Steven Taylor out for 3 months.

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Taylor - Out for 3 months.
Taylor - Out for 3 months.
It has been confoirmed today that Newcastle defender Steven Taylor will be sidelined for three months with the shoulder injury sustained at Carlisle nearly two weeks back.

It’s a huge blow for both the player and the team as Newcastle look to use this season to consolidate their place in the Premier League, although the signing of Sol Campbell has cushioned the blow a bit, for me anyway.

This is the latest setback for Taylor in what is turning out to be his ‘annus horribilis’. It all started back in January when he injured his knee against West Brom which forced him to miss most the remainer of the season. Then there was the infamous ‘Glassjawgate’ affair in which Taylor allegedly recieved a broken jaw in a training ground dust-up, now add this latest injury to the list and we have a central defender that has only made two appearances this year due to this horrendously bad luck with injuries.

“It’s a big blow for us,” Hughton told the Gazette. “I think, personally for us, we’ve lost a very good player, and somebody else who has Premier League experience.”

“It’s a vital position at centre-back, and, for him, a massive blow, because he missed a big chunk of last season. He came back in good shape, and it was conscience effort from him to do so. He worked so well in the summer, and it was a really unfortunate injury that can happen.”

This may well be why Sol Campbell was brought in to the club, and it’s a bloody good job he was fairness. Now we have Campbell I am less alarmed by the length of time Taylor will be out for. Don’t get me wrong, we will miss Taylor, but what I mean is that I feel more confident that we have a player very capable of covering in the shape of Campbell.

“It was vital that we brought in Sol, and it was vital that we moved so quickly. When you look at the quality of strikers in the Premier League, you need strength, and we’ve got somebody in that can deal with that,” Hughton said.

It is expected that Taylor will be out until sometime in October having undergone surgery. He won’t be rushed back though and will be allowed to make a full and proper recovery before returning to first-team action.

It’s a blow, but it’s a blow that has been softened by the arrival of Sol Campbell. Speaking of which, the timing of the two announcements was pretty canny wasn’t it? At least now that we have Campbell there will be no clamour to rush Taylor back and cut corners in his rehabilitation.

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45 Responses

  1. A real shame…

    Collo, Campbell, Williamson, Kadar, and Perch in an emergency should be adequate cover.

  2. Shoulder yet again, he will be bothered by that his whole career! Does he not think to wear a support…

    Big Sol will hold the fort. And I am confident that Mike Williamson can step up when needed, he deserves his chance.

  3. better off with sol anyway. we need to sort taylor out on his new contract now then. otherwise what we going to get – 2 months before he can sort his own deal out with another cloub – TWO MONTHS!!!!

  4. Krul has just signed a new contract. Steven won’t be far be behind – don’t worry Craig.

  5. Has there been any announcement about who is to be skipper yet? (been on hols in cornwall – all the news was about pasties LOL). The arrival of Campbell prompted this thought!

  6. Do you guys think Campbell should start the season then and if so who with?


    I dont think Hughton will drop Coloccini, so that leaves Williamson on the bench and if that happened I would feel sorry for the lad after he played so well last season and would again miss out on the big premiership games he craves so much. Perhaps he could be tried in some of the ‘lesser’ games as I don’t think Chris will want to play Sol every game. Also if Campbell plays really well does that mean Coloccini will be dropped when S.Taylor comes back.

  7. Campbell/Colo to start for me. Williamson could perhaps be eased into it. Dumping him straight in against Manchester United away wis a tough ask for anyone.

  8. I think he’ll play Campbell and Collocini as first choices

    Campbell for his experience, and Collo because he should be stronger in the Prem this time round now he’s had time to settle and get his confidence back.

    By the time Taylor comes back, either somebody else will be injured or the FCB will have panicked and released some funding for the January sales LOL

  9. It’s a blow undoubtedly when we want as many experienced players as possible ready for the challenge.

    Williamson is committed, great in the air and although he isn’t the most gifted with the ball at his feet, his distribution isn’t the worst I’ve seen from a centre-half.

    I’d worry about his turn of pace, particularly alongside either ‘dColo and Campbell, who may struggle for sharpness because a) he hasn’t done pre-season and b) he’s 36.

    Same applies to Colo and Campbell together though.

  10. DJG I think you have it right. Collo is first choice and Campbell certainly won’t be fazed facing Man U. Don’t know hoe good Perch is but he is first choice by default at the moment.

  11. Campbell played in only 11 matches for Arsenal and made a few mistakes at first if I remember.

    Don’t play him at Old Trafford, he’s been on Honeymoon all summer and has just met the team! Williamson isn’t an ideal choice against Man U but playing him with Colo is our only choice atm.

  12. Can anyone name any centre halfs, in this country especially, that are genuinely pacey??

  13. Poor Tayls – just gutting for him. Hopefully he’ll run into Gary Speed, who could teach him how to avoid falling apart. A bit of Ashtanga should do the trick; works for me.

    We can’t expect Sol to do 90 minutes every week; I don’t care how fit he is for his age. I suspect he, Colo and Williamson will all get plenty of minutes.

    I’m more worried about RB at the moment – another position where Tayls has done pretty well in the past.

  14. ???

    A picture of Steven Taylor doesn’t match with a post about Steven Taylor???

  15. Nah,i am thinking of.

    Yeeehhhhhhhh…. i am out for another 3 months. :lol: :lol:

  16. I don’t mean about pace really TC, more about the turn, i.e. the sharpness or reaction. I think the likes of Carvalho, Distin, Lescott, Ferdinand, Toure, Cahill, Dunne, Dawson, King all react really well and have a decent turn of pace. Flat out, a lot of strikers beat central defenders hands down, although in the past ironically, once Campbell got going few were quicker.

  17. AOD – Depends what he has planned for those 3 months ;) :lol:

    If I was a rich footballer who had women falling at my feet in the desperate hope of becoming a WAG, I know damn well what I would be doing! ;)

  18. Depends which shoulder, it’s an ideal excuse to get them to do all the work though :lol:

  19. Aye way – we’ll soon see.

    For pretty much as long as I remember our defense has always been a massive let down but I’d say that the 8 first team defenders we have form part of the best group we’ve had in a long, long time.

    Simpson, Perch, S Taylor, Collocini, Williamson, Campbell, Kadar, Enrique.

    Sweet man :)

  20. BBM..your right about Campbells pace…….a couple of seasons ago only Walcott was quicker in the prem believe it or not(assuming the article I read was true) but like you say that was at full pelt and its off the mark and on the turn you need the pace.

  21. And hence the picture.hahahaas.

    Anyway,i didn’t manage to comment abt sol campbell. But IMO,i don’t really see it as a signing. More like we “loan” him in for 1 season. a short-term perspective.

    But as for now,we don’t need anymore defenders,except a LB position.

    I think the next few days,we might be seeing new players coming in,who are mid-fielders/wingers.

    SO CH might be doing this.


    So Once Mid-field ish settle,then i suppose ranger might go out loan.

  22. Shame, but its not as bad as Sky are making out because the season doesnt start for nearly three weeks and there are international breaks in september and October.

    Any Ben Arfa news ??

  23. CC – Officially no, although someone I know reckons the club are gearing up to announce something.

    Friday? For sale? :lol:

  24. Rich – I hate to be the bearer of bad news mate, but that is Frazier Campbell they are talking about, not Sol :lol:

  25. Genoa in for Ben Arfa.
    The Lads agent and club are doing a great job at hawking him around at the minute!

    And thats all thats happening i feel, they are just trying to start an auction!

  26. Classy, pacy centre-half, good on the turn??

    Shoulda signed that Titus Bramble…..he’s good apparently….;)

  27. Ha that list is definately Fraiser Campbell not Sol. But anyway how rubbish is that. Fabregas quicker than Clichy?!?!? Gerrard one of the fastest 10 players?? He’s a decent passer but a carthorse. No Abonglahor? No Lennon? Anelka faster than Clichy and A Cole. Eh?!

  28. DJG-All the Chelsea players say Anelka is the fastest player at the club. I’ve heard Lampard, Terry and one or two others say it. They’ve all said something along the lines of “you might not think it and he might not look it at times, but he’s definitly the fastest player in our team”

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    Uziblog 9mm. :lol: