Andy Carroll is going nowhere!

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Carroll is going nowhere!
Carroll is going nowhere!
Speculation circulated over the weekend regarding the future of Andy Carroll amid reported interest that Chelsea were preparing a bid in the region of £20 million for the Gateshead-born striker.

With no quotes or sources to back it up, I pretty much disregarded as utter rubbish, but now Chris Hughton has had his say and put the rumour to bed for good.

Carroll’s stock on the football pitch is rising rapidly and it is expected that he will get a call-up to the next England squad when it is announced later on in the week. Whether it is too early or not for the player is a separate issue really, all he can do is try his best, but it does mean that his star will be burning that little bit brighter, which perhaps inevitably will draw some interest from some of the ‘big-boys’.

“He’s not for sale and we don’t worry about that,” Hughton told The Guardian.

He added; “It’s obvious that, as he continues to improve, his profile will be lifted and interest will be lifted. That’s a normal process that happens with young players.”

I very much doubt that Carroll will want to leave Newcastle anyway. The media types just don’t get it, but Carroll is playing for his boyhood club, in the legendary shirt of that boyhood club, and in the Premier League. What more could be possibly want? Carroll has even said exactly the same himself I beleive, when he signed his new five-year contract recently, and that contract is another reason why Hughton remains certain that bigger lad won’t be going anwhere.

“The best thing from our point of view is that he’s just signed a new contract, was very happy to do that and is delighted to be playing here in his home town.”

Still, at least it shows that Carroll is proving himself where it matters – on the pitch! The problem Carroll has at the moment is that everytime you mention him or talk about him, his off-field antics get called into question. It’s something he will have to live with for a while to be honest.

As for the speculation, don’t believe the hype!

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68 Responses

  1. It’s just the next story in the “lets put undue pressure on the Toon and see if we can knock them down a peg or two” merry-go-round that fleet street are peddling at the moment. Maybe they’re getting bored of the Hughton contract non-story and are moving on? After all, it didn’t work to mess up the toon vs arsenal, or the makems, nor did trying to suggest by implication that Caroll was doing drugs.

    The most annoying part for me is that us fans – the ones who see through this shoddy so-called journalism – inevitably get sucked in to talking about it, thereby keeping the story alive. So frustrating >_<


  2. Chris Hughton is playing the media brilliantly, talking to them but giving nothing away at all, at first i thought he was really bland and boring but i now think he is just taking the piss out of them, his teams performances are doing all the talking for him and sticking it right up their jacksies.

  3. It’s hardly a media conspiracy against the Toon tho, is it?

    The media chat sh1te about all the other clubs too – its just that we tend to focus on the sh1te they write about us.

    The fact is AC’s star in in the ascendancy and, as is normal for a young, talented English footballer, he is being hyped to kingdom come.

    It’s a well trodden path by the press and just makes it all the more easier to knock him down the next time he sticks his fist/nob/glass in a teamate/bird/charver.

    We’d best get used to it is all I can say.

  4. How’s about we just DON’T BUY any of their tawdry output.
    Help put ’em out of business.
    They’re crapping themselves since the advent of t’interweb i.e. Free ‘news'(?).
    So, they use any sensationalist device to get you to look.
    How sad.

  5. but if it wernt for the – shite press – or the likes of the cctv showing – toon chicken – getting brayed then we’d have nowt te moan aboot man.

    clint – you have te think aboot the poor paper lad getting – bladdered – if you cancel your sunday papers m8.

  6. Bit of a negative headline there Toonsy.

    Sounds like he’s going nowhere in his career… ;-)

    Hopefully he does go somewhere… like straight to the top of the scoring charts.

  7. Roy – your futile attempts to flirt with me are getting a bit tiresome now.

    There are plenty of other sites where your attempts to chat up young men will be much more welcome.
    You could even tell them you’ve got a video of Joey Barton “fisting” a young lad. :roll:

  8. Oh yah,just to add on…

    i would guess that striker department will be the most players leaving us soon. :lol:

  9. I agree carroll will knock back the advances of english footballer graveyards city and chelsea. It’s hughton, tiote, krul, enrique I worry could be tempted to move to ‘top’ 5/6 destinations.

  10. toonsy says:
    November 9, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    I didn’t say he wouldn’t stay with us, toonsy.

    I just think that if the club recieved an a good offer for him, it would be accepted.

    We cannot really argue that fact as it’s in the clubs business model – Produce/buy good young players with a sell on value.

    I haven’t seen anything in the way the club has been run under Ashley that would suggest anything other than flogging him to the highest bidder. However that’s for another day.

    I’m still perplexed by the fact he still has offered Hughton a long term deal. My opinion, for what it’s worth is that he’s setting the club up to be sold. Could be wrong but I see no other reason for the delay.

  11. toonsy,
    did i?

    the chip shops have even given up on the papers mate, so we might as well.

  12. Stuart – So where is this proof that Newcastle produce players to sell on then? All it says to me is that Newcastle will focus on developing their own players rather than buying them, if they can, but then I guess it depends on how each person interpretates it.

    I’m also wondering why there is this notion that if we get a massive bid we will sell? We aren’t a selling club.

  13. I’m with Stuart on this one. If we received a £20million offer I believe the club would accept as it is remarkable business. Clubs outside of the top 6 just aren’t in the position to turn down big money nowadays.

  14. Wasn’t it always stated that CH’s contract would be looked at at the end of this year? Isn’t that what almost everybody wanted to happen too, about july/august?
    Why should it be brought forward at the behest of the pressmongs?

    Anybody considered the idea that CH is superstitious & doesn’t want anything changed regarding contract/assistant/wearing his tracksuit?

    Anyone ever heard of a person in sports being superstitious?

  15. “I’m also wondering why there is this notion that if we get a massive bid we will sell? We aren’t a selling club.”

    There isnt one its the same monotonous bollocks thats been spunked around since relegation, We could have sold Carroll and Taylor about ten times ower…

  16. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 9, 2010 at 2:36 pm
    How’s about we just DON’T BUY any of their tawdry output.
    Help put ‘em out of business.
    They’re crapping themselves since the advent of t’interweb i.e. Free ‘news’(?).
    So, they use any sensationalist device to get you to look.
    How sad.

    Very well said clint.
    I don’t even click on storys from papers such as the daily mail. I just wait for it to be relayed to me via this blog.

  17. why accept an offer of 20mill in jan after he has only played 11 prem games, why not let play a few season there is no other player like carroll we would b able to get 40mill to 50mill for the lad some ppl mite laugh at that figure but since he is one of kind we b able to demand riduculous figures, funny really that sum ppl on here saying he wasnt even good enough b4 season began, more improtantly ppl are forgetten he is a toon fan playing for toon he aint gonna wanna leave if we keep playing the way are outside chance of europa league

  18. toonsy,
    :) :) :)
    I knew you were up to no good mate.
    Best laugh i’ve had all day mate.

  19. toonsy says:
    November 9, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Where’s you evidence that we aren’t a selling club? We’ve always recouped more than we’ve spent under Ashley (Ex last January).

    It’s only my gut feeling. I just don’t think Ashley has done anything in the past to suggest otherwise.

    Llambias is on record as saying the club want to develop young players who have a sell on value.

    As for Hughton, I just think he’s being treated like a complete mug.

    Answer me this – Why hasn’t he had a decent offer of the club yet? Why haven’t the club tried to move heaven and earth to sign him up? Hasn’t he done enough to deserve it?

  20. CLINT never bought a rag for over 10yrs m8 and dont intend to,kicked skys arse oot too thiefing “B”can get all T.V.stations for £15 a month if i wanted but not fussed anyway

  21. Stuart – The club have said he will get a new deal in the new year. What’s the problem?

    As for the transfers, I accept we have mae a profit, but how many of those players sold wanted out? Most of them IMO…..

  22. Stu.

    The club said they will look at it at the end of the year.

    The story begins and ends there.

    You’re no worse than the gutter press with all your speculative bs.

  23. anyone know what crack is with moyo that we signed he aint played at any level yet, as for lovenkrands if we got offer id sell him he has been so poor wen come in prem games, id sell xisco to although i would keep best he was looking good in pre season n has been injured ever since bk training now hope he gets chance to prove ppl wrong, also we shud jus appoint steve stone as am its working

  24. Clint

    Surely you can’t expect Hughton to wait until the Summer to renegotiate his contract. That would be a serious move of disrespect on the club’s behalf. How can we expect to pay a manager League 1 wages to keep a team up in the Premiership?

  25. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 9, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    You never thought that Hughton is desperate for a little bit of security and feels he should be rewarded? Maybe it’s at his behest?

    Also no it hasn’t always been the case the club will look at his contract at the end of the year, it’s only been since two weeks ago when they made their statement.

    I just find it odd that they were happy to give him a two year deal last year having proved absolutley nothing, but now he has proved that he is a good guy and a good manager he isn’t worthy of anything. Very strange.

  26. Also it has clearly rankled with the players and Hughton himself. He’s said as much.

    I guess we just have different views on this. I see no reason to wait, you see a reason to. Fair enough.

  27. stuart why r u and others finding so difficult to understand about the houghton contract, theyve said it will be done in the new year i think it is very sensible from ashly it giv hoots half a season to prove he is prem class which he is doing ryt now, but we all kno footie can change so quick what if for example ashly hands hoots 4year multi million pound contract now we lose r next 7-8games there gonna sack him n hav to pay him off its not hard to figure out, by the way 4year deal is what i think hoots shud get in new year best gaffer since sir bobby

  28. Stuart – If it was me I would have given Hughton a ne deal, but isn’t and the club habe said it will be dealt with in the new year.

    He’ll only get another two-year contract anyway in my opinion.

  29. davy says:
    November 9, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    So what happens if we give him a 4 year deal in January and we lose 7/8 games after that? You cannot not give someone a contract in case we lose some games. If Ashley believes in him he should offer him a contract, simple.

  30. I find it ironic that the same w@nkers in the press hammering Ashley for not giving Hughton a new contract are the same people that have spent the last six months slagging the FA for giving Capello a new deal before the world cup.

    Ashley was caught with his kecks round his ankles with Keggy and fat Sam he is covering his back. Come the new year if we are still picking up points with the same regularity then he will get his deal, If not he wont and will go through until the summer on his original deal or may even be replaced.

    Ashley wants the same as us to stay in this division, Maybe not for the same reasons like… ;)

  31. i mean if u giv him a deal now which he deserves and it goes wrong they wud hav to pay him off, now bearing in mind if it was an experienced manager i think he would of got his deal by now, but bcoz he has only been manager in champioship for one season n this is first crack at prem i think there jus taking there time to see how he copes, now they do believe hoots is the man for the job bcoz they woudlnt hav signed him up till the end of this season but they jus been cautios but has hoots has done ever since he got the job that he can cope, n has ability i hav no doubt 3-4year will b giving in jan, also they already kno hoots has no problem working with the new way the club recruits players which worksin his favor

  32. cc – nail on the head mate.
    I’m thinking MA has a deal on the table conditional that we stay in the prem. ??
    But I know nowt.
    Just hope Hoots stays on for a long time, as he is and has done a great job so far.
    MA is a cnut no matter what.

  33. I’d be surprised if they gave him a 3-4 year contract.

    2 tops I reckon, but more likely a 1 year rolling.

  34. Stuart79-tell me what happens if the club offers hughton a fat 3 year contract with a very good salary now and then the performances decline and we go down to the championship.then it would be hughton stuck with a massive pay check for a long time,severance for which we would have to pay a hefty compensation.i think ma is right to take his time till jan perhaps when he will surely get to know better which division we will be playing in.and dont forget he has already had to pay loads of compensation for big sam,kk and kinear.once bitten,twice shy i guess mate:-)

  35. EL Toro,
    i didn’t say CH’s contract will be looked at at the end of the season mate, i said end of this year.
    I’ll reiterate my view: Who on here thought that we(the club) should hang fire, see how we’re doing in the first half of the season(say xmas) before offering CH a new deal?
    Most thought that was a good road to go down. Aye, we’re doing better than most expected, but that doesn’t mean we have to jump in early cos the press reckon we should & have started trying to make the club look stupid. Again.
    CH might be totally cool with that for all we know. Between them, they mght have it all worked out, again, for all we know.
    Maybe CH wants to keep things as they are while we’re on a decent little run.
    Lots of sports people are VERY superstitious.
    Why should the club be bullied by the press?
    Or pressured by fearful fans?
    Looking at it at xmas seems very sensible to me like.
    Always did, always will.
    CH isn’t the type to go moving around for more money.
    He spent 27+ years at spuds.
    He’s a loyal character, he’s doing a great job, at a place that is growing to love him, with total respect, built up from the floor through tremendous adversity.
    He’s not gonna walk from that, everything is falling into place for him.
    He’s a socialist, not a social climber.

  36. T.C. ime with you on one year rolling seems to be the way to go nowadays,any are contracts worth the paper there written on for managers/players,if someone wants them off they go if cash is right imo

  37. Clint

    I thought you said something about addressing the contract issue around July/August. I must have misread. My apologies.

  38. I just asked whether any of us (last july/august) thought we’d be giving him a new deal until this xmas.
    After seeing how the first half of this season panned out.

  39. The concept of being a “sell-on” club requires you have a player or players in the wings ready to step in and fill the void created by the sale. At this point, the nearest to a replacement for Carroll would be Nile Ranger. Ranger looks like he has the makings of a front line star, but we don’t know if Ranger is being groomed for that or for Shola’s role of striker/drop back to midfielder. So, I’d say the role model is there, but they don’t have the roster of youngsters to implement it yet.

  40. deepak is a indian toon says:
    November 9, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Ashley would be left with the same problem if he offered him the contract in Janaury though, surely?