New Premier League squad rules explained, through black and white eyes.

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How do the new rules affect us?
How do the new rules affect us?
Newcastle United’s return to the big time has coincided with the launch of a new set of rules that all clubs in the top flight must adhere to.

I am of course talking about the new ‘home-grown’ and ’25 man squad’ rules that come into force this season. But how does it affect Newcastle?

Well let’s start off by looking at the rules themselves. The intention is to nudge clubs in the direction of nurturing youth players rather than buying established ones all the time, although whether it works or not is something that will only become clear over time. It wont stop clubs going abroad to buy top youngsters, but it should stop clubs from warehousing them.

Basically, a squad can name a 25 players in their squad for the league season, and of those 25 players, eight of them must be ‘home-grown’. A home grown player is a player, of any nationality or age, that has spent 36 months registered with an English or Welsh club between the ages of 16 and 21.

So using those guidelines, and to highlight how those rules work in real life we need to find an example. How about Tim Krul? He is classed as a ‘home grown’ player, despite the fact he is from The Netherlands, as he has been registered with us since he was 18. He is now 22, but it is those three years between 18-21 that make him ‘home-grown’, and because he is over 21 he would need to be registered to be able to play.

The 25-man squads must be submitted to the Premier League by 5pm on the day following the close of each transfer window. For the 2010/11 season the first window will close at 6pm on 31st August and final squads must be registered by 5pm on 1st September. Before then, clubs will not be required to name their squads and may select their teams from any registered players.

There are exceptions to the rules though. If a squad doesn’t have eight ‘home-grown’ players then they can reduce their squad number by the same total. So if a club only has four ‘home-grown’ players then they can only register a squad of 21 names. Similarly, if you loan out one of your 25-man squad then they cannot be replaced and you must operate with a reduced squad.

Players under the age of 21 don’t count towards the 25-man squad rule. They don’t have to be named and can be played at any time. So using another example, Haris Vuckic can play in any game he is picked for as he doesn’t need to be registered due to his age.

Right, hopefully that clarifies the rules a little bit more. But how does that leave Newcastle? And are we currently operating within the rules? Let’s have a look.

Below is a list of players that I have spilt into categories. It’s pretty straight forward and covers which players are classed as ‘home-grown’ within our first-team squad.

Home grown players (over 21)Steve Harper, Tim Krul, Fraser Forster, James Perch, Danny Simpson, Ryan Taylor, Mike Williamson, Steven Taylor, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Danny Guthrie, Andy Carroll, Shola Ameobi, Leon Best.

That is 16 ‘home-grown’ players that would need to be named in our 25-man squad if they are to play for us. We can then supplement those players with the following ‘non home-grown’ players.

Non home-grown players (over 21)Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Jonas Gutierrez, Xisco, Peter Lovenkrands.

So if you add those two lists together you end up with a squad of 21 registered players, which still leaves scope for recruitment. This next list contains players who are in our first-team squad but don’t need to be registered due to their age. These can play at any time.

Non registered players (under 21)James Tavernier, Stephen Folan, Tamas Kadar, Shane Ferguson, Kazenga Lua Lua, Haris Vuckic, Brad Inman, Sam Adjei, Ryan Donaldson, Phil Airey, Nile Ranger.

So to summarise, we curently have 21 players in our squad that must be registered, and 16 of those are ‘home-grown’ so we have no worries there. We can also recruit another four players that would need to be registered, should Chris Hughton and Newcastle decide to do so. The under-21 players can step in at anytime without having to be either ‘home-grown’ or registered.

What does it mean for transfers? Well lets take our two most recently talked about targets, Dan Gosling and Sol Campbell, to use as an example. Gosling would easily slip into the under-21 category and wouldn’t need to be registered as he is only 20-years old. Sol Campbell would need to be registered in the squad of 25 though as he is 94-years old, but he would also add to our ‘home-grown’ quota in fairness.

Hope this helps!

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182 Responses

  1. Good article, are there any PL clubs that will be screwed over with these new rules coming in and will have to buy home-grown players just to have them registered? Arsenal/Chelsea/City etc?

  2. Sol Campbell would need to be registered in the squad of 25 though as he is 94-years old.

    LMAO. :lol: :lol:

  3. Liverpool are the ones struggling atm, although Joe Cole would have helped them out a bit.

    Arsenal will be fine as most of their players, despite being foreign, are still home-grown.

    Man City will just buy people to make it happen.

  4. Is Enrique not ‘home-grown’ so to speak? If i’m not mistaken has he not been with us for 3 seasons now, and purchased when he was 21… making him fit into this rule? Or do they literally have to be with an English/Welsh club for 3 years within the 16 to 21 age bracket to qualify?

    I do welcome the ruling despite the apparent confusion it’s brought to a few of us slower ones! (Myself included).

    Funny to relate such things, but if anyone caught the Paul Ince interview on Sky Sports the other day he spoke about self promotion within football – footballing people (mentioned Shearer a couple times, and himself) to be more figured in the FA and involved in the hierarchy that governs over the growth and development of our national game – from kids to the senior FA.

    -It makes me completely disillusioned to see people like Phil Gartside having a say in how our game is ran.-

    I fully agree with what he is saying and much in the same respect of self promotion I should hope this country, right from the smaller league clubs, to the Premier League, to the FA look towards more British self promotion that will can no doubt but benefit our national game in the long run.

  5. IMO,this rule is very slack as compared to Spanish league and Serie A.

    The reason why england failed is because of this late implementation of this rule and not strong enough.

    If i rmb correctly,In La Liga, players can claim citizenship from the nation their ancestors came from. If a player does not have European ancestry, he can claim Spanish citizenship Only after playing in Spain for 5 years.

    That’s why the clubs would rather buy players that are spanish. Similar to serie A.

  6. Peter Loverhands says:
    July 20, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    “Is Enrique not ‘home-grown’ so to speak? If i’m not mistaken has he not been with us for 3 seasons now, and purchased when he was 21… making him fit into this rule? Or do they literally have to be with an English/Welsh club for 3 years within the 16 to 21 age bracket to qualify?”

    No, we would have had to sign Enrique when he was 18 for him to get his three years on for him to qualify.

  7. Is this rule slack compared to other european nations?

    I think the Prem decided iit wanted to be the best league, and the biggest money league, rather than an “English” league. I’m not english so you all can debate the merits of that, but surely it must have an effect on your national team.

  8. Just to add on and clarify.

    What i meant is that the main purpose of this rule is still failed to meet by.

    And this is one of the many reasons England failed in international basis.

  9. What about Nile ranger?
    How old is he and does he fit into your sums as a home grown or under 21?

  10. @MDS: that’s why i am telling and thinking too. I am sure one of the reasons the Prem decided to implement this rule is to nurture young england players,rather than buying foreign talents.

    Just look at the strict Quota set by serie A and La Liga.

  11. Thanks for clearing that up toonsy, makes sense.

    Although if i’m honest, I don’t actually understand the direct link between this rule and promotion of nurturing English players?

    Surely this rule would just mean clubs will be buying foreign talent at a younger age to qualify? (Take Fabregas as an example, he’s classed as homegrown now?).

    I’m not sure if I could see the Premier League setting such strict rules which dealt with nationality, and it could be rather drastic, but then again I would say I get the overwhelming feeling our FA and Prem. League are very reluctant to change/modernise/whatever you want to call it.

  12. AOD- it is true. You watch a Serie A match not involving Inter or Milan, and it’s practically an al Italian lineup. Contrast that with the Prem where young English plaers are sitting behind foreign talent. Tough to develop players for your county that way. The pressure to win, based on the financial incentives of qualifying for Europe and avoiding relegation are too steep- clubs can’t help themselves. Maybe this new rule will straighten that out.

  13. PL@14 – yea, there are some obviously workarounds with the rule, but it does at least start to encourage teams to work on their youth development.
    I’m not sure they’d be able to put limits on nationality because I feel like that violates some kind of discrimination laws. Not 100% as i’m a yank and not familiar with the employment laws in europe.

  14. @Peter Lovehands: that’s why i say this rule is very slack.

    From what you says,that’s the loophole of this rule,i am mentioning. As not a strong rule at all.

    I am Quite sure nurturing English player is part of the prem ideas. If Not,why implement this rule.

  15. East Coast- i think the whole 3-year exception thing was probably put in place to comply with Euro-labor laws. Still, it would make sense to me for some sort of football-exception to keep domestic leagues somewhat domestic.

  16. You cannot make excetions to European laws! European people have the right to work ANYWHERE within Europe!

  17. Clem is right(ish), although ‘European’ and ‘EU’ are slightly different and it is the EU rules that would be contravened by restricting movement of workers.

    There are still some European countries that aren’t in the EU though, so they would need work permits which are now harder to obtain, althoigh not for the best footballers from countries like Ukraine, Moldova etc.

  18. Well this is absolutley riveting, I might go on Eds and see which of Etoo or Messi we are signing on loan this week… ;)

  19. Clem Rusty i dont think anyone is trying to make exceptions , the players registered can come from any country in europe . The whole idea is they have played at a football academy in England and Wales , it does not matter what their nationality is . It does not even have to be the academy or youth team of their current club

  20. Thanks for the article. I’ve been wondering what the effect of the new rules will have on clubs that are participating in the Champions League and Europa League.

    Here in the States, yes, I’m a Yank, our clubs have rosters of 24, plus 2 home grown players. One of the complaints is that the limited rosters are why a MLS club hasn’t won our Champions Leauge(CONCACAF) since 2000. What with league matches, the Champions League, and our version of the FA cup, the US Open Cup, fixture congestion is a real issue with limited rosters.

    Will EPL clubs have the same problems?

  21. “Some former readers of course have even gone off and formed their own web-sites – and they are doing very well at it too – thinking they can do a lot better than us – funny how we inspire that opinion in our readers, isn’t it?”

    Is that a wee dig at us from Ed? ;) :lol:

    Of course, digs are only allowed one way. If they happen on here we get the foamers on declaring foul play :roll:

    Lets not forget why we setup in the first place eh? ;)

  22. Toonsy … used to read Ed’s Blog but there were too many articles which didn’t allow the flow of discussion.

    Dig or no dig this site is superior … keep up the good work :)

  23. Toonsy and all do good work here. I like that this has articles that are actually opinions on the recent NUFC topics which is more than just providing the news. Each has their place and I read both, but much prefer commenting on her- it’s easy to post a comment and follow along, and there is usually very good banter. Long may it continue…

  24. Cheers for the praise peeps, it’s nice and all but it wasn’t what I was aiming for by posting that.

    You can be rest assured that this thread will be bookmarked and rammed down the throat of the feckers who claim all we do is slag Ed off or other claims of a similar ilk though!

  25. He didnt need to Dave, Toonsys a reet touchy sod getting, He got his nails out with me the other day when i tried to bring his attention to problems writing teams with swear words in the middle… ;)

  26. I would imagine most people on here read both- there was that “uzi-blogger” dig at Ed for awhile but i took that to be a rather friendly jibe…

  27. CC – I divvn’t get touchy then man. Was just explaining it to you to clarify why it happens ;)

  28. There is some mackem chatter on teamtalk that Bramble is on his way to wear side, strange move for him if its true.

  29. I dunno. Bruce seemed to get the best out of him at Wigan in fairness. I always thought that Bramble has all the attributes to be a fantastic CB. It was just his concentration that let him down at times. If Bruce can sort that again then he could have a decent signing on his hands.

  30. Clem Rusty says:
    July 20, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    “Impressed, good article (atlast ;) ) Toonsy.”

    8O 8O Shocked. Actually shocked 8O 8O

  31. Thought he started well at Wigan but his old bad habits have returned recently, and on the same subject, will he be still able to hit the toon high spots trouble free as a mack and tack.

  32. I appreciate teh explanation of the Rule. I thought I had it down, but this helps a bit more.

    As for the log wars…I read both…though .com more for the headlines, .org more for the discussions. But, when stretched for time, .org is where I find myself more these days.

    I have to say, I do miss some of the posters that used to be on here…what ever happened to Troy Stavers(sp), it was him that made me realize that reading Geordie is probably a bit harder than understanding it… :)

    Anyway, I always find the articles good and the discussions that follow quite lively. Keep up the good work all.

  33. Toonsy I think he has had a dig at here in mind as most of his regulars defected to here and there is a few that only go on to Eds now for a wind up or a bit of friendly abuse ;)

  34. Dave – Hmm, I think most still read both in fairness.

    I wonder what the reaction would be if I put a dig at .com in one of my articles? ;)

    Edit – Just to clarify, I wouldn’t like. Just curious.


    Killian Brennan is signing for NUFC in the next few days, NUFC scouts have been watching his progress and are in talks at the moment with his club Bohemians.

    That could be believeable as its hardly the sort of rumour you would make up.

  36. Anyone know anything about Killian Brennan? Or is it just me being ignorant? :lol:

  37. FFS he’s 26 i was assuming he was a teen, What a load of bollocks, Ignore that rumour.

  38. Has Ed ever offered a reason for bringing back the .com blog? I switched to this blog after he stopped, and I always thought it a bit strange as to how he came back with nary an explanation.

    It’s like someone was impersonating him, which really isn’t that hard. Just show blind faith and optimism towards the club and sprinkle in a bit of the majestic plural

  39. Because Batty say’s so ;)
    But he did turn on a few of the Toon greats a few times. As for an explanation there was none he went off-line then cameback on a few months or so later as if he had never been away. I know he went off-line as he had took on a part-time consultancy job so maybe it didn’t last.

  40. Made me chuckle. From Lee Ryder’s Twitter;

    “Wondered how long it would take #safc to feel the need to comment on vuvuzelas, the “we’re a big club we better say something” routine.#nufc”


    That’s 5 clubs out of 20 that have banned them now then. Tottenhem, Arsenal, Birmingham, West Ham, Sunderland

  41. I was wondering where he was too maybe he has been busy selling the knock-of vuvuzelas and now he is doing the new Kits, or maybe tarmacing driveways while the good weather is in ;)

  42. Maybe the toon should go the other way and encourage vuvuzelas? Could make St. James’s even more intimidating

  43. Toonsy i was going to listen to that but its a half hour interview it will have to wait till later, what was the main parts about me ole bean

  44. toonsy –

    You’re not based out of Newcastle, right? It seemed a suggestion only those who can’t get to home games would ever support

  45. How patronising to bring up those reports in the NOTW about the fat man touting his job about last season, For someone i wouldnt mind getting behind Gaby Logan lacks class for bringing that up, Still would though… ;)

  46. FSS – It would be annoying as hell for home supporters, but it seemed to put players off in the World Cup, some of them even said so, so on that basis it could have some merit.

    Having said that, I was only jesting and wouldn’t want them inside SJP. I reckon they will end up banned from it anyway, like the others seem to be doing.

  47. So the ruling is similar to the one in European competitions, only without the case of club-based players (for a European competition you need to register 8 home-grown players in a 25-man squad, also no need to register u-21s, but you also have to include 4 such home-grown players, who have been with the club for 3 years. (not the only the nation) So any club within contention of the European places should align with this rule and shouldnt have a problem with registration. BTW, who would be the Club-grown players?

  48. The club is definitely more English than it was when we went down.

    Martins, Viduka, Geremi, Duff, Zog, Given, all key players over those last couple premier seasons.

    In a way I really like the club’s set up, whereby the Spanish speaking guys team up down the left, even Colo playing LCB.
    On the right side we’ll be decidedly more English, with Perch/S. Taylor at RB and an English winger in the Lennon/Wright Phillips mold (Routledge).

    I like this setup because we’ll have skill and trickery down the left with the more direct and pacy English style down the right.

  49. Excellent toonsy.

    Wonder if this an attempt, by the powers that be, to wean clubs off the transfer market?

  50. CLINT,evening young fellow,what i would like to see some sort of wage cap,along with this transfer system maybe certain cap on pl,lower in ccc as so forth might make players try a bit more if some sort of bonus for performance as it used to be,never happen like but something must be done.
    toure at m/city reportly on 200000 a wk bloody obsene

  51. It’s just a complete and utter waste of time. A ridiculous, pointless process that makes the powers that be look like their doing something.

    Only people to benifit from this are the young players and there’s no guarentee that they’ll even be good enough (as were not exactly renowed for producing great young players are we?) so the only people to suffer will be the supporters as per normal – Watching sub standard football.

  52. stuart u do talk shit mate! which teams have in the last last 30 years. nobody apart from us . gazza shearer waddle beardsley. lets see manu nobdy arsenal nobody chelsea nobody. liverpool tell me if any of the players from them teams were better players then them.

  53. Asim you jelly heed! I’m taking about England in general – Hence the fact we have a shit national side.

    But in answer to your question – Beckham, Scholes, Neville, Butt or even Best! All from Man Utd.

    Get back under ya rock, cock!

  54. icedog-

    Spot on about the wage cap. It’s a proven fact that clubs and owners cannot be trusted to restrain themselves from paying insane wages, so a system needs to be set up to do it for them.

    Look at Man City, and Toure. The player is essentially unsellable for the duration of his contract, as no other clubs could pay those wages.
    Should funds dry up for the Citeh owners, they will go completely bust; no one can afford to run the club with the wage bill they’ve managed to accumulate.

  55. come on lads STUART/ASIM,lets just have our views and respect the others,you!ll end up surporting the dark side lol

  56. just listened to the chris hughton interview,same owld crap as per usual,evasive,dodging questions,never gives a straight answer.the bloke looks like barack obama,and comes across as a polititian,nowt he really said give me any cause for optimism,he was asked about transfer funds,said there was money to spend.i remember keegan saying the very same thing,and look what happened.
    i know it’s one thing to dampen expectations,but the way hughton’s talking this club is going nowhere soon.

  57. What I don’t understand is how a lot of the mid-tier clubs don’t push for instituting a wage cap.

    Setting a wage cap by player won’t work because it would violate EU law. What might do it, however, would be a wage cap by 25 man squad.

    How would we handle the current situation, where clubs such as Citeh and Chelsea would surely be over any reasonable cap? Glad that you asked. Simply grandfather them in, and refrain them from adding salary. Any incoming player’s salary must equal only 75% of the value of an outgoing or expiring salary until the club is under the cap.

  58. Let’s not play the blame game Stuart 79 sweetie pie. We must all be a nice circle of friends, can you feel the warmth stuart? Just take a few seconds to feel it…….nice isn’t it?

  59. STUART i just ignore insults m8,do they really require a reply,i just think people have a view we should agree/disagree,not abuse each other for it

  60. i wonder if we’ll see this new scoreboard materialise,or will it be yet another lie from lamearse?

  61. I will be ‘feelin the love’ later when I get to bed!

    As for Hughton having money to spend, he has already spent it on Perchy!

  62. M O thats another mighty fine job you have done ;)
    As for a wage cap I dont think we will ever see one which is pretty sad as money is ruining the game and will continue to do so :(

  63. Killian brennan to toon good video on youtube of him looks ike a good free kick taker, jus what we need cover for jonas

  64. anyone hear owt about our bid for that korean (or asian of some description) forward from moncaco? Heard a whiff of it on the other blog… I’d be reet stoked if it was true he’s a quality little attacker if it’s who I’m thinking, and about time we cracked the Asian market; it’s a huuuuge marketing opportunity.
    Just had 3 hours of intense pre-season training in the bucketing rain and feel absolutely shattered and drenched to the bone! Time for a cheeky pint me thinks

  65. Stuart I dont think its all gone on the Perch I think we have another couple of hundred left maybe enough to get a new 40ins screen for the ground they are doing a few on sale at curry’s

  66. ”A home grown player is a player, of any nationality or age, that has spent 36 months registered with an English or Welsh club between the ages of 16 and 21.”

    What a load of old bollox.

  67. The work of the morale officer is never ending, sometimes people can be so naughty, dwelling on the negative and ignoring the positive, the happiness disapears, like a sheep escaping the field, but soon the sheep will not have the positive energy of the others, it will become lonely and left with it’s own thoughts, it’s own fears, and no support. It’s needs help of other to be happy.

  68. getting fed up with this MODERN footy,was nowt wrong with decent wage bonus for win,bonus for draw,number of games played ect ect,dont players want to “work” for there cash like,beats me

  69. Nah it’s alright Dave Im a skinny F*cker anyway, 20 pints and I’d still weigh 11 and a half stone!
    Incidentally the player is Park Chu Yong- I believe that’s how it’s spelt.
    And sorry Worky you pedantic old bugger, I did just take a first in English Literature but after all that running around my brain’s not quite on it! A thousand apologies x

  70. Why don’t they get some balls and introduce some proper rules like; ‘if the club is in debt you have to pay it back to the same value of money spent on players, if the club is in more than it’s sell on value of debt they can only promote from the acadamy and youth team until they pay it off.’

    That would represent the FA getting some cahones.

  71. Stardust // Jul 20, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Hi Ed

    just following on from your comment last night re

    “Some former readers of course have even gone off and formed their own web-sites – and they are doing very well at it too – thinking they can do a lot better than us – funny how we inspire that opinion in our readers, isn’t it?”

    The main one .org was only set up as you were closing down.

    All of the originals posters – myself included – have in the main left or (in my case) been banned lol (believe it or not for no reason – honest! – more probably as I didnt like the direction .org was taking and had stopped contributing to the stories – no useful purpose anymore lol).

    Toonsy is the only contributor these days as Worky treats him just as he did the other contributors before – but Toonsy seems happy enough and blind to what he has been used for.

    He even thinks he set up .org now – he writes only today re your comment above

    “Is that a wee dig at us from Ed?

    Of course, digs are only allowed one way. If they happen on here we get the foamers on declaring foul play

    Lets not forget why we setup in the first place eh?”

    Two points for you to know Ed – one is Toonsy seems to have no class – he forgets your blog was the forefather to .org and two he was nowhere near when the blog set up – he is a Johnny come lately with many weaknesses in his personality.

    Only a couple of days ago he banned Chuck!

    Funny how weak people need to feel needed isnt it!

  72. Stardust // Jul 20, 2010 at 8:50 PM

    MacToon – youre name should be MacTrue lol. Your summation is spot on.

    There’s still a number of good posters on there – but .org was started to encourage debate – opposing views but argued well – without the insults that used to be on here (that we all – myself included used to join in on) (ok ok I could be a protagonist lol)

    But nowadays there is a definite – you’re banned if you arent all crawly feel to it. And its gone all a “bit too nice” people logging on for a social life and speaking inane comments like “how are you” “Im fine man” “wow thats great you old rascal” feel to it. And its got there because of Toonsy’s insecurity and Worky’s insincerity – the posters are almost too afraid to debate (that’s my take on it anyway).

    There were some great chartacters when it opened (not me obviously lol) first writing for it, but lets just say when you know someone for who they really are – folk then make their stance. And now Workys cupboard is bare.

    Worky’s fundamentally a very weak and lonely man and not particularly decent bloke – i’d guess he is an only child.

    Toonsy just needs to be needed but only told good things – and resents any form of debate against him – he is obviously insecure. A decent sort but he needs to be needed and that doesnt set a blog up well at all.

    So its a bit like a dishonest dog owner (Worky) taking in a stray dog (Toonsy).

    Worky even back edits threads to show himself in a good light after he has a fall out with contributors! A thoroughly dishonest sort (and I have the records should he ever challenge that lol)

  73. #

    Stardust // Jul 20, 2010 at 9:45 PM

    Yeah never asked BBM directly but he left immediately after I was banned and an disagreement with Worky – (think Worky was also pushing for more and more articles / commitment without doing any himself)

    Since then BBM told me – I got banned as Worky was having a bad day and I broke rank by having a bit of banter with another poster about a little tiff he was having with Worky!

    Worky then back editted threads – which I had already screen shot as I knew he was doing it and told Worky in no uncertain terms he had 24 hours to remedy it or I would commence proceedings lol (and I meant it and he knew I did lol) So I was never getting back in after that lol but I enjoyed Worky squirming all the same.

    He has back edited many other disputes since – just ask Big Dave!

    The blog (org) used to have an individual feel but Toonsy now just mirrors Eds style which kind of makes .org redundant in that aspect as Ed can Uziblog with the best of them.

    Plus Worky has lost so many of his contributors with differing opinions its no longer a broad church / diverse.

    A lot of the posters now sit patting themselves on the back aying its a great blog but they cant see theyve lost their way – the blog lost its purpose and needs to find another or its original one – still cant believe they banned Chuck!.

    BBM in my opinion was the best contributor by some distance – reading between the lines Worky hated the fact BBM had a backbone and he couldnt manipulate him to do his will – Worky more or less chases him and abuses him nastily every time BBM posts anything subjective – whereas he owes BBM a great deal. BBM and Hugh are sadly missed (as are others like Deb etc)

    Ed must be sitting with a wonderfully smug grin!

    24 Stardust // Jul 20, 2010 at 9:50 PM

    Yeah Raffo I wasnt popular on here with a significant number of posters – as I didnt smash Ashley the way many others did – and I held my ground. In the middle of many arguments (it was a heated time) I would maybe be a little too direct. I likened it to windmilling in a fight at the time – somethime there were friendly fire incidents.

    That could never be levelled at me on .org as I was one of the original founders of it. And I did not want the blog to turn into an angry fest so tempered my directness and we encouraged opposing views.

    If you search through the backfiles of this blog a few weeks ago Raffo you will see BBM explaining why I got banned – basically for nothing as Worky was having a bad day. And Worky isnt a man who admits he is wrong ( I use the term man in the most loose sense of the word lol)

  74. Lol soz ice – I did put sumat on bout benjani earlier. I’d rather we get the Korean to be honest and if fat boy has any sense he will force that deal simply for the revenue it could generate

  75. Only 8 need to be home grown. Surly it should be only 8 can be forign. lol. Anyway they should be introducing financial rules and goal line technology not these pointless racist rules.

  76. I used to go on Eds blog everyday before this one, also the fact that he shut it down for months on end, I just prefer the articles on this one, plus the fact that most of the bloggers on Eds blog have never been to Newcastle and he writes pointless amounts of threads and uses the royal we as if he was the queen and I hate having to have a crummy password. lol

  77. plz dont let benjani be true is crap worse than every striker we already have, and is 32 dont care if he is free n on low wages its not worth it, park chu-young would be amazing those korens hav amazing work rate n the money we could make breaking the asian market

  78. Stardust is a conspiracy theorist yet somehow manages to maintain a raging hard-on for Mike Ashley.

    How can he accuse others of personality issues?

  79. Arise sir Stardust, king of the blogs!

    What a sad little cry baby!

    Still miss him though, he always made me crease up with laughter at the obvious sadness in his life.

  80. DJG ime with you@119,but these couple of posts do my heed in (my das bigger than your da)some of the bloggers talked about did abuse guys on here that did not agree with there views,worky/toonsy stepped in rightly in my view,as to worky its wrong I have seen worky say sorry when he was mistaken,but to me i ignore it,its bye the bye imo

  81. Ice I often think lifes to short to hold a grudge but sometimes its easier to hold one, and as you said its better to just ignore but sometimes it can be hard to but then life is hard ;)

  82. I know its so pathetic,

    ”Two points for you to know Ed – one is Toonsy seems to have no class – he forgets your blog was the forefather to .org and two he was nowhere near when the blog set up – he is a Johnny come lately with many weaknesses in his personality.”

    The truth is this blog is now way bigger if no. of posts are taken into account. This blog now regularly gets 100 posts sometimes 200+. I know you could say this one has less articles and repeat posters ect, but the same people also write multiple posts on Eds blog, having a quick look on there some have 9 posts and the last one that has been on for 6 hours+ has 48 posts. Only on a match day did Eds blog get 100+ posts and that was in the old days before this and other blogs, so this one is way more popular. The people on there saying there is a negitive atmosphere on here have obviously forgotten the day when Ed actually had to disable comments because it got so bad. Long rule !

  83. The administrators of this blog do get a bit sensitive at times, but considering the amount of work that I’m sure goes into keeping running they get a pass in my book.

    Excellent blog, great updates about the toon.

  84. Anyone want to bet against Smudger getting the captains armband?

    Think Hughton doesn’t want to risk it getting lost during a goal celebration

  85. BIG DAVE to a degree your right,but lifes as hard as we make it or others try to make it for us,think some only think of themselves good job we got mates eh

  86. FSS Smudger who is the natural replacement for the armband as he was Vice Captain which should mean the armband is his. But I would bet he doesnt get promoted and will stay Vice while Nolan takes the armband, watch this space ;)
    Ice your a wise old Head on young shoulders :lol:

  87. Hi there, first time comment on here as I’m usually up and awake whilst everyone else isn’t lol.

    Can I just say that I have been reading this place for a month or so now and I enjoy it. I tend not get involved with the comments as, like I said, very rarely there will be anybody around to debate with at this time of the day lol, but I do enjoy the friendliness that seems to exist between people, which is nice to read in between footie comments.

    I understand that there will be arguments at times, its par for the course etc.

    What I don’t understand is why people are taking exception to this website and getting personal with people on it? Is there any need?

    I don’t know the full facts of what has happened before as I have only been coming on here a short while but from what I see Toonsy does his best and writes some good stuff. I certainly enjoy reading most of iy anyway.

    I just think that whatever has gone on there is still no need to get personal with someone and try to second guess there nature from online activity.

    Keep up the good work

  88. I’m still around Paul. :D I can’t get to sleep. :(

    About Stardust, if he/she/it thinks that this blog is not as good as Ed’s because only toonsy writes articles then ask him why .com is better when only Ed writes articles on there. ;) I’m sure I seen something about Diego Forlan being a hero. What has that got to do with anything? Ed also talks about players linked the press as if they are definite targets when its just nonsense.

  89. Raul? Aye alright then. It’s so blatantly bollocks it isn’t even worth a write up from me ;)

    Reading back through this thread, I would be interested to hear what I have actually done to Stardust to warrant his attention? Last time I checked I had done the sum of feck all to him so god knows why I have rattled his cage??

  90. toonsy – You breathed! That probably upsets him.

    It’s a shame really, his little rant on Ed’s had more than a taste of sour grapes about it.

    He cannot of been paying too much attention to this blog as he thinks ‘even I’m quite now!’

  91. Stardust, my migraine just returned on seeing his name, what a drama queen, attention seeker and the ultimate keyboard bully.
    I propose that this is the last mention of his name to deny him the attention he craves, i can put up with any opinion whatsoever apart from his rants and superior attitude. Pity he didnt mention when i exposed his lack of legal knowledge when he was on his high horse during the Andy Carroll witch hunt.
    Toonsy, keep it going, best toon blog on the net.

  92. Fcuk me – and to think that some people on here actually think TF is a “good read”.

    Surely even those who have had the black and white wool pulled over their eyes can see that TF have now lost any shred of credibility they once had.

    For a start there have been people on here who were actually at the game that have CONFIRMED there was a small section of Toon fans that started the chants!!!

    Then to compare the press article about it (which I believe first appeared in The Metro anyway) to the actual lies written about the families and loved ones of those caught up in the Hillsbrough disaster – WTF!!??

    Total and utter fcukin morons!!!

  93. The raul link is quite funny though. We’re mentioned In the headline yet the entire article revolves around how spurs are the ones who want him and are favourites to land him. It’s sort of like “oh aye..and err…Newcastle, yeah that’s right they’re interested too or somethin'” purely so they can get our name in there. Brilliant!

  94. NAd here’s the Grauniad’s take on our pursuit of Raul…… It’s just about spot on about Rednapp being daft enough to go for him.

    ‘ Similarly, some tabloid hack, whose senses have perhaps been dulled by booze, the post-World Cup fug or simply being a tabloid hack, caught something in recent weeks about Newcastle … manhunt … Raoul … legend … and has only gone and published a story alleging that Newcastle United are chasing Spain and Real Madrid record-breaking goleador Raúl.

    ‘ In reality, though that may sound like a good idea to the people who have previously brought us Stéphane Guivarc’h, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Carl Cort and Michael Owen, the fact is Chris Hughton is not the sort of gaffer to splodge a fortune on one big name of dubious current value. Harry Redknapp, on the other hand, is believed to be genuinely interested.’

  95. Lesh-more fine journalism from the mirror, lol. Did we not get a 1-1 with man u? Martins header and a fletcher equaliser I think? (could be wrong but I’m sure they got their equaliser when we were down to 10 men with Taylor recieving treatment?)

  96. aye aye radgies !!
    Just seen Stardust, Big Mick and owl heed smoking a joint wi Ed Harrison ! Yi kna that Blog bloke!
    Summit gannin on there like worky!
    They saw is like and didn’t kna what to dee like cos they kna that am a proper .orgy like!
    The four of them just starburst on their bmx’s! Woo hoo hoo hoo! Thing is a kna where Big Mick hides oot and a just went doon jessy dene and foond him and Stardust eating bags of monster munch! Pure lush them like!
    Ha, he might be sh@66!ng me mam but am sticking wi ye worky! Pure Cush blog this man!
    Anyway, a just left when Big Andy Carroll turned up on his Raleigh super burner! Complete show off him like!
    Anyways worky, is there any chance of me writing a few articles like?
    See yi’s laters gaters! Oi Oi !

  97. Mentioned this yesterday

    21 Jul 2010 09:18:47
    I can confirm Killian Brennan of Bohemians FC will be sitting down with Newcastle in the next few days to hammer out the finer details of his contract. Brennan will come as a surprise signing for the Toon army, however, it is thought he will play a crucial role for them after impressing Newcastle scouts over the past year.

    From the old “LESH” site.

    Who is this bloke then? I guess there have been many occasions where players have made the step up and been very good additions, though I thought that CH wanted proven prem players with experience?

  98. Worky, Toonsy…. displaying such wit, perceptiveness and eloquence in his use of English, I’d supports induction into the literary fraternity that is .org’s fine scribes.

  99. RAFFO alright m8,no nowt about K.B. but S.coppell got some great buys from over there which turned out to be great buys for reading and moved on for big money,theres always a diamond out there somewhere

  100. You tell us Waddles! Anymore info today? Gosling must be done and dusted by the weekend?

  101. RLTR,think its a done deal m8,will be friday before they say owt when everton appeal time runs out

  102. Sorry to go over old ground from last night but i wasnt on, What has been said on Eds blog is shite, I used to post on Eds blog when it was on soccer lens way, way, back, I remember at the end of the relegation season he said he was shutting the blog down.

    I then pretty much had a 6 month gap while moving houses and dumping my old computer and buying a new one, I got the web back on and all i could find on Eds was ridiculous stories about transfer targets, If i wanted to read about us supposedly signing Scweinsteiger, Etoo, Keane and Anelka on loan i would buy the sun.

    Then i found this blog, The articles are written with a bit of humour, The stories usually have a shred of truth in them, It actually informs us of club news instead on stupid speculation in the rags and the banter is absolutely brilliant, Something reflected in the respective numbers of comments.

    IMO there is no competition and i havent posted on Eds since finding this one and dont intend to either.


  103. C.C.what upset me about the whole thing is the way they tried (and failed) to stab toonsy in the back who has his views and trys to allow people to have theres without abuse which he has done for those who are now haveing a go at him,but he is clever enough to deal with these type of people and just shows he was right to ban them in the first place m8

  104. stardust,have a bit humility man,total sour grapes because you got banned.when this blog started up,you were very critical of ed,and were banging on about how good this blog was,you were even invovled in the idea to set up this blog with worky.
    stardust the way you’re going on now,who is the back tooth banjo player,you always go on about?.

  105. Ice

    Spot on mate, I think toonsy takes a bit of stick
    (light hearted mind) from a fair few people, He consistantly told Chuck to stop the digs and he wouldnt listen, I think he gave him more chances than i would of.

    I honestly cannot remember what Stardust was like on Eds blog, Tom_Toon and Spyro are about all i can remember because we disagreed on everything, But im gathering that he was a total pain in the arse on here and was banned for it not because of somebodys mood on a given day and he sounds like he’s a wee bit bitter about it if you ask me ;)

  106. Alreet ice mate, yeah there could be a few diamonds out there, let’s hope he’s one of them.

    I also am a little puzzled but I guess the intention would be to get us all angry and talking bout it, which we are doing so he has got his rise a bit

    The old posters have all pretty much gone I think, and the .com site seems to be alot quieter and for longer periods too.

    Anyhoo, I am going to bed now as I am on nights this week so I’ll awe you bout 7pm in the hope of some gen (waddles that means you!!!)

  107. I think some people need to get a grip – its the internet FFS!

    I think the most amusing thing is that Tino 11 took it upon himself to copy and paste all of Stardust’s comments on here in the first place – I mean does anyone seriously give a fcuk about all this “he said, she said” crap?

  108. That’s what I thought Ice. Fact that Celtic are talking to David James no doubt means there is no chance of Harper going there either. Suits me if that’s the case, good experienced keeper for another couple of seasons while Krul or Forster get the odd game to be ready to step in when needed and when he finally goes.

  109. SIMON,hopefully they will release 3 new signings on friday,gos,sol plus one more i hope

  110. That wouldn’t be too bad Ice, be good to get in as many as we can by the time we play PSV a week come Sat. I know Gos can’t play yet and Sol will be honeymooning now, so Nowrich would be out the question, but I reckon at least seeing them all on the pitch even if not playing at the PSV game would be good.

  111. “21 Jul 2010 12:47:36

    “I understand that Newcastle have enquired after the availability of Hatem Ben Arfa.”

    And another from a Swansea paper today

    ‘ASHLEY Williams’s agent reckons the defender is being tracked by a string of Premier League clubs — but insists his man is happy at Swansea City.

    ‘Newcastle United are the latest club to be linked with a move for Williams, who has already been touted as a potential target for the likes of Stoke, Sunderland, Wigan and Celtic this summer.

  112. MO, I was basking in the warmth you referred to until I realised I’d…. er…….had a little accident!

    Buddy @ 177… I think this is the site you asked about and you’ll see that Hooper’s supposed to be signing for Celtic!