Signing a striker should be a priority for Newcastle.

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Newcastle need backup for these two.
Newcastle need backup for these two.
At the moment, all the rumours seem to be surrounding players such as Dan Gosling and Tom Cleverley.

The problem for me is that both of those are midfield players, and in my opinion we should be making signing a striker a priority. Now it’s only speculation surrounding those two players, but they are both tipped to move to Newcastle soon if you believe what you read in the press.

That is all very good and what not, but what happens at the business end of the pitch? Who is going to put the ball in the back of the net? We need to score goals to survive in the Premier League. Do I have faith in the players that we have at the minute being able to do that? Yes and no is my answer, which is obviously confusing so let me explain a bit more.

I think it’s pretty much nailed on that Andy Carroll will be our main striker next season. Home and away, and whatever formation we play in, Carroll will be the one who retains his place in the team, barring injuries or suspension of course, and let’s not forget that there is a chance we could lose him altogether at some point as he could well be off to serve some time at her majesty’s pleasure.

If it happens, it happens, but if it doesn’t then I do believe that Carroll has it in him to lead the line and score at least ten goals next season. But will that be enough? I’m not so sure.

In all likelihood we will probably end up with just Carroll up front when play away from St James’ Park, with someone like Kevin Nolan operating just behind him on the field of play. But for our home games, especially against the sides that we stand a chance of getting points off, then we have to go with two up front.

Step forward Peter Lovenkrands. Pistol Pete formed a deadly partnership with Andy Carroll last season as they plundered 35 goals between them, but can they replicate that in the Premier League? Obviously they won’t score the same amount of goals, but I do think that they will score goals.

The problem for me arises when we are missing either of them. What happens then? Can we really rely on Leon Best, Shola Ameobi, Xisco or Nile Ranger to step into the breach? I don’t think we can, and that is my main concern and also why I would like us to spend a chunk of cash on another striker who would be able to step into the team.

At a push Ameobi can do a job for us, if he remains injury free, but my major concern is if something happens to Lovenkrands. What happens to the team then?

Our strikers seem to be very unbalanced at the minute, and by that I mean we seem to have an abundance of big lump, target men type strikers, which is fine for covering Andy Carroll, but no good if Lovenkrands needs a deputy for whatever reason.

With that in mind, I would like us to pursue a kind of deep lying/support striker that can run in and around the big lumps up front, like Lovenkrands does. Some one like Mevlüt Erdinç would seem to have been ideal, although there have been no further developments on that story. What about Juan Albin, the player we were linked with a while back? I am sure it was mentioned at the time that Albin is out of contract, although I can’t remember for definate.

In short, Carroll and Lovenkrands will do, but our backup isn’t of sufficient quality in my opinion. We could probably scrape by without Carroll, after all he may not even turn out to be any good in the Premier League, but it is the lack of another nippy forward like Peter Lovenkrands that really concerns me.

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183 Responses

  1. To be fair, Carroll and Ameobi are about on par overall in my opinion although Carroll tends to put more graft in naturally. I’m not particularly convinced either can cut the mustard regularly in the big league but happy to be proved wrong. And I wouldn’t be so certain that Shola’s ‘experience’ means he won’t start more games. Agree about the need for a different type of striker but personally I’d prefer to see someone who is potentially a starter ahead of Lovenkrands rather than back up. Much as I like him, I don’t see him being as effective this season.

  2. No thanks, that’s what put us in this mess in the first place, huge wages on players who are too old and haven’t got “it” any more. Sign levan kenia :grin:

  3. Forget strikers, we need a midfielder that can actually hold the ball up. Our biggest on field problems over the past years has been down to this. Our defense always get put down for leaking goals but it all stems from the lack of quality in the middle of the park. Guthrie, Smith, Nolan and Barton are all capable players but I have yet to see them take the heat off the defense by showing composure over the ball. We don’t need someone super creative or attack minded. We need someone with a cool head and composure… these two things we are sadly lacking at the moment……

  4. thats true jay jay :-)

    just reference comments on some of the other threads reference Perch………I know he’s not the most exciting but give the lad a chance.It wasn’t long ago when people were slagging off the signing of Williamson on here and Pompey didn’t even deem him worthy of a single game!!!…..and before anyone chucks in the arguement of his fee going up based on appearances it’s bollox imo.Surely that only kicks in when you play X amount of games so they could have played him right up until X.They just didn’t rate him.Perch may well turn out to be terrible but at least give him a chance to prove himself one way or the other.

  5. what about yakubu? a woldcard i know, but does the business in the premiership

  6. Spot on mate, couldn’t agree with you more, Robbie keane would be ideal though :).

  7. i think if we sign charlie adam, dan gosling, jonathon du guzman,nicky maynard n chris cohen along with perch id b more than happy wit that transfer window

  8. We definitely need a new speedy goalscoring striker.

    Ameobi – never been good in the Premiership/Often injured
    Best – been shite so far, and in the Championship…
    Løvenkrands – good in the Championship, but remember, there was a reason for him not gaining a new contract when we went down…
    Carroll – not really proven himself in the Premiership yet, but been class in the Championship, and definitely the striker I have the most faith in. Young and geordie as well.

  9. Depend on how much Hughton rate Ranger and Best. if he does not think two of them can step up into PRM standard, I’m pretty sure Hughton will sign another Striker to back up Carrol Love and Ameobi and send Ranger loan to lower devision team.

  10. richietoon (90 – I’m with you – let’s give Perch a chance. Don’t forget the Forest Manager rated him and he’s played 200 odd games by the age of 24 so he can’t have been utter crap. And just because the Forest fans were slagging him off – well, I remember the Coventry fans being ecstatic because we’d taken Craig Bellamy off their hands for £5-6 million!

  11. He shouldn’t sign a striker to “back” anyone. AT LEAST not Ameobi. We need a starter of class.

  12. jay jay says:
    July 9, 2010 at 7:45 am

    So we’ll never buy another established player? We’ll just rely on unproven young players and hope if we through enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick – Regardless that it might cost us £20m until we get a good one.

    Great blueprint for the future that!

  13. De Guzman,J Cole and Keane on loan….no fees that would get us 9th-14th place….simples ;-) whey I can dream cant I :lol:

  14. “So we’ll never buy another established player? We’ll just rely on unproven young players and hope if we through enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick – Regardless that it might cost us £20m until we get a good one.”

    fair point stu, but i think u can pick up young strikers from other clubs and make them into better players. liverpool did it for years…rush (chester), aldridge (oxford), kk (sconthorpe), toshack (cardiff)….list is endless. their blueprint worked…

    different times i admit…

  15. Totally agreed! Keane would be great, he has proved himself time and time again in this league and to those who suggest we look elsewhere, we are only talking on loan for our first crucial season back when we likely don’t have enough cash to secure anyone of that calibre. He is a proven goalscorer and would make an ideal partner for Carroll. Doubt we’re back in for Erdinc as £5m was probably already our limit and we will face similar trouble looking for any good forward.

  16. malchick says:
    July 9, 2010 at 9:17 am

    You can do that when you’re successful and have a good team. Adding the odd young player to compliment an already successful team is needed to progress.

    Also there aren’t any KK’s, Toshack’s or Rush’s around from smaller clubs now. All the best young players are snaffled up by the ‘big’ clubs academies.

  17. If we buy any more players like Perch then we are in serious trouble! I am fast losing faith in hooters and calderwood.
    If you read the forest blogs, they can’t believe we’ve actually bought such a donkey. Some describe him as the worst player in their squad! A complete liability!

  18. agree stu, like i said, different times.

    must be the odd one slips through though….

  19. There will be, but there are another 19 PL teams who will be looking for that particular needle in that haystack.

    We cannot just forget about buying established players because we’ve had our fingers burnt in the past. We’ll never move forward at all if we do that.

    Buying young players should be supplimentary to what we have – Not to be relied on to take the club forward straight away.

  20. aye, keane on loan and one or two others with potential would be ideal…

    which established available striker should we sign now who will guarantee goals next season?

  21. Keane’s available as already mentioned.

    Why look any further? Ideal loan deal. If he does well and keeps us up hopefully we’ll have a bit more money next season.

  22. northumbria police are looking for a nutter from newcastle,chris hugfhton has just handed himself in.
    northumbria police have put up a reward of 10,000 pound for information,that leads to the capture of moat.
    if he is not caught this week,the reward will double to a 20,000 raoul over.

  23. I’ve got high hopes for Lovenkrands next season. He showed signs of some real class last season, has composure in front of goal and his attitude is first class.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he finishes our top scorer.

  24. These are a few comments by forest fans on their blogs about Perch;
    lol i wonder how much we had to pay newcastle to take him, i would of personally paid his bus fare!!! this really does show how useless calderwood is,perch is gunna get murderd in the prem,now can we have some decent arrivals please billy!!
    there is a god!!!, mapperley
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    commented on 05-Jul-2010 15:55
    I’ve just got back from streaking in celebration that perch has left, never thought this day would come but it has, it’s like xmass and birthday x10 fantastic news. I would have drove him up there and pay them to keep him so to get mire than £1 is brilliant, i’m going streaking again who’s with me ????
    kevin, Stabo
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    commented on 05-Jul-2010 19:31
    First bit of deadwood out 4/5 more to follow, he was shocking if he went for free I’d be happy but if it’s 2mil that’s great.

    Let’s bring in some class and really go for it!!!!!
    Yogi, Long eaton
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    commented on 05-Jul-2010 11:02
    james perch was rubbish he played well against newcastle because he new they was interested in him, he was the worst player in the squad so to get over a mil for him is great. there was no place in our squad for him, he wouldnt have made it in the midfield or challanged gunter for right back. im really happy he has left it was painful watching him.

  25. there just doesn’t seem to be enough players to go round these days, does there???

  26. malchick says:
    July 9, 2010 at 9:48 am

    I listed about half a dozen yesterday who were probably available and at decent prices. Although their still probably out of our reach.


  28. Stuart I don’t think we should spend big money and big wages on players who are past it, who mentioned a blueprint for the future? You take one comment, add your own twisted thoughts into it, where did I say sign unproven players? Don’t try to put words in other peoples mouth.

  29. jay jay says:
    July 9, 2010 at 9:51 am

    So you think we can sign established PL quality players for nothing or next to nothing?

  30. What about Vuckic? There’s a reason some of the biggest clubs on the planet have been keeping an eye on him. Next season it will be time for him to step up.

  31. sorry stu, missed it..

    i know this has been said and argued before but i think this could be a really quiet transfer window for all clubs. not many established players will become available.

    is keane defo available on loan, has it been confirmed?

  32. Stuart I’d be happy for us to spend money on players who have their best years ahead of them, I just don’t want repeats of owen or viduka, that’s all. They were past it, and they cost us big time, and got us nowhere, don’t want that again.

  33. BS9 – who’s opinion do you trust more – Chris Hughton, the man who gelled our team together and hauled us out of the Championship in record fashion… OR, a bunch of bitter, twisted Forest fans who’s team fluffed their lines on their big day?

  34. Boyd was sitting right in front of us for nowt and we still didn’t take him. Fair enough he might have been a gamble but he was a free and his wages would have been cheap. At the end of the day he’s another body through the door who we can stick on and say “try getting us a goal”. His scoring record in the spl was excellent.

  35. Ross – by all accounts Boyd is a prize nob head – I think we may have actually dodged a bullet in that instance.

  36. Ross says:
    July 9, 2010 at 10:00 am

    agree, was a strange one… it’s some comfort that no other PL clubs showed an interest though..

  37. If Keane’s available for loan it would be stupid not to at least try and sign him. He has proved he scores goals at this level and if he kept us up with his goals – Job done!

  38. Regarding Perch,
    bloody hell lad, get off his back. He hasn’t even kicked a ball for the Toon yet. So he leaves Forrest and his old fans have a rant about him on their blogs? Well what a surprise. Thats what fans all over the world do when a player jumps ship.
    And as for trusting Houghton – 100%. He saved our asses this time last year and deserves some respect. The Best deal provided cover in a treadbare position t the time. I don’t think he is considered a star striker, but was capable of doing a kob to get us out of the Championship. He wasn’t our first choice and was a last minute forced purchase, but it got us through the season.
    Honestly, some “fan” seem to revel in knocking the club, its manager and players.

  39. Can’t understand why people would say no to keane on a loan, reminds me when people were sayIng the same when all the stories came up about Henry a couple of years ago. We need somebody like Keane, an established player who can do it and guide on the young lads. On a loan, nothing to loose, just nominal fee and salary costs while he get the goals to help keep us up or even fight for mid table.
    Just looking at sky sports transfer centre, he’s defo not going back to Celtic acording to big harry

  40. all chip shops across the northumbria area to be closed,so there can be no fisheys on little disheys when the moat comes in.


    he obviously sees summat in perch. maybe feels forest haven’t gotten the best out of him as a right back. calderwood knows him. they’ve gone after him twice. if it works out it’ll be a good piece of business, if not it’s no great loss. just give him a chance.

  42. Klose would have been ideal.not just for his goals but for his work rate in particular.his world cup performance puts our chances of signing him to a halt however worth an inquiry.

  43. Trojan – are you writing these jokes up yourself? If so – don’t give up the day job will ya!

  44. leon best couldn’t hit a mule with a guitar,klose good striker,but probablt too similar to what they have already.

  45. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 9, 2010 at 10:22 am
    calderwood was crap at forest.

    Didn’t he get them promoted?

  46. then again why would a world cup level striker come to newcastle?,we’re not the draw we used to be.

  47. on keane loan situation…..

    Redknapp: “I wouldn’t think that’s (loaning out the player) a possibility because we paid good money for him and to loan him out again, it wouldn’t be a goer.

    “If Robbie’s not happy when the season starts and he’s not playing then we’ll sit down and discuss it.

    “And if he wants to move, someone will have to buy him, but I’m hoping he comes back into the team and makes a real impact.”

  48. robbie keane would be an outstanding signing either on loan or as a buy. we need some experience up front,someone who can shout and help carroll in keane the pairing of him n carroll would be outstanding and put a lot of fear’s to side re the scoring department. if only we had an owner who would speculate just a tad.. i aint asking for billion’s from ashley, just enough to make us more comfortable and balanced especially up front.

  49. no way would billy bunter put his hand in his pocket for keane,it does not fit in with fatties fiscal strategy.
    keane would have very little resale value,anyway he must be pushing 30,so i dont forsee that one coming to fruition.

  50. i’m not sure keane would be an outstanding signing mind. he’s never been outstanding at any club he been at, which is a few. a loan would seem the better option, if indeed it is an option.

  51. Toon chicken & unlucky freddy
    Fans who criticise players who leave their clubs normally criticise their attitude not their ability.
    We never criticised hard workers like Aaron Hughes , Liam o’brien and the like.
    They all say he has no ability. That is £6m spent on Best and Perch by hooters and calderwood and let’s not forget pancrate!
    Read the evidence man! Calderwood was sacked at forest!

  52. i keep hearing people mention names like klose,but do you relly think ashley is ever going to sign players of that calibre?imo ashley just wants a bunch of honest plodders,who are grateful to be here as no one else would entertain them.add to that young players who fat boy can exploit to his own ends,then on top of that add this quasi wimbledon style mentality started by jokeinhere,which hughton seems to have kept up.
    this backs against the wall nobody likes us millwall rubbish,and there we have this so called new newcastle in jabba’s words,sorry fatty but it’s the old newcastle from the eighties you’re fostering my calorie challenged friend.the alan shearer’s of the future will not leave,well not until they fetch a good price eh mikey boy,a la gascoigne,beardsley,waddle etc.

  53. Best was £4 and Forest rejected a 1.5m bid in January so I’m assuming they’ve upped it. Even if not, that’s 5.5m . Plus pancake!

  54. just been announced that hughton has officially made an offer of £2.5m for raoul moat …..he’s got no idea what he’s like but he’s heard everyone’s after him….

    i’ll get me coat…

  55. malckick,aye there’s loads of them doing the rounds,we better hope he doesn’t come after us,if he’s reading this lol.

  56. £6million for Perch and Best???

    Sorry but any argument you had previously has lost all credibility.

    You don’t work for NUST, do ya?

  57. Here…

    Ever since Raoul Moat went on the run, sjt stopped posting!!

    Coincidence? ;)

  58. Yeah, seemingly 46 of the 47 page letter he wrote were directed at Big Mike and Owl Head, with a paragraph at the end for Michael Owen! lol

    The police werent too worried about this as he is after them too and they think they have time as he will go after Mike first

  59. brownrob – aye, either that or he looked back through some of his old comments and died of embarrassment! ;)

  60. I don’t believe for a second that Leon Best cost £4Million, that’s laughable.

    As for all the Moat jokes, They’re not even Raoulmoatly funny.

  61. See Georgie Thompson is following the twitter page aswell, get Toonsy’s twitter, geet famous n that.

  62. you’re all slagging off the signings that hughton has made, they may not have bagged us loads of goals and all that shit but we still got to the Premier League first time of asking so they can’t have been that bad!
    Here’s some news I’ve heard;
    Dan Gosling – Good!
    John Carew – Nope!
    David Bentley – Good!
    Shaun Wright-Phillips – Good!
    Tom Clevely – Don’t know!
    Jonathan De Guzman – Good!
    James McFadden – Nope!
    Robbie Keane – Brilliant but unlikely!
    Jack Wilshere – Good!

    I would like to see;
    Asamoah Gyan – Hard working, shoots a lot!
    Landon Donovan – Hard working, good at going forward, creative!
    Keisuke Honda – Was impressed with him during the World Cup!
    Nilmar – Gets loads of goals for Villareal!
    Stephen Ireland – Take advantage of Man City buying huge stars!
    Scott Parker – Bring him back!

    Well there’s my two pence!

  63. DAVERISM,ime 100% with you on both points,redknapp says this morning keane will not be going out on loan again he will only leave club as a cash sale,ime not keen on him any way lol

  64. Ice,

    Can’t say that I’m particularly bothered about Keane not being a loanee like. Decent enough player on his day but there’s plenty of them about.

    People need to start having a bit of faith in Hughton in regards to signings etc, He knows alot more about football than all of us put together.

  65. Shaun Wright Phillips is not good. Hes average at best.

    Stephen Ireland would be great. As would half the Ghanain midfield. Annan, Ayew great players.

  66. Agreed about Routledge, JJ.

    He got very unlucky with injuries last time he was in the Premiership, hopefully we’ll see more of the same as last season from the lad. Made an instant impression on the side.

  67. SWP very over-rated imo 1 good game in 10 headless chicken comes to mind,good c/f to go for imo is gyan 100%er shouldnt be out of our range 4mil should get him

  68. I’d like to see a cheeky bid for Carlos Vela, never gets a game and would probably be choking for some first team footy.

    Perfect foil for Big Andy.

  69. We’ll get one Ice, certain of it.

    Is there no “insider sources” stories kicking about today?

    What about the fella who works in the hotel where all the players stay before signing up? Nowt from him?

  70. bowburnmag – you are damned right about shola and carroll not being THAT far apart.

    Our smartest striker is SHola. Thank God Hughton is smart enough to see through all the shola bashing by the mob. Because of Carroll’s game he could struggle as an inexperienced, lone big man in a side which struggles to retain the ball – and if we don’t have possession then one target man up front will look very isolated for long periods of the game. This is where shola is important for us, he comes deeper to receive the ball, turn with it and looks to shoot early.

    I knaa we all love Carroll – the prospect – but for him to be a success we will need to be creating lots of chances and having a fair amount of possession in midfield. Hard to do away from home lads.

    So yes Toonsy – another proven striker is a priority, to start alongside Carroll. I would have Shola and lovenk, coming off the bench.

  71. Off topic, but any thoughts on the Fraser Forster situation. He’s come out to say he wishes he could have retunrned to Norwich but the loan deal fell through. It couldn’t have been a wage issue since he can’t make much. Maybe related to the Krul contract talks? I have a bad feeling about losing Krul- maybe CH does too which is why Forster is in Ireland with the squad. Or maybe CH just wants him to be a part of preseason training before sending hi out and Norwich didn’t feel they could wait?

  72. I think it’s more about getting Foster in as part of the team, he missed the majority of the bonding etc last season being at Norwich.

    Krul is staying, I know this.

  73. DAVERISM nomally waddles mullet m8,was on y/day only thing he had was they were after a french player and the coachs job was still up for graps @ £30000 ayear thats about it m8,hes normally not far away like, from the things he has said in the past but doent say much now as some just take the pi–

  74. How would Gosling fit into our first team? Same applies to wilshere or cleverley. Let’s assume Nolan undroppable. Barton is a nailed on starter n’all in the centre (sometimes left in place of jonas). Routledge and guthrie fight it out over right midfield. Vuckic’s has been assured of starts in the middle. Smith is CH’s mr. reliable. How is there any more room for another orthodox midfielder? it’s pretty congested in there already.

  75. As for CF’s i’m in agreement with those that think Keane wouldn’t really be worth it. He’s a good player but i’ve never been mad keen on him…no pun intended like.

    I’d like to stick a loan bid in for Vela, see if he can get some first team football away from Arsenal. Liked the look of Gyan at the WC, and Honda. As for the likes of Klose, no chance. He’d never come near us, he isn’t getting a game at Bayern but he’s happy to stay there and has been banging them in at the WC, a million miles out of reach for us sadly.

  76. I really hope Guthrie isn’t on the right. I think, depending on formation, it will be:






  77. MDS – I think we’ll keep Krul, he has made it clear in the past that he wants to challenge to be number 1 and he has said he will eventually make it! Don’t know on him going to Norwich, helps having three goalkeepers though, even if two are really young. That’s the way it’s been at Newcastle for a while, Given, Harper and Krul.

    I would like to ask you BOATER, who do you think we should sign? At the moment we have Ameobi who has failed in the Premier League for many years, Carroll who was good in the Championship but mainly unproven, and Lovenkrands whose contract we let run out because he wasn’t brilliant but we renewed because he was free to bring back in a position where we lacked. I think we need to find someone, a 20 goal experienced striker who is proven. Yakubu is a good name floating around, I also like the Nilmar idea or perhaps a really high profile youngster that can’t get in the first team, long shot but Bojan? Does he get many games at Barca?
    News just came up that Toon have made an offer for Yannick Djalo!

  78. ROSS ime with you on gyan would be great for toon as ive said before buyable @4mil,keane not for loan, only will be sold says redkapp i dont want him myself m8

  79. Vuckic can also play as a forward and probably the role he’s best suited to, to be honest Boater.

    I wouldn’t say Barton is a nailed on starter, I’d be surprised (and pleased) if he’s still here come the season start.

    Guthrie/Gosling (playing DM, allowing Nolan to push on)

    That’s where I’d imagine Gosling would fit in. Can’t see Smith playing much to be honest.

  80. MDS-To be honest mate I just hope we try something besides your standard 4-4-2. It’s dying a death in footbal for me,l as England spectacularly showed at the WC. There’s not many teams play a standard 4-4-2 these days.

    Ice-Aye, I dunno what it is about Keane but for me he’s a poacher and needs good service to score, right place right time sort of player. I think we need a CF that has that ability, but can create a chance for himself aswell.

  81. Ross I agree- just going by what Hughton did last year.

    I think the 3-3-4 is preferred but don’t think we have the players to run it…

  82. MDS-agreed, with a 4-3-3, I think we’ve had the pacey players to use it in the past, but i’m not 100% sure how i’d work it now. We just need quite a couple of new faces in to freshen things up and give us other options, such as other formations.

  83. BobbyS……Perch may be good may not be,all I’ll say is I’ll base my opinion on what I see and not on some bitter twisted Forest fans.Like I said I was on a training day with a Forest season ticket holder and he said he was a fantastic player for them tho didnt know how he’d do in the Prem.I don’t remember all these Forest fans laying into him when we were linkedwith him in Jan……….they were saying more of why would he leave Forest when they were gonna go up and the Toon would falter…… I said made may be great may be useless but I’ll form my own opinion.

  84. RICHIETOON thats the way to go m8,one mans meat is another mans p so they say

  85. I heard it on a news thread, called News Now, I don’t know much about him but if Spurs are in for him as well he must have some sort of talent. He may be cheap as well considering Sporting CP are in debt. He’s a forward and likes to drop deep into the ‘hole’, quite technical and pacey…apparently! But as I said I don’t know much about him, just what I can find on the web!

  86. One of me Southern HP sauces,said some papers down there said Spuds didnt want to loan Keane to Celtic again as they’d never have the cash to buy him but he had been linked to the Toon on a season long loan with a view to buy……….just southern paper talk tho so a 99.9% chance of being bollox but with CH’s Spuds link ya neva kna ;-)

  87. Ross- seen a lot of 4-2-3-1 at the WC, which we would be rather suited to play i think.


  88. I agree that we could do with a quick stricker as backup to Loverboy, but I don’t agree that it’s the top priority. BBM also has a point about Ameobi – his stats in terms of goals per minute played (the only real indication) are far better than any other striker we have, so expect him to start… and then get crocked…

    There must be a small, quick, young striker out there, surely? Preferably English?

    As for those asking for Keane; I really cannot think of a better way to repeat the mistakes of old. Old, hit-and-miss, arrogant, overpaid and would be here purely for the lack of an alternative. Owen2.

    Besides – am I the only one who finds an unknown with potential like Williamson a far more exciting prospect than a big name who can only meet expectations at best, or massively disappoint at worst?

  89. Whumpie – I don’t think England do small pacey strikers anymore, if we do they are pushed out wide or something. I would like to hear anyone elses suggestions on a young pacey english striker that Newcastle can buy or loan. I agree with the Keane issue but don’t we run that risk with signing any proven talent? And back in the PL I think we need a proven talent, don’t you? Rather than taking risks.

    Mackem in Milan – Cheers mate, helpful!!

  90. Whumpie….I’m a bit like you, as in I don’t like Robbie Keane but like Lowesy says we also need a bit of experience and with all his faults Keane would get us goals.Those goals along with Carroll are what could see us through the season so for that reason I’d put up with his arrogance on a season long loan.

  91. I don’t think we can afford proven talent. I’m not even sure if there is such a thing. £38m for Ronaldinho and he was utter bobbins.

    That said, I think that if there is someone with some pedigree who’s still young enough, wants to come for the right reasons, will fit in AND can be had on a reasonable deal – we’ll get him.

  92. I’m just not convinced that Keane would deliver so much more than someone costing a fraction as much. Bear in mind on a loan he’s still going to cost the equivalent of several Carrolls.

    Someone younger, admittedly probably more risky, who won’t upset the ethos of the place would be better for me… which is easy to say, but, um…

    Can’t think of a single one. Hopefully CH can.

    I’d much rather see us get another left-winger for when Jonas is crocked. I think that is a more fragile area of the squad.

  93. Whumpie says:
    July 9, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    You’re another who thinks we should just through enough shit and hope some of it sticks!

    That could cost more than buying an established quality player.

    Every single transfer is a risk – You cannot just sign lots of young kids and ‘hope’ they will turn out to be good enough. What do we do in the meantime, while were waiting for them to mature and progress? Just get relegated every other year?

    Get in the real world man!

  94. Whumpie thats why I would have liked V Aanholt as He’s good cover for Jose but I think he could cover at a push for Jonas.Can’t see him leaving Chelsea now tho.We’ll have to disagree on Keane tho,I think he would guarantee goals…….then again there was his stint at Liverpool!!!

  95. Djalo would be a great signing, He could play wide in a 451 or 433 or off Carroll in a 442.

    Dont believe tribal like but it has cropped up before…

  96. “Every single transfer is a risk – You cannot just sign lots of young kids and ‘hope’ they will turn out to be good enough. What do we do in the meantime, while were waiting for them to mature and progress? Just get relegated every other year?”

    Aye, In all honesty, I’d rather risk it on kids on low wages rather than “big-hitter” “proven” players, like Owen, Viduka etc.

    I do understand where you’re comin’ from Stu, but as you said, all signings are risks. I’d rather risk a ten tenners over ten grand… wouldn’t you?

  97. Fair enough Toonsy. ;) Have you predicted anymore transfers that we can look forward too? :D

  98. Agree on van Aarnholt – exactly the right kind of player. Love to see him in.

    Stuart: look at our signings in January. A pretty good hit rate, and not by chance. In fact, I’d say that our hit rate with them has been better than we’ve done with ‘known names’ in the past.

    “Need’s must when the devil vomits in your handbag” as Blackadder once said. If you’ve got very limited funds, you’ve got that last window to look at, and you can either blow it all on one “name” or go for another batch of less known players, which do you do?

    I should make it clear though – we should NOT be looking at the same standard now – it should all move up a notch to reflect the league we’re in. So again – van Aarnholt is a good example. A premiership fringe player rather than a Fizzy-league 1st-teamer. £2m rather than £500k.

    Does that sound closer to what you’re thinking, Stuart?

  99. Ever seen a mackem in Milan – I’m consulting the tea leaves as we speak :D

  100. toonsy, I think that is one step away from and picking names out of thin air. :lol:

  101. How about Anelka? Sure someone said he was available for loan. ;)

  102. Now now, we’ll get the brigade on crucifying us for having a laugh at those serious suggestions if we aren’t careful :lol:

  103. Lowesy – Kaka wouldn’t get in the team ahead of Alan Smith, although he stands a better chance now Nicky Butt has gone ;)

  104. Mackem in Milan – What codswaddle!! Why would Anelka come to Newcastle, especially when we have no money to pay his wages and such. Good idea but I don’t think so.

    Toonsy – Yeah you’re right, Kaka ain’t got nothing on Smithy. And I did hear the Schweinsteiger story somewhere, possibility? Maybe.

  105. Kaka isn’t even good for our reserve side. We should sign up Jimmy Bullard. He is a proper player.

  106. Lowesy – Both Anelks or Scweinsteiger have noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chance of happening mate. Me and ESAMIM were just poking fun at the suggestion of it :)

  107. The two-year deal is for Premier League matches only with the club having taken the innovative move to wear shirts with different sponsors for their league and cup games next season. They are still searching for a sponsor for the cup competitions.

    Haha – sounds well fcuking innovative to me :roll”

  108. I kind of feel sad looking at EDs blog now having to make up shite like that to get people involved, I remember on a transfer deadline day where he got over 2000 comments on one page.

  109. I_Heart_mike_ashley says:

    July 9, 2010 at 3:14 pm
    Why doesn’t Daverism just manage the club. lol


    I would, Fancy a backroom Job Toonsy?

    Stu, you can be in charge of player morale aswell if you wish.

  110. Toonsy – Yeah I know, can always hope though, eh?
    Swear I heard the Schweinsteiger thing though! I know it won’t happen though

  111. Daverism says:
    July 9, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Stop referring to Owen and Viduka! The people who bought them type of wasters are no longer at the club – FFS or Souness!

    If we go by your reckoning we would have been too scared to buy Shearer, Ferdinand, Woodgate, Robert, Parker, or Enrique!

    Why not mention the good players we spent money on rather than the poor ones…

  112. Lowesy – Ages ago we were linked with him coming, when we sold Milner he was supposed to be the replacement.

  113. Daverism says:
    July 9, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    “I would, Fancy a backroom Job Toonsy?”

    8O 8O 8O 8O

  114. Toonsy – Ah magic! There ya go! And I would be fully behind a management team of your calibre with Daverism and Stu!

  115. The ammount of times he’s used that bloody Enrique pile on picture, I think he would like a changing room role, Towel whipping the lads when their getting in and out of the showers… ;)

  116. STUART79,talking bad players,big nose at m/utd has bought some real stinkers over the years at big money too,do you hear “sack him” i dont think so,as you say lets look at the good ones

  117. Why stop referring to the worst car-crash big signings we’ve ever made?

    Ignore them so your point fits?

    Could you give me a list of these “risky” young players we’ve bought that haven’t lived up to expectations then?

  118. Hahah, Toonsy, after our conversations the other night I wouldn’t say that you’d object to a backroom job. Or are you sending me mixed signals…. Again…

  119. ;) ;)

    On the signings issue, I think it’s fair to say that our big money flops far far outweigh our big money success stories.

  120. Now that you bring him up (for the wrong reasons), should Xisco be given a chance? 154 apps 68 goals in his career.

  121. Our big money flops far outweigh our big money successes, or our small-money successes!

    That I’m 100% certain of.

  122. Forgot to mention Stu,

    Yes, FFS & Souness are no longer at the club, but tell me this…

    Do you trust your best mate Ashley & co making big signings when they apparently can’t get the smaller ones right?

  123. @ Richietoon
    Of course we will all make our own minds up about Perch however you have to take on board their comments and give them some credence, considering Pancake and Best were his other signings!

  124. But how about Routledge and Williamson and Simpson? Are they to be forgotten?

  125. Apparently So.

    Lets not get overboard with Pancakes eh? He was free, played a few games, was generally pap, scored one good goal. Released.

    He was there to fill a void. Nothing else.

  126. Davies has just done an interview and said that he didn’t know about the sale of Perch until it was already confirmed on both sides, and he’s said that he is disappointed to lose him… bitter Forest fans… I think so!

  127. Daverism – sorry mate but Ashley doesn’t pick the players we buy. FFS and Souness did.

    There isn’t a club on earth that hasn’t spent money on flops! It’s part and parcel of football.

    I trust Hughton to pick an established player before I trust Souness or FFS.

    Anyway, I’m talkin about established PL quality players. Why do they have to be big money buys? I never mentioned big money!

    We cannot rely on youth only, we need experience,

  128. The lad from Sporting who they’ve had a bid turned down for looks as if he might get to be something special. But we can’t get involved in an auction which is what Sporting (understandably) wants.
    Tottenham with Redknapp seem to want to sign enough forward players to fill FIVE teams never mind bloody back-up. They want the lad, too. As does Everton and a couple of other sides.
    I know YouTube can’t be used, but he did look interesting on there. Yannick-something or other.
    He looks like Nile Ranger, but unlike Nile, can score goals.

  129. Give Shola a chance, FGS !
    The lad obviously doesn’t want to stray too far from home. His geordie roots seem deeper embedded than most, what with constant attempts to take him down south ending uip with him saying “No thanks, I wanna go home”
    Truth – he keeps scoring, where some the fans like DON’T

  130. He doesn’t keep scoring, not in the Premier League anyway, 2003-04 he played 41 games with 12 goals, 04-05 45 apps 7 goals! Overall 190 PL apps 32 goals, am I the only person that hasn’t been persuaded by his performances in the championship! In my opinion, he’s a championship player! Not premier!

  131. Soz BobbyS just seen ya comment…..true but ya still have to wait and see I think.As someone said the other day Craig Bellamy was given the same treatment from Cov fans when we bought him.Difference also is Perch has probably been bought to cover the back four and midfield,such versatile players are usually quite average anyway but good to have in the squad.

  132. I think old Pancake did the job he was brought in to do his big mistake was scoring that goal which raised everyones expectations to a level he was never going to be able to achieve… personally I thought his best game was when he played at right back…can’t remember which game and unlike alot of players would have,he didnt slag the club off when he wasnt signed permanently.

  133. @ Richietoon
    Surely you are not being serious? Our worst defender and purchase in recent years is Ryan Taylor. So you think Perch will be there for cover? In my opinion we should be looking to improve on Taylor and use him as cover. Do you actually consider things or just say them without thought? Just curious?

  134. no bobby I think about them(sometimes ).. taylor is not our first choice right back…..taylor is our cover or do you not think before you write or have you not been following Newcastle?

  135. …….and to add on where did I say he was cover for right back only? he was bought mainly for his versatility imo.

  136. I would like to add, isn’t it a bit harsh to judge;

    a) A player that has only really played a handful of times for us, but was a key player in a Wigan side that beat us 3 times on the trot? (R Taylor)

    b) A player that hasn’t even kicked a ball for us yet? (Perch)