Newcastle United reveal new home strip.

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Newcastle Utd home shirt 10/11.
Newcastle Utd home shirt 10/11.
Newcastle United have today finally revealed the new black & white home shirt for next season.

There had been a bit of a din regarding some leaked kits on the internet, which I personally hoped and prayed would be wrong.

It turns out they weren’t wrong, and that leaves me more than disappointed. Saying that, I’m a mug so will probably still buy one anyway, just to add to the collection.

One of the talking points has been regarding the quality of the club crest as it appears that PUMA have opted to not go for the traditional stitched Newcastle badge and instead prefer to go along the sticky, bubaloo bubble gum style transfer, but there is actually a reason for this.

The whole basis of using these tacky badges, according to PUMA anyway, is to ensure the shirt remains lightweight and breathable for the players. Marketing at it’s best eh? Always a reason etc etc.

As I said earlier, I will probably still buy it, although it looks like I won’t have the luxury of drying this particluar ensemble on the radiator at home. Well I can, but I should be prepared to scrape it off afterwards.

I won’t put them on here as they will slow things down for mobile viewers, but if you wish, you can see some bigger pictures on the club’s official website here.

What d’ya reckon?

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205 Responses

  1. Not this time Ashley – stick your new shirt where the sun don’t shine, you’re not getting any of my hard-earned…a**ehole

  2. I can’t see how a latex type badge is more breathable than an embroidered one like…..I have real problems when wearing me mask……… but thats another story :lol:

  3. This kit looks awfull as i have said before, and i certainly doubt that it will be “popular with fans”… The fantasy kits made by John Doe are much more stylish and i hope we shift to Kappa asap.

  4. I know a lot of people would like the star on the shirt, but we don’t even make the beer any more.

    Feckn’ disgrace.

    We’ll be boxing up the bridge and shipping it off to Arizona next :(

  5. i actually really like the new home kit, stripes look great overall i think it looks much better than last year’s, and plus, it hides my hip curves better as there is more black on it ;)

  6. Cadbury says:
    July 1, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    “what kind of a ball is that? The one that Harper is holding…”

    It’s Mike Ashley’s magic 8 ball. We know he struggled with decisions in the past, so now he has one of them little fellas to help him along a bit ;)

  7. darthbroon,if it hides your hip curves,kevin nolan must be ower the moon with his new shirt.

  8. if ‘WIMMIN’ is meant to mean women, then no im not a woman, just a little meaty on the hips :D

  9. Ohhhhhhhhh! Sorry tummy :(

    That’ll teach me to make assumptions!

    Along the same lines, I could do with a little more black around the ‘midriff’ :)

  10. still spending toonsy tho,that myth that was flying about on here that clubs will spend very little looks dead in the water.

  11. I think it’s a bit early to say that really Hitman. Lets see how much is spent over the whole transfer window and compare it to the last few first eh?

    Barry Silkman reckons it’s hard to shift players at the minute, not that I want to listen to that little tossbag

  12. well westspam had a 12 mill bid knocked back for some stricker plus they had another bid knocked back for dorrans,westspam are 1 of our rivals this season.fkin hope sumin happens soon

  13. Hitman – Didn’t you say yesterday about our bid for that PSG player being something to show ambition where there is none? A bid that they knew would be rejected, right?

    Neymar, one of the hottest properties in World football, being coveted by AC Milan amongst a host of other top top European clubs, would not be bought for £12 million. In my opinion anyway. Plus,

    “Neymar’s performances for Santos and his likeliness to Brazilian idols such as Robinho and Pelé, the former who he currently plays alongside at Santos, began to attract interest from many clubs such as Manchester United, Internazionale, Real Madrid and Manchester City, with Real Madrid even going as far as to claim that they had signed a pre-contract agreement with Neymar’s agent, Wagner Ribeiro which Santos fervently denied. Following this, Santos slapped an asking price of €30 million on the player’s head and tied Neymar down to a new contract lasting until December 2014.”

  14. yeah i did,and lets see if ashley goes back with a better bid,the same as westspam,but it looks like westspam are going to spend big money(fknos were its coming from)second bid knocked back for dorrans shows that..

  15. A second bid for Dorrans means nowt, like a second bid for that Nerding or whatever his name is means nowt. It only matters if it gets accepted, and the fact that West Brom hace rejected both bids immediately suggests that West Ham are far short of what West Brom value Dorrans at.

    At the end of the day, for all their tubthumping, West Ham have done exactly the same amount of business as us, nothing.

  16. CC – Nah mate, looks like it was l’equipe who say that PSG have rejected the bid and expect another one. Nothing direct as such.

    Hitman – At the end of the day, if we were linked with Henry and all these top players like West Ham are, and none came off (like what is happening there), than what have they achieved that is different to Ashley this summer? Nothing, except making some more noise.

  17. but west ham have nearly signed loads of players. i wish newcastle would nearly sign some players. if only hughton would tell us the players we were nearly signing.

    it’s just not fair. sunderland have nearly signed loads of players as well. steve bruce is the best in the business at nearly signing players, he’s nearly signed everyone.

    ashley’s bloody hopeless.

  18. hitman,as to ashley coming good,what he gets up to in his own time is his business,but i dont want to see that, gives me the shivers thinking about it lol.

  19. im just going to sit back and watch it infold,ive banged on for to long about ashley…sick of it,i just hope he comes good…..

  20. So lets get this right. If theres a tranfer rumour that involves the toon its all part of ashleys grand plan to destroy the club, mislead the supporters & generaly just p*ss us off, but if the rumour involves any other team its obviously true & confirms ashleys lack of ambition?

  21. i’ve banged on too long over ashley to come good,i dont like the sounds of that hitman,i’m worried about you lol.

  22. noir9,i dont think ashley wants to destroy the club,he just wants to run a cheap version of a club.
    me personally i think deep down,ashley wants the club to do well in his own warped way,but the retailer in him will always get in the way.

  23. The bid yesterday was kind of encouraging, If they arent paying the £8.2m asking price PSG want for Erding and CH has £5m knocking around then how about a bid for Eduardo who has fallen further out of the picture at Arsenal.

    Also Villa are apparantly asking about £1m for Nicky Shorey, about the same ammount we are expected to pay for Samuel. Shorey would make much more sense as he is better and naturally left footed.

  24. CC – Forgot to say, the player himself is “happy at PSG as long as they want me”.

  25. cc,i would go along with that,but newcastle and sense dont usually go well together.

  26. i think a lot of bids are knocked back not because they dont want to sell but because of the way the buying club want to pay for him ie half mill down pay rest over over x number of years,clubs need turnover but in the right manner imo like

  27. Toonsy

    Yes i saw that, Which means in Primadonna footballer speak, If they accept an offer and Newcastle throw big wages at me, Im on the next flight.

  28. Ok, it’s not THAT bad… that said, I’ll probably buy a retro strip instead of this one lol…

    How’s everyone doin’ today?

  29. Icedog – That is the supposed way we are supposed to be bidding for things nowadays isn’t it? Cash up front?

  30. Trojan @40

    Yeah, I think you’re right. Doesn’t matter how rich he is or how much money the club has, he’s STILL a retail man. And in retail, the name of the game is invest as little money as possible in your product and mark the price up 400% to keep profit margins high enough to pay for overhead, salaries, insurance, and of course, a PHAT bonus at the end of the fiscal year…

  31. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, Toonsy.

    I enjoyed the last post, btw. Well written, like :)

  32. must be the only ones doing it if its true,just seems strange way to run things,unless your from a oil rich family they can pour it away :)

  33. Cadbury @4

    I think it’s a bowling ball. Harper is actually a world champion bowler, twice over.

  34. I think Ashley is the best thing to happen to Newcastle for a long time.

    I mean imagine if we didn’t have him, what would everyone bicker about ;) :lol:

  35. OHurley – Cheers man. It was one of those ‘been “working” all night, sudden flash of inspiration’ things :D

  36. Toonsy-

    Don’t seem that folks are doin’ much bickerin’ on here today :(

  37. Icedog – Dave will be happy, will be uploading his music soon.

    He best be fecking happy, it taken me nearly 12 hours to sort out :mad:

  38. Toonsy-

    Those are sometimes the best ones, indeed!


    Hehehe, more like 500% :D Papa needs a new pair o’ shoes!!

  39. does anyone know if the epl are going to use this world cup ball this season as the germans did last season ?

  40. Yeah, you ain’t kiddin’ Toonsy. I can think of a couple names I haven’t seen today so far that would get things kickin….. lol

  41. Icedog-

    I hope not. It’s light as a feather and has a tendancy to sail away from you.

  42. TOONSY always struck me big dave was a back-heeler ;) let some one do it for you,while he talks to your lass hes a fox :)

  43. Icedog – I think it depends who throws enough money into the deal as to who the EPL uses ;)

  44. Afternoon lads. Not impressed with the new strip but I said that when the pics were leaked. Shame but nevermind. Toonsy-loved your line about not being able to chuck it over the radiator. I’ll be scared to smoke a tab in that thing incase I go up in a puff of smoke. (No pun intended).

    Ice-hopefully the Nike ball again mate. Didn’t like the look of the WC one! As for the one Harpers holding, looks like a black and white puma ball if you look closely.

  45. Afternoon Ross!

    Richie- I actually use Nike T90 boots. Never played with the actual ball though.

  46. RICHIETOON thanks for that,there all penny floaters to me like,my net kept playing up last night as yours did thats why i came off,cannot even blame toonsy as he wasnt on :)

  47. If it doesn’t give ya a heed ache after heading it Icedog then its not a “proper” ball ;-)

  48. see the daily pain reporting psg have told toon to come back with bigger bid,they never give up. sad

  49. I don’t see the problem with the ball. I mean, in Sunday league quite a few get lost ;) and the one that replaces is always different :lol:

    It’s like the boots, I refuse to wear pretty coloured flash ones. Why? Simple, because if I was playing against someone who was wearing them then I used to hammer straight through them, kick them, elbow them the lot as they onviously think they are a bit special.

    Not so special lying on the floor in a crumpled heap though are ye :mad:

    That’s why it’s black and white Adidas boots for me ;)

  50. CC maybe thats why we have bid for psg guy,our putting 2+2 together and getting 5

  51. CC – The bloke who writes them is a knob, that’s all he does. Stoke City asked him for a preview of the season ahead, and he proceeded to preach them how the mighty Newcastle would be sending Stoke City packing. It’s twats like that give us a bad name.

    Kevin/Kelvin Fletcher is his name :mad:

  52. “Not so special lying on the floor in a crumpled heap though are ye”……..ya still having a kick around with the little kids in the park then Toonsy :lol:

  53. I’m with you, Toonsy. Can’t stand the flashy boots and like you, I tend to crush those who wear them. Because they’re always forwards and I play CB or RB so I get to clobber them. They think they’re fast, but what they don’t get is that speed counts for nowt against someone with good positional sense. hehehehe

  54. TOONSY aye m8 i was always told “remember”they dont run as fast limping :),thing is it was always me that got it :(

  55. i had nee bonny boots,big brown sods thick of dubin :(,but you knew when you were kicked,and stayed kicked

  56. I just struggle to see why Carroll would want to go to stoke or birmingham and why would brum even want him after signing Zigic, They did bid for miccoli who would compliment Zigic but Carroll?? they would be the slowest one dimensional pairing ever.

    It just annoys how people do this when we bid for Samuel it was to cover just in case Enrique jumped ship, Now we bid for a striker so carrolls gone…

    Not to improve and bulk up our wafer thin squad, But i suppose this is what chunk has done with his statement.


  57. I used to get told “just don’t get sent off, again.”

    Walker football for ya!

  58. CC tak nee notice m8 even carroll knows it would be a step down one would hope

  59. Cheeeeerist! We are all bored today!

    Strip: bit boring; liked the fakes better. But will probably buy one. Saddo. I know.

    Player buys: Malchick @ 33 has it spot on. Load of flange, all of it and proves nowt. Wish people would stop being selective in their credence of tabloid klunge-drip to support their personal agendas.

    But I would like Shorey in for £1m. Great competition/backup for wor Toro Nino.

  60. icedog

    I know Carroll wouldnt want to go there, It just bugs me when the gutter press twist stories to make something out of nothing.

  61. CC i know m8 but what can we do,i tac nee notice till it comes from the horses mouth,still theres plenty of mugs who buy the crap so they keep printing it

  62. i wouldnt know toonsy i just usally buy the polo shirts and t-shirts for me hols..but ive had a look at the training gear and thats no up to much .

  63. The old Adidas training stuff was pretty good; bought a load of it and it’s the best gear I’ve got. Believe it or not, it’s particularly good for yoga, but you probably didn’t want to know that…. :)

    Carroll’s going nowhere. Nor is anyone else unless they’re on the periphery of the team and we get a huge offer.

    I strongly suspect that there’s some decent deals in the offing and we’re seeing the diversionary tactics aimed at the press, combined with the agents, journos and other scum trying to justify their short, pointless existences.

  64. Here’s one for 5:55: who would people rather went out of the WC this weekend? Argies or Krauts?

    Can they somehow both lose?

  65. TOONSY thought dave was in was into the cheeky girls girl power.tea time later

  66. Jay Jay – You missed the arrival of Kaka earlier, and Joe Cole is due to sign on the dotted line for us tomorrow ;)

  67. Not joe cole, always injured, massive wages, pleased about kaka though. Was hoping levan kenia was going to show up in toon, and ivica slavikova to show up in my bedroom ;)

  68. Strips all look pretty much alike for the last few seasons, don`t see much different about this one.
    Unless of course you are into fashion more than football.

    Talking about signing young future star players, did`nt FFS try that with Rooney, only to be elbowed aside by Ferguson ?

    And of course any decent signings we make will only be stolen by bigger clubs like Wigan(N`Zog), Villa(Milner),
    and Citeh(Seamus), Spurs(Jenas), Fulham (Duff).
    Ah well maybe Ashley would be able to make a few bob if that were the case.

    Unfortunately dont look like were gonna sign anyone, which makes for a moot point.

  69. C`mon, you gonna have this a blog for locker room boasting,
    sound like a bunch of insecure adolescents !

    It`s abaht football init ?

  70. Where is Big Dave? All that time doing that music for him and he hasn’t showed up :mad:

  71. maybe he’s dancing away to it as we speak….big fish small fish cardboard box n all that :-)

  72. Gotta be the most boring blog yet, running outta gas guy ?
    Seems Ed. is much more productive and creates a more interesting debate (about Football)
    Ah well happens i guess !

  73. dont swear toonsy ;) its was a canny pub used to get the odd pint when under age on my travels,landlord had canny dau like just used to talk footy with her mind ;)

  74. Hmm! caught your dancing act Toonsy, Looks like a combination of shadow boxing and martial art practice.
    Guess you hadda be careful not to bump your head living in a garret ?

  75. That wasn’t me dancing Chuck, Any idiot can ell that tha…. oh perhaps not.

    Had enough of you now to be honest.

  76. RICHIETOON ooooo below the belt you sod still sharp m8,it was gills in fact lol

  77. see the dark side are getting there last payment from cardiff for chopra 1.5mil,now thats what i call long term tick

  78. Aye, and amid all the tubthumping from Sunderland about how much money they have, lets anylize their signings.

    Mingolet – £1 million
    Riveros – Free

    Loads-a-money :roll:

  79. havent they just signed a guy still playing in the w.c. i normally put tv on mute when i hear there name

  80. Icedog – That is that Riveros from Paraguay. Free transfer mate, so going by the logic some use on here then the World Cup quarter finalist must be shit.

  81. Couldn’t give a flying fck what the kit looks like to be honest, just as long as the players in it are good quality.

    Good news about the Turkish bid though – If true…

  82. I’ll give them their dues though, wanting to spend £9 million combined on two players, one of whom was on the bench at Pompey last season and the other one is a 31 year old defender who is in his last 12 months of his contract.

    Bargian :roll:

  83. Getting back to the kit, it is actually kind of growing on me. It’s just the badge and NR logo that is putting me of.

    I know people say it is the same theme as this kit and that kit, but look at Adidas. Can you tell the difference between the Liverpool and Chelsea kit aside from the colour?

  84. know the guy now,not a bad player for nowt,wait a minute whats happening to our scouting system here

  85. I know bruce was moaning because they couldnt free up money for wages because they couldnt shift players like murphy, healy, ferdinand, Bardsley, mccartney, reid, and tainio.

    I read somewhere that they have 90% of their income going on wages which is Portsmouth/Hull territory.

    Even more funny was quinn crawling up his own arse on sky when he was asked about the losses they posted even with the takeover. :D

  86. new strip is pants…. will i buy it….. yep i guess so!! you just cant not can you?

    Players coming in…..not bothered either way. seriously, after this world cup fiasco with england etc…i am going with CH to find a few hidden cheapo jems. bolloxs to the big names money deals, it means nothing but hassle and another wanka who wants his ego stroked. cant believe that the combing wwages of just rooney, lamps and gerrard are more than the entire german squad!! bunch of cnutz!!

  87. Post world cup trauma syndrome icedog… The toons fans need to see some transfer activity, all this transfer speculation does me heed in…!

  88. M.M.could be nail on the head m8,want to see movement me-sel instead of all this gutter press

  89. or maybe its quiet because…Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!!!

    1976-1980 Halmstad (Swe)
    1982 Bristol City
    1983-1985 Örebro (Swe)
    1985-1990 Malmö FF (Swe)
    1990-1992 Neuchâtel (Swi)
    1992-1995 Switzerland
    1995-1997 Inter Milan (Ita)
    1997-1998 Blackburn Rovers
    1999 Inter Milan (Ita)
    1999-2000 Grasshopper (Swi)
    2000-2001 Copenhagen (Den)
    2001 Udinese (Ita)
    2002-2004 United Arab Emirates
    2004-2005 Viking (Nor)
    2006-2007 Finland
    2007-2010 Fulham
    2010 – Liverpool
    just for something to do,didnt know he had 3 inter/nat jobs like

  91. cheers icedog..You are such a good friend that if we were on a sinking ship together and there was only one life jacket… I’d miss you load and think of you often. ;-)

  92. Hodgson’s got a canny rezzie like, flippin heck.
    Wonder what the scousers make of it all though, bit low profile for them imo ? I can genuinely see the wheels coming off the bus at Liverpool, Hodgson has a job to do to convince all of Benitez’s signings to hang aboot at Liverpool. Good job Hodgson speaks 43 languages, he’s gonna need it !

  93. I see West Ham has had a 12.5m bid rejected from Santos for the new wonder kid Neymar.

    Does anyone think that Ashley should be sanctioning transfers for these kind of players?

    I know it’s a lot of cash, but if this lad is as good as they say, it’s a good investment isn’t it? Scouting would have to be in depth and thorough but if they came back with positives wouldn’t it be worth it?

    I’m thinking along the lines of Ronaldo, Berbatov and Milner, plus many others who their clubs have invested in when young, improved them and made money on them.

    If you do that, you improve your team too.

  94. STUART79,wasnt there a kid like that before a world beater at 15 edu i think,didnt get as far as usa,played in world cup,but i like your thinking,thing is ashley doent think at times imo

  95. read that this morning Stuart,it also said they may only keep him for a year then move him on to Chelsea which is a bit strange.

  96. BIG DAVE evening,yes m8 theres a few been giving you stick but i wouldnt drop richietoon and them in it,but i fought your corner as normal,hope you enjoy the cheeky girls m8

  97. Oh thats right Ice ye Dawg I seen the cheeky girl bit ye rascal. but I know ye would fight my corner, I will have to read through see who else has been stabbing me in the back :)

  98. Ice – Edu wasn’t subject to bids of that much was he? He stayed in the US which would suggest he wasn’t that much of a wonder kid – Presume the scouting report wasn’t that favourable on him.

    This lad seems like the real deal – Risk in every signing though. Bigger the risk, bigger the reward.

  99. Stuart79 says:
    July 1, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    “Ice – Edu wasn’t subject to bids of that much was he? He stayed in the US which would suggest he wasn’t that much of a wonder kid”

    It’s Adu and he plays for Benfica, Stuart.

  100. WORKYTICKET,thats the one m8 by the way vickers or as was vicker-armstrongs i done my time not swans lol

  101. You cut tour cloth accordingly.
    Whats the point of hiring a big name manager, without being able to provide either the wages or cash to buy players ?
    At least Hodgson has a track record and is used to putting together a side of cheapo`s, what better man for the job.
    Guy got Fulham (perennial candidates for the second tier)
    into Europe, by buying canny like and looking at his resume, who has such a varied amount of clubs.
    Must have learned something.
    As for the Pool fans, beggars cant be choosers, deal with it as Newcastle fans did.
    Illusions of grandeur !

  102. Dave – done your mix. The link is further up.

    Never knew you could have your phone actually on in hospitals nowadays? Good job really :(

  103. workyticket says:
    July 1, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    “It’s Adu and he plays for Benfica, Stuart.”

    Well, he’s signed to Benfica but I think they loan him out alot?

  104. icedog says:
    July 1, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    “WORKYTICKET,thats the one m8 by the way vickers or as was vicker-armstrongs i done my time not swans lol”

    Heart of the British Empire that place was.

  105. to add, its nowt to do with me, I just took someone who works for me down thhere and I’m bored

    Put the party banners away :lol:

  106. STUART79,not sure on bids on him,but was sick of seeing him getting tv time,think they were trying for wonder price,dont know what he went for like

  107. Toonsy yer lucky I wasnt on earlier when you were abusing me or you would have been in hospital but ye would have been in a coma :) I got that mate and had it on while I was working tonite, funny enough a girl I was tattooing asked me were I got it and would I copy it for her, it was well mixed mate good job ;)

  108. WORKYTICKET like pouring oil on road at knock-off,thing is oil went down the drain :(

  109. What does the back of the shirt look like, anyone seen it?
    What color are the no.s?
    Can you read the names?

  110. Ice – I think the hype behind Adu was the fact he was supposed to be the US’ big hope, the first US international superstar.

    Still, I think the approach of buying young players with huge talent is a good way of supplimenting experience, whether they cost 1m or 10m – If the return will be there.

    My thinking is that these good young players who would normally cost 2m might cost 4m due to the fact that more clubs will be looking at them now as a possible way forward.

  111. I think the one bit of detail that’ll make these kits really sparkle is a Prem Badge vs. CCC.

  112. ice @168 cheers for that ;-) ………what were ya saying bout who needs enemys? :lol:

  113. STUART79,ime with you on that,and Adu is only one example and not something to build a good case on, sure there are ones out there wigan seem to have found a couple in recent times and coppell found a few for reading even some from ireland which were cheap and sold on for good money

  114. RICHIETOON hands up your to good for me m8 lol,but remember every dog has his day ;)

  115. Just for the record, I hate the iPhone 4 more than Mike Ashley and the Poison Dwarf put together right now…

  116. Richie-

    LoL enemies do indeed accumlate. Hell, when I chose to support Newcastle, I immediately made an enemy out of a million people I’ve never even met (mackem scum). :lol:

  117. OHURLEY nowt that bad,bound to get bother with these things off back of wagon :)

  118. OHurley……its when mackems are ya friend that ya need to start worrying :evil:

  119. HAHA! I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about that, but I wouldn’t mind stayin’ clear of the mackem boozahs, like… American AND a Toon supporter?? I would not only want, I would NEED a posse!! HAHAHA

  120. Of course… there’s always the possibility that the presence of several mackems could cause me to get really big, turn green, and fly into a Hulk rage…


  121. me to rich,ohurley flog them some moonshine the doggy stuff like let them gan green,later m8

  122. Harper
    S.Taylor Williamson Coloccini Enrique
    Routledge Nolan Barton Jonas
    Erding Carroll.

    Subs; Krul, Scharner, Samuel, Smith, Guthrie, Weiss, Lovenkrands.

    Then theres still; Forster, Kadar, Simpson, R.Taylor, Vuckic, Ameobi, Best, Ranger..