It’s payback time in the Premier League!

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Revenge is sweet!
Revenge is sweet!
Now, I’m not usually a bitter person, and usually I don’t hold grudges, well not for long anyway, but certain things do tend to stick in my mind from time to time.

A lot of those things that stick in my mind stem from our relagation season, bubbling away under the surface as I knew we couldn’t pay certain people back in any way, shape, or form. Payback is hard to administer when you’re not playing against them afterall! Now, of course, we are back. And we also know what the fixtures are, so I have been going through them looking for particular matches throughout the season that interest me, well they all interest me obviously, but I mean the matches where retribution is a must for me.

First off, I apologise if this turns into a rant, like I said, I’m not generally a bitter person. But sometimes some things require a good old rant. Sometimes a bad memory of something is enough to spur people on to try harder to reverse it, and in fact it helped spur the players on last season, with the constant criticism being cited as having been used as a motivational tool for the players. So with that in mind, I have hand picked a few fixtures in which the fans would like to see justice done, well in my opinion anyway.

First up is Sunderland. They truly are a vile bunch, but then I guess that is to be expected from your local rivals. For years we have held the upper hand against them in the Tyne/Wear derby matches, and that unfortunately ended in our relegation season. They hadn’t beaten us at their ground for about 22,345 years, and boy did they milk the celebrations after their 2-1 win. It’s more than just that which has bugged me though, take a look at this video and watch how they revel in our demise on the last day of the season, it’s almost as if they had just won the FA Cup or something.

Putting them firmly back in their place is a must in my book!

Next, how about Aston Villa? To the best of my knowledge we have never really had a history with them or their fans, which is why the behaviour of their fans after the final whistle blew at Villa Park still irks me to this day. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty certain that if we had the misfortune of relegating someone then there would be some banter, maybe a few songs etc. But can anyone say that they would turn up to the ground with a plethora of props to aid in the celebration of another teams demise? Well Villa did (as pictured), and quite why they felt the need to go to such an extreme for a ‘poxy club up north’ is beyond me. For those who have forgotten, here is a quick refresher.

There are a few others that also need putting in their place next season. Howard Webb, the referee who chalked off Mark Viduka’s perfectly legitimate goal against Fulham at St James’ Park, is another I would like to see us get one over on, although I am struggling to see how we can without opting for violence or sending dog turds though the post to him continuously.

Phil Brown would be another, that is if he manages to get another job. Just the sight of the perma-tanned filty mackem irritates me, and his little version of Sloop John B didn’t sit to well with me either, but then I guess he was only celebrating staying up. It doesn’t matter, he is still on my list.

How about Andy Gray? You know, that bloke of Sky who almost reaches the point of orgasm when talking about any of the Sky 4. He isn’t a new entry on the list, he has been there a while so he deserves another mention.

That’ll do for now. Join in, have a moan, get it off your chest.

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74 Responses

  1. C’mon you cant fault Sunderland for going crazy when they beat us. We’d do the same if it had been that long. We also mostly pray for a Sunderland relegation when ever they pop back up. It’s a fantastic rivalry btwn the two teams and is shown by the fact that it is always one of the most loved fixtures of the season. That being said, paybacks a bitch so lets go get some :)

  2. The mackems expend more energy trying to find wats of undermining anything & everything we do. It makes me question whether they are interested in the Toon more than their own shower of shite. Let’s not become all bitter & twisted like those tw@ts….

  3. Says more about you personally than anything else.
    Not everyone feels as you do, some of us can understand the give and take of wins and losses or chants and banners,be they pro or anti NUFC.
    Fortunately I have never looked upon Sunderland as “The enemy” rather as a neighbor whom we wish no evil other than we beat them in the local darbys and hope we are in the same division, so as it can continue.
    And i would hope most fans feel as i do.
    What i do remember from a number of years ago was the chant and counter chant from Newcastle and B/Brom fans,
    Going Down, Gowing Down, with the Makems.
    ,and the counter chant of ,So are we, so are we , so are we!
    Thats what I like to consider the spirit of the league, rather than some sort of revanchist sillyness that reflects a somewhat juvenile perspective on the game.
    It`s an attitude that only increases a provincial approach and is based on, let`s hate those that are different.

  4. I think we would have been exactly the same in the Sunderland situation.I do hope we give Villa a kicking(in the football sense) did we go on like that with Peterboro last season when it was possible we could send them down?….no we didn’t,it was just a great day(weekend in my case) with proper humorous banter.

  5. Chuck if toonsy said something you agree with 100% you wouldn’t admit it, you’d still whinge and try to wind him up. I think you need to wise up a bit you stupid prick. Toonsy puts a lot of time into this blog and if I didn’t like it I’d piss off to another blog, which I suggest you do, shit for brains.

  6. That would be too much to hope for jay jay,he’s only happy when he’s insulting someone.

  7. I cant understand you being upset with the Sunderland game, its called rivalry.

    I live in South Shields and got a few mag mates, we have good banter, ive took alot of stick over the years off them and rightly so. So dont cry when you get it back.

    As for Villa, it just goes to show not many club like you, probably with the rubbish we hear every year (apart from last year it was bliss). Now this year im hearing how Andy Carrols gonna be the next Shearer lol.

    Oh no here we go again, same old rubbish.

  8. Stuart79……

    To you sir, a cheery greeting to welcome you to a new day of smiles, joy and happiness to be alive, supporting Newcastle United and exchanging positive and constructive comments with your fellow posters.

  9. All those fans making jokes about the whole ‘Shearer the Messiah’ thing are stupid c***s, just because Steve mcmanaman and the rest of the sentanta sports pundits started calling him a messiah doesn’t mean us Newcastle fans did! Then all the other fans start slagging us off believing we’ve been saying all that crap! F***ers

  10. toon_factor……..thats life as a toon fan I’m afraid…even sad mackems from shields aren’t intelligent enough not to believe all the crap they read in the papers it seem.

  11. Yep T_F isn’t far wrong.

    To be honest, as long as we don’t have another disaster (on or off the field) this season, it’ll be a good season. Anything else (i.e. maybe even a surprise mid-to-top ten finish or just a few scalps) would be a complete bonus.

    I like the banter with other supporters, and when it comes down to it, it’s a game. We go home and lick our wounds and we’re back to fight another day. The reverse has nearly always been true of us.

    Unfortunately, when the media whip up supporters and put labels on people, it gives other fans something to grip onto. And in some cases, other supporters inexplicably take offence and follow the tired old ‘delusional Geordie’ rhetoric.

    These people are missing the point spectacularly, as demonstrated by Dyno. However, if you look and listen hard enough in quieter moments, we’re no different to most other groups of supporters in the country.

  12. off-thread, sorry, but poor michael owen, eh… he won’t string 3 games together next season.. thank fk NUFC didn’t sign him up again.. and he still has hopes of getting back into the england team..!!

    Owen said: “It is probably the worst place to get an injury, at Wembley in a cup final. I tore my hamstring, it came apart basically.
    “My surgery was carried out by a specialist in London and he ‘tied’ it back together.
    “If I hadn’t had the surgery, the hamstring would’ve attached itself somewhere else in the leg.
    “At Liverpool I had a lot of injuries on the right hamstring and that takes a yard off your speed.
    “This time it was my left leg – if it had happened again to my right leg I’d have been slower than my dad!”

  13. jay jay says:
    July 2, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Lesh sounds like the morale officer…..

    Me? Morale Officer? No chance jay jay!

  14. Spot on BBm went to a few away games last year and had loads of great craic with the away fans.A few of them said they thought we’d be full of ourselves and arrogant etc but found us to be the total opposite.
    There’s a difference between high expectations and high hopes…….we have high hopes as every footy fan should,but we don’t have high expectations contrary to popular believe! How could we??

  15. How Villa have the nerve to throw that deluded tag about is beyond me, They are the only club ive seen who ive seen boo their side off when they were winning at half time.

    The northern shithole lines a beauty as well you’d think these people would have actually set foot outside their houses and taken a look around, If theres any city that beats birmingham as englands biggest shithole then i would demand a re-count…

    Cant wait for the atmosphere when they visit. :twisted:

  16. ditto CC nice pleasant but extremely hostile(vocally) atmosphere..thats what we want ;-)

  17. Ah, BBM!

    Thought you was writing for another blog now?

    We musn’t be good enough…

  18. Stu – nah, paperwork still be sorted out and a nominal fee arranged if and when I do. Just been getting my head down for the most part.

  19. It’s the press that bug me most. They usually whip up the storm around our club for other fans to latch on to (like that Louise Faceache mackem). The best revenge as far as I’m concerned is to become a stable, well-run club that succeeds both on and off the pitch – that way the press will have nowt to pick us up on.

    In terms of ‘success on the pitch’, that is of course relative. To my mind avoiding a relegation battle will be ‘success’ next season (lower-mid table perhaps, but not fighting for survival) and after that I would hope to see a gradual improvement.

    As to Villa, I’m married to a Villa supporter so such things introduce enough conflict into our house as it is. I have to say though that my wife didn’t take any pleasure in our relegation, not least because she knew how miserable and unbearable it would make me!

  20. Problem is, if you don’t co-operate with the pres they can make your life a complete misery. They make things up anyway, so if they don’t like you they will just go into overdrive.

    They all stick together too. Anyone remember when we made the statement regarding the Daily Mail? That never got one column inch in any papers, local or otherwise.

  21. toonsy – I’m with you on villa. That rankled with me n’all. I remember one of their defenders (curtis davies!?) shielding the ball in the corner flag with 3 minutes to go. They had nothing to play for and we were going down without an equaliser. Play to win for hell’s sake – nae problem there but pal they really seemed to savoured us going down – something sado-masochistic about it. Maybe it is a small club posing as a big one mentality dunno.

    We have them first up at home – few banners would be nice. We done our time, kept our noses clean and come back to stick it up the likes of villa after all.

  22. I personally don’t have a problem with the mackems rubbing our faces in relegation. In fact i’m glad they did it adds to the rivalry. I am a little dissapointed with Villa fans for their reaction to us being relegated and was quite upset by it on the day but now i’m not realy bothered by it.

  23. TOONSY i think you have written what a lot of fans feel from time to time,but on the other side ashley didnt do toon fans any favours when he did that stupid konga in front of N.Q.when we beat them the last time. dick

  24. Well you did invite people to have a moan and get it off their chest toonsy! And you didn’t explicitly stipulate the subject up for discussion…

  25. BBM your allowed to moan,all this fine weather BBQ, drinking,child-minding you must be knacked,looks like it has another week to go to,phew :)

  26. ice – worst of it is that I’m cycling everywhere in preparation for my charity bike ride –

    just in case anyone thought about sponsoring and forgot ( *cough cough *)…

    But tonight I get to bike across to see old pals, drink beer, eat good food, watch some footy and take the p*ss all night. Get in!

  27. Chuck-Are you from The North East or do you live in or around the area? Not looking at Sunderland as the enemy is a strange view. I think you’ll find just about every Newcastle fan you talk to will class Sunderland as the enemy. Names like “the scum”, “the filth”, “the unwashed” aren’t the most complimentary. Sunderland fans hate Newcastle, Newcastle fans hate Sunderland, thats how it is.

    Toonsy-As for me mate, i’m 100% with you. Call it immature, call it childish, whatever, i couldn’t really care less. Nothing would satisfy me more than to give Villa a good pasting after their antics at full time. A few songs is fair enough, but I thought the pre made banners (there were plenty of them) were quite pathetic. It was like they wanted nothing more than to get one up on one of the “silly little teams from the north” who “think we’re far bigger than we are”-again, media fuelled rubbish.
    As for Sunderland, there’s nowt better than giving them a good hammering. Derby day is a special one and knowing you’ve not only won, but you’ve hammered them, is an almost euphoric feeling for me. The 4-1 at the stadium of sh!te being a prime example.

    I’m gonna stay out of the whole reffing decisions though, haha. What happened, happened. We’ve won the championship, we’re back in the premier league, righted the wrongs. If you really want to talk though..there’s the issue of Habib Beye’s perfect tackle over Robinho which was awarded with a penalty and their last minute equaliser, Viduka’s perfectly legitimate goal like you said..amongst others, lol.

  28. Bowburn @ 33 – Aye, I did invite people to moan, but when all I get from a certain individual is personal swipes and attempted wind-ups then it becomes less of an invite to get things of their chest and more of an agenda ;)

  29. Ross,he’s from the U.S……….just likes having digs at Toonsy or if he’s not about anyone will do.
    He usually makes some fair comments first then starts with the thinly veiled abuse………last couple of times tho it’s been straight into the snidey comments.I don’t understand it when a supposed Toon fan comes on to deliberately(imo) insult supporters of the same team. :roll:

  30. The hand ball at bolton, heskeys ungainly dive at wigan, hulls penalty, The free kick against stoke at SJP, the corner against stoke at the britannia, owens onside goal against the scousers at 0-0, Owens goal against Chelsea which crossed the line…

    To be fair to webb he did award Staylor a pen against the mackems when it wasnt, Which stopped them doing the double.

  31. some reports say c.boyd in talks with big cham at blackburn,guess c.h. doesnt want

  32. Man City paying £28m for Toure and West Ham in talks with Neymar for £12m.

    This isn’t doing the transfer market prices any good. If anyone thought they could skimp in the transfer market their going to have a shock!

  33. toonsy – I didn’t say it was cricket!

    Happy Birthday to Mira the Marvel today. I used to love watching him play. He was a right crackerjack.

  34. beats me where w/ham get the cash there skint,unless they are going to have a clear-out of players themselves

  35. Stu – Are they in talks with him are they? Last I hear a bid was rejected and Wet Spam were about 10 million out on the asking price? But then I have been asleep since about 6am.

  36. Stuart

    There is no quotes from any one at the clubs, It is neymars agent doing the talking, like gutierrez agent was last week.

    I though they had turned down £12m the other day and where the feck is the money coming form i thought the were in a right hole, who knew strap ons and gimp masks would rake in so much cash…

  37. Richie-Fair enough mate, I was just curious. Maybe my family were a bit OTT but as a bairn I was never dressed in red and white together and was pretty much brought up to hate Sunderland as a team from the moment I was old enough to know what a ball was, lol.

    Stuart- I think they are two deals where the sensible price tag’s will go out the window anyway mate. Toure is a starter in the best club team in the world and Man City have bags of cash. They’ll pay double the price tag for most players if they want them like. There’s really no genuine indication of what a player is worth when they’re involved because money isn’t really an issue.

    As for Neymar, he’s a hyped up youngster who has been touted by some huge clubs like Madrid and Man u. If he already has that sort of interest behind him and its a club like WHam looking to buy, they’re going to get the best price for him possible. It’s potentially a risky deal. In saying that though, according to Wiki he has score 40 goals in 74 games for Santos so maybe he is worth the hype. You’ll pay that sort of money these days for a player like him sadly.

  38. Either way, if West Ham are prepared to spend that much money I think it’s obvious that the owners realise that relegation would be catastrophic and they haven’t even been relegated – Last season must have gave them a scare.

    I’m just a little concerned that we may be left well behind in the name of austarity – Will it be worth it if were so far bahind everyone it will take a generation to get back?

  39. toonsy,i think aston villa were glad to see the back of us,as we were the team they could never was only towards the end of our stay,they got a couple over us,the steven taylor being shot in the box by a sniper routine,springs to mind.

  40. Stuart-How much money do they have though? As far as I was aware they were in financial trouble. Say hypothetically speaking they have 15-20 million, and they sign this lad for a minimum of 12. They’re essentially putting all their eggs in one basket and banking their survival hopes on an 18 year old who has only played in Brazil. He could be a huge talent and a huge success, but like I said for me its quite a gamble chasing someone like that for that kind of cash. If this was someone like Man utd or City i’d say fair enough because they have the power to do it, but WHam could be setting themselves up for a huge fall, should they actually be serious about the deal.

    I’d much rather have us spend sensibly on 4 or 5 players (provided we have cash to spend). I don’t see why we’re not just taking Boyd though to be honest. He’s free and would only need like 20k a week or something i’d imagine.

  41. Gona find out tonight if i got tickets to the Spain vs Paraguay game… wish me luck boys.

  42. Actually ice, my second team is Barca, so I’m routing for Spain in that one…

    Well we got a taste of what lifes gona be like without football the last two days.
    I’m thinking I need to stock up on happy pills. I didn’t what to do with myself…

  43. JJ – I thought your second team was Germany? :roll: More faces than Big Ben :lol:

  44. Ross says:
    July 2, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    He could also be worth £30m in a year or so….

    I think it’s doubtful that they would spend two thirds of their entire transfer budget on one player. They have also made a hefty bid for Dorrans too.

    At the end of the day it’s an investment isn’t it? Like buying shares. Like I said yesterday, if they’ve done their research on him and everything came back positive it lessons the risk.

    The chances are he will be more of a success than a 18 yr old worth £1m – Purely on the fact that if you’re going to spend that much money on a young kid, you’ve got to be pretty sure he’s worth it.

  45. jj good luck mate……I’m gonna have to route for Spain cos if wor lass is happy my life is so much easier ;-)

  46. Stuart-I agree with you and I dont doubt that he could end up being sold off for a huge fee, along with them doing their research and him definitly having the ability. My only issue would be immediatly throwing him into the first team and pretty much saying “go out there and score the goals to keep us up”

    In Brazil he’s scored a bagload yes, but he’s a young lad and the Premier League is a different animal. It will be interesting if they do bag him but I dont even know if they will, by the looks of things they’re expecting alot more than the 12 million Wham are offering.

  47. Toonsy.

    I know, I been sitting on the fence so long the barbed wire has split my arse in two!

    Haha, at least I only got one Premier League team! :)

  48. my m8 from down stoke phoned me half an hour ago and said carrol is down there having talks with coates , me m8 works at the club and sed he has seen him dont know if he,s trying too wind me up or not but he normaly dusent

  49. batty-Thats a wind up for me mate, Carroll has nee need to go and play for bloody Stoke City.

  50. It makes no odds,the only time MA likes to take a gamble is in the casino :-(

  51. Hottest las supporters, have gotta be Spain and Argentina!

    My word! To be a famous Argentine footballer must be the life!

  52. Ross says:
    July 2, 2010 at 1:58 pm
    batty-Thats a wind up for me mate, Carroll has nee need to go and play for bloody Stoke City.

    More money?

    Though I must add I think it’s a wind up.

  53. Ross – bout Neymar, Santos want about £20 million for him. It’s the asking price set in his contract. West Ham are miles hort of it, nearly 50% below it in fact.

  54. toonsy – Nobody in the history of buy out clauses have ever been sold for that figure.

    I don’t know whether he’ll end up at WH but he won’t go for his full buy out figure. Although I read somewhere it was £29m…?

    But bearing in mind, money talks and South American players don’t usually move for big, big money, that’s usually after they’ve played in Europe for a season or two.

  55. I am one of a few fans who remember pre-segregation football, where everyone paid their money at the turnstyle and all fans mingled regardless of team loyalty.
    During those times there was great banter between opposing fans, but never a hint of hostility and it was`nt uncommon for the losing fans to admit you beat us fairly, but we`ll get you away or vice vesa.
    Yes there has always been a keen rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland, but i wonder where it all went wrong, i`m talking about hooliganism and segregation.
    My guess would be the end of national service, but thats another story.
    I have been to numerous stadiums around the world some segregated (mostly football) many such as the US and the Irish Republic have niether segregation or crowd problems, then having watched a game in Instanbull (Galatassarey) it was pretty scarey.
    My question is, why does this occur only at football games ?
    I for one certainly preferred the pre hooligan/segregation era, as it`s kinda hard not being able to cheer for your team if you buy a ticket at an away game, something you can i believe be ejected for,
    Crazy !
    My point, a little less hatred and more contact between fans breeds more tolerance and makes for more enjoyment of the game in general.

  56. Like that, Eh ?
    Just a bit of entertainment for the troops !
    Old Marxist term.

  57. I remember going mental when the Makkems got relegated to the third division, so it’s to be expected from them too, the bunch of half-breeds, with their plastic Geordie manager….

    The days of unsegregated football fans are long gone unfortunately..