Stand up if you’re Premier League! Newcastle 2 Sheff Utd 1

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The only way is up!
The only way is up!
Wherever you were tonight, it was a very special occasion if you were a Newcastle United supporter. Even before our 2-1 victory over Sheff Utd, when Nottingham Forest failed to beat Cardiff City at home, it meant we were guaranteed an automatic promotion place.

But when Sheff Utd took the lead through Richard Cresswell with a sloppy goal from a corner, it looked like they were intent on being party poopers. However, when Chris Morgan gave a ridiculous penalty away in front of the referee just before half-time, after drawing attention to himself and his man-handling, Peter Lovenkrands confidently dispatched the spot-kick to bring us level.

And despite some sloppy and frustrating play at times, it was perhaps fitting that Kevin Nolan should step up to put the icing on the promotion cake. After scoring some crucial goals this season, it was he who was in space to brilliantly convert a Lovenkrand’s flick on, and his overhead kick flew past Simonsen to make it 2-1 and send us all a bit mental. I’m sure there hasn’t been noise like that at St James’ for a long time.

The bars in town were buzzing before the game and absolutely rocking afterwards. If only I wasn’t travelling to London in seven hours, I’d still be there now. For all the bad feeling that has surrounded the club, tonight was about cementing our return to where arguably we all like to think we belong. It was a special occasion and like ’92-’93, I was just chuffed to be there in attendance. For those that weren’t, I genuinely wish you were here. But either way, I hope you all enjoyed it, I know I did!

Us – Harper 6, Simpson 7, Coloccini 8, Williamson 7, Jose Enrique 7, Routledge 7 (Ryan Taylor 90), Guthrie 7 (Barton 87), Nolan 8, Gutierrez 7, Carroll 7, Lovenkrands 7 (Ameobi 83).

Subs not used – Krul, Best, Butt, Kadar.

Goals: Lovenkrands 45 (pen), Nolan 73.

Sheff Utd – Simonsen, Nosworthy, Seip (Bartley 89), Morgan, Taylor, Williamson (Little 71), Montgomery, Harper, Quinn, Henderson, Cresswell (Yeates 81).

Subs not used – Bennett, Geary, Fortune, Lowton.

Goal: Cresswell 22.

Att – 48,270 – apparently. But as others have already said, I’d love someone to explain how that works out, with barely any gaps to be seen in the ground. Although Sheff Utd brought a disappointing following and an even more disappointing support for their side.

Full report to follow in the morning, after my hangover recovery on the train…

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410 Responses

  1. I’m surprised I managed to type this…

    Me at 10am tomorrow “Hello Chief Exec, I’m hiccup…”

    7am train?????? Fecking hell.

    We are the Geordies, the Geordie Boot Boys!!!!

    My lass can’t quite understand why she can barely hear me. It’s like a whisper.

  2. Ah Rodz!!!! What a time to make an appearance.

    Legend of the blogs, I’ve missed ya man.

  3. wahey Bowbs, mist ye too, like a fine Scotch. amganti bed noo. ride the wind, Bubba………

  4. we are back in the big time fella’s let the rollercoaster begin again.

    this season has exceeded all my expectations though. delighted

  5. TOON TOON BLACK AN WHITE AMRY! My girlfriend’s just turned up and given me my birthday pressie- a brand new toon strip, and the last ever Adidas newcastekl strip! What a niggt! TTTOOON TOON! HOWAY THE LADS!

  6. 7:30pm here in the eastern USA, am at my local pub and properly sh*tfaced…the best part about it is no one other than my buddy knows why!!!! UP THE TOON!!!!!!!!!!

  7. devon mag- happy bday fella. the missus and bairn now gone bed, after cheering us on like mad toneet, leaves me to get stellad’, cant wait for next season now, stay up and it will be like winning the league

  8. Off to my weekly Monday night footy match in about an hour. Even if we lose horribly tonight I won’t matter cos the TOON are UP!

    Should mean less abuse from the ManU, Arsenal, and Liverpool supporters I play with.

    Gonna bust out the Nolan jersey tonight and try a few scissor kicks. 75% chance I’ll be posting from the hospital tomorrow.

  9. @Geordie Gerrard7 – that’s a nice piece by Rob Kelly.

    Working nightshift at a brewery and unable to touch a drop…:(

    Never mind!! We’re up – bring on the Mackems!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What as gift, ESPN360 introduced a new version that supports my 64 bit PC & the game came winging in over the net like it was just outside the window of my home in North Carolina. A few customers were asking for rates, but they did not get them till half time. Now it is time to enjoy a Carolina Blonde (that’s a lager mates-me wife is a brunette) and prepare for next year as we carry these winning ways forward. HWTL

  11. Hoo m8s!! Like Bowbs *hiccup* I’m pissed as hell in a pub in Tennessee and *hiccup* none other than me best m8 knows why. Can’t beleibe I’m able to type this. UP THE TOON!! SUNDERLAND NEXT, the filthy tosseds lol. Tonight we celelbrtate tomorrow we conquer *hiccup*

  12. Congrats to the Goerdie Nation. Wish I was there in the battle cruiser with you all before and after the game.

    Toon Toon!

    In case you missed the action…

    (Film crew got a little too excited – understandably – with “Boo” and “Toon Toon” being heard in all the appropriate places)

  13. Enjoyed watching the game. Thought we should have had a penalty in the first few minutes with Carroll being held down by his arms by the Sheffield defender, but the ref seemed to miss that one! I also thought Harper was impeded when they scored their goal. At least it came out as a right result for us in the end. Nolan’s goal was a cracker. Thought Jonas and Routledge played very well today. Wish we could sign Perch from Nottingham Forest, he is really the only defender I’ve seen that was able to close down Jonas.
    To FSOTC you can add Kissimmee, Florida to your list. Cheers,
    Jilly Bean

  14. Congrats to everyone. Looks like everyone enjoyed in their own way. It was best night in last few years. We should now go forward win the championship and then prepare for our future in Premier League.

  15. The morning after the night before!!
    I’ve a sore head but a big grin on my face

  16. Norn Iron Mag:
    April 6th, 2010 at 7:53 am
    The morning after the night before!!
    I’ve a sore head but a big grin on my face

    I know that feeling mate, a few posting from that neck of the woods now, when I lived there everyone supported either rangers, Celtic, man ure or Liverpool. Never met another Newcastle supporter.

  17. it might dark and gloomy here in melbourne haha but its certainly a brighter future for newcastle!! Premier league here we come

  18. I haven’t posted in a while… been reading lots but not contributing…. I must say that Newcastle getting promoted is almost bitter sweet. I am over the moon that we are now back where we belong but I must say that this year has been the most enjoyable one for such a long time. The on field performances have been gutsy and consistant. Some might say scappy at times or even poor but you could not doubt the endevour. I for one will miss the championship and how well we have played. Now we will have all the pressures of the EPL back on our doorsteps. Hughton has done a brilliant job at holding the mess that was Newcastle together at the start of the year, but I fear that people will be calling for his head after a couple of losses in the EPL… Don’t get me wrong, I could not be happier than what I am at the momment but a small part of me will miss what we have witnessed the past months on the field… Long may it continue…….

  19. On the train to London and feeling a bit worse for wear to be honest.

    What a crackin night of football, the sort of thing you really need to appreciate being a Newcastle fan. Despite all of the obvious shite and remaining questions, last night was about two fingers to everyone who wanted us to fail. **** you, we’re back and this time we won’t roll over so easily.

    Between the ‘striking’ train staff messing with the timetables and the daft lass who booked me tickets, I had the embarrassment of being told my ticket wasn’t valid on my first train (I was half-cut when I got them last night and just stuffed them in my wallet). So I’ve had to get off at York and wait for the next one. I wasn’t the only one but in my rough state, I felt the least equipped to deal with the adversity.

    And changing? What am I like? A commoner?

    Beyond was jumping after the game (the DJ had to change songs in case we went through the floor) and when we left there was clacker eveywhere. Hardly seemed fair. Hope you lot enjoyed your evenings.

  20. Good to see some old faces (names), Norn Iron, Aussie Mag, Gerrard, Jill, OHurley amongst others!!

    Good times lads and lasses, good times!! Let’s enjoy them.

  21. Brillant result and we’re up!

    But, having listened to a bit of post-match Talk sport radio and one Graham Courtney in particular, the Murdoch stable’s atrting to rake the muck already.

    He was suggesting with good authority that Hughton won’e be with us for long and Shearer’s ready to make a re-entry. What mischeavous b*******s!

  22. It’s almost like the pressure relief valve has been blown and every body can finally take a breath and enjoy being a Newcatle fan… We all (secretly) knew that we would more than likely get promoted some months back, but to finally see it realised, it is magical.. I agree BBM, it is all about enjoying the moment mate….. good days indeed.

  23. I’m enjoying the moment, but I couldn’t help planning ahead whilst touring the empty motorway on the 3 hour drive home. In fact I started compiling a list of 10 commandments.

    1 – We shall play away in the first game of the season.
    2 – That game will be against Chelsea/Man Utd etc.
    3 – Our last game of the season will be away from home.
    4 – Boxing day wll feature an away game for us, such as Wigan!

    That is as far as I got :D

  24. Congrats The Toon!
    One season away has been too long for a club and its supporters that should be forever in any genuine footy fans heart. Loved the way most of your players stuck with the club after relegation – thats rare in footy today.
    Now enjoy the rest of the season and we will see you after the World Cup!
    Chuffed Villa Fan!

  25. Morning all – well what a fab night. BBM level 7 radgies and you were really rockin! Stll can’t believe it. Got home at 1.30am and watched it again on Sky +, Chris H and the lads did us proud.Amongst all the brilliant stuff, my blood was boiling from 80 minutes onwards when a large number of total t*ats couldn’t be arsed to wait until the final whistle to give the lads the ovation they deserved. What is it with these deadheads that they can’t get the next bus/metro home or wait to get out the car park a little longer? complete wasters. Rant over – had to get that out of my system. Back to feeling elated again. Good luck BBM – you drew the short straw with your meeting today

  26. Great night last night … looking forward to next year in the top flight.

    Just like to say though that I have really enjoyed this season in the Championship (may not have been so chuffed if we had to spend another year down here). We’ve seen new grounds … real football supporters … great atmospheres … lots of noise … and a genuine feeling of togetherness in the stands. A great experience all round and I cannot wait for next year.

    On the down side … I have been on the phone since 8.59am and have been continually kicked off … with only a 2,900 allocation there are no tickets left for the last game of the season at QPR. Gutted


  27. Just watched the game again, was son nice to Hughton choked up with emotion, it clearly means a lot to him!

    Likewise it was nice to see Peter Beargrie with his bitter smog fance :lol:

  28. Even 400 miles away in wee Exmouth I managed to find some other Mags – including the barman in his replica shirt – and what a night! Hurts this morning, but it’s worth it…
    I too will really miss the honesty of the Champtionship and the down-to-earth feel of the matches. The fans, too, are a much better lot with fewer crowing trophy-chasers. The Prem from afar is a pathetic and farcical pantomime of corruption, cheating, bleating and revolting excuses for sportsmen falling over and screaming like wee girls. Still – just as well we’re back to bring a reminder of what a REAL kick in the shins feels like, eh.
    Now, the only thought tring to push through the fug into my beer-soaked brain is this…


  29. Davey Craig on SSN has reported that Ashley and Llambias will be publishing a manifesto in the next few days.I look forward to seeing that………

  30. toonsy,

    He was probably emoptional because he knows he’s getting the boot man!

    Anyway I think the occasion got to some of the players yesterday – It wasn’t one of our best home performances, but it was understandable.

    Rumours will start now – I wouldn’t be suprised if Ashley has sent a text to Keith Harris this morning.

  31. Shrews: given the QPR fans and security are generally a good lot, we’re going for home tickets. We’ll just have to try not to jump up and down too much when we score. (May be tricky if Routledge does it)

    Let’s face it – there are likely to be as many mags as home supporters at that match anyway. Bank hol the next day, so come join the party, I say. Kip in the car if you have to!

    Just looked at the run-in. I have a feeling we’ll slip up at Reading (they’re on one at the moment and it’s never easy there) which means, by my rather crap maths…


    Sorry to shout. Bit excited at the mo.

  32. Yep, it’s now open season on NUFC as far as those scum-sucking journos are concerned. Nice to see some of the more positive articles (like the one linked above) too – even if they do remind us of some of the crap we’ve had to come through!

    One hope I have – and I know it’s naive – is that the fans aren’t as gullible as they have been. We know almost all press reports about us are eventually proven false (e.g. last summer – 156 players linked; ZERO correct) so can we not get carried away?

    Until we hear it directly from someone we trust, it’s to be filed in the same credibility bin as Harry Potter books, ok?

    (And that includes anything Llambias says. In fact, I’d rather believe the Expelliamus spell works than what he comes out with!)

  33. Whumpie … wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been in the home end … being in the shed end at chelsea in the late 80s was a bit nervy … and at that time didn’t have any choice at Luton !

    It’s never the same though … but I may just be tempted just to say I was there!

    Agree about the support in this league … much better and much more appreciative of football in general … proper fans.

  34. And while my caffiene hit lasts and I can’t stop typing, a quick word about the bosses.

    No matter what you think about their performance up to when the club was taken off the market, you have to admit that they have done just about everything right since then. An inspired decision on the manager (they were right, we were all wrong), huge backing – financial and otherwise, a well-planned and executed January window, and generally showing they can stop aggravating us if they want. There is hope.

    I hope they went out and got properly smashed last night. I may not be inviting them to dinner any time soon, but they deserve a bit of credit for the last few months’ work.

    There. Said it.

  35. well ive just been too the bookies too collect £650 and will be back doon there too collect another £1300 when we are champs but iam gonna take notice of stuart and stick it all on us getting relegated next season :lol:

  36. as every 1 knows i sed we would piss the leauge and also we wouldnt lose more than a handfull of games which we havent yet i hate being right

  37. Hi Batty
    Well done on your winnings, lucky s*d, yes you were right! Haven’t seen you on here much recently is your son back soon?

  38. Yes well done batty.

    I’m tired of hearing all these ex pro’s, managers and pundits who have been in football all their lives, who know what is needed to survive in the PL. They must know absolutely nothing when they all keep saying we will need to spend a lot of money to stay up.

    I must learn to take more notice of people on this blog who have no experience of PL football, who say we can find brilliant young players for a pittance and then sell them on.

    I mean it must be easy because no other club do it.

  39. Got a phone call from work yesterday asking if I wanted to start early today, telling them I’ll be too pissed was probably a bit unprofessional but they know who I support. Ask a silly question?

  40. I have absolutely no idea what’ll happen next season. My main concern is people keeping realistic expectations and not getting on the backs of the players and manager when (as will happen) we get the occasional spanking or go on a 4-game losing streak.

    A few new faces for competition, perhaps a couple of high-end ones, and just keep improving. If we do that and stay up without a scrap, I’m happy. If we get into the top half at the end of the season, I’m very happy indeed, but I think that’ll be a stretch.

    £15M will do it, Mr Ashley.

  41. Goodbye Championship, it’s been great.
    I’ll miss the real fans and the crap grounds but not enough to want to some back any time soon.

    To be honest I’m looking forward to playing back in the prem but not to the plastic prem fans and the overpaid, overhyped tosspots who call themselves world class footballers
    We should be able to finish lower mid table with a couple of decent aquisitions but will prob need to spend 15 million to get them, if we spend 30 million on 4 quality players, RB, ACM, DM, ST we should finish upper mid table which in our first season back would be a huge success

    Bring it on

  42. Stuart – just shut up – no one wants to hear your boring drivel.

    Well done Batts – Leaky is devastated as he lumped on us getting relegated this year.

    Oh and can anyone hear the distant sounds of dying ducks? NUST = dead ducks – quack quack woo hoooo

  43. Stuart79 – spending money alone is not a guarantee of staying up. Just because we spent a lot in the past does not mean that we need to spend more this time to stay up … but we do need to spend any money we do have more wisely.

    No more big names on big wages who come here to swell their retirement fund. Just honest players who will do a job and will compliment the core of players who are already at the club.

    Roll on 2010/2011.

  44. Stuart can we not all just enjoy promotion and worry about next season when it comes? Not even promoted 24hrs and your at it , sorry for having a go n that but come on!

  45. I am happy I made the trip to be there last night, my bro and I had a great night.

    I just cant shake off the feeling that we know what happened with this group of players – a few exceptions aside – and Houghton as the manager. We struggled and got relegated.

    I just cant help thinking we may be beter off trying to get Hughes in and starting afresh in the summer. We need a premier league manager to bring in decent premier league players.

    I dont doubt that players are all behind houghton – of course they are, they have formed their commitee and they have more power than ever before. It’s a good job for Carroll he is best pals with the main man at St James’ in Nolan isnt it rather than Stevey T.

    I will be get hammer for this from many except Stu, but I think we need to be realistic. I dont think we need to spend 60million at all, but I just think there will be many many more quality players who would want to come and play for our fantastic club if we have a more high profile manager in place.

    That is of course if fat boy doesnt sell up now our value has soared

  46. Oh I think I just caught a Starfish – Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    You should be devastated that Andy Carroll has made you look a complete prick who knows as much about football as Stevie Wonder!

    The irony…

  47. Raffo says:
    April 6, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Woh man!

    Don’t be coming on this blog with an opinion like that mate!

    An opinion like that doesn’t fit with the other users and you will be branded negative!

    God forbid we start thinking about the future in the PL – Is that not what we went through all this for, to get back in the PL?

  48. Stuart – no you caught nothing – you mean it.

    And why would I be devastated that Carroll scored several goals that helped us get promoted? I dont care for him as a player – but I am thankful for his contributions.

    With every post Stuart you look weak and unsavoury.

  49. The truth is we have a poor Premiership team, but most people don’t want to hear that and would rather bury their heads in the sand than accept reality.
    Well done to the lads for getting us up but we need a major intake of qaulity if we want to have any chance of actually stopping there.
    Last night was a perfect example of our weaknesses.
    The ironic thing is that those who are bleating on about how good we are will be the first ones to start moaning after we have had our first few thrashings next season.
    Let’s hope Ashley stumps up enough cash to give Hughton a chance to make some sensible signings that provide us with the quality we need to keep our heads above water.

  50. I don’t think we need to get rid of Hughton, jeez whats he done wrong – oh yeah he only got promotion to prem with 6 games to spare.
    FFS – Give the guy a chance, he’s learnt a lot since last season, all this bollox about being unable to get big name players with him in charge is irrelevant as Ashley won’t pay big money or wages for them anyway.

    We have to give Hughton at least 15 games in prem and then see where we are

  51. Just thought: I’ve got €30 waiting for me behind a bar near Alicante. Not as impressive as Batty’s winnings, but I did get even odds!

    It’s the thought that counts, eh. :)

  52. Anyone know a fishing shop in town? I need a bigger worm for a big mouth.

    Well said Macas.

    I believe in the past we have lavished millions of pounds on sill signings – I blame the person choosing the players,not the players.

    Hughton my turn out to have a great eye for a player therefore Ashley should trust him.

    I mean he promised us £20m a season didn’t he?

    That would do – As a start anyhow.

  53. Did anyone notice someone is missing yesterday???

    Where is Alan Smith????

    Even Hall came in and celebrate.

  54. And Steven Taylor was missing. Would have been nice but perhaps all is not as harmonious and rosey as we would be told. Why wasnt smudge on the bench did he get a knock on Sat?

  55. @raffo: steven taylor was at least around at the ground.

    Alan Smith is literally gone.

    No News whether he injured himself or what too.

    He was perfect ok at peterbrough match.

  56. When have sentiment and football ever gone hand in hand? Granted he has got us up with 6 games to spare, but is that down to him or down the the pride of the players wanting to get up and play in the EPL?

  57. Macas I dont think we have a poor premiership team , we need to improve but if we didnt sign a single player I would be more than confident of us been ok next season , we have a good team here , yes we could do with improving and we will , its gonna take time , but we will be ok next season

  58. Was he AOD? I didnt see him and I couldnt see him on the pitch after in the flesh or when I watched it back on TV when I made it home.

    On a happier note my Sheff Utd workmate is getting some hammer from me this morning!!

  59. Okay my predictions on who will be going come the summer

    Butt – retired
    Smith – sold
    Xisco – sold (hopefully)
    LuaLua – sold
    Zamblera – sold
    F Forster – sold
    Ryan Taylor – sold
    Pancrate – released loan ended
    Hall – released loan ended

    Unfortunaely I reckon most we’ll ge tfrom that lot is about 8 million quid plus extras for games played and sell on clauses

    we’ll prob end up loaning this lot as they’ll get no playing time for us in prem


    Don’t be to surprised if we end up selling one of better players dependant on whether a “big” club come in for them

    We may also sell Collocini if he plays and does ok in the world cup

  60. Why would Hughes attract better players than Hughton??

    I really like Hughes, but every player in the land knows how much our team love playing for CH. We’ll have no problem attracting the sort of players we need, i.e. not the dosh-hunting tosspots we’ve gone for in the past. We’ve got one of the most admired managers in the country and I have every faith in him.

    And, while I’m on the defensive: Our team is NOT too weak for the prem at all – it has more fight, passion, skill and depth than we’ve seen since Sir Bobby was around. I love these guys and would hate to see more than tweaking to the squad now. Any new bodies will be for risk mitigation only.

    (And Stardust: please stop with the sniping, man – you’re ruining the thread on such as great morning.)

  61. Johno – Really? You would be happy to take this team into next season as it is? We have been outplayed a few times this season by bad teams. You can say all you like about teams raising their game against us, but we are going to have to raise our game ever week just to get results at Blackburn, Wigan, Fulham, Hull, West Ham, W Brom, Forest if they come up.

    We are a good championship team at the moment, Forest and W Brom are better in footballing terms, we have steamrolled a couple of teams to get decent results, but we will be found out next year without at least 4 new players in.

    How many on the bench wouldve improved us last night aside from Barton?

    I think a number of our players have found their level thats why we have looked a decent team. Fight and grit will only get you so far

  62. steven talyor! was in the box raffo. stuart79 u make some good points and mybe telling it how it is gets u slaged off like it has happened with other people. but colly and willamson were crap last night but cant judge them on last night colly who looked weak and gave away the first goal and they could not head anything which has been are strong point this season but toonsy or who ever wrote the blog up with the players ratings gave colly top marks of 8 sorry at best 4-5 at best played like he did in the prem.

  63. Yeah really raffo , Im not saying we couldnt do with improving but I would be more than confident this team could hold its own next season

  64. whumpie! sorry we only have 5-6 players who are good players the rest donkeys without routledge jonas AND enrique we wouldnt win a game and you think we have a good squad in the prem

  65. Johno – Well I see where your coming from, but looking at the bench last night I didnt feel there would be anyone who could come on a do a job or change the game if we needed it. That said I dont think we need major surgery, just a few better quality

  66. asim,

    Yesterdays performance wasn’t very good compared to our recent home games but I think that is understandable considering we had already got promoted.

    My point all season has been that we have been cut open with alarming regularity all season by some good teams, average teams annd poor teams. If they can do it, PL clubs will do more and more often.

    When I watch our matches I watch all the game, our defending, midfield play and attacking play. I still think our midfield will be over ran and PL teams will create chances at will – You just need to look at the calibre of teams ho have done it this season to see it’s common sense.

    We need some good additions, whether they cost £5m or £5, we need them. This will give us a better chance in my opinion.

  67. promotion was one step on the ladder to righting the wrongs caused by laurel and hardy.
    are we now to enter into another period of uncertainty?,as ashley was meant to say”GET PROMOTED AND I,LL SELL UP”will this be another thing he goes back on?.
    so that bastion of the truth david craig tells us there is to be a manifesto in the next few days?anyone remember the unabomber?he sent out manifesto,s,doesn,t mean it is good thing.
    will this manifesto be read out by the hooded claw,formerly known as owlheed.

  68. I think people are still stuck in the mindset where they compare against squads like Manure and Chelski. We are not up against them; we’re up against the likes of Bolton, Scumberland and Stoke.

    So yes, I think Harps, Colo, Tayls, Enrique, Routledge, Guthrie, Barton, Smith, Jonas, Nolan, Carroll, Ameobi, Loverboy and others are more than capable of doing the job.

    What is it with people slagging our players off? What more could you possibly want them to do to prove their worth? Does anyone think we’re not significantly better than any other promoted team in years, even without any strengthening? Do you not think we have every reason to expect similarly brilliant work in this transfer window as we saw in January?

    No pleasing some!

    HWTL – everything we could have hoped for and far more. Bring on the prem and ignore the ungrateful dead on these blogs!

  69. I agree with you about the squad raffo , Im all for given players time to settle but I cant get my head arouna Leon Best , the couple of young lads coming through need time so we cant put to much expectation on them ,

    I think a few astute signings in the summer ( my main targets would be upfront cover for full back and comepition for the wings ) and we will be ok,

    I think we have a good foundation for us to build on but it will take time

  70. stuart79! i wouldnt play any of the players who play in central midfield in the prem like you say will be over ran.the first thing ch has got to do get that area right but he will play them and get found out so i will only judge him on what he gets in that area if he doesnt then we will be down their playing to stay up. becasue jonas and routledge wont play the full season with out getting injured to give us that get out ball it all depends on them or what he buys and i realy hope he does that to prove me wrong.

  71. Whumpie,

    If we play the likes of Stoke, Wigan and Blackburn on the back of a poor run of form then confidence will be low and it will be very difficult for us to beat even the worst teams in the league – Especially if we don’t have a particularly good squad and cannot rotate.

    That’s the concern. It’s never quite as straight forward as ‘We can beat Stoke, Wigan and Blackburn ect…’ as we won’t know under what circumstances we will be playing them under.

    As for this manifesto – God help us.

  72. well done batty boy….i think you should be able to collect the balance this weekend m8.

  73. whumpie! not having a go take out jonas routledge and enriquie the players u put up would you be confident the rest could win the game the answer no. we got over ran by the bottom team saturday with out them.

  74. Stuart – good point, and I agree with the “£5M” thing too – probably about the value we should be looking at at the most.

    I too worry about what happens when we hit a losing streak. Can we still pull out a performance when that team spirit gets dented?

    I think we have the quality to do so, but it is a concern. As I’ve said – £15M spent for risk mitigation seems necessary.

    In terms of us ‘getting overrun’ let’s not forget that EVERY team gets stuffed sometimes – even by theoretically lowly opposition. What we have developed is the ability to ride those situations and sometimes nick a point or three – something we’ve often admired in the top teams. Manure may have lost to Burnley, but they’re still chasing the title.


  76. Well I’ve got to say, I got it wrong about CH, I changed my mind about 3 months ago. He has come good and I think we would be mad to get rid of him now without giving him a chance, as somebody said, 15 games to see would be about right.

    As for the money, of course we have to spend to stay up. I reckon we could get away with £15 – £20m on a few decent hard working players, but some money will have to be spent to add to the squad.

    Right now as fans, we should try not to worry about it and just celebrate going up with a few games to spare. Just keep supporting and wait for us to get the title. A couple of weeks after that is when we should really worry about next season. The only people who should be thinking and worrying about it now are CH, coaches and our lovely owner with his team. Hopefully they have some iorns in the fire and ready to strike. But as has been said, I wouldn’t be suprised to see the forsale signs go up.

  77. Whumpie,

    ‘In terms of us ‘getting overrun’ let’s not forget that EVERY team gets stuffed sometimes – even by theoretically lowly opposition. What we have developed is the ability to ride those situations and sometimes nick a point or three – something we’ve often admired in the top teams. Manure may have lost to Burnley, but they’re still chasing the title.’

    We have developed the ability to ride those situations and somethimes nick a point or three – Against poor teams.

    This isn’t a dig at you but doesn anyone realise the gulf in quality between the two divisions? It’s gargantuan!

    Personally I feel this is a pathetically poor league and were just not as bad as most of the teams in it.

    Shearer, Moncur, Macdonald, Lee, Townsend, Clark and Hansen have all said recently the gulf is huge (Even between NUFC and PL) and serious money needs to be spent to compete – We can argue the money issue, but we cannot argue that better quality players are needed to compete in the PL – If we can get them for nothing great, but 99% of the time they cost a fair bit.

  78. Asim: we won on Saturday. Yes, it was close and ugly, but we won. That is what good teams do.

    Don’t get me wrong: we need strenthening; I just don’t think we need to do more than bring in competition for places at a slightly higher level. We currently have a few positions with no more than reserves players for competition – enough in the CCC, but not in the prem.

    I think our current team deserve to be pretty much intact next year, albeit with some competition closer on their heels.

  79. the debates are already starting on pie sports,about whether the SON OF SAM will sell or whether he,ll spend enough money to keep them up.

  80. Woooooooooohoooooooooooooo, we are going up, say we are going up.

    What does HWTL mean ?

  81. Who knows, but I think we could raid the Bosman market and come up trumps with a few astute signings.

  82. agree whumpie! but buying midfield players is the key to us doing ok and a strong right back and i hope that hutton thing is true then that would be a great start to the summer. buy wingers as well so if they are injured bring them in so we are on the front foot instead of playing smith guthrie or barton on the wings that would be bad against prem teams playing to not get beat and when they score then no way back.

  83. This guy Vinay Bedi who has been on SSN talking about football finance really knows what he’s on about – Twice before he’s been on when Ashley has tried to sell and twice he said Ashley will not be able to sell for one reason or another and he was proved right both times.

    He reckons the club is still only worth about £100m even in the PL. There’s no buyers about so he will probably have to spend money on the club to establish it in the league.

  84. Raffo says:
    April 6, 2010 at 12:39 pm
    Who knows, but I think we could raid the Bosman market and come up trumps with a few astute signings.

    Why doesn’t every club do that if it’s that easy, Raffo?

    Also Bosman’s will want huge wages and we’ve already established there’s a low wage ceiling now for new signings.

  85. stu,the last time we were in the prem he had two seasons to turn us around,and he done nothing.
    i hope he proves me wrong,but history tells us what ashley is all about.

  86. TROJAN 69,

    Our finances were in a bit of a state then though. Now he has no excuse. He promised us £20m per season, plus the extra income that promotion brings from TV and advertising ect…

    It will be very interesting. Although I think the extra income will go towards paying his loans off – He probably knows he won’t get the money back any other way.

  87. Stuart who said ashley was selling? And the ceiling for low wages was for new signings in Jan as from what I read , Im sure with increased revenue there will be more money for wages but there will be a cap and rightly so

  88. i remember keegan asking for a left back for nine months,and he still never got him.
    i,ll take your point about the finances,but i think back then he could have bought a couple of players as cover,without breaking the bank,as having a small squad has been one of our biggest problems over the last few years.

  89. when he bought newcastle all his companys lost money he is now in a better shape all round making money trying to buy other if it is true the money he has put in us this season is about 30 mil then he has got that back and more with an extra 35 mil plus getting back in the prem so he will either sell or buy players is not going to be a problem just the wages they want and what are wage budge it is say like 55mil then we can afford to go up 20 mil in wages. at the moment it is 35 mil or a little bit more plus we are going to make over 100 mil in rev gates and with are new kit loads of money and he would still make a profit.

  90. I know this is asking for stick, but I disagree with Shearer and Hanson. The gulf is just not there any more because of the financial crisis. Look at the scrap going on at the bottom, then look at the CCC – basically us, then a gap in quality to West Brom then a REAL huge gulf to the rest.

    Add to that the fact that half the prem – the ones who bought their way there and have just slammed into reality – are in deep, deep doodie and will have to slash their expenses or die. It’s all changing and changing fast.

    Personally I think there’s nowt to choose between the relegation scrappers in the prem and the top half of the CCC. But then I am a massive optimist!

  91. whumpie,there,s still a massive gulf,you only have to watch us this season,the way we,ve gave away possession and the level of opposition have failed to put us to the sword.the prem will be a whole different ball game,if we play anything like we have this season up there,we,ll be bang in trouble.

  92. Whumpie,

    You’re probably right about the gulf between the top of the Championship and the bottom of the PL. But unfortunately the teams at the bottom of the PL won’t be there next season – They’ll be in the Championship so who will we be competing with? WBA? We couldn’t beat them this season and they totally out played us at St James’. Forest – We beat them and they beat us this season and one other.

    Others in the PL like Stoke, West Hamand the Mackems are ahead of us at the minute (That’s fact, their in the PL) and they will add to their squads. We will be playing catch up.

  93. trouble is asim,are there any decent midfielders out there,and if so how much will it cost for a good attacking mid?.

  94. Trouble is that we just don’t know the facts other than the policy will be to sign younger players with a resale value and thier will be a wage cap (although figure is not known)

    I can’t see anything wrong with that policy although I’m hoping there may be exceptions along the way with possibly pay as you play deals, short term contracts, loans etc

    Transfer budget – there will be one…… 15-20 million?
    Can’t blame Ashley for wanting some of the debt to be repaid as I can’t see why anyone would buy now when Ashley couldnt sell it before even if the wage bill is reduced

    Lets crack on with winning the championship and getting a trophy in the cabinet, we can worry about who we’ll sign in the summer once this seasons over – I’m sure there’ll be a ton of rumours and some fans clamouring for Messi etc :)

  95. TROJAN 69, Cost about 50p if you listen to some on this blog.

    I wish you could go through life like that – I fancy buying a palace, if I look hard enough I should get one for a abput £5k.

  96. Was there last night and hopefully be there for us to lift the trophy, 2 more wins I think will do it but we need 7 for it to be offical if West Brom keep winning I think, hopefully the celebrations will start after we beat ipswitch :D

  97. that,s it stu,when bruce was at wigan he had a knack of unearthing good players like valencia etc,after a sticky start he seems to be getting it together at sunderland.
    you have to think next season they will have money to spend and improve,it,s defo playing catch up for us,and dont forget when you first get promoted it,s hard to get good players to sign,as they think you could go down so they think twice.

  98. And West Ham aren’t way ahead of us, they’re in deep sh!t and will be unlikely to get promoted if they go down this season

    With a couple of signings we can compete (not neccesarily beat) with the likes of West Brom, whoever else goes up from championship, Wigan, Wolves, Hull, Bolton, Blackburn, Sunderland (if Bent is injured or sold), Fulham and possibly Birmingham if they suffer 1st season bubble burst)

    So thats 9 clubs we’re battling with to stay in the prem, Spurs, Everton and Stoke are inconsistent away from home so we may get a win from one or two of those games and Liverpool may yet be in freefall next season with Torres gone and possibly Gerrard ( from reports on internet)

  99. and you can spend all the money you like, if you chuck 10 million plus at one player and he turns out to be useless ala Luque, Dos Santos, Aquilani, Mutu, Shevchenko the list goes on – unless you’re Chelsea, Man U or arsenal it doesn’yt much matter you’re pretty much knackered

  100. Journo just on Talk Sport saying the club have said that they will be buying the tyoe of players that Wolves, Hull and Stoke are buying.

    Get in! Back in the big time – Cannot wait to see erm, anyone know any Wolves players?

  101. geordie deb says:
    April 6, 2010 at 11:02 am
    Hi Batty
    Well done on your winnings, lucky s*d, yes you were right! Haven’t seen you on here much recently is your son back soon?
    <<< deb the sneaky bugger has bookked his 2 week off for wen the world cup is on so june a think

  102. Stuart79 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 1:24 pm
    Journo just on Talk Sport saying the club have said that they will be buying the tyoe of players that Wolves, Hull and Stoke are buying.

    Get in! Back in the big time – Cannot wait to see erm, anyone know any Wolves players?
    <<<< :lol:

  103. stevep says:
    April 6, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    I have made the point before steve that it’s WHO is spending that money that’s important not the amount you’re spend.

    If you soend £15m on a player scores 25 goals for you it’s a good investment – If you spend £2m on a player who does nothing, it’s a bad investment.

    It’s about the quality of player you buy, not the amount spent on that player.

  104. stevep,nine times out of ten you,ll get what you pay for,and if what stu said is true about the calibre of player we are looking at we will struggle.
    look at owld stiff hips nolan,we paid 4mil for him ffs,so how much would it cost for a good midfielder?

  105. their is a lot of midfield players out their! are problem is we have got 2 players and a good striker in airey coming throu the ranks but ch doesnt give them a chance so buying young players who ch doesnt go for is a no go. when he bought best what was he looking at he hadnt scored for 2 months so to say he was the future of newcastle then sorry he hasnt got a good eye for players. when he bought lovenkrands why didnt he have him at pre season training be4 we signed him to get up to match time it took him 3 months to get going the same with pancrate what was the point in having him on loan with out playing games like he found out then got rid.

  106. watch ashley,s policy of buying young evaporate if he can get a jimmy bullard for instance for next to nowt.

  107. AngelOfDeath says:
    April 6, 2010 at 11:36 am
    Did anyone notice someone is missing yesterday???

    Where is Alan Smith????
    <<<< on the way too everton i hope lol

  108. asim good midfielders will cost money,will the son of sam be willing to put his hand in his pocket?remains to be seen.

  109. Aye batty, hopefully he is on his way there.

    He cost us £6m and he cannot do anything!

    Wonder what a good midfielder would cost.

    But Stardust the expert on football finance reckons players values will be falling by 75% this summer.

    So we should be in a position to bid about £8m for Berbatov or £3m for Robie Keane..

    Happy days – Idiot!

  110. aye stuart he said we will be able to negotiate for players,the only problem is messers llambias and co were being gazumped by the likes of hull etc the last time we were in the prem.
    when it comes to buying players in this regimes tenure,they,ll first come in with a derisory offer which gets knocked back,they then come in with a slightly increased bid and if that gets knocked back they throw in the towel.

  111. Aye Stu re Bosmans, but if we are smart we may be able to get ahead of the pack, for example with this Albin possibly being a target.

    Though the thought of going for the same types of players as Wolves and Hull is just proving my point. Where are they in the league? Scrapping for survival. That is not what we want to be doing again next season and frankly we will be if that is the brand new business plan to emerge from fatty HQ

  112. I would love to see the look on Victor Moses’ face if Wigan go down!! I think they are in real trouble and wouldnt it be great to stick the fingers up as we pass them on their way down!!

  113. raffo,ashley is just a charva at heart,expect more charverish nefarious activities next season.

  114. Just looking through newsnow and seen an article by the spuds, talking about Houghtons relationship with the spuds and how we could target a few of their players.

    I for one think we should put a bid in for Robbie Keane. I think he would love the chance to be an idol up here

  115. buying good players abroad wouldnt cost much if you can get some jems if you have a good network. buying players in the prem would cost a lot of money and wages agree with ashley wont buy and why should he we have been riped off in the past and still have players at are club like butt who ch gave a new contract to and played him. thank fu.k he was injured in pre season or he would have been his first pick and what postion then would we be in. he got lucky then he still always plays him when we are hit by injuries are record with butt in the side is poor i bet we havnt won 10 games in the last 2 years with him in the side.

  116. Raffo,

    It’s not about stealing a march on other clubs with Bosmans. These players have agents and they will be hawking them round every club. That’s when it comes down to money – ‘Who will pay my player the most?’ That’s what agents do, it’s their job.

    If a bosman player became available and he had the choice of moving to us for £25k a week or moving to an established PL club like Wigan or Sunderland for £35k a week, where’s he going to go?

  117. wonder what kind of kit we,ll get next season as ashley must have been a fan of bananaman with that away kit.

  118. Of course Stu, I guess thats where you need the negotiation skills and a decent offer besides the basic wage, fan base, how they fit into the system, are they going to play. Id take a 5k loss to know ill be a regular rather than warm the bench every week

  119. raffo,when it comes to negotiating for players and generally operating at prem level,imo ashley,llambias have been out of their depth.
    this season they have managed to pull it off because we have been in the charvership,i think that,s their level of ownership.

  120. We need to be looking at the fringe players from Villa, Spuds, maybe try and get a couple of good youngsters on loan from Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal and then 15-20million will do fine. As others have pointed out elsewhere on grandad Ed’s blog, Hutton, Keane, Sidwell, maybe Reo-Coker would add experience and are still young, but have EPL experience.

  121. ashley should have bought colchester united or even his local team watford,they would probably appreciate his style of ownership there.

  122. Well all we can do is hope. But I think it is obvious money is important to the plum, and surely even he knows now to his cost that he will need to spend a bit to save a lot

  123. Promotion and still we don’t hear from the mute that is our wonderful owner?

    Has he learnt anything?

  124. stuart on second thoughts this is the man that said”JOE KINNEAR IS MY HERO,HE IS BETTER THAN CAPELLO”and we,re supposed to put our faith in him HELP!!!!!!!.

  125. From the last dozen or so comments on here you’d think we’d just finished in the lower half of the table having been torn apart by most teams, and that the management had had a disastrous transfer window.
    Basically what the doom-mongers are doing is comparing our worst performances against the best performances of the prem teams we need to beat next year. If you’re looking for a team which didn’t “get torn apart” at least once this season, you’re going to find there isn’t one.

    A quick heads-up: we’re going to lose a shedload of games next year. We will get spanked regularly. Our aim as a club should be to get spanked less often than at least 3 other teams in the prem. Sorry if that seems unambitius, but that is how it has to be done.

    Here’s a thought: West Ham, Portsmouth and various others are just about to show us what it looks like when you DON’T have an owner with £25M available to maintain an impossible wage bill until things improve. You fire-sale your best players at half their former value and your ability to win games plummets. This is going to happen to a lot of teams over the summer, including a lot of the prem clubs who don’t get relegated. I believe anyone who thinks we won’t be able to beat those teams, plus the ones who are already worse than us, doesn’t see the scale of the crisis in the game right now.
    We’re in great shape. Our lads have done an incredibly good job and will do ok in the prem with just some sensible reinforcement.

    Roy Keane. Honestly.

  126. I’d like to see O’Hara, R Keane, Hutton, Cahill, Wright Phillips and Micah Richards bought.

    By Stardust reckoning we should get them for about £15m all in.

    That would be a start and it should keep us up.

  127. I know it is pointless posting the players we feel could improve our squad, but here goes.

    Piquionne(CF), Belhadj(LW/LB), Reo Coker(CM/DM/RB), K.P.Boateng(AM/CM/RM), Perch(LB/RB/CB), and Sylvain Ebanks Blake(RW/CF)

    I think these players would seriously compliment our squad and could be acquired for an outlay of around 20million.

    I would be rid of either Barton or Nolan(preferably Barton), Ameobi(too injury prone), R.Taylor, Pancrate, and Butt. We are surely saving between 100-125k a week losing that lot.

  128. We’ve worked bloody hard over the last 9 months to be able to discuss our PL season next year.

    That’s what it’s all about.

  129. Stuart

    Blake is a better player than that record shows. He had a bad start to prem life with Wolves as he was injured for quite a while. He is fast, aggressive, and a decent finisher with a bit of confidence. He would also be willing to wait for his chance to play i reckon.

  130. Dragonera – I would keep Barton but get shot of Best and maybe Smith, I am undecided on Smudger.

    I would love to get Keane in as a bigger spend of 7 million maybe? Though I think wages would be the massive hurdle with him

  131. Raffo says:
    April 6, 2010 at 2:37 pm
    Dragonera – I would keep Barton but get shot of Best and maybe Smith, I am undecided on Smudger.

    I would love to get Keane in as a bigger spend of 7 million maybe? Though I think wages would be the massive hurdle with him

    That’s what pisses me off Raffo.

    Keane is tried, tested and a top notch player. If we could get him for £7m we should snatch their bloddy hand off! But I fear that because he isn’t under 26 and won’t have a sell on value we wouldn’t buy him.

  132. Raffo

    The reassn i say keep Nolan and Smith ahead of Barton is just because they are the so called, “leaders of the dressing room”. I think getting shot of either could seriously affect the morale of the squad, even though i don’t see either performing well next season.

  133. Raffo

    I take your point with Best, but i would be surprised if Hughton moves him on so early after bringin him in. He will probably want to see how he performs after a good pre season and properly blending into the squad.

  134. Stuart: “Keane is tried, tested and a top notch player. If we could get him for £7m we should snatch their bloddy hand off! But I fear that because he isn’t under 26 and won’t have a sell on value we wouldn’t buy him.”

    Which are two damn good reasons why we should not buy him or anyone like him. That and the fact that it would show we’d learned nothing and he’d probably end up getting out-scored by Carroll because Carroll isn’t here for the dosh.

    For the same overall outlay as Keane (say, £25m over a 3-year contract, with wages) you could get two younger, more promising players who may not get too many past Chelski, but will help us stay above the rellie zone until they either mature into top-notch players or get sold on, probably without losing much value.

    We’ve been linked with some sensible names, and there will be plenty of them out there. It’s a buyers’ market this summer.

  135. Keane could be a good shout, I mean there must be an underlying reason why he was farmed out to the SPL? Could play well with Carroll aswell.

    What about this triple deal that is being bandied about?

  136. So we don’t want any tried, tested and quality player at the club? We only want players who MIGHT turn into good players? That’s a hell of a risk and it’s not going to happen, clubs cannot survive like that.

    You cannot say that every player who is tried and tested would only come because of money, that’s just ridiculous!

    Your idea of getting young players who MIGHT turn out to be good is a dream – If it was so easy the other clubs would all be doing it – Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and every other club.

    Chelsea have spent millions and millions of pounds on their academy and they haven’t had one player come through the ranks on the last five years. They have better foundations, better infrastructure and more finacial clout to make it work, yet they still cannot do it. Why will we be better than them?

    We only have one bloody scout man!

  137. The talk is that if Celtic can win the Scottish Cup and have a strong end to the season, Robbie Keane may take a hefty wage cut to end his career at Celtic (if Celtic can get a transfer fee sorted with Spurs), his real boyhood club for anyone that knows about Keane.

    I doubt he would leave his life long dream to join a relegation battle with us.

  138. Keane creates alot more and he has a better all round game, which is something we are lacking in my opinion. He obviously isnt high in the pecking order at the spuds as Toonsy says he’s up at Celtic, so why not try?

    And why are we now going to become a selling club? Why cant we keep players once they have developed to enhance our chances of european football? We havent done that in the past so why should other clubs profit from our hard work and initial investment?

  139. Stuart79 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 2:28 pm
    I’d like to see O’Hara, R Keane, Hutton, Cahill, Wright Phillips and Micah Richards bought.

    How much money do you think we have to spend?

  140. Johno,

    Star ‘lacking in humility’ dust reckons prices are to fall 75% this summer so we should get them for £15m!

    Now I know and you know that, that won’t happen but I’m just making the point to that idiot that he knows jack shit!

    Although I would very much like to buy them players and I think £30m would do it.

  141. On that list I would replace R Keane with Kevin Doyle Stuart , I dunno if we would have 30 mil to spend , I would imagine half of that maybe 20 mil at most

  142. I think buying anyone from Man City means top dollar. I mean it isn’t like they need the money from sales is it?

    O’Hara – Reailstic target.
    Keane – Worth a shout.
    Hutton – Worth a shout.

  143. Yep, hear what you’re saying – but on the other hand, look at our recruitment over the past year. We’ve spent a tiny amount, yet we’ve had very few ‘flops’. In terms of player value, we’ve probably made a profit, while improving our options, depth and performance far more than one top-level player could ever have done.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t sign any recognised players; only that we don’t need to jump straight to a Roy Keane level of player. We do not need to beat Arsenal (although we might) we just need to not be the 18th worst team. To do that we need a handful of promising younguns (like Van Arnie back) plus perhaps one or two higher-end guys, but still within the sub-26 bracket and on realistic salaries.

    Going with anyone like Keane has two big downsides:

    1. It takes us back to what wrecked us in the first place; spending money we don’t have. The through-contract cost of a Keane will pay for half a dozen Routledges.

    2. It puts too may eggs in one basket (case). If we get six Williamsons (or, I dunno – Albins?) and three come good that’s a much better bang for your buck. There is only so much any one player can bring.

    I just think you’re trying to get into the Champs league here, when all we want to do is stay up and improve from there. It’s just too risky and would throw away what we’ve been through all this pain to achieve, IMHO.

  144. we,d never get keane,ashley will not pay his wages,i can see them going back in for beckford tbh.

  145. Good to see everyone this morning (or afternoon for all you true Geordies).

    Glad to see things are already back to normal, I might add, what with people arguin ower who we need to transfer and why and why not :D

    Personally, as for strikers, I say get in Kevin Doyle. He’s a good lad, somewhat humble, and I think has a hunger to be with a spirited side. Would good up next to Big Andy too.

    Midfield- would love to see us bag Modric, but that won’t happen, so Jamie O’Hara (kinda sounds like O’Hurley :D). Also, in terms of wingers…. well I’ll leave that up to you’s to decide haha.

    Defenders- would honestly like to see us give Perch a try. We should absolutely be able to afford him. And we gotta keep Kadar too.


    WHERE ARE YOU JILLY BEAN??? I’ve never met a single solitary woman in America who supports the Toon (except for one bangin’ Norwegian lass… haha). Would love to chat with you sometime!! I’m in Tennessee.

  146. whumpie,with all due respect our signings have been charvership standard,watching routledge last night and a few other games,he has been disappointing for me.
    pancrate has been a waste of space,williamson time will tell.

  147. sorry lads! but a lot of u lot are getting carried away! keane is on 80-90 grand a week no chance and other players 50 plus we are not going down that get this out of your head these players wont take pay cuts anyway. at celtic they pay keane just 20 plus and the rest spurs pay. we wont be going over 30 0r 40 grand a week so will look abroad.

  148. Whumpie,

    The millions we spent in the past were wasted due to who was spending the money.

    Ashley must trust Hughton to make the right judgment. If Hughton thinks Keane will do a good job and progress the club then why not?

    He cannot to turn round and say sorry Chris I’m not buying Keane because in the past some of our managers wasted millions on poor players.

    He might as well just say ok I’m only going to buy players who might, just might turn into good players. If that relegates us because out of the ten we’ve bought only one turns out to be any good then so be it, I stuck to my principles.

  149. kevin doyle hasn,t exactly set the world alight for wolves,so why do we want him.

  150. …and can we please stop just talking in terms of transfer fees? The real cost of a player is that PLUS the wages an bonuses over the life of the contract MINUS their value at (say) a year before it expires.

    Example 1: Get a 25-year old player for £1m and £500k salary on a 4-year deal. He does ok; doesn’t set the world alight. Sell at 3 years for £1m, because he’s now in his prime at 28 so it evens out. Overall cost: £1.5m.

    Example 2: If that player does well, at 3 years you can either sell at (say) £4m or re-sign (you saved spending £4m to replace him with, in theory, a similar quality of player – same result financially). Cost: £1.5M PROFIT.

    Example 3: Buy a 28-year old well-known player for £8m and £2m a year. After 3 years, even if he’s been excellent, he’s worth £3m because he’s now 31. Cost: £14m.

    Let’s assume for every 4 of example 1 you’ll get 1 of example 2, i.e. promising lads who come good. For that £14m you spent on example 3 you could have bought TWELVE example 1 types, producing THREE example 2s and still have spent less!

    THAT is why you leave the likes of Keane to the oil barons and russian mafia.

    Your honour, the defence rests.

  151. imo there is no point buying survivalist players from struggling clubs,because that,s where we will end up near the bottom.
    this is what i think ashley will do and we,ll end up cattled again.

  152. @Stu79 Chelsea have spent millions and millions of pounds on their academy and they haven’t had one player come through the ranks on the last five years. They have better foundations, better infrastructure and more finacial clout to make it work, yet they still cannot do it. Why will we be better than them?

    Chelsea have one of the worst records in the prem for bringing talent through the ranks, it’s extrememly hard to push for a spot with 3 20 million pound players in your way! thats why we should be better than them :-)

  153. So if you get 5 example 3 (Not advocating that) they all do excellant and we finish in a European spot – Turnover goes up with the like of sponsorship, advertising, TV money and PL prize money. You’ve spent more but the club have made more so can cover that cost.

    God forbid example 3 might even win us a trophy too!

    The risk is higher to buy lots of unknown players, hoping they’ll turn into good players. Bigger and better clubs than our have tried and failed.

  154. stevep says:
    April 6, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    You’ve totally missed the point mate.

    They haven’t even produced players that have gone on to play for other PL clubs. Players who might not be good enough for Chelsea but might be good enough for the PL.

    They can’t even do that so your point is non existant.

    Also cream always rises to the top.

  155. Whumpie – option 4 buy a 28 year old player for 15 million and pay him 60k a year on a 3 year contract
    total cost 24 million or there abouts
    He helps toon win the prem league and champions league and eventually retires
    loss of 24 million but value is priceless


  156. Trojan 69

    ‘watching routledge last night and a few other games,he has been disappointing for me.’

    I agree Trojan. He added some pace to our rather static midfield, but I think he’s very wasteful with the ball – gives it away way too easily.

  157. Steve and Stuart: 3 things.

    1. Tried it. Got us near bankrupt and relegated. Learned anything at all? (Post 175 describes the Michael Owen cockup perfectly)

    2. One player CANNOT win you anything. Again – we of all teams should know that.

    3. 5 example 3s = SEVENTY MILLION QUID!! on what planet does a place in the Europa league… or any sodding competition for that matter… get you that kind of revenue?? And if it doesn’t work because, oh, I dunno – Spurs, Liverpool, Citeh and Villa already have similar quality in their squads? Bankrupt. No more NUFC. Dead. Great risk management there.

    So yes, I’d rather have a dozen promising younguns than a Roy Keane. But I’d MUCH rather have what I think we’ll get: a couple of Albin types and half a dozen potential Bassongs. Nobody wins any silverware, but we stay up and progress. Good chance that we’ll unearth a couple of gems and make a profit.

    Your way has been tried for a long time and was shown to be no more advisable than betting your house on a horse.

  158. Toonsy
    ‘Well, nice to see the feel good factor lasted’

    Youre right there Toonsy, theres always some miserable *** ready to burst the bubble

  159. Just an additional thought – how many of the newer players have some sort of pay rise written into the contracts? I wouldnt have thought any wouldve taken a pay cut from last season, but would Routledge and Williamson and Best have had clauses for a wage hike if we got promoted? If so that 20 million war chest is going to take a hit from that alone.

    I wouldnt be at all suprised to see Smith and Barton, maybe even Collo and Jonas if they have a decent world cup to be sold as they are on 70K a week, which as we know will pay for 2 35K players.

    It is safe to say that it will be an interesting summer window

  160. Asim
    ‘but colly and willamson were crap last night but cant judge them on last night colly who looked weak and gave away the first goal and they could not head anything which has been are strong point this season but toonsy or who ever wrote the blog up with the players ratings gave colly top marks of 8 sorry at best 4-5 at best played like he did in the prem.’

    Is this the same Collicini who was named man of the match?
    Just checking we are talking about the same game? If so, how can you say he was crap and should be awarded 4-5?

  161. Whumpie,

    Again I will say we wasted millions because we gave the money to the wrong managers!

    If Wenger, Mourinho or Ferguson had been our manager and had the money we spent it wouldn’t have been wasted.

    You come across as only being interested in making a profit – There’s only one club in the world that makes a decent profit – Man Utd.

    You sound like you would be happy if we went down but made a profit.

    Beggers belief!

    We have enormous revenue streams now, we need to use them to bring in quality players and the odd young player we buy who turns out to be good will suppliment them.

    I know of no other club that does it the other way round, the way you’re advocating.

    Spurs were in deep shit last season until they got the cheque book out, Villa were mid table mediocrity until thye got it out too and Man City were relegation fodder until they started spending.

    Tell me why these clubs didn’t think ‘oh I know what we’ll do, we’ll buy a load of young players and hope that one of them turns into a good player, then we’ll sell him for a profit so he can help another club win something’.

    Your ideolgy is so flawed it shouldn’t even be debated.

  162. 181 TROJAN 69 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 4:26 pm
    if he is such a great player,why isn,t he playing for the better clubs?

    Just becasue he is playing for Wolves does not make him any less of a player , he has averaged about 1 goal every 3 games , he played alot of his first season at reading on the wing and played most of this season upfront by himself working his little orange and black socks off , he is quick , good with both feet , good in the air and his work rate is second to none.

    If you stick him in a team that creates chances he will score more imo

  163. Jury is still out on Colo, this will only be his 2nd PL season and it’s fair to say he didn’t have a great first season.

    Williamson, Simpson, Best, Carroll, Lovenkrands and Guthrie all still have a lot to prove in the PL.

    Routledge has had plenty of chances in the big league and he still ended up in the fizzy, why?

    I still think our midfield is too slow and Enrique is the one and onlystand out, PL quality player we have.

    Jonas I think is starting to get his act together, but he doesn’t show up away from home which could be a problem when the likely hood is we will be playing on the counter most away games.

  164. As for splashin’ the cash- I agree there needs to be more in terms of financial investment, we just have to avoid at all costs pullin’ another ffs. 15mil on a good player with a good heed on his shoulders and a savvy attitude is 15mil well spent. Spend the same on another Michael Owen and it’s a waste.

    We’ve just gotta avoid spending too much or Pompey here we come.

    I agree with some of the earlier posts sayin that our chief goal next season ain’t Europe, but building a solid squad that can survive the premiership. A mid table finish would have me chuffed.

  165. Stuart i agree. But ofte our fans don’t make allowances for the fact that overseas players need quite some time to settle and adpapt to our game, new country and way of life, let alone be able to communicate effectively with each other when language is a problem. I think he’s done a great job this season and has looked a class act at times. I also think him and Steven Taylor had establised a good partnership and I’m hoping that continues if Taylor come back and doesn’t b*gger off to Everton or somewhere. I agree with Routledge. Sure he’s a nice lad but doesn’t have the class as far as I can see, but hopefully I’m wrong.

  166. @Stu79 – to be honest I agree with you on some points but Fergie and co not wasting money!!!
    Kleberson, Miller, Djemba Djemba, Taibi,Bosnich, Bellion, Veron, Cruyff, Blanc?
    Luis Boa Morte, Jeffers, Wiltord, Reyes, Cygan
    Kezman, Boulahrouz, Shevchenko, Sidwell, Jarosik

    They’ve all made bad buys but they have the money to cover them up by buying instant replacements when it doesn’t work out

  167. steve,

    In fairness I’m not too sure how much Mourinho knew about most of them buys.

    I didn’t say they never wasted money, the point was that they have a better record than who was spending money here. The three of them have bought more good players than bad.

    Totally the opposite from our managers.

  168. workyticket says:
    April 6, 2010 at 5:07 pm
    Was this supposed to be some kind of match review?

    No Worky, it’s a preview of the 2010/11 Premier League season.

  169. workyticket says:

    “Was this supposed to be some kind of match review?”

    I think it started off that way but it seems to have been dragged down to a conversation about how, less that 24 hours after promotion, we are now doomed for relegation in 12 months time.

  170. Stuart: I’m trying to get over to people that the game has changed.

    Ferguson may be a clever bloke, but his club has the best part of a billion of debt, largely due to spending hugely on disappointing players. Same with Liverpool, only more so. As for Chelski.. well, they may as well have popped to the local store and bought a replica cup.

    Your question about making a profit shows the gap in understanding: EVERY CLUB has to start at least breaking even, or, like any other business they will cease to exist. Simple as. If Platini gets his way – and I hope he does – that will be enforced so we can finally get back to playing football rather than trying to compete with rich mens’ playthings.

    We are currently making a big loss, and promotion should help to address that. But it doesn’t make us able to splurge £20m here and there on players.

    I don’t just want to make a profit… just not making a loss is what I’m after. That is because I want the club to continue to exist. How do you propose we do that if you conintue to spend more than you earn?

    You have to start recognising that the likes of Spurs and Villa ARE STILL IN DEEP SHIT. Yes, they have a nice league position – well done. And just how are they now going to avoid administration having borrowed huge amounts to do that?

    I’ll give you one club which does do what I’m on about: Arsenal. When the financial shite hits the football fan over the next couple of years, they will be so far ahead of everyone else it’ll be ridiculous.

    One more thing: can you point me at just one big-name player we’ve bought since Sir Bobby’s day who was worth his dosh? I think there may be one or two, but I honestly can’t think of one right now. And how many Luques, Owens, Vidukas and the like have we seen?

    You say “if it was easy everyone would do it” to justify not going down the youth development route. But that argument applies far, far more to the idea of just buying big names and hoping. If they’re any good, one of the ‘plaything’ clubs will have ’em. The rest are pretty much scraps. While that situation remains, you are wasting money trying to buy your way into that club and it’ll end in bankruptcy every time.

  171. Worky @ 192 I think it was I have checked on here a few times today but I just couldn’t bare to take part. I think the Lads done an excellent job and I am so proud of them all. I just think this is a time to celebrate and to look forward to celebrating again when we win the CCC, But it just seems to be alot of Doom and Gloom like last year when we were relegated FFS. I just hope no one from the club come on here to read about how well we all think they have done because they would be in for a real shock. I along with 99% of people know we need to strengthen the club but we will have months to talk about it once we know where we are going at the end of this season.
    Rant over, might catch you’s lata, After I get a bath with a bottle of gin and a razor blade :(

  172. toonsy says:
    April 6, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    Actually toonsy I don’t see many comments saying that we’ll be relegated.

    It has turned into a debate on how best to progree the club – Totally different opinions on best to do that.

  173. Whumpie,

    Ferguson may be a clever bloke, but his club has the best part of a billion of debt, largely due to spending hugely on disappointing players. Same with Liverpool, only more so. As for Chelski.. well, they may as well have popped to the local store and bought a replica cup.

  174. That statement is totally wrong.

    Man Utd are in debt due to the leverage the owners put on the club to actually buy the club, not due to buying poor players.

    They were debt free when the Glazers bought the club, all debt is what was used to actually buy the club.

    Same applies for Liverpool too.

  175. Whumpie,

    You have to start recognising that the likes of Spurs and Villa ARE STILL IN DEEP SHIT. Yes, they have a nice league position – well done. And just how are they now going to avoid administration having borrowed huge amounts to do that?

    Spurs make a profit mate. Most companies in the world have managable debt. Mike Ashley’s very own Sport Direct have huge debts that are managable – They borrowed to invest like most businesses.

  176. Big Dave says:
    April 6, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    “I just think this is a time to celebrate and to look forward to celebrating again when we win the CCC, But it just seems to be alot of Doom and Gloom like last year when we were relegated FFS.”

    I agree totally, Dave. Negativity has been bringing the club down for years.

  177. Just for clarity – re Stuarts comments – I stated Cash is King once more and all but the very best players will be available at discounts. 75% is a figurative example of such a discount but is not a broad brush figure for all players. The actual percentage across the board of all discounts will be relative in relation to the player concerned and their wage demands.

  178. Stu – It’s fine borrowing to invest in retail, or other businesses, as the returns can be pretty accurately predicted.

    A football environment has too may variables to warrant borrowing at competitive rates.

    Are you seriously suggesting we borrow cash to buy players with?

  179. Stardust says:
    April 6, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    Watch ya step there Mr Humility – You nearly tripped up, back tracking that fast!

  180. toonsy says:
    April 6, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    No toonsy I’m not advocating borrow to buy players to a degree that cripples the club.

    The fact remains that I don’t know many clubs apart from Man City that don’t have to borrow to buy.

    If it’s servicable I don’t see a problem.

  181. workyticket says:
    April 6, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    “I agree totally, Dave. Negativity has been bringing the club down for years.”

    Tell me about it.

    It’s about time people got real and realised that aside from being Newcastle United, we are just another promoted club that should go through the same motions every promoted club does in order to ensure survival. Granted, we ahould have a head start as we have a Premier League infrastructure and facilities so that is something we don’t have to worry about.

    Anyway, as poitivity isn’t allowed, I’m going to crack on and get in the bath with an electric toaster as the future of Newcastle is apparently very bleak.

    Why can’t we just be happy we proved a lot of people wrong? Is that not good enough? Knowing that we shut those people who had the knives out for us up? Any other team in our position would be chuffed to bits about going up. The fact that some of our fans are ready to write it all off astounds me.

    What is the point in supporting a team if there is no hope?

  182. Stuart79 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    “No toonsy I’m not advocating borrow to buy players to a degree that cripples the club.”

    So what would be a reasonable amount then?

  183. Worky, BBM, Toonsy et al

    In one of or finest moments and achievements for many years – certain folk choose to ruin the blog with misery – it looks like nothing has been learned from our history at all.

    The same cancerous b***ards will then start undermining us all over again – just like last year – willing us to fail – just to say I told you so – just as it has started on this thread.

    Put simply I cant be bothered to read threads anymore – nor post – the threads are tiresome and negative – ruined by one individual. I dont have to say his name – you know who it is.

    Im looking forward to next year – I wont waste time dragging my mood down by reading his crap. I support NUFC – I play football and watch football for enjoyment – seems others live to hate and be miserable.

    Youre all first class fellas who put in a great deal of time to supporting NUFC – I cant imagine you wanted it to be so negative either.

    Good luck fellas – I’ll be reading from a distance until you manage to steer her (the blog) back on track, I wish you all well.

  184. Where you getting this negativity crap from toonsy?

    All today on this blog there has been debate, and good debate as to the best way the club should move forward in the PL.

    Some would like good investment (me) and some want to go down the route of youth development.

    Where’s the negativity?

  185. Stu – You should know mate, be fair. Most of your comments today have been trying to snipe at one poster, in fact you have referred to him name several times despite him clearly not being in a coversation with you for the most part.

    This obsession with him needs to stop.


  186. The way some people go on, I think if we’d just beaten Barcelona in the final of the Champions League they’d be saying “Ah yes, but…” about something.
    We have had to endure ridicule, boredom and ultimately the shame of relegation over the last 3-4 years. Finally we have something to celebrate – not much but a damned site better than what we all feared – doing a Leeds, becoming a mid-table also-ran in the Championship – you name it.
    So let’s ENJOY it!!
    Next season is next season but if you want my 3 penn’orth (and even if you don’t) – I will be happy with reasonable survival. I’m not one of those mythical creatures beloved (or made up ) by sarcastic sports writers- you know, the Toon fans who now assume we’ll be in the Champion’s league positions next season -after we’ve signed half a dozen £15 million players. But nor am I one of those pessimists who see nothing but doom and gloom.
    Last season was dreadful and a lot of the players are the same – BUT we did NOT do a Sunderland or a Portsmouth and finish woefully behind the rest of the league. We missed out on safety by 1 point (1 goal at the end, in fact). Two more wins and we would have been well up the table. So maybe, just maybe, our squad – minus the want-aways – is not that bad a base to build on. A few shrewd signings and a continuation of the new-found team spirit and I reckon we can get to be in the 12th-15th bracket – which for me would be a step in the right direction compared to previous years.
    There – rant over – I need another beer! Haway the Lads!

  187. thats the way to look at it to be honest,we will be in that group of clubs that could be relegated no doubt.
    next season will be something of a lottery,where six or more clubs will be scrapping for survival.

  188. johno,not saying the lads a bad player,but he was also at reading and was hardly prolific.
    i just think it would be a bad idea,to sign the lad.
    stardust,i would have to disagree about the fine achievement,yes we,ve been promoted,but to me it,s more about ashley putting right the mistakes he has made.
    to me it is one step on the ladder,as people around the city have been saying it,s more relief than triumph.

  189. No relief here, just triumph! Plus a feeling of sticking 2 fingers up at the people who wanted us to collapse and die as a club.

  190. toonsy,to me being relegated was failure by the people who run the football club.their mistakes led to us losing our premier league status,of course it,s a relief we could of been stuck in the wilderness for years.

  191. TROJAN – And now we have PL status again, plus we have got rid of the wasters like Owen et all.

    Be honest, we hadn’t been pulling up any trees in the PL for years previously and had flirted with relegation before.

    Premier League status is not a right, it has to be earned. As a club from top to bottom we didn’t do enough to earn that status for this season. Now we have earned the right to be there.

  192. toonsy,regardless of what people think michael owen isn,t a waster,injury prone yes but not a waster.
    that side were not creating any chances for him,granted the club were struggling but ashley made a litany of mistakes,he also weakened the team to the point where it had no creativity whatsoever,that,s why we went down.

  193. We got relegated due to having about five managers in one season imo.

    We were slowly finishing down the table every year previously, but I think the managerial merry go round speeded the process up.

    A steady manager for more than five minutes and we should have finished top ten easily.

    Notice a few people on the radio slagging Hughton off today saying he hasn’t done a good job as he had the heighest wage bill, best players and biggest transfer budget – So he should have achieved what’s been achieved.

    Agree with the best players, wage bill and budget but still had a hell of a job on like.

  194. Messi is so good it is scary. I think it is safe to say he is going to be better than Maradona, Pele, etc if he isnt already

  195. In the words of a certain Scotsman ‘Take a bow, son. Take a bow.’

    I don’t think there’s enough money in the world to buy him.

    We should try for a loan deal though…

  196. Thats the scary thing FSOTC. He is worth more than our club alone, theres no doubt he is the best player in the world, none of this Ronaldo rubbish

  197. raffo says:
    April 6, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    “Messi is so good it is scary. I think it is safe to say he is going to be better than Maradona, Pele, etc if he isnt already”

    raffo, are you old enough to remember players like Pele, Cruyff, Garrincha, Di Stefano and the rest?

  198. stuart,it would be interesting to see how well he would have done at peterboro.
    not taking anything away from him,for hughton it,s a big deal biggest thing he,s done so far in his management career.
    he has had the best group of players in one of the worst second tier leagues i,ve seen in years.
    in reality though this side is argubly worse than the side that got relegated from the prem.
    what have we won really?a stay of execution for ashley?or are we creating a mugs paradise,with ashley at the helm.

  199. I think people who watch Messi will find it almost impossible to imagine that anyone past or present were or will ever be as good as he is.

    I personally think he’s awesome now – But the scary thing is he’s not even near his peak.

    I believe if he fullfills his potential he will be one of the greatest of all time,if not the best of all time.

  200. Aye, it’s because he gets games. Kazenga Lua Lua could be just the same as Messi but nobody knows as the younguns never get games :lol:

  201. Stu/Worky – Thats what I was trying to say. He is 22 and is already regarded widely as the best player in the world and has the potential to go on as you say. Of course I know that there have been so many greats in history but he is on course to join them

  202. Dunno TROJAN 69.

    It may take quite a few years to achieve anything notable under Ashley’s business plan, if it actually works and there is no guarentee of that. On the other hand we might build a youth academy like Barcalona’s and go on to be successfull.

    Only problem is, if we develop a Messi, Xavi, Iniesta or Bojan we’ll sell them before we can achieve anything.

    Oh and for the snipers out there, I’m not being negative – That’s the clubs official business plan, it cannot be disputed.

    But I would be interested to hear other peoples view on that business plan though.

  203. davis_toons says:
    April 6, 2010 at 8:47 pm
    They have a common skill – “Close Control”…get those players.

    They the ones that cost alot of money mate, unless you get them at 10and then there’s no guarentee they’ll be any good.

  204. raffo says:
    April 6, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    “Worky – Not in the flesh mate I am 27!”

    Messi is an incredible player, but there have been quite a few others. People usually end up getting a little carried away about the latest one, and lose a little perspective sometimes.

  205. Well young Toonsy I take it you had a night to remember ;) Watching it made me so Jealous that I couldn’t be there :)
    As for Icedog he must be still celebrating with his mate JD :)

  206. Jesus Christ , just got on here for the first time today after recovering from the hangover after yesterdays triumph . So much negativity on here when we should all as fans be over the bloody moon ! yes their have been big mistakes made and yes we got relegated but like him (no one really does outside his family) :)or loath him Ashley did give CH the tools to put us back where we wanted to be . Guys cherish the moment and lets wait and see what the next transfer window brings , after all he did plesently surprise us in January . Maybe the first tentative steps to building bridges will arrive in the summer . Sorry rant over , now a beer , me heeds still got a drummer in it from last night party.

  207. workyticket says:
    April 6, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    By the same token, do peoples opinions of past ‘great’ players not get all romanticized nostalgic?

    The truth is that it’s all matter of opinion so there isn’t a difinitive answer. At the end of the day there’s different era’s, different people have watched different players and they all have their own ‘Greatest player ever’.

  208. Lads I was reading this earlier thought it was a real good article. I loved how he finished it off as its how I feel >
    Hughton a man previously seen as a perennial No 2, has proved himself a shrewd, calm manager able to unify a shattered club. Given a summer of planning and an enhanced transfer budget, he now has the opportunity to take Newcastle a further step forward.
    But that can wait for now, until the celebrations in the North East die down. Newcastle have had plenty of dark days in their recent past, it is time to let them enjoy their day in the sun. Welcome back Newcastle, the Premier League has missed you.

  209. Messi will absolutly join the list of the worlds best. He is without a doubt the best in the world at the minute and proves it week in week out. Does he not have a ridiculous goalscoring record of something like 40 in 42 for this season? He’s been outstanding again tonight and I wouldn’t put it past him finding the net once or twice more tonight with the chances Barca create as a team.

  210. Big Dave says:
    April 6, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Yeah read that article mate.

    Makes me laugh though, some think that it was a really good article because he expressed feelings that many supporters feel, but when it’s an article that they don’t agree with it’s just another London based hack who has it in for the Toon.

    We need to be a tad bit more balanced I think.

  211. BIG DAVE nay m8 great night did have few like,reason being i hope this aright,but i bumped old pal,i would to say;found out g,atkins had left us a while ago,i played a few games for gateshead with him he was a ex sunderland player and scotish internatoinl i was a kid he was at the end of his playing day,a great player i looked up to and a great guy he was on 12/6d plus a bit,i was getting 7/6d,RIP old mate see you up there pal

  212. sorry lads and lasses for coming across as negative,if we had won the fa cup,or the champions league i,d be celebrating with the rest of them.
    i just dont see winning the charvership as something that should be overly celebrated.
    the same way roy keane felt it shouldn,t be celebrated at sunderland,it,s jst one step in the right direction.
    i would hate to see some open top bus parade this time around,as it is a different set of circumstances as the last promotion from the second tier.

  213. I hear you loud and clear, Trojan, but as esteemed as Keano must be, his seeming extreme perfectionism and/or negativity seems to have honed him as a player but ruined him as a manager.

    We must keep things in perspective, but we must also celebrate the milestones, don’t you think?

  214. Aye TROJAN 69 you been really, really negative today like. Someone who shall remain nameless has stopped coming on here now due to you!


  215. Stuart I thought it was a good one more for the fact that 99% of stories about us are totally negative So I thought it was a positive article for a change from the Normal sh1te. and as you said he expressed feelings that many supporters feel ;)
    But as for > it’s just another London based hack who has it in for the Toon. I dont know where he expresses that ?

  216. ROSS i and they say he is a good guy,not a good time charlie likes to stay home, plays games (football) on tv dont think i would like to play him at that even,dont think simpson will handle epl easy to get carried away last night like but the true is there

  217. No Big Dave, some supporters just say it’s another London based journo who has it in for us if they don’t agree with the article that’s been written.

    This article is a fair well balanced view I think.

  218. by all means have a p**s up,get slaughtered fair enough,but i found myself already looking towards next season.
    i was already starting to think who might be good enough etc.
    chris was in the chronicle tonight saying he was putting off transfer target discussions until the end of the season,i think he should be planning now.i honestly think we,re only going to get one shot at this,and if it,s f**ked up this time,it could take years to recover.

  219. It’s a nice article in the Telegraph.

    The NUFC haters are crawling out of the woodwork, I guess.

    It’s like Uma Thurman says in Pulp Fiction “When you little scamps get together, you’re worse than a sewing circle.”

  220. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Although some will conscrue it as negativity, so be it.

  221. Trojan, I bet he’s putting those DISCUSSIONS in public off till later, but he’s probably thinking on it already. I can’t think otherwise–Hughton’s proved to be a thoughtful guy.

    If he opens his mouth now, talking about who he might like to buy, it would just be a distraction for him, the players and from the press dogging he’d get thereafter.

    Good, strategic press management in my book.

  222. that,s the problem stuart,this board is advertised as a number of different view points,it seems to me though unless your pro ashley people want to have a pop at you.
    are we not entitled to question mike ashley after some of the events of the last three years.

  223. big dave thought the crowd would have been better last night,but you seemed to be in a little of your own like,your pal was”nt on long enough to judge him ah forgot already have ;)

  224. Isn’t that the idea behind getting promoted early? So you can steal a march on everyone else, seeing as though you know what league you’ll be playing in.

    I would be worried if Hughton isn’t already planning for next season.

    Maybe supporters aren’t allowed to think of next season, I mean it’s only cost hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds for supporters to watch the club in the Championship, in the hope that we get to the promised land.

  225. icedog-He seems genuinly greatful for what Barcelona have done for him like. I’m sure they said if he signed for them they’d give his dad a job and that, make sure his family were safe and sound and thats when he said he was good to go. Seems to play football for the love of the game and he’s just conveniently the best in the world as he does,lol.

    I will again take great pleasure in watching Barca give Manure a pasting should they make the final. There’s Messi’s 4th. Fantastic.

  226. that,s also something that bugs me,if a journo writes an article you dont like they,re a hack etc oh they,ve got it in for us.
    if a journo writes a good article that you like he or she is the greatest thing since cut loaf.
    that mackem lass got slated on here the other day for an article that was just asking questions that anyone is wanting to know.

  227. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 9:25 pm
    that,s the problem stuart,this board is advertised as a number of different view points,it seems to me though unless your pro ashley people want to have a pop at you.
    are we not entitled to question mike ashley after some of the events of the last three years.

    I’m not too sure you have to be pro Ashley.

    I do think however that if your view doesn’t fit in with some peoples view on here you’re accused of negativity.

    I find that a flaw in a personality – Not being able to conduct a stimulated debate, with different views without being accused of one thing or another.

    Ah well, that is life I suppose.

  228. One of the best things about Messi is that he doesn’t dive or throw himself about. He plays for the love of the game and you can see that in his game.

    He looks like he respects the game and his opponents – That’s why for me he’s better than Maradonna now.

  229. did anyone listen to the derek llambias interview the other week,he wasn,t exactly inspiring much confidence in the future”we might have to buy an attacking midfielder and a striker,then we,ll hope the squad are good enough to stay there.
    the way he,s talking we,ll be lucky to get in two players.

  230. FSOTC,

    Sniping I call it. I have only ever sniped at one blogger and that’s because he has no humility and gets on my pecks!

    Everyone else on here you can have a debate with – Although some do only read what they want to read.

  231. Re CH planning ahead I watched his interview on the Official site and he said that they would be planning for next year but not until after lastnight as he was wanting to have a few drinks.
    Icedog we were talking about the crowd I think the Blades allocation not being taken up and the sponsors box’s being empty didn’t help. As for JB yeah he only got a few mins. What about your friend J D’s did you see him much :lol:

  232. Still think Messi would be interested in a loan move to the Toon, but we’ll have to move fast there might be a few in for him. I heard Wigan had a scout there tonight.

  233. Jonas quotes after the game:

    “We needed to finish in first or second place to get automatic promotion and that is what we have done. If we had finished between third and sixth we would have had to go into the play-offs and my season would have ended very close to the World Cup.

    “Now I have time to charge my batteries for the World Cup and that is what I have always wanted and needed.”

    He obviously wants a rest, poor lad :)

  234. WE can’t afford Messi, but what if we recruited Barcelona’s youth development team? They can’t be making that much, can they? Surely 20 million could scoop the whole department!

  235. Messi is the best player in the world. but before he can be compared to Pele and Maradona he needs to come up big on the World Stage. This summer he will get his chance.

  236. sorry I had to do some work….

    1 – we need to strengthen the squad for defo
    2 – we dont need to buy glory signings
    3 – 20 million should be enough dependant on buying the right type of player
    4 – we won’t win premiership next season
    5 – we wont make top 4 next season
    6 – lets enjoy our moment of glory – we dont get em often
    7 – we’re back to plastic fans – as demonstrated by emails from chelski, spurs liverpool, manure fans sending me emails all day saying “congrats another guaranteed 6 points for us next season” ……. fvck em all
    8 – i’m up for the ipswich game and managed to get a tciket for qpr albeit in home stand :( ……. come on

  237. BIG DAVE,aye m8 had half btl he”s a canny fellow,then after news @253 i kept him company till he was gone just read old blogs saw you were thinking of coming over,your always welcome at mine buddy

  238. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    “that,s the problem stuart,this board is advertised as a number of different view points,it seems to me though unless your pro ashley people want to have a pop at you.”

    Trojan, who is “pro Ashley” on here as you put it? Not that anti Ashley people would ever be insulting and boorish, eh? Stop your disingenuous little “Mam! they’re all putting on me” act and grow up FFS.

  239. i like stardust,and he does have some valid points,but he does cross the line and insult a lot of people.
    stuart,he has give you loads of stick over the months,what does he normally call you sturat.
    but you also have to love some of the eccentricities of some of his posts,i loved the one about the red bus.
    some other pearls “like leeches you suckle on the hatred until you bleed the club dry”.
    back tooth banjo players,hissy fitters,knee jerkers,classic he,s a legend man.

  240. howay worky tere is alot of if you dont agree with what mike ashley,s done your in the wrong.
    grow up oh that,s me told lol.

  241. i don’t mind anyone on this blog as long as they are constructive, ashleys been a twat – yup, hughton aint good enough – we’ll see next season, we need to spend 60 mill, dont think so, blah blah fkin blah
    we’re gonna win the championship and having been at santiago bernabau at the weekend we def need a trophy or two to compare with their trophy room :-)

    it’s a blog and everyone should have an opinion – otherwise we may as well just go on nufc.cock

  242. anyway worky – you should arrange an end of season blog do, though I’d imagine it might end up like fight club which is a pity

  243. that seems to have shut everyone up – especially the bedroom no mates posters :-)….. “what actually talk face to face …. how dare ya i wank in my bedroom ya twat” :-)

  244. stevep,if we win the league and we have a full scale parade with all the trimmings,the press will have a field day,and the mackems etc deluded geordies if they win the toss in the centre circle they,ll do a lap of honour.
    we just dont want to give them any more ammunition after what we,ve been through low key all the way.

  245. reet – trains finally pulling in – offline, speak to y’all tomoz

    come on the toon!

  246. stevep says:
    April 6, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    anyway worky – you should arrange an end of season blog do, though I’d imagine it might end up like fight club which is a pity
    They could start a thread on why the sky is blue and it would evolve into a free for all over whether the squad is good enough to compete in the prem, how much investment is needeed, etc. With promotion assured, preparing for next year is naturally on everyone’s minds right now.

  247. a bit premature – stuck outside bloody station

    worky and co – thanks for this blog, it’s been a godsend for non local toon supporters like myself and it seems local lads too – i’ve been on the lash since last night…. i’m in a right load of trouble with the wife…oh well

  248. stevep,there is alot of resorting to insults on this board if someone doesn,t share a view.
    nobody could ever say that trojan 69 ever insults anyone on this blog over differing view points.
    after all it,s only a blog it,s nothing personal,maybe using pro ashley is a bit strong,i will take that one back.

  249. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    “help mam i,m being cyber bullied.”

    LOL. Phone Esther Rantzen ye daft get!

    “howay worky tere is alot of if you dont agree with what mike ashley,s done your in the wrong.”

    If that’s the case, then it makes a change from all the insults and lies that have been flying the other way for a hell of a long time now. Some people like to dish it out, then turn into big girl’s blouses if they even get a tiny amount of it back. ;-) I have never been an Ashley “fan”, I have been neutral, agreeing with him on some issues and disagreeing, sometimes very strongly, on others. I suspect that many others on here are the same, though there are people from all ends of the spectrum.

  250. People who don’t agree with comments made on here accuse some of being negative – Why?

    Why not just have a debate with different views? Accept people have different views and get on with the debate. Nobody is right or wrong.

    There are some who are pro Ashley, well probably only one but that’s up to him. Doesn’t make him wrong and doesn’t make the rest of us right.

    I happen to think we’ll need at least £20m next season to avoid being in a relegation fight, others don’t think we need anywhere near that – We won’t know who’s right and who’s wrong until next May I suppose.

  251. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 6, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    “nobody could ever say that trojan 69 ever insults anyone on this blog over differing view points.”

    I have to admit that you’re alright really, Trojan, and it’s great that you use this site.

  252. Only one person has ever taken me up on the offer of a beer before or after the game. I think that’s because it’s always their round first…


    I’m literally in the worst hotel in London. I’m surprise I got through Kings Cross in one piece. Looks like a good place to get stabbed or felt up by a transvestite at least. I think Durham has me made soft since I moved through there.

  253. Aye, never seen trojan get personal and stu only ever gets that way with Dusty really but that’s cos they love each other so much. But I do agree with a lot of what troj and stu say, so you could argue my view is slightyl subjective.

    It’s not like, but you could say it anyway.

  254. bowburnmag says:
    April 6, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    “I’m literally in the worst hotel in London.”

    Bowburn, I told you to tell me when you were coming down, but you didn’t. I could have sorted you out with anything your heart desired.

  255. workyticket says:
    April 6, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Dirty Worky… Bowburn might not be in to that sort of stuff.

  256. Stu – nah, I went out on the lash with Whumpie and his pals after the Preston game.

    worky – it was all as per usual with my place and the project is all over the shop. I hadn’t even planned on going out but there was no grub in the hotel or Sky to watch the Gooners so I headed out. Meeting pals tomorrow but give me a shout if you want to grab a coffee or a pint during the day.

  257. Apparently we’re going to The Flying Scotsman and we need loads of pund coins for a pint glass…

  258. Sorry Stu, I’m in Kings Cross at the minute. Work’s London office is just up the Grays Inn Road.

  259. Laters icedog, and fare thee well to you other ladies and gents. Time to shave and smarten up and get some kip. I looked a right dishevelled heap today.

  260. Well I hope you’ve got your black and white flag flying out on the balcony!

    Nice and easy for the train if nothing else.

    I was in Knightsbridge a couple of weeks back and I got lost on the tube – Cannot work out where I was going…

  261. Im off too. Nice chatting with Stu et al today. Made the switch from Ed’s place and think theres a lot better crack on here like so thanks Worky, Toonsy and Bowburn

  262. oooooof – flying Scotsman rough women
    man I work in the city but am up for a beer at least twice a week, if you’re down lemme know – if you’re a twat I’ll stay for a couple otherwise I’ll stay for regardless of your viewpoint ;)

  263. Tino-i liked Jonas’ interview immediatly after the game. In his broken english it sounded like he said we had to push on and try finishing at the top of the premier league next season. Ambitious lad! :D haha

  264. Well that was fun,
    funny how pain & pleasure are so close together.
    Thanx for the shout FSOTC, i think you brought me round there mate. :)

    Painful reading through some of this quagmire with skwiffy eyes.
    A sight to make y’eyes sore.

    get yer’sel to tottingham if y’think kingsx is bad.
    It’s a positive doddle compared with a few years back.

  265. Weird,
    i had this mad dream that we were back in the premiership next year after beating sheff utd in 2nd-3rd gear in front of a massive crowd having a party.

    What a cool dream.
    Musta been mistaken.

  266. No,
    i just seen on ssn, that there’s a ‘P’ next to our name in the league table?
    Anyone know what that means?


  267. If that messi lad keeps up his current form, he’ll be nearly as good as Pedro in a few years. He’s almost got the shimmy.

    Didn’t do much in the first game though, oh sorry, let’s brush that one under the carpet.

  268. Messi didn’t do much in the first game? How about he attracted almost the entire Arsenal defence to him so that Ibrahimovic or whatever he is called could score two goals?

    You don’t need to be a one man show like he was tonight to be deadly.

  269. “One of the best things about Messi is that he doesn’t dive or throw himself about. He plays for the love of the game and you can see that in his game.”

    That’s not true at all. I have seen him dive several times, but he is still a fantastic player. He is without a doubt the best player right now.

  270. Wicky,
    i just find the punditry a tad piquant for my taste.

    There have been plenty of top players before & there will be again,
    For the brownheeds to wear as a hat.

    That & the sound:

  271. That’s exactly what i’m talking about Dragonera.
    Good point mate.

    They ladle it on so thick it puts one off!

  272. Bowburnmag and O’Hurley thanks for the mention. I really enjoy reading this blog so Kudos to Worky, BBM and Toonsy for all their hard work and cracking reporting. Cheers, Jilly Bean

  273. Kudos to you too GeordieDeb. You always write well and should have been included in the above post.

  274. Well, after drving 600 miles, takeing in 2 matches, only having and average of 4 hours kip a night, drinking a bottle of Greek Brandy after my return on Sunday, returning to work, threw up, over-slept, read this, felt sick again. I think it’s safe to say that I have over done things this weekend.

    We are a Premier League blog now ;)

    Couple of hours kip and I’ll get something out for you all to hopefully enjoy :)

  275. I notice every single newspaper has a story on Hughton’s transfer budget. Most have it at £15-£20m, one even has it at £30m!

    Somebody at the club is obviously briefing the press, their having them for mugs too by the look of things.

    £20M is reasonable in my opinion.

    But I must say with the rags talking about PL again is it negative or excitement?

  276. I think and initial investment of £20m will be a good starting block I think 10m should be spent on a premiership proven striker,if we can sell on some players and use them additional funds on top of the £20m even better.

    If we get off to a slow start I see CH being given the chop,or if he starts demanding from Mike then the Axe will fall.
    I think CH was expecting to renegotiate his contract in the summer and Mike told him to spin to avoid any massive payouts if he is sacked.

    I also mentioned that Arse Wenger will win FOOK all again and it is looking that way ,Messi was incredible last night,hopefully Bayern will be on form tonight and destroy the Mancs aswell :)

  277. 209 Stardust says:
    April 6, 2010 at 6:42 pm
    Worky, BBM, Toonsy et al

    In one of or finest moments and achievements for many years – certain folk choose to ruin the blog with misery – it looks like nothing has been learned from our history at all.

    The same cancerous b***ards will then start undermining us all over again – just like last year – willing us to fail – just to say I told you so – just as it has started on this thread.

    Put simply I cant be bothered to read threads anymore – nor post – the threads are tiresome and negative – ruined by one individual. I dont have to say his name – you know who it is.

    Im looking forward to next year – I wont waste time dragging my mood down by reading his crap. I support NUFC – I play football and watch football for enjoyment – seems others live to hate and be miserable.

    Youre all first class fellas who put in a great deal of time to supporting NUFC – I cant imagine you wanted it to be so negative either.

    Good luck fellas – I’ll be reading from a distance until you manage to steer her (the blog) back on track, I wish you all well.
    <<<<< is this realy the end of stardust ,has he realy let the leaky beat him if so it must mean that numb nuts stu is more of a man that stardy i cant see it

  278. Lol Batty/Lesh – aye wont be reading or posting as much – even you’re both not!

    Stu only has one thing to say 50 times a thread every day – its more than a bit dull and IMO ruining the blog – but others see it differently – so be it!

    I remember when it used to be fun! Keep ahold fellas.


    Yet more newspaper articles,discussing what the future holds – Even the players are talking about it.

    It’s human nature to look forward to the next exciting challenge after an achievement, what lies ahead, what needs to be done in peoples ever differing opinions and how to go about it.

    Although I do understand ‘Mr Humilities’ point of view about it being negative, and not human nature as were not totally sure whether he’s actually human.

  280. Wonder if the sage’s that had us relegated again this term, will be correct again next.
    Oh, hang on.
    They were dead wrong weren’t they?

  281. Keep a haad Stardust and we trust you’ll remember to bring out the magic bus now and again

  282. Had y’gan Stardust, see you soon mate.
    Divn’t let the divvies grind y’doon.

  283. Yeah jay jay, there’ll be a different story in every paper from now until 31st August.

    Best just wait, see and trust Hughton.

  284. Stuart the fixture list is to be released on the 17th of june according to fulhams websited , just googled it and it was one of the first pages to come up

  285. I’m looking forward to the fixture list. Wouldn’t mind a few canny games to start us off. A home fixture would also be lovely!

  286. Ross,

    We could do with Wigan, Blackburn, Stoke and Birmingham for our first 4 games.

    Although I wouldn’t mind playing Man Utd early as they do tend to be slow starters.

  287. Ross,
    i wouldn’t bank on it mate.
    The ‘random’ fa computer will no doubt kick us off away, last game away, any games at xmas & new year & when there are road works, rail strikes & rail works will all be as far away as you can get.
    Then games will be changed left, right & center for the sky league to make as much money as they can off our backs, even though were not a big club.

  288. CliNT-Mate, we always seem to kick off the season away, get an away fixture on boxing day and finish away? I’m not saying this happens year in year out like clockwork because I’m not sure when our last home fixture was on any of the above dates, but at the end of the day, within recent years we’ve been away for pretty much all of them.

  289. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 7, 2010 at 10:46 am
    Had y’gan Stardust, see you soon mate.
    Divn’t let the divvies grind y’doon.
    <<<< aye stardust i 2nd clint divent let the divvyie stu get ya doon we all know he,s not right in the head

  290. After being on cloud 9 for the last day or so this blog has brought be back down to earth with a hell of a bump.

    I see BBM – the voice of reason – has fallen off the fence and landed in the nettles on Spew’s side too :(

  291. batty says:
    April 7, 2010 at 12:45 pm
    leaky wont be happy untill we get relegated agen so he can say a told ya so


  292. Toon Chicken says:
    April 7, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Yes Colonel, he has a well balanced, clear view of the way things might pan out for us.

  293. Alreet batty,
    how goes it bud, hope y’raked in a fat wedge from the bookies mate, get in!
    No need to tell you to KTF lad.

    bollox to ’em mate, howay the lads!

    They’ll find a way to skank us, they always do.
    They’ll slag us off, then use us to get viewers mate.
    As sure as Satan made s*land.

  294. There’s nothing “balanced” about predicting certain relegation unless we’re given a a war chest of Top 4 proportions!

  295. bowburn has become as balanced as a polio sufferer on ice skates.
    He probably gonna vote tory next.

  296. Anyone going to Reading next week?

    What’s the crack if we’re in a position where we could clinch the title – will the trophy be there for a presentation or will they wait for the next home game?

  297. Come on Lads Ed has got 7 new threads up in 7 hours…..I can see it starting to hit uziblogging full throttle maximus once the window opens :)

  298. Toon Chicken says:
    April 7, 2010 at 12:57 pm
    There’s nothing “balanced” about predicting certain relegation unless we’re given a a war chest of Top 4 proportions!

    There we go again! Absolute lies, lies and more lies.

    I cannot speak for BBM but I have never once said we need a top four war chest. Read my comments – £20M is a sum I have put on it. I don’t think that’s unreasonable actually.

    But please don’t lie about what I have said in order to try and make your point.

    I’ll debate and argue all day long about what I ‘have said’ but not about what I ‘Haven’t said’.

  299. I think we can take it as definite that some players will be leaving in the summer.

    Which players does everyone think should or could be released?

    I think Butt will go as he’s out of contract, I also think Hughton should try and offload R Taylor, Alan Smith, Ameobi and Leon Best.

    That could bring in about £5-7m and get a couple of big earners off the books, that gives Hughton a bit more room for manouvre.

  300. Hi Stu – I agree with those players being the ones who are most likely to be up for sale, although I dont think Best has had too fair a crack. I can also see Barton being offloaded due to his wages though I would like to hold onto him

  301. Butt-Out of contract
    Pancrate-End of loan(?)
    Fitz Hall-End of loan
    Maybe Smith?

  302. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 7, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Do you think Carroll would be sacked if he went to jail, or did the club set a precedent with Barton last year?

    Or did they use Barton as a ‘If this happens again, whoever it is you’ll be gone’ warning to the players.

  303. How anyone can advocate getting rid of a player who has been at the club for 5 mins is beyond me. Typical Spew.

    As Jonas, Colo and to a certain degree Enrique have proved – players need time to bed into a team and adapt before they can be properly judged.

    Best may prove to be a success or he may not, but at least get off his back until he’s had a fair crack of the whip.

  304. I’m really not sure man.
    He may get a reprieve, y’never know.
    If he can prove provocation?
    If he does go down, if it’s in the off season, he may have a chance of staying here.
    Whatever happens, it’ll be last chance saloon or out on his ear though.
    Barton has kept his nose clean since he had his chance, which i think is a ‘last chance saloon’ deal too.

  305. TC,
    i agree on Best.
    Hasn’t had a fair crack yet.
    & is showing signs of settling in, did ok v peterborough.
    Is big & strong & it all change for him now the pressure is off. He just needs a goal or 2.
    Howay Leon!

  306. The biggest problem with Best is he is trying to hard, although im not his biggest fan I think he needs to get the monkey of his back then he might settle in a bit

  307. Toon Chicken says:
    April 7, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    I take it you don’t agree with my thoughts on Best?

    Fair enough. I just don’t think he’s good enough, it might be early to make that comment but I would rather make the decision based on Championship performances rather than PL performances where it will be more difficult for him.

    Managers get paid for making decisions like that – I hope you wouldn’t have that reaction if Hughton made the same judgement about him as me.

    I heard John Anderson and Supermac saying pretty much the same as me, but that’s their opinion and you have yours.

  308. Big Dave says:
    April 7, 2010 at 1:07 pm
    Good afternoon Lads I see the Glory Hunter is back now we’re promoted and he won some money on us
    <<<< lol

  309. Dave,
    y’right, he is trying too hard.
    Not surprising really with all the expectation at this club.
    Some lads just need a bit of time to get it together.
    But the last thing anyone needs is a barracking at Barrack Rd.
    It’ll only make it worse, though that hasn’t stopped fans in the past like.

  310. Good to see that every media pleb in christendom is aware of our spending plans for next season before anything has been said.
    & Ashley doesn’t even give interviews.

    How F***ing DULL.
    Just piss off you MONGS!

  311. He shouldn’t be barracked like.

    No home players should ever be barracked – Might as well play with ten men if we do that.

  312. 50k just sucking their collective teeth can have a marked effect on a players performance.

  313. Think Taylor will leave in the close season. The Carrol spat is just the reason he wanted to up sticks. Think Carrol will stil be here though, after he’s done his time.

    Don’t think we’ll se Xisco again. We made no attempt to get him back when we were looking at the possibility of a striker injury crisis. We bought Best instead.

    I also thing that at least one of Barton and Smith will be on their way too. They are costing us too much to keep but not play and their presence is an obvious block to any youngsters coming through or even potential new signings. Which one will leave will come down to offers I suspect.

    There will probably be more, but they look the most obvious to me along with Nicky Butt whose contract is obviously running out.

  314. Rather keep Barton over Smith.
    Forgot about Xisco.
    Don’t know about Taylor, we’ve got central defenders though, & if he wants out………………?

  315. If S. Taylor leaves, it does give Kadar a bit of a nudge up the ladder as well, which should help in our attempts to keep him.

  316. I’d rather Taylor stayed to be honest. He does have PL experience and has proven himself at that level to a certain degree.

  317. Batty I thought you missed that one :) hows everyone your end all good I hope.
    Lads its easy saying get rid of Joey or Smudger but who is going to take them .
    Stuart I tend to agree with your thoughts on Best but am willing to give him the benefit of doubt even though in my eyes he has cut down on Rangers chances which I think he deserved and has far more potental, but its not my call

  318. I don’t care if he stays or goes to be honest. If he want’s to go, let him go, if not keep him.

    What it shouldn’t be is a case of Taylor or Carrol.

    Whatever happened, happened, for whatever reason. We are told that the club has ‘dealt with it’ so we should be able to move on.

    If there is any residual animosity, it is up to the individuals to resolve it. Hopefully with a transfer request and not further squad damaging, jaw busting, knuckle bruising, jiggery-pokery.

  319. What’s it like up norf? (he says with the Cheers soundtrack playing in his head)…

    It’s tipping it down in London. But I’ve just had awesome bait at an Italian deli, Malletti. Bit pricey but great food. Watching the world go by now…

  320. bowburnmag says:
    April 6, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    “worky – it was all as per usual with my place and the project is all over the shop. I hadn’t even planned on going out but there was no grub in the hotel or Sky to watch the Gooners so I headed out. Meeting pals tomorrow but give me a shout if you want to grab a coffee or a pint during the day.”

    I’m busy today, Bowburn, but I could be free in the evening or at other times. I’m a Crouch Ender, which isn’t far from King’s Cross at all.

  321. Big Dave,

    I suspect that there will be several teams out there who are more than willing to take Smith and Barton, and perhaps even both. What you really mean is who are Smith or Barton prepared to go to to get their careers back on track.

    If they want to play regularly, and we dont look to be ablt to offer them both that, then they will take the best offer presented to them and move on.

  322. I’d rather keep Barton too. Smith doesn’t bring anything to the team in my opinion. He plays as a 3rd centre back and that doesn’t do the team any good at all.


    Oh, i take back what i said, but wait, i’ll have a go anyway…………..Tw@.
    ‘self-proclaimed’ Geordie nation?
    Wasn’t that SJH’s spiel?
    & all that bollox about us telling anyone who’ll listen blah, blah. Er! that’ll be what the press mongs will have you believe. Shit they believe their own BS, wa**ers.
    & manc & norwich lost less fans when they went down.
    They didn’t have a full house to drop from.
    & most of those not turning up for us was a protest against ashley that was already in place before we even went down.
    Talk about economic with the truth.
    They’re at already, the Geordie haters have raised their ugly heads once more.
    Ho hum.

  324. Reet, I’m bored with the world already…

    So in response to claims of my ‘falling off the fence’ –

    “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” as a football fan, so with that in mind I don’t want to be doom and gloom. By that reasoning, I guess there’s an argument that we shouldn’t worry about debt servicing if it brings the good times back. But of course that’s not very responsible and completely impossible to guarantee returns on the pitch. We all know that, right? Can’t remember anything other than wind-ups that advocate spending far beyond our means.

    As for agreeing with stu, I never made claims of agreeing with when or how he makes points but merely the detail and I don’t think his suggestions are unreasonable. For that matter, I’d say most of his detractors appreciate that but it’s easier to pick and choose arguments. But that’s fine, all is fair in love and blogging. I think sometimes I’m a bit too subtle and people might think I take this quite seriously. Much is said with tongue firmly in cheek. We shouldn’t take this lark very seriously at all. I’m sure stu doesn’t, or he’d be in tatters by now. On which note, Dusty stop being a fanny!!! If you go, who will preach about good finances and that red bus? If you’re not around to argue with then it’ll be a much duller blog.

  325. By the way, I didn’t mean to imply I don’t like stu’s post or how he writes them.

    I think he seems as decent as most do on here.

  326. Starkadder I mean a bit of both they wont want to drop down to far and with the wages they are on and will want will be the main stumbling block as the smaller teams that might want them mightn’t be able to afford them. maybe we should ask BSA to take them

  327. Dave,
    Smith is getting closer to his career end mate.
    So a drop in wages is probably in order.
    Barton still has a few good years in the tank.

  328. It comes down to ambition doesn’t it. If they have it they will want to play, no matter who offers it to them. I can’t imagaine it takes much ambition to sit around on your harris and pick up a fat wedge. We just have to hope that they do have that ambition just in case they end up as our center midfield pair next season or to see an opportunity if someone else presents it to them.

  329. CLiNT,

    That article by Prick Dennis isn’t even worth responding to. He has an agenda and he will have achieved what he wanted by everyone reading it and leaving him silly little messages.

  330. Clint – That is a pathetic article, it hasnt taken them long has it. I dont know of anyone that has been clamouring for Shearer or KK to come back, in fact I heard it mentioned by someone on talk sport I think yesterday morning, Mike Parry I think, who mentioned Fat Sam as an ideal person but wouldnt come back to us.

    This is all driven by the media.

    I have questioned whether we may be better off with an experienced manager like Hughes, but that is not to say that I want us to get rid of Houghton who should have a fair crack at the job, and I certainly do not want either Al or KK back at all.

  331. Lads,
    that’ll be the ‘just’ one million deluded Geordies that have turned out this season then, hey?

    What a jaundiced & repugnant ‘article’.