Andre-Pierre Gignac to Newcastle?

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Gignac: A surprise transfer target?
Gignac: A surprise transfer target?
Interesting transfer developments have been reported from France regarding Toulouse striker Andre-Pierre Gignac and a link with a transfer to Newcastle United.

Newcastle United sent representatives to the Toulouse v Bordeaux match and it’s thought that they were there to run the rule over the French striker. There is immediate competiton from Marseille and Valencia for the player who looks set to leave Toulouse in the summer so we will have to hope that the lure of St James’ Park, Newcastle United and Premier League football could count in our favour. The transfer fee could be the stumbling block as the French side would be looking for fee in the region of £7.5 – £10 million, so you have to admit it looks unlikely we will sign him. However, we can only hope and at least it shows some intention on our part that we may not actually be scraping the bottom of the bargain bin this summer.

At only 24 years old, Gignac does appear to fit in with our much speculated about transfer policy and is probably a bigger name than most of us had expected to be linked with. His agent, Rick D’Angrea, revealed that Gignac will be looking to leave Toulouse in the summer:

“For the moment there is nothing concrete, although I can’t rule out the situation evolving over the coming weeks. The will of the player is to leave Toulouse.”

Sorry for the poor translation as I was going off memory, but I think I managed to do it better than a certain, well-known, internet based translation program.

The player can score goals although he is used as more of a second striker come playmaker in the traditonal number 10 role. He has also represented France at competitive international level, scoring four times in ten appearances for his country. Interestingly, Gignac revealed he is of Spanish Gypsy descent and has been quoting as saying:

“My family live in caravans and work in the markets. When I get given clothes I pass them on to my mother-in-law so she can sell them. Sometimes I go with her and stand behind the stall.”

Obviously it is only a rumour at this stage, although Toulouse are the ones that have mentioned the representatives of Newcastle United. It possibly gives us a little indication of just what Mike Ashley is willing to spend and would address the issue of having a player who can create something. Thank you to Rangerman for getting me on the trail of this, and let’s hope there is some truth in it.

We’ll keep an eye on this for sure!

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129 Responses

  1. would be a good signing however for no more than 7.5m.he’s strong, can link up well and is a good finisher.French international as well.Will be in South Africa this summer.

  2. would be a good signing if we could get him, although i’m yet to be convinced if ashley is really willing to spend a bit on half reasonable players but i’m hopeing we could lure 1 or 2 good players in

  3. godda say, this blog is better than eds for not just picking as many random names out of thin air as possible and then doing a blog on that name for absolute no reason.
    on this one…. 7.5 million… you guys are kidding right hahaahahah,…. was there another guy playing there who is out of contract and we can get free or how about some young player that falls into a uefa loop hole and we get him for three quid. cumon guys… we will not even spend 7.5 million on all the signings!! we need to be more realistic.

  4. cannot say ime mad kean on french players but you never know,theres always one i surpose

  5. Craig – Colo cost £10 million and was an Ashley signing. Jonas cost £7 million and was an Ashley signing.

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good moan though eh?

  6. He would be an good signing. I think 7.5 million is not too much because Chris said we will not bring that much players in, maybe 2,3 in. And we have 15 million. He takes half and 6 million left. Chris can get 2 really good players for that cheap.And maybe we can get a couple of free transfer signings. Would be a terrific signing he is just what we need. A regular goal scorer.

  7. I hope Mikey gives Chris the funds for the right player- considering Hughton has saved him millions and millions and MILLIONS of pounds, the least Ashley could do is fork out the odd 7mill if a player’s worth it…surely?

  8. Aye but Arsenal have that Bordeaux player coming now, and he wants out which could alter his price.

    Even if we don’t get him I would take it as a statement of intention that we will spend on what seems to be the right kind of player.

  9. Haven’t seen him play, seems decent though. Won’t his price rocket if he has a good game for france in WC, might be out of our grasp but never know.

  10. can’t remember who it was that posted the link to the free transfers but there’s some serious quality floating about for free… some that could definitely do a job up here at any rate!

  11. He was very, very good season before, this season he has struggled , but still managed to get quite good amount of goals and also assists. Big gamble, coul be a very good player, could be a flop.

  12. I think that we are more financially capable than Valencia, they are in awful financial state, even if they sell both their start strikers…

  13. Cadbury – I think that is what Valencia are lining up. Flog David Villa for mega bucks and get this guy possibly to replace him.

    If Valencia go for him we are screwed as they look like they will qualify for the CL.

  14. Dave – I wouldn’t mind Anelka on our books, and he is a sulky bugger.

  15. always worry a bit on any overseas players it takes them a season to settle can we really wait a season for them to come good,theres always a odd one like, but dare we take that chance

  16. He is probably an excellent player but if he comes to Newcastle, he will be a one to forget (rubbish) although Arsenal were linked with him except they have had there fair share of cock ups regarding strikers like reyes and baptista whom were brilliant at keeping the ball OUT of the net and Newcastle will be heading straight back down if they buy the french star (I mean flop)

  17. Toonsy I honestly wouldn’t take Anelka he would wreck any dressing-room harmony we have.
    Ice I think you might be right for once ;) we dont have time to let players settle we need them to hit the pitch running the season

  18. eastern blog players seem to bed in a lot quicker for some reason,but still takes them 6 mths or so,i would rather stick with players with english ex,thing is they tend to cost a bit more,over to you ashley

  19. BIG DAVE with you on anelka m8.
    might be right for once,you know i will get you for that remark 16-16,keep wits about you mate,it will be coming lol :)

  20. Scandinavians are the ones to look at, they are naturally good at english and learn it very fast, usually a no-nonsense players, good for first season, IMO.

  21. sounds all great,but we all know we will end up with players from the teams that have come down and a few loans..

  22. CADBURY,not to bad a shout,trouble is not many of really good ones knocking about like

  23. Don’t know anything about this lad, but if he’s as good as some say, we need to act quick before the World Cup and his price goes right up.

    Been looking at the frees from the Premier League, some cracking players to be picked up there, only downside is maybe the age of some and the wages they will want. Mind you, wages shouldn’t be that much of a problem when you factor in the money saved of not having to pay a fee. As for the age thing, I always think that you can’t go wrong with a few older heads to make sure we stay up and we need ones who have done it for a number of years in the top division.

  24. one player did settle straight away was torros,but how much did he cost? now hes saying he does not think his body can take much more of epl,could be a get out like made his cash now,got nearly as much as big dave now :)

  25. I’d rather have his teammate Moussa Sissoko! I wonder how much and if he’d join us?

  26. Toonsy @ 6 aye I remember Guivarch I thought we ( Doglesh )had done a real cracking bit of business getting him signed up, Fuk what a damp squid he turned out to be he was as bad Best :lol:

  27. SIMON,its a good point older players,i think you need on or two “wise”heads in epl,but seems not to be the way ashley wants to go,p/mouth have a good c/f and l/b,that would help our young lads,its a pity like m8

  28. Dave – I think the Guivarch thing could have been avoided. The guy scored goals for fun in France so new what he was doing. Unfortunately Dalgleish pretty much destroyed any creativity in the team which obviously didn’t help.

  29. BIG DAVE,A.wenger just said last week he would not sign a player,on how he did in a 3wk cup tornament (world cup)they have to show it over a full season,good judge imo

  30. Yep Icedog, looks like if what we read is right, we can just forget the older heads, shame as for a firt season back up, could be what we need.

  31. BIG DAVE,still sending J.B. a few quid for his anger managment course m8

  32. Toonsy he didnt really pull up many trees with Rangers either like, Can you remember Doglesh’s son Paul he wasnt exactly good either I was trying to remember another young lad round the same time was it stephen Glass ?

  33. Ice he has finished his anger managment course now and even got a wee certificate, but his horses are keeping him on an even keel now

  34. Free transfer list (copied from forum)

    William Gallas (Arsenal)
    Mikael Silvestre (Arsenal)
    Philippe Senderos (Arsenal)
    Michael Ballack (Chelsea)
    Joe Cole (Chelsea)
    Juliano Belletti (Chelsea)
    Fabio Aurelio (Liverpool)
    Martin Petrov (Manchester City)
    David James (Portsmouth)
    Mario Melchiot (Wigan)
    Paul Scharner (Wigan)
    Morten Gamst Pedersen (Blackburn)
    Simon Davies (Fulham)
    Luis Boa Morte (West Ham)
    Jermain Beckford (Leeds)
    Joe Ledley (Cardiff)


    Sergio Canales (Racing Santander)-Signed with Madrid
    Gonzalo Castro (Mallorca)
    Mariano Pernia (Atletico Madrid)
    Pablo Ibáñez (Atletico Madrid)
    Christoph Metzelder (Real Madrid)- Going to Schalke
    Thierry Henry (Barcelona)
    Diego Costa (Valladolid)
    Kalu Uche (Almeria)
    Raul Tamudo (Espanyol)
    Walter Pandiani (Osasuna)
    Ariel Ibagaza (Villarreal)
    Robert Pires (Villarreal)
    Hamit Altintop (Bayern Munich)
    Kevin Kuranyi (Schalke)
    Jermaine Jones (Schalke)
    Ricardo Costa (Wolfsburg)
    Jose Paolo Guerrero (Hamburg)
    Timo Hildebrand (Hoffenheim)


    Marouane Chamakh (Bordeaux)-Arsenal
    Sidney Govou (Lyon)
    Kim Kallstrom (Lyon)
    Mouhamadou Dabo (St Etienne)- Sevilla


    Fabio Simplicio (Palermo)
    Rodrigo Taddei (Roma)
    Fabio Cannavaro (Juventus)
    Mark Bresciano (Palermo)
    Per Kroldrup (Fiorentina)


    Kris Boyd (Rangers)
    Nacho Novo (Rangers)
    Danny Wilson (Rangers)
    Steven Smith (Rangers)
    Lee Naylor (Celtic)
    Michael Stewart (Hearts)

  35. oh, just found that of course, man u forum wasn’t the original source, the real one is telegraph…
    Also I remember that we were linked with Kris BOyd.

  36. Believe we need a striker who is a striker! Not a player who drops off and creats……….Oba played too deep at times in ‘that’ season and was not potent enough.

    Beckford / Boyd would be the type of player i’d sign.

    Just a thought on the price, it may be right as the gaffer has indicated he doesnt want too many players, leaving lots more money for the players hes after!

  37. Dave – All these from that season.

    Carl Serrant, Stephen Glass, Lionel Perez, Stephane Guivarc’h, George Georgiadis, James Coppinger, Paul Robinson, Nikos Dabizas, Gary Speed, Andy Griffin, Andreas Andersson, Paul Dalglish, Ian Rush, John Barnes, Paddy Kelly, Bjarni Gudjonsson, Brian Pinas, Stuart Pearce, Alessandro Pistone

  38. The Entertainers – Beckford likes to drop deep as well, he is more like a free role striker at leeds.

  39. I like the idea of Pires joining and think it would be an incredibly smart transfer. His wages could be a bit of a stumbling block, but with no transfer fee you cant really grumble at 50k or so. He could easily fill our second striker/attacking midfielder role, and although he has lost the majority of his pace could still do a job for us on the wing if needed.

  40. I think Beckford is too much of a risk. Asking him to step up up 2 divisions could be too much in my opinion.

  41. Also about Oba, if there is no decent support for strikers they go deep to collect the ball, or the second option is that they have manager instructions to put the pressure on opposition midfield, wingers that is what Rooney does, D.Milito(Inter Milan), Eto’o etc.. I like that module when all team works hard and doesn’t allow opposition to play, personally I don’t like strikers like Ibra(for Barca), Berbatov, Ballotelli who show no interest helping out in defending.

  42. Also, saw Perch again today, and i really do think he is a player that should be playing in the Prem. He defends well and looks very calm on the ball. If FOrest go out of the play offs (As i fully expect them to) We should put in a 2million bid for him.

    Pires, Perch and Reo Coker would cost no more than 5million in total. The rest could go on a quality goal scorer.

  43. Love seeing players work hard ie Tevez.
    But i just dont believe we can afford the luxury of that type of player.
    If you dont score goals, you dont win games.

  44. Toonsy where do ye get the older team lists. I liked Perez, Dab’s was one of my favs, Speed, Pearce and Pistone, Looking at that squad now fuk it was shit :(

  45. mrc @ 56 – There was some shocking goalkeeping in that clip :D

    Spyro – Unsure about Perch. He was out of position whenhe tackled and gave away the Blackpool penalty and was caught nowhere a few times which Blackpool couldn’t capitalise on.

  46. CH bought wisely during the last transfer window, and I’m sure he’ll do well this close season, probably with a transfer kitty of 15 million as being quoted. I reckon he’ll rely on a couple of trusted premier league players on free transfers, with a couple of hungry young Championship players to make up a good squad, with maybe one stand-out “big money” signing. Next season is a question of consolidation, and getting re-established in the big league….
    As for buying Frenchies, we all know how many top foreigners we’ve bought over the years… forgetabout it !

    Pity to see that Leeds got promoted today….

  47. Dave – Secret sources ;)

    It’s a list of players that we have signed and sold and for how much since 1993 wich I can get season by season. Quite interesting reading in fairness :)

    I’ll see if I can hunt down old squads, any in particular?

  48. TOONSY you picked it again,told you were getting to good at this game ;)

  49. Big Dave says:
    May 8, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    “The Entertainers I like Kris Boyd and allways have”

    Joey will get jealous :lol:

  50. Joey will get jealous

    nay toonsy dave going horse-racing with him now,told you he had shares in 365

  51. Boyd would fit in well with our hot headed squad ^^ tho’ was that last summer, when he almost got transfered to one of the premiership teams, but in the end it didn’t go through because of his high wage demands?

  52. TOONSY from free t/list pick a few out (your spot on now)see who bloggers would go for,just a thought like,not trying to give you work m8

  53. Cadbury I wonder how much he is on with Rangers, or even how much in general the Rangers and Celtic players get paid. I would think some would be on good money to stop some of them opting for the English Clubs

  54. The Entertainers says:
    May 8, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    “Love seeing players work hard ie Tevez.
    But i just dont believe we can afford the luxury of that type of player.
    If you dont score goals, you dont win games.”

    Hasn’t Tevez scored 29 goals this season? The first time I ever saw him play, he scored a hat-trick in the Olympics too.

  55. I’m a huge fan of Tevez. As much as I hate to say it, old wax face at Manure doesn’t make many mistakes. Flogging Tevez however, was one of them. All action, helps all over the field, chases everything and knows where the net is. Would love to see a player even close to him in the b&w within the next few years.

  56. Icedog – I’d take Senderos, Altintop and Boyd off the free list.

    All of them still have some years left in them. Altintop would have high wages but no fee, and he can play right and left side of midfield in an attacking role and defensive role.

  57. Howay toonsy!! Tell him where the list is man. Tis but a fingertip away Big Dave, here’s a clue, there’s an NUFC in the URL.

    I’m ignorant to most European football so I’ll have to take second hand reviews. Not convinced we’ll be paying much more than £5m on a player when we didn’t even spend that on a handful of players in January. Of course, the summer is different but I’m not sure Ashley’s habits will be.

  58. Ross – We already have a player that is close to Tevez.

    Jonas will be in the same hotel as him at the World Cup ;)

  59. I can’t believe they’ve made another Robin Hood film. It will pale badly next to Prince of Thieves, an all-time classic film with King Kev Costner and Morgan Freeman.

  60. ROSS alright m8,i think wax-face has made a lot of bad buys when you think the cash hes had to spend,hes made a few 10mil useless buy i could name some,but ime sure you know when you think back

  61. BOWBURNMAG,on that film,did you see the remarks the star of that film made on the net today about O.REED,after working with him,talk about keeping things to yourself

  62. toonsy @ 8…. all the signings that ashley has made that were of any significant cost were ALWAYS weighed against one leaving. Colo = milner (plus change) and so on. Thats why we have spent no money on players in ashleys time at newc. howevber, i am not saying we should go and spend shit loads on famous dross with no heart just for the bragging rights… owen etc.

  63. Ice – no I missed it mate.

    Anyone seen Avatar? Meant to be watching it with the missus but I reckon she’s fallen asleep getting the bairn to bed. Stuck watching Britains Got Talent and wasted 5 minutes of my life watching an uncomfortable and appalling kid try and fail miserably to eat 9 After Eight mints to break a Guiness record and generally made himself look a twonk so everyone could laugh at him. Ant equalled the record off stage. How many more of these things can be aired? Seriously…

  64. bowburn – Yep, same as. Not only that, but I also had to watch the same twonk try and beat the record for eating Ferrero Rocher last year.

    Growing up is great :(

  65. Toons – Sorry for giving away trade secrets but it was only to a blog legend and your best pal. Gutted toonarama has gone, used to get some cracking stats/facts off there and the stories and anecdotes were quality. Some cracking work on here by the way pal.

  66. Marcus 36#
    Have to agree there, Sissoko is the type of player most needed on this side, however having watched Gignac`s video, not bad either.
    So ok make that one of each please !

  67. Toonsy thanks but no thanks dont need yer help now BBM helped me out :lol: and there was me thinking you were a mate

  68. He would fit in Newcastle! Hope we can spend that Toulose want for him. I think if we also get a winger and a fullback, we will surprising next season!

  69. BBM,he said “roughly” one night in malta drinking with him REED drank 20 beers 10 dark rums half bottle of whiskey,fell off bar stool,was sick all over and still drinking while on the floor being sick,taking him home he was punching everyone in sight etc,ect

  70. I’ve been away for a eek but stil trying to check via my phone when I could get a signal, has the club statemrnt come out yet?

  71. Ice is that Oliver Reed yer talking about if so did you see him one night on a chat show ( after dark ) I think ye called it

  72. DAVE 365 BARTON get it right TOONSY or they will say your giving him nick-names :)

  73. BIG DAVE,aye m8 O.REED i saw that show too,he was some boy,they still love him in malta even though he give everybody a clip,could be because the amount of cash he spent like lol

  74. BIG DAVE had a few drinks in the same bar myself,a guy called i think sunderland used to play for the gunners r/wing drinks there owns the golf course in malta,have seen G.NEVILL many times has a place in malta,about the only place left where they love english people lol

  75. Simon – No statement yet. Probably be next Friday, that when our statements come isnt it? ;)

  76. Ice what he said on that show was brill “Yeah well I’ve said to my missus if I put my plonker on the table I’ll take it off unless you give me my mushy peas”

  77. icedog says:
    May 8, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    “BIG DAVE had a few drinks in the same bar myself,a guy called i think sunderland used to play for the gunners r/wing drinks there owns the golf course in malta”

    Icedog, Alan Sunderland? Arsenal forward? 70s and 80s? Not a surname I would want anyway!

  78. WORKY the very one,that why i said i THINK that was his name,canny player like,shame

  79. Simon – As soon as it’s out I’ll be all over it so keep checking ;)

  80. toonsy- “At least it shows intent” No it doesn’t. As soon as they know the asking price all intent goes. They can show intent by looking at Messi if your looking at it like that.

    Sorry to throw cold water over it but if they are askin more than £5m were out of there.

    That is of course if our transfer budget is to be believed

  81. Stuart – I feel that the club would be relatively informed of how much money would be needed before they sent a representative to France.

  82. Right toonsy, I must pull you up on a couple of points you have made.

    Firstly you said Ashley paid 7m for Jonas – Youre right he did but we only got him because he thought he was on a free! He was forced to pay for him. Another complete fck up!

    On Anelka you say he would upset dressing room harmony. Can we stop looking at this dressing room harmony shit and worrying about upsetting it? Not everyone has to love each other, Evra doesn’t always go out with his teamates, he prefers to stay in and play his console. Should Utd not have signed? Anelka has a reputation of a sulk but all his teamates past and present have said he’s a nice guy, just shy and likes to spend his time with family not his teamates.

    What’s wrong with that?

  83. Thought that Toonsy, whenever I got a signal, it was here I looked and not the official site or even .com. I’ll look forwrad to the blog and what everybody thinks

  84. From the description, it sounds like he will be joining Roy Keane at Ipswich and laying drives in Suffolk

  85. And wasn’t the original fee for Jonas something like £5 million? Then he had to pay extra as compensation?

  86. BIG DAVE and i agree with you (for once ;)) why bring that type of player in,look at AS/BELL at toon it blows up at some point imo

  87. Well if he was supposed to be a free then fair enough. but the money still needed paying at the end of it I guess.

  88. Later Dave, Icedog :)

    Cheers Simon. Your compliments are appreciated and your comments are always welcome.

  89. Reo Coker, anyone? He can cover RB and would see us less reliant on Smith.

  90. Sorry, toonsy. I’m a bit pissed and using the iPhone, so it’s not particularly easy for me – I cannot take my drink…. :)

  91. not a big gignac fan…..certainly not at 7.5 mil, if carroll progresses he could be the same sort of player

  92. Why don’t we just snap up Robbie Keane. 7-8 million. Thank you very much. Lovely bit of business, and we’re a top half of the table team. AC flick ons to RK, what more could you want. Thanks boys, I’m here all night.

  93. gignac would b a gr8 deal in my eyes hes a good player the french have an gr8 youht system atm creatin a lot of ood talent and this guy is one of them hes one of the best strikers in france etc and in national team and is one of my favourite players out here but im a geordie thru and thru !!!!