Jose wants extended stay on Tyneside.

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One of THE memorable scenes from last season.
One of THE memorable scenes from last season.
Most of the talk at the moment seems to centred around potential new signings, with news popping up left, right and centre regarding this player and that player and the possibility of a move to Newcastle.

That is fine, I think we all agree that new signings should be on the agenda but we shouldn’t forget an equally important aspect, and that is maintaining the squad we have already and nailing our better players down with new contracts.

We are going through a bit of that at the moment with Steven Taylor, Andy Carroll and Tim Krul all looking set for new contracts, but Jose Enrique has today said that he fancies signing a new long term contract on Tyneside himself, depsite the fact he still has two years remaining on his current deal.

Enrique clearly loves life at Newcastle and is a firm crowd favourite. He was also one of best players last season and was responsible for one of the iconic images (as pictured) that summed up our promotion campaign when he bagged the second goal – his first for the club – in the 2-0 win over Nottingham Forest in March.

There has never been any doubt over the commitment shown by the Spaniard and he frequently pops up in the press saying how much he loves Newcastle and how he would be prepared to spend the rest of his career at St James Park, and today he has reitirated his desire to stay in the North East.

“I have always said the same thing,” Jose told The Journal. “When I signed here, I signed for five years. I have two years more – this year and another one – but I am already thinking about the future and hoping that my stay is longer than that. I would like to stay for another five years if it possible. I am very happy here and I hope this season will be very good for us.”

It is always nice to hear that one of our players is so happy that he would be willing to commit pretty much the rest of his career to the club. There were questions regarding whether or not the Spaniard would stick with us after relegation, but he nailed his colours to the mast, told the world he was staying to help us get back in the Premier League, rolled his sleeves up and got on with it, and that was amid all the speculation of players leaving over the summer. Jose seems unfazed by it all though.

“I don’t take any notice of what is written or said about me,” he insisted. “I know there are stories saying I might be going to Spain or another of the players might be going back to Argentina, but I don’t pay any attention. If I’m honest, I don’t see the English papers and I don’t care what they say about me.”

Well at least he has sussed the press out eh? At the end of the day, Newcastle should be seriously thinking about offering those players who have 2 years left on their contract a new deal. If the club let a player drift into the final 12 months of his contract then you have a situation like we are going through with Steven Taylor at the moment, where the player holds all the cards.

I don’t think Jose will be offered a new deal yet, as much as I would love him to be offered one. I believe that decisions like that will be made once we know if we are going to be relegated or whether we are to survive at the end of the forthcoming season, which would be short-sighted, but not out of character for our beloved club.

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112 Responses

  1. Is it not a bit early for us to be talking to him about new contracts?

    We usually like to leave it until their in the last year.

    Also, I think he may well be asked to take a pay cut – He is on good money isn’t he?

  2. Jesus.

    Well, I’m happy the lad is showing some commitment. Get that contract sorted.

    Severely doubt he’ll be asked to take a pay cut. Although, the NOTW may disagree, we don’t pay anymore more than 17p per game now.

  3. He came over during the age of ridiculous contracts so I’m sure he’s making quite a bit. He was young at the time though

  4. best player newcastle have by a tetty field,sign him up ashley you fat cnut.

  5. Daverism – The Mirror has it at 15p per game with a sherbet dip as a bonus for scoring a goal ;)

  6. If Mike had any sense he would renew it on the same wages but with clauses relating to what division we are in. If we get relegated his wages get cut and if we are promoted it rises again.

  7. Walnut whips for a perfect hattrick apparently, Toons.

    Pop rocks for winning a cup game.

  8. The newcastle club should offer this hansome prince a new and improved 5 year contract today.

    We also believe shola’s contract should be ripped up into a thousand pieces and flushed down the toilet while himself and boater are watching then escort them off the premises for good.

    Comments Welcome.

  9. MO – Indifferent at the moment. Big meeting over my fiture next week so starting to get concerned over that.

  10. Like the reverend JT with a boot full of Big Macs – I’m fcuking loving it, MO! :)

  11. Toonsy, No wonder he always looks like he’s on the verge of shatting his knickers with the amount of rainbow drops he ate last season!

  12. I’m feeling particularly happy at the moment. I’m goin for a short break for a week to the sun drenched coast of Espana!

    Sangria, sun, sand and sea!

  13. Offer him the fiver (5 year) NOW !
    Jose has been getting better and better.
    We need loyal players not those who are straining to be off as soon as they get here, or taking us for a ride sicknote-wise (Dyer, Howey, Owen…the list is endless)

  14. Stuart – Where you goin? Spain I know, but whereabouts? Anyone know where I can get a direct flight to La Coruna airport?

  15. Toonsy

    totally agree with your take, I too wish we would offer him a new 5-year deal immediately. However, I do not think that is the way MA operates and unfortunately, he is keeping tight hold of the purse strings.

  16. On another matter entirely – does anyone know whether the proceeds or even a percentage of the gate money for the PSV game is going to Sir Bobby’s Foundation? Or am I being stupidly foolish in thinking MA would do this?

    If not, is ayone aware of any plans for fund raising?

    I have got my tickets for the game, and I am hoping there will be a good turn out.

  17. Mags….me and Toonsy talked about that the other week and couldn’t find owt about owt going to Sir Bobby’s Foundation….it is a disgrace if at least 50% doesn’t go to it imo

  18. Just off to a place called Guadamar Del Segura, toonsy. Fly to Alicante.

    In answer to your question: No, sorry.

  19. spew – make sure your mother has plenty sun cream on and make sure she has plenty cold drinks.

  20. Rich – Cheers. Looking at going to Deprotive, but the only flight I found goes to Madrid firts, then onto Coruna, and that would be shite.

  21. Jong te sae has joined a german second division side, he would have been cheap and worth a punt IMO

  22. Toonsy it cost me £300 odd to fly easyjet to Alicante for 2………theres no cheapflights these days.

  23. I guess with it being summer holiday it doesn’t help :(

    Selfish fecking children :mad:

  24. The police have been desperately searching for Raoul Moat around the Newcastle area by stopping anyone built like a brick sh!thouse with a flat nose,no teeth and covered in tattoos.After 6 days with no luck they’ve decided to concentrate on stopping men only!!

  25. Rich – They’ve got the fecker mate. Holding a gun to his head as we speak and surrounded by armed police.

  26. Rich – Nah mate, fly 6am Sunday.

    Weather is nice and hot though… In the pool at midnight with the San Miguel!

  27. Aye it’ll be great,Sunday should be canny.I’m ganin to look at a couple of small businesses out there.One at La Marina which isnt far from where your going.Nice area.

    Have a good un Toonsy.

  28. How good would it be if we nabbed Veloso and Djalo off Sporting to balance their books for them, Just as an example of fat Mikes one man crusade to clear up club debt.

    Seriously though am i dreaming or did we not enquire bout Veloso at the end of a transfer deadline a couple of years back when JFK was boss ??

  29. Evening Lads Richie and Stuart will you’s get a chance to get on here when you’s are away when we sign a few prem quality players ;) but if not it means you’s will have more to talk about when you’s get back

  30. BIG DAVE evening bonny lad nowt happening on footy front just rumour of toon having a bid knocked by S.L.:(

  31. Ice I wouldn’t even believe that mate as anyone we would be doing buss with would know that if it was made public the Fat Lad Mike would pull the plug ;)
    OT I see they have Moat surrounded at the mo apparently he is lying on the ground with his shotgun at his heed

  32. Big Dave……..theres no internet in the apartment we’re staying in so unless I’m sober enough to go to an internet cafe…….so probably not no ;-)

  33. RICHIETOON going off now so have great and sucessful time m8,catch you later

  34. Cheers Ice,ya’ll have to find someone else to pick on for a couple of weeks :-)

  35. just tazer him,his muscles will contract hence pulling the trigger on his gun…simples.

  36. He’s apparantly out of bullets, So he’s now holding an unloaded shotgun to his head… :roll:

  37. Gazza was on Real before. Said he is in a dressing gown, had a fishing rod, some bread and chicken, and wanted to go and talk to Moat ‘just as two guys from Newcastle having a chat’


  38. It makes you feel so secure to live in your own country, The best negotiator the pigs can muster up is Gazza :lol:

  39. Fckin Gazza! Good god man! What next?

    Heard his interview and he sounded pissed out of his head! The mans a joke! Kind hearted but a joke!

    Why isn’t Barry there talking to him?

  40. Well thats reassuring just Gazza on his own then i would have been worried but a pissed up Gazza in his dressing gown, carrying a fishing rod… :?

  41. Sof69………..first time I’ve heard it,quality.
    So there you have it,Moaty’s a lovely lad and he’ll be out after 6 years on good behaviour(after killng someone and shooting a copper)………and “shooting 3 people is not very nice..really”……….still a dressing gown and some chicken n bread will sort it all out :lol:

  42. and the fishin rod Dave….he’s a lad like wor Gazza……buenos noches amigos :-)

  43. MDS – When do we ever kid? You know yourself we are deadly serious on here at all times :lol:

    I agree with SO69, not football related, but tenuously could be worth a mention on a Newcastle United blog :lol:

  44. The lunatic that brought rothbury to it’s knees is no more, gazza has gone home. Oh and btw moat is dead.

  45. Forest chief executive Mark Arthur…”Newcastle had also offered to quadruple Perch’s salary and therefore, with our reluctance to offer him a new contract, it would have been wrong to stand in his way.”

    wonder how this fits with NUFC’s supposed salary cap?

  46. Malchick…..he was on £4.50 at forest ;-)
    Reets I’m off on me Hols… I want at least 3 more signings when I get back.HWTL

  47. malchick says:
    July 10, 2010 at 6:52 am

    If he was on £3k a week it wouldn’t effect it.

    But why we feel we have to quadruple someones salary is beyond me.

  48. It’s good news that wor Jose wants to stay on the Tyne, no doubt about the lads commitment, thats why the fans have taken him to their hearts, he gives 100% and can play a bit too !

    I’ve no doubt that he’s going to be a big success in the PL, and am sure that he’ll be one of our main stays in what could be a tough season getting re-established in the big league.

    Re offering him a new contract, the fun will start if Jose plays like a star in the PL and the “big” clubs come calling.

  49. Enrique is both a crowd favorite and a solid RB, with pace and technique, would1nt surprise me if he were to get a call to playfor the national side in the future.

    And what do you guys say when he wants to renew his contract ?
    He should take a pay cut ffs, unbelievable !

    What are youse guys, f*****g bean counters or fans ?
    Appears everyone is still concerned about Ashley’s
    fortune and the bullshit about running the club in a cost efficient manner, cutting ones cloth according nonsense.
    When teams like Wigan and Stoke are outspending us.
    Not so long ago it was screw Ashleyn now it’s, oh we cant afford this guy or, nah too much money !
    What happened ?

    Look if you are going to operate a a EPL side, you had better be willing to spend in order to compete, there’s just no alternative.

  50. Yes I do realise he is a LB, says more about those correcting my typo, who ignore the jist of the comment in order to take a dig.
    Is that what this blog is about ?

  51. chuck says:
    July 11, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    “who ignore the jist of the comment in order to take a dig”

    Hypocracy/irony, at it’s stunning best!

  52. Stu
    What the f**k you care about who gets paid what, aint comming outta your pocket is it ?
    I can see what effecct the cost cutting at this the 20th. richest club in the world had on the average commenter on this blog.
    Those who recently were condemming Ashley have turned 180 degrees and are even advocating a more parsimonious attitude than Mike himself, f*****g pathetic !
    You all are easily convinced.

  53. *Former* 20th richest club, unless people can’t read the dates properly….

    That was from from figures from the 2008/2009 season.

  54. We all are aware of where Enrique plays and if i were to comment on your typos it would be a full time job.
    But i choose to ignore them and comment on what you have said, although other than the general headline it’s mostly personal nonsense or getting into pissing contests with people who dont kiss your ass.
    Irony/hypocracy ? explain !

  55. Getting their, there and there mixed up is a typo.

    Typing RB instead of LB is just a dumb-ass mistake – the ‘L’ and ‘R’ aren’t even close to each other on the keyboard.

  56. Just an observation Chuck. It’s hypocritical because all you do is dig at people, then you pull the victim card when it gets done to you.

    Your rattled, I love it lol

  57. Toon chicken
    Your a pathetic little ass kisser.

    My point, you do little but get into confrontations with commenters, you gotta chill dude, could be stressfull.

  58. Whats the weather like ?
    Not at latitude 42N. @ 52N now, believe it’s in the nineties in “The City” sixties where i’m at.

  59. Chuck – It’s not stressful, it’s the internet. if ever got stressful for me than I would just give in, or ban you, and as neither has happened then i guess I’m not stressed.

    DO NOT tell me what, or what not to do. If you take exception to my behaviour then you know what to do, but as the vast majority on here seem to get on with me, and engage in debate/banter it would suggest that I aint doing too shabbily.

  60. Toonsy
    Well i guess it`s not my business but having witnessed the change of attitude from your early days doing this, to the present, from a somewhat sensetive individual to the aggressive confrontational personality we now see, it`s a somewhat Jeckyle and Hyde transition.
    But if you enjoy it, fine, except there`s a whole lot of other things out there, than spending your life on this not exactly intelectual persuit.
    Though i am sure workey loves it !

  61. Wel. then Chuck, if there are better things to be doing, go and do them!

    You canstantly needle people, all the time. It’s feckin relentless, then you pull a victim card. Loo, just look at how I can converse with others, and compare to my attictude against you snivelling little shit.

    Now, bye.