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Time is running out.
Time is running out.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, goes the sound of transfer window clock.

Yet whilst the time ticks on, Newcastle don’t, well not in the transfer market anyway. Sure we have signed James Perch and Dan Gosling, but the latter would not have been a pre-planned exercise as nobody thought he would be available, especially on a free transfer.

So just what is the hold up? I was under the impression that with us sealing promotion early-doors that we would be able to steal a march on our rivals in the transfer market.

It seems not, and with only 35 (guesswork) days of the window remaining perhaps now is the time when Newcastle should actually begin to try and make some proper tracks with the recruitment drive. We are desperately short of numbers in some key areas, and they will need addressing if we are to be fully prepared for long and arduous season ahead.

Perhaps the original plan was to steal a march in the transfer market, in fact I am pretty sure off the top of my head that Chris Hughton even said that himself. That was pre-statement though, and we all know what was contained within said statement.

Right now we are looking limp in the transfer market, stuck betwen a rock and a hard place. We do have money to spend, albeit probably not much, and that limits us dramatically. Combine it with a shortage of time and there is a huge potential for a problem to arise.

The noises that are being made suggest that Newcastle are looking for the “right” players, but would that be right for the dressing room? Right for the team? Or right for the budget? I am starting to think that the latter option in that list is the primary driver.

I understand that there is plenty of time left in the transfer market, and that a deal can be concluded in a matter of hours if there is a need for it to be. My concern is that I said exactly the same thing some 50-odd days ago, and realistically we are still not much further forward.

The need for new blood has been perpetuated by a spate of injuries, particularly defensive injuries, and particlulary injuries that will mean that players miss the start of the season. Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor (apparently), and Tamas Kadar all fall into that category.

The lads did well last season. They worked hard all throughout the campaign and got what they deserved by winning promotion, and the title to boot. They need help this season though, and they are still waiting for it to arrive.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

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135 Responses

  1. The noises that are being made suggest that Newcastle are looking for the “right” players, but would that be right for the dressing room? Right for the team? Or right for the budget?

    Obvious maybe but I suspect it’s all 3 which reduces our options and us why we’re still waiting!

  2. Raul.
    If the papers are going to make it up at least come up with something more realistic!
    Still no sign of any one then!
    Cheers bud any night wasted trawling the net!

  3. Toonsy, Ed is on blog 3,000,000. :)

    City have spent more than the top 14 clubs put together. Move over Chelsea. ;)

  4. Why so glum toonsy?i live in eternal hope tat we will get the players we want,not much but enough.anyway not many clubs have made more than 2 signings.well except city of course.the market ls still not on fire.just wait guys….

  5. I can’t see man city doing anything with the current manager-they will need someone like mourinio to win the title.
    Can’t see them being far off if they keep spending like they can…good luck to them, the City fans have been through the mill for years and like us deserve some success.

    Wish we had just the basics…strong scouting network,hard cash for half decent players…instead we have bought one player that is unproven in the prem (Perch) an injured player on a free and have been unable to afford a decent number 9 in years so the shirt is given to a largely unproven (at prem level) striker that can’t help himself when it comes to booze and violence.

    I suppose the Ashley lovers on here will say the above is harsh but it is a fact…..I see no signs of any ambition coming from the club any time soon.

  6. Congrats on the 300th Blog Toonsy….not really been bothered about coming on here with very little Toon action to discuss….was expecting a poor window so I had my nuts and stuff packed away for the hibernation period that is common place under this joke of a regime.

  7. I’d happy with a striker, winger and versatile defender before window closes, would expect at least one of these to be a last minute signing. Wouldn’t mind Felipe Caicedo from city, Cleverly & Jlloyd Samuel, even Fitz Hall again wouldn’t be too bad

  8. To be fair most clubs have only made a couple of signings so far,and in the recent past we have only found out about players coming in when they have signed. So lets be patient , and if there arn’t enough signings, then give the powers that be sh*t.

  9. Why do you do this every season you clueless gimps! Every single transfer window since Fat ashley has been here and you don’t learn.!
    Am I missing something ? Do you have new information that the rest of the world don’t?
    Why don’t you save time and go back in the blog archives and cut and paste from pre transfer windows since the clown has been in charge.
    Can I make it simple and try and explain it by shouting at yous!

  10. Cornish – would you then sell a striker, and if so who?

    Samuel isnt good enough, we should be looking to steal people from man city as it is a well known fact they need to get shot of at least 12 and thats without them adding even more. I would love to see a cheeky bid for Onuha and Kompany and Ireland. Offer them 10-15 million for the lot. We have only spent 1.5 so far. We can then get cleverley/ben arfa/weiss on loan for wing cover.

  11. @Cornish-magpie, not a bad shout with Caicedo, if City get Balotelli that will move him further down the pecking order. He is fast, strong, got real potential and has at least some Premiership experience. Jo would be another option from City, done a decent job at everton.
    If only we had a bit of money we could raid City for some very good players!!

    Weiss, Ireland, Johnson, Richards,Onuoha, Caicedo, Jo, Boyata, Wright-Philips, Etuhu

    All going to be fringe players at best and (if they would be welcome to a move) could be bought at a decent price.

    But that was if we actually had some decent money to spend!

    We can all live in hope that we are suprised before end of transfer window.,,

  12. when is the fat creep putting the club up for sale again ? – with only 35(guesswork)days of the window remaining – in 34 days time i would imagine.

    i hate the big fat w@nker with a passion.

  13. From the old LESH site!!

    26 Jul 2010 23:36:07
    NUFC latest:

    Perch (undisclosed)
    Gosling (free)
    Ben Afra (loan deal option to buy for £6M on 01/11)
    Gai Assulin / De Guzman (free)
    Flamini (loan with option to buy)
    Nedum Onuoha (£4.5M)
    Van Aanholt (£1.5M)
    Bougherra (£4M)

    Ranger (loan)
    Donaldson (loan)
    Tozer (loan)

    Hughton is also looking for an experienced quality striker on a loan.

    If only, I think I would take all of these deals

  14. NI_toon, cornish re Citeh surplus including Caicedo, Jo, Boyata, Wright-Philips, Etuhu …… given that these guys’ll be paid massive wages, do you really think they’ll even consider coming here for relative pennies?

    Citeh have made and compounding massive problems they’ve brought on themselves and this extravagance will surely come home to roost.

  15. At the moment for me we need a striker that will start almost week in week out and is a proven goalscorer, probably costing us somewhere within the region of 6-8 mil. We need another winger, cover/competition for Jose at LB and an accomplished CB. As the days go by I just don’t see it happening sadly. I’d be surprised if we had the 8 mil to spend on a striker nevermind add to the squad after it. I actually considered to myself last night the chance of us bringing one more player in, it being a striker and a loan deal-someone along the lines of welbeck, scary thought.
    As you say toonsy there in theory is plenty of time left in the window but we’ve been here one too many times before with Ashley. The strengthening of the squad last season was a welcome change but when we’re stepping up to the bigtime and real money needs to be spent that’s clearly where it ends. How much did perch cost? 1.5 mil? We come up short pretty much everywhere bar In goal and in the centre of the midfield. All I want this season is survival, nowt special but even that has to be planned for.

  16. Campbell would be a canny signing like.

    He would give us experience and he still looked bloody good last season.

  17. So Waddles, given Newcastle United’s urgency in tying up signings, if Sol’s still on holiday then we must’ve flown the club doc out to get him checked over!

  18. Considering our current woes Sol would be a good signing.

    I am not too worried about our lack of movement so far. I think a lot of teams are waiting to see what other teams will do because of the 25 man squad limit. There could be some gems coming out of Man City and I for one would rather wait and get someone in who will improve the squad than rush in and get the wrong guy

  19. Toon Chicken, so Sol’s back from Scarborough is he?

    Wonder if he’s brought you owt back then!

  20. I’ve been saying for months now that money will be tight in this window. It’s pretty obvious now that the only thing that’s gonna change that is if City spend big within the Prem – ie. Milner from Villa and/or Torres from Liverpoo.

    I’m sure CH is doing the best he can with what we already know are limited resources. So far we have 3 decent additions to the squad (provided Sol passes his medical) for about £1.5m. Well done Chris – keep it up!

  21. common sense signing I think Campbell. Great addition, lots of positives, not many negatives, if it comes off…

  22. aye lesh – he just lives round the corner from me folks now so he knows he’ll get his car keyed if he hasn’t brought wor all back a stick of rock! ;)

  23. TC,
    have you heard the news mate.
    It’s ‘new’ news like, stuff we’ve never heard before type news……….?

    …………Roy/bobby hates MA & thinks we’re gimps for supporting the Toon.


  24. Do ppl fink we will sign sol on player coach role on a 2 year deal as his experience would b good, n we’re lacking coaches n sol has made no secret he wants to go into coaching

  25. If money is tight this window is it not an ideal opportunity for us to spend a bit of cash and catch a few clubs up?

    We do have a very wealthy owner and he can afford it.

    If we don’t spend any money and the other clubs don’t were not necassarily going to catch them anytime soon are we?

    Just a thought.

  26. I wil be happy with Sol as he is proven in the EPL.
    He will offer vast experience in our back four.
    Give him the armband.

  27. Howay Sol, let’s have ya’.

    Just the experience we need at the back & yet another ‘home grown’ player.

  28. Aye if Sol comes off after my wee rant then there’s cb sorted. A solid signing, perfect for our first year back and he still looked canny last season like.

  29. It’s possible that we could sell some ‘dead wood’ for top dollar if they are ‘home grown’.

  30. CLiNT – aye a know mate – almost choked on me Weetabix when I read the pair of them b!tching this morning – and to think they were the founding members of the “We Love Cockneys Club” back in the day! ;)

  31. Toon Chicken says:
    July 27, 2010 at 9:15 am

    aye lesh – he just lives round the corner from me folks now so he knows he’ll get his car keyed if he hasn’t brought wor all back a stick of rock’

    So ya folks must be just next door to the Strakers, the Fenwicks, Reedsadales et al. Wow, that’s real class.

  32. Great character to bring in and will fit in immediately with the rest of the guys. Left-back, winger and a GOAL-SCORING striker needed…

  33. Ha – no not quite, lesh – when I said “round the corner” I meant it fairly loosely. They live in Corbridge – not too far away but hardly next door neighbours. ;)

  34. So, yid ‘ve all been at the wedding eh? Phwoar, we’ve got some real old-money class on this site!!!

  35. Sol is definitely a good prospect for the future-Great Signing zzzzzzzzzzzz

  36. Ha. Goon Chicken reckons he nearly choked on his weetabix! Try again you thick gimp and this time pour superglue on them and hold your big nose!
    My god , Skint Flint ! Your dreaming and speculation does my head in! You have to be 16 yrs old with no life experience! Get out in the big wide world and learn some life skills!
    Ashley will not spend so deal with it. !
    So far we have Forest Gump who the forest fans thought was a liability and a crock in the shape of a baby goose!
    The only reason he came here cos we were the only club not to put an injury clause in his contract !
    That’s why he left everton!
    Deal with the facts! ASHLEY OUT !!

  37. SJT

    You were moaning about how long term they were looking the other day now, They then get someone for the here and now and youre still not happy.

  38. Delighted with apparent sol shining.hopefully he will give his previous club some joy by popping up wit a headed goal and a cleansheat at manure and taking then to a horrible start to the title challenge….:-)

  39. Sjt-is that your standard input on the blog these days? All I see you say now is something along the lines of “zzzzzz…” Campbell is a great signing for our first season back. He’s a leader and will provide valuable experience for the likes of kadar. Good on field and off. Maybe citeh is more suited to your taste/expectations?

  40. Clint

    Thats a relief, I was half expecting him in Stoke or Blackburns colours next season…. :lol:

  41. get a grip lads only city buying.nobody else. the club have already said we havnt got any money.we will easily stay up and stop moaning about signings we already new that.any1 we get is a bonus.only top players improve your team and apart from city every1 else apart from joe cole have done nothing. team spirit and we have got lots of it.this league is so poor we are going to get shocks u watch.

  42. skysports said sol was set to sign for sunderland last week,not holding my breath until it’s confirmed by the club.this story was in the sun this morning,sometimes skysports have a tendancy to run with things half cocked.
    if it turns out to be true,i think he would be a good signing this season.his experience will be vital in the battle to stay up,and it will be a battle.

  43. CLiNT, Stoke seem to be throwing their cap in for everybody these days.. wonder where the money’s coming from?

  44. c’mon waddles – thats unfair keeping us holding on like that – what is it you know?? your the man!!

  45. I actually think Sol will be our best signing yet if it comes off. Ok not exactly a long term solution but I think we need Perch at RB not CB and Sol proved last year he can still do it at Arsenal. There can’t be many more experienced players out there to cover for Taylor! Bit of class and experince is what we need in the heart of defense in a survival season. I wouldn’t mind him having the armband to be honest.

  46. Come on Waddles! Any clue? Apparently the meeting between our reps and OM was cancelled because we didn’t bring a document?? Believed to be the offer in writing?

  47. Aye RunLikeTheRoutledge :)

    Big Mick had written the offer down on the back or a Greggs Wrapper, but Owl Heed was tidying up round the office in his French Maids outfit and binned the wrapper!

    Big Mick wasnt too happy, so he had to go down to Greggs to get another pie!

  48. Aw, Toonsy! Who pissed on your firework, fella?

    That ticking you’re hearing is the clockwork of CH’s recruitment machine. It’s doing fine, keeping pace with the rigours of this very odd market, and picking up good signings that make sense. In another 35 days he will have plugged the obvious holes just enough to safely avoid relegation. Job done.

    Don’t panic, people – we’re doing absolutely fine in this window, and it’s looking like being just as effective as the last one.

    And SJT@ 4:
    “I Expected a Plop Window….I hope I aint right again”

    Didn’t you expect a ‘plop window’ in January? Not exactly right then, were you?

    Seriously – those who look at Citeh with anything but dismay for what it’s doing to the game should go support them, then switch to whichever team is buying success at the time. I see no achievement or glory in it and pity the poor (usually decent) Citeh supporters, who can expect nothing but “so they should” not matter what they win this season.

    Rant over. For now.

  49. Lee Ryders one line Twitter comment that he’s just recently posted (that i seen on another site) gives about as much info as his match coverage did on Saturday. Wish I had his job.

  50. Whumpie says:
    July 27, 2010 at 10:56 am

    So I presume you stopped supporting NUFC under KK in the 90’s, when we were spending money like City?

    You would have been disgusted sat us buying all those players wouldn’t you…?

  51. Sky Sports reporting Milan can’t take Ben Arfa at the minute. Maybe it’s not a dead duck?

    Still maintain we’ll get Sol Campbell, Cleverley and possibly Samuel/A.N. Other before the end of the transfer window.

    Totally forgot Steve Stone was involved with the club.

  52. I can’t see Caicedo being on ridiculous wages but I dunno, maybe even a loan would do, I was really impressed with him just before City sent him off on his last loan spell. I’d get rid of Best (I know it won’t happen), and loan out Ranger but to be honest I could see him being first choice behind only Carroll.

  53. Im still clinging to Raul being a shock transfer. Would be amazing for Ranger and Carroll to learn from.
    Perhaps he’s a really decent bloke who simply wants a taste of the premier league and isn’t in it for the money (surely 18 years at RM makes one quite comfortable). Schalke seem like favorites but I reckon he really wants to play in England. Who knows…

  54. If SOL signing is through then it shows Chris can sign some good players and we are still attractive club for players. 1-2 more good signings and I think we are then well positioned for 10-12 finish this season.

  55. I presume that sol will be on a 12 month contract … we wouldn’t sign a 35 year old defender on a longer term would we … ???

  56. if we’re in the market for good up in coming players,how did we miss that young left fullback bolton look like signing?i thought we had contacts in spain?this 19 year old marcos alonso is highly thought of,comes from a family of spanish internationals.

  57. jimbo says:
    July 27, 2010 at 11:15 am
    “Im still clinging to Raul being a shock transfer. Would be amazing for Ranger and Carroll to learn from.”

    Class idea, not only is Raul slow, immobile and hasn’t been anything like a decent player for 4 seasons, the only reason he would be here is for a massive pay check.

    Yeah get in, lets have Ranger and Carroll leaning from his example…

  58. did beardsley not get sacked first time around concerning allegations of bullying youngsters?

  59. raul was never the quickest in his heyday,the only reason i could see him signing,is ashley would be daft enough to think the fans would go ga ga over it.he would then hope to sell any amount of puma shirts with raul on the back,that would be his wow signing.

  60. Trojan

    got a family member who trains the kids, he said he was just a bit old school, and the kids couldn’t handle it. He even said some adults struggle to get along with him, he’s just a bit odd me thinks.

  61. TROJAN aye m8 there was talk aboot beardsley a while back,mind i woundnt put him doon for that some of these kids need a clip round the lug if they want to make it like

  62. Didn’t Roeder turn down the opportunity to sign Sol before he went to Pompey, he said Campbell was past it and we didn’t need a journeyman looking for his last big paycheque.

  63. Fact is Raul has heaps of experience and he obviously knows where the back of the net is.
    Raul or Ameobi? hmm.
    Praps he is willing to take a paycut, we don’t know the guy, who knows, and if he is (in an ideal world) it would be smashing, no question.

  64. beardsley is definatley eccentric,seen him outside the tyne theatre about ten year ago,when he was in a panto.
    he doesn’t give a toss about money,should have seen the jalopy he was driving,it would not passed an mot lol.

  65. T 69 , yes he was bullying terry mac’s son – so they sacked him and then gave him a job in the corporate entertaining side of the business.

    still the best player i have ever seen in a b&w strip.

    hello ice…

  66. raul undoubted experience class etc,but i think too much of a luxury player,for the battle we’re going to be involved in.i just think he would be brought in for the wrong reasons,more of a commercial signing,to put bums on seats.add to the fact he may find it hard to settle,and we need that like a hole in the head.
    someone mentioned kenny miller the other day,i think he fits the bill,for what we’re looking for.he’s three years younger,plus he has proved he is a good johnny on the spot in this country.he’s scottish and would settle in easily also.

  67. ice – just got back from siloth caravan holiday i’ve ever had my friend x

    trojan – it’s called greed – he would’nt part with the skin off his shite.he cares very much about money.

  68. that’s what i’m saying roy,he would be brought in to sell them dodgy puma shirts,cue loads of young’uns queueing up with their fatha’s to get raul on the back of their shirts.ashley sitting in his ivory tower counting the wedge.

  69. ROY glad you enjoyed it m8,have been there many years ago got rang for letting the mutt run on golf co,you just got out in time m8,cops have just turned it over some wife hidding drugs there

  70. aye that was a close shave like ice. anyhoo i just landed this morning and i’ve got a touch of – jet lag – off for a kip…laters.

  71. Hes does Trojan,What a shocking mistake from Chris Hughton and his Team……. It said he can Lb and LM and LW,What a buy for a young lad…….

  72. Ciaran-Have you seen him play or are you just seeing “Real Madrid” his age and declaring it a clanger of massive proportions? Why are Blackburn the only ones in for the Madrid wonder kid?

  73. ROSS alright m8.richietoon is best to ask aboot spanish players he goes a bit and his lass is a season ticket holder at r/madrid,he might know

  74. he’s meant to be highly thought of that young spanish lad,the fee not disclosed but supossedly in the region of 1.6 million.

  75. No I’m not, im merely asking if you’ve seen him play regularly to know he would provide adequate cover and justify the claim that us failing to sign him is a “shocking mistake”. He’s played for them once, coming on in the 90th minute and has been released. No need for the panic stations and slaughtering of hughton and co is all I’m saying.

  76. Xisco was highly thought of too though, and viana. The list goes on, we’ve had our fair share of highly rated youngsters/foreigners that have went on to flop. We need experience this season.

  77. ross,the thing that struck me about it,was we’re supposed to have contacts in spain,so if this kid was any good,jabba would have been on him like a tramp on sandwich.

  78. Trojan-what does that tell you then? Granted I don’t think our Spanish contacts exist, I reckon they left with jiminez. However say we do, why aren’t we all over him? Why aren’t top 6 pl clubs or other Spanish clubs out for him? Maybe he just hasn’t shown the potential people thought he had mate. It’s a shame but highly rated youngsters don’t materialise on a regular basis.

  79. Correct me if im wrong did i read somewhere Gazza was involved with the academy kids with Carricks brother ??

  80. Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    July 27, 2010 at 12:39 pm
    @ I love mike!
    “Grow up idiot and stop talking about Raul”

    Eh? What have I said like? I haven’t been going on about signing him, but towards the people who have, i’ve merely said, in a sarcastic manner (sorry if you missed that) I think signing a player like him would be a backwards step, that’s pretty much it. Calm dear dear…

  81. ILM,
    mate, BS wants some kinda rules denoting what we’re allowed to talk about, for some reason.
    Either that or they’re some kinda semantics fascist.

  82. ross,i’m not really disagreeing,or agreeing with anyone,i was just suprised when i heard it,i thought he would have been a dead cert for jabba the gut.

  83. boater // Jul 26, 2010 at 10:56 PM

    Ashleys wallets cobwebs!?!? Sorry but with 2 from guthrie, vuckic and barton in the midfield there is at least the prospect of some decent stuff being played in the middle of the park next season.

    As for no pace – we do have routledge, jonas, lovenkrands yee knaa.

    As for no investment – I heard several reports we made bids around 5mil for the likes of djalo, so I doubt that too.

    Oh aye – having watched the last season DVD aroond 10 times now, I have to say star man – Guthrie by a mile. The amount of goals scored from his assist or link up in the build up is scary.
    He reminded me of solano in that respect – when you look back he was ALWAYS involved with a clever little touch or pass to get things going………

    We can’t believe ploater posted a comment on the jul 26 at 10.56PM without any reference to his beloved “Shola Ameobi” truly amazing.

    Comments Welcome regarding ploater , Shola , the Newcastle club , or anything else that tickles your fancy.

  84. CLINT looks like sols in the bag,think he will be canny signing with our ashley budget,looks like beardo move is a good move imo m8

  85. agreed re Guthrie, an unsung hero, notice him more when he is not there! I think he will become a great player for us in the next couple of seasons, providing he is off the wing :)

  86. ice,
    totally agree mate.
    Sol would be cool, great experience, hope he takes up a coaching role afterwards too.
    Glad Pedro is moving up too, he’s gotta have something too teach.

  87. I’m pleased with the move for Sol. His experience is crucial and he fills an obvious gap.

    As for the slowness in the transfer market. Hughton and even someone like Redknapp have talked about the lack of money and reliance on certain key deals to get the ball rolling – Milner to City seems the obvious one.

    There are restrictions on the number of loans and I think Hughton is waiting on the likes of Cleverley, Van Aanholt – typical inexperienced loans because he thinks some experienced players might become available as sides have to confirm their squads. Man City’s fringe players may be a target for many clubs but its something I think Chris is definitely thinking about.

    Squad regualtions seem to be the reason Hughton thought some unexpected players would become available.

  88. beardo , the best of luck in your new job…..that’s after friday neet tho.

    …HEED ARMY !

  89. icedog says:
    July 27, 2010 at 11:47 am

    “TROJAN aye m8 there was talk aboot beardsley a while back”

    Aye icedog, but it was untrue and he was completely exhonerated.