Newcastle have ‘substantial’ bid rejected for PSG forward.

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Erding bid rejected by PSG.
Erding bid rejected by PSG.
Newcastle have had a susbstantial bid rejected for PSG’s Turkish forward, Mevlut Erding.

I say a substantial bid, but it isn’t really, although a bid of some £4.8 million is more substantial than I thought we would be spending on any individual player. So from that perspective, I suppose it is pretty substantial.

Anyway, this news comes from French newspaper, Lequipe, who say that PSG wasted no time in rejecting the bid for the 23-year old Turkish forward. Erding’s 15 goals scored last season were a highlight in an otherwise dark campaign for PSG as they slumped to a 15th place finish in Ligue 1, and it is perhaps no surprise that they will want to keep hold of one of their brighter talents.

Whether or not Newcastle decide to up their bid for the Turkish forward remains to be seen, although I have a sneaking suspicion that we won’t and this will have been a ‘take it or leave it’ offer. What it hopefully shows is a bit of ambition, and perhaps it gives the hint that we wont be scraping the bottom of the free transfer barrell for all of our signings.

More importantly, it gives us a figure to go for that it looks like Newcastle will be happy to pay, which is around £5 million pounds, providing the player is the right age, can add to the club etc etc blah blah. However, my guess would be that signing a £5 million player would be Chris Hughton’s ‘marquee’ signing of the summer.

Whether or not there is any truth in this rumour is another story, and I imagine the local press will be all over Chris Hughton tomorrow asking whether or not there is any grain of truth in the rumour. I hope there is though, not really because of the player as such, but more a show of willingness to at least back the manager.

I have found this YouTube clip of various pieces of Erding in action, and it’s not to be used for scouting purposes! It’s just so we can all have a look at the kind of player we have apparently put a bid in for.

Here is what we could have won..

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190 Responses

  1. Load of Hokum,I heard CH tabled a 4M bid for Messi as well.
    We don’t need Erding we have Leon Best.

  2. If true, atleast it’s showing that we aren’t bumming freebies as most expected.

    I reckon we’ll spend 15-20m this summer.

  3. We can expect a “no-comment” reply to any questions, and rightly so in my opinion.

  4. Daverism-Agreed mate. If there is any truth in this what so ever then I’m quite shocked. I’d like to hear hughton confirm a bid was placed. If he did, the fact it was rejected is not the end of the world, encouraging if anything down to the fact that I was not expecting us to be spending that sort of money on single players. Maybe he was our big buy? Lol. Weird thy Boyd is on a free and we’re seemingly not giving him a look in though.

  5. Ross, that’s partly the reason I believe we’ll be spending.

    If we weren’t, SURELY we’d have some/any freebies in. 4 players at 5m roughly, would suit me down to the floor.

  6. Get real everyone it’s another Ashley scam.Put in a bid that you know will be rejected and at the same time keep the fans believing that your trying to buy someone.I can’t help it I just don’t trust the bloke.Ask yourself this question “would you buy a car from Ashley?”

  7. Mick G

    “Put in a bid that you know will be rejected and at the same time keep the fans believing that your trying to buy someone”

    To be honest, I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while – that putting in the odd disingenuous bid with the expectation of it being refused might look better (less bad, anyway) with the fans.

    Maybe it’s a perfectly genuine attempt to bring the lad in. Hard to tell with the current regime.

  8. Aye, it’s all a massive conspiracy like, he’s going to take all the monies, sell the seats, grass, stands, penalty spot etc, then do off to barbados with all the monies. literally over night aswell, just wait, one day, we’ll all wake up and SJP will be gone. Completely gone.

  9. not heard Daverism? it was actually Ashley who sank the Titanic!! Rumour has it as well he was one of the pilots who flew into the twin towers, who’d a thunk it!

  10. “NEWCASTLE HAVE SUBSTANTIAL BID REJECTED FRO PSG FORWARD”toonsy the lads got straight hair not a fro in sight.

  11. What I don’t understand is why would CH put in an offer for a player that is lower than PSG paid for him initially and all this after the forward has had a good season in front of goal. I believe it would be nearer £9m to get him and only if the player indicated his willingness to move.

  12. I’ve also heard he was responsible for the volcanic eruption. Apparently he set it off from his lair under SJP. Like a sort of podgy Dr. Evil.

    Sounds about right when you think about it like..

    “How much for NUFC Mike?”

    “one hundred billion dollars!!”

  13. daverism,to be fair that’s probably true,he only has to walk down the street to cause an earthquake,the fat b*****d.

  14. SD75 @15

    What are you saying!!?

    I can only think that you’re accusing MA of being cynical, or an incompetent fool!

    Y’know some people here think it was Mike Ashley’s fault that Frank Lampard’s go……..

  15. TROJAN – I saw a bit a weave in picture of him and thought it could develop into a fro :lol:

  16. Toonsy, how do I go about getting a little picture rather than my ludo piece thing I have at the minute?

  17. Daverism – You’re lucky you caught me as I was just about to smash my piece of shyte laptop into the ground :mad:

    Basically got to and register an account on there using the same e-mail address you use for here. Then upload a pic, crop it and save it. It will then follow you around on any other blogs that use it as it follows your e-mail address around. Piece of piss mate.

  18. Maybe they will take Xisco off our hands… Part exchange. Would be perfect. Hope this is all true, though doubt it. But we can but hope.

  19. Daverism – It’s just being a pain in the arse. It’s needed cleaning up for ages and basically my internet browser kept freezing so I have just been sorting that all out. Touch wood, I think it’s done now.

  20. Could check your task manager for any apps running high on CPU usage and get rid of them.

    Bit of a chew on doing it everytime you start up, but it gives you an indication on which programs are clogging your system up. Remove as neccessary etc.

  21. Mick G @ 8

    “would you buy a car from Ashley?”

    No, but I would love to sell him some, I hear he doesn’t check things too carefully when buying stuff….. ;)

  22. £5m would make sense if we were selling someone first “no new capital outlay” but cash in and cash out??

  23. Daverism – Yeah, just closed everything down when it starts up, so nothing is running anymore at first. Fingers crossed, but it seems better.

  24. he scored 15goals this season and cost PSG €9 mill,so why the hell do the mugs at the toon come to 6€mill,phantom bid i think knowing it would be knocked back.

  25. Blimey, PSG have confirmed that they have indeed knocked back a bid from us

    link please toonsy.

  26. He cost 8m euros and maybe it was a cash offer with Xisco part of the deal, PSG are apparantly trying to raise funds to buy Valdez the paraguayan lad.

    If this doesnt come off then there arent a lack of good strikers available for £5m, Maynard or Eduardo to name just two.

  27. Summerof69 – I have someone on the case of it ;)

    I did read it meself though but it was in French. Somehting like PSG spokesman says they have knocked back an initial bid, but expect more to come from Newcastle.

    When I get it I will link it.

  28. It’s a fake bid, we’re not going to sign ANYONE. AT ALL.

    But really, good to see us making moves. As I’ve said numerous times, we’ll sign 4 players. Spend around 20m.

    I’m never wrong. Ever.

  29. I’ve only been wrong once before………….and that was just now when I said I’d been wrong before :lol: ;-)

  30. Richie,

    I can’t remember if it was you, but I’m sure on a previous blog there was something said about pints for players or something? Was that you? Or a I trippin’ ?

  31. Just watched that video provided. Obviously it’s just a highlight video but the majority of goals scored seem to be from In the box, looks good with the ball at his feet but he can get it out from underneath him and fire off a shot from a tight angle, looks good 1 on 1, type of goalscorer we needed. The fact we’re bidding is a positive anyway

  32. Daverism..I think ya trippin….unless of course I’d been at the pints,but no dont think it was me mate.

  33. hope we make an improved bid he looks good ive said all along there would be money spend jus ppl took the chance to hav another go at ashly before we even see what happens by the end of the window i fink we will spend 15mill cant see anyone leaving apart from xisco n steven taylor

  34. I’ll have a look, if I can get on my e-mail. Having praised Firefox the other day, can I just say I was wrong it’s shyte :lol:

  35. just a thought but why dosent ch try xisco on the wing if cant get shot of him, could use him to come on as sub for jonas as he is cr*p up front but he is really quick n if he can beat a man n cross id give it go better than lettin him rot on the bench or reserves at 50grand aweek

  36. IE all the way,I didnt like firefox whenI tried it but that was probably because I hate owt new.I’m a right troglodyte,must be my pit village upbringing :-)

  37. Xisco’s new position will be teaboy, or tromboning someone. And for 50k a week he better make a strong cuppa ;)

  38. Piss, I wonder who it was. I’m not letting a beer owed go unaccounted for like, would be like leaving a man behind enemy lines.

    Sorry Richie, I’m claiming it was you. You owe me a pint.


  39. Firefox is the only way i can watch youtube as my new windows thingy is shit, No complaints yet.

    Toonsy have you had any luck with this translation ive got quarter of an hour before im going out again im already getting nagged like a bitch, Can your’e bloke speak french as it would be an advantage…

  40. Burradon Toonsy….near Killingworth.

    Daverism….I’ll leave it on the bar in the 3 bulls v Villa about 14.40 ;-)

  41. Starfox.

    Sound Richie, that’ll do me very well cheers.

    Actually watched England V Slovenia in 3 bulls!

  42. dont have to bother with ed’s blog,all you have to do is click on to newsnow,basically cutting out the middleman.

  43. funnily enough wanted a stroll down mammary lane so,i bought a super nintendo fully boxed for thirty nicker.

  44. Ya’ll get that SuperMario tune stuck in your head Trojan,took 20 years for me to get rid of it :lol:

  45. i got that super punch out,canny little game keeps you entertained for a couple of hours.

  46. CC – That’s what I am waiting for, for him to get back to me. He speaks fluent French, and isn’t a bad lad for a West Brom fan ;)

  47. Can’t wait for the villa match, wonder how many people I piss off on the train journey up :)

  48. Toonsy,would ya believe I got that off me Dad which is bad enough but then he made it worse by saying “I had a right job getting ya Mam to sit still while I took the pic” :roll: :-(

  49. Aye,left it in ’85 and ended up back about 3 years ago.Hopefully away on me travels again soon tho.

  50. Can you get the internet in Spain? At least if gives me somewhere to stop on Toonsy’s Spanish beer tour :lol:

  51. So when it’s negative press it’s all a load of press rubbish, but when it’s positive we all believe it?

  52. I believe they have electric and other modern luxuries over there now Toonsy ;-)

    I believe nowt until it happens Stuart,good or otherwise.I’d like it to be true but until a player signs on the dotted line just speculation for me.

  53. jj just for you:-

    Q: How do you circumcise a mackem?

    A: Kick his sister in the jaw. :lol:

  54. Theres and Portugese man trying to get residence in America. He is told he needs to understand the English language in order to gain residence…

    He is given three words and asked to use them in a sentence.
    The first word is Wheel Chair.
    He says: “I ushed to lives in Lishbon… I’m not meking mush moneys. But I shupport my families. Lust month, I can buy only one spoon for eight peoples to eat der tamash soup… But is ok… wheer chair…”

    The second word is Mushroom.
    He says: “I ushed to lives in Lishbon… I’m not meking mush moneys. But I shupport my families. We only gots one bedroom for eight peoples… ders not mushroom”

    The third word is Chicken Win.
    He says: “I ushed to lives in Lishbon… I’m not meking mush moneys. But I got a daughter who is good at the schimming… Last month, she come a third, then before she coma a second… I think this time chicken wing!”

  55. Ok, tell me improve it for you lot…

    “Theres a portugese Mackem fan trying to get residence in America… whilst getting circumcized by his sister…”

  56. This kid has a sweet left foot. Love his trickery as well. The clip wasn’t produced in real time but he looks pretty fast. It’s a positive act that CH is bidding for him. I’ll say, “Get him and sell that Xisco coffee boy away.” Hahaha.

  57. Slow day, however an interesting bid if in fact there`s truth to it.
    Gives an idea of the ambition of the club, if nothing else.
    I for one am surprised at both the amount offered and for whom, as far as I am aware, there has been little mentioned about the player involved and we do have a history of dealing with PSG.
    Could be back in with an increased bid perhaps, at least the club had more sense than to go for some of the players we have been associated with and this bid regardless of whether we are successful or not, gives a certain re assurance that we are looking at quality players.

  58. What if Xisco becomes our best scorer? HAH yeah right..

    Good to see that there’s SOME news on the transfer front. Still 15 goals in Ligue 1 translates to 5 goals in the prem. Idk, make me a believer CH…

  59. TOONSY rowlands/gill,used to dance (kinda)up there place called townley arms some good times,dont think its there now (hope the birds arnt either)

  60. Hot hips?? LMFAO!!

    I think that’s what I called Big Dave’s mum the other night… :D

  61. “richietoon says:
    June 30, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    Still got some games to go to jj ?”

    Na Richie,

    Been to three, but got no more. Maybe if I get offered one at reasonable price.
    I’d love to go to Soccer City, that stadium in incredible.

  62. Evening Lads you too Toonsy, is it not true that the club has clause’s in transfer negotiations that if the beans are spilt they will walk away ?. I personally think it is Bull or Ma just playing the ” we tried to get the right players in ” card

  63. RICHIETOON you sod your spot on like, but dont forget the purple drap black velvet trim (true)6ft of burning love lol

  64. I used to have a computer game that had that smiley in that I put at 104, although I cant for the life of me remember what it was :(

  65. Oh ! those romantic evenings, dancing under a silvery moon, reflecting on the slag heaps of Prudho & Craw Crook.
    How could you have ever torn yourselves away from those beauty spots ?

  66. Some shyte stories about Newcastle today (for shyte read covered a million times)

  67. BIG DAVE go easy on toony m8 he had a lot of stick yestaday (while you slept) so let him talk to your lass a while might pick him up ;)

  68. Big Dave-

    Here’s some words from an old fraternity song we used to sing in Uni (to the tune of Johnny Comes Marching Home From War:

    (in relation to a well-known whore who the song has frequenting our fraternity house and after going through every bawdy verse about doing completely unchristian things to her every orifice, we come to the last two verses of the song)-

    “She now resides in a pinewood box, ya ‘ho ya ‘ho.
    She now resides in a pinewood box, ya ‘ho ya ‘ho.
    She now resides in a pinewood box, she sucked too many Sigma Chi cocks….
    Get it in, get it out, quit f*ckin about, ya ho ya ho ya ho.

    We dig her up every now and then, ya ho ya ho.
    We dig her up every now and then, ya ho ya ho.
    We dig her up every now and then, we f*cked her once and we’ll f*ck her again!
    Get it in, get it out, quit f*ckin about, ya ho ya ho ya ho.”


  69. As you can imagine, we had MANY drunken nights singing ridiculous songs. And we had a few more too hehe

  70. OHurley I will refrain from saying to much as I dont want to darken the Blog, except that I would love to be standing beside you when you came off with that.

  71. Ohurley, what fraternity man? I am a SigAlph…we used that same song…sort of.

  72. Ice JB is becoming a real good Golfer mate I was going to introduce him to G Mac that won the US open but couldn’t be bothered as he was surrounded by kids looking autographs :( .
    Toonsy whats up with your Laptop

  73. Dave – Lots apparently. Started this morning and basically firefox kept freezing so I couldn’t get on the web. Got that sorted, cleaned the hard drive and git rid of music/videos ;) /photos ;) ;) etc. Now it just keeps overheating and cutting out so going to take it apart tomorrow and clean any dust inside it etc.

    All up to date on the virus front so on probs there like

  74. NorCal-

    Sigma Chi, mate.

    “…here’s to the blue and gold, of our loved fraternity.”

  75. BIG DAVE :)

    toonsy smashed his laptop,, punched it trying to get his own back ;)

  76. Dave-

    I’m not sure I’d want you standing next to me… unless of course you joined in with the chorus :lol:

  77. Reading where Bougherra would like a move to the EPL.
    Yeah i know we have had bad luck when buying defenders from Rangers (Boomsong)to mention one.
    However i believe this guy is the real deal, anyone watching him and his partner during the W/C plus Ranger fans can attest to his abilities.
    Was thinking he would fit in well as a CD and possibly move Taylor to the RB position, which he is familiar with and may be his best position, as he likes to join the attack and gets the occasional goal.
    Would certainly cement an already decent defense and allow Taylor to fill in as a CD if needed.
    Bougherra is around 27 with plenty of football left and would provide a more physical presence in the back line.
    not a bad thing to have in the EPL.
    Whadda ya think ?

  78. I don’t know about Bougherra. His record in England is less than impressive with Crewe, Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton, and going by former defenders from Rangers who excel in the SPL and flop with us (Moore, Boumsong) then I don’t think he would be any good for us.

  79. OHurley I know you were only trying to have a bit of banter, and not that it makes much difference but I lost both my parents together when I was 15 so I tend to take it very personal when someone says owt bad about them.

    Toonsy time to get a new one bud ;)
    Chuck I would take Bougherra he looks good for Rangers and in the WC

  80. bougherra would get done like a ducks dinner in epl,besides we already have a pie eater in toon

  81. DAVE
    Yeah he certainly impressed me (Boughgerra) in the recent W/C games for Algeria, providing a solid central defense along with his partner whose name escapes me at the moment.
    Hate to say it but I think the RB position is our main weakness, no confidence in either Simpson or R. Taylor.
    If we could`nt get Bougherra, then I would`nt complain if we got Beye back, yeah I know there`s the crowd who dont want ex players back (though no one complained when Nobby showed up again) thing Beye played well for us and we really could use his experience, has to be good for at least another season and would`nt break the bank.

  82. Ice Dog

    What would you know about football, have`nt ever heard you mention it !
    You use this blog for gratuitus insults to others, it`s aboot football pal !
    What do you mean by a pie eater ?

  83. CHUCK you dont know what you talking about as normal,and for your little mind i will tell you yes i have played the game semi/pro,dont wish to know what your claim to fame is as you wont have one i have never insuled anyone on hear except you,i should not have really as you do it yourself bye bye

  84. Chuck,any chance ya can come on here one time without having a pop at someone?

  85. Chuck TBH I have never seen Icedog insult anyone or even have words with anyone on here.

    Ice just thinking earlier today that 3 of my teams are still in the WC mate ;)

  86. CHUCK i might also add that i coached a under 13yr team to win the state final in aussie so maybe i know a little

  87. Ditto BigDave…Ice actually doesn’t get involved when the insults are getting thrown about.

  88. Dave-=

    My bad man, I had no idea mate. I’m sorry, bro. That really sucks. I hereby take back everything I said like. Really sorry!!

  89. Oh goodness people are sensitive on this blog…

    Happy days people happy days…

    I was impressed with the Portugese left back last night. He still plays for Benfica. Wonder what he’d cost.

    Also, there some very talented Chilean players that’d definately be worth a look at.

  90. jj the young Portugese left back is being lined up to move to FC Bayern mate.

  91. RICHIETOON/BIG DAVE thanks for that i normaly never do that or have ever done anyone a bad turn its not my way.
    dave you done well i have two you dog which i know you will know,team that shocks me is spain they dont normaly travel well

  92. Ice dont Bite ;)
    OHurley I know you were just fooling about mate you weren’t to know, I am just very sensitive and defensive about my Family ;)
    But you can still call me an Orange Bast*rd I dont mind or take offence to that :lol: or most other things

  93. JJ would not buy anyone on a three wk show,but agree there is some great talent in asia/s/amer which we should tap imo

  94. nae botha Ice………….JJ hopefully Jose will continue last seasons form in the Prem so any left back would be cover so probably no inteernational player would be happy with that.Ya right about Chile tho,as Chuck said theres a canny few decent players with the S.American and Asian teams that are worth a look.

  95. Lads I allways liked S.American type players I know they might take a wee while to settle but they are normally allways skillful and a treat to watch.
    Richie especially not Stephane Guivarch :) TBH I was excited when we got him :lol:

  96. to be fair Dave,he only had 4 games maybe he would have turned out great ;-) ………scored on his debut too!

  97. Richie funny sometimes I think the same about the Xisco kid he has never been given a chance and he has took alot of shit over KK etc, I do feel sorry for him and think if we pay his wages atlest give him a Chance he couldn’t be any worse than Best and look at the chances he has had in his very short spell with us.

  98. RICHIETOON daglish got lost off, thought he was buying a c/h,big dave take time to settle,didnt take tevez long like ;),case of getting right one i surpose and type of team t here comeing into,but they do take time wigan have had luck with one or two

  99. had to laugh at daglish when asked about signing him on just a,he said who else has a w.c. winner in there team,rest of epl where laughing

  100. If he’s back Dave he has to be given a chance,ya never know he might do well!!

  101. Icedog…..In October 2009, Guivarc’h appeared at No1 in a list, compiled by the Daily Mail, of the top 50 worst strikers ever to play in the Premier League. He responded by saying “It is truly a crap newspaper”, :lol:

  102. RICHIETOON never knew that but doesnt shock me,did they do one on worst defender as the toon have had a couple

  103. cannot count the spanish lad he had a very sore finger for 2 seasons bet your lass even knows about that hero she might have seen him play over there in fact

  104. found this on Q & a on yahoo… :lol:
    Pick a back 4 of the 4 worst defenders in the Premiership?
    I’ll give you a start ………………

    Titus Bramble !
    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    The newcastle back four.

    remember back in the days when it was Titus Bramble and Jean Alan Boumsong. The brothers of destruction.

  105. He does commentary on the EPL games on Spanish tv now…………I once saw him in the Metrocentre pushing a buggy wi his mrs……I went up and asked him if he thought he was fit enough to push the buggy,wor lasses face was a picture.She thought I was gonna ask for his autograph,I would have but holding the pen would have put him out for another couple of months :lol:

  106. RICHIETOON lol nearly fell of my chair,your getting better m8,hope you spoke spanish to him like

  107. I’m ashamed to say me Spanish is pathetic.Trying to learn it now like….needs must.

  108. RICHIETOON funny that son worked in spain 2 an half years,came back could only speak 3 words,then got on with girl from cuba bought a cd from metro spoke it in 3wks strange what women do to you,but if you would like the discs you are welcome to them just let me know m8

  109. Cheers Icedog,I’ve just got the Rosseta Stone cd’s…I’ve also got a michel Thomas course on my Ipod and I’ve got a couple of books out the library to read on me hols……..problem is I’m a lazy tw@t :roll:

  110. RICHIETOON,aye thats the one rosseta stone,pity could have saved you a few quid,could have saved money myself i bought them cds hes now dumped girl from cuba got girl from malta now,christ its a hard one to learn.
    going back wish toonsy had been on he got it from same guy last might have picked on him again lol

  111. told him to do that while i was away in malta,got my ear burned i work 12hr shifts 6days a wk,i just used your card when i was at metro, nice

  112. chuck says:
    June 30, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    “You use this blog for gratuitus insults to others”

    What a marvellous level of irony displayed there! Sticking true to form eh, Chuck? A couple of good football posts then a snap at someone, it’s becoming predictable.

    Icedog comes on here, talks a bit of footie, has a laugh, and has a chat with everyone. What’s wrong with that? We all do it. And who made you arbitrator of all things?

    For the record, I have never seen Icedog have a crossed word with anyone other than yourself, which perhaps tells it’s own story! If anything, he logs off when he sees trouble as he doesn’t want to get involved.

  113. Icedog – Divvn’t worry man. I reckon Chuck saw a someone having a happy moment somewhere and it angered him enough to snap out at someone ;)