Introducing the new number 9: Andy Carroll

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Andy Carroll - The new number nine.
Andy Carroll - The new number nine.
It is a move that has been expected by a lot of people, but to day it has finally been confirmed that Andy Carroll will wear the famous number 9 shirt for Newcastle.

Carroll will be following in the footspteps of legends like Alan Shearer and Jackie Milburn from this season as he looks to carry on the tradition of the famour jersey.

This could be the making of Andy Carroll, but let’s be fair it could also burden him with pressure. I honestly believe it will be the former as Carroll has already proved he can handle the pressure on the pitch. Think back to Doncaster, and all the pressure that was surrounding that game after the Taylor/Carroll incident, all the media scrutiny, and what did Carroll do? Put the ball in the net to score the winning goal, and that spoke volumes of the lads charcter.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m immensely proud and really it’s an unbelievable feeling,” Carroll told The Chronicle. “When you look at the fantastic players down the years who have worn the shirt, it sends shivers down your spine. It’s amazing.”

“Having grown up following and watching the team, I’m aware of the great tradition the No 9 shirt holds. It’s probably unique in football in that sense.”

That tradition is important, and the fact that Carroll knows all about what is expected of him could help to maintain his focus off the pitch and help him to avoid trouble. A lot more attention is paid to the number nine in Newcastle, and Carroll will do well to remember that not all of it will be good attention, if you know what I mean?

“It’s an opportunity I relish and intend doing my upmost to do the shirt proud. I’d also like to thank Chris and his staff for the faith they have put in me, it really is terrific.”

I’m glad that Carroll has been given the chance to wear the shirt, it just makes sense all round. It’s highly unlikely that we will be signing a superstar that is worthy of getting given the number nine, so why not give it to a lifelong Newcastle fan who knows what will be expected of him?

There are other reasons for giving the Carroll the shirt, reasons that Chris Hughton goes into here;

“I’ve given the No 9 shirt to Andy and he fully deserves it. I gave it to him for a few reasons.”

“He’s a local lad too and that brings something else to it. He’s a player that wants to develop. He understands and wants the responsibility that comes with the shirt.”

Whether or not Carroll should have been given another season to prove himself before picking up the shirt is a debate that will roll on, but you wont hear any complaints about this from me as I have thought all along that Carroll should be given the chance now.

Andy Carroll is becoming Wor Andy!

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65 Responses

  1. He did well last season and he’s first choice so why not let him have it. Just hope he can do at least half as well this season and he will be on his way to becoming a good player

  2. See the silent majority were having the pop at me on the last thread :lol:

    Ah well, can’t win them all, although I notice they say feck all if they agree with an article ;)

  3. in the traditional sense,to me he’s a number 10.
    by all accounts the lad’s a total heed the baal,looks like hughton kissing a bit of jacksy,so he doesn’t do a highland flit.another casing point,what happens if he ends up on the porridge?.

  4. toonsy,your right there,it’s a shame raoul moat didn’t play for newcastle,otherwise we’d not be stuck for a story.

  5. Congratulations Carrol. Hopefully he can live up to expectations and also stay clear of trouble and prison!

  6. toonsy says:
    July 20, 2010 at 1:29 pm
    See the silent majority were having the pop at me on the last thread

    Ah well, can’t win them all, although I notice they say feck all if they agree with an article

    As ever Toonsy, always quick to damn yet slow to praise!

  7. one consolation for him inside,he’s too tall for the gay lags to reach his butthole lol.

  8. aye what was that about on the previous thread like toonsy? randoms coming on and slagging you off and then disappearing. Do you have some sort of admin where you can see the email addresses? Were they from the same bloke?

  9. (Toonsy. ‘RoulMoatly interesting’. Naughty step. Now.)

    Happy for Carroll; let’s just hope it’s the incentive he needs to keep up the momentum in his development. With so many players around him with an eye for goal I think he’ll do well. Don’t expect 20 goals this season – but I think he’ll shred a lot of defences with the support he’s going to get.

    Gerrin, Andy – well earned!

  10. Toonsy – I thought your main argument about the shirts was a valid one. Not necessarily correct, but that doesn’t make it an invalid theory! Personally, I thought that if there was no truth in it, the price at NUFC wouldn’t have gone up £5. So nice one for putting the theory out there, in my opinion.

    But your gag on this thread has made my coffee taste bad, so that balances it out…

  11. Toonsy. ‘RoulMoatly interesting’. Naughty step. Now

    Not very clever Toonsy, don’t forget this site is part of the media, and like it or not, wide open to the popular press which’ll take any opportunity to knock the site, its contributors, the club and its supporters.

  12. ILM – Nah different people. Entitled to their opinions though, as everyone is. If I got it wrong then I hold my hands up, but it still doesn’t make my opinion invaild.

  13. Lesh – it was Trojan who mentioned the name. Toonsy just followed up with a really, really, really


    bad pun.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Or his girlfriend.

    Oops. Sorry.

  14. When he starts scoring goals from nothing, I’ll eat these words. Not good enough to be our main striker and if it’s the case, then we really will struggle to survive! Need a proven PL striker badly IMO.

  15. On a sidenote, iseveryone clear with the new home grown rules? Or is it worth an article about it highlighting how it affects us and how we are ok for it?

  16. toonsy,
    i reckon a final clarification post would be good.
    There hasn’t been a lot on it out there.
    The press don’t really ‘do’ facts or interesting twists in the game, do they?
    It seems to me that people haven’t really understood this change & how it could/will affect their team & buying/selling policy.
    So, get stuck in mate.

  17. I’ll get on it in a bit.

    Excuse my ignorance, but I have only just seen why this Moat business has been dragged up again (been in bed, nightshift). It’s shocking by whoever fans were singing those things but it only takes a minority to get heard and tarnish the rest.

    That said, I notice the coverage when Liverpool/Man Utd played each other and exchange chants about Hillsborough and Munich is minimal and it seems to get glossed over. Is that ok by the press then I take it? What about Harry Roberts? Not even a mention, and that one caught on nationwide, would that not be worth amention by the press who are foaming at the gash to batter us again?

  18. Whumpie says:
    July 20, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    Lesh – it was Trojan who mentioned the name. Toonsy just followed up with a really, really, really


    bad pun.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Or his girlfriend.

    Oops. Sorry.

    Ah right? Geddit now….. that’s alright then!

  19. just what the doctor ordered in my opinion….could come back and bite me on the arris but time will tell!!!

  20. Good choice, Thought Best was making a late charge for the shirt ;)

    fcuking hell god help us if we sign benjani, CH will dismiss that one in his next press date surely.

    Nowt on that Albin speculation, There was talk of a club delegation travelling to spain, Im assuming it was the chuckle brothers on a cockney knees up…

  21. Aye Lesh. Nightwork, and it looks like I will be back on them permanantly. Can’t moan though really as it was my idea and it cuts down wastage and delays at work. A decision can be made while my lads are working now rather than me having to wait until morning to be told and them hearing what I have said the next night. 24 hours waiting time cut straight out.

    I’m a hero :(

  22. benjani?
    hope this is poo poo,
    Get some one young and quick in, different to what we have, what would signing him do? Ranger is already a better footballer and he will probs go on loan!

  23. On the subject of buying shirts from the club shop vs Sports Direct…..I’m sure there was something mentioned a while back that the club had subcontracted the club shops business to Sports Direct…..i.e the club recieves a lease(?) fee from Sports Direct for this….and does not necessarily get the profits from the club shops……does anyone recall this?

    Also, has anyone seen the back of the home shirt? is it striped or all black or all white?

    Benjani…WTF ???? not good enough for the mackems ….surely can’t be true

  24. “Having grown up following and watching the team” If the first three words are true than you will be a great no.9 Andy

  25. I hope this benjani rumour is horse too. But I’d he does come it surely signals the end for someone as he ain’t the pacey forward we need. Right catch us in a bit

  26. congrats to andy on this.

    probably splitting hairs a little, but anyone else think they should have taken the photo with the home kit and not the 3rd?

  27. Football Manager 2010 is quite handy for getting your head around the home grown rules. :D

  28. Cheers Toonsy……..I hate it those plain reverse sides….I’m more convinced it is an attempt to get more dosh for numbers & names than it is anything to do with PL rules..We should have gone for a quality supplier like Bukta….

    Anyway, being tight, I’ll probably buy one from Sports Direct for my son

  29. Been there Toonsy…. put the plans on the table, convince the gods that they should back the project, leave the meeting buzzing, get home, penny drops at the commitment required and responsilities to deliver the goods as proposed……. think for a while, hear yourself as you utter those well chosen words…………. ‘Oh sh*t!’

  30. those were the days!!!!

    Do you remember when you used to get the full kit in a box ??

    Can’t really remember which kit it was, but I was only a kid, so it was likely to be bukta….

  31. slowly coming back to me……there was a black V shape & collar…..the V was supposed to be in the middle of the black stripe, but mine was slightly offset so it didn’t line up properly……still love it though

    Must have been a ‘second’….I can see where I get my tight-fistedness from now…

  32. A few irons in the fire
    Same as before.
    That was last text today.
    Sick of it!

  33. nah, not bukta.. just spotted it on google images….74 cup final, umbro…..don’t think it had the badge though

  34. the reason i mentioned raoul moat before,was not to glorify or to poke fun at anyones expense,but to express my tedium of the whole sorry mess,being covered by the media.they are coming up with a new angle for a story everyday,i was highlighting that this was the only story concerning newcastle lately.

  35. Anyway, you sods who said that the “Home Grown” article was a great idea, thanks.

    Thanks a bunch. Tossers :lol:

  36. I can’t believe people are coming on here and slagging the lad off; the amount we relied on Carroll to save our ass and get us winning/ equalising goals towards the end of last season was rediculous. Maybe he cant chase his own upfields ect but he’s not that type of forward is he. When we are 5 in midfield next season at places like old trafford we will rely heavily on Carroll to hold the ball up and rough up Ferdinand/ Terry ect. We will also need him back for corners as he’s our best defender aswell.

  37. Good luck to Andy Carroll.

    This is a gamble for CH given his off field antics, but it could well be the making of him.

    Time will tell, but I hope it works out for all our sakes!!

  38. We must bring in a new stiker fast to play alongside Carroll, how come Goslings signing still hasnt been confirmed?

  39. TF – I think we are waiting to make sure Everton don’t appeal. Friday should be the day.

  40. if we can get both Campbell and Gosling only a Left back, winger and striker then we are sorted imo

  41. ……if we can get both Campbell and Gosling only a Left back, winger and striker then we are sorted imo

    TF – Not a lot to ask eh?

  42. lesh

    Take out the left back then but striker is main priority, closly followed by a back up left winger unless you want us relegated

  43. For what its worth I’m pleased for the bloke. In two years time if he’s not injured or banged up at HMP somewhere he could be England’s regular number nine as well :)

  44. Unproven Prem Striker with a history of violence…..Great decision by the club.
    We are like a fookin austerity junk shop.

    Like Panto under MA.

  45. In that last woeful season in the Premiership when we couldnt buy a win or even a gaol sometimes, Carroll scored 3 from 6 starts plus substitute appearances.

    Last season was his “apprenticeship” and the boy done good so we’ll be able to see how far he’s come this season.