Newcastle must choose a new captain, but who will it be?

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Kevin Nolan: Future captain?
Kevin Nolan: Future captain?
The captains armband is up for grabs at the minute after being left vacant by the now departed Nicky Butt, but who, in your opinion, is the most deserving and most likely candidate for the role next season?

Newcastle are kind of lucky in that regard as we have a lot of players who have played at the highest level for a long time, they know what it’s about and they know what is required. With pre-season just around the corner, it gives all the likely candidates a chance to push their credentials forward for the job.

Obviously Nicky Butt didn’t play too much of a part last season, but it still didn’t stop him being the captain. Part of the theory behind that is because we have a lot of ‘on the pitch’ leaders, which fortunately meant Nicky Butt didn’t need to be on the pitch to perform his ‘duties’. Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Steve Harper and Fabricio Coloccini all had turns in wearing the armband last season, and considering all of those look likely to kick off the new season with us then you would have to assume that one of them has to be in the running to be named the captain on a full-time basis. So let’s take a look at the options.

Alan Smith – Probably the most likely candidate in my opinion, although I do have some concerns if Smith is given the armband. That would mean he would more than likely be on the pitch, which is fine, but for me he doesn’t really add anything apart from a few flying tackles. Then again, I guess it depends on what system we play and whether we play it both home and away. For the record, I think we will play 4-4-2 at home and 4-5-1 away with Nolan behind Carroll and Smith sitting in front of the back four.

Kevin Nolan – The player I would like to see get the armband, purely as I believe he will be in the team more than Smith will be. He had been a Premier League captain for years at Bolton, and he brought that leadership to Tyneside during parts of last season and established himself as an integral part of the squad. He is one of the reasons why I think that our heads won’t drop like they did in our relegation season as he knows what is needed to keep morale high in the face of adversity, much like he helped to achieve at Bolton.

Fabricio Coloccini – He was only a bit part captain last season, mailnly being handed the armband after the original captain had been substituted, but he is still a big player for us. He really surprised me last season as I thought he would be one of the guys who wimped out and wouldn’t be up for the fight. He proved me wrong, and another year adapting to the English game will leave him in good stead for next year in the Premier League. Is he captain material? I would say so, but I would be surprised if he was to get the nod.

Steve Harper – He is the longest serving current Newcastle player after spending the last 100 years at St James’ Park, so if seniority ruled then Harper should be in with a shot of wearing the armband. In my world though, seniority doesn’t rule and that forms part of the reason why I don’t think Harper should get the armband. The other part is that I just don’t like goalkeepers being captains, never have. For me, a captain has to be out on the pitch where he can influence and keep an eye on things. It’s hard to do that if you are stuck in a little box at one end of the pitch. Say Newcastle are attacking and something kicks off at the opposite end to where Harper is. That would mean he would need to charge the length of the pitch to have a word with the ref or to try and calm things down. Harper – a great servant, and it is appreciated, but as a captain he is not my choice.

Steven Taylor – My wildcard choice. Do I think he should be captain? No. But if dangling the captains armband in front of him coaxed him into signing a new contract at Newcastle then I wouldn’t be against it. I believe that he is future capatin material at Newcastle but, as many of you know, I have severe doubts over his commitment to the club. Of course he could prove me wrong and sign a new contract with us, and I would be happy for him to do that, but my doubts will remain until he actually signs a new contract. Perhaps vice-captain to start with to allow him to learn the role and grow into first?

So who would you choose? Do you think I have missed any potential candidates?

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71 Responses

  1. Agreed Nolan deserves the armband for his efforts last season.

    The other players seem to respect him, and he is a motivator.

    Just wish he could shed a few pounds … then we may see the player that starred at Bolton!!

  2. @shrews, not a few pounds but 4-5kg! haha. but i fully support nolan as cpt. for the toon. and he did go the extra mile workrate wise the games he was cpt. in the last season..

  3. jay jay … are you being serious ?

    what a fantastic role model for the youngsters coming through the system

  4. Stuart-In reply to the last post. It doesn’t happen with many players but i genuinly think Carroll would rather stay settled in Newcastle and take another crack at the prem after a great season with us than move down to Stoke, even if the cash is improved.

    Toonsy-I can’t see Wham landing the young’n. Surely a bigger team who are also interested will nip in for him?

  5. He has good communication skills and I think he will show a lot of leadership this season, he would be my choice.

  6. can i just say to all the fools who say that Nolan needs to shed a few pounds that you sound as idiotic as the mugs you shout ‘you fat b*stard’ at Frank Lampard when they’re like 20 stone!!

    Nolan is actually canny trim when you meet him in person, he’s just a heavy set bloke, but nowt bad, probably half the weight of most on here!.

  7. Shrews – Depeneds what you want read/believe about Barton. Granted, we all know he has past history, but players at Man City were genuinely upset when he left, particularly young’uns like Nedum Onouha, who said at the time he was a great player to learn off?

    Yes, I am also confused by that :D

    Ross – I am assuming that is what Neymar’s agent is trying to do, get other, perhaps bigger, clubs interested.

  8. On football manager I signed neymar when he was 16 for £35k, the next transfer window barca bid £2 million and Ashley forced the sale saying it was too good to be refused. :lol:

  9. Capello to stay then. Good.

    Now he is stopping I would hope that the abject performances/ general disinterest from some players wont be forgotten.

    It makes his next squad selection all the more interesting now.

  10. ILM… I know what ya saying mate.I get exactly the same cr@p,me mates say I’m a fat tw@t but I’m actually pure muscle ;-)

  11. Toonsy – granted … but you get the feeling that he’s going to snap any second … then back to clink.

    ILM – can i just say to all the fools who say that Nolan needs to shed a few pounds that you sound as idiotic as the mugs you shout ‘you fat b*stard’ at Frank Lampard when they’re like 20 stone!!

    Fools?? Idiotic?? I saw him play last year (a lot) and I genuinely feel that he lacked a little pace! This may have something to do with his xxxl shorts.

    … signed … a very trim and light boned shrews mag …

  12. i fully expect nolan appointing himself as captain & he’ll probably appoint smith as the vice captain..

  13. Shrews – Aye, agree about Barton. I had that feeling at Anfield, although I blame Xabi Alonso aswell mind for falling down like a sack of spuds ;)

  14. Toonsy :lol: one of me better songs,even if I do say so meself ;-)

    Heres you at Peterboro beerfest by the river

  15. It is an all :lol:

    Anyway, captains. As I said in the article, it kind of really only can be Nolan, with Smith as a vice captain.

  16. dont like the guy,i think he’s a trouble maker,thinks he’s now mr self appointed newcastle.well at work you always make the lazy b*****d the gaffer.

  17. TROJAN – That lazy b******d scored 18 goals last season, just short of what our top scorer managed, and that was from midfield.

  18. toonsy,wouldn’t have any of them as captain,i might get shot down in flames,but what about lovenkrands,level headed,experienced international player,and a good lad.

  19. If ya got rewarded for being a lazy b@stard,I’d be P.M by now I would have thought :-)

  20. toonsy,i know i’m a bit hard on him that way,but the thing for me personally,i dont like him.i think he’s a trouble maker,he’s always got too much to say,and i dont trust him,as i see him as one of ashley’s henchman.

  21. I would give it to the bull, leads by example, faultless in defence and probably our most creative player going forward for the majority of the season.

  22. TROJAN – Sounds like you have as much trust in Nolan as I do in Steven Taylor then :lol:

  23. cc,good shout for the bull also,wouldn’t give it to any of the candidates mentioned in the thread personally.

  24. What happened to whams riquelme bid, Coyle has said that bolton arent interested in him which prob means hes being touted around again…

  25. toonsy,he’s a dick in’aal taylor,remember he’s shot by a sniper in the box against villa.

  26. CC I’d heard that he wanted £40k + pw and wham said that was too much.

  27. well it’s going to be jobs for the boys,who helped hughton into the manager’s job,well glorified coaching role with ashley pulling the strings.

  28. Ross says:
    July 2, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    There could be a good argument to say that Andy Carroll in particular needs to get away from Newcastle too.

    Anyway, all bull shit.

  29. Nolan without a doubt and a country mile, no contest really.
    Natural born leader, has charisma, skill, people skills, speaks well, gives his all, can lead by example, senior player, previous captain and can score goals to help motivate the lads. He’s not selfish either. I am sure he would embrace the responsilbilty well, in fact I am sure he would relish it.
    That would leave barton and smith(deffo vice captain)to be rotated and as has been said previous the captain has to be on the pitch.

  30. This might seem a bit random but why are we the only club who dont seem to have released our european triumph on dvd.

    I can find west hams 65 win, man utds 68 win, Celtics 67 win, Everton, Ipswich, Forest, Chelsea, Spurs and liverpool have all released dvds from their european wins from the 60s, 70s and 80s and weirdly wolves have released a dvd of their FA cup win from 1921 :D

    I might be on me own but i would kill to see both legs of the final and footage from any other games that were filmed.

    I just seems a bit odd that a club that produced tripe like Magpie Magic and Shearer the legend, Wouldnt release something that the club should be genuinely proud of and i think many fans would buy.

  31. Clem Rusty – By about 15 minutes, perhaps we were writing at the same time? Just a thought like :roll:

    As a dyslexic, it takes me a bit longer to get any errors out, mainly because I have to check it much much more thouroughly.

    However, if you want originality, then please check out the next article, which I am writing now. No doubt there will be another put down about that though….

    EDIT – Are you related to Chuck? ;)

  32. toonsy,are ye dyslexic?good job your not a pimp,you would have opened a warehouse.

  33. toonsy,think of the benefits of having dyslexia for next season,if you look at the league table you’ll be ower the moon lol.

  34. TROJAN – Damn it. I knew something wasn’t right when I took that warehouse job. Nee wonder my arse hurt :lol:

    But seriously, yes I am. It’s not a big deal really, just it can take me a bit more time to get things looking right rather that a bit jumbled up. Numbers are fine though, nee probs with them, and doing the articles on here does kind of help as it means I have to confront it head on rather than skirt round it.

  35. .com have got 5 comments on this subject, so it shows people arent really interested in eds imagination anyway… ;)

  36. from

    We understand that United’s opening two Premier League fixtures of the new season have been shortlisted for live TV and will therefore not have Saturday 3pm kickoffs.

  37. TROJAN – Them 3d ones? Nah :lol:

    I don’t do nothing for it really to be honest, just kind of deal with it. I did take part in some trials in school with some software that was designed to help get around it, but it will always be there.

    Like I said, it’s no biggie, just it can take me a bit longer to write things. I think the world has moved on a bit from the whole “he is dyslexic so he is dumb” kind of thing. Well apart from a few people anyway, but that will always happen. I just wave my CV and qualifications in their face :lol:

  38. Does anyone agree that the club should be releasing the fairs cup final and as much of the proceeding rounds as possible on dvd.

    Cmon Ashley im actually asking you to cheaply produce something with roger tames amateurish narrating and cheesy music and im offering to pay you and your sleazy cronies up to 25 english pounds in exchange.

  39. CC – For 25 quid I’ll make you a DVD ;)

    Seriously though, I agree. It is possible to track down, although it’s not easy. So why not make one of our proudest moments more easily accesable?

  40. toonsy

    The goals from the final are on that shite 500 goals dvd but i dont know how many of the other matches were filmed.

    Ive just finished reading the fairs cup story, which is a belting book by the way and it just got me thinking so i had a look on the web and you can find loads of dvds from well further back than 69 like, i said before wolves have released a dvd from the 1921 cup final.

    We seem to be the only english or scottish club to have won a european trophy who have not commemorated it with a dvd.

    For a club that has long ripped off its fans with crap merchandise it just seems a bit strange they have released a dvd of something this special already.

  41. Leon Best For Captain,a great confidence boost to start scoring. :lol: :lol:

  42. AOD – Just read that Best is getting an extended pre-season rest due to his post season international duties 8O

    He shouldn’t have been given the summer off at all, let alone an extended break :lol:

  43. toonsy – Opps forgot about that. Yup. Saw that yesterday. Oh well. I wonder how long would that be. 8O

    Anyway,i am starting to feel the early nerves now when we vs. Man City next season. ;)

    Silva,Yaya toure. ++Many others.

  44. Yeah, suppose Nolan is a no brainer, on the other hand what about the new improved JOEY, after all Keane was no angel and his mere presence with “The Look” terrorized many Man. U. teammates and no one was a passenger on any side he played on.
    A vote for a bit of fear and loathing, go Joey !

  45. I agree with Komfort I think Nolan will have allready nominated himself as captain and Smith as his 2IC.
    But I think the natural successor would be Smith as he was Vice

  46. Who is this Imposter daring to take over my role,
    (Clem Rusty) as “insulter in chief”
    How dare you sir !

  47. Kevin Prince Boateng again having an excellent game for Ghana. Whats his club situation?

  48. ROSS just know he stated he was leaving p/mouth m8,aways wary of world cup wonders like,saw him play there twice for them he was just alright but they were going through bad time,as wenger said he would never buy anyone on a 3wk show, must do it over a season theres always ex to rule like m8

  49. Not Smith, I can’t see him getting more than 10 games. Nolan would be suitable. I would say Carroll but I don’t think he has enough between the lugs.

  50. Is it just me or does anyone else think if we made Barton the captain it could have spectacular results.