lad, and a second chance in the big league after a couple of disappointing seasons..

  11. I have difficulty arguing with you JT, as I said – it’s just a feeling I get when I watch him, almost desperate to impress. Perhaps a loan deal would suit us, and he may be better than what we already have (he certainly was when younger)…but can’t help worrying he’d upset the balance rather than bring something extra to the table.

  12. Fcuk that MM – some of our own “fans” have been worse than mackems these last few months.

    They had plenty to say when everything was up in the air but nowt speaks louder than their silence now.

    Shame they can’t front up and swallow their sh1te like real men.

    You know who you are you bunch of big yellow pussies. Let’s be avin ya!!

  13. Any thoughts on formations? Home and away? Would love to see Guthrie and Arfa play together with two strikers, Carroll and Lovenkrands. Sounds like a great attacking side. And with the prospect of Gosling to come!!! Excited.

  14. Apparently we’re looking at Cunningham from Citeh. One year loan, so not pricey and LB cover for wor Jose.

  15. I do think a loan would suit clinath , he aint getting younger and i dont think we need him on our wage bill over the next 2-4 seasons , one year would be fine for me!

  16. ch has done really well in the market,if he gets keane on loan great,but if that means we have to buy him for 6mil after loan ime not to sure hes 30, 31 next season think we could spend that more wisely on a younger model,but maybe they think thats the cost of a proven pl striker

  17. TC – Go get em fella. Hitman was one, although he has changed his name to ‘short trousers’ now and spends most of his time slagging everyone on here off on Ed’s blog.

    Nee fecker is listening though as they aren’t interested in the thisblog/thatblog stuff. The stats show there is more then enough room for the both of us ;)

  18. Not bothered about keane, he’ll be an overpaid bench warmer, should get levan kenia, damn my hangover.

  19. pleasantly surprised with the way we played yesterday. Not the overly defensive formation we got away from home last season. CH and the lads appear to be a lot more confident in their abilities and goals. Or maybe we are just going to target the weaker sides in this league and, away from home, have a go! Certainly in the build up to the game, I got the impression the Wolves were looking at us as the favourites and someone to worry about…interesting psychological sea change there.

  20. TC I think the majority of toon fans are pleasantly surprised by wor start to the new season, me included. I would say it’s a case of watch this space for the doubters, they’ll be back once the shit hits the fan…

    Until that happens however, well done to the Toon !! Howay the Lads ! flock the rest of them !

  21. jay jay….hope you suffer from a lot more hang-overs in the course of the season mate !!

  22. Ice – Maybe, but he should kepp his hard feelings to the person he has them against, NOT this place in general.

  23. Anybody know about that 19 year old french guy who supposedly had a medical.he was from lens or somewhere.dont remember his name though.his photo and all was put on .com by somebody.any idea what happened to him guys?

  24. toonsy – aye you do well to keep out of the whole “blog wars” thing.

    To be honest I think you, worky and uncle ed deserve nowt but praise for keeping these blogs going and giving us all a forum to chew the black and white cud.

  25. jay jay-Only 4 of 16 from the penalty spot, alot of his goals for them were really canny finishes to be honest.

  26. Keane would be a good addition to our squad in my opinion. I’m sure he would get along with the likes of Barton, Smith etc. Also, Keane works incredibly hard and has fantastic movement when playing off of a big man. He and Carroll could really compliment each other and score a lot of goals as a partnership.

  27. I hope seeing the video of Nolan swopping spit with Andy Carroll during the Wolves game hasn’t put any of our potential signings off !!

  28. Munich – It may have flushed out some more interest ;)

    Where is the vid as I haven’t seen it? I just want to see if it is as bad as some have made out :)

  29.’s on one of MOTD links mate, posted on here somewhere. I’ll try and track it down, it wuz just after Big Andy scored his goal against the wolves gob-shites…

  30. I think we should see the youngsters get loans this week. If Keane comes in, Ranger will be 6th in the pecking order even before Best recovers from injury.

    Ranger and Vuckic could be successful at championship level and should be given the chance now – as we should be playing a full strength side in the cup to avoid (total) embarrassment.

  31. Munich – Aye, just watched it. Cheers for digging it out. It certainly was a tender moment wasn’t it? :lol:

  32. As long as they both enjoyed it :lol:

    Different strokes for different folks and that :lol:

  33. Munich Mag- i think we are getting to grips what hughton meant when he said nolan is tutoring and keeping an eye out for carroll :)

  34. Sir Erec…you could be right mate…wor Louise Taylor could have a lip on after seeing her Andy up to those kind of tricks !!

    Flippin heck the papers write some garbage…”SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: Manchester United’s enigmatic new signing Bebe is undergoing a specialised conditioning programme as he is fast-tracked towards first-team action. …..

    enigmatic ? howay man…!

  35. MM was on ssn the other day that he was pulled out of the 2nd team as he couldnt keep the pace,strange like

  36. cheers icedog…so thats what “enigmatic” means…”cream – crackered” in Geordie parle..!

  37. Just watched MOTD again and the “tackle” that knocked Barton out was just unbelievable. He didn’t get the ball and just ploughed into Joey at 100mph. One of the most reckless and dangerous fouls you’ll see all year and the ref couldn’t even work out it was a foul. Surely could have been a red for being totally out of control and using wildly excessive force.

    It’s easy to see that Barton is well known for his physical style of play, but that ref totally failed to control the game or protect the players. Hansen and Shearer’s very public amusement was disgraceful. What if this had been an Arsenal player for example? Well they would have been up-in-arms obviously.

  38. WTVH @ 49, Ranger is a player with great potential and i agree that he should be loaned but only with a condition of recall as i place him above Best and Ameobi, he has good control, pace, an eye for goal and is good in the air.
    I can see him following in Carrols footsteps as long as he keeps himself grounded, a real prospect, i thought he was our best player against Accrington and put a full shift in apart from one lapse in concentration just before half time when he failed to pick up his man.
    It will be interesting to see what the final 25 man squad is following the closure of the transfer window.

  39. Aye, well pleased. 1season loan with keane would do young Andy Carrol the world of good. Andy is streets ahead of Shola, but is still in need of guidance, keane is a perfect tutor.

  40. What chance of Carroll being in the England squad tonight if Zamora and Crouch do miss out? I think he would hold that place down given the chance as the two mentioned are about 30.

  41. WTVH – spot on – said the same thing myself. Wouldn’t have been funny if it had been anybody else but JB (and he’s till to win me over that he’s changed his behaviour – although fair play to him for not getting sent off) – there would have been an outcry. Would it have been so funny if one of tackles from yesterday had put him out of the game permanently? There were at least 3 that could have.

  42. Not sure if mention,looks like Fraser Forster is 1st choice GK for Celtic already???

    See,when Fraser Forster become their Gk,they keep clean sheet. :lol:

  43. Toonsy yer right for a change things are shaping up nicely, still the problem for me is who is going to be dropped for some of the new ones ? maybe you could have a poll on it should be ;)

  44. Dont you know icedog , sky sports really drag the shit out of this , Ill be watching ssn on tues with david craig outside st james park reporting….

  45. WTVH-I agree regarding Shearer. I’m sure he said something like “I know we shouldn’t laugh but it is funny”..what is funny about making no attempt to win the ball and purposly take a player out the game? Deliberate attempts to harm someone during a game of football aren’t my idea of a laugh to be honest. They counted 7 tackles all worthy of a yellow, some straight reds and laughed them all off. Pretty pathetic.

  46. ROSS had it been a m/u or gunners player they would have said how bad it was,and should be brought before the f.a. blah blah blah

  47. Tony Hibbert is Everton’s Shola. How is he still playing there when Heitinga is on the bench?

  48. Ice-let’s see the same referee allow someone to clatter into the likes of Fabregas or Arshavin like that 7 times in one game. They’d have been off the field quicker than they knew it and every single pundit would have gave it “he’s just too good for them, they’re outclassed so all they can do is foul him, it’s a shame because he could have been seriously hurt” etc. Twats.

  49. Safe to say should we somehow or for some reason sign “Ricky Van-Wolfswinkel”, I will purchase the new shirt purely to have his name across my shoulders, lol.

  50. I’ve e-mailed a complaint about Shearer and Hansen’s comments to the BBC Sports lot but doubt if I’ll hear any thing back.
    So now we’re signing Rip van Winkle, Diame Keen and Ritchie Cunning-ham according to various sites? Surreal!

  51. Lads we should get Toonsy to set up a Joey Barton Fan club after that, but it is nice to see people stick up for him and im sure JB would be delighted if he seen the support he’s getting as there is one thing about him he will allways give 100%. I have said many a time he has been a toe rag but unlike so many other toe rags in footie he has served time for what he has done, so he shouldn’t have to keep serving for the same shit.

  52. M6699 caught/offside now reports toon have offered 12mil for keane,where do they get this shite

  53. Oh I meant to say I was a bit surprised that CH didn’t mention that he expected a bit more support and protection for his players from the ref, its allright him saying that Henry was a wholehearted player and the type that you want to see in the game but what if he had off put Joey out of the game.

  54. I’ve always been a big supporter of Joey. Not only is he a quality CM (our best, in fact) but he provides that bit of toughness and hustle that has been sorely lacking in our club in the past. And as Big dave said, he’s done his time and is making the most of his second chance and all that…

  55. Ice it keeps him strong and fit haveing to carry my clubs aswell as his own ;) but anyway not long now till the window slams shut I really cant see anyone taking Taylor when he’s injured but I seen you mentioned Guthrie earlier I think you might be on to something there as he hasn’t been mention from the Manure game where he missed it with a niggle, also Xisco injured when he was in the training pics ? so maybe he is going too but as I said we dont have long to wait

  56. just hope barton and carrol stay fit and we could have the best prem season weve had for a good few years

  57. Ice he has been a right huffy sh1tbag for the last week or so maybe its just that time of month ;) as for Richie he could be wiped out somewhere :)
    Batts @ 98 you seem to be optimistic about the season ahead mate, I must admit the last 2 signings have give me even more faith for the season I think if they settle quickly we will be safe no probs ;)

  58. Batts thats not bad odds mate I think ye could be scooping some money at the end of the season mate. talking about bets my older bro had £100 on Stoke to beat Chelski lol

  59. Looking like the decisions made by Hughton are proving to be best, Arfa, Gosling, Tiote rather than Beckford, Boyd and all the other speculated signings he dismissed.

  60. About CH interview after the match

    here’s some thought from

    Cronky :
    Hughton rose above it, and therefore set the right example to his players. I think a little bit of Hughton’s quiet dignity has rubbed off on Joey, and I’m hopeful that’ll be the case with Ben Arfa as well.

    midds :
    Thought Hughton was very diplomatic in that short MoTD interview. Acknowledged what had happened with Barton without slagging Henry, McCarthy or Wolves off and mushrooming it into something it’s not.

    have to admit though that I want CH say something about it but he never has a bad word to anyone so good for him

    It’s really top class act from our Chrissy Hughton.

  61. Sorry if its already been discussed, but I thought our former No 9’s performance on MoD last night was pathetic, helped by bitter hanson & perma tan linekar their laughing at barton’s treatment was bang out of order. Can you imagine what would have been said if the same treatment had been dished-out to golden bollocks gerrard? Last week 5live reckoned he was a nazi & now this. Disgraceful, with any luck our new best friend mike denis will do a hachett job on them.

  62. Batty I have told him loads of times he is just a fool when it comes to gambling, he has blown thousands of pounds and a marriage through it but he will never change mate I think its sad sometimes but its his life

  63. noir9 I fully agree about their reaction to Barton, the treatment was a disgrace and the FA should be looking into the singling out of Barton. He may have a past and be known as a bad boy but thats a joke.

    On Bartons side he conducted himself very well and didnt react. His only dodgy tackle he gets a yellow card.

  64. Noir-Dont worry mate you’re not alone. Plenty of people including myself have already expressed disappointment/anger towards Shearer and co for their pathetic mockery of blatant attempts by Henry to hurt him.
    I especially liked the line “I know we shouldnt laugh, but it is funny”..personally I dont see the joke.

  65. shearer and co way out of order on laugh at the assult dished out to joey over 90 mins is a disgrace.i thought big al was better than that.clearly joey was targeted,but was totally professional through out the game.any other player on the recieving end of such thuggery and their would have been an inquirery.

  66. Toon Chicken you bell end!

    Newcastle supporters have had every right to whinge and complain over the last couple of months. I’m sure they will come on here and be humble and accept they got it wrong.

    I said, and have always said that the squad that got us up wouldn’t be good enough – I stand by that, but we have added to the squad.

    I think we’ve got enough now to survive, with Keane I believe we could be top half.

    Sorry if the likes of me who take a more realistic and pragmatic approach upsets you, but that’s life.

    Wonder if you’ll ever have a normal conversation on here, instead of just trying to argue with everyone, you disagree with.

  67. I understand Shearer and Barton have had their differences like, but if he wants nowt to do with Joey anymore then he should just ignore him. Laughing at him when he’s kicked about the football field when he’s paid to be an impartial pundit just makes him look a bit childish really. In saying that, they all joined in. It wasn’t just Shearer, they all had a good chuckle at 7 or so terrible tackles.

    As i said earlier Noir-Lets see someone clatter into Fabregas like that 5 or 6 times in one game and still be on the field. Every pundit would be in uproar.

  68. @118 – Your right there, Joey seems to have matured at last, but thats 3 bookings already & he looks like he’s going to be really important to us this season. Suppose some people must just think he deserves to have his leg broken, AS is a Toon legend but he really let himself down last night.

  69. Can’t see why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist over the comments by Shearer and Hanson. Chill out, it was just a bit of fun. Yes Barton got some rough treatment but a stronger ref will deal with it if it happens in other games.

  70. Macas-Because at the end of the day its a case of double standards. If that is Fabregas, Arshavin, Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney..any star from a top four team, I can guarantee you three pundits on MOTD would not watch a montage of bookable fouls, counting them and laughing. It’s not just Shearer, fair enough its more annoying that he did it, it’s just the situation in general.

  71. keane isnt signing for newcastle.. are saying he wont be he’s poured cold water on it by sounds of it and guy on twitter is supposidly saying its not going to happen anymore

  72. To be fair to Lineker, he did start off by being serious and saying to thge other 2 that it wasn’t funny.
    Why don’t you all do like I (and I presume others) have done and complain to the BBC about it?

  73. here’s interview from CH about Barton.

    “Did Barton do well to keep his cool? Yes. It was a competitive game, which is one you expect when you come here.

    “These are a good honest team and it was a real tough game for us.

    “Amongst all that, you’ve got to keep calm and composed but I think when you are a wholehearted midfield player yourself, you accept that it goes both ways. Sometimes it comes out in your favour and sometimes it doesn’t.”

    CH did’t have to say exactly what happened but could said
    the certain point of it in a good manner, really diplomatic.

    Another masterclass interview from CH.

    doubt the press can get him out of that. haha loving it

  74. Magpie_May13 but another way of looking at it is if the manager isn’t bothered by it then it must have been ok so it could send the msg out that we are happy to take that type of abuse. So if CH is happy that they were good clean hard tackles then whats the problem with MOTD to have a chuckle about it ?
    Batty I have tried that mate and it didnt work :lol:

  75. I was really disappointed by Hughton’s irresponsible and tasteless comments on the Beeb last night when he said he
    welcomed more players like Carl Henry.

    I know what goes around, comes around and probably none more so than in Joey Barton’s case, but McCarthy’s thuggish tactics were an absolute disgrace to football .

    Shearer’s giggling on MOM didn’t help matters either. It was nothing short of open assault and yes Joey’s not an angel, but those tactics are going to get someone crippled.

    Yes we all like a good tackle, but Henry could and should have been sent off twice yesterday and that 12 year old ref was totally pathetic.

  76. Big Dave you had a good point.

    I’m a little disappointed, too. I hope CH come off and said
    something about all the treatments Barton got and protected him more than that but I wouldn’t ark him to change the way he is neither.

    I think CH is way too nice guy but I really love him.

  77. CH avoided getting in to a war of words by not giving henry grief, I think he done the right thing.

  78. I just dont think Hughton can be bothered with media nonsense and for that reason he kept his trap shut. I don’t mind that too much to be honest. I’d rather have a gentleman like Hughton who keeps his cards close to his chest as opposed to a mad heed like JFK who run’s around publically branding people “c*nts” if im honest.

    Look at all the interviews he gives. He keeps it purely football related and wont let reporters squeeze anything out of him whether its about transfers or controversial incidents throughout the game. It’s just the way he goes about his business.

  79. the keane saga will on and off right up to tuesday deadline.
    he is a good player and it might sound crazy but he is not what we want. too much short term. I know this season is all about establishing again in premier league.

    Is kenny miller a daft shout

  80. Nick Dryden well said mate, its all well and good people saying that CH is really diplomatic, and its good to be coi in interviews but surely the players would expect there manager to back them up I would say Joey would expect it and I dont think he thought they were good clean tackles. I dont expect him to tear into them but he could have just said, that he expected a bit more protection for his players end of.

  81. Nick Dryden

    Don’t take Hughton’s words seriously. He would have known that the interviewer was trying to get hi to speak negatively about Wolves and he simply deflected their attempts. It was a great press conference IMO, but i am pretty sure inside he was a bit annoyed about the whole thing. Also, you have to remember that he and Mick ‘ugly pin head’ McCarthy are old mates.

  82. Agree with nearly everybody Shearer let himself down last night.

    But have watched football first three times and Atwell made a mess like Webb in world cup final

  83. By the way good to know you can always count on Stuart79 to get his opinion across

  84. Big Dave

    DO you honestly believe what Hughton says to the press reflects what he says behind closed doors?!

    I’m sure he would have commended Joey on his behaviour even though Wolves were clearly targeting him.

    What you guys need to understand is that the media will try and misconstrue ANYTHING Hughton says in an attempt to destabilise us. You avoid that by simply giving generic, neutral statements. He is very good at it.

  85. jay jay what happened you yesterday mate I thought you were going to look after toonsy, FFS man you let him get in a right old state ;) he came on here last nite trying to start fights with the wolves fans :)

  86. El Toro
    You are correct with Hughton. He never gives an answer that might open an avenue to controversy

  87. a bit quote Toony Ben Arfa about Barton

    Ben Arfa asked on TF1 if he knows Barton.
    “Yes.He’ll be a friend, a team-mate.”
    He’s a psychopath!
    “No, he’s a good player.”

    on show called Telefoot in France
    “This is not an enemy but a colleague. I’m ready to go to war with him”

    lol I’m already love this guy.

  88. buda-Kenny Miller has excellent movement but I dont know how he’d fare in the prem with regard to scoring goals, not worth it I dont think.

    Off topic lads but I’m watching Barca here (Worth watching on SS1 if you havent already got it on, they’ve been brilliant so far and Santander have missed a pen)..and it looks like both sets of fans are sitting together in the stadium? There’s obviously a large contingent of away fans in one stand but there’s also barca shirts dotted all over the stadium and there was celebration along with disappointment in the space of about 10 seats when Santander missed a penalty just there. Does that happen in Spanish football or are the lone Barca shirts purely down to their huge popularity across the country?

  89. El Toro I didnt expect CH to say to much that the media could misconstrue but he could have simply said that he expected his players to be protected or something simular. But I dont expect him to say Henry was a wholehearted player and the type that you want to see in the game

  90. Big Dave

    “…he could have simply said that he expected his players to be protected or something simular”

    The headline would have been,

    “Toon manager takes leaf out of Wengers book” or

    “Hughton bemoans physical game” With the contents highlighting how “hypocritical” he is complaining about thuggish tactics whilst employing the likes of Smith, Barton etc.

    Honestly, it is just easier to say nothing or be positive. I commend him for that.

  91. Re. Deepak

    The lad from Lens is Nassim Boukhelifa. Haven’t heard anything more on him.

    Re. Icedog

    I mentioned Van Wolfswinkel in another blog, he is a player I really really like. It is unlikely that we will sign him but I will get my hopes up!

    On the subject of Carroll, do people think he will stay loyal if he continues to improve. Or will he do a Rooney?

  92. Have we anyone here who is fluent in French?

    First Hatem Ben Arfa interview since joining NUFC.

  93. EL Toro im not trying to pick on you :) just interested
    Do you commend him for saying ” Henry was a wholehearted player and the type that you want to see in the game” after what he had just done to Joey

    This is from a Wolves board using CH’s interview to justify there teams thugs>

    Yesterday there was more fight than finesse but, with the referee stopping the game (unnecessarily on the whole) every 2 minutes on average, it was always unlikely to be an exhibition of silky skills. Chris Hughton didn’t seem more concerned than I am, commenting in his post match interview: “It was a very competitive game, but it’s impossible to come here and not have that kind of game.”

  94. No, Big Dave. I commend him on dodging a bullet. After watching the game unfold that interviewer would have been very confident of getting some material post match, but he left with nothing.

  95. Ross, i guess it’s a sad refection on the hooligan problem we have here, where you couldn’t dream of fans sitting together ie in the Mersye, manc, london, tyne & wear derbies and actually watching a game without attacking each other.

  96. As for Wolves, let them justify whatever they want to. As long as that disgraceful display is the height of their ambitions they will never progress. I am fine with that. We only have to play them twice a year if they manage to stay up longer than a season or two longer.

  97. In other news, just read Jack Wilshere was arrested and released on bail after potentially assaulting a lass. What’s the crack with these young players thinking they’re gods gift and behaving like complete twats? The lad has serious talent, obviously there’s nowt to say its true like but you wonder, someone needs to take the likes of him and Carroll and just bang their heed against a wall.

    ..I’d advise you run from Carroll quite quickly after you have though like.

  98. Ross
    He may have just reacted to provocation, he doesn’t have to think he is God’s gift! He’s only human, two sides to the story n all that.

  99. Is anyone following them blokes on twitter who have the info on signings?
    If you are can you post the url on here just so I can follow them coming up to the end of the window

  100. carroll will stay loyal can c him being here for years, there is probably no one looking at him the moment but bcoz southern press think we hav a good playeron our hands they will try n try to stir it up that he wants to leave, notice how when we were championship n pre season they were linking him with stoke,bolton etc now theyve seen him batter 3 different premier league defences they linkin him with liverpool,man u n arsenal the facts r lads there are lot of other teams fans jealous ryt now bcoz there is no one like carroll around, he always talks bout how he is living the dream gotta remember he is a toon fan

  101. Ross

    Just seen that Wilshere stuff. In my opinion it’s too much money at too young an age. It must go to their heads, it most certainly would go to mine and I am soon to be 24. If I was getting the money they are getting at 17,18,or 19 I would have been a right prick. Just have to hope they grow out of it I suppose. Same goes for danger Ranger. He is clearly going to be a top talent if he gets game time and it would be a shame to lose out on him because of his off-field activities.

  102. Ross some of them can be real tossers but the problem is they can also be easy targets for free loaders. im not trying to make excuses for them but I live about 200yds from Jonny Evans Granny and I know all his family and I know how much sh!te they went through when some girl wrongly accused him assult

  103. Jay Jay is definately a bad influence. I went to Wolves a choirboy and came back a beer monster :lol:

  104. ILM-Obviously I dont know both sides of the story, hence me making sure to say that i know nothing is confirmed and it could all be rubbish. I dunno, I just think if i was in that sort of position with an opportunity like that, i’d do everything i possibly could to stay out of trouble. He’s only a young lad with a huge future ahead of him, would be a shame for it to be tained through something stupid.

  105. why are peolpe saying that were gonna sell jonas bcoz weve signed hba, have ppl not been listening to what hba was saying he wants to play just off the striker, hope people realise as well that the day jonas n colo leave the club is the jose will get sick n want to leave its vital we keep the 3 amigos together

  106. El Toro-True, I say i’d like to think i’d stay grounded and stay out of trouble but if I was driving a Maserati by the time I was 21 i’d probably think I was the dogs bollocks aswell. I dunno, like I said it’s just a shame to see huge young talents like that potentially get a bad rep for something silly at such a young age.

    Ranger like you say is another example. Huge talent but he’s seemingly still insistent on prancing around town like he’s 50 Pence. I’m sure they’ll grow out of it like, it’s just whether they still have the chance to take the opportunity by the time they do.

  107. ~ El Toro ~
    speaking of Ranger, dont know if you read my post earlier about him but I was saying I was out with a family member yesterday who works for the club and he said if they have had enough of him, they want rid, if they get a bid for him they will snap their hands of.
    Said to many people have worked to hard to change the club around for his attitude to spoil it.

  108. HBA was basically just saying that he was very happy to be in Newcastle just before the end of the transfer window. He would remember the tiles, the fans and the ambiance around the club (OM). He wasn’t to blame for the OM situation,; he’s kepf fitaand was happy to be here. He’s even fitter than usual, trzained by himself hard, although he’s not had match practice. He understands why Blanc didn’t pick him for the international matches as he didn’t have a club. He agrees with him and will have to earn his place back with his performances.

  109. By the way, best chance for Ben Arfa to get into the French side is to play as creative midfielder/ in hole behind the striker. There’s no way he’ll get picked ahead of Malouda or Ribéry even if they didn’t pull up ay trees at the world cup.
    I reckon at home Hughton will give him Nolan’s role and will play Nolan and Barton in the middle. He can bring on Tiote from the bench to tighten things up when necessary. Don’t reckon Tiote will expect or get a starting berth.

  110. Ross says:
    August 29, 2010 at 7:49 pm
    ILM-Is that why he isnt seeing regular first team action

    must be mate, he said not long ago he was up in Anick thinking he was a big boy (nee idea why there like) and someone cracked him hahaha sure he blended in with his gold tooth n all. He sounds like a grade A nob shaft mate.

    Another thing he said is that Vukic is by far and away one of the best talents for his age he has seen come through the club, so if people were having a go for how he played for the cup game, dont listen, cause he will come through soon, and CH knows how good he is.

  111. “Another thing he said is that Vukic is by far and away one of the best talents for his age he has seen come through the club, so if people were having a go for how he played for the cup game, dont listen, cause he will come through soon, and CH knows how good he is.”

    No surprises there, mate. I said before the game that there was a lack of Central midfielders and Vuckic would struggle. He is an AM that is best used in the hole where there is less physical pressure. It took about 10minutes of the Accrington game to see he was going to have a quiet game.

  112. Ben Arfa has said himself that he is PHYSICALLY FIT. Match fit, I doubt it. It doesn’t really matter though as Hughton will probably use him as a sub for the first few weeks.

  113. I personally have my doubts about Ben Arfa in the Prem. He is a typical ‘don’t like it up em’ player (Can’t believe I just used that nonsense term). He will no doubt start well, wowing everyone with his flair and trickery. However, once teams start to bully him a bit he goes anonymous. That has always been a fault of his from what I have seen. He will have to be well protected by the likes of Tiote, Smith, Barton and Nolan if we are to get the best out of him.

  114. El Toro – From what I have seen he appears to be remakably robust. I have commented on another site and said that one thing that surpirses me is the ability to hold people off whilst he is doing his tricks. Time will tell I guess.

  115. BATTY didnt he play for france against norway about 2 wks ago m8,and scored a canny goal too,think ch will ease him in like

  116. icedog says:
    August 29, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    “BATTY didnt he play for france against norway about 2 wks ago m8,and scored a canny goal too,think ch will ease him in like”

    Aye, Icedog, he did.

  117. Got to say Shearer came across as a complete tosser for making a joke of those 7 bad tackles on Barton on MOTD. Expect that kind of bile from Hanson.

  118. That’s the thing toonsy. In Youtube videos (IM NOT SAYING THAT IS WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN HIM) he does seem a very robust player, but I dunno, when i used to look out for him he just seemed to drift out of games after being singled out by the opposition. This was about 3years ago mind, when I first heard about him. He is however, a very aggressive player as Benfica fans will tell you, ha!

  119. TOONSY thats what i thought like,pl lge is tough but the likes modric,bellers ect seem to get by walcot nee heavyweight like a lot of other pacey players,cannot have it both ways can we

  120. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    August 29, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    “I personally have my doubts about Ben Arfa in the Prem. He is a typical ‘don’t like it up em’ player (Can’t believe I just used that nonsense term).”

    He looks alright to me, El Toro.

  121. If HBA think he ready for PRM, Give him the video the game against Wolves last night. Show him what the game he have to adapt on it. Don’t mind Mr.Barton will tell him what he recieved from Wolves player.

  122. HBA’s solid and can take a kicking but can have a bit of a short fuse. I’d be more worried about his work rate and his team ethic. Reputation as a bit of a Ginola (never chase back) attitude and has had numerous run ins. A bit of a bling boy too.
    However, I do think he knows he’s almost in last chance saloon and will have guys like Smith, Nolan Barton, José and co to keep him on the straight and narrow. He’s got a great chance of making it if he puts the effort in.

  123. batty says:
    August 29, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    “is ben arfa fit and ready too pay any 1 ?”

    He looked fit enough playing (and scoring) for France, batty.

  124. Worky

    He has fantastic ability. I do not deny his ability one bit. I just question the mental side to his game. The ability to perform in adverse situations.

    Anyway, I hope I am wrong. Even if I am correct, he should have players like Barton, Smith etc to take the physical pressure off of him when playing the hoofers.

  125. Dono who it was said that Tiote will be used from the bench but I dont think he will I am sure he hasnt came here to be back up and from what CH has said he seems to rate him well

  126. lads he is better then any french winger they have got..he is tall not small and yes he will get kicked..but has got more skill then any player in the prem..if ch can get him to play and i think nobdy has put a arm around him and loved lets all of us love him..we have got a superstar on are hands waiting to come and show the world what he is all about.

  127. From what I’ve seen Ben arfa is strong enough to shrug players off.his tracking back Is poor so I expect hughton to play him off Carroll as second striker but isn’t jonas poor at tracking back too so hel need to support Enrique more.

  128. I reckon Tiote will have a chance to stake his claim off the bench at home or in away games. “Hoots-a-nannie” won’t drop Nolan, can’t drop Barton (until he’s suspended)and will keep faith with his buy Routledge. He may use HBA sparingly to start with even if the lad now has a full 2 weeks to get used to playing with the team.
    He’s a better option than Keane playing behind Carroll.

  129. What we will have when routledge and Ben arfa play is a quick counter attack.I’m waiting for the club shop to start selling his name on a strip.hopefully they’ll have it on Monday.

  130. On topic-Happy with all the signings this summer, and believe they were all worth the cost/effort (even bloody ben arfa!) better be up for it after all those weeks :) Keane I’m not too sure about…if he isn’t going to play lovenkrands but would play keane in a 4-4-2 then he might be worth it, but i’m not really sure if its worth risking our game plan for, I think we’ve shown we can be on the front foot for large parts of the game and constantly attack in our 4-4-1-1.

    On Shearer + MOTD-It was sad to see them all having a laugh at Joey, especially Shearer. Obviously Joey has a nasty rep both on and off the field, but the fact is hes trying to put it behind him now and I say give him a bloody chance-if he takes the piss on or off the field then yeah, let’s be rid of him, but I belive the lad when he says he wants to play football. Just like everyone says its a reflection of the double standards-Just look at when Gerrard beats the sh1t out of someone in a night club-theres some outcry and then its all forgotten because he’s a hero for England and “a big team.” Barton however even now seems to be in pennance for his crimes, just wish everyone would reserve their judgement of him and let him prove to us he wants to play football, because I genuinely believe he does.

  131. asim says:
    August 29, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    “lads he is better then any french winger they have got..he is tall not small and yes he will get kicked”

    I think he’ll do some kicking of his own as well, asim.

  132. I’d put this window in in 2 ways;

    Even if we sign Keane on top of who we have already got, that will still be what, 3 seasons without proper left back cover?

    But. At the start of the window did you expect players with reputations like Campbell, Ben Arfa and prospects like Tiote and Gosling to be coming in? In all honesty I thought at the start we would be signing Harewood’s on frees and mediocre fringe players. It now looks though we’ve signed Tiote and Arfa who are internationals, a centre back with a wealth of experience, a young English utility player and possibly (and hopefully for me) Keane who’s a proven top level goalscorer.

    Hughton has surprised me more than I could have imagined – credit where it’s due, Ashley too, which is worth noting – and if he can keep up a good start to the season then this campaign may turn out to be a little more than just scraping survival!

  133. Toonarmymike-I’d disagree mate, for me Jonas is one of the most hardworking players we have. Him and Jose seem to have a great understanding down the left flank. When Jonas is going forward Enrique is always there bombing up with him for the overlap and he’s not afraid to double up with Jose when defending is needed.
    My only criticism of Jonas (as with most of our wide men) is his ability to consistently produce quality. He’s excellent with the ball at his feet and running at players i’d just like his delivery to be slightly more consistent. Apart from that, nee complains, i love him.

  134. Loverhands-It’s being reported Keane has “poured cold water” over a potential move to us and the lads who are supposidly in the know and were reporting on Twitter he’d be arriving, are now backtracking saying any deal is off.

  135. By the way, the thought of Ben Arfa, Gutierrez and Routledge on the counter reassures me with their pace and flair than any wingers at the club have for years.

    I’m really looking to this Tiote fella though, unknown to me but described as quick, strong and agressive and disciplined to sit in front of the back four.

    It really could be our midfield that keeps us up this season I reckon.

  136. Ah Ross thanks for filling me in on that one, shame like! Thought he could have been a tidy bit of business, definitely a reliable player for the campaign ahead.

    Surely Hughton must be looking for a striker of the same quality though? Cheeky loaned left back or cover player at the last minute on top would seal the most succesful window we’ve had for a while.

  137. Ben Arfa is clearly a bit crackers but of the clips I’ve seen, I’m really looking forward to watching him in our colours.

    Hasn’t been a bad window at all in theory (but lots of players with much to prove still) but wouldn’t mind getting shot of Best and/or Xisco instead of Stevie Taylor. Not that it’s very likely. Still wouldn’t mind another left back either.

  138. Batty ye need to give yer mate a good old slap ;)
    Avatar go to and sign up there upload yer pic and bobs yer uncle

  139. Big Dave says:
    August 29, 2010 at 9:09 pm
    Batty ye need to give yer mate a good old slap <<<< a thought that then looked on betfare we have come into 16s from 200s

  140. Loverhands-I’d always been dubious about Keane coming here but within the last couple of weeks when his name was first thrown around i’d decided i’d be quite happy with him coming in on a loan as I thought he’d have played well off the shoulder of Carroll. Nee offence to Nolan but if I had the option of him or Keane for Carroll to be knocking the ball down to, i’d probably take the latter.
    Either way, just need to move on. I’d like to see us bring in a proven striker even if it is just a loan deal. In saying that, if Benny has the ability to play just behind Carroll then who’s to say he wont be the one running onto the flick on, however I do get the impression the creative midfielder “no 10” style role, sitting just behind the two strikers is where he wants to play.

  141. BBM > Ben Arfa is clearly a bit crackers
    He will fit in well, i’m the same cant wait to see him in the black + white I think he will be exciting

  142. Still think we need another striker before the window shuts cause if Carroll does go to jail(might be unlikely but you never know)who’s gonna replace him?ameobi?no,best?god no and rangers not ready.I’d take keane or gudjohnson.maybe a cheeky bid for macheda? He’s not getting a game for man u and he’s about 5th in the pecking order and could do a job.

  143. Big Dave says:
    August 29, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    “worky > Nassim Boukhelifa what is he ?”

    Plays for Lens but will be a free agent soon, Dave.

  144. batty says:
    August 29, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    “worky wot yee deein lurkin aroond here”

    I’m oot the hoose, batty, but I’m setting off home to watch MOTDII now.

  145. batty says:
    August 29, 2010 at 9:27 pm
    worky wot yee deein lurkin aroond here

    hes been missing you m8 :)

  146. Looks like keane is off to villa.
    Think it’s been a good transfer window, I would expect a loanee in for left back (young lad).
    Still looking for a forward.

  147. alreet lads,I’m a wee bit drunk….but If we go into the seaason with wot we have now then we will be ok.Anyone else(i think we’ll have atleast 2 more) added and we’ll be more than ok.

  148. That Boukhelifa looks a big lad.

    I really like Boudebouz and have thrown his name about before but I think he is basically a poor man’s Ben Arfa lacking half a yard of pace. Getting in a left-sided player was most important and we couldn’t have imagined better than Ben Arfa.

  149. How does this fantasy football thing work only one of my players were on the losing side, My strikers both scored and three of my back four kept a clean sheet yet im in minus numbers and my sides dropped nearly 50 places??

  150. Ice and Worky cheers for the info ;)

    Richie Toonsy says ye cant drink with the big boys :lol: he has spilt more down his tie :)

    Waddles mullet I hope yer right mate rather spend the money on someone else

    Batty wheres yer Avatar

  151. BATTY just gan on go to profile,and up-load yhe picture you want thata it m8,have to put your e-mail that you use on here

  152. Bowburn-Cheers, truth be told I have little to no idea about either of them, didnt know what either of them looked like. I just saw two names, two similar faces and got completly confused, haha.

  153. Ross – it would appear they both look a bit like Ben Arfa. Who in turn looks like another former French flying winger who played in black and white.

    Coincidence? Or has Laurent Robert’s fatha has just been putting it about a bit…

  154. I must admit, I’m looking forward to seeing Arfa play. I reckon he’ll replace Routledge, his final ball has been poor so far. Would love to see him play behind Carroll though.

  155. bowburn-If any of them have a left foot like Robert and use it consistently for us, i’d only encourage his old man to keep on enjoying himself and sending his bairns our way, haha.

  156. Stuart79 says:
    August 29, 2010 at 10:08 pm
    I must admit, I’m looking forward to seeing Arfa play<<<< why havent they cut ya sky of yet little manc

  157. You (and everybody else) keep putting new capital outlay in quote marks. If you are going to do that it should be “no … capital outlay” because you have missed out words between no and capital.

    The way you have it, it is a misquote.

    F’rinstane, can I quote you as saying in your opening paragraphs that you don’t fully believe the transfer window exists? You do say: “The transfer window is a rumour”

    Or is it a case of Why worry about the words in between if you want to make a point?

  158. ice…I’m used to people callin me…a small price to pay for being perfect ;-)
    bbm…theres nowt wrang wi shandy…oh how I wish I’d drunk it ;-)
    CC….divnt worry aboot ya ff team….despite being crap at the mo I’ll end up walking it :lol:

  159. glad to see carrolls missed out on England squad, last thing we want is for him to get injured – he’ll get picked eventually if he keeps playing well ( or maybe not if capello carries on picking the usual suspects)

  160. Batty it wouldnt have the same ring to it if it was Small Dave or I suppose Little Dave has a ring to it ;) yer only 1ft off ;) meant to ask do you not remember my surname ? or I was going to get Toonsy to send you my email :)

  161. Big Dave says:
    August 29, 2010 at 11:01 pm
    Jay Jay hows it going Lad oh and thanks for yer best wish’s no one else bothered but then what do you expect<<<< for what dave

  162. City should have had this game wrapped up inside the first half. Tevez misses what could be sitter of the season and i’d almost forgotten why Yaya was never known as a goalscoring midfielder. A few great saves especially from the Adebeyor effort but City had their chances.

    I see the mackems also moaned and groaned every single time Titus didn’t get it spot on, well done Brucie.

  163. That tosser on MOTD2 was just as bad about Joey B the only difference is I have seen him in Belfast a Couple of times so I will look out for him

  164. piers be honest never seen him play but stats look canny.

    whey I’m off to kip me heed hurts…………..batty Always remember drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts ;-)

  165. Dave…Happy birthday mate…50th who would have thought it ;-)

    batty………so who’s moondust ?

    jay jay………Toonsy had choir practise yesterday and ya made him miss it ;-)

    reet I need to gan for sum kip… neet lads

  166. batty….no mate,that’s their dream……………but I’d tek one for the team :lol:

  167. copperstone im not surprised he isnt in it, I do think he would do well but but I still think its a bit soon for him. I want him to keep his feet on the ground and I dont want him coming back injured as we need him.

  168. Re. Piers

    Told a few people about Van Wolfswinkel a couple of years back and it seems he is doing the business. I really rate him, sharp, with a good turn of pace.

    I’d be delighted if we could get him, although I doubt it. Reminds me of Kezman in his PSV games. Always a gamble with forwards from the Eredivisie.

  169. I think chris should be trying for someone like babel as he isn’t playing much or at least starting,i am sure he would relish coming to a club like ours and try his luck here,i see him as a faster and more skilled routledge but who can finish but also more versatile.

    He could also replace jonas on the left from time to time and he isn’t lazy like he used to be in the past so he would be giving enrique lots of help but with him always looking to come in,it would give enrique the space needed for him bomb forward like he enjoys and don’t forget he could well be a potent striker with his pace and great shooting ability from distances.

    A player like is the type we should be trying to bring here and not has been like keane who is just now a nuisance then a help for any teams apart from the ones in the spl or the championship.

    We could also look to bring someone like armand traore of arsenal who has pace to burn and does get forward very well,versatile and still very young for back up for enrique so he doesn’t tire himself as this would be a long season,i am sure arsenal wouldn’t be against him coming.

  170. Traore might be heading to Juventus. Big no to Babel, he hasn’t shown anything for me, seems to flitter through games, sometimes scoring the odd good goal.

    I also can’t see Liverpool loaning him out as they are short on wide men.

  171. Well down 100 places on fantasy with a grand total of 36 points and noone left to play. Shite

    Anyway, i’m chuffed with the transfers so far. I’d stick Ben Arfa in my squad if i didn’t have a three toon players already. Tiote we’ll see but i’m upbeat! everyone should be upbeat! and not just because i’m fucking smashed at 4am. (why am i on here before bed? there’s clearly not going to be a new blog or anyone on)

  172. toonwill :

    Did Karl Henry has to say something like that !?
    He should learn a bit skill from CH interview.

    at first I just hope that match gone and when we have
    a game against them at home we will keep play well
    without ‘battle’ like Wolves did but I think I might have a second thought.

    with someone already said about TIOTE if he start I hope he ‘take note’ about Karl Henry over Barton.

  173. I feel like shyte. I can’t keep up with these younguns anymore! 20 shots in 20 minutes killed me off. I’m paying the price now :(

  174. Karl Henry on Barton;

    “If you’re talking about Barton, he seems to think he’s a bit of a player who puts his foot in, but I certainly didn’t see any of that from him, not on the ball, not when the ball was there to be won. That’s a big part of my game, I love getting stuck in, I enjoy those games, it was a big battle in there, I look forward to them.

    “I knew with [Alan] Smith and Barton it was going to be a physical battle, and we were certainly up for it as much as they were. I spoke to Smith a few times during the game. I’ve got a lot of time for him, he was saying: ‘Well done, good battle.’ He loves a tackle. He loves getting tackled as much as he tackles. I’m very much the same.” Barton was different. “He was moaning in the ref’s ear all the time and not happy about getting put to the floor. There was a lot of talk, a lot of moaning. Not a lot to back it up, though. His bark is worse than his bite. We’ll have more of the same when we go up to their place.”

    I’m hoping they give out more of the same at our place. I hope the refs have duly noted that a player will again be targetted and act accordingly to prevent it.

  175. what goes around comes around,the home game should be fun :twisted:
    …………of course if JB had dished out that sort of treatment to Scholes/Fabregas or Mascherano we’d have loved it me thinks.

  176. morning fellas,hows evrybody today then? going on holiday with the wife on saturday morning and will miss the blackpool and everton games,damn it.hopefully il find a pub showing them but it wont be the same as being there,was really hoping hba would of been in the team by wolves so as i could be at his debut but looks like me mate who uses my season ticket when im away will benefit from my mis fortune.b***a*d.the talk of van wolfswinkle seems to be hotting up like,would be very surprised if we bought him considering the prices being quoted,but i trust hurricane hoots’s judgment on players and he seems to know where the goal is like.i know some will think of it as a risk and they would be right but how many players have we been linked with in the past who at the time were a risk but developed into great players and we missed out? would be great to get in on the ground floor for once! keane deal looks dead,would of been nice to have him but im sure hoots will have somebody lined up? rip van winkle? lets hope so merely for that awesome name

  177. saltysellars11 says:
    August 30, 2010 at 9:54 am
    morning fellas,hows evrybody today then? going on holiday with the wife on saturday morning <<<<< salty whitley bays not far m8 surely u can gan too the match :lol:

  178. batty says:
    August 30, 2010 at 10:02 am
    c unt stu bored are ya

    That is often the case when in conversation with you…

  179. yeah batts i wish i was going to whitley bay so i could tak e in the match! unfortunatley im going to the canary islands but i know theres a british pub in the resort im going too as i watched the 2-2 v birmingham away in 07-08 there when king kev had just come back,that was a night game and the only one on that night,but blackpool is saturday 3 o’clock so there will be more games to choose from,but maybe if i slip the barman a bung he can show the toon game for me!

  180. Salty – Will your hotel not have wi-fi? At least you could get a stream then. I know it isn’t ideal, but watchin Newcastle is more improtant than the sun :)

  181. there’s a heat wave in whitley bay – it’s currently 15 c with wind speed of 13 mph

    enjoy it while it’s here :)