Transfer deadline day – Keep up to speed with it all here!

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Transfer deadline day is here, at long last. By 6pm (BST) tonight we will know exactly what players Newcastle have to take us forward until the next transfer window in January.

I though we would try something different here at, and give you the option of keeping up to speed with all the deals, potential deals and rumours by running a live ‘blog. Now I have personally never done this before, but I’m willing to give it a try. Let’s see how it works out!

As always you can leave your comments in the usual place, so there is no difference there. I’m thinking out of the box here, and it could all go tits up at any point, but there is only one way to find out eh?

Fingers crossed!

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546 Responses

  1. 1st!

    Can’t wait to see what today brings, though I feel we’ve done will enough already. Anyway- g’night mates. Chat more in about 8 hours lol

  2. fingers crossed we can see some productive movement today (not in the ranks of Pancrate this time please!)

  3. Well done on the coveritlive blog. Any thoughts however to turning the comments on that minute by minute?

  4. I would like us to sign Ricky Van wolfswinkel and not Robbie keane who is a Dusted up has been.

  5. I think two will come in today because we could lose Steven Taylor today and Best will go out on loan to a championship side when he is fit.

  6. Someone on transfer rumours reckons from a good source that wolfswinkel in toon to hav a medical 7mill take it with a pinch of salt but I hope its true

  7. I think the excitement might be more in who leaves. Chris plays his cards very close to his chest and I have a feeling any team hoping to get one of our players has been told to keep their traps shut. I think we could see Shola sold, Ranger loaned out or Xisco either/or. I think one of those three will take place especially if we are getting this wiolfwinkle(?) fella or Keane. With Tiote on board we may see Smith going to Everton especially with them sitting on the bottom of the league. Lua Lua going out was a good decision but I’d have preferred to see him go to a more competitive club.

  8. Morning Toonsy,
    thanks for keeping us upto date, don’t think Van Aanolt will be going anywhere, and not keen on Roque Santa Cruz.

    but i wouldn’t mind that youngster Ricky Van Wolfswinke, i have heard that he is in for a medical today does anyone know about this?
    and any news on S Taylor?

  9. Am sick ppl sayin best will leave ch is gonna giv him at least a season to c how he does, think taylor cud leave id part ex for van arn holt n sturridge

  10. Taylor is another that could go to Everton. Are there any players of theirs we might want in exchange? Apart from Goslin…oh hang on we got him didn’t we. hehe

  11. Thing is lads I agree we may c ppl leave but not sure if there will b r sqaud isn’t at 25 even with everyone we hav

  12. Interesting move by Moyes being linked with the Villa job. What will that mean regarding transfer speculation ? Taylor to Everton, then Moyes to Villa…don’t think so..whatever happens it’s gonna be an interesting couple of hours !

  13. Toonsy…isn’t 7 a.m. just about your afternoon tea-time, what with your night shift and stuff ?

  14. Charlie says:
    August 31, 2010 at 7:24 am
    Taylor is another that could go to Everton. Are there any players of theirs we might want in exchange?

    That guy with a bush on his head. :)

  15. Munich – It’s my adjusting time ;)

    With this being technically the first day of the working week I tend to treat it as a day off and stay awake all day before going to work at night. It means that I am ususally shattered on the morn of the second (or Weds for this week) but it helps me get to grips with getting back on nights after being a “normal” daytime person over the weekend.

  16. Jeez, it’s like 1:30am here but I just can’t go to sleep lol! Much too excited. Kinda have a feeling we’ll see a completely unexpected signing today. Would be chuffed to bits to get van wolfswinkle though, just for the songs you radgies will come up with haha!

  17. If we cannot get Van Wolfswinkle we should try Fernando Llorente from Bilbao or resign Rossi.

  18. whey David C on ssn says were unlikely to do anymore business so thats that then………… he ever right? :-)

  19. What is the point in Steven Taylor staying at the club if he is not going to sign a new contract, he has to be man enough to either stay or go and that decision should be made now.

  20. Toonsey- Just so there isn’t a hole bunch of refreshing going on. But, its your ship pal… We follow what you do.

    From one night shifter to another.. except Im in the States.. so I am following along still at work!

    Im a bit worried paying all that money for Wolfy (no way Im typing that out). Seems like a lot of money for a relative unknown. CH’s mark has always been understated, smart signings.. this one doesnt fit that mold.

  21. Get ready, lads. It’s gonna be a roller coaster riiide!!!…

    …Well, no, actually it won’t be. Don’t think for one second it will stop the idiots at SKY SPORTS NEWS from creaming their pants and bursting blood vessels over the tiniest of rumours. Got to feel sorry for SKY, these quiet windows do them no favours, ha!

    Seems like we are done for the window. So far we have lost nobody and signed five good players. I can’t grumble at this window. Well done NUFC.

  22. Whiskey Phil – It’s the random element of posters I worry about, if yo get what I mean? ;)

  23. I would be worried too! You probably made the right call.

    I expect Taylor to be gone.. Didnt he just sign a contract a couple years ago? Its all rah rah team until he needs another comma added to his pay check. Plus he’s not 4th on the depth chart.. wouldn’t mind cashing in on him now.

  24. how have Scumderland got gyan????? i thought they were up the creek…. see the article about HBA in the daily mail, not good!!!

  25. Chris89 – I’ve seen one in The Express about him, his agent and his his dad. Is that the one?

  26. Would welcome a striker and a left back in but quite rightly don’t think the management will be held to ransom and pay silly money.
    Championship clubs can still do loan deals after today and can see some of our kids going there even Best may go out on loan.
    Happy to go with what we have.

    Agree Taylor will stay he personally will be able to fix a better deal in January. It will be stupid if we don’t give him a squad number

  27. yeah sorry man the express, it doesnt sound good does it, i hope he doesnt need help! think its a quiet day for us toonsy?

  28. I think we might get one more in. Hughton did say 2 AFTER Tiote, and one of those was HBA so fingers crossed there is another to come.

  29. Alrite Toonsy.

    Lets hope Chris Hughton can work his magic,Hoping for the best :)

  30. As for HBA, I wouldn’t worry about it. The lad seems to be headstrong whilst his dad is just stirring the pot a bit.

    Something isn’t right, but as long as it doesn’ affect his performances for us then I don’t mind

  31. I dont think Everton can afford to wait a season to get him considering their current form.

  32. Charlie – Current form would be irrelevant to Taylor anyway as he is still out for two months or whatever it is.

  33. If Taylor goes today it`s likely to be Stake or Spurs! Everton have no money reason why Moyes is likely to join Villa. Part ex Tuncay for taylor at stoke or Hutton or keane for taylor at spurs

  34. I am happy with what we have got so far. However, I would of liked another striker. I cant see n e thing happening tho. Keane doesnt look interested, and it would be very odd if they where to sign a dutch striker for close to 8 million when all with spent all window is 5 million on 5 players. So I feel our business is done. I am very pleased with what we have got in though. Some v good work by the board and manager

  35. Toonsy – Agreed but if they wait until January when he is fit he’ll be negotiating with bigger clubs, higher on the table who will pay him a bigger wage so, this would I think represent their last chance to add him to their ranks even if it means him not making a difference for a few months.

  36. Dont think we’ll see anyone coming in…

    Pretty happy with who we have now to be honest.

    GK: Harper, Krul, Foster (covered)
    DL: Enrique, Perch, Kadar (covered if weak)***
    DC: Coloccini, Williamsn, Campbell, Taylor, Kadar (covered)
    DR: Perch, R Taylor, Simpson (covered)
    ML: Jonas, Ben Arfa, Lovenkrans (covered)
    DM: Tiote, Smith (covered)
    MC: Barton, Guthrie, Nolan, Gosling, Vuckic (covered)
    MR: Routledge, Ben Arfa, R Taylor (covered)
    ST: Carroll, Ameobi, Ranger, Lovenkrans, Best (covered if weak)***

    The only places we could really improve are cover on the wing backs and up front.
    With the squad we have, we should survive comfortably though… Well done Hughton and weldone Ashley.

  37. Morning Lads,

    I kind of expected a bit more activity regarding the city players that wont make the 25 man squad or players that are not happy with playing second fiddle to the new signings.

    Maybe today will see a bit more activity…

    I really can’t see us spending big on anyone on the last day of the transfer window.. but then again there have been a few suprises this window.
    More likley either a loan or a free transfer.
    Maybe Juan Albin (if he is still free) and that young LB from City on loan?

  38. Read somewhere yesterday that Saylor wouldn’t be bullied into signing the new contract & saying that with new tax rates he would actually take less money home, no direct quotes & I think it was in the NotW. Liverpool being linked with wolkswinkel.

  39. mackem leaning reporters with an poisoned agenda, take no notice, they are gutted at the moment with our start to the season, just wait until they have been mangled by Manu, Liverpool and Arsenal.

  40. The BBC, transfer deadline page.. 3 different people have reported the fact that they’ve seen Heskey talking to hoots outside the training ground…

  41. Van Wolfswinkel does seem like a chance, costing 7 mil but then again you have to take some chances to find a truly special talent. I dont know much about him tho, people says he has pace but it dosnt seem that way on the tube… But anyway, if he got a cap for Holland recently he must be of some standard.

  42. I know that people are saying that they’d be happy with the squad that we have. But I think that need one more striker. Back up to carroll, or some one who can play with him at home. Don’t want us having to play ameobi when carrolls not available.

  43. bit gutted that lua luas oot on loan , thought he was worth keeping as good cover and league cup fodder

  44. Morning Chaps. I think we’ve done well this transfer window. Would still like to see a couple more nice surprises in though. I’d take a Taylor contract as one of those…

  45. This is not adding up Ben Afra for 6 million and Van wolfwinkel for 8 million…..

  46. Oh yea, definitely. I agree.

    Arda Turan supposedly off to liverpool. Gutted that we didn’t sign him 2 years ago or when ever it was. Him and ben arfa on the wings would have been oh so brilliant.

  47. Well, Ben Arfa is a special talent as well, but if the selling club is desperate as were the case and the player has some garbage as was also the case. Then the chance taken by the buying club involves more than just the fee and therefor a reduced fee… Brilliant work by us getting him on loan tho. It will give us an entire season to have a good look at his personality.

  48. fingers crossed some golden nugget will appear before 6pm, for us to come out with only Heskey (as it seems more people have spotted) on the final day would be seen as a massive disappointment IMHO

  49. According to Belgian news agency BELGA, NUFC have made a bid for Lille’s highly-rated midfielder Eden Hazard who the club have apparently been chasing since last April. The deal is for a loan move with a view to a permanent transfer next season for £8 million, plus £800,000 if Hazard scores 10 goals this season.

  50. The last transfer window Sky covered for us David Craig said we were open for business and we would sign someone – What happened? Nothing at all.

    Personally I think we are closed for business, I would like a striker, but I’m glad with what we have.

    We can always have another go in January.

  51. Just drove past the local donkey sanctuary and saw Hughton there with his wallet out, looks like the heskey deal’s on.

  52. ch he is defo looking at a left back what they are saying must be crap..he also did say if they cant get any1..they could use perch at left back..that is not good at all if he thinks perch can play their..he is only geting used to playing right back..

  53. 86 Planas says:
    August 31, 2010 at 9:12 am

    That would be a great signing… but really cannot believe that!

  54. Still think something will happen, they don’t giv anything away david craig certainly isn’t in the kno I can’t remember him breakin any deal we’ve done this window

  55. we seem to be talking alot about what we need, but not what we have already brought in, the deals we have been great and will definitely suffice until Christmas, at least.

    Like stu says, we can always add after crimbo if need be.

  56. Defo need another striker in, it scares me to think if Carroll gets injured we would have to rely on Shola…

  57. Maybe asim but most of Ben Arfa’s best work is done outside the box…hope he can get on the end of a few tap-ins!

  58. Hi all, I’ve been following this blog for some time but never really put any comments down. You all seem a good bunch. I gotta say this window has been a pleasent surprise. We’ve gotten some good strong players in, a little flair and managed to retain all our named players. Another striker would be nice. I know everyone is worried about carroll getting injured and relying on shola but still have lovenkrands who I think will get a few

  59. SkySports transfer clock just posted this gem:

    The Editor: The Rumour Room is full to bursting today. Ian Nicholls is tipping Roque Santa Cruz to join Fulham while Luke Scarlett thinks Jermaine Jenas is poised to rejoin Newcastle. Click here to read the rumours and to have your say.

  60. Given the club’s stance so far this summer on keeping targets quiet, they’re not exactly going to advertise to David Craig on Sky Sports News that they’re after anyone! As for the Heskey rumour, I bloody hope not, why sign another target man, will only stunt Carroll’s development!

  61. Mullo – Welcome :)

    AOD – Read the very first line of the article. The one in bold ;)

  62. Let’s hope you’re right about Loverboy Mullo, but his best seasons have come in the fizzy pop league and the SPL (on a par with each other in my opinion).. hope he can make the step up and do well for us in the prem!

  63. L’equipe are reporting Jeremy Toulalan has played his last game for Lyon and is the subject of an approach by Newcastle. Big rumours surrounding a possible move for Lilles Eden Hazard and Sky sources have suggested a return to the goldfish bowl for J. Jenas. Interesting.

  64. To be fair, I think we will do some business. I dont see the club keeping quiet on all fronts for the entire window and then spout of to craig david today. I dont think David knows anything and we will just have to wait and see. It is exciting but less so because for a change we have got good players through the door and we arent all wishing for things to happen today. If they dont I am sure we will all be satisfied with the business already done by the club, but I still think someone will be in and a couple out.

  65. Hope Jenas comes with a free goldfish Bowl so I can put it on his head and have a good pi55 in it :lol:

    Hope Shola is sold and Best.

  66. Cheers Toonsy :)

    107 Hope I’m right too. Just think the bit of speed he has will make a difference. And he doesn’t have a bad left beg on him. He did score in PL when we signed him as an unfit free agent so confident he’ll get a few

  67. Johnson – even with the bodies we have brought in I think they are dream like signings!!

    No way Heskey is coming and I cant see JJ wanting to come back, and certainly not when we are sorted for the CM positions

  68. What we’ve managed to bring in is way beyond anything I had hoped for, cover at left back & another striker would be a very pleasant suprise but maybe our business is done. We also havn’t lost anybody & Bartons like a new signing, the last few months have been the best for the Toon for years. Saylor signing another contract would be a great bonus.

    Would like to see us sign some just to make little davy craig look an even bigger tit.

  69. @toonsy: I saw that already,but confuse with all those BST,PST,GMT,UTC..thingy…

    I wanna do a conversion from England time to My country time and see what time the transfer window will be close at my country time.

    i tried UK-england,it says end at 1am.(Singapore time)
    i tried UTC/GMT,it says end at 2am.(Singapore time)


  71. Batty, just a toon fan in Dublin who doesn’t meet many fellow supporters….at all! So nice to get chatting with some I gotta say

  72. AOD – We change our clocks over here which is why there are 2 times. Add 8 hours onto your time and that ahould give you the answer.

  73. Didn’t say we are getting anyone Indian mag, so keep your knickers on. Just passing on what I’ve heardand read. All rumour and innuendo. Personally I think we may be done unless a late deal falls into place ie spuds get striker, keen moved out.

  74. I don’t see Keane coming in anymore. And I hope Not.

    A striker ish not the priority,if we need to do a business on the last day of transfer.

    I Know CH is still actively looking for A LB,which if any LB does come in,I will be absolutely Happy for this transfer window.

    As for the dutch striker,i wonder how does it came about anyway?

  75. some funny comments on soccernet transfer Live Chat.

    [Comment From Guest:]
    hi michael, is rooney going out on loan to arsenal?
    Tuesday August 31, 2010 10:00 Guest

    Michael Da Silva:
    Yes, and Messi is joined Wolves. Unconfirmed at present.

  76. @WTJB: well,that’s the lad who was in a picture at a carpark and was leak out by someone.

  77. Has Sol lost any weight Batty-seen him in Greggs in Byker with 3 pasties,4 sausage Rolls and a ginger bread man?

  78. Apologies,Some big mouth git on facebook has just posted that we have sign him,Do you reckon we could sign him ?

  79. Stoke are set to complete that Marc Wilson deal, and there’s also talk that Charles N’Zogbia could head their too. Remember that his move to Birmingham collapsed over his wage demands.

    Liverpool will tie up the signing of Paul Konchesky later today – he is undergoing a medical as we speak. They have also been linked with Mario Gomez, Carlton Cole and Bobby Zamora. Of these, Gomez seems the most likely with his agent confirming that his player is interested in making the move, but Bayern have said he will not be leaving on loan. Lucas has also been linked with a move away. The real question is, where is all this money coming from?!

  80. The rumours about Hazard are true. There has been an enquiry. Discussions were opened last week, but there are complications with the deal. Lille may pull another Marsaille on the Toon, but the days of NUFC spending silly money and being a soft-touch are over.

    Expect one free transfer, and one loan today.

  81. Aye Batty that will take him down to a nice Round 20 Stone…pure muscle as well like.

  82. I’m happy with what we have (over the moon infact) i wasnt expecting much from this window but we have done well IMO.

    still think we might bring some1 in before the end of the day though we will just be keeping our cards close to our chest as normal SSN wont have a clue til its already happened!

  83. Planas – Excuse me for being sceptical. Don’t take it personally :roll:

    Where would Hazard fit in? I mean we would have about 62 midfielders.

  84. WTJB – Boukhelifa is free so I can very much see that happening. It doesn’t have to happen today though ;)

  85. even if we had 2 instead of 62 midfielders i still dont think EDEN hazard would have come to newcastle. i really wish i am wrong though.

  86. @toonsy: Well,we can always push down a mid-fielder to the reserve team,and allow Hazard to play in 1st team. :lol:

  87. we are always closed for business..ben arfa was just great..anything else is a bonas..are we being greedy because we all thought we would do nothing ask stuart the main man..only joking stu..

  88. My mate reckons he saw Ant or possibly Dec floating around S. James this morning!

    I can’t confirm anything as yet; but as soon as something is signed or a hard visual is confirmed i will be able to come back with something concrete…!!!!

    That to me sounds about as stupid as us signing hazard, Jenas or Toulalan.

    We have done some fantatsic business in this window; Ben Arfa, Tiote, Gosling, Campbell and to a lesser extent Perch.

    ***I have heard that we have again enquired about Van aanholt on loan and if that doesnt come off there is a young left back at City (Cunningham) who we are also interested in***.

    If i had my choice i’d try to bring in Hutton on loan from spurs.

    Knowing how Newcastle now deal i wouldnt be surprised if we completley pull a rabbit from the hat and sign someone who hasnt been mentioned at all; but even if nobody else comes in we have to be hapy about what has gone on int his window.

  89. Toonsy, I’m not taking this personally at all. There are a lot names thrown out on deadline day and I understand the skepticism. Boy, do I understand the skepticism. I remember last season we were linked with Veloso. Anyone remember that? The press were going crazy with it, and in the end it did not happen. I was told it was a done deal. Talk about having egg on your face!

    But, thats the drawback on apparently being-in-the-know. Some intel is good, others are, as some else described it, “bollocks”.

    Either way, Hazard, along with Ben Arfa are two of Europe’s most promising midfielders. Its great to hear these names from the “important people” and them being linked to Newcastle United.

  90. Planas – I don’t disagree that Hazard is an exceptional player, but I just can’t see him at Newcastle, him being interested in Newcastle, or Newcastle being interested in him and so on :)

  91. Shall we have a competition to see who can make up the most ridiculous and unnecessary name for the Toon to be linked with today?
    I’ve thought of one! Jermaine Jenas!
    Damn! Beaten to it….
    OK then – Titus Bramble!
    Any others?

  92. Planas – Aye, time does change everything. I just really can’t see it, sorry. If I am wrong I will hold my hands up, but I have a feeling that will not be needed ;)

  93. I have got a feeling we are going to pull a rabbit out of the hat today before the window closes. Like last season we came out with Routledge and Best. Fingers crossed. It will be icing on the cake :)

  94. toonsy didnt u like that player from reading..or was it somebody else signed for hoffeien for 6 mil..and we get ben arfa what a joke..he may be a good player but sorry thats why we are not going to paying over the odds for players or are offer take it or leave it.

  95. I may try my best to ask that soccernet guy,and see what he gonna say about that particular rumor. :lol:

  96. darshan are rabbit out of the hat was it could be it was a bad rabbit out of the hat.

  97. Asim – Aye I did like that Sygurdsson from Reading. Thought he would be a canny by for the Premier League.

  98. Those twitter guys have shut up for some reason. Although they did say that one of the signings had checked into Jesmond last night.

  99. agree on Sigurdsson toonsy i thought he looked a class above in the championship last season i thought he would have been a canny premiership player. i’m sure he will do well in germany or wherever he is going aswel.

  100. Twitter |ˈtwitər|

    • The region of a woman’s body between her twat and her sh1tter!

    • A popular interweb site where cnuts talk sh1t!

  101. TC – I don’t talk on there much. It’s mainly links for this place and where I go to get early team news from one of my wenches like Lee Ryder or Miles Starforth or Neil Farrington ;)

  102. Aye I know Toonsy ;)

    It was mainly in reference to all those gobsh!tes who claim to be “in the know”!!!

  103. those twitter ‘cnuts’ were spot on about tiote, ben arfa and campbell. So I think they talk more sense then you do and more beneficial to the cause. You got nothin’ on them mate, nothin’.

    Walk straight ahead!

  104. we need to get rid of are strikers..dont need them which would free up midfield and defenders..we are always going with 1 upfront for most of the are squad would look better balance..we can always bring in ranger from the pool as i see the rest not in the same league as amobie or xico dont cut it for me..dont need them just gert 1 quality player in for them and save money on wages.

  105. They may have been spot on about 3 (three) signings, BUT that doesn’t change the fact that they have been WRONG on more accounts. People forget that…..

  106. If the club have said we’re closed for bushiness then I believe them tbh. We’ve already done very well this window and as much as I’d like to see another striker come in, I don’t think it will happen. The media will be desperate to get rumours flowing about us as we’ve always been linked with silly players in seasons gone by. They seem to neglect mentioning the fact that our transfer policy has changed dramatically. Won’t be paying too much attention to any of it.

  107. Agreed-not a twitter fan but James Issac was pretty much spot on.
    Be good if we get a last minute surprise off MA.

    On the subject of MA some astute signings that should make us a safer bet for survival this season and help CH stay in his position as manager.

  108. Been only following them for the past 4-5 weeks so can’t say about before that. Deals do fall through etc so hence the fact that they may be turn out to be wrong at times.

    It’s better than nothing.

  109. I wonder why they have gone quiet all of a sudden? I mean we are apparently closed for business, yet they claim there is a player (that they won’t name) holed up in a hotel. Hmm….. Law of averages methinks….. A bt like a psycic person uses. Vague statements etc.

    Lets not forget that they broke Rip van Winkle AFTER the national press. There is a clue ;)

    I mean lets not skirt over the fact that I called Campbell aswell, a week or so before it happened, so it must be difficult to do :roll:

  110. They broke the news about 3 of our signings before any other source, that’s hardly talking shit. The name tiote wasn’t even mentioned by any paper etc at all. That james Isaacs guy was all over it 2-3 days before any thing was mentioned about it in the press.

    Out of the two us, I now wonder who’s talking shit ;)

  111. Well,i am going off soon…

    Hope by the time i return online,i see another 3 or 4 players signing on to NUFC. :lol:

  112. my fantasy premier league team:

    1: Harper

    2: Johnson

    3: Terry

    4: Jose Enrique

    5: Jones

    6: Malouda

    7: Fabregas

    8: Arteta

    9: De Jong

    10: Carroll

    11: Drogba

    12: Hart

    13: Mascherano

    14: Harewood

    15: Baptiste

  113. ILM – I might just dig out my commenst about how the Premier League won’t be spending as much money this year. The ones I got shot down for ;)

  114. @WhotheJoeyBarton..Real funny mate. Atleast I only reply when some one’s comments directed at me not just cause I don’t have any thing else to do.. ;)

    Toonsy, really like your blog.. seems as if you don’t publish articles for the heck of it like ED does, which is good. Well written too :)

  115. They didn’t give the name of the player at the hotel, so what’s the betting it’s the lad who has just signed for the boys down the road. Somebody talked about ohonauh or however u spell his name being there and he signed for them too. So they could be right about a player being there but doesn’t mean he is coming to us. Suppose that’s giving them the benfit of the doubt

  116. morning lads.cant see any big signings today like,hope im wrong though as i think we do need another striker who is better than the rest,apart from big handy andy that is.would like to see rip van winkle come in,think this boy is a huge talent and to have a strike partnership that could grow together would be nice,but think he is untried at this level and would be a risk,but if you dont buy a ticket you cant win the lottery…..still think we will be fine to avoid relegation if we go with what we already have but another couple of bodies in would definetly be of advantage.some are saying van wolfswinkle is in toon? the twitters saying that tiote was broke by them are lying,it was in the daily mail first,i know they arent our fav paper but they did call that before the twatters could claim it.some ego’s these boys must have

  117. Umez4Toon – Cheers man. I prefer it with fewer articles to be hinest. It give a chance for the banter to flow a bit. I only report the best bits of news, not every bit that appears on Newsnow ;)

  118. Umez – I broke that yesterday ;)

    The Twitter peeps aren’t claiming that one off me if it turns out to be true :lol:

  119. Everton ticket has just arrived with the warning on the ticket persistent standing is not allowed, they give me obstructed view they order me to sit still behind the girder :)

  120. Ice – I reckon it could be a good move for him. Back to where it began as a pro player so to speak.

  121. Toonsy,you can give a Free Agent a trail cant you ? Wasn’t they open training open session today ? My mate rob spoke to Nassim Boukhelifa and Nassim signed his Toon shirt.

  122. did I mention we will get a bucket load of goals this season from corners and free kicks because of how tall a team we are now?

    Just checking :D

  123. WTJB – Free agents are free to have trials and what not. They also don’t need to be signed in the window so the club can take it’s time with that one.

  124. LOL Just saw some twitter status, Im at the toon training ground and I Just ask Stevey Taylor if he is Staying and he Said Yes ! LOL LOL
    God love Twitter <3

  125. true about the free agents thing, but the betting the club try to tie stuff up today so it LOOKS like we have been active…

    wondering where Riquelme is – he’s like the “Where’s Wally?” of deadline day that bloke.

    must have a holding pen @ Jesmond-Dene for the likes of him, Rivaldo and Ronaldo lol

  126. Thank you Toonsy,So who is a Free Agent then ? I know Nassim Boukhelifa is…. i heard some lad from FC Barcelona become a free agent aswell.

  127. Ice – This was always going to be busy. Trabsfer speculation and that. It’s why I did it, so it can be kept in one thread ;)

    Method to the madness ;)

  128. Birmingham are starting to piss me off. 4 signings on the last day. Not cool at all. Especially Hleb, grr.

  129. May be the sun was out and u saw ur shadow. now let us know so that we can make fun of it. Please……. now come on. batty

  130. Hi

    Great idea and watching with interest. Though Chris Houghton will be happy with the 5 he has got hopefully maybe another loan!


  131. Hi there Toonsy, I’m sure you’ve got 100,000 other things going on and little you can do about it, but, just so you know, the clock at the top of the page sets itself according to the time-zone the reader is in.

    So according to that clock, here in New York, there’s 10 hours 20 minutes left on the Transfer Window. it’s more like, what 5 hours and 20 in the UK, right? Sorry… just waking up.

  132. Toonsy – would I be right in thinking that the more hits a site has the more money can be made from advertising…so if someone posts lots of stories they might generate more hits & more money? Or am I just being a little cynical?

  133. who still has not told us who he saw at SJP. May be it was Robinhood comming from Nottingham

  134. Borrielo has to move in order for the Robinho move to go ahead. How about us getting Boriello?

  135. LOL – Can’t believe Taylor said he would take home less pay because of new tax rate, can hardly blame Ashley or the club for hiking up the tax rate up to 50%
    I’ll be taking home less but I already know what the answer will be if I ask my employer to give me a raise due to tax increase
    Thats gotta be some ragtop making sh!te up again

  136. 5 hours to go. losing hope. if we were to sign anyone atleast there would be some rumours atleast.

  137. Indian Magpie – why do you care? Do you feel we’re badly lacking in any position now?

    Must admit, I’d still like to see a LB in, but apart from that I’d really rather the club saved its cash for January now and spent where it’s needed then.

    That’s assuming nobody goes out, of course…

  138. if we dont sign anyone I will take it as a sign that the club were organised enough to get their transfer dealings done prior to deadline day. This is the day when stupid moves are made for unnecessary players at overinflated wages.

    Well done CH and MH and owl heed for yet another sucessful transfer window.


  139. I’m having real trouble giving a stuff today; CH and co have played another blinder this window.

    Question is: will all the doom-mongers take note this time, or will they start January with posts about how Ashley won’t spend and we’ll leave everything till the last minute, and now we need to spend £10m on every position or be relegated to the Conference by Thursday, etc. etc.

    Roll on Satda. :)

  140. Wont lose sleep if we dont bring anyone else in, Delighted with Tiote and Ben Arfa, Campbell and Gosling are also good signings, Perch hit and miss but back up at best when everbodys fit.

    A striker and a Left back would be a nice way to end but happy with the business done in this window.

  141. Noir 9 @ 253 – Apologies for the delay. What you said, generally yes, but not neccesarily. I have also been cynical about much the same thing ;)

    Unrelated to Noir9, I know people don’t like Ashley and stuff, but is this really on?

    “At 2.55pm Sgt Patterson saw Johnston, together with other Newcastle supporters outside of the visitor’s turnstiles when the Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley arrived.

    “Sgt Patterson assisted colleagues from South Yorkshire to form a cordon to prevent Johnston and others from attacking Mr Ashley.

    “Sgt Patterson saw and heard Johnston hurl vitriolic abuse towards Mr Ashley, who appeared shocked by the nature and extent of the hostility.

    I mean Howay man..

  142. @Whumpie:

    honestly speaking if we can get a decent right back then our first 11 would be very decent and if can get first choice 11 for most of the games Europa league is a possibility. i Suggest ALLAN HUTTON

  143. Cover for left back and a new chairman would be good! Though I have to admit Lambias has done well the last two transfer windows.

  144. Going home from office lets see if something comes up. Never mind even if it does not. 3 months ago would have been happy with this window but now want a little bit more.

  145. nice to see the Chronicle becoming as unbiased as the redtops there;

    “Johnston, who has a tattoo on his leg saying ‘Newcastle United Champions 1992/93’ ”

    exactly what that has to do with him being a hooligan is beyond me?

    I’m sure there plenty genuine fans with toon tattoos….

  146. WTJB – We aren’t the only club to have them types mate, although there is no place for them at a football match IMO.

  147. Wouldn’t be able to afford Borrielo’s wages, he probaly will stay in Italy.

    Indian mag – I’m desperate to get Van Wolfy but you have to look at the bigger picture. Would you have believed that HBA and Tiote were coming here at the start of pre season? Don’t expect miracles, Ben Arfa is arguably a minor one

  148. Response to 277: Nee body deserves that, Toonsy. It’s not like he is a paedo or a mackem. Other than trying to rebrand the stadium, I think his running of the club has been excellent these last 12 months. When you look at the cack festery goings ons at other clubs do you really want a new owner?

    Better the devil you know and all that. Plus I dont think football owners are ever liked.

    If Mike keeps running the club soundly and perhaps does something to ‘classy’ to remember Bobby then I think he will develop into a great owner.

  149. MonkeyMagic – I have two England tatoos and have been called racist because of it before. It’s silly really.

    Having a tatoo doesn’t mean that he is a hooligan, it’s not like a dress code. His actions however, do mean that he is a hooligan.

  150. Well Said Toonsy,Hes need a life-ban from football.Atleast we’re not like West Ham and Millwar fans :) Scum they’re

  151. sirjasontoon says:
    August 31, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Has Sol lost any weight Batty-seen him in Greggs in Byker with 3 pasties,4 sausage Rolls and a ginger bread man?

    SJT, Sol’s sticking to his diet… the bait was for Ashley’s 10-o-clock

  152. here batty, you never said you got banned /\ /\

    In all seriousness though, the bloke sounds like right tool doesn’t he, only one place good enough for him….

  153. Has there been any updates from David Craig of SSN today? Not that the bloke is usually in the know like.

  154. halftimebovril – He reckons we are closed for incoming business, although nothing is official on that.

  155. David Craig literally knows nowt but what’s in front of his face!!

    Greg Cunningham’s name popping up again on twitter, if any other players come in its probably going to be something like this isn’t it. But i’ll be happy with what we have got.

    Lets not get greedy now people…

  156. 295 I Love Mike says:
    August 31, 2010 at 1:42 pm
    here batty, you never said you got banned

    In all seriousness though, the bloke sounds like right tool doesn’t he, only one place good enough for him….

    I thinks that a joka of comment. NO need for comments like that. pathetic

  157. Im just asking MDS,Just looks like it.Now Shola open his big mouth doesnt that mean they no time for Mcloving ?

  158. Cheers Toonsy.

    I wasn’t really expecting any more signings today if I was honest. It’s nice that we’ve completed all our business early but I do enjoy all the drama of transfer deadline day.

    Certainly impressed with the business CH has pulled off this summer, really looking forward to seeing the other four new uns play.

  159. fesytoon says: bollox

    do you know what irony is? have you read the preceeding comments? do you have the intelligence to know a joke when you see one?

  160. @ I Love Mike

    You piece of crap. What a disgusting comment. You have no idea what the people in Pakistan are going through. Hope people like you get wiped off the face of the earth. Pathetic

    @Toonsy – I suggest you take him of this blog. I don’t expect to come to a blog about my beloved club and hear disgusting crap like that.

  161. Aye this fella must be dumb, Criticizing Mike Ashley i mean the nerve, Do you regard the wonderful supporters who travel the length and breadth of this country to support their club through all the shit as dumb because they have also voiced their displeasure at the way the club is being run??

  162. WTJB- Loven looked good against Rangers and AS- I think he’s just a victim of the lone forward formation that CH prefers at the moment. He’ll get his time this year- he appears to be 3rd choice forward at the moment, though I would make him 2nd

  163. 309 Cacky Pants says:
    August 31, 2010 at 1:58 pm
    fesytoon says: bollox

    do you know what irony is? have you read the preceeding comments? do you have the intelligence to know a joke when you see one?

    I no a joke wen i c 1! but tht aint 1 k! If u had any idea of how the ppl of pakistan r suffering thn u wud no! Disgusting 2 say the least

  164. Very happy with the progress on the transfer front although it is still massively important we get in a LB and little striker although I do believe Lovejoy should be playing. It annoys me that we account for Best and Ameobi cos they should be GONE GONE GONE!

    Perch is rubbish and he was a crappy signing. All the others are great tho. Good work CH..

    Come on 2 more transfers please…

  165. not expecting owt else to happen today, we’ve had a good transfer window in my opinion, in fact way beyond my expectations

  166. I would make him 2nd choice aswell MDS,I dont know what Chris Hughton see in Shola. We should start Carroll and Mcloving against Blackpool.

  167. Interesting to see how CH will break in Tiote and Arfa. I think Ch will keep the same lineup versus B’Pool. Hopefully we can get a comfortable lead and give each a run out in the second half. They would get a great ovation from the home crowd which will show them they made the right decision by coming…

  168. At 248. It does my head in people posting bits of games but that’s actually bloody funny.

  169. and beleive me I see real mental suffering every day, so don’t get condescending with me and don’t presume I am unaware of the many social injustices that are going on in the world today.
    Does it make you feel like you have actually done something worthwhile coming out with that crap?
    talk is cheap.

  170. fesytoon

    Any chance you can chill? maybe? gain a sense of humour? Irony? No? Lets not be lashing out with ridiculous comment about people without even knowing them eh.

    Been to Pakistan twice and its a massive shit hole, my comment wasn’t fuelled by bigotry, but my own experience. If England was the same, I wouldn’t have any problem with people taking the piss as it would be true.

    So lets put the effigies away ehh

  171. Yea I have. I’be been street appealing for the victims. Raised over 30 grand for the flood victims. Changed my major to Sustainable architecture. been in touch with architectural firms in lahore to advise them in sustainable and affordable reconstruction in pakistan.

    so sodd off.

  172. CC – are you saying you don’t think the “Fat Cockney Bar Steward” song is dumb?

  173. Well you’re senseless and a crap human and hence you wouldn’t care. Just cuz a place isn’t that great it gives no one the right to post sadistic and appalling comments about it. Sodd of. Hope you get shit in your life mate.Cuz that’s what you deserve.

  174. 275 Whumpie says:
    August 31, 2010 at 1:11 pm
    I’m having real trouble giving a stuff today; CH and co have played another blinder this window.

    Question is: will all the doom-mongers take note this time, or will they start January with posts about how Ashley won’t spend and we’ll leave everything till the last minute, and now we need to spend £10m on every position or be relegated to the Conference by Thursday, etc. etc.

    Whumpie – I think you know the answer as well as I do. As sure as night follows day, there’s sure to be a member of the bed-sheet brigade sparking off about lack of spend etc etc. Are these people for real?

    For all we ain’t spent the zillions that some seem to expect, put our dealings in the context of he rest of the Prem, and we’ve done well and added experience, talent, strength and depth to the squad. Another good window and there’s always January to come when, well, I gues we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I digress and a few days late with the comment, but I thought Joey Barton’s stature has grown enormously with his restrained responses to being targeted for a sending-off, some thumping tackles and not least, his own contribution to Saturday’s game.

    Well done Joey and to Mr Hughton, whatever influence you’ve had on his behaviour, you’re to be congratulated too.

  175. Only Senseless bastards are filling up this country what i Call home,If you dont like then you can fk off ! No Englishmen Or Englishwomen Wants his country to be over ran by Paki’s.

  176. Toon Chicken

    This bloke like many others is angry seeing the way Ashley is running the club, Until 3 weeks ago he was scum and we were relegation certs now a couple of decent signings Strategically brought in as a smokescreen to hide his tacky advertising attempts no doubt and a few points on the board and all is forgiven apparantly…

    P.S. Of course its a daft song but its obviously annoying him or else he wouldnt have made his alteration to the singing section.

  177. @ 331

    your just the type of lad i need for the show , infact you deserve your own slot.

    f@cking pr@ck…

  178. @WhoTheJoeyBarton – oh shut the hell up. you seem to be on here all the time with a comment every 5 minutes. go get a life.

  179. WhoTheJoeyBarton says:
    August 31, 2010 at 2:32 pm
    Only Senseless bastards are filling up this country what i Call home,If you dont like then you can fk off ! No Englishmen Or Englishwomen Wants his country to be over ran by Paki’s.

    I could tell you were a tw@t from the shit you regularly come out with. However your ignorance has been well and truly confirmed with that.

  180. can’t you see that I love mike’s comment illustrated that he DOES understand the horror in Pakistan? It was the brainless moron that tried to attack mike ashley that was the butt of his distain.

  181. WhoTheJoeyBarton WhoTheJoeyBarton says:
    August 31, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Only Senseless bastards are filling up this country what i Call home,If you dont like then you can fk off ! No Englishmen Or Englishwomen Wants his country to be over ran by Paki’s.

    Howay Toonsy & Worky, surely you can’t be allowing comments like this?

  182. Time for the yellow and red cards Toonsy? Some of the language and views posted toady are, sad to say, a bit rich?

    I always thought that this site was, like a lot of Black and White fans manifested tolerance and understanding but surely recent postings suggest that BNP or whatever of that ilk is showing its ugly face, or is it?

  183. Umez4toon says:
    August 31, 2010 at 2:26 pm
    Well you’re senseless and a crap human and hence you wouldn’t care. Just cuz a place isn’t that great it gives no one the right to post sadistic and appalling comments about it. Sodd of. Hope you get shit in your life mate.Cuz that’s what you deserve.
    Well 1. I’ve had an excellent life so far and it continues to be that way, thanks for your concern.

    2.Sadistic and appalling comments? By saying its a shit hole? IT IS!!! If I said parts of Byker were a shit hole would I be sadistic? No, cause they are! I wasn’t taking about the aftermath of the floods, I wouldn’t do that, that was you, the place was awful before that, worthy of the bloke from the Chronicle story. That was my point, but you jumped into your phone booth of sanctimony, span around really quickly and came out as ‘Humanitarian Man’, defender of the vulnerable and football blog judge dredd.

    I suggest you relax a bit more mate, have a bacon sarnie and a cuppa, maybe go and meet some women, just relax a bit more you know, cause to me you seem a bit up tight, however, I may be wrong, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge, i’m not like that.

    But hey, once again, presupposing someone without knowing anything about them or meeting them, arrogant and just plain silly, but carry on by all means, your almost virginal, childish outbursts are filling my day off nicely.

    ma’salamma ya akhii

  184. Looks like Birmingham are getting Hleb, Jiranek and Beausejour.

    Marcus Bent has gone to Wolves, crap player crap team.

    Good old Robinho, just next to nothing all season and then puts himself in the spotlight again with another deadline day move!

    Van Wolfswinkel to sign for the Toon! My mothers uncles rabbit hookers daughter saw him! =) You heard it hear first and all that bollocks

  185. I’m lost… Whos gona get me up to speed? Who we swearing?
    Who arn’t we signing? Whats the point of this thread when we know we are closed for business? Where am I?

  186. who is nassim Boukhelifa???

    Winger/Attacking midfielder. Was/is at RC Lens and apparently was training with us with a view to signing on a free. 19 year old I think

  187. On a humerous side…

    Scum said to be spending 12Million on Asamoah Gyan!!! Hahahahahahaha… He ain’t anywhere near worth that! 5Mil tops!

  188. Stoke are after Insomnia, Gudjohnsen, Lucas and Wilson apparently, would have liked to see Wilson at SJP.

    Bolton have signed Rodrigo Moreno on loan from Benfica. Poor fella only signed for them from Madrid a few weeks back and said he wanted to help them win the Portugese league! Oh well…duck if Jussi’s about

  189. Ice

    I’ve watched Gyan for years. He is so overated because he put away a couple penalties from Ghana during the World Cup… I’d take him for between 4-5mil. Anything over they’re being ripped off.

    Ps. I thought this blog actually became a happy family of footballer lovers when Chuck got shown the door? Ah well…

  190. see utrecht have just signed a new striker,maybe a replacement for wor wolfswinkle?

  191. Yeah some people need to be banned, toonsy/Workey.

    Personally I would like to see Toon Chicken banned for being an ‘end, of the bell variety’!

  192. Now that konchesky has signed for the scousers, Torres & Gerrard must be really pleased that they committed their futures them. How the mighty have fallen.

  193. Johno Toon says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:17 pm
    Does anyone think we will be signing anyone today?

    Maybe a LB on loan, at best…
    But hey, lets be happy with the work we’ve done.

  194. Johno Toon

    Doubt it… think we may see one leave and maybe get a left back in on loan. Which would be fine with me.
    Then I can see us selling S Taylor in Jan and brining in a Striker. Or so my source Mr Thumb Suck tells me…

  195. Oh my god:)have been following this blog all day long refreshing every 5 mins expecting some development to take place without actuall bothering to comment.but thought i will make one now-this site was supposed to bring nufc fans from all over the world together and allow them to talk abt the team they loved.wat is wit this hatred and dare i say- racism guys?there is no need for it.for guys like us staying so far away,blogs like this are the only platform to meet other fans and it will hurt if you see things like i can understand why umez reacted this’n guys,lets talk abt our beloved club and keep the rest for someplace else.

  196. Salty-if he goes anywhere I reckon it will be Liverpool. Has the masch deal gone through yet? If so they have cash. Have to say bar the hattrick against Celtic i haven’t seen much of him. Is he worth 7/8 mil?

  197. saltysellars11 says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:16 pm
    see utrecht have just signed a new striker,maybe a replacement for wor wolfswinkle?

    I live in hope more than expectation.

    Cut the fighting guys, every place in the world has some good and some atrocious areas. We are all United in supporting Newcastle so lets move on yeah?

    Pardon the Barack Obama like sentence mixed in there…

  198. If rumours are correct, Liverpool want Van Wolfswinkel, Gomez, Cole, Llorente, Iaquinta, Gilardino amongst a host of others! Lol.

  199. Football just does not need guys like this.

    What we have here is a total moron who thinks he is the star of the latest Football Factory movie. I mean come on, mate. Smashing pub windows, Mob clashes. This ain’t the bloody eighties. Get a life.

    Not to mention he is a wife beating dirtbag. He doesn’t need a football ban, he needs to spend 10 years behind bars.

  200. @ Deepak 365

    Agree with you. Although I didn’t react badly. thing is, i come on here to read up on my beloved nufc. dn’t expect ridiculously appalling comments about a country that’s going through one of the worst disasters of all time. Backed up by racist remarks towards their people.

    Should be banned full stop.

  201. “We met up in Amsterdam. It was all the old school – a good 500 strong mob. The Dutch boys are no mugs, but the old bill there have it all sewn up.”

    …What a tool

  202. “Wigan have completed the signing of Tom Cleverley on loan from Man Utd until the end of the season, Di Santo and Jason Roberts will follow him to the DW once Charles N’Zogbia’s move to Stoke is confirmed – Stoke are waiting on Gudjohnsen signing the dotted line before sanctioning the transfer as it includes Tuncay going in the opposite direction up the M6.”


  203. I love mike n JJ

    Emtemely happy who we brought in so wouldnt be disspointed if we dont bring in anyone else but we do need a lb!

  204. Umez4toon says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:30 pm
    @ Deepak 365

    Agree with you. Although I didn’t react badly. thing is, i come on here to read up on my beloved nufc. dn’t expect ridiculously appalling comments about a country that’s going through one of the worst disasters of all time. Backed up by racist remarks towards their people.

    Should be banned full stop
    Do you just love the sound of your own sanctimony or just a complete woman?

    Read 346 and you will see my irony was not aimed at, or had anything to do with the floods.

  205. Looking at the players on the move today…..don’t really think there’s many that would improve what we’ve got. Well there’s maybe one but he’s not worth 12 mil.

  206. Spew – I couldn’t be happier that you’ve finally admitted your feeling for me! :)

  207. When was tha last transfer deadline day that people were saying, ‘Im happy with what we’ve brought in and it wouldn’t bother me if that was it’.

    Not in my memory.

  208. ”David Johnston, of Derwent Way, Winlaton, Gateshead, has been hit with a three-year football banning order”

    What a complete arseclown. I hope a bin waggon runs him over when he’s on his next stroll to the bookies.

  209. shhhh batty, dont about the floods in morpeth, you might get called a racist, thats what happens when people are so far up their own arses.

  210. We still definitely need a LB so I wouldn’t be too happy if this was it.

    I love moaning!

  211. DJG says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:44 pm
    When was tha last transfer deadline day that people were saying, ‘Im happy with what we’ve brought in and it wouldn’t bother me if that was it’.

    Not in my memory.

    Probaly when we signed Michael Owen =S Lol

    Hleb to Birmingham is done

  212. david johnson should get the freedom of the city instead of getting banned, his only fault was not giving fatty a dig while he had the chance

  213. I Love Mike says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:48 pm
    shhhh batty, dont about the floods in morpeth, you might get called a racist, thats what happens when people are so far up their own arses.<<< aye ya right

  214. numb nuts isint aboot time u had some bairns if ya cannit do it BIG dave can nip roond give ya a hand , they dont call him big d for nowt :lol:

  215. icedog says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:56 pm
    BATTY got any water wings for sale m8<<<<< sorry dog stu had them all off me sumit too do with a bed wetting problem m8

  216. Na, Batts – first I’ve heard of it. Now you mention it though it does make sense. :lol:

  217. i think we need another goal scorer at least if carroll gets injured we’re f#cked

  218. BATTY not happy with you the other day saying your thick,one mans meat is another mans shite,and all that m8

  219. Right, just been away and come back to this.

    Had a read through and this is what I make.

    ILM – I get the point and I understand it wasn’t meant to be racist. The way I see it as it was a dig at the hooligan not the people of Pakistan.

    Deepak – Great comment. Well done lad.

    Umez/fesytoon – In context, ILM didn’t mean what he said how it came across. Perhaps it was silly but I am sure he didn’t mean any personal harm.

    WhoTheJoeyBarton – You were bang out of order, and for that you, YES MAN, CiaranTheGeordieLad and all of your other guises are out of here I’m afraid.

  220. Toon Chicken says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:54 pm
    So is stu a manc then, batty?

    Rather that than half Smog half Mackem like batty!

    That would make him a ‘Smackem’!

  221. How does a blog about the transfer window turn into an argument about racism? Nothing surprises me about people on computers. Toonsy explain.

  222. Stuart79 says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:07 pm
    Toon Chicken says:
    August 31, 2010 at 3:54 pm
    So is stu a manc then, batty?

    Rather that than half Smog half Mackem like batty!

    That would make him a ‘Smackem’!<<<<< sorry too disapoint spew iam a geordie through and through unlike u leaky

  223. Toonsy – And a big cheer for Gonzalo for staying on topic! Lol

    Muntari to Spurs rumours are starting again

  224. toonsy … your assessment of the comments to date seems fair to me !

    I did pop up to the upper level on Saturday at half time, but you were either having a waz or a pint behind the scenes. Good game though and the wolves fans in our stand were quite loud which added to the atmosphere. However looking through the comments on the blog afterwards, there were a few kn*bs there also :)

  225. your gettin realy sad with ya come backs spew bet u wish u never started it, showing your self up now so ile just ignore u from now on numb nuts

  226. Mark says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:09 pm
    How does a blog about the transfer window turn into an argument about racism? Nothing surprises me about people on computers”

    Because at times mate, people are so far up their own rectums they only see what they want to see.

    “the world is full of crashing bores”

  227. on a different note, ive just got an email from the pitcher and piano telling me to enjoy my christmas!!!
    that soon like?

  228. batty says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    your gettin realy sad with ya come backs spew bet u wish u never started it, showing your self up now so ile just ignore u from now on numb nuts

    Mission complete – Took you long enough to get the hint….

  229. Stuart79 says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:12 pm
    batty says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Why don’t you act like one then?<<<<< because i dont have too act like 1 with me being 1 stu dont forget u started this thinking you were clever if u apoligise i will lay off

  230. Danny Fox from Burnley would have been a good option as back up for Enrique, anyone else agree?

  231. Guardian reporting that Lua-Lua is out on loan to Brighton till January. Is that news?

    Done deal mate

  232. batty says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    “WORKY how are u this fine day”

    I’m OK thanks, batty. Just trying to track down Toonsy.

    How are you?

  233. batty says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Thought you were ignoring me?

    Oh well, maybe you cannot take a hint.

  234. 426 – Shane Ferguson, always though he was more of a midfield player. Don’t know what happened with Ben Tozer. I heard he was at Orient but not sure if he signed.

  235. Batty,

    Good on your lad getting into the fire service. Been in 11 years myself, still love it.

  236. Ferguson is a left winger. Will have very limited opportunities this season and perhaps go out on loan. Tamas Kadar should be all the cover we need for LB. Can’t see anyone gonna want to come in to play second fiddle to Enrique. tbh

  237. I wouldn’t say Ferguson is quite ready for the first team but I guess only Beardsley can answer that for sure.

    As far as I know, Tozer was released and was on trial at Orient. However according to most sites he is still our player. If he was released then surely CH did not think he was good enough meaning Kadar is our only real cover at LB, and he is a CB. Danny Fox or Van Aanholt would of been good.

    ALso, I’d like to see Ryan Taylor at RB instead of Perch. He hasn’t adapted to the Prem at all. Can’t wait until Simpson is fit again.

  238. Don’t think Taylor will leave now. Maybe in January depending on how contract talks go.

  239. ‘WhoTheJoeyBarton – You were bang out of order, and for that you, YES MAN, CiaranTheGeordieLad and all of your other guises are out of here I’m afraid.’

    Good to see the law getting laid down Toonsy.

  240. Two week break I think, he didn’t really train before the Wolves match. Worst case scenario is that he missed the Blackpool game, which I doubt. Would be the one game we could possibly do without him though.

  241. WhoTheVuckicHaris

    hughton said he was carrying an ankle knock before the Wolves game, but after same thing happened last u-21 game, I get what your saying, very smelly indeed.

  242. Batty – No, I can’t see it. I reckon Taylor won’t be going anywhere today. The bigger indication will be if he gets a squad number tomorrow

  243. Thanks toonsy.appreciate it.anyway looks like we are done for this window happy anyway cause we did well.anyway hope we get the boukkaliffa(spelling) far as i have read he is an awesome goalscoring,that will be a potentially lethal weapon in the 4-2-2-1-1 system that ch loves.anybody know wheater he will sign?

  244. Anybody understand why the move of Tom Cleverley to Wigan is being reported on some sites as “Toon miss out on…”? Whilst we may have been interested in the past, I can’t see that now. With HBA, Gosling to come in plus all our existing midfield, why would we still be thought to be interested?

  245. Deepak I thought you meant David Wheater will sign!

    Boukhelifa is a free agent so if CH wants him then it can be done anywhen. Haven’t heard anymore

  246. Deepak – Bhoukhelifa can sign at any point as he is free transfer so there is no real urgency. He has definately been at the club for something though.

  247. Higuain-even he would be a canny addition to the squad:-)though i didnt mean it.anyway help me out here guys-if a club signs a free agent after tomorrow,wouldnt he have to be included in the 25 man squad to be eligable to play?and if so,can players be added to the squad later,obviously presuming that the club havent already filled out the list?

  248. “ALso, I’d like to see Ryan Taylor at RB instead of Perch. He hasn’t adapted to the Prem at all. Can’t wait until Simpson is fit again.”

    Probably because we have only played three games

  249. @ deepak – my understanding is that once the 25 man squad is registered, thats it until january when teams can reregister their 25 man squad.

  250. No way is Simpson better than Perch imo. Simpson is worse at giving away silly mistakes aswell.

  251. 9 Gonzalo Higuain 9 says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    “I’d like to see Ryan Taylor at RB instead of Perch. He hasn’t adapted to the Prem at all. Can’t wait until Simpson is fit again.”

    Sorry mate but I think thats a ridiculous thing to say for two reasons:
    1. Perch has played 3 Premier league games and apart from Man U (not many full backs have a good game there) he has been stable and consistent. He needs games, how can he get those on the bench? All the signs point to a decent players, he just needs time, not someone saying he should be dropped after 3 games, especially when he has done alright.
    2. You want Perch dropped for Simpson, when he has just as much to prove, and as little experience in the Premiership?

  252. El Toro – Maybe so, but I don’t see him improving.

    Deepak – Would Boukhelifa be in the squad anyway? I think maybe CH would like to ease him in first, maybe like Edmundsson. He would be a nice addition but can’t really say I’d be too disappointed if we didn’t get him as I still feel Guthrie can do a job for us.

  253. “toonsy toonsy says:
    August 31, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    DJG – Knowing me, knowing you ARFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

    I hope to God thats not his chant Toonsy!!!

    Way too easy for the crowd to get on his back if he’s having a bad game…

    “There is nothing he can do…”, best come up with something else…

  254. Thats your opinion and I hope you are right. Simpson had a season on loan at Blackburn in the Prem and did struggle but I personally prefer him in that position. I understand that maybe my comments were a bit hasty about Perch and hopefully he will come good and prove me wrong

  255. I Love Mike-

    Spot on, mate. People slagged Colo off for months and he came good for us. I think these guys need time to settle into a groove. I personally think Perch looks quite solid. Still room to improve, but I think he will like. I think I rate him higher than Simpson, but I WOULD like to see RT get some games back there. He’s got such a deadly free kick.

  256. Wouldn’t be much of a chant like, but I think a video of Ben Arfa beating defenders and making them chase him around to the theme song from Benny Hill would be pretty funny lol

  257. Deepak – If whatever his name is signed outside the window he wouldn’t need to be registered anyway as he is under 21.

  258. people on twitter saying we have knocked back Celtic’s loan bid for Steven Taylor, seems putting him on the transfer list was more about posturing then getting rid…

  259. Many of the goals we conceded last season were as a direct result of Simpson. Have people forgotton how bad he is or something!

  260. Can I just say that I said I would like to see R. Taylor there as the first choice although again he is suspect sometimes. Maybe I’m judging Perch to early, time will tell but I am entitle to my opinion and happy to hold my hands up if I am proved wrong.

    As for Coloccini, I never slagged him off…mainly because our hair is very similar.

  261. higuain-not taking abt him or nufc .am just curious as to what will happen if a club signs a free agent who has the ability to play in the 1st team.with boukkalifa or perhaps even assulin for that matter,it wouldnt be a matter as both are below 21 and as far as i know a club need not name any under 21 players in their squad list.they can have as many as they,that doesnt bother me.

  262. I have been impressed by Perch’s willingness to get forward and his crossing aswell, which puts Routledges deliverly to shame.

  263. Looks our neighbour has made a “wonderful” signing of Asamoah Gyan there.

    But if i judge as a neutral supporter,

    HBA deal ish way way win over Mackems 12Million signing there.;)

    Our’s is cheap,big prospect. Their,Big &Expensive. :lol:

  264. Benny’s song will be to the same tune as Oba’s song…..Oba- oba fem-oba- oba fem – oba – oba fem -obafemi martins………..Hatem – hatem ben – hatem- hatem ben- hatem -hatem ben -hatem benny arfa…..ya read it here first ;-)

  265. Btw,the soccernet staff says a fee around €16Million,not €12million,for a player who score 14goals over 2seasons.

    WICKED!~~ :lol:

  266. Higuain

    “Maybe so, but I don’t see him improving.”

    Well I guess I can only give you credit if you are able to make such a bold statement after just three games. I personally don’t know whether Perch will cut it at this level or not, but he has all the natural ability to do so. Ask me in 4 or so months.

  267. El Toro

    Yeah we will see. As I’ve said, ultra gloating acceptable if I’m wrong. I made my opinion early, thats all.

  268. 16million for Gyan!? 8-O

    Rennes are laughing all the way to the bank. What are Sunderland playing at?! That transfer smacks of panic and desperation.

    The money involved will have the fans expecting a goal every other game. How disappointed they will be. Embarrassing, ha!

  269. Toonsy

    Why the hell do you want that deal to fall through?! That is some of the poorest business I have seen excluding Man City’s antics.

  270. toonsy

    another idea for an article

    “with the unwashed crew down the road paying 12mil for someone whos had three good games, are we happy with our transfer policy or should we be more like sunderland?”


  271. I guess the Gyan transfer makes it clear why so many top World Cup 2010 talents are NOT being bought. Ridiculous amounts of money

  272. DJG@487, Dont be too hard on Simpson as he played a lot of games towards the end of the season carrying a bad ankle injury that many a player would have cried off with.

  273. What about a Ben Arfa song to the tune of the French song ‘Frere Jacques’…

    Need some song writers here…

  274. JJ – I’d have to see the lyrics first like, but that sounds like it has the potential to be the gayest footy chant in history! :lol:

  275. Gyan deal not done….

    Its on official SUFC site that its not complete… sure it will be but its funny anyway!

  276. I’m disappointed that no one has even tried to start a transfer rumour for us today.

  277. Think we’ve done ok in this window – thank fvck it’s closed – we can now concentrate on the footy rather than whos is or is not coming – oh hang on a minute we have to wait two weeks because that shower of sh!t england side are playing

  278. lol ‘in excess of £13M’

    For a striker completely untested in the prem. Good bit of business there like.

  279. stevep says:
    August 31, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    Think we’ve done ok in this window”

    Bit of an understatement mate, with all the negativity hanging around the place after the ‘no new capital outlay’ statement, I think we have done fantastic.

  280. El Toro – Becasue I know how thir little deluded minds work. The will be giving it the billy big bollocks now, depsite that fect he is not so good ;)

  281. If it wasn’t for their dirty irish sugar daddies they wouldn’t have two brass farthings to rub together.

  282. VDV is a waste of space nowadays. Wouldn’t get in Spurs team – or ours ahead of Benny.

  283. Ive seen some of the teams that people have been posting on here with Jonas being dropped for ben arfa on the left, i think as hoots wont drop Nolan we should go for Benny Arfa on the right so he can cut in which is where is most dangerous on his left foot same for Jonas or we could switch round during games.
    I dont see why you would drop jonas and still keep routledge on the pitch, jonas is a better dribbler, stronger, more unpredictable, works harder and stronger ?
    Anyone agree ?

  284. Vuckic

    Sorry i disagree. VDV is a very good player when played in his natural position, which is AM as a playmaker.

    Quality signing for Spurs if it goes through.

  285. Quite pleased with the window.

    Did our business before the panic buying at the near empty shelves (for a change) and even if the HBA transfer was long drawn out, it does look as though he was our primary target.

    Think Robbie Keane was just a bit of a backup plan and ultimately it turned out he wasn’t needed, or not as much as he would have been without Ben Arfa.

    Question now is, how do we fit in all the new blood once everyone is match fit?

  286. Personally I think he will replace Routledge in the first team. Wayne has looked out of his depth a little in the prem imo.

  287. Pennant and Gudjohnsen seem to suggest attractive football at the Britannia. Surely not?

  288. Routledge has NOT seemed out of his depth. He has played well against both Wolves and Villa, but his final ball needs work. People, please stop with the knee jerk stuff.

  289. El Toro. Probably a fair shout – but having only seen him out on the left in recent times he looked a spent force. Hard for me to judge him but he’ll only be back up for Modric really and doesn’t suit their 442 very well.

  290. Gyan will either turn out to be a revelation or a disaster. Let’s see how things are in January before we gloat.

    He wouldn’t be the first player to be written off before he’s kicked a ball, only to shove everyones words back down their throats.

    One thing is for sure, at £13m, he can never be referred to as abargin can he. You can only ever say they got what they paid for.

  291. 10 in 16

    11 goals in 39

    15 goals in53

    14 in 47

    His domestic goal scoring record. :)

    Im smug with this window. I dont think you could argue that HBA could easily cost £13M and Assamoah Gyan could cost £5.5M lol

  292. good job by CH and co. 2 really well managed windows now; long may it continue!
    I hope the doom-mongers take note and start to show some faith come January.
    Glad we didn’t get a big-name striker; much more fun to prove a point with what we’ve got!

  293. Do you lot not know how it works? I mean some fans wanted to that spent at Newcastle you know. £13 million must mean he is 6 times better than Ben Arfa you know ;)

  294. Does anyone know it we signed the Algerian — Nassim Boukhelifa and is it likely we will announce any signings???

  295. However well he does I think Gyan is too similar to Bent in style of play. If you’re going to have only two real strikers in the squad you’d at least get a couple that complement each other. Kenwyne to unsettle defenders and Bent to poach goals was a better combination in my opinion.

  296. This was posted on the telegraph’s transer page:

    17.16 Owen Lafferty writes: “Have it on good authority that Rob Earnshaw and Chris Cohen of Nottingham Forest are to sign for Newcastle within today’s transfer deadline.”

    anybody heard anything of this nature?

  297. WhoTheJoeyBarton – You were bang out of order, and for that you, YES MAN, CiaranTheGeordieLad and all of your other guises are out of here I’m afraid.

    Good red Toonsy and hopefully it maight encourage other posters to pause for breath and think before pressing ‘submit comment’