Carroll to Chelsea and Campbell to Toon?

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Campbell - Back in the frame for Newcastle?
Campbell - Back in the frame for Newcastle?
Well it is Sunday again, and various news outlets have again failed to disappoint in there outlandish transfer gossip.

Amazingly, none of it regards Steven Taylor, although there is still plenty of time for that to change throughout the day.

One of these pieces of transfer gossip seems to think that Chelsea are lining up a bid for striker, Andy Carroll, whilst the other thinks we are back in the market for Sol Campbell who is again available on a free transfer after his short term contract at Arsenal expire.

Campbell was heavily linked with a move to Tyneside last season after he walked out on Notts County. He was spotted at the ground at everything and apparently told people he was all set to join Newcastle. In the end he didn’t, and when his old club Arsenal came calling he scurried off back down South, although I will admit that he did play some blinders last season, to the surprise of a few who though he was perhaps a bit too old for the rigours of Premier League football. But the thing is, if this rumour was true, at 35-years old now, has Campbell got another season left in the tank? I mean, it’s that little bit easier playing in defence for an Arsenal side who can actually maintain possesion and keep the pressure off their defence as opposed to what it would be like for us next season, where the defence will arguably be our most called upon position.

There is no doubt that Campbell is a good defender, mentally, but will his legs keep up with what his head is saying? There is also the cost involved aswell, as he probably wouldn’t come to Newcastle for the 50p a week and a bag of sherbert that we would be willing to pay him.

Next up, Andy Carroll is apparently a transfer target for Chelsea, who are trying to buy up the next generation of stars in preparation for the new financial fair play rules that will come into full force in a few years time. Under those rules, Chelsea would suffer as they cannot compete with the like of Arsenal or Manchester United in terms of income, which means that they theoretically wouldn’t be able to spend as much to keep up with them.

Carroll is being eyed as a long-term replacement for Didier Drogba (I know, don’t laugh), who isn’t getting any younger, and if they could buy him now then they wouldn’t have to worry about theses new financial restraints that are being imposed by both the Premier League and UEFA.

Whichever way you package it, both of these are unlikely to happen. Carroll is happy at Newcastle, and Ashley knows he wouldn’t get away lightly with selling one of our local lads. As for Campbell, rehash of the story from last year anyone? That is my take on it, plus the fact he is getting on and wouldn’t fit with our apparent policy of building for the future.

It is still fun to speculate though, I enjoy it, especially when the links are as tenuous as the two covered here. I was expecting something this Sunday, and despite his undoubted potential, Carroll to Chelsea is stretching it a bit far.

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44 Responses

  1. Hate Campbell.
    If we sign him that is the Arsenal model out of the window and age cap.

  2. Campbell, why not, isn’t his lass from up norf ?
    I would imagine we have more than enough centre halfs, but if Steve Taylor leaves, perhaps a good move. His experience would come in handy, and I’m sure he has at least one more good season in him before he wips out the zimmer frame.

    Carrol to Chelsea, would be devastating for me, a further sign of the intentions of the club management.

  3. I wouldn’t have minded Campbell a couple of years ago to bring on Stevie Taylor’s game but not now just because it would be “convenient” for him because his lass lives close.

  4. Imo I think the club should put a £15m asking price on Carrolls head, so if anyone even wants to talk to him re contracts they have to cough up at least that amount first…. it may keep the dogs without money away from the doors & make those with money think twice before trying anything!!

    As for Campbell, he maybe too old to play a full season in defence for us but he’d be good cover for Tayls, Colo & Williamson if we could get him on a pay-per-play contract, which I doubt he’d go for :)

    I totaly agree with regards to the Sunday mania that grips the crap-loids every week, it’s obvious that they’re getting nothing from inside the ground & the so called inside source must be drying up that they print any old rubbish just to get a headline, shame really!!

  5. What makes me laugh is the fact that the media say are sqaud is good enough to survive this season but yet they links all are players with mmoves to club that are supposedly better than us its funny

  6. Cyprus Toon
    June 6, 2010 at 10:07 am
    Imo I think the club should put a £15m asking price on Carrolls head.

    I am sure MA will have him priced to sell-I think the whole team is always up for sale to be honest and any out goings would not surprise me.

  7. 15 million for Carrol, when Milner is “worth” 30 million ?

    If Carrol can keep his head straight, have a good season in the PL and manage 10 – 12 goals, mature and develop his image and game, he has the potential to be a legend at the toon. He could do worse than follow in the footsteps of two other Geordie legends imo, Alan Shearer and SBR… Surely the club can guide him on this..

    There again, if he’s a heed the ball, then it’ll be a bumpy ride !

  8. Davy, the media have nothing better to write about, they are picking at straws. Even our new media communication lassy has been gagged ! Has she said anything yet ?

  9. Munich Mag says:
    June 6, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Even our new media communication lassy has been gagged ! Has she said anything yet ?

    Yeah she has. She said , ‘Yes Mike this rag does smell a bit like cloraform…….zzzzzzz’

  10. nice one Johno !….

    there again, maybe MA, CH and the management team are all spending the week in the toon caravan in Berwick-upon-tweed discussing the strategy for the forthcoming season…

    CH will be “back behind his desk” – love that term, on Monday morning. All will be revealed !

  11. Carroll is going to be No 9 next season so I cant imagine him wanting to go from being the top of the pecking order to a bench warmer, he does not strike me as that sort of guy. I would actually take Campbell for a year if he would take a decent wage, as he would be a good squad member and be valuable to help the younger kids come through and also to help shore up the back line when we are playing a run of games.

  12. Munich – my missus has just been up there with the bairn. I wonder if she’s part of the Ashley masterplan. She knows nowt about football like. Oh hang on, she’s clearly perfect for the role.

  13. aaha…thats it bowburn ! That’s part of the cunning plan from MA, get the lasses involved and the bairns, free bingo and ham and pease pudding sandwiches, bouncy inflatable castles and the like, future generations of the geordie nation etc. Watch out mate.

    That your lass knows about football should put her in good stead, no chance of her being recruited by evil Mike !

  14. Big Andy isn’t going anywhere like, Number 9 come July.

    Could be just the thing to make him realise his potential and stop acting like a clem.

    On Campbell, if he’s willing to take a half-decent wage then sign him up, his experience that could be passed onto our young defenders and even our first choice back four would be priceless.

  15. Toonsy,

    Why don’t you do a regular Sunday-Transfer blog? Just make it up out of thin air, the papers get away with it and it could give us all a bit of a laugh..

  16. Daverism – That is what I reckon about Carroll, give him a reason to stop acting jack the lad and it could help him.

  17. Daverism – Tempted, but the stock reply from people would be “would cost money, dream on” lol

  18. or giving him the number 9 could go to his head and he’ll think he’s the greatest and already made it….just playin devils advocate ;-)
    CH knows him better than us so I’ll trust in his decision.

  19. there again, maybe MA, CH and the management team are all spending the week in the toon caravan in Berwick-upon-tweed discussing the strategy for the forthcoming season… lol
    that made me laff ;)

  20. as for the speculation, utter crap, hasnt carroll been in talks with club about his contract?
    cambel, just cant see it

  21. All the papers r full of crap , I remember reading we were considering making Adeboyor our marquee signing in a sunday paper a few weeks back! Wouldnt belive any of it , esp on sundays

  22. toonsy says:
    June 6, 2010 at 12:03 pm
    Daverism – Tempted, but the stock reply from people would be “would cost money, dream on” lol

    You could always be more realistic and do a ‘free transfer’ blog every week.

  23. Stuart – Steady, that could be construed as optimism from you. Take it back immediately ;)

  24. Well I would assume that Ashley would ask the player to pay us the signing on fee.

    That’s the future – Players paying the club to play. That’s the new plan, we will lead the way and others will follow.

    A bit like our stand with the Daily/Sunday Mail.

  25. cheers Toonsy,apparently it looks a little like me!!…can’t see it mesel like ;-)

  26. Stuart – You arsehole, I’m just putting the finishing touches to something about that myself.

  27. I’m sure Carroll is the last piece of the Chelsea jigsaw to replace Drogba.

  28. Campbell has just proven he can still do it in the big time, so credit where credits due.

    Carroll will be wanted by the big boys if he has another season anything like the end of last, which is debatable. Simply because he is English, can score headers and Capello is sniffing around.

  29. How many so far?, talking rumors here !
    Seems it`s all about young home grown players, many of which IMO are quite mediocre,they are however still commanding prices way beyond their skill levels, Milner at twenty five to thirty million ?
    When an Arshevin went for half that price, make sense ?
    Suppose there may be something to the new rules, about to be introduced, concerning the number of foreign players as a percentage of the team.
    And clubs are getting their ducks lined up for it by buying home grown (no not weed) players.
    I cant say i particularly like the policy and if Platini wants to level the playing field, there are much more interesting ways of doing it through salary caps.
    Various versions ( to suit the particular circumstances)of this system have been successfully introduced and appear to be working to the satisfaction of both sides in the US.
    One big problem being with different leagues receiving various amounts of revenue, the cap would have to be as a percentage of income, not as standard fixed amounts.
    I think Platini has a tough sell and there will be plenty of disagreements down the road.
    If i were an owner of a top side within Europe i would certainly be talking to my fellow owners in regard to the possible future changes on the horizon.