Injuries are starting to kick in at Newcastle.

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Tamás Kádár: Injury victim.
Tamás Kádár: Injury victim.
Most of us are aware that our beloved Newcastle squad is, how should we say, a little thin on numbers at the moment.

Whather or not that gets rectified by signing players is something that we are waiting to see, but for now we find ourselves succeptable to an injury crisis.

We have already lost Danny Simpson, who will definately miss the start of the season whilst Steven Taylor is another player who could miss the start of the season, if his shoulder injury requires surgery.

Now it looks like Tamas Kadar is the latest in line who could potentially miss out on the start of the new season through a groin injury, which was the reason he played no part in the 3-0 friendly win at Carlisle last weekend. Unfortunately, all of these players are defenders, so are we suffering our first injury crisis of the season, before a competitive ball has been kicked?

Perhaps it isn’t a injury crisis, yet, but it does leave us light on cover at the back if Kadar can’t regain fitness or if Taylor does need surgery, and that isn’t the kind of preparation we need as we build up to our first game of the season at Manchester United.

The Taylor shoulder injury has gone into it’s second day of being assessed, and it is that injury that concerns me more than the others if I am being honest.

Take the worst case scenario, if Taylor does need surgery then it is likely he will be out for a minimum of eight weeks. That would leave us with only Fabricio Coloccini and Mike Willamson as recognised centre-backs, with James Perch as cover as he can apparently play there.

If we have anymore injuries than we already have then we will have to start delving into the reserve and youth squads, which is fine against Carlisle and Norwich, but it simply wont cut the mustard against Manchester United.

If there are any plus points from these injuries the it is perhaps that they have all happened right at the start of pre-season and we would only be without Taylor (worst case scenario remember), Kadar and Simpson for the first few weeks of the season.

Either way, it’s not an ideal situation and should highlight just how thin on the ground we are with numbers. If the Taylor injury doesn’t require surgery then we should be fine and it puts a completely different complexion on things, although I have to say I am beginning to fear the worst.

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59 Responses

  1. to all of those knocking Campbell gor maybe signing… you can’t tell me you can’t rely on him and his experience even against teams like Man U, plus he’s not so slow for his age either, not so long ago he was recognized as just being slower than Walcott in the prem.

  2. i dont think he will b a gud signing,, we want to establish ourselves as a pl team but we seem helbent on signing championship players with no experience

  3. this hooper kid,is he the one that scored against us last season?.the perfect foil for carroll,could this bloke even make the step up?he was playing conference football a couple of year back.i’m starting to get worried if this is the sort of players we are looking at.

  4. I would not have said to yes to Campbell before bt if Taylor is looking like being gone for eight weeks ad Kadar is out I’l love to be able to call Sol into plug the gap

  5. The so called ‘Lesh’ (tripe) site has it that Hooper’s set to sign for Celtic!!!

  6. the problem is with signing these kind of players,is your asking for trouble in my opinion.we’ve just come out of the second tier,now we’re buying second tier players,which when you are trying to stay up just increases the chances of a swift return to the championship.i’ve seen it happen time and time again,with newly promoted sides.

  7. thats exactly my point we bought perch who has been in the championship his hole career and now were ment to be signing another championship player sounds to me that CH is already planning for a championship season again next year

  8. thats a possiblity trojan but at the minute we would only be able to sign premiership players that arent making the grade at their current club, either young up commers (slowing down the progress of our own youth) or players like poor old habib beye who only made 6 appearences all last season….either way not the kind of first teamers we would want to see in the black and white

  9. Would prefer a more proven goalscorer from a better league. I agree with Trojan, if we continue to buy Championship, that’s where we are going to end up.

    I thought we would have went in for the likes of Piquionne who i felt would score a lot of goals and was available for very little. We really need someone pacey with an eye for goal because if we lose Lovenkrands, our front line will be very slow.

    CH has his work really cut out for him but if we can bring in young players with some experience like Weiss, Gosling, VanAnnholt and a striker i’d be very happy with that.

  10. eyeball81,i’ve heard a lot of people say,oh we needed to go down to go forward again.i dont believe this,as once you go down you,then come back up,you end up in what i call the promotion you say we can only sign a certain type of player,hence the promotion trap,where no decent player will come to play for us,as they think we are going straight back down.then there is also the issue with money,when you go down the loss of revenue from the premiership,ends up having to be covered in the season your promoted again,which leads to little or no money for players.
    chris hughton seems like a man who’s preparing this club to be a yo yo club,where if we get relegated once more,we can keep the nucleus of the squad together for another campaign in the championship.

  11. and wont gary hooper cost about 2.5 mil, i would rather see newcastle keep tha and put it towards a proven pl scorer.. just like tha makems with bent,, he pretty much single handledly kept them up we need a pl goal scorer with carrol not a championship scorer

  12. It would appear we have a Perch and perhaps a Gosling.
    What we need next is a Rottwieler for mid field and a Terrier to partner Andy Carroll.

  13. I got no problem with first division signings as long as they are the right ones…

    Bellemy, Dyer and Jenas did ok for us didn’t they.

  14. Dont hate me for saying this but how about Giuseppe Rossi?

    Villareal arent in europe any more, Not the richest club as we found out when we bullied them into selling Enrique when they were a champions league club, We offered a good bit for Erding and i doubt they would ask much more than that for Rossi.

    Proper finisher, Enjoyed his loan even if that bellend Roeder wouldnt play him and i think he would come.

    We have only spent a bit on perch practically all of our targets are loans or freebies: Gosling, Campbell, De Guzman, Cleverley, Van Aanholt ETC. Leaving the bulk for our much needed goalscorer.

    We could even offer Xisco in part ex… ;)

  15. aye they did alright for us but we were finishing top half of the pl were we had room to pay for risky players wereas now we dont if we are spending money on a striker it should be sum1 garinteed to score. i would like to see luis saha or cisse who a cudnt see having huge wage demands or price tag

  16. JJ that is true but who did you see in the CCC this season with the potential to become as good as those players?

    A few players possibly able to make the step up…Whittingham, Maynard, Williams, Hooper?

  17. Posted on Sky Sports transfer news…

    Football Editor:
    According to reports in France, Newcastle United are trying to sign AC Milan midfielder Mathieu Flamini and Marseille attacker Hatem Ben Arfa, with both players understood to be open to a move to St James’ Park.

  18. RLTR – I think you have just given me an idea for an article :)

    I’ll have to ask if it’s ok if I write it with .com though first ;)

  19. In regards to Campbell.

    It really depends on whether he will come for wages that arn’t totally rediculous. If he agrees to come on a 1 year contract on wages similar to our other senior players then yes, if he’s a t### and wants £100K a week then no.

  20. Er…………..Remember,
    you’re all basing you fears/worries on clap trap from the press mongs.
    Whom, incidently, haven’t called one of our transfers correctly in f*** knows how long.

  21. Toonsy

    Not my business but here goes, is it true that stardust is banned from here for absoulutely nothing???

  22. rltr,the trouble is,you dont exactly see other clubs beating a path for these players,now tom cleverley is a different matter.

  23. RunLikeTheRoutledge

    There may well be valid interest with them two, The French papers arent like ours they usually have good sources within the clubs.


    “Newcastle have made a 8.5million bid for Everton striker Yakubu.£

  24. djg,i dont know why he was banned,but at the time i was keep getting worky to let him back on,but he wouldn’t have it.reading some of his posts,which were put on here,he seems to be talking conspiracies,and how he had worky over a barrel aboot something.

  25. Haha toonsy – as long as they are in moderation and you’re not busting out 10 articles on each player we are linked with.

    Would love to sign Flamini but since we already have about 15 CM’s i find it unlikely unless we are selling. Ben Arfa is fantasy football.

  26. DJG – Not sure mate as I didn’t make the call. I think it was the fact that Stardust had been abusing posters on here for quite a while, Stuart79 got a particularly rough time from him. Ultimately I think Worky just decided enough was enough.

  27. TROJAN 69

    I agree sometimes he can be a bit controvertial, but surely the lad is entitled to an opinion, this isn’t Iraq ffs. He was one of the original writers on here when it started, that might explain why there was a fall out. Its a shame he wrote what he did on Ed’s blog yesterday and that got posted over here for everybody to sneer at, but I suppose id be a bit peed of if I was banned from a site I used to write for.

  28. I hope Yakubu rumour is just a rumour… another injury prone player, also pretty much past it.

  29. DJG – I wouldn’t worry about it mate. Apparently I’m weak and have already let this place down anyway so it should just drift into obscurity over time.

  30. Interesting that Worky of all people banned him, I used to think Stardust and Worky were the same blogger at one point so they both controvertial. :)

  31. Yakubu is 27.
    But i agree, let’s not.

    is Ben Arfa from landan?
    Ben Arthur?

  32. djg,he was entertaining,but he also said he was just looking for good honest debate.the trouble was he never wanted debate,but slanging matches,and insult fests.he would then call into question peoples character as if he knew them.instead of creating a debate,he thrived on conflict for some reason,he would also try to start arguments with people who were argeeing with him,his love of insults and conflict often blinding his reasoning.
    another trick of his,is to write huge essay sized replies to other bloggers,so that the recipient of his venom,could not be arsed to reply to him,giving him the notion he had won the argument.but i do like him,and he is entertaining,can anybody remember his speech come tirade about the red bus?it’s an absolute classic.

  33. Afternoon Gents…An interesting story that won’t go away from Swansea is that Newcastle are looking to tie a deal up for their captain and centre back Ashley Williams. Welsh international; strong and quick; made the championship team of the season last year. Wouldnt cost the world at 2 million and is about 25/26 if i’m not mistaken.

    I think that would be a better bit of business than Sol Campbell on a free with the differnce in wages likely to be demanded.

    What we want at Newcvastle now are hungry players who are keen to establish themselves in the PL.

    Just look at what roger johnson and Danns did for brimingham last season. Their is real quanlity in the Championship and Williams certainly falls into that category.

  34. Northern_Jedi – Your comment has made it into the next ‘blog, coming soon :)

  35. ‘its a shame he wrote what he did on Ed’s blog yesterday and that got posted over here for everybody to sneer at, but I suppose id be a bit peed of if I was banned from a site I used to write for.’

    what did stardust say yesterday on ed’s blog like?

    and where has this yakubu rumour came from, its not on the sky sports website…?

  36. i’m reading all sorts of stuff about diarra turned us down(don’t blame him),how we might be after raul(!!),how we’ve made bids for all sorts of outlandish players.anything concrete happen as yet?

  37. Tummy – It’s all on the last thread mate.

    Arka – Nahh mate, nowt concrete.

  38. acording to sky bet newcastle are 7th favourite with 750/1 to win the premier leauge with sunderland 8th with 1000/1 sounds gud to me lyk

  39. Ah Toonsy, so you’re planning to use Northern_Jedi’s comment? It’ll be interesting to see how you integrate “By the way…why the f#@k can’t i type?”

  40. peter toonylad – James Perch must have made the bookies cut the odds. We were 1000/1 :lol:

  41. Asgley Williams would be a great signing, long term, maybe next summer, Sol would be great as cover for next season.

    Oh and people should really do their research about having a go at Championship players, its incredibly short sighted. There are loads of Premiership teams with great players who they have been bought from Championship teams, who were not necessarily their best players either.

  42. There is something concrete about Raul, a massive pile of concrete crap.
    “I think that one is nothing more than fantasy football.”
    Chris Houghton

  43. toonsy,, sumit must hav happened, sky bet must b believing the rumours abou diarra and raul coming but watever it is those arent bad odds like :)

  44. The bookies are also saying CH is second fave to lose his job first, even though that’s a contradiction in terms.

  45. a know saw that 1 as well,, a think newcastle could be a shoker this year a can see us do well,, a hav faith in hughton,, but untill we start against man u its all just guess work,, we are better than at least wolves wigan west ham and mayb a few others so we shud du well