Papiss Cisse – The video! (All goals 2012) by the Gallowgatetooners

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Papiss Cisse – All goals.

Of course, there are lots of NUFC videos on YouTube and the like, but if you seen any by the dynamic duo of Ross and Affy, collectively known as “Gallowgatetoon,” I think you’ll agree that theirs are amongst the very best.

Here’s what they have to say about their work:

“Back in January we set up a joint channel on YouTube (Gallowgatetooners) with the idea that we would work together to produce Newcastle videos. Beyond the obvious season review videos, we didn’t really know what to produce, so we bounced ideas about, and ‘The Goals’ video was conceived, as was the ‘Ben Arfa Wondergoal’ video. We were very surprised by how well the season review videos went down, and all of the feedback gave us a massive boost to continue with what we were doing.

“We are hoping to carry this on for a long time yet, and this ‘Papiss Cisse All Goals’ video is our latest. We also plan to post some of the videos from our old accounts too in the future. We are looking forward to next season, and we are hoping to continue to improve our editing skills as we continue to make more videos. As long as we can make sure YouTube don’t keep taking the videos down!”

well here’s hoping that there are many more!

You can follow them on Twitter @AffyRossy and their YouTube channel may be found here.

As a bonus, I have also posted some of their previous videos below – A combined total of over 50 minutes of NUFC viewing pleasure. Hope you like them!

Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

Newcastle United The Goals 11/12.

Newcastle United 11/12 Season Review Part 1.

Newcastle United 11/12 Season Review Part 2.

Ben Arfa wondergoal (that one against Bolton). The bit where he just chips the ball gently over the Bolton defenders outstretched foot without breaking his stride is a delight in itself. What a player. It’s a very nice soundtrack too. *This one’s on Dailymotion


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10 Responses

  1. btw – £2m for Foster seems a bit cheap ? What happened to hard bargaining ? At that price I’d keep him

  2. £2M for Forster is getting someone a good young keeper for peanuts – he’s worth a lot more than that.

  3. the £2million deal was already approved before he left supermac.

    i think Pardew knew they had made a mistake by the soundings coming out of the camp.

    there is nothing the club can do to change the deal unfortunately. we have to just sit a wait as a top class keeper goes begging.

    IMO if he had have stayed here he would have been a top class no. 2 why on earth would you want to leave so soon when opportunities were coming your way?

    the only thing i can think of is he might have learnt from Harper (englands real NO.1) and took some sound advice. if it pays off and we see Forster in an England shirt we know why.

  4. must admit though 1 year back home would have done him the world of good and a stint out on loan to another prem side would have boosted his fee im certain.

    man u will probably end up buying him for £10mil in a few years when they need someone else. even arsenal, chelsea, liverpool will be looking at him in a few years.

    with their current crop of keepers all getting older a young guy like Forster will surely be looked upon to fill the void.

  5. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    Carr signs on for 8 more years,
    Which was nice!

    Ahh… Jimmy he’s a funny bloke!!

    But where will we play him?