Newcastle United’s promotion: The stats.

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Chris Hughton: The sixth manager to gain promotion for NUFC.
Chris Hughton: The sixth manager to gain promotion for NUFC.
On the event of Newcastle United’s promotion to the Premier League, I decided to take a look at some of the statistics of Newcastle United’s season in the Coca Cola Championship, and here are some of the results.

Chris Hughton is the sixth manager in Newcastle United’s history to acheive promotion into the top tier of English football. The first was Frank Watt and the Newcastle United Selection Committee of 1892-1929. Watt was the longest serving and most successful manager in Newcastle United’s history, though his teams were selected by commitee. The full list is below.

1897-8: Frank Watt and the Newcastle United Selection Committee
1947-8: George Martin
1965-66: Joe Harvey
1983-84: Arthur Cox
1993-4: Kevin Keegan
2009-10: Chris Hughton

Promotion will be worth an extra £35 million for the club at the very least, though it is probably likely to be as much as £50-60 million. Much of this will come in the form of increased TV revenue.

Despite being in the Championship this season, St James’s Park has seen the fifth largest average attendance in English football this season, with 42,796.

Currently, according to German football website, ‘Transfermarkt’ the 32 members of Newcastle United’s first team squad are estimated to be worth approximately £60,660,000 with an average player value of £1,895,625. According to the same source, Newcastle United’s most valuable player is Argentinian international, Jonás Gutiérrez, with an estimated value of £7,200,000.

Chris Hughton’s current salary is £260,000 per annum.

A total of 33 players have appeared in Newcastle United’s first team this year so far. The most appearences have been by Kevin Nolan with 43 including one as a substitute. The player to make the most appearences in the Championship alone is Steve Harper with 41.

On a goals per game and minutes per goal scored basis, our most frequent goalscorer is Shola Ameobi.

Newcastle United have acheived an average of 2.17 points a game so far this season. If the team continue with exactly the same form unitil the end of the season, they will finish with a total of 99.853658536585365853658536585366 points.

Last time Newcastle were promoted (with Kevin Keegan as manager), Newcastle United played 46, won 29, drew 9 and lost eight, winning 96 points and taking the Championship trophy as winners.

In Championship games alone, Kevin Keegan’s win percentage was 63.04%. In his 41 Championship games so far, Chris Hughton’s win percentage has been 63.41%

Since taking over as permanent manager, Chris Hughton has presided over 46 competitive games, winning 28, drawing 12 and losing six. His overall win percentage in all competitions so far is 60.87%.

I’m getting into this now so beware, there may be more facts and stats coming soon!

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149 Responses

  1. toonsy says:
    April 7, 2010 at 8:05 pm


    Do you want some more? I can be more ‘anal’ than a suppository once I get gannin’.

  2. worky,so your the one going to thomson house,or is that a come down for you m8

    sorry worky,the old lamp oil after a couple is dimming

  3. icedog says:
    April 7, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    “worky,so your the one going to thomson house,or is that a come down for you m8”

    Icedog, that would be a comedown for both of us, I think!

  4. Worky file O facts ;) at 1st I thought Uziblogger penned this as he is getting into his Stats lately :). Just one question if our pts total do’s end up at 99.853658536585365853658536585366 points will they round it of to 100 or 99 :lol:

  5. icedog says:
    April 7, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    “worky,toonsy not slacking is he lol”

    He’s doing really well, icedog. I know who he works for though, so I knew he’d do a good job.

  6. Shit!
    Sorry worky, i credited toonsy with the blog earlier.
    Deepest apologies mate.
    Stats out for the lads!

  7. big dave no worrys m8,got a tale today which i hope is wrong about carroll does not involve club,or press yet,but is real bad,but will know 100% next week if true when i get it from horses mouth,dont want to kick off a storey,but if comes out you will get the truth here

  8. worky, toonsy seems a top lad and does a good blog,has good banter,and love his quips at times

  9. What are peoples thoughts on David Wheater?

    Perfect age, Boro need to sell apparently, great potential and he will definitely have a sell on value.

    Just don’t know how much he would cost. I’d be happy to pay £5-6m for him I think.

  10. Big Dave says:
    April 7, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    “Just one question if our pts total do’s end up at 99.853658536585365853658536585366 points will they round it of to 100 or 99”

    I’ll refer the matter, Dave. :-)

  11. icedog says:
    April 7, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    “big dave hope its wrong m8,as he wont play footy again”

    Does it involve a woman, icedog?

  12. What a wonderful finish from Robben. Cant look past the set piece to put it right on his foot aswell.

  13. Think we should make an attempt for a triple loan deal for Messi, Ribery and Robben.

    We’ll pay 1% of there wages – Reckon it’s a goer?

  14. Stu-

    It’s a hum-dinger right there. I KNOW Messi and Ribery are keen to come to us as they’ve told their agents that the Toon was their favorite boyhood club and would be HAPPY to take a wage cut down to about 15k/week.

    Should be an interesting season!!


  15. Stu @29-

    Certainly there’s no fookin’ way that would happen. I just don’t believe that. Some daily rag tryin’ to write a story to fill some space. Just no way that could happen.

    Love the headline though… “Villa strike star”????

    WTF???? lmao

  16. big dave hope its wrong m8,as he wont play footy again”

    Does it involve a woman, icedog?

    yes m8 and no,picked the wrong family,late mon night but can say no more till about wed/thur dont want to say more till 100% sure hope you understand (next wed/thur)worky

  17. NUFC promoted

    Messi running riot on Arsenal

    Man United knocked out after going 3 goals up

    Fergie being racist on TV

    …Could this week get any better!? :D haha

  18. Dig the stats. So, what would it take CH to get “Messiah-like” status amongst the fans? I was not aware of Newcastle or even English football back in the Keegan days, so I am not familiar with those “glory years.” But right now…in the 8 years I’ve been watching Newcastle, CH is certainly the 2nd most successful manager I’ve seen. I suppose he needs some PL success before everyone is going to give him full honors and praise. Still, I am a fan and think he’s done a fantastic job.

    And, as a Yank, I am going to support any efforts to bring Jozy to the squad. I think the kid has all kinds of potential. Creative midfielders getting Jozy the service he needs could be lethal. Also, would support a move for NE Revolution’s Shalrie Joseph. But there again, I am a wee bit biased as I am a Rev supporter as well.

  19. Stuart I hope thats just the rags adding 2+2 and coming up with 5 we need Marlon Hardwood as much as JFK

    Icedog no probs mate wed or thurs i’ll hold you to that

  20. Drago-I genuinly wondered about that like. “Typical Germans”..could they take that as racist? lol. He’ll have the book thrown at him nee doubt.

  21. NorCal ToonFan I just feel sorry for you that you missed the Entertainers when the Toon was everyones 2nd team even the honey monster supported us.

  22. some lads wonder about wheater at boro,i think he is good player played epl,went though bad patch,but we all do,as i think colo,will go (wages)imo,looking at about 5mil i think

  23. RAFFO,sorry will not start storeys m8 unless 100%,i want to tell as much as you want to know

  24. Big Dave-I grew up with “the entertainers” so to speak. I’m only 21 now like, so my first real memories of the toon were going to keegans training sessions etc, quality day out so they were. Back down to earth with a bang as i started to grow up though. I’d recommend “howay 5 0” (if you can get it on dvd? lol) to any overseas toon fan. We smashed man u and did so in style.

  25. Yeah, Big Dave, I feel that way too. The last few years I’ve not seen a hint of that. And I was seriously bummed that Shearer injured his leg 2 weeks before I was set to go to my 1 and only game at SJP (so far). So, I didn’t even get to see him play. But, this year has been a make up of that…for me at least. It’s been great being at the top for so long and the team that everyone wants to beat.
    The guy in the office next to me is Man Utd fan and I feel I have a ton more to be happy about than he. A guy I work with on this team is a Sunderland supporter…and this year, no derisive remarks…he knows the truth of it right now…he’s lucky to have seen his team escape relegation. So, it’s been a great year for me and I am amped for the next to begin.

  26. NorCal-Big Dave is right when he says we literally were EVERYBODYS second team like. He might have been around a little longer than me to see more good and bad times though, lol.
    But yeah, back in the days of Keegan we were known simply as “the entertainers”. It was a case of ‘if you score 4, we’ll score 5. you score 5, we’ll score 6’ and so on. And most of the time, we lived up to our word. It was free flowing, attacking football. The likes of Tino Asprilla, Andy Cole, of course Wor Al scored goals for fun. You should go back and watch some of the games if you can find them. Man u 5-0 like i mentioned being a highlight. Given the fact i was quite a young’n when that team was in their prime I still like to go back now and give the old games a watch.
    I remember taking my mate to his first match for his birthday. It was Sir Bobbys first game in charge. We brushed Sheffield Wednesday aside 8-0 with Shearer scoring 5. Bet my mate sadly for him, thought every week would be like that at SJP lol.

  27. (I’m neglecting to mention that i’m pretty sure we were bottom of the league or so, when we smashed Sheff Wed 8-0,lol. Either way, it was a fun one!)

  28. Yeah, ross, i think I remember reading about that in “The Toon.” The book ends after SBR’s sacking, but does give an excellent accounting of those years.

    Well, I am a fan now and won’t miss the entertainment this time around.

    Still think we need some Yanks on the team. I hope they do get to come to New York this summer…though my wife says she’s going to go and leave me at home with the girls…she’ll tell me all about the game…that’s just mean.

  29. Icedog if only SBR took the Job the 1st time :(.
    Ross I can remember the Howay 5-0 like it was yesterday I was watching it with my bro-inlaw who is a Manure Gloryhunter :lol: we ripped them apart Alberts chip will stay with me for ever. As for Sheff wed 8-0 we were in the bottom with the real prospect of going down but SBR turned us round

  30. Big Dave-never seen a finish from a CB like it mate. The look on Schmeicals face as he watched it float over his head, priceless. I remember I had it on video and it started with the line “Manchester United, are the team Newcastle United, love to hate”. I’ll never forget that, stuck with me from the moment I heard it. I was canny young but i still new the implications of what had happened I think. Purely through having my mar and nana drill it into me from the day i was born, haha.

    It still hasnt hit me that a date with the unwashed is confirmed for next season aswell. There’s nowt quite like Derby day.

  31. NorCal – I suggest you have a look for the Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle game from 1996. We lost, but it shows anyhting you need to know about how we played back then! :)

  32. Ross says:
    April 7, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    “Drago-I genuinly wondered about that like. “Typical Germans”..could they take that as racist? lol. He’ll have the book thrown at him nee doubt.”

    That was nothing compared to Mark Lawrenson calling Alex Ferguson xenphobic on 5 live last night :lol:

    Yes it did kick-off ;)

  33. toonsy,you will be first m8,i will get it before press if it proves to be right,its doing my bloody head in,all i can say is it comes through my son who goes to a big boxing club,and its being talked in whispers at the moment, happened 13.30 2.00am,tues morning,sorry m8 thats all ive got at the mo,only to say these lads dont deal in shit normaly

  34. TOONSY the reason it will take a week is the people involed,had to leave the from the airport at 11-00am flight tues morning on business,will be sorted on there return

  35. Morning IceDog. From what you are saying this sounds like really bad news if true.

  36. GEORDIE DEB,morning,thats my worry is it true thats why i dont want to say much,i know sometimes half a storey is worse than knowing nowt its killing me,all i can stress is its nothing to do with footy or the club,hope its comes to nowt like

  37. 29 Stuart79 says:
    April 7, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    Surely Harewood can’t be on our radar? At 30 years old he doesn’t fit the under 26 profile.

    On a positive note, yesterday’s Guardian’s reader poll aske whether Newcastke United would avoid relegation from the Prem next season and……

    Yes – 87%

    No – 13%

    Take note cynics, that’s a national poll and is indicative that folk think that we’re going in the right direction!

    That must be a first!

  38. Icedog, if this isn’t common knowledge, why are you telling us little bits instead of keeping it stum until you know the whole truth?

    This is a wind up becuase if anything had happened with Carroll, the press would be over it like a rash!!!!

  39. CYPRUS-TOON look m8 this no wind up,not everyone runs to the press or cops,and as this happened in someones private home,some people deal with things thereselves,i have never been involed with wind ups,but this did happen how these people deal with it is there problem,put it this way i would not like these guys knocking on my door,but its your right to belive what you want

  40. Stuart79 says:
    April 7, 2010 at 9:26 pm
    What are peoples thoughts on David Wheater?
    <<<<< he,s a ugly horrible b@stard

  41. Well that’s true batty, but if we thought like that we’d never have had Beardsley or had Dowie as our master tactician last season.

  42. An appearance by batty, how’s things? Wonder if this will cause Roy cropper to make an appearance also ;)

  43. In lieu of Mick Dennis’s completely unfounded and unresearched biased piece of drivel, he can be contacted here:


    Sail-mail: 15 St Nicholas Mount, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 2BB


  44. * I mean a well thought out, well written & composed letter of complaint (before I get told off by anyone!), please don’t add fuel to the fire by being childish, just I know an old hack like him wont bother reading comments left on the article!

  45. BATTY,nice to hear you,miss your quibs m8,wheater aye he is ugly,tevers at m/city is takes ugly to the extream,but canny player like,hope the lad is got prom spot on,belive in batty i say lol

  46. toonlad89 – i’ve been sending prick dennis well composed e-mails for the last 3 year – nowt new for me lad.

    jay jay my number 1 fan – nice you’ve been thinking about me.

  47. ROY CROPPER,i”ll always reply to you cocker if i am on line,hows things m8,happy we are up like,how much do you think we have spend,iyo

  48. JAY JAY @74,nay m8 thats not it,going to say nowt more about it,some saying its a wind up its not i dont do wind ups,jokes yes wind ups no,just dont know whats going to happen,trying to think how to put it without bother like

  49. icedog,

    Have you read the article by Louise Taylor @ 62?

    I think she’s talking about you!


  50. Icedog, don’y ya just hate it when you have some news that you want to tell but can’t. Especially when you’re getting earache from people wanting to know. Best say nowt to start with. ;) I did check the date just in case but April 1st has passed. :)

    On a footy note I would love us (if MA decides to spend on a big player and yes I know, no need to say it) to go for Wendell or Kallstrom (or both. Wendell seems to be able to play anywhere in def. or midfield. Also I don’t know if Lyon still have Clerc but he is the right side defender we really to complement Jose.
    Morning Roy I thought you needed a sophorific. ;)

    Stuart amen to comment 29, rather see us get Carew or Heskey.

  51. thanks dog – if we dont spent in the region of 30 million on new and better players then there’s a good chance we could be written off by the bookies around the festive period.

    – go listen to what the ex-players and people that have past connections with the club are saying – spend spend spend – a lot also depends on whether CH manages to keep his dressing room committee intact.

  52. ROY aye about what i thought well 20mil like we all just guessing like,cannot belive what the gutter press write like

  53. Roy Cropper says:
    April 8, 2010 at 12:13 pm
    thanks dog – if we dont spent in the region of 30 million on new and better players then there’s a good chance we could be written off by the bookies around the festive period.

    – go listen to what the ex-players and people that have past connections with the club are saying – spend spend spend – a lot also depends on whether CH manages to keep his dressing room committee intact.

    Have you had a by pass?

    That’s twice now you have made comments that are totally credible.

  54. pavlyuchenko @ £10 million

    bentley @ £8 million

    hutton @ £4 million

    decent play maker @ £ 8 million ish

    – we see us survive next season while playing some nice football.

  55. Snidey title from our blackpool ‘friends’ but interesting write up about SJP.

  56. Bentley is a big of a cock by all accounts and has looked pipe at Spurs. If we could get the Bentley that played for Blackburn, then hell yes.

    Milos Krasic, free transfer?

  57. BIG WILLY sorry for late reply net keeps crashing.aye should have said nowt m8,thought it was going to come out next day,it would have had it been most people until later i found who (second party) was,they deal with there own trouble if you know what i mean ;)

  58. I havn’t a clue who Mick Dennis is or who he writes for! The only paper I get is the Saturday Telegraph which tends to be EPL biased so I suppose I’ll have a little more interesting reading next season. Although I need a magnifying glass to read the team sheets in the funny format they use. The few articles where the Toon get a mention are usually balanced and fair though. If I thought a particular writer was anti Toon or heavily biased against I’d just ignore them, theres enough cr*p around without adding more to the mix.

  59. Check it out, an interesting potted history, some of which i wasn’t aware of.

  60. Bentley wouldn’t move up here. He thinks Newcastle is in the middle of nowhere (His family do call him Trigger).

    KK told him he wanted to sign him but he said no cos of location – Before his move to Spurs.

  61. Icedog, I really am not trying to badger you, I’m the sort of person who if someone wants to tell me something fine, if they don’t also fine.
    But based on what has been said, given the possibilty of two different scenarios, if I was Carroll. I would rather do some time than than have a (nasty) family set on revenge for some reason after me. 6 months to a year in the nick then back to football is better than broken legs and no more football.
    Sorry but I have been watching (or accidently catching) bits of various soaps lately. :)

  62. CLiNT, Comment 97 Interesting reading indeed, could our “curse” be something to do with those poor lads in the failed tunnel. And a fear factor of four (an idea for away match previews perhaps, or are we fearless) should we be insulted or feel complimented?

  63. Big W,
    The council have had a right go at stopping any progress too like, along with ‘residents’-People move next door to SJP, then complain, what’s that all about?

  64. Batty, Yes it is, he was someone who gave us a big boost and elevated the Toon to top team status. I wish him well in his struggle with the illness.

    I don’t want to sound like a mother hen but every male should make sure they get a regular check up for protrate cancer it’s a simple enough procedure and catching it in the early stages make a massive difference to beating it.

  65. Flucking Bentley!!??

    We might as well try and get Kieron Dyer to come back.

    The last thing this club needs is another over-paid, over-hyped prima donna!!

    I give up!

  66. A player who I think could fit the bill is Vladimir Weiss from Man City.

    They will undoubtedly be looking to strengthen their squad again in the summer so he may feel his chances will be limited there.

    Has Prem experience (albeit limited) only 20(ish) and can play right side or attacking mid.

  67. Now then Batty, wi thowt yid chucked postin? Cuddn’t stay away cudyi?

    It’ll be Stardust showing up again – he’s missed yena…… a bit like a boil when it’s gone away!

    Stay with us Batty and like Stardust, we miss your wisdom, wit and charm.

  68. Are we in a position to take risks on players in our first season back, Toon Chicken?

    City won’t give him away and he’s pretty inexperienced hence unproven.

    Micheal Johnson would be a better bet I think – He won’t cost as much and had a couple of good seasons for City previously.

  69. I rather take the risk on Weiss than michael Johnson , injury prone and rumors ( from the internet so massive pinch of salt needed ) of a drink n gambling problem so id stay away from him just incase

  70. giblet – should’nt that be clucking bentley!!??.

    the lads back to his best and could make the world cup squad – or more likely your one of the pro-fat ash brigade claiming it’s outrageous to spent that sort of money on the team.

    i clucking well give up!

  71. There’s no such thing as a ‘no risk’ signing when you have a relitively low budget imo.

  72. I’m not saying we build our whole team around him Stu.

    Just think he provides another attacking option and good cover for Routledge/Guthrie.

    The only players with Prem experience we’ll be able to sign are the ones who are currently not in their first team because they are either not good enough or they have fallen out of favour with their current boss. Expecting them to be able to turn their careers round at the Toon – a place where players and managers are given little if any time to settle by the fans – is much more risky in my opinion.

  73. Roy – I’d be very, very surprised if Bentley goes to the World Cup.

    Everyone in football, including Capello, knows what a jumped-up, arrogant twit he is.

  74. Toon Chicken says:
    April 8, 2010 at 2:04 pm
    Roy – I’d be very, very surprised if Bentley goes to the World Cup.

    Everyone in football, including Capello, knows what a jumped-up, arrogant twit he is.

    Not quite true Toon Chicken.

    People outside the game assume he’s like that because he’s confident – We tend not to like that in this country. In actual fact he’s nothing at all like that.

  75. toon chicken – i’d be suprised aswell but this lad has huge ability and i think CH and his committee could calm the lad down and then we’d have a fantastic player on the books.

  76. Hey guys could really use some help.

    I got friends from South Africa out in London for two weeks and I have asked them to bring me back the Newcastle replica third kit shirt (the blue and black stripe one).

    When I look at the online store its says they sold out! Is there anyone who knows where I could find one? I also want to get the training jersey…

    Would really appreciate it as its virtually 1/2 the price down there. I’d have to pay around R900 (75 pounds) for one here in South Africa.

  77. JJ – I’d wait a few weeks until the new stuff comes anyway mate. You should be able to get it off the club webiste then.

  78. Ye, I suppose… Just really like that third change strip. If Puma can come out with something like that too, that’d be great.
    But I also want something to remind me of the year and hopefully only year we were humbled to play in the Championship.

  79. jj – if you dont mind a cheap copy you could always try batty.

    – he’s trading internationally now so he’d be able to supply you with whatever you require.

  80. Toon Chicken @ 116: “The only players with Prem experience we’ll be able to sign are the ones who are currently not in their first team because they are either not good enough or they have fallen out of favour with their current boss.”

    I think that is normally the case, but not this year. Right now clubs are looking to reign in borrowing, and that means ‘liquidating some assets’ in most cases.

    I think we’ll see some surprising players available, and prices dropping accordingly.

    But then I am an optimist :)

  81. Yeah Whumpie you’re probably right.

    I think if there’s one thing for certain it’s that nothing is for certain. ;)

    Just look at what happened in January.

    Whatever CH (and the board) decide to do in terms of buying/selling they will have my full support!

  82. Whumpie,

    There aren’t too many PL clubs who are that much in debt that they have to sell players, and sell them on the cheap.

    The likes of Birmingham, Mackems, Man City and Villa don’t owe any money to any banks at all and have benefactors, so they won’t be under pressure to pay off the debt – Only Villa have debt out of these clubs.

    Spurs turn a profit every year and should be in the CL so they won’t have to sell cheap.

    That just leaves the likes of Wigan, Stoke, Everton and Blackburn who also don’t have much debt if any, so they won’t need to sell.

    Were talking probably West Ham only who might be forced to sell some players and I don’t think messers Gold and Sullivan will be doing that oin the cheap.

    We can dismiss Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool as we couldn’t afford the wages of their players even if they went bankrupt tomorrow and had a fire sale.

    Think this ‘football is in a mess’ thing is totally exaggerated to be honest – In the PL anyway.

  83. Seeing that this blog is about stats I thought I’d mention that I read today that, since the Prem began, we’re the first relegated team to win promotion with 6 games left to play.

    Guess that means we’re stronger than some give us credit for.

    I also think that the Prem is weaker than it has been for some time – the top teams have not looked as strong this year both at home and abroad, and the number of teams that have been dragged into a relegation dogfight seems to have grown.

    If we keep doing as we have been I honestly see no cause for concern next season.

  84. Stuart79 says:
    April 8, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    “Think this ‘football is in a mess’ thing is totally exaggerated to be honest – In the PL anyway.”

    Is the same Premier League that carries nearly 60% of all European football debt? the one that is £3 billion in debt in total?

  85. Are you serious a blog on stat`s ?
    Thats for baseball, basketball etc. keep statistics out of football, unless you want to be bored to tears.

  86. toonsy says:
    April 8, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    when them stats were produced I’m pretty sure it included £800m of Man Utd debt, £250m of Liverpool debt and £700m of Chelsea debt. So that’s more than half of that figure on just 3 clubs.

    Now Chelsea are no longer in that kind of debt – They may even have included Sunderland and City within them stats, neither in debt anymore.

    Regardless of the fact that there’s debt it’s obviously servicable for the majority of the clubs so it’s not in that much trouble – Yet!

  87. Oh and toonsy,

    Would you question the retail trade in general?

    Add all their debt up and it would be eye watering.

    You will say that they can forecast success more accurately than football clubs as it’s results based, but football has guarenteed incomes, contractually based guarentees so in some ways their in a better way to plan their finances than say Marks and Spencers, who cannot predict what their income will be from one week to the next.

  88. Stu – It’s about risk. Banks don’t take them as much anymore and football is a risk. On the face of it, and on paper, last seasons team should never have got relegated which should have made it a good investment for a bank right?

    They did get relegated, which kind of points towards the fact that football cannot be accurately predicted to gain on returns, too many unpredictable elements.

    It’s not like I want to buy a lorry for Toyota, or a fleet of lorries. I could work out roughly how much those vehicles would cost to run and maintain over the lifetime and how much they would earn in my projections.

    Those projections remain pretty static so I could work out how much was needed to fund the purchase, have enough to pay it back and then a litlle profit. Football isn’t like that.

  89. Oh and contractually based incomes? What are they?

    TV money?
    Sponsor money?

    I can pick holes through them 3 straight away.

  90. There’s no holes to be picked out of tv revenue in the PL – It’s a guarenteed income for the next 3 years – Unless Sky go bust, and I think that’s a safe bet that they won’t.

    What’s that about £40-50m per year guarenteed?

    Anyway I’m not talking about the banks – We’ve been through that.

    PL football isn’t in as bad a state as you make out – Certain clubs like Man Utd and Liverpool, Man Utd will be in big trouble if they don’t finish in the top four.

    Liverpool may well be in trouble this summer, but I doubt it – No bank in the world will call the recievers into Liverpool.

    Rest of the PL clubs seem pretty stable to me.

    You may be right when you say their might not be as much money spent this summer but I don’t see the fire sales.

  91. Thing is Stu, these clubs have to sell at some point. These loans will need paying back and if they aren’t making any money now then how are they to pay back in the future?

    RBS are already demanding a £100 million of Liverpool.

    TV money is only guranteed if you are in the prem. We may only be in it for one year but how much of that is guranteed?

    £13.9 is guaranteed, as is £480,000 per live match of which there is a guaranteed 10.

    I make that £18.7 million guaranteed plus prize money of £750,000 per league position and £7 million from overseas. As the league position is a variable then really it is only the £25.7 that is guaranteed from TV money.

  92. As a result of the poor showing in the Champions league, plus the increased PL tv. revenues, IMO there will be plenty of money spent this summer by EPL clubs.
    Dont know (possibly because Ashley is on an austerity program)where this “there`s not going to be so much money spent” attitude that everyone is expounding, wait and see.
    But dont hold your breath waiting for Ashley to spring,
    he`s looking to do it on the cheap, lotsa luck with that pal !

  93. Chuck – TV money isn’t going up this year, it is frozen at the same level as last year and will start going up at the start of the 2011/2012 season.

  94. Hmmm! thought I read an article stating all epl clubs will receive a sum of fifty million pounds per side for the approaching season, a sum higher than that of the current 09-10 season, No ?

  95. Nope, you may have read it but it doesn’t mean it’s gospel.

    One thing I noticed whilst researching it was that a vast majority of the quoted figures only apply to teams that win the league.

    Of course what I said above is a minimum of TV income. We had 20 games on TV last year, so that adds an extra £5 million on. This isn’t guaranteed though.

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