Carlisle United v Newcastle United – Pre-season match preview.

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Brunton Park - Where the journey begins.
Brunton Park - Where the journey begins.
It’s here, it’s finally here, well nearly anyway.

Newcastle United’s pre-season campaign kicks off in earnest tomorrow (Saturday) as preparations for the new season finally get underway properly.

Of course there has been lots of training going on behind the scenes, particularly over in Ireland, but tomorrow is our first proper chance to see the lads in pre-season action.

Likewise, the match against Carlisle gives me the chance to get in some pre-season practice, particularly as I look to get back into the swing of the matchday experience on the ‘blog. I’m only practising so we can try to give you the best here at, so at least that is the sucking up done I guess!

The match at Brunton Park is scheduled for a 1pm kick-off which was brought about through fear of a Geordie invasion and all the alcohol abuse we seem to bring with us on away trips, particularly as it is only a relatively short journey away.

Trying to pick a team for either side will be like trying to pick the winning lottery numbers, difficult, especially as Chris Hughton is taking a full strength squad to Carlisle, minus the injured Danny Simpson and the resting Jonas Gutierrez of course. James Perch could make his debut tomorrow, so that is something to watch out for I guess.

With regard to Carlisle, they have already began their pre-season friendly campaign and this will be their third encounter of the close season, although I am quietly confident that Newcastle will prove to be tougher opposition than Workington Reds and Kendal Town! Defender Danny Livesey will definately miss the game as he sits out due to a groin injury whilst striker Jason Price’s chances of playing tomorrow are rated at 50/50.

Chris Hughton has been speaking of pre-season, and the match against Carlisle United, and this is what he had to say;

“It’s been a really good week and what we did know before we came here is how good the facilities were, which is the reason we came back. The pitches are excellent and the hotel couldn’t have done anymore for us.

“On the training front, I’m pleased with the way things have gone. All you can ask for is commitment and what we have is a group of lads that have come back in good shape. Now we have to take this week in to the rest of pre-season and, of course, the Carlisle game on Saturday.

“Carlisle are probably a little bit more advanced than we are because their season starts a week earlier than ours. But we’ve certainly done enough to be ready for a game and we’ll have had ample training by the time the weekend comes along.”

Overall, it isn’t the result that is important, although it is always nice to win and we don’t want to start losing games just before the season. What is more important is making sure most of the lads have a good run out whilst remaining injury free.

Hopefully there will be some radio coverage of the game tomorrow but anyone hoping of anything more extravagant that that will more than likely be left feeling disappointed. A good run out, a nice win and an injury free match would suit me just fine though.

Howay the lads!

Date: Saturday, 17th July, 2010.

Time: 01:00pm

Venue: Brunton Park, Carlisle.

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58 Responses

  1. Cant wait for the game. Haven’t been to a match there since I saw Gilingham against them when I was about 5 30 years ago. Les hope we see a few goals

  2. Been away for a week-how much have we spent all together in the transfer window so far?

  3. SJT yer right the are a couple of maggots and you haven’t missed much while you were away, I thought we might have heard something today with it being friday but then I remembered MA the maggot is still here ;)

  4. Don’t think anyone should fret too much if we lost tommorrow, I’d be more concerned if we won and
    had a few players crocked in the process. I also reckon that there will be so many changes during the game that the result will be irrelevent. The PSV game should be a better pointer to our (potential) form.

  5. FFS Big Willy we want to win all games no matter who we play.

    Get that negative mind sh*te out of your thought process and realise that a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE is a state of mind.

    Come on you Mags:)

  6. I remember going to watch Carlisle in the early 60’s when I was stationed there and their stadium was pretty basic then, looks much better now. I also remember them playing Gateshead in the old 3rd division (think it was anyway) and before the kick off a Carlisle supporter ran onto the pitch and put a stuffed fox on the centre spot, to everyones amusement. Can’t remember the result though.

  7. I thought I was being positive in an earlier blog when I said I hoped for another Leyton Orient result and then went on to win the league.

    Kidding………………………. ;)

  8. BIG DAVE,still reading the blogm8 but dont fancy saying owt,but keep your comments coming i enjoy them.look after yer-sell and family and good health later maybe

  9. i’ll be setting off for silloth caravan park in about 4 hours time for my 2 weeks summer holidays and with being in the area i’m considering taking this game in.

    does anyone know what the entrance fee is ?

    i’m going for a 2 nil win for the toon with that wor first points of the season.

    away the lads.

  10. WM i’ve missed most of them, you be kind enough to give a brief summary or am I being a right lazy get? :)

  11. Can’t post links????
    Basically Yohan Benalouane, mate bilic, and the old chestnut
    Taye Taïwo

  12. BIG DAVE in a bit pain m8,ill come good couple days,dave youll always be your mate you know that later m8

  13. M O you say the nicest things mate ;) if you were a real mate you would tell me what yer nick was before Morale officer as it has been doing me loaf in for months trying to work it out :)
    Waddles no word on Kaka yet ;)

  14. Waddles – I read somewhere that Liverpool were in for Taiwo. Who are the other two?

  15. Taiwo has been mentioned on and off for a couple of seasons,as a possible target for Newcastle.
    Are you saying he could be again (Mullet)
    That`s questionable as he is obviously worth more than £2m. and our max. so far has been £1.5 and nowt.
    Divent expect to sign him ,as there are others checking him out.

  16. I am not sure bout Bilic, hes a little out of the bracket of what Ashley wants isnt he? The other two seem to be ok and could Taiwo be used more in LW/LM?

  17. Tottenham.
    That mate bloke forget about him. Nearly 30 man.
    Just things are starting to hot up as being linked to a few now.
    Yohan benalouane the next bassong?

  18. Taiwo is a good left back but not the same league as Enrique. Unless the sell Jose :(

  19. At least theres some new gen coming out of the woodwork!!! Lets hope we can hold onto this new Bassong then

  20. I can see this yohan comin but neither of the other two, bic too old and too much other interest in taiwo, and I can’t see ch wanting someone like that to put pressure on jose

  21. Expect nothing…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Ashley is laughing at us.
    £61 for or little lads new home kit next wek MA is a Fookin Joke.
    I hate MA fookin Scumbag.

  22. Few Tyos
    Expect nothing…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Ashley is laughing at us.
    £61 for our little lads new home kit next week MA is a Fookin Joke laughing in our faces.
    I hate MA fookin Scumbag.

  23. Hey all. I live in the US and was wondering if there was a good website to find NUFC posters and such. Any ideas?

  24. WM I keep well away from the jees jees too mate !…hopefully we’ll sign someone soon…we need too!

  25. JJ never in my life have I said 100%
    Problem with the club now we drag our heels on transfers and fat mike has final say.
    Under fat Fred it was bang bang bang Fu(k it sign him for £10 mill

  26. waddlesmullet – you’re right 8 million for big dunc, 8 for viana, 10 for marcelino, 10 for martins – to be honest I’d rather we didnt go back to those days – we mostly bought shite – i liked martins but he was never a 20 a season striker

  27. Stevep,

    We bought Michael Owen for 17 million, and he never scored 20 league goals in his career, and never will.
    Thats gotta be the worst signing ever.

  28. I would like to see a couple of man city cast offs cause their will be a few. But wages will be a prob.
    Other than that can only see johny foreigner coming in.