Vuckic returns after serious double injury.

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Vučkić in action again.
Vuckic in action again.
Newcastle United’s versatile young attacking player, Haris Vučkić, has finally returned after over five months on the sidelines thanks to a fairly serious double knee and ankle injury.

Haris made his return as a late substitute in an under 18s game where the bairns were defeated 4-1 by the youngsters of Nottingham Forest at a windswept Benton training ground. Haris will also be eligible for next week’s semi final of the FA Youth Cup with Aston Villa next week.

While he has only made two appearences for the first team so far, his talent is prodigious. A playmaking midfield player and second striker in the mould of one of the greatest of all United players, Peter Beardsley, Vučkić is not a player with great pace, however his balance and ease on the ball, along with his vision, passing and shooting have made many at the club see him as the brightest of the Academy talents, and a very important part of Newcastle United’s future.

Along with the return of another long term casualty, Joey Barton, this should add another dimension to the Magpie midfield as they look towards promotion back to the Premiership finally being made a reality in the next few games.

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48 Responses

  1. Would love to see us give Vuckic and a couple others a bit of a run out once promotion is clinched. I’d still like to see us try and win the league but would also like to see what we have with some of these players.

  2. this young un does appear to get rave reviews, lets hope he can progress up the ranks to 1st team.even other players comments seem to imply the lads very talented.
    on another subject, how come jose enrique isnt in the spanish squad ?

  3. see that Juan Albin has inidcated interest from toon – it’s a free transfer and he fits the young, sell him for a profit model – he’s been getting rave reviews in Spain although we know from previous spanish signings that aint always a good thing :-)

  4. I would love to see Vučkić and Bradden inman get some games time in the Championship it the right league to see what they are like.

    does anyone think we should give xisco a chance next season or sell for 5-7 millon.

  5. toonamy – think we’ll sell for about 2 million if we’re lucky, he’s done jack all on loan so his reputation in Spain has taken a massive dive – apparantly they reckon he’s s overpaid from the toon that he aint putting any real effort in – am off to madrid for the weekend so will chat with my spanish mates and get the lowdown

  6. Uziblogger Mk2
    I think Stevep is right we will be lucky to get 2mill for Xisco as he has had chances in spain and hasn’t took them

  7. Big Dave says:
    March 31, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    “Uziblogger Mk2”

    I think Toonsy’s the nearest thing we have to an ‘Uziblogger’ on here ATM, Dave.

  8. I’m still with you on Vuckic worky, can’t wait to see the kid back in the first team. What you’d call a proper footballer.

  9. How old is he 16, 17 or something, shut up you lot he shouldnt be thinking about the first team til another 2 years at least!

  10. if hes good enough what does age matter? I know its spouted alot but how old was Rooney? We need to play these talents or we risk losing them, werent Real interested in this lad in jan?

  11. Hey t_f put that bundle of charm back in it’s box eh? No room for such smooth talking round ‘ere.

    Big enough, good enough, mature enough in my opinion.

  12. Worky > Along with the return of another long term casualty, Joey Barton, this should add another dimension to the Magpie midfield

    This is one of the reasons I dont think we need many new players in Joey is a Prem player and will be like a new signing, plus it would hold up young Vuckic progress, hence why I wasnt really that pleased to see Best come in as IMO I think it has just stopped Rangers progress

  13. raf – I changed my retort, which was banging about Rooney only because I’m not sure he’s quite a Wayne Rooney. But you’re bang on about age not making a difference.

    Provided he’s not overplayed and burnt out too early.

  14. Toon-Factor: Vuckic’s already played 2 games for the senior squad- what’s wrong with another couple of run-outs to give him some experience?

  15. thats right BBM, though after this weekend, or when it is, I think theres no harm giving Vuckic and Kadar a bit of a run, we need these players, lets give them some experience in this league, when the pressure is off, let them play their games and maybe we can save ourselves some money in the summer!

    For me CAM is the primary position we need to strengthen, if Vuckic proves himself we could spend that money elsewhere!

  16. BD – Considering what I’ve seen of Ranger, I can only assume there’s truth in the rumours that he likes the nightlife too much. Perhaps Hughton doesn’t think his head is quite in the right place. Nearly always impressed me in the games I’ve seen though.

  17. Wouldn’t want to out the lad under too much pressure.

    I would wait until he’s ready and just drop him in now and again.

    If we get promotion it would be ideal to get a few minutes into him in no pressure situations.

    But Hughton hasn’t given me any impression that he likes playing the young un’s unless he has no other options.

  18. Sorry Haris it was a spelling mistake – I haven’t outed you, I meant put you under too much pressure.

  19. Careful Stu, you’re almost agreeing with T_F. You know that would unsettle the foundations of the universe.

    On a totally random note, although I wasn’t keen on them initially, I’m loving Mumford & Sons tune The Cave.

  20. Dave – I would agree with Ranger too. I think a spine through the middle of youth with experience around them. What about Krul getting a couple of games too?

  21. CH will not wanna lose a game at home this season, so he’ll play his strongest team, particularly at home, ’til the bitter end.

  22. BBM,

    Would rather stick pins in my ass while being rogered by a horse than agree with him.

    No offence to horses or pins in case any of them are on the blog..

  23. BBM do you think there is any truth in it as I thought he had got his head down and finally realised how lucky he was.
    I like Stuart think CH dosn’t really like playing the young-uns but there is no point having them if they arn’t going to get a chance. But maybe he has had his head turned a bit :)

  24. Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier in the day, but has anyone seen the skysports article on Juan Albin?

  25. BD – I’d prefer to think it’s the Hughton not wanting to play young ‘uns thing. The rumours could be just that, you know? But it’s quite a small city as Jenas will attest to, so you can only get away with so much.

  26. BBM – I was told today that the general thought is – he is not disciplined enough in training – turning up late etc. He was told he wouldnt play unless he sorted himself out.

  27. Just thinking of another slant on it If he isn’t keeping his head down and is being punished for it would CH not drop him from the bench aswell ?

  28. That warning most have fell on deaf ears then – He musy have missed the whole days training Sunday as he wasn’t even on the bench.

    He’ll probably say ‘What do I have to do to get a game? Glass someone and bring my team mates jaw?’

  29. Dusty – aye, sounds about right. Apparently tripping about the place and getting late nights, turning up late, even for games. Unforgiveable not to show some discipline when you’re in such a privileged position.

    I left you a response on the other article by the way.

  30. raffo says:
    March 31, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    “Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier in the day, but has anyone seen the skysports article on Juan Albin?”

    There’s an article on his interview on here now, raffo, along with a compilation video of him in action.

    Thanks for the video link BTW, ‘JT’.

  31. Well if he is pissing about then I agree with CH.
    Stuart I just took him not being on the bench because we had Best and Strolla but who knows

  32. ‘his talent is prodigious’ – Is it? I’ve never seen his talent yet so I’m amazed everyone regards him to be such a brilliant player. Why don’t we wait until he starts performing in the first team before making wild statements about how good he is

  33. Probably just one of a whole shitload of players we will be associated with by summers end, pay no attention.
    Remember Modric, Arshevin and the Turkish kid Turan.

  34. No takers?
    Ok, i guess no one’s aware of ‘The Cardiacs’ then, oh well never mind.
    Check it out……..’The duck & roger the horse’.
    It’s nice, you’ll like it.