Toon target Albín in action!

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Newcastle United have been linked with Getafe second striker and hot property, Juan Ángel Albín, so, thanks to NUFC Blog reader, ‘JT’, we have a compilation video of him in action.

It has been widely speculated that Toon have been trailing the 23 year old for months, and that a deal on a “Bosman” free transfer has already been offered. In a recent interview, Albin spoke of The Magpies interest, but the Uruguayan said that right now, his main focus at this time was to a place in Uruguay’s World Cup squad. He said:

“This year is very important to me, I intend to announce what my future is at the end of the season.

“Like any professional, I don’t reject any offer – and Newcastle are an historical club that will return to the Premier League.

“But I will keep calm and study them.”

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67 Responses

  1. Does he always have the groovy music playing for him in the background? Cool game to go to.

  2. Something about Uruguans since Gonzalez!!!

    But still looks decent and young and on a free…cant go wrong really.

  3. He look good, but I think we should hold our tabs on Kevin Doyle, a man we now can score goals in premiership. But if we dont get him we can try to get him! We must sell Xisco and Butt before next season and buy a back and a winger too. I think Velencia`s Hernandez and Chelseas Van Aanholt can be quite good signings.

  4. Good work from the club if they are trying to tie up some bosman transfers, let players know that we are interested in them.

  5. These are the types of deals we need to try and sort out, and then 20million will be more than enough for a war chest for CH in the summer.

  6. Seb larrson would be another decent free-be. Anybody else think once promotion if wrapped up we should give all the promising bairns a run in the team. Somebody think of the poor bairns :)

  7. Here is a list of players available on a free.


    Ofcourse some of those on the list would peobably not come.

  8. I suppose Jay Jay, but it all depends on the goal. Obviously promotion is the most important goal, but going up as Champions would be the best of both worlds.
    Perhaps giving them a little run at the end of secure games…and if we secure championship early, then the last few games let them start…to get a feel and the credit.

    I’d love to see some of the young uns that are much hyped in action and what better time than now, but I really want the trophy…

  9. He’s a good young prospect, Albin, seen a fair bit of him, he’s young and hungry just what we need, he is also creative and has a great eye for a clever pass. I don’t think we need wholesale changes, I think Seb Larsson is a great shout, I seem to remember him tearing us apart in one game and he’s left an impression ever since. I think we should try and get Doyle, I would offload Shola and Best, we could get a decent amount for the two. Van Aanholt was immense for us and think he would be a very good addition and understudy to The Bull. I’ve heard Saviola is available in the summer as he wants a move to the Prem, would be a fantastic player and I would fancy our chances already having Jonas and Colo here, price being mooted is €8m. Will be an entertaining summer and regardless Ashley here or not, we’ll spend a fair bit.

  10. Saviola is past it, also too weak for premier league, no chance he will make it here…

  11. The argument that Saviola is past it is far from the truth, unfortunately due to Saviol’s scoring exploits as a 16 year old at River, he was touted as a goalscorer but that isn’t the case, Saviola is an extremely hard worker who creates a lot of space for his team and brings others into play, he is much more a playmaker and would fit into our team playing off a main striker. He would be a great addition to our team, he is a regular with the Argentina squads even though they have an abundance of attacking talent. He has performed exceptionally well at Benfica and has caught lots of attention on the continent, I just think firstly what we need to do is clear out players, Butt, Ameobi, Best, Ryan Taylor, Pancrate. We should look at 5 or 6 new additions, a left back, a right back, two midfielders and possibly two strikers and a centre back if we can push the boat out that far. I think we’ll have a good season next year!

  12. Shit Tune :)
    Not even going to speculate…I remember the Turan,Arshavin,Modric days and this summer I will lay back in the sun round Troy Stavers Gaff getting Polatic on fertiliser,cheap cider and crystal meths !

  13. Flash says:
    April 1, 2010 at 12:24 am
    Debate Question: Who should partner Colo next season? Williamson or Tayls?


  14. @ Flash – Once more, he is too weak for premier league, he won’t make it. Regular for Argentina? He doesn’t play for Argentina, not under Maradonna… Also not sure about his current “good” form, lets not forget that he plays in Portuguese league, whatever you say it’s not the highest level, he fails to produce against “big” teams , he managed to shine a bit against Everton, but basically he scores or shines against lower end table teams in portoguese league, you can check out his goalscoring record this season on wikipedia, as it looks like you based your opinion on Saviola on wiki page…

  15. Isn’t that Saviola on whacking great wages at Benfica?

    Craig – I don’t think £20 mill is out of the question, if it’s spent on the right players. £15 mill has already been mentioned by some quarters as the budget we have.

  16. Looks a cracking player to be fair, just what the team needs so if we can get him then brilliant. I wont hold out much hope though. As SJT says, we have had our fingers burnt doing that before.

  17. I’d go for:

    Keirrison on loan from Barcelona

    Martinez from Catania……6 mill

    Albin for free

    Perroti from Sevilla for 9 mill

  18. Loads of possibilities but I reckon Scharner would be the best business as he can fill in just about anYwhere as he has proved invaluable to Wigan over the past few years. A big, strong lad who contributes the odd goal as well.


  19. Am I the only one who wants minimal changes? Three of four players max for me – don’t unsettle a settled squad. A couple of full-backs (van arnie back please) and possibly a really exceptional young striker and that’s it. Possibly the same as a midfield spark in case guthrie, Nolan and Barton all fail to male the grade.

    Consistency and stability got us here; don’t wreck it. CH will get it right.

  20. I would get him in on free transfer he look ok.But go for kevin doyle who can score goals in premiership and i would have paul Scharner he can play anywhere.Hernandez look a canny player but he’s in the Velencia fist team ever game.

    coloccini and williamson steve taylor at right back a dont think danny is good.

  21. Think albin will be great in a 3 prongged attack, balotelli leading the line with both albin and aguero playing in the hole. With santi cazorla coming back to fitness to back to full fitness he should prove a great challenge to routledge on the right and it already well known that andreas guardardo is leaving Valencia to join us in the summer so jonas will have a bit of compitition on the left. Defensive midfielder has to be joey Barton, but miguel veloso will prove a modest back up for wor joey. We are already good in defence but the additions of Gary cahill and mamadou sakho will give our centrebacks something to think about and lorenzo di silvestri has been staying in digs in battlehill so his arrival is a foregone conclusion, akinfeev or lloris for goalkeeper? Any thoughts?

  22. Totally agree with Whumpie.

    Personally, I would love to see a couple at the back maybe Van arnie or Nedum Onuoha from City.

    I like Doyle, but would prefer to see a quick lad next to Carroll, to challenge loverman.

    Maybe saviola if he has not lost his pace.

    Then loan Wiltshire from Arsenal to add a bit of spark.

    In total, I cant believe that would be more than £10 for the lot.


  23. jay jay – what is it about this season which makes you want to scrap most of our team and replace them with a load of foreign unknowns?

    This is daft – and exactly the sort of thinking which got us rellied in the first place. Build a team, get them bonded and understanding each other. Adjust and improve progressively.

    Do NOT make wholesale changes. Do NOT bring in people and expect them to take key roles straight away.

    Seriously – you cannot jump from the league below to challenging for honours any more (the last people who did that was, um, us in 1993). You have to keep stable and adjust gradually over years. A few new faces, initially as understudies and competition. See who can cut it up there, and adjust in each window. Evolve your way up the table.

    Boring, I know – but expect clubs to plummet around us as this financial crisis digs in over the next couple of seasons. The premiership will be a very different place in a few years time, and if we don’t do anything stupid we should be one of the few clubs to stay clear of the chaos.

    Anyone else think this?

  24. Ta Super Billums – I am not a lone voice. Mad as a sack of chimps, maybe. But with company.

    As the great Steve Tyler once wrote, “does the voice in my head bother you?”

    Ning ning.

  25. Whumpie, im with you on this one, keep the core of the squad together and avoid risky signings.

  26. Totally agree Whumpie mate, to bring a load of untried and untested players to England now would be madness after what Chris has built.

    Ashley said we were trying to follow the Arsenal model, which I agree with when it comes to youths etc. But for the first team we should take a more Villa inspired approach. Good, solid additions to the squad without disrupting it too much, improve slightly with each window and become steadily stronger.

  27. whumpie,i think there will be quite a few epl clubs cost-cutting in behind the closed-doors type cloak/dagger stuff,we might just get a few surprises next season imo,there is extra cash in the ch/lge 50mil next year,so dont think cut-back will be in top 4,but other will cut imo m8

  28. Whumpie I totaly agree with you ,i think there is a change coming in football the way clubs are run finically.

    Off field problems should not effect what happens on the pitch but it does and if Platini gets his wish and changes the way clubs are run expect there be problems for some clubs.

    Also agree with your points on building the team , slowly but surely is the best way , I think we have the basis of a good squad and a couple of good prospects coming through ( vukic ranger krul ) we should hopefully be a force again in a few years

  29. i think we have to hit ground running next season,keep the core of side with about plus 4 signings,but would not like to see any oversea players,they need a year to settle which we cannot afford,ex,colo,jose,at ars it took henry/berk a year to settle great players,lets get english based players who know the lge,creep before we walk imo

  30. I’d actually be quite chuffed with Doyle.

    I wonder what chance we’d have at landing Carlton Cole if West Ham went down? More to the point do we need him. Think we should be going for a smaller, nippier forward to partner Shola/Carroll.

    As for creative mid players, I wonder how much Morten Gamst Pederson is on at Blackburn? Hes a player i’ve always admired, cracking shot. Can only be around 27-28? Just a thought..

  31. Ye, I think everyone that has been a part of the set up this year deserves to stay. Except for Nicky Butt and Leon Best.

    At the moment I think we are only really weakish at right back. we need cover in midfield (wide player and central player and up front) we need perhaps two strikers.
    Which means we get rid of two and sign five.

    For the right back position, I would get in Aaron Hughes.
    Very underated and can fill in anywhere across the back four.

    In midfield we have more than enough steel, so we need some creativity, like a Dorrans, or a Kallstrom (dreaming) – someone in that mould. Perhaps even Wilshere on loan from Arsenal.

    Up front I have always liked Doyle and think he’d be great but we also need a bit of pace up there…
    Someone like this Albin lad would be great.

    But all in all, I dont think any drastic changes are needed. What we lacked last season was structure and team spirit. Mainly due to miserable overpaid sods like Michael Owen. Whch we no longer have this year.
    So with a few estute signings we could be aiming for a top 12 finish. That should be our target.

    We can then play our youngsters in the Carling Cup etc and blood them in so that they can step in if needed in the Premier league. Looking forward to next season… :-)

  32. Sorry, I always have to do this:






    Youngsters: Vuckic, Ranger can be blooded in cup games.

    Looks like a squad with good depth, creativity, pace and fight don’t it!?

  33. Anyone fancy a punt on the percentage of accurage links in the press with with players? Anyone think they can improve on the slightly unambitious 0% of last year?

    What I find slightly sad is that on all these blogs people end up taking press reports seriously. More born out of off-season boredom than anything else…

  34. Whumpie-would we be putting some sort of time barrier on there aswell? Obviously if its widely known that a player may be coming to us and is being reported by everyone, one paper reporting on it the day before the deal goes through and saying “see! told you so!”, is that allowed to count!? haha. I think we should just look at the first link made with the player and take that, so if the sun say ronaldo is coming to us, there’s one. If they claim we’re getting the chuckle brothers as its confirmed they’re having a medical, not allowed. Taken too seriously perhaps? lol

  35. Whumpie:
    April 1st, 2010 at 12:30 pm
    Anyone fancy a punt on the percentage of accurage links in the press with with players? Anyone think they can improve on the slightly unambitious 0% of last year?
    What I find slightly sad is that on all these blogs people end up taking press reports seriously. More born out of off-season boredom than anything else…

    a bit like you did with my post earlier whumpie, ballotelli, aguero, di silvestri staying in digs in battlehill? Come on whumpie, sense the sarcasm :)

  36. jj we need mobile central midfield they would be just back up players if we are to be able to compete.these players wouldnt be quick enough to move the ball forward to are wings to give them enough of the ball.we have seen it in the ccc were if routledge or jonas dont get the ball we dont do anything and in the prem it is going to be a lot harder.

  37. Ross – yep, like those rules.

    How about an awards ceremony? A bit like the Razzies but for shite football reporting.

    Categories like
    – Most ridiculous link
    – Most uses of the phrase “source close to the player”
    – Most incorrect links
    – Lifetime achievement award (going to anyone to gets one right)

    The “Lifetime Underachievement Award”, “Mackem Bike of the Year” and the “Comical Ali Award for Services to Bullsh*t” would all go to Louise Taylor each year, of course. Posthumously would be nice.

  38. @Whumpie et al. I agree with you, posted the same thing in another thread, i.e. no wholesale changes please – sensible strengthening in a few positions will do nicely (in my opinion).

  39. On the plus side, at least we aren’t running with cheesy wind up April fools ;)

  40. I’m not sure about Kallstrom really, he was great for Rennes, but showed up for Lyon only on few occasions(in terms of great play, not injuries), maybe it was because of the midfield talent that Lyon had and still has…

  41. Beginning to sound like the Turan, Arshevin, Modric days.
    Guess hope lives eternal.
    Question is “how much dosh will be spent”?
    Watching the Man U.vs. B/Munich game could`nt help but notice how pacey a side the German team were,I know we have a couple of guys with good pace, Jonas, Enrique, Routledge.
    But in general pace is something we lack and should be considered if or when we bring in some talent to the side.

  42. I see Uncle Ed thinks he is a comedian now, but then nowt surprises me on there he was maybe a wee bit bored. So he decided to bore everyone else :(

  43. chuck,that really showed last night (pace) when walcot came on barc could not handle his pace and turned the game

  44. big dave,see “your”player (J.B) was in trouble again at club last week,had fight with pancake,or might you over look this again LOL m8 :)

  45. Icedog I seen a bit about that but to be honest mate I believe very little that is in the Rags now, as they make up that much sh1te, especially about Joey

  46. DOYLE would be a good signing but his wages will be a problem.
    Can`t see that happenin at NUFC!
    Bargain Basement me thinks.
    Bosmans can maybe get good wages as we get em for free but ya could get some lads whining about earning less then.
    CH is a smart man and knows how to use cash wisely,we will get some quality and some loans,watch this space

  47. Whatever happens in regards to signings, one thing for sure every agent will be linking his guys to whatever club/clubs he thinks he could get a deal from.
    In which case we can look forward (or not) to being linked to everybody looking for a move.
    That is until they hear about MA`s austerity program.

  48. Yeah one thing Sir Bobby tried to have was a pacey team.
    And what we dont have in the middle of the pitch is pace.
    Neither of our central defenders are particularly speedy, the same applies to our inside forwards.
    It would be nice to watch a team play like Beyern Munich did against Man. U.
    Dont think Man U. will get by Beyern, especially with Rooney out and Arsenal have a tough task to beat Barca,
    there will cetainly be no three teams from the EPL in the last four.
    Guess the quality of EPL is just not as good as in the past.

  49. Chuck – I think the Premier League has been a bit lucky in Europe. Obviously the English clubs are good like, but they have been helped along the way by plum draws and avoiding each other. When most of them come up against one of the European ‘super-clubs’ then they tend to struggle and our clubs certainly don’t sweep them aside.

  50. @NickyButt(&AndyCarroll)Fan; What are you on about? Saviola started several games for Argentina under Maradona, it wasn’t until the last few games where Argentina were desperate for results that he changed his team and picked players playing in the local league. As for portugal being a poor league, I think that’s quite disrespectful, for a league that has produced some great talent and features 3 of europes big clubs, you can’t knock it. Wikipedia? I think not, your the one who seems to be familiar with Wiki as you checked his goalscoring on there so you can’t be watching him much this season can you? It was quite a silly argument that he doesn’t score goals, considering I had already mentioned contrary to peopls beliefs, Saviola is not a prolific goalscorer, he is a link man and due to having one prolific season at River, he has been bogged down with the same tag over and over. If you actually watched Saviola this season, you would see that he has been the standout key player in his teams performances, Saviola provides something we don’t have in attack, raw pace and guile, he is extremely clever and I think your football knowledge is quite poor to say he is past it, that’s like saying Messi isn’t good enough to play for us!