Hughton can spend in the January Sales, with players already lined up?

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Mr Reliable?
Mr Reliable?
Derek Llambias has made a timely statement to suggest that Chris Hughton will be backed in his bid to bolster Newcastle United’s bid for promotion at the first attempt. Llambias has also spoken about his belief that the fans are coming around to some sort of acceptance of Ashley, due to the stirling work of Hughton so far this season and insisted that Mike Ashley is committed to giving Hughton everything required to get the club promoted.

Having been impressed with the start we’ve made to this campaign, it would appear that they do not want to jeopardise the good work and insists that there are no plans to let any players leave in January.

He also apparently revealed (though he’s not quoted), that they are close to finalising permanent moves for at least two players ahead of the January transfer window, with Sheffield United centre-back Matthew Kilgallon on the verge of sealing a switch to the North East.

“We have been absolutely delighted with the job that Chris has done,”

“There is a fantastic spirit in the camp and he has managed to change the whole atmosphere surrounding the club. It seems like a different place to what it was a few months ago.

“To see a crowd of nearly 50,000 people inside St James’ Park last weekend was tremendous and shows what a fantastic football club this is.

“When we offered the job to Chris on a permanent basis, Mike and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

“We are ten points clear at the top of the Championship table and we are on target to make an immediate return to the Premier League, which is where this club belongs.”

With money still being an issue, the likelihood is that Ashley will have to invest some more of his own money in spite of the ill-feeling that remains towards him. However, Llambias hopes the club will be able to announce some new signings next month and pledged funds will be available, but stopped short of giving any indication about the future of Danny Simpson or Marlon Harewood. Their loan deals expire next week, but Llambias stressed “that is something Chris must talk about”.

Llambias said:

“Mike is totally committed to the club and fully focused on promotion, that is what he wants more than anything.

We don’t envisage anyone leaving in January because we want to make sure Chris has the players he needs to get us back up.

“Chris has given us things to work on in January in terms of signing players – and we are trying to make those things happen.

We will have to see, but we want to help and Mike will put the money in to help if Chris feels that it gives the club a better chance of returning to the Premier League.”

Llambias then went on to praise Hughton and Calderwood and insisted they deserve credit for reorganising the squad into a happier camp. He also echoed Shearer’s comments on MoTD on Sunday, that the right players remain at the club and determined to prove a point by getting promoted:

“Enormous credit has to be given to Chris and Colin for the wonderful job they have done with the support of the players.

I think one of the biggest changes has been the spirit in the camp. We have got some excellent characters in the dressing room, the players want to be here and there is a good mix of youth and experience.”

“They feel as though they have something to prove and they want to put things right after what happened last season.

We haven’t achieved anything yet, there is still a long way to go and we cannot be complacent. But everything feels a lot more positive around the place. Hopefully that will continue to be the case.”

So more promises from the board, but fans will be sceptical until that window closes and we haven’t lost any of our big players. It’s also an opportunity to prove that Ashley has learned from his past mistakes and make some early moves in the transfer window, rather than waiting until the last minute with half-hearted gestures, as it has appeared in the last few windows.

The indication that deals are already close is encouraging but given recent history, forgive me if I don’t get carried away until they’re pictured in the black and white stripes and signing a form. It’s also fairly presumptuous of Llambias that all will be forgiven and forgotten. There’s a great deal of water to go under the bridge before that happens as far as many are concerned. Though promotion will no doubt go some way to improving relations. I’m not sure whether anyone will ever feel inclined to buy Dekka a pint though.

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54 Responses

  1. Let’s hope Newcastle can announce the two signings on January 1st – but it’s clear many fans will not get carried away before they see it really happen. I hope we keep all our 3 loan players – either on extended loans or buying them at a nice low price.

  2. Ed – good to see you around man!! :)

    Agree on Simpson. Still not totally sold on Harewood so perhaps extended loan. Not ar*ed about Khizanishvili to be honest.

  3. I’m not that bothered if we sign anyone permanently or not as us attracting players that would be good enough in the premiership are slim at the moment.

    I can see us signing Simpson on a permanent deal and Kilgallon near the end of January.

  4. bowburnmag – the lads have been little short of magnificent this season – let’s face it – and what a turnaround from last season – it’s so great – and yes I’m getting carried away again. We need two wins before the end of the year and many fans will be in orbit next Tuesday. Howay The Lads!!

  5. Khzanishvili is you typical example of why loan players are a risk…we pay their wages and get bot all back from them!! No wonder blackburn loaned him out what a waste of space!!

    On the other end of the spectrum…Simpson Its great that we can get a player on loan who not only cements his place in the team but keeps it and the defence looks worse off without him!! get the kid signed up!!!

  6. I’m not convinced about Zurba, but Simpson on a permanent deal, extended loan for Harewood and also a permanent deal for Killagon would be great.

  7. I’ll believe it if it happens. I still haven’t forgiven the constant lies of the past few years, so why would I believe this?

    I really hope it’s true, but we shall see. We do need a few players though, despite our strong position. A few injuries and several positions on the field will be weak.

    Haway the Toon, and it’s nice to see Ed H on here!

  8. It will be great news if we keep all our players and are able to strengthen too, but like most other fans I am sceptical as to whether to trust Llambias.

    I hope we keep Simpson and I think we should also extend the loan period for Harewood.

    Also we must not forget that hopefully we will have Barton and Vuckic back next month, which will be like signing new players. Joey should be able to really show off his talent in this league especially if he is played in central midfield.

    Ed, it is so great to hear from you, hope you are keeping ok. I miss your site.

  9. If this is true i think permenant deals will be for simpson and kilgannon but i think colo will be leaving unfortunatly. would have liked us to sign giles barnes but he seems to be stuggling with injuries this season, shame, decent player

  10. Let’s hope that what is said is true.

    Mags09 – Barton needs to show his worth in this league otherwise that would mean he’s just not good enough. I don’t know what to think of Vuckic returning. I’ve heard only good things about him but I don’t see where all the praise is coming from. Let’s just hope he can become a good player.

    It seems everyone wants Simpson to stay, me too. But as for Harewood I’m not decided yet. We’ve already got Ameobi, Carroll, Lovenkrands and Ranger in attack. Four attackers for a squad who plays 2 and sometimes 1 seems enough. And there’s always Nolan who can play as second striker.

    Nice to see that players aren’t the only heroes, congratz Ed for your big fanbase ;).

    Fingers crossed for the Toons!

  11. I would keep harewood till the end of the season if possible, despite his woeful first touch he does seem to have a knack of being in the right place at the right time

  12. lads,

    lets be honest harewood is pretty cack. I realise he has scored goals but he does fek all else and he can jog on bak to villa for all I care. We already have a better version of a big lazy goal scorer in Ameobi. Ranger needs to be getting more chances so hopefully harewood will be gone for good. I rate simpson but is he good enough for the prem (just thinking out loud is all). I dont see the point in kilgallon as kadar need to be getting more chances not less. A creative midfielder is essential…….but agree with rangerman that we should maybe wait til the summer as we wont get prem quality in january for the amount we can pay.

    great to see ya ed btw

  13. Alkinou (12), I think Barton CAN provide that energy to push forward and link up play which our midfield sadly lacks, but as I said before, he is wasted out wide.

  14. We should only commit to loan signings as anyone we sign permanantly wouldn’t be good enough for the PL, so it would be a waste of money.

    The statement from Llambias ‘We don’t envisage anyone leaving in January’ goes some way short of saying ‘Nobody will be leaving in January’.

    So I guess we will see.

  15. I will believe transfers when I see them…I am not holding out much hope for anything exciting to happen…possibly loan extensions/more loans and jaded prem rejects and possibly average championship players.

    Good to see you Ed hope all is well.

  16. bowburn – arlreet? Yes mate im going on boxing day. Regarding your post on the last thread, yeah i’ll do a match report if you like?

    3 things that will shape our season –

    1. Staying unbeaten until after we play West Brom – I firmly beleive that if we can stay at least unbeaten until after that game, then we will be in the box seat to go up – more than we are now. Especially if we win a few of them.

    2. Not selling anyone in January – which the article eludes to. Its also encouraging, if its true, that players are lined up to come in. Could it be that this window Ashley does it right and doesn’t leave us scrambling for players on the ;ast day of the window?

    3. We need to end our boxing day hoo-doo – Did you know, its 20 years since we won on boxing day! 20 YEARS FFS! Interstingly, our last win on baoxing day was against Sheffield Wednesday in 88/89 (source NUFC Mad)

  17. Think I’d personally prefer Steven Taylor playing right back than Simpson with Kilgallon and Colo possibly in middle – tho would extend his loan and also extend Harewoods if poss, wouldnt offer him a perm contract ( dont think he can cut it in prem ) thought Khizanishvilli had gone back to Blackburn?

  18. Ed, I didn’t get the chance to wish you farewell and all the best for your future, I hope all is going well with you and things are working out as you want them to.

    Isn’t nice to be able praise the likes of Smith and Shola, lets hope they do as well back in the EPL. I remember saying (predicting)on your blog that strange as it may seem we may perhaps grow to Love (ok like, ok tolerate!) Mike Ashley but I do detect a softening towards him and he does actually seem to be doing and saying the right things at last. Just hope he doesn’t blow by selling any of our best players during the window.
    I am enjoying this blog and have been putting in my occasional 2pennyworth under a different nom de plume.

  19. Derek Llambias brushes his teeth with a bog brush and wipes his mouth with bog paper.

    I would love it if we could sign Simpson but what about Fergie? Manure is decimated with defencive injuries. won’t SAF be thinking about bringing Danny back to OT? Kilgallon, Lets not over bid. Apparently he wants to come to NUFC, but Wigin, Burnley, Bolton and now Celtic are interested. Sheffield U. are just trying to pump up the anti. 4 million for a player who has 6 months left on his contract? No way, not even 2 million. Let Chris have a word with him, Tell him to stay at S.U. till the end of the season.

    Anyway, Wish you all a Merry Christmas and at least 0-3 against the owls on Boxing day.

  20. Just a thought and off topic but if we get promoted we should have an extra £50m of income plus £20m Ashley promised us, how much do you think Hughton would get in transfer funds out of that cash?

    Cos we’ll need serious cash to stay up.

  21. I think we could sell in January,Geremi is waste of space and i wouldn’t mind seeing the back of Butt(little pun there). The wage’s them two are on would pay two players that are 3 times as good in May, if we gain promotion. I don’t think either would be missed on the pitch the rest of this year anyway.

  22. permanent deal for danny simpson and extend loan for harewood… for butt and geremi.. send both of them to coaching youngster or scout for search youngster…both of them have a lot experince…

  23. What I did like about Shola and Harewood on Sunday was the way they were roughing up the Boro defence, perfect for this League. I would keep Marlon, at least for the rest of this season. I would expect us to get some injuries over the next few weeks and we are going to need a decent sized squad. I would think Ranger and his younger colleagues wil get plenty of chances to show their worth.

  24. Buddy

    I dont see the point in kilgallon as kadar need to be getting more chances not less. A creative midfielder is essential…….


    I think this is more for cover and a move for the future. Our back 4 are solid but quite thin. We saw what happended early this season when Taylor and Colo were nicked. Plus what would happen if we lose enruque? this season is a long slog and we need to be prepared. This provides a bit of cover at RB, since you could slot Taylor at RB and play Kilgannon in the middle, and also have Kadar as backup at LB. Does Kilgannon play anywhere other than CB?

    For the rest, I say keep harewood for the rest of the season. he’s a horrible looking pklayer but has been said by others seems to be at the right place at the right time. However, I would like to see ranger get more time so we can know if we can count on him in the Prem. Simpson deal should be made premanent if it be done cheaply. He has shown me enough to be on a prem roster, if not yet a full-time starter.

  25. “Stuart79 says:
    December 23, 2009 at 2:23 pm
    Just a thought and off topic but if we get promoted we should have an extra £50m of income plus £20m Ashley promised us, how much do you think Hughton would get in transfer funds out of that cash?

    Cos we’ll need serious cash to stay up.”

    The beauty about relegation Stuart is that we have also lost 30 odd million in salaries removed from our books. If we go up – this club will have the best financial footing it has ever had. Plus it will have it fortunately at a time when all other clubs seem to be drowning in debt.

    So your assumptions re extra revenue (plus losing people like Geremi and Butt) means that the future is very bright indeed.

    So is it good times could be on the horizon…or knowing our luck the penniless gimps at NUS”C” will be successful, take us to a public listing, drown us in debt and ruin us lol. (but they’ll have made a bit of cash though).

    Worky – what about a campaign against NUS”C”? They are the biggest danger our club currently faces. We need to mobilise before they drag us through the dirt and ruin us.

  26. i’d love to see us selling barton, butt and geremi..they cost us almost 200k / week…that’s 12 mio/ year…with that money we could buy quality…but we spend it on beanch warmers… so..they should leave…get skjalbred…killgalon and simpson…pernamently…and extend marlon’s contract till summer… just dont sign young strikers, cos we already have ranger, vuckic, etc…

  27. Some good comments above and I obviously respect what others say. Let us all go back to when King Kev saved us from the old League 2 division and then took us on a rollercoaster up the division to finish champions by a 8 points.
    Let us not forget that the majority of the older players were then sold on or did not have contracts renewed for one reason only. The Premiership is a different kettle of fish entirely and we should know!!!
    To compete in the premiership we will need, in my humble opinion, at least 7 new signings of great merit which will cost a pretty penny.
    Let us hope the board are fully prepared to meet this challenge with the finance or we know exactly where we will end up come the end of season 2010/11.

  28. Could it possibly be that Ashley has, in combination with Hughton and Calderwood, the club on a sound footing both on the field and financially ?
    Leading the second tier by a clear ten points, seemingly well on our way to-wards promotion into the PL and earning the big bucks.
    Not only that but strengthining the club by bringing in new faces, which will hopefully keep this club where it belongs ,in the PL.
    What a guy!

  29. ok..correction..sign killgalon only if colo’s leaving =) we have kadar…he’s hungarian internation…they say one of the he deserves to be 3rd choice defender =)

  30. I really don’t get the enthusiasm for having Barton back. He’s a nutter who keeps us in the news for the wrong reasons, doubt if he’s played more than about 25 games for us (anybody know the real number?) and of those about 5 or 6 have been at best OK. Has he ever been Man-of-the Match? Over-run the opposition midfield and taken a game by the scruff of the neck? Shown fantastic creative ball distribution? Err – must have missed it if he has.
    I just wish he was half as good as he thinks he is – because all I’ve ever seen is him slagging off his colleagues on the pitch whilst he’s been playing rubbish. Oh, I do remember him scoring a penalty – whoopy-doo! And all that for £65K a week???

  31. Barton keeping us in the news for wrong reasons – yeah maybe but Carroll is doing a great job in that respect while Bartons keeping his head down – afraid we’re destined to always have at least one muppet at the toon :-)

    Simpson in
    Harwood extended
    Kilgallon in at the right price
    we need some creativty and pace from somewhere tho!!!

  32. @Ed – nice to see you commenting on this blog – hope new jobs going okay :-)

    Agreed that if we return to prem we’ll be in the best financial state we’ve been for a long time, especially once high earning butt and geremi are off the books in the summer – we can then have a mix of youth and experience on realistic wages who actually want to play for the toon rather than just pick up huge wages – we may not win the prem but we’ll do better than last season and should be able to compete with everton, sunderland, wigan, etc etc

  33. total bollox by billy liar yet again,words like pinch and salt come to mind.
    no acceptance of ashley ever,lets hope the fraud squad have him bang to rights shortly.
    on seconds thoughts lets make that a pinch of arsenic for owl head.

  34. amy winehouse will be coming to the north east on boxing day to stay with relatives on bewick road & i can confirm on the 26th she will be calling the bingo in the saltwell social club :) (apparently it’s a long standing promise)…so if anyone’s kicking their heels with boredom over the festive period then get yourselves along… best be early doors & dont forget your dabbers.

    ….i can also confirm that dwight yorke will be flying from australia to see in the – new year – he’ll be staying with his girl friend on maxwell street (that’s next door to the saltwell club)… i wouldn’t be suprised if the – smiling assasin – also made an appearance :)

    …..bensham rocks !!

  35. How about trying to extend Simpsons loan untill the end of the season and then he will be a free agent . This would mean we could give him say a 3 year contract when we are back in the prem and see if he can cut it at that level without spending money on him . Lets face it as good as he is in this division thier is a reason why sir Alex has not recalled him with all his defenders injured . As for Zurab , i read that he was actually at the boro game , if true then we must have an agreement in place to be keeping him on . Harewood in my opinion is a poor version of Ameobi and with Carroll and Ranger at the club it would seem beter imo to bring in a smaller quicker type of CF . For me killgallon would be a good signing for say 1.5 / 2 million , if he did not suit the premiership we could allways recoup our money on him buy selling him back to a club in the ccc.

  36. Axel I dont think Manure would fall for that one, loosing him for nowt. I think we should buy him now I would be 99% sure he will hack it in the EPL. As for Zurab i’m 100% he allready returned to BBurn, Harewood im not sure on I personally think he will be holding our own younguns back from the chances they deserve and need.

  37. komfort – how’s the Social doing now? Always a good football side when I was playing the Alphabet League but they got relegated last year didn’t they?

  38. Saltwell social’s doing OK, top half of the league from what I remember but teams below and around them have a canny few games in hand.

  39. bowburn…sorry i couldn’t say as i’ve never been in the place for about 15 years – it’s my brother that keeps me informed of what’s happening.he’s a life long member & a complete clubman , does the allotment & the pigeon fancier thing!…..poor bugger’s never been out of the bottleneck.

  40. We need more creativity in midfield. The Boro match was woeful in how we played compared to how we played even last year against them.

    Zurab can stay at Blackburn as far as I’m concerned, he just isn’t playing for us for whatever reason – maybe he hasn’t been given a good enough chance? idk but I’d much sooner see Kadar in his place.

  41. Oh, and as always I’m not holding my breath on players leaving until the window is closed. I just know that if somebody bids a fair amount for Jonas or something Mikey boy will probably step in and accept it on Chris’s behalf.

  42. I honestly dont think anyone will go in Jan. I reckon Ashley is gagging for us to get promoted so he can stick the club back on the market at a higher price, obviously. He’ll act the hero in keeping the squad as it is and should we get promoted will probably try and take the credit for that in one way or another. As far as incoming goes though, i can only see loans. Maybe one small purchase. I’d say i could see players leaving if we bought in numbers to even up the books but i doubt we’ll make too many additions anyway. I’d personally like to see Wilshere from Arsenal come in on loan, Beckford from Leeds,and maybe Kilgallon with Danny Simpsons loan extended.

  43. I honestly I cannot see us lettin anyone go out in jan , maybe the odd youngster on loan but cant see any senior squad players going

    I dunno about bringing anyone in in jan unless they would be good enough to handle life in the premier league , I think the club have to start atleast planning for that , it would show a great bit of realistic amibition in my opinion,

  44. I would however take Kris Boyd for just over a million if the rumours are true. He’s a straight up goal scorer and Rangers are desperate for cash. I dont know whether he could cut it in the prem but at least if we could get him in Jan we’d be able to see how he cuts it in a league that in my opinion houses more quality than the SPL, and if he fails in the prem..well..its only 1.5 million, admit the misjudgement and move on.

  45. Ross I like Kris Boyd and I think he could cut the EPL.
    I too cant see MA selling any player in Jan, and as for bringing players in I think we really only need back up players because I think we have a pretty good 1st 11

  46. Dave- i live up in Edinburgh these days and regularly question my mates who are Rangers fans as to why he isnt started week in, week out. I also dont think he was given a fair crack internationally either. When scotland needed a goal they looked to other people instead of him, even with his track record. From what i’ve seen of him (i dont watch the SPL religiously but its quite regular purely so i can keep up with teams my mates support), he’s the type of player that gets into the right places at the right times and knows where the net is, just a total goal scorer. For 1.5 million or whatever it is, if he’s available, its surely worth a crack?..I dunno who i’d take over him or Beckford though. Boyd comes at a fraction of the cost but who knows how either would perform in the champ/prem.