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This emty space needs filling!
This empty space needs filling!
It was a little under a year ago now back in May of last year when my world caved in. After bearing witness to probably the most gutless and feeble excuse for a performance from a Newcastle team I have probably ever witnessed, we were relegated amid the jeers and cheers of fans around the country. Uncertainty remained around the club, what was going to happen? Would we ‘do a Leeds’? Virtually everyone had the knives out for us. However many numbers of different factors contributed to our relegation didn’t matter, the one thing most of us thought is that the future looked less than rosey.

Fast forward 11 months and things now seem different. The smiles have returned and the feel good factor has been creeping back, a feel good factor that came to head on Monday evening as Newcastle announced their return to the Premier League at the first time of asking in front of a packed St James’ Park and a worldwide television audience.

Gone are the visits to Glanford Park, Bloomfield Road, London Road to be replaced with trips to Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Anfield, venues for which we have now earned the right to play at. Amongst the mutual back-patting however there is still a job that can be done this season and the lads can put on hold the romantic thoughts of visiting those famous grounds whilst they finish the season in style and bring a deserved trophy to Tyneside.

Of course a huge chunk of credit for being in a position to do that must go to the players. Their ability to knuckle down and get results has been the difference between us and the rest with a new found team spirit and togetherness playing a key role in everyone pulling in the same direction. Credit must go to Chris Hughton aswell, his team selections and ability to instill that previously mentioned team spirit have been essential. We all watched the post-match interview after the Sheffield United match, we all saw how emotional he was after guiding the team to promotion, we all saw how much he cared about pointing NUFC in the right direction.

Finally, and I may get hammered for this but, owner Mike Ashley must be awarded some credit aswell, after all it is his money that has bankrolled us back to the big time whilst carrying a wage-bill and calibre of player the Championship has never seen before, and may never see again. When the team looked like it was struggling in January he dug into his pockets again and brought in reinforcements, as Hughton and the players had asked for, to the tune of around £5 million. Of course people will point out that his mistakes speeded up the relegation process, I just hope some of them can hold their hands up and say the reverse this time around and give credit where it is due.

Despite all of that though, the job isn’t finished. We started off this season with very low expectations from the majority of fans, mainly down to not knowing what to expect on the pitch or off it. As it’s panned out we have been top of the league for most of the season, something we should be aiming to keep up. Yes, promotion had to be the main priority but now we have achieved that I would feel slightly gutted if we just gave in now and relinquished the top spot, and the trophy that goes with it.

I don’t expect that to happen though. The players we have now may not be the most skillful set we have ever witnessed at St James’ Park but they are very effective and very determined, two things that we weren’t last season and they, along with Hughton, have collectively confirmed that they want the title. We also now have something money can’t buy, a team spirit, something that we haven’t had for a long time and that can be worth it’s weight in gold.

Will there be players coming and going in the summer? Yes. I just hope that whoever leaves the club and whoever is brought is can compliment what we have already. Let’s not kid ourselves, for next season the goal has to be survival. Another relegation would be catastrophic and next time we may not have such a willingness from our owner to delve into his pockets.

I’ve given Mike Ashley credit for keeping us afloat this season, and now is his chance to shine by giving Chris Hughton and the club the tools to survive and thrive in the big money league. The realisation that £20 million wont be spent on a single is sinking in and most of us realise that going down that route got us nowhere in the first place. Sensible investment is a different matter though and I hope Ashley see’s it the same way.

Anyway, where is that trophy?

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173 Responses

  1. I could almost sense you feverishly working your fingers to the bone there mate.
    Well done.

    & a damned fine one it is too.

  2. In the pole on the right of the page, how can Ryan Taylor have 1% of the votes with only 1 vote, when Marlon Harewood has 7 votes, but 0%?

    Surely he wasn’t so bad that he started out on a minus %age!?

    And as for poor old Tamas Kadar!

  3. This is a great article. I think the 15 to 20million figures are most likely correct and will definitely be enough for us to put together a squad capable of survival. Wolves and Birmingham both spent 5million or less and our squad is better than theirs was when they were promoted. I just hope we spend the money wisely and get a good pre season under our belts. It’s all a bit quiet in regards to our transfer dealings. That can only be a good sign, eh?

  4. I thought Birmingham spent about £15m and Wolves £12m?

    Read that somewhere…

  5. £20m will keep us up comfortably I think.

    We could get Fletcher at Burnley for about £4m I reckon, he’s a clever player.

    O’Hara will be available, Maybe even Carlton Cole if no other clubs are in for him.

  6. Would anyone take Eagles from Burnley? Listening on 5live last night how he isnt getting a game, I think he would be a good creative player who can play on the wing too?

    O’Hara is a must for me too

  7. I quite liked the look of that Ogbuse Oweyi, or something who was on loan at Pompy. Anyone get a good look at him?

  8. Raffo

    Oh ok, mate. I assume they are his parent club. Shouldn’t be too hard to lure him back to the Prem league then. I really liked the look of him. Powerful wide midfielder that weren’t afraid to shoot. I would take 3 or 4 of those Pompy players in truth

  9. Would def be interested to see who all we can bring in next season. I just hope we sell as few as possible. Obviously Butt will retire and ST will probably want to go to Everton lol, but I want desparately to keep Colo, Enrique, Jonas, and the rest.

    Also- I hear that Olympiakos may be keen on letting Vasilis Torosidis go. Now THERE’S a right back.

    I wonder if we could get Landon Donovan from LA Galaxy….. hmmmmmmm

  10. Is there a reason that Eagles isn’t getting a game at Burnley though? I mean their really poor but he still cannot get a game. Must a be a reason as from what I’ve seen he must be one of their better players.

    Shawcross wouldn’t be a bad signing either but would he leave Stoke for us and could we afford him?

  11. Spyro – He was on 80k a week mate, or he is on it now, cant remember which one :lol:

    Stu – I like that Steven Fletcher, scored 9 goals this season but I bet we would create more chances for him. Kris Boyd has done it at every level and is on a free aswell.

    If they fail we can always go back in for Messi. I hear he is pissed that Barca wont allow him to talk to us :lol:

  12. Wouldn’t go buying overseas players that need a season-ish to get with it, in our first season back like.
    Big mistake.

  13. i’m not sure buying frindge players from the stuggling prem clubs is the way to go. survival is the key, but we shouldn’t be aiming to be in the relegation battle.

    look at how january went. the rumor mill was flying, yet sensible buys that complimented what we had in place were made. like toonsy said, we need more of the same to happen in the summer and i’m sure the wheels are already in motion behind the scenes.

  14. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 7, 2010 at 3:18 pm
    Wouldn’t go buying overseas players that need a season-ish to get with it, in our first season back like.
    Big mistake.

    Would you apply that principle to players from outside the PL too? Unproven players?

  15. Don’t know if it’s already been mentioned but sir john hall has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  16. Toonsy

    Owusi Obeyi! That’s his name! 80k!!! Bloody hell! I didn’t know that. He isn’t worth half that, that is ridiculous.

    Maybe we could poach a few players from Unirea Urziceni(whatever their name is) or that Russian side that gave Barca such a hard time in the group stages. Surely some of those lads must have put themselves in the shop window with their European Cup performances…

  17. WE should buy all the players that left last season, for a laugh.
    What a team that would be………….Oh wait!

  18. jay jay,
    there is a god then.

    na i wouldn’t, simply because they understand the english game (speed + skill) & they get what it means to us.
    It’s the breakneck speed that kills the overseas boys first up.
    I’m not saying no overseas players, just be aware that ‘most’ need a while to gel.

  19. If we do go overseas.
    Scandinavians, east europeans etc.
    Slick passing, carpet footballers with a bit of bite.

  20. Spyro @ 25 – If he was on that at Pompey then really it’s plain to see where they went wrong!

    How about Seb Larsson form Birmingham, on a free?

  21. Aye but CLiNT buying an unproven player from div 1 is just as much of a risk as buying an unproven player from abroad is it not?

    Personally I think in our first season it’s important to make sure we stay up – We can move forward then.

    By doing that I think you need proven PL performers – If they happen to be young then great but I don’t think that should be the main criteria in our first season.

    We need a soldi base to build from. We cannot bring young players into a struggling squad fighting relegation I don’t think.

  22. eastcoastmag says:
    April 7, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    “i’m not sure buying frindge players from the stuggling prem clubs is the way to go. survival is the key, but we shouldn’t be aiming to be in the relegation battle.

    look at how january went. the rumor mill was flying, yet sensible buys that complimented what we had in place were made.”

    eastcoastmag, Mike Williamson was a fringe player from a very struggling Premiership club, and, strange though it sounds, so was Danny Simpson. Though we signed Wayne Routledge from a Championship club, in many ways he was a ‘Premiership fringe player’ par excellance with his history.

  23. Toonsy

    I have heard quite a few suggesting Larsson, and he would be a good signing i think. However, would he really leave Birmingham for us right now? I have my doubts, but you never know.

  24. Stuart,
    but nowt like the risk of spending decent cash on overseas
    players, then paying them more too.
    Much less of a risk.

    But anyhow, i’m not advocating buying div 1 players like.
    Mostly just not prima donnas on high wages from countries that don’t get stuck in & can’t hack it for a season or more.

  25. Spyro – Just been reading something where he said that Birmingham are showing no interest in offering him a deal, we should get in there now :lol:

  26. Toonsy
    Your blogs improve with time and you certainly took your time with this one.
    Soh! the speculation begins, how much dosh is available and who do we need to achieve survival, that first season back.
    Who will “get the push” and who will we sign.
    Will Hughton get a contract extension ?
    Will he be replaced, by a bigger name ?
    Will Senor Ashley be accepted or forever disliked ?
    Will he sell at the first opportunity or will he hang on, hoping to reap the rewards of EPL membership.
    Perhaps he sees it as a challenge ?
    Will he keep that footballing genius Llambias or get a real managing director or is Ashle the real managing director and uses Llambias as a mouthpiece ?
    So many questions.

  27. Stu – Shwcross was on liverpools radar in Jan so I doubt he would choose us over them. I dont know, but David Dunn was quoted as saying both Eagles and AN other did more in 10mins for them than the whole team did the rest of the game agaisnt Blackburn.

    I think it would be worth a punt.

    Off to Grimsby to watch that Lough tonight

  28. The press mongs are only mentioning Larsson cos he’s been mentioned before, they always do this.
    Cos they’re lazy bastards without a smartie between them.
    & definitely no imagination.

    Add that to the fact that we do our business differently these days & they know nada about what we are up to in the transfer market now.
    Long may that reign.

    Let the divs in the press speculate all they want, they haven’t called one signing we’ve made for yonks now.

  29. Think the absolute needs are

    1)CB with pace
    2)cover for Enrique
    3)a well-rounded striker with a bit of pace and skill
    4)a player that can cover both wings
    5)young AM

    That’s 5 players- with 20M and loaners that should be sufficient.

    I’d personally send Ranger out on loan to the CCC. It will be interesting to see what would happen if someone came in with a reasonable bid for Steven Taylor (8-10M). would hate to see him go but that kind of money could increase the quality of our summer purchases. I also wonder if we’d be tempted by a bid for Krul or Forster.

    Anyway, interesting times ahead.

  30. Toonys

    I suppose Birmingham, with their mega rich owners, are looking up and above the likes of Seb Larsson now, eh? In that case he would be a decent signing. would add some much needed creativity to the side, and become our new dead ball specialist with Taylor surely on his way.

  31. workyticket says:
    April 7, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Howay Worky!

    You can’t tell us that Simpson was a fringe player at a struggling PL club – If Man U are a struggling PL club can we struggle please?

    Williamson was only a fringe player at Portsmouth because once they’d bought him they couldn’t afford to play him.

    Routledge was a fringe player once but them days had long gone.

    I don’t see a problem buying struggling teams better players but buying their fringe players is never going to be a good idea in reality – There’s a reason why their fringe players in a struggling side – Because their not good enough more often than not.

  32. Stuart79 says:
    April 7, 2010 at 3:47 pm (Edit)
    workyticket says:
    April 7, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    “Howay Worky!

    You can’t tell us that Simpson was a fringe player at a struggling PL club”

    Well he was certainly a “fringe player”, Stuart. As for the “struggling”, have you seen the level of Manchester United’s debt? That John McCririck gadgie is trying all ways he possibly can to raise money and save money.

  33. Plenty of players are left on the shelf cos the current man in charge doesn’t get along with ’em like.
    Rob lee?
    Shearer? under gullit?

  34. Pedro, Ginola, Speed, Batty, Sir Les, Robert, Lee, all of the forementioned would never have made it to the club had there been a policy of only buying players twenty six or under.
    This outlines the fact it`s a moronic policy, being implimented by a man with a history of retailing in the rag trade.
    It`s amazing how many fans now believe he has discovered the magic formula that can make us a competitive side in the PL by installing a transfer, salary and age cap.
    Sure it would be great if it were the case, the reality may be different.
    As far as what other clubs have spent in order to survive, to make comparisons is nonsense.
    Going to be an interesting year i think.

  35. Worky,

    Still, given their performance on the pitch and of it for that matter it’s slightly stretching it saying ‘struggling’.

    I’ll take struggling like them any day – Ok not the debt but the turnover and profit I’ll take.

  36. Slight difference CLiNT – We weren’t a struggling side at the bottom of the league.

    The clue is in the fact that they cannot get into a struggling side at the bottom – That suggests their pretty poor.

    Chuck – You keep telling it as it is mate.

  37. Did you cut ‘n’ paste that response from months back?

    It’s all well & good (NOT!) believing everything you read in hateful ragtops like, but not very helpful.

  38. worky@32 – point taken on all three of them.

    i just don’t think with the aim to stay up, buying players on the same level as what we already have is what we need to be targeting. we need to be looking at the guys who are the next step up – hopefully that doesn’t come across like i’m contradicting myself!

  39. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 7, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    “Pedro, Sir Les, Ginola, under sourpuss?”

    They were over 26 when they signed for Keegan, Clint. Though in Pedro’s case of course, it wasn’t his first time.

  40. Don’t think we were doing that well 97/98 mate when sourpuss was in charge, 4 points off relegation by the end of it.
    sourness didn’t have us top of the league either.
    Wasn’t he sacked?

  41. Chuck,
    no it ain’t mate.
    There are facts, it’s just the press & us don’t know what they are, is all.

  42. worky,
    how does that relate to players being fringe?

    I never mentioned age.

  43. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 7, 2010 at 4:08 pm
    Don’t think we were doing that well 97/98 mate when sourpuss was in charge, 4 points off relegation by the end of it.
    sourness didn’t have us top of the league either.
    Wasn’t he sacked?

    We didn’t finish either season near relegation, so we weren’t a struggling PL side in the close season, when these players would have been available.

    Look, lets not get pedantic – If you cannot get in a struggling PL side the chances are you’re not a very good player, otherwise they’d be playing and the club might not be struggling.

  44. I’ve been mentioning Eagles for some time and getting shot down for doing so. Although the last couple of games I’ve seen him in he didn’t impress, but then he has been in a really poor team. What I did like was he does try to be creative despite the mainly rubbish play of his team mates.
    Doesnt look like anyone will be signing Cleverley even if ManU decided to let him go as he could be crocked for some time.
    I realise that Ch is keen to take the Championship title but I’d really like to see Kadar, Ranger, Tozer, Donaldson even Godsmark getting some games.
    Probably be a pain in the ar$e Toonsy but it might be interesting listing the players we are supposed to be looking at on a weekly or bi-weekly basis up to the new season start. See which blogger turns out to be the top predictor, I reckon O’hara as our most likeley buy and whilst I’d love to be wrong Beckford is another.

  45. As far as speculation, think Hutton & O`Hara would be decent additions.
    One player we do lack is that midfield engine room and O`Hara could certainly fill that role, believe he is every bit as good as a Veloso.
    Hutton at RB, with Simpson as cover.
    There also seems to be a wealth of young talent coming out of the former Yugoslavia area (seeing there`s a fascination with young players here)and the French leagues seem to provide some classy youngsters, hope our Scout`s are on the ball.

  46. Big Willy syas:

    “Probably be a pain in the ar$e Toonsy but it might be interesting listing the players we are supposed to be looking at on a weekly or bi-weekly basis up to the new season start. See which blogger turns out to be the top predictor”

    Jesus Big Willy, thats a full time job :lol:

  47. Idk, I think overseas players can make an impact. Also- we have several that have already passed the test and hopefully they could be a positive influence should we actually bring some in.

    Also- look at Landon Donovan. Overseas player that immediately made an impact. Would be chuffed to bits if we could ‘land’ donovan :D

  48. Chuck – O’Hara and Hutton definately. Also agree about players over in Serbia and that neck of the woods.

  49. big willy,know you have said about eagles before,maybe you saw him in ccc where he was a canny player,but when he stepped to epl it was a bit much for him,watched him 2-3 times,he cannot handle it imo m8

  50. Wouldn’t regret signing him though. Canny winger and a decent striker too. Very creative and plays his heart out. Would be chuffed to bits seein him in black n white.

  51. Stuart-

    Hadaway man!! He’s nowt but 27 or 28 with a LOT of gas left in the tank.

    If we COULD sign him, we’d be fools not to.

  52. Just digging about and found this

    This is the team which beat Aston Villa 2-0 at home last season in EPL

    Newcastle United: Given, Beye, Coloccini, Taylor, Jose Enrique, Gutierrez, Barton, Butt (c), Duff, Martins, Ameobi.

    Only Given/Baye/Duff/Martins no longer here (Harper/Simpson/Routledge/Loverboy)….. only really Martins is a miss in my view…..

    Maybe next season will be OK after all :-)

  53. OHurley says:
    April 7, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Hadaway man!! He’s nowt but 27 or 28 with a LOT of gas left in the tank.

    If we COULD sign him, we’d be fools not to.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    But in Chucks words ‘this moronic’ transfer strategy we have players like him are out of bounds – Too old, No sell on value and would probably want more than £20k per week.

  54. Stuart-

    I see, m8. Yeah, like any rule, there MUST be exceptions depending on the circumstance.

    I guess it is a rather ‘moronic’ idea hahaha

  55. Stu – I don’t know, 20k a week compared to what players get in MLS is a heck of a lot.

  56. Maybe we could do an Everton and bring some of these older players in on loan from a league struggling to gain some fame. Genius move, if ya ask me.

  57. He’ll be on more than that toonsy. If he’s not he wants a new agent.

    Anyway, doesn’t matter – Too old!

  58. saw a canny 22 yo put 4 past arsenal last night! I think he was called lionel or something like that… Maybe we should try him ;-)

  59. OHurley- would love Donovan (I beleive he is 27 by the way and on comparatively low wages with the Galaxy) – he is pacey as hell, can play both wings as well as up front in or in the AM role in a 4-4-2. Problem is he has said he will only play move to Everton and he is currently valued at around 10M. If he has a big WC that number will rise considering he has already shown his quality in the Prem.

  60. MDS truth. Wish we could’ve acted on him sooner. He’s just class and keen on playin’ for his team like. Great asset to any team he finds himself on.

  61. Stu – It’s nowt to do with agents mate. MLS has salary caps in place and the average a player earns is like around $100,000 a YEAR.

    I think there is one or 2 players that can exceed that salary cap but the wage is still payed mostly by the league and not the club I think.

    I could be haorribly wring on that last point though as the MLS rules are less than easy to understand :)

  62. Toonsy-

    You got that right. We’ve got two or three professional “soccer” leagues in the US, but do they consolidate and have relegation and promotion? No. I DO like their wage cap though.

  63. Yeah, maybe predjudiced, but there have been quite a few decent US players in the PL , we even had one on trial coupla seasons ago.
    I`m sure Moyes realized he made a big mistake a few seasons back in not resigning McBride, who had some good seasons @ Fulham.
    Dempsey aint bad but it`s in the goalkeeping role, with Your man @ Villa, must be close to forty by now, still one of the best in the league.

  64. Chuck,
    if only (cos i say so).
    But definitely if the press say so, hey?
    Oh well, never mind man.

    press speculation & bollox, over common sense or logic.
    Might as well.

  65. Good Article Toonsy, My sentiments exactly .Time to move onwards and upwards . For all his mistakes in the past (and by God there were plenty ) Mike Ashley might just be learning a thing or two about owning a Football team and especially about the Special one NUFC and its Fans .

    If they carry on with the plan to bring on young players , whilst bringing in a blend of good Established Pl players and players who really want to play for the Toon , then the future is bright especiaslly so in these days when silly transfer fees and ridiculous weekly wages are numbered for all clubs in the Pl. Even Abramovitch at Chelski and SAF at Manure are looking critically at how much they are spending . Citeh is well just Citeh how many oil well does the Sheik have ?? (They still wont compete with Barcelaona in Talent though .)

    Any way I think we will do alright next season with continuing sensible buying of Good players who will fit into the current Team Spirit for that is what will keep us up , just look at Everton with their limited budget

    Rant over sorry

  66. Johno Toon-

    As far as MLS goes, probably not so much. Now as for American players in general- Michael Bradley is great for Borussia Monchengladbach. Jozy Altidore is also pretty good too. I’ve always been impressed with Carlos Bocanegra, but he IS too old now. Also- Moreno is pretty good at Philly Union. But he’s a CCC player at best.

  67. Chuck,
    i totally agree with regards to there being some good players in the states man.

  68. I certainly agree that there`s big bucks being spent by the EPL`s top clubs, which in turn forces less wealthy clubs to spend in order to survive or attempt to get a Euro. playoff spot.
    But let`s be real about players, they all kiss badges and give a standard “it`s not about me , its about the club”, raps, we have heard them a million times.
    So when i read about loyalty to the club i gotta laugh,
    It`s about “Money” folks, the rest is bullshit.
    Ask Ashley !

  69. Last transfer window proved that the days of wild spending are drying up.
    & teams like villa & spuds telling their managers to sell before you buy.
    Let’s just hope it continues, back to sensible prices, bit like the housing market, it couldn’t go on forever & didn’t.

  70. Clint says
    Last transfer window proved the days of wild spending are drying up.

    Maybe someone should have told Real Madrid and Man City that !

  71. real are owned by the banks & manc, well, need i say?
    Exceptions to the rule mate.

    There’s 2 then.
    All other clubs are tightening their belts, if they have one left.

  72. Real Madrid were indeed funded by banks as most of their transfer money is leveraged on the players and projected income. Doing that with Kaka and Ronaldo is fine as they are global superstars.

    Man City are backed to the hilt by a bloke tht makes Mike Ashley look like a homeless tramp by comparison.

    Only 2 teams spent over £20 million last summer, Man City and Villa. As above, City are on a different planet although they have made sounds about becoming sustainable as have Lerner at Villa and Short at Sunderland. The spending may be getting turned off as all of their loans have now been turned into equity apart from Lerner at Villa, and why would they do that if the cash injections haven’t stopped?

  73. Aye ya right CLiNT – Just a shame that all them clubs who are cutting down on their spending are about £200m worth of players ahead of us.

  74. If Hull go down we should have a look at Jozy Altidore. Extremely strong player with good holdup skills and a powerful shot. Would make Shola and Best expendable.

    Also Michael Bradley is a fantastic DCM. Active, good tackler, great shot, could be just what we need.

  75. toonsy says:
    April 7, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    What about Spurs toonsy?

    Didn’t they buy Crouch, Defoe, Palacious and a few others?

    That comes to more than £20m surely?

    Man Utd? Valencia and Obertan. Liverpool? Aquallani and Johnson. Mackems? Bent, Cana, Cattermole, Turner and Mensah.

    Think this drying up of transfers is being over played like. Just because people kept their powder dry in January doesn’t mean everyone’s stopped spending.

  76. Ta toonsy :)

    Aye Stuart,
    but that £200m is at inflated prices, so, like houses, negative equity is the name of the game.
    There is no way they would get what they payed for them a year or 3 back, is there?

  77. Stu – Spurs had a net spend of £2.5 million last summer. Man Utd mad a £65.5 million profit from the summer transfer window.

  78. We’ll see Stuart.
    ‘arry has been told to sell to buy.

    & it’s not just price, it’s wages too.
    All clubs will be pleading poverty & trying to cut out agents n’all.

  79. Isn’t the prem having a new rule about no. of players next season too-25 first team or something?

  80. Following the exits from the champions league by EPL sides, who`s incomes top those of most continental clubs.
    Will no doubt cause a flurry of buying come the summer window.
    Arsenal were soundly beaten by Barca.and need help, would`nt be surprized if man U. make an exit to-day, Beyern looked the better side of the two.
    Think Chelsea are about to go through a restructuring of an ageing side and Man Citeh will spend as usual.
    Liverpool need help, this in turn may force others to strengthen and the increased tv revenue may induce others to spend.
    In which case i`m going to take a wait and see attitude about the days of reckless spending.

  81. Still committed to spending a hell of a lot toonsy.

    Net spend is irrelevant – There are so many different payment stages, some pay up front, others in installments.

    For instance Spurs might have agreed to buy 5 players over 3 years for £50m but agree to sell 3 players over 5 years worth £25m.

    Cash flow is effected so net spend isn’t really an issue unless players are bought and sold on the same terms exactly – Something that won’t happen.

  82. CLiNT – That’s the ‘home-grown’ rule. A squad of 25 players registered must have 8 home grown players in it.

    Under 21 players don’t need to be registered.

  83. Just for the record, I believe the PL is still growing around the world and more money will come into the game via TV rights both here and abroad.

    We’ve just been through the worst recession in living memory yet tv revenue has gone up and will continue to go up as long as there is demand.

  84. Stu – The KPMG table I’m looking at looks at transfer fees agreed, not staged payments.

    Net spend is highly relevant as it shows quite the opposite of clubs splashing cash and points to the fact the squads are being rotated with players being sold to fund buying. The only expception are the 3 promoted teams who sold basically nobody.

  85. Is that next season toonsy?
    I thought it was a cap on no. in the 1st team squad.
    Sounds like you know there like, ta.

  86. Stu – TV money wont be going up again until a new deal is agreed in 2013.

    The last deal was £1.7 billion, the new one is £1.782 billion.

  87. The ‘global financial meltdown’ will still be used by plenty to get prices down, whether it’s true or not.

  88. CLiNT – Aye, for next season. Basically a squad of 25 (containing 8 home grown players) players must be registered. Players over 21 that aren’t registered won’t be able to play whereas under 21 players don’t need to be registerd in the squad to play.

  89. In ‘real terms’ it’s probably down or static.
    Which is like down-in real terms.

  90. Stu – Aye it’s gone up, but only because it now includes overseas rights. Without that it would have gone down.

    In 3 years time who knows what the Prelier League will be like and whether it will still be desirable. Italy had much the same issues as we have now, and Seria A’s fall from grace was pretty dramatic and it is now probably the 3rd/4th best league instead of being top.

  91. CLiNT – A lot of I know roughly, I just have to dig a bit to find accurate figures such as spending etc.

    The home-grown rule bit, the MLS salary cap thing and other stuff are all things I know purely because I’m a bit of a football geek and look and listen to lots of things about global football, within reason.

    It does my wife’s napper in :lol:

  92. Toonsy-

    Your knowledge of footy is impressive. The force is strong with you.

    Matter of fact, the MLS just enacted a new rule that stipulates that an MLS player can earn no less than $40k/year. LoL!! Things are different ower here.

  93. From what i can guess in the next few years time,more potentially big clubs are going to be relegated soon.


    And we might be seeing Liverpool,Chelsea hanging around mid-table.

  94. Toonsy,
    it’s great isn’t it, that look on their moy when you start explaining the in’s & out’s of the far end of a fart?
    I don’t tax wor lass too bad, she’s canny with most stuff, but sometimes i just look at her & think………..I’m gonna give y’a break pet.

  95. CLiNT – My mrs works with difficult kids and kids who have learning and attention disorders so she is virtually impossible to wind up as she has that ability to just switch off to things that are being said.

    Bitch :lol:

  96. Angel of Death at 133. Agreed but not sure about Chelsea. I think Abrahmovic subsidizes them with his own money via no interest loans like Ashley has done- unlike the other qwho are in debt to banks with interest.

    Cheers to whomever gave Michael Bradley a shout. He’s the one American I would love to see at the Toon who fits in the age and wage structure and is still developing. Maurice Edu (Rangers), Stuart Holden (Bolton) and Charlie Davies (Sochaux) are ones to keep an eye on this summer.

  97. @MDS: there are reasons why i said about Liverpool and Chelsea hanging around mid-table in future.

    Firstly,Let’s talk about Chelsea. I am sure most of you rmb where the blues stands in the league table before Abrahomovic came in.

    So right now,even he is going to stay for long,his plans for the club is in a wrong way.He aims to buy ready-make players,AKA world-class players.He don’t invest much/none at Academy level at the Moment.

    Thus,in few years down the road,ALL CURRENT players are old,and no potential young players to step up.

    For Liverpool case,is the same,but is the MANAGER PLANS to buy ready-make players.And Splashing excessive Money.

    However,Man United are finally starting to invest into younger players in recent seasons.

    What i feel is that,Maybe follow recent way of Man United or Real Madrid(**Note:Not following RM way of spending,RM does have very good Academy players),build up a stable first-team,whereas in the back,continue to invest into young players.

    And last but not least,I think Arsenal Mode of investing into younger player is worth to copy at,but the way they push young players into first-team way too early,is IMO not a good idea.

  98. MDS says:
    April 7, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    “Problem is he has said he will only play move to Everton and he is currently valued at around 10M.”

    MDS, It’s a good job you’re not Newcastle United’s chief negotiator. Donovan’s value is currently estimated to be be around £3 million. :-)

  99. £3 mill would be a steal for Donovan, he has already proved he can do it in the prem.

  100. I’m glad i don’t have that job either worky because I wouldn’t be good at it!!!

    That £3M was before the Everton loan spell. Plus I was giving it in US dollars which would make it about £7M. He’s the most marketable MLS player after Becks so that will also inflate his value.

  101. toonsy says:
    April 7, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    “CLiNT – My mrs works with difficult kids and kids who have learning and attention disorders so she is virtually impossible to wind up as she has that ability to just switch off to things that are being said.”

    Toonsy, has she given you any tips for dealing with ‘Statler’ and ‘Waldorf’? ;-)

  102. Clint-

    It was meant to be in US dollars, m8. That’s what the MLS gets payed in.

  103. I know mate,
    you didn’t get me, $40k in £’s is a hell of a lot less.
    £25k ish?

  104. Toonsy, I did pen a reply Re. my suggestion but due to a mistake by me it went off into the internet ether.
    Basically I was saying it was very tongue in cheek. :)

    Rix, I also replied to your comment, saying I thought the Martins signing was a panic buy to appease us lot. He is currently cr*p in the Bundesleague, and I rate him as one of our worst ever signings.

    Good signings do not have to be expensive but it is worth having quality scouts to find the pearls amongst the pigsh!t. I don’t think it matters what country they are from if they are of the right ability, isn’t there a very good Fijian in the French league.

  105. MDS says:
    April 7, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    “I’m glad i don’t have that job either worky because I wouldn’t be good at it!!!

    That £3M was before the Everton loan spell. Plus I was giving it in US dollars which would make it about £7M. He’s the most marketable MLS player after Becks so that will also inflate his value.”

    MDS, He had a very good game against Chelsea, and some newspaper made up a silly story about Abramovitch wanting to buy him for £10 million to replace Joe Cole, and alot of inflated prices for him have come from that. The US’s top players so far have mostly been goalkeepers, and currently, the most highly valued player in the US squad is Tim Howard, and the most valuable outfield player is Michael Bradley, who plays in the Bundesliga with Borussia Mönchengladbach.

  106. O’Hurley,
    i wouldn’t mind it like, i’m just yanking y’chain dood.

  107. The wages these football players earn is ridiculous.
    They earn more in a week than the average man will earn in a life time… FACT.
    FIFA has to introduce wage caps with bonus regulations.

    Even when I play Football Manager I sell any player who wants more than 80k a week and thats a game… haha.

    We should comfortably win the Championship. It’ll only take two more wins I reckon. Then we should give the youngsters a go by rotation.

    Players I think would be great signings next year are:

    Jamie O’Hara (MC)
    Nadir Belhadj (LB/LW)
    Steven Davis (MC)
    Chris Eagles (RW)
    Stephen Hunt (LW)
    Aaron Hughes (DL/DC/DR)
    Yevhen Seleznyov (ST)
    Robbie Keane (on loan)
    Claudio Pizarro (ST)

    Hmmm… must say. Its is worrying me how little decent talent their is out there to attract.

  108. Mohammed Zidan would be a great buy if he’d come too. But We really arn’t the draw card we used to be are we?

  109. JJ says:
    April 7, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    “The wages these football players earn is ridiculous.”

    Why footballers in particular, JJ? They earn a small fraction of the amount that people like Mike Ashley do. Yet, when bloated multi millionaires and billionaires whinge about the amount they have to pay for their extremely talented stars, people just parrot them blindly without realising the supreme irony of it.

  110. Worky- fair points but I just rate him a bit higher I guess. not many plaers go the Prem and win their club’s Player of the Month award in their first month.

  111. jj,
    we’ll at least be a better draw in the prem next season, than this in the championship.

  112. MDS says:
    April 7, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    “Worky- fair points”

    TBH MDS, you may have a point. Clubs have often paid way over the odds for players, and sometimes a players value can explode because of one competition, or even one match, but I’m a bit of a nerd who runs a football ‘blog, so I check through lots of stuff like the football players equivalents of auto value books etc.

    As someone from the other side of the pond so to speak, there is one thing I’ve been scatching my head about which you may be able to help me with. Why does the US produce so many good goalkeepers over there in comparison to outfield players?

  113. Cos they’re brought up playing ball games with hands mate.
    Baseball, ‘American’ Football, basketball…………

  114. It’s natural for them to pick the ball up.
    Haven’t you seen ‘Escape to victory’?

  115. toonsy,
    i’m a fan of american ball games.
    & it’s what i’ve noticed through years of watching etc.

  116. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 7, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    “Cos they’re brought up playing ball games with hands mate.
    Baseball, ‘American’ Football, basketball…………”

    And many of them tend to be about the same width as a goal? :-)

    Sorry MDS, Chuck, OHurley etc. Only kiddin’

  117. Who was it that i was talking with when rooney ‘did his ankle’?
    Telt y’he’d be back soon.

  118. Lol- Worky- great question but I think CLiNT may be on to it.

    I think the other answer is youth instruction. Until recently, there was not a very good youth development system over here. Therefore, kids might pick up the sport a bit later than they would in the rest of the world, and for those who did, there wasn’t a system in place to identify talent early and give them proper training and instruction. I think that espically effected the on the ball skills of American players as they were not developed early enough. No direspect to any goalkeepers on here but it seems that if one is athletic enough they can be developed a bit later.

    All of this has changed recently and we are beginning to see results in players like Bradley, Edu, Holden, Altidore, etc. I think you will see more of it. Because of this, and because of the low revenues in MLS, I think the U.S. is becoming a good place to look for cheap young talent. Along those lines, I just read t that former Man City/Rangers/Sunderland midfielder Claudia Reyna has just been named the technical director of the U.S Youth Academy.

  119. Worky 163

    “And many of them tend to be about the same width as a goal?”


    You lot would have that problem too if english food was half as good as ours:)

  120. MDS says:
    April 7, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    “You lot would have that problem too if english food was half as good as ours:)”

    The usual riposte to that is coming from a man from a country that invented spray on cheese, MacDonalds, blah blah blah…

    Incidentally MDS, a little fact of the day. Did you know that both Champagne and Lasagne were actually invented in England? My favourite breakfast is ‘Eggs Benedict’ and I think that one belongs to you guys (apart from the French sauce and the English muffins of course) so hats off for that one!

  121. Oh boy, don’t get me started on American food, lads….

    We KILL y’all on culinary endeavors. Just also have a lot of cack out there too.

    If you’ve never had true Cajun food- HOLY CRAP. It’s the best thing in the world. Some crawfish etouffe, or some jambalaya, or some good homemade fille gumbo. WHOA. Sorry but pease puddin ain’t got nothin’ on that!!

    Also- Workyticket @163-

    Not our fault that our lads are just bigger and stronger than your lads :D

    Really and truly though, American football is a great back yard game, but when it hits the big time it’s frought with nothing but time-outs and commercials. A play lasts 5 seconds followed by at least 45 seconds of doing nothing. Then a time out. Then a commercial break. It sucks.

    REAL football is the only way to go. SOOOOOOOOO much better.

  122. A comment about Seb Larsson:

    His agent went public in a Swedish paper the other day stating/whinging that Seb was “frozen out” and that all contracts talks was on hold/ended and that Seb now looked for a new club.

    The next day the same paper published a new article where Brum (McLeish) of course said the agent was a muppent and that Seb was a valuable player and that negotiations would continue.

    My personal feeling is that the agent talked crap (“tactics”), but you never know, there might be a grain of truth in it since Seb hasn’t played much lately.

  123. C’mon Toonsy @39, The link refers to Ronaldino being courted by us in the past.


    167 workyticket says:
    April 7, 2010 at 8:15 pm…. so we’ve got cookery threads now to add to poetry, music, the ‘ologies…..

    What talent abounds.

    Bollox to soccerball and never mind NUST, let’s encourage a Brains Trust instead!

  124. Workey
    English muffins are an American invention, which are based roughly on that disgusting lump of stodge the Crumpet.
    True there has been a revolution in regards to what the English now eat, but I recall having to search for an Italian Deli in London just to find a tomato sauce for pasta, never mind a clam sauce.
    With only in season veggies, you want bagels, had to go to Algate opposite pettycoat lane and that aint so long ago.
    Now everyone`s a gourmand.
    As for American cooking, it`s like saying European cooking, varies with the regions, , Cajun, Tex-Mex, with variations from Maine lobsters, Chesapeak bay crab cakes, Carolina she crab soup, Striped bass and blackened redfish, not to mention a Japanese sushi joint on every other block, plus all the dishes brought by immigrants.
    Think you will if you look around Brits. eat more American style food than English, McDonalds, Kentucky fried chicken, pizza (no its really not italian)hot dogs.
    Even English muffins ugh !