Steven Taylor reveals contract talks are taking place.

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Taylor - New contract should be sorted soon.
Taylor - New contract should be sorted soon.
It’s been one of the most hotly debated topics of the summer, certainly amongst Newcastle fans anyway, and that is the subject of Steven Taylor and his new contract.

The will he/won’t he saga has rolled on for some time now and rumours have been perpetuated by the wall of silence that has sourrounded the Taylor camp as speculation flew around.

Whether that silence was a good or bad thing is one that can be debated. On one hand there has to be respect for the negotiations as it is no longer club policy to air dirty laundry or private details in public whilst on the other hand it must be realised that the sound of silence is carte blanche for reporters, almost like an oil to help the rumour mill start to turn. That silence has been broken today and Taylor has revealed that his agent, Paul Stretford, is in talks with the club, and that he himself is having very little imput in the negotiations of it all.

“Hopefully, it’ll get sorted,” Taylor told The Shields Gazette. “I’ve got a year left on my contract, and my agent’s in talks with the club. I’ve left it to him – that’s the best thing for me, as I just want to play football. That’s all I’m focused on.”

Hopefully it will get sorted, and whilst I personally wouldn’t miss Taylor if he did leave, it can’t be denied that he has something that we need this season – Premier League experience.

Taylor missed a large part of last season with a knee injury suffered against West Brom way back in January which effectively ended his participation in our title winning campaign, and that is something that will be spurring Taylor on this season.

“I just want to get back playing again – I can’t wait. We’ll be playing against some of the best players in the world, and you want to test yourself against the best. It’s the league you want to play in.”

“Running out at St James’s Park in front of 52,000 is the best feeling in the world – it’s what being a professional footballer’s all about. It’s an honour to wear that shirt.”

Good words from Taylor there and whilst I will remain sceptical of him until he signs a new contract, he is beginning to make the right kind of noises, the noise that the fans want to hear about how proud he is to wear the shirt and how it is the best feeling in the world to run out in front of a packed St James’ Park.

At the end of the day, the fact that he has come out and openly admitted he is in negotiations could indicate that a deal is not far off being agreed. Sceptics point towards this new wage cap as perhaps being the reason that it has taken so long to admit that negotiations are taken place, you know, this wage cap that is being mentioned in the press and nowhere else, that one. Exactly.

Hopefully it can be sorted sooner rather than later as it will eliminate another little distraction from the equation, and distractions are something none of us should want as the team begins to close in on the new season.

Sign it soon Tayls!

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80 Responses

  1. On the face of it, good news indeed. Tayor’s language is such that he appears very keen to stay at SJP but when I saw the words “Hopefully, it’ll get sorted,”, I became a tad sceptical.

    ‘Hopefully’ is not the same as ‘I’m confident’ and had he used those two words, it’d indicate that money’s not the key driver for him or his agent.

    We can but wait and trust that it does get sorted with him being tied down on a long term contract, sooner rather than later.

  2. anyone saw the pictures of the shirt signing? The last picture on the Ronny Gill web site, how massive is Fraser Foster man?

  3. your 6’6? bloody hell man, im only 5’7 :(
    However the birds love my lethal banter and massive sausage, so I get by, haha

  4. ILM – I’m actually somewhere between 6’3 and 6’4 mate, 6’9 at weekends when I put my disco heels on ;)

  5. 6″1 mesel somewhere between short arse and circus material ;)

    Good to Say Taylors gob doing overtime again, This says to me he’s staying put, I was worried when he wasnt gassing to the press every 5 minutes like he usually is, Just need another left back, Annan and Wheater (I wish) and someone to do Carrolls running for him like Bellamy did for Al.

    Looking up…

  6. just waiting for someone to say he is our best player or that he should be captain……..
    ….because he gives it his all/heart is in the right place/a Geordie!!

  7. ok ILM – I think he should be captain!!!

    I am going to get spanked for this…………but I would give Barton the armband. May calm him down

  8. nar raffo nee bindipper scousers as captains of newcastle,that goes for ten tonne tessie nolan aswell.

  9. Good job then Trojan. I mean Taylor is a Londener after all :roll:

    Personally, I don’t give a shite where anyone is from as long as they benefit and give their all for the team. Ginola was French, he must have been a tosspot eh and not given a shite about the team? Or is that different and subject to the usual double standards?

    I don’t see how Taylor can be trusted to be captain? The guy that people have to turn who when it gets tough is also the guy who was, allegedly, trying to break the back doors off his team-mates mrs whilst he was away working for the team.

    What a role model ;)

  10. LoL Trojan – I dont want Nolan to be given it either but I think it is probably a non debate as he was mainly skipper last year wasnt he.

    Unless an international skipper comes then that may be different but I cant see it

  11. wow wow wow Toonsy fella, I thought that it was Carroll’s EX that was texting HIM

  12. Apparently it was Taylor who was texting her, she told him Taylor to stop or she would tell Carroll, Taylor carried on, she told Carroll, Carroll asked Taylor, Taylor denied it and laughed, Caroll flattened him.

    Why would Carroll get pissed off over an ex? She had not long had Carroll’s kid at the time and all.

  13. but was she going out with big lad or were they seperated?!

    I dont want to drag all this up – it is pointless. We all know that Nolan will be given the armband so it is a non-debate.

    Off yhem see ya’s later

  14. Raffo – It was Taylor’s ex that is now seeing Carrol, and she had not long had a kid with him at the time.

  15. Nolan, Harper, Smith and less Shola all seem captain fodder for various reasons… character, time with club etc.

  16. Seems Nolan is the overwhelming choice for it, certainly on the poll we have running on the side anyway. Nolan has 58% of the total vote 8O

  17. Or Geremi? Big Sam thought he’d be the perfect captain/translator

  18. my guess is it’ll be smith/nolan for captain and/or vice. CH seems to rate them as leaders on and off the field and i can’t really disagree.

  19. All this talk of Perch and Gosling makes me wonder if SJP’s turning into an aviary?

    Maybe we, the Magpies, should re-sign Oba MARTINS, Dirk Kuyt (KITE?), Chris EAGLES and bring Gavin PEACOCK out of retirement and build a team filled with bird names?

    Any suggestions?

  20. Emannuel peTIT
    Arjen ROBBEN (or ROBIN van Persie if you’re concerned about spelling)
    Frank SWIFT


  21. Nice ones Toonsie though I think we might have a problem getting Swift out of retirement!

  22. Get jenny FALCONer as mascot!! Phoaw!!

    Well seems to be water under the bridge now so ne mind.

    I don’t want Nolan as I would rather it be someone who I think should play every min of every game and that person is ameobi!! Lmao.

  23. Thank you for showing me that the world has gone totally mad, Apparantly you cannot write Scun_thorpe on an internet blog anymore.

    Thank fcuk we sold Brian Pinas or else every comment would be moderated…

  24. bbb – yeah – wondered about re-signing him
    And Diego “Sparrowhawk” Gavilan?
    Craig Moore hen?
    Tony Green finch?

  25. CC – Imagine what it was like when we played them ;)

    Also, it’s not so much the word ‘Scun.thorpe’, it’s what is contained within it :D

  26. Charlie Crowe? – problems there!
    Andy Cole -tit (appropriate after his behaviour at Man U)?
    Emu -re Belozoglu (that’s pushing it a bit)

  27. We could also have a VENISON on the bench to add some bigger animal fight to the team!!!

  28. Raffo – if we really want to go for animals and fish we could sign Sole Camel!

  29. Again quiet on the news front. Can’t wait for Carlisle tomorow, despite being unfit I think we’ll score a goal or 5.

  30. Toonsy

    Yes but only a very immature person or saddo would pick that out, The sort of person who would write to points of view because dot cotton was smoking pre-watershed.

    Ironic that i wasnt pulled up for this and not supposedly racially abusing the spanish during the world cup… ;)

  31. CC – It’s all done automatically, so you can keep the victim card in your pocket before you start talking about being pulled up ;)

    It’s the middle part of the word that is the problem but the software just sees that and not what is around it. What happens when that happens is that it goes into a queue for moderation which I get round to at some point when I check what is going on ‘behind the scenes’. If it is nowt to worry about then I give it the green light. If it is genuinely someone trying to be an arse then it gets binned. That’s all, it owuld have only been held until I seen it, that is all.

  32. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 16, 2010 at 3:22 pm
    i love mike,are you a geordie?

    certainly am mate, actually live (lived all my life) about a 3 minute walk from the East Stand. Why anyway dude?

    This isn’t going to disintegrate into my geordie willy is bigger than your geordie willy conversation is it?

  33. Lads all the captain talk is pointless anyway I personally think Taylor would make a good one or Barton, but Nolan will make himself captain anyway with Smudger as vice

  34. Barton? Captain? The lad is either in-jured, in court, in jail or in bother.

    Not exactly leadership material is he?

  35. Amen Big Dave – I think you have to consider who are the better players and who you would look to give their all for 100 minutes. I think that although Nolan and Barton give everything and would have the respect of all the players, in a straight pick between the two I just cant help think that I would be picking Barton 99% of the time.

  36. Anyone who would just ‘take’ the captaincy for them self, is probably the man for the job.
    Someone who will tell players what to do, on the pitch, is what you want.

  37. I think Guthrie deserves it more than JB.

    However, I don’t think anyone could deny that Nolan has earned it.

  38. Clint im sure there is a few players that would ‘take’ the captaincy if they could but imo I think there is only one that has the power to do it

  39. Good to see Tayls finally come out and say something about the contract and good to see he now has an agent (Paul Stretford) rather than his father representing…

    Nice to see Gosling hook up with the lads in Dublin…

  40. Power is perceived Big D.

    I know you know what i’m talking about mate.

  41. What the hell happened to this blog, seems like the interesting contributers have either been banned or have given up.
    It`s become really boring !

  42. Yo! Big Dave,
    Sup ! hows the ink business ?
    Not too far from you at present, just two counties west of you, here untill late sept. too hot in NYC.
    Getting in a bit of fishing and taking things easy, no telly just my sounds and reading material.
    Usually make a trip somewhere, Istanbull, Andulacia, last two years, perhaps Malta this year, for nostalgic reasons.
    Will catch a home and perhaps an away game, may even catch a S********d game, but dont let on to anyone!

  43. Chuck I hope your fishing for some decent fish Trout etc no Perch ;)
    But tight lines anyway mate and hope you have a good trip

  44. Thanks Big Dave
    Yeah the small wild brown trout, plus i also enjoy a bit of sea angling, though there`s a lack of spiecies here.
    Prefer to fish off the NY & NJ coast where there`s an abundance of different spiecies, Bluefish, Striped Bass, Tuna, Fluke, Makos if you want and if you get lucky perhaps a Bluefin.
    Gotta go out about 50 miles+ but, worth it !
    Yeah, got more than one rod, pole, but no Perch !

  45. Can I just clarify that nobody has been banned, just to stop that little train from running away ;)

  46. no body ?
    so where`s Stardust ?
    Perhaps not a lot have been banned, but for sure a lot have fallen by the wayside, for whatever reasons.